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Ello, ere is the news.

As you may be aware, last Monday I recorded an interview with radio presenter Alex Geairns which was broadcast last Tuesday night on Peterborough FM.

Predictably, there were the usual technical difficulties that only ever occur whenever I do radio interviews, be they live or pre-recorded.

In fact, just three days prior to recording the interview with Alex G; Sovereign Independent Radio had to abandon a live radio interview with me due entirely to these ‘technical difficulties’.

Neither is it our computers. All these interviews are done over Skype and there is never a problem when I am talking to friends  in the same way.

Never the less, me and Alex struggled on and after 3 hours he was of the opinion that he had enough material to fill his two hour time slot.

Now, its fair to say that we covered a lot of ground in that three hours.

In fact, in hindsight we probably tried to cover too much.

However, never once in the material broadcast on Tuesday or the hour that wasn’t, was the subject of the Holocaust raised in conversation.

Never the less, this didn’t stop the Jewish Chronicle from ringing Peterborough FM and asking whether they had received any complaints from their listeners about having a “Holocaust denier” on the show.

Personally, I find that a strange thing to do. Its almost like having the BBC interview John Terry about an England game and someone ringing up to ask the Director General if he knew that he had a Chelsea player on his show.

I am presuming that Peterborough FM’s answer was that they hadn’t –  even if they had – just in case an angry mob dressed in ill fitting black  trousers and jackets, black bowler type hats, long straggly beards and ringlets, turned up to burn the station to the ground.

Mind you, quite why the Jewish Chronicle were going to send their wives to protest is beyond me.



Course, those of us branded as being Holocaust deniers, actually do no such thing.

All we do is dispute the 6 million figure and the existence of the gas chambers.

And, since the Zionists admit themselves that they fucked up with their arithmetic and cannot provide any real evidence to back up the gassings, you have to wonder why they get so uppity about it… Perhaps they are angry at themselves for rushing the official figures out for publication and are taking it out on those of us who are better at maths than them.

After all, unlike the existence of the gas chambers, there can be no denying that someone who has fucked up is likely to hide their embarrassment by reacting angrily to anyone who mentions their mistake.

Never the less, you know what this means don’t you?

No bastard Christmas card from MOSSAD for me this year.

free 2 horse open sleigh_001 (1)


Anyway, if you missed my interview with Alex G you can listen to the first hour by Clicking  HERE  and the second hour by Clicking  HERE

All in all, given the circumstances it wasn’t a bad interview in my opinion, although you can tell a lot of the time where the interview had to be stopped or cut because of the outside interference.


And purely for information purposes, the following is a copy and paste of the message Alex G sent me:

Hi Chris, just had the studio on the phone – apparently the Jewish Chronicle called to ask whether we had any complaints about having a ‘Holocaust Denier’ on the station. This appears to be due to your ‘Keeping The Faith’ article on your website from July. No contact details were left, or a name, so it could possibly have been anyone. Anyhow, just thought you ought to know, just in case this is part of a wider campaign being aimed in your direction… No worries this end, as our show didn’t mention the topic at all!

Now, moving on, we know that Barry Obama, is definitely gay Source

We also know that Tom Jones wrote his hit song ‘a boy from no where’ for the American President.

“No he didn’t Spiv. Stop making it up”.

Fair cop Voice of reason.



However, it is fair to say that Obama’s origins are an enigma but like most potentially damaging claims that appear in the press only to be quickly buried, the air-headed general public quickly forgot about the Presidents forged birth certificate.

Never the less, forget Bollock Obamas dubious origins, its his wife dubious origins that I wanna know about.

Is Michelle Quare?

Is she more Michael than Michelle?

Is she a he?

Fuck knows actually, but It certainly wouldn’t surprise me.

He-she certainly has a pair of broad shoulders on her and at somewhere between 5 ft 11 and 6 ft 1, she’s also a length up.



Click  Here for more details.

Right, swiftly moving on.

There is evidence emerging that whistle blower Christopher Fay is not as upstanding as the Daily Express would have you believe. Fay was the subject of an article I put on this site yesterday.

If you haven’t read it, click  HERE

Well, it now seems that Fay was jailed for a year in 2011 for his involvement with a gang who were conning the elderly into investing in their property scam:

Five men have been jailed for their roles in a scam which invited dozens of elderly people to invest in property near the Olympic site in east London.

They conned their victims into buying fake or worthless shares, claiming land would “rocket” in value before 2012.

Christopher Fay, 64, of Blackheath, south-east London, pleaded guilty to one count of entering into an arrangement – money laundering – and was jailed for a year. Source


Course, the fact that Fay took part in the scam does not mean to say that he is lying about being told by an armed policeman to ignore high profile paedophiles allegedly raping children at the Elm Guest House.

Personally, I don’t believe he is lying.

It could however mean that he is being set up by the MSM to discredit his suitability as a witness should anyone of consequence ever be arrested… Dog forbid!

Mind you, quite why the Old Bill haven’t gone to ask Phil the Duck if he can help them with their enquiries is beyond me.

After all, Sweaty’s husband did have a Taxi Rank on the road right outside the Elms because his not so secret Black Cab was often seen parked up there… Fuck knows where he was though… Grabbing a spot of lunch or something, I suppose.

And since we are talking about the Duck, its worth reporting that Rogering Rolf harris didn’t just paint one portrait of Sweaty Betty as was first thought.

It has now materialised that Rolf painted at least two, as the following photo clearly shows.



Course, this isn’t the first time that the parasites have been drawn in the nude. In 1962 the Quee….

“Oi! Why are you using fake photos to back up a fake story Spiv”?

Fer fucks sa… Okay, fair cop again Voice of Reason… I just figured that since the Daily Chimpanzee does it, I might as well have a bash.

But best I make amends now.

“Tell em about Harry H Spiv”.

Good idea Voice of Reason.

It seems that Harry H Hewitt has been letting the rumours about his parentage get to him of late.

I don’t know why… I would prefer to have a womanising cad for an old man any day, rather than I would Big Ears.

Furthermore, big brother, Little Bald Willie doesn’t let the rumours about his parentage get to him.

Never the less, it would seem that Harry is more determined than ever to prove that he’s a chip off the old block.

Lets hope that this resolve doesn’t provoke the same disturbing reaction in him when he’s around 15 year old girls, as it does Daddy Big Ears.



That was always going to be a bridge too far I suppose.

Mind you, whilst we are on the subject of paedophiles, the Daily Chimpanzee is as determined as ever to try and convince us that Lard McAlpines libel trial with Silly Moocow was for real.

Moocow has in fact now made a grovelling apology to Lard Arse and paid £15,000 to the Chelsea Pensioners on his behalf for not naming the nonce as a nonce… Wouldn’t a children’s home have been a better choice? … Just saying.

Moreover, Silly Sal’s legal fees owed to her solicitors Careter Fuck are said to be in six figures.

However, if Careter Fuck are really the best lawyers in the cuntry, then fuck me we are in trouble.

I mean come on. McAlpinpoop was like that nice brave boy Jeff Bauman, who was tragically caught up in that despicable Boston bombing.

Neither of them had a leg to stand on… And you can Fuck right off with your booing.

If you think thats a sick joke, its not half as sick a joke as stumpy receiving well over three million dollars for pretending that he had his legs blown off in the fake bomb pantomime.

And, I gotta tell ya, had Careter Fuck been defending me, they could now be making like Ducks…  I,E, sticking their fucking bills up their arse.

Course, in reality, Moocow winning was never in the script.

In fact the real purpose of the scam was finally disclosed in Moocow’s comments following the verdict. The underlining is mine:

The court ruled that if she returned to Twitter – having deactivated her account during proceedings – she must apologise.

She did so yesterday, posting: ‘I have apologised sincerely to Lord McAlpine in court – I hope others have learned tweeting can inflict real harm on people’s lives.’

Lord McAlpine’s solicitor, Andrew Reid, said the prolonged litigation had left Mrs Bercow ‘substantially out of pocket’. Source

They must think we were born yesterday… Still waiting for my letter Mr Reid *innocent face*

Mind you, its a shame that Silly’s husband, the MP Little Legs Moocow couldn’t have toddled along to support his wife.

He could have then said hello to his long time friend, Lord McAlpine Fresh.


Alas, the trial was held in the high court and at 4 ft 8, the Speaker of the House can’t go anywhere thats high.

News from abroad now.

I had the following photo sent to me by Kim yesterday.

Unfortunately the accompanying text was in Spanish and the only words that I could make out were “fe, fe, fe, fe Scorchio”.

Never the less, unless you are a right thick fucker the gist of the story isn’t hard to get.



And finally.

Yesterday saw the number of visits to this site smash through the 4 million mark.

Not bad for a site that only started in January 2012.

To put that achievement into perspective, that is way more than the number of Jews who died in the Holocaust… Just saying again.

So, I would like to thank Kate Gold Digger Smith and the UK’s lack of backbone in particular for this achievement.

You see, had she not been photographed with her tits out and; had all those who quickly posted the photos on their websites not just as quickly removed them at the first hint of legal action, I could still be a complete unknown.

Therefore, its only right that I raise a cup of tea and ask you all  to join me in toast – tea & toast, how very novel – to the Royal Family

For: Had they not been such a national embarrassment, you could all now just as easily have found yourselves nodding off whilst reading John Wards boring old fanny over at the long slog, instead of being here where the fun is.

You see, I kept the photos up and the visit counter went mad… The rest as they say, is history.

You can re-live the memory of the Royals laid bare by clicking  HERE  HERE  HERE  And HERE

Y’all have a nice day now, y’ear.