Spivey on the Dave Boyle Show

Hi all,


For those who don’t already know, myself and Canadian DJ Dave Boyle pre-recorded an interview earlier tonight for his show which goes out at 2AM GMT.

Unlike every other radio show that I have done, tonight’s show wasn’t plagued by sound problems and as such the talk flowed easily.

I have just received the following Email from Dave in regard to tonight’s interview:


Hey Chris

Great job today man, kewl shit.The show is now posted on Blog Talk and will run live at 9PM eastern 2AM your time and will be available for download and archive anytime after. Here is the link so you can put on your website.


I will also replay it on the stream in rotation. Here is the link to my stream as well.


or on Tune In Radio


… Unfortunately we ran out of time before I could cover all that I wanted too and as such , I will be making a second ‘live’ appearance on Dave’s show on Friday 16th of August at 12AM GMT… I suppose that is technically Saturday but you know what I mean.

Bye for now…. Byyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee