Spiv’s Christmas Special


Christopher Spivey


Well since it is Christmas day and in the absence of The Sunday Spiv for the past couple of weeks I thought it might be a good idea to do a Spiv’s Christmas Special… Stop fucking groaning or I might do a “That Was The Year That Was, New Years Eve Spiv Special”, to really give you something to groan about.

Now it goes without saying that the older you get the faster the years fly by, but I do have to say that this year has gone particularly quick.

Course, given the amount of shit that I have had to face over the past 51 weeks – which started in January and got worse from that point onwards – it is hardly surprising that the year has flown by so fast what with all of the extra work needed to clean that shit up.

Indeed, I haven’t had a moment to spare what with the Site being forced to move to Iceland to try and stop the continual attacks. Unfortunately, even then the Security Services continued to demonstrate that they could still attack me at will – no matter where I moved the site to.

Course, when the MIT’s then discovered the strength of evidence that I had spent well over a year gathering in regard to a certain hoax – although don’t go repeating that description since denying hoaxes in the UK is a criminal offence – the kinky cunts then up the level of attacks and did their damnedest to close me down.

And as anyone who has been visiting this site for over 6 months or more will already know, they very nearly succeeded, with the only option left open to me other than letting the James Bond Girl Guides win was to pay for my own server – which I obviously chose to do.

Therefore, the Men in Tights had to have a rethink on how to shut me up, which led to a smear campaign against me courtesy of the national press – which as it happens, backfired on them terribly.

In turn, that failure led to me being illegally arrested, illegally detained, and my property illegally taken away… And let me tell you right now, that is a set of cast iron facts.

Yet two months later, after successfully thwarting a joint Police & Social Services conspiracy to remove Clayton from his loving home, part two of the conspiracy was invoked which saw me illegally arrested again, this time with my property  being badly damaged followed by my illegal detention and the illegal search of my home being carried out – although the thug coppers decided to keep their thieving hands off of my property on that occasion.

Once again, they too are now a set of cast iron facts.

And since then, I have,with your help been doing my utmost to keep Clayton safe from the two wholly corrupt organisations – the plod cunts & the social cunts – who are just about to find themselves buried up to their necks in a quagmire of their own making.

Now I know that the HCPC has at long last replied to your complaints made on my behalf, but I see that some of you are a bit concerned by the wording in those replies, in so much as you believe that the Social Workers governing body will try and get out of acting on your letters by claiming that Nicole Miles and her evil scheming boss Julie Robinson have not breeched the HCPC’s accepted standards.

Fortunately I can allay your fears there by telling you that not only have both Miles & Robinson breeched those standards by a mile – see what I did there – they have both broken the law in the process.

As for the police?

Well you just know that they are a bunch of circus clowns when you are arrested, questioned and bailed pending further enquiries on photos that are perfectly legal, which they just so happened to find on the computers that they broke the law in order to steal them from you.

Course, with that being the case, you would be entitled to think that there was a method in their madness, and to a certain extent you would be right.

However, subsequent events – of which I am going to reveal the details of sometime between now and the new year (there is quite a bit to write) – will leave you in no doubt that the plod are just as dumbed down as the masses are.

Then again, to those of us who are still capable of independent, critical thought, that fact was obvious.

For instance, given access to all the paperwork and a fraction of the money that has been wasted, I bet I could have found Madeleine McCann a long fucking time ago. Then again, the British investigation was purposely bodged and the old fanny that followed was just for show.

I mean how many times this year has Dandy Deadwood & the Cavaliers been weeks if not days away from cracking the case? Moreover, how many improbable mugs have been wheeled out and touted as the new prime suspect?

And now Deadwoods gone:

Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood, who has led Operation Grange since it was launched in 2011, is to step down before Christmas.

The top cop leading the hunt for missing Madeleine McCann is to retire, it emerged today. Source

Course, it is a fact that a lead detective will never quit an investigation if there is a chance of cracking the case. Therefore I was right to take the piss every time that the MSM reported on the latest old bollox.

And lets not forget that Deadwood was responsible for fucking up the Jill Dando investigation… Yet as you just read, he is described as being a “Top Cop”.

I therefore shudder to think what the crap ones are like.

Now, as it happens Deadwood has been replaced by a flat-dick named Nicola Wall:

Detective Chief Inspector Nicola Wall has replaced Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood, who is retiring today. 

Mr Redwood has led Operation Grange since it was launched in 2011, while Ms Wall was with the homicide and major crime command, the Metropolitan Police said.

A handover took place earlier this month and Madeleine’s parents, Kate and Gerry McCann have been informed of the change. 

Mr Redwood said: “After careful consideration and a full and rewarding career in the Met, the time is right for me to move on.” Source

Senior figures: DCIs Nicola Wall and Andy Redwood arrive at Faro's Police Station

D.C.I Nic Wall & D.I.C. Dandy Deadwood

And straight away – no doubt to try and raise a bit of public enthusiasm for the expensive, dead-end, dad-beat investigation  – there are all manner of ‘new suspects’ once again cropping up, including the old-new suspect, Robert Murat:

Seven of the men and women due to be questioned have been described as people of ‘high interest’ to the Madeleine McCann probe. 

Four others thought to be of lesser importance include a former British suspect, Robert Murat, and his wife.

Mr Murat’s lawyer confirmed he has been asked to attend Faro Police station as a witness, along with Michaela Walczuch. The pair are due to arrive tomorrow morning at around 9.30am for questioning. Source

But will the new wonder, Wall crack the case?

Will she fuck.

Moving on, and have you noticed how both the Aussie and the Pakistani false flags from the other week are now being all but ignored by the newspapers?

Course, that fact is hardly surprising given that so few people fell for the bullshit… Perhaps there is hope for the human race after all.

Mind you, the two stories needed to be killed in order to make room for the next batch of bullshit waiting in the wings.

For instance that out of control dustbin lorry in Glasgow that somehow killed 6 people and left 6 badly injured:

This dramatic picture shows the final moments of the Glasgow bin lorry’s trail of devastation which killed six people including an 18-year-old and her grandparents as her mother watched in horror.

The truck is pictured as it hurtled through a busy junction, ramming a taxi, just seconds before it crashed into the Millennium Hotel in Glasgow’s George Square.

Six people died in Monday’s horror crash, including teenager Erin McQuade and her grandparents, childhood sweethearts, Lorraine and Jack Sweeney, from Dumbarton.

This dramatic picture shows the final moments of the Glasgow bin lorry's trail of devastation which killed six people including an 18-year-old and her grandparents as her mother watched in horror
Now believe it or not, I am analysing this story as I write – what with me having been totally tied up with finishing yesterdays article about those two bent social workers of mine and as such, I have not had chance to look into anything else.

Indeed, all I really know about the story is what I have read in the various comments left on here by one or two of you.

And obviously the only reason for mentioning the runaway bus cart in the first place, was because those of you who did, thought the story suspect.

Therefore, I best go have a quick read through of the old fanny now… Back in five.


Yeah, it’s bollox alright.

So, the first thing that you have to do is ask yourself how the fuck the bin wagon managed to travel so far in a straightish line whilst at the same time mounting the pavement here and there to knock down a dozen or so happy shoppers.?

I mean, just look at the photo below.

How the horror unfolded: 1) Bin lorry is travelling north along Queen Street when it mounts pavement. 2) A woman in her twenties is hit close to the Duke of Wellington statue. 3) Two women are hit near La Vita Pizzeria in Queen Street, while several other people are struck further along the road. 4) The lorry careers through traffic lights and across St Vincent's Place. 5) It hits a silver Skoda taxi, knocking it across the road at the entrance to Queen Street station. 6) In this picture taken from inside the railway station, the Skoda and bin lorry are seen when they come to rest

Now to my way of thinking, rather than go from one side of the road to the other, surely the MASSIVE, TANK OF A TRUCK would have mounted the pavement and ploughed into a shop?

Course, that anomaly is being explained away by news reports of the driver having a heart attack:

Eyewitnesses said the lorry driver had been ‘slumped over his wheel’, but police have refused to comment on suggestions that he suffered a heart attack. He is believed to still be in hospital, but police have given no details as to his condition.

Hmmm, fair enough, but you only need to look at that so called “final photo” to see that the driver is not slumped over the steering wheel.

Moreover, since the driver was able to keep the lorry from crashing for so long, why didn’t he just slam the brake on, instead of driving like an alcoholic driving home from the pub?

On the other hand, if the driver was unconscious (although again, that is not what that “final photo” shows), why didn’t the two fellas sat next to him do anything to stop the the lorry… Or are we meant to believe that they just put their hands over their eyes and screamed like a couple of virgins confronted by a naked black fella with a hard on?

Primary school teacher Stephenie Tait, 29, tax officer Jacqueline Morton, 51, both from Glasgow, and Gillian Ewing, 52, from Edinburgh, who worked in the hospitality industry were also killed, and ten others were injured when the truck, with a driver and two colleagues on board, mounted a pavement packed with shoppers near George Square around 2.30pm on Monday.

So, straight away the story the story doesn’t add up.

The story also has all of the usual old bollocks which can be associated with most false flag operations. For instance, the totally OTT outpouring of grief from people devastated over the death of people that they never knew.

And of course it goes without saying that the dead victims were all pillars of society – with dubious pasts.

For instance Jack and Lorraine Sweeny were killed alongside their 18 year old grandaughter, Erin McQuade whose mother cheated death having left the trio to pop into a bank:

Relatives of the Sweeneys and Glasgow University student Miss McQuade, who are from Dumbarton, north west of Glasgow, spoke of their loss on Facebook after being told about the crash.

John Sweeney wrote: ‘No words can describe the pain. R.I.P. Jack, Lorraine and Erin. Thoughts and prayers go out to the other families that lost loved ones as well — feeling heartbroken.’ 

Bosses at Cameron House Hotel in Loch Lomond, where Miss McQuade worked, paid tribute to ‘one of our brightest members of staff’, who was in the first year of an English Literature degree.

Manager Allan Reich said: ‘Cameron House Hotel and Resort are saddened to hear we have lost one of our brightest and dedicated members of housekeeping staff, Erin McQuade.

There ya go.  Most 18 year olds don’t know their arse from their elbows but Super Erin not only goes to “Uni” but she also has a job as well… In a hotel – coincidentally named “The Cameron hotel” – where she was apparently the best thing since sliced bread:

Bosses at Cameron House Hotel in Loch Lomond, where Miss McQuade worked, paid tribute to ‘one of our brightest members of staff’, who was in the first year of an English Literature degree.

Manager Allan Reich said: ‘Cameron House Hotel and Resort are saddened to hear we have lost one of our brightest and dedicated members of housekeeping staff, Erin McQuade.

Moreover, to reinforce the fact that these are real people with real lives thus real pasts, we see the usual bollox Facebook posts & tweets popping up.

I say bollox because one such Tweet was from a relative of Jack Sweeney’s, yet the know-all MSM whilst able to track the tweet down, were not able to establish how Jack & John Sweeney were related.

However, you can bet a pound to a penny that most 68 year old fellas called Jack are more than likely to have been christened John.

Hmmm, so John Sweeney in Canada gets to hear about the death of his brother or cousin who is also likely to be called John, and as such Canada John takes to Twitter that quickly after the tragedy happened that to the doubting Thomas’s, it is almost like CJ had inside information… I mean fuck me! How quick did John find out that his relatives from DUMB-ARTON had been killed in Glasgow?

Now apparently, Jack AND HIS CHILDHOOD SWEETHEART BRIDE Lorraine had emigrated to Canada – which the Chimp describes as being in North America, no doubt in preparation for America, Mexico & Canada becoming one country – where Grandaughter Erin was born.

Therefore, it is safe to assume that mother Jackie – who wouldn’t have been christened Johnny – emigrated to Canada with her parents.

However, since the Sweeney’s, their daughter Jackie (McQuade?) and their grandaughter came back home to Scotland 15 years ago, Erin can only have been 3 years old… And I feel that there is something not quite right there.

Never the less, despite 15 years passing since Jack and his family returned home to Scotland, it would seem that he made such an impression on people whilst living in Canada, that his old drinking club buddies (of which he was President obviously), also took to Twitter:

Friends and relatives paid tribute to Mr and Mrs Sweeney and their granddaughter on Facebook

Fuck me, those Canadians are not only quick off the mark, they also appear to have the memory of Elephants:

Crash victims Jack and Lorraine Sweeney, who previously emigrated to Canada, moved back to Scotland because they missed it so much, it emerged today.

The couple flew out to North America with their family and settled in the city of Brampton, not far from Toronto, where Erin was born.

Granddaughter: Erin was born during the family’s time living near Toronto in Canada

However, 15 years ago, the family upped and returned to Dumbarton, where they were closer to Mr Sweeney’s beloved Celtic Football Club.

While living in Canada, Mr Sweeney used to be chairman of the Bramalea Celtic Supporters Club, where current chairman Peter Milligan said that he will be remembered fondly.

Mr Milligan said: ‘He was a great guy. He was missed when he went back to Scotland. Erin was born here in Canada at the time.

‘She was two or three when they moved back with the whole family in the mid 90s. There are still relatives here and they are absolutely devastated. They are too upset to talk.

Other clues to this old fanny being a false flag is the over eager involvement of Scotland’s first minister, Nicola Sturgeon who is extensively quoted on the ‘tragedy’ in the MSM as well as being photographed at the inevitable memorial service and the scene of the drama… And just about every-fucking-where else for that matter… Along with every other bastard top politician in Scotland.

(Left to right) Glasgow City Council leader Gordon Matheson, Glasgow Lord Provost Sadie Docherty, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Glasgow Deputy Lord Provost Gerald Leonard at the service yesterday

(Left to right) Glasgow City Council leader Gordon Matheson, Glasgow Lord Provost Sadie Docherty, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Glasgow Deputy Lord Provost Gerald Leonard at the service yesterday

They are a caring lot are these politicians aren’t they?

She said: 'Glasgow this morning is a broken hearted city' and, referring the the Clutha bar air crash which happened last year, added that 2014 had 'been bookended by two unimaginable tragedies'

Scottish First Minister visited the scene yesterday morning and inspected the hundreds of floral tributes She said: ‘Glasgow this morning is a broken hearted city’ and, referring the the Clutha bar air crash which happened last year, added that 2014 had ‘been bookended by two unimaginable tragedies’

Shall we go compare?

Go Tony, Go Tony

Scottish First Minister visited the scene yesterday morning and inspected the hundreds of floral tributes

Go Nicky, Go Nicky

Beam me up Scotty

Course, the Cunt Cameron also gets in on the act, like you would expect any PM to do following a Road Traffic Accident… If the RTA is a false flag obviously:

Prime Minister David Cameron said: “I’m being kept fully briefed on the major incident in Glasgow. My thoughts are with the families of those involved and the emergency services.” Source

And of course we are told that the Queen was constantly being updated on the event and no doubt anxiously sat by the phone waiting for the next titbit of news as it became available:

The Queen yestertoday sent a message of condolence to the Lord Provost of Glasgow in which she said her ‘thoughts and prayers’ and those of the Duke of Edinburgh are with those who lost loved ones and those injured in the bin lorry disaster.

The Queen’s message read: ‘Prince Philip and I were saddened by the news of the tragic accident in Glasgow yesterday.

‘Our thoughts and prayers go to the families of those who have lost loved ones and to those who have been injured.


Moreover, Glaswegians must have plenty of cash to throw about what with the florists having made a mint out of the old fanny – the accident, not the queen – and people ringing up to find out where they can donate.

Were the dead, a bit skint then?

Indeed, Glasgow Council and the Lord Lucy Locket with a very deep pocket, have already donated twenty grand each and the number to ring if you want to be mugged off is printed in every newspaper covering the bullshit.

But at least the saga had fuck all to do with terrorism. How do we know that? Well, the MSM told us of course:

The cause of the crash is still being investigated, but police have said it was not a terrorism-related incident, and ‘nothing more sinister’ than a fatal traffic accident.

That sentence alone alerts me to the fact that the official version of events are nothing like the truth.

I mean, if you buy into the story being touted then at worst it is a tragic accident – so why the fuck would the police come out and say that it had fuck all to do with terrorism? That they did makes no sense at all.

Moreover, all fraud events have to have an amazing coincidence attached to them. And in this case the coincidence is that the old fanny is straight out of a Hollywood movie:

The tragedy bears a striking resemblance to a scene from Brad Pitt’s World War Z, which was filmed in Glasgow in 2011 only yards from where yesterday’s tragedy unfolded.

The zombie film includes a scene in which a bin lorry crashes into several cars as pedestrians scramble out of the way. The movie bin lorry careers along Cochrane Street, before coming to a stop on the corner of George Square.

The 2013 film – produced by and starring Pitt – saw the city centre play the part of Philadelphia. The film grossed nearly £350million.

Then again it would be wouldn’t it, because it is all make believe.

I mean, you only need look at that “final photo” – that I have very kindly added again (below) to save you the effort of scrolling up to have a butchers – to know that this drama was faked.

This dramatic picture shows the final moments of the Glasgow bin lorry's trail of devastation which killed six people including an 18-year-old and her grandparents as her mother watched in horror

I mean, this runaway death trap was travelling that fast that at least 14 people could not get out of the way quick enough, yet the 26 Metric Ton lorry slammed into the Millennium Hotel causing next to no damage to either the lorry cab or the hotel wall.

Therefore, given the lack of damage you also have to ask yourself how it caused so much damage to the silver taxi it ploughed in to – as we also see in the photo above.

The refuse lorry hit a taxi before it ploughed into the wall of the Millennium Hotel

Does that back wheel of the bin lorry look odd to you?

In case you didn’t read my caption, I asked if the bin wagons back wheel looks at odds with the other wheel in front of it?

Photos taken by pedestrians show the smashed windscreen of the vehicle after the accident

Yet when you look from this direction, the fucking taxi is fine and nowhere near the bin wagon… In fact, the taxi’s back door is open.

Moreover, how bleeding lucky was it that the lorry didn’t hit that column?

Witnesses told of their shock at the scene where a number of people lost their lives yesterday lunchtime

And hours after the event, mug punters are still walking around in shock – DO ME A FUCKING FAVOUR!

Okay, lets now hear – or read in this case – the official story:

In the moments after the accident, victims lay in pools of blood, their Christmas shopping spilled on the pavements beside them and screams filled the air.  

The council said the lorry was a commercial waste collection truck which was on its usual round, picking up rubbish from shops and restaurants with two refuse staff working alongside the driver.

Witnesses said it had  mounted the pavement outside the Gallery of Modern Art, close to the iconic Duke of Wellington statue, hitting the first pedestrian, a woman in her twenties there.

Ohhh boy, I can confirm the screams are there alright.

But don’t take my word for it, check out the video found in the Chimps article for yourself.

And that video also has a warning on it about the upsetting content, which isn’t upsetting at all… Apart from the dubbed, way, way over the top screams of course.

It then appeared to accelerate, knocking people down ‘like skittles’, striking two women at a pizzeria and further people down the street. 

Some were able to dive out of its path into shop doorways. But others did not even realise what was happening until it was too late.

The bin lorry then veered back onto the road and careered through red lights as it travelled past the enormous ferris wheel and merry-go-round at the western end of George Square. It also hit a silver taxi outside Queen Street station.

The truck is thought to have hit more people waiting to cross the road outside the Millennium Hotel before crashing into the building and finally stopping.

The area was busy with shoppers and children heading to a Christmas funfair at the time. 

Investigations into the incident will examine is how the vehicle travelled around 328 yards in an almost straight line before it came to rest.

Fuck off witcha.

Course, neither can we ignore the totally OTT eyewitness testimony:

One witness, Shirin Abdyedner, 20, a trainee nurse, said: ‘We came down the street and there were people just lying everywhere. The lorry was crashed into the train station and there were people covered in white sheets.

‘There was a man lying with his bag of shopping beside him. He was dead.’

She added: ‘I’m a nurse and wanted to see if I could help people out but there was nothing I could do. There were just so many people lying in the street crying. I didn’t know what to do except cry. I was just crying.’

You are in the wrong game then darling. Man up for fucks sake.

Mind you, if you think that was pathetic bullshit, read this next lot of old shite from someone with an obligatory false flag, weird name:

Another witness, Must Adama, was driving behind the bin lorry and saw the disaster unfold.

‘I thought he was indicating to pull over and get the bins but he wasn’t,’ she said. ‘He just went up into the pavement and hit the first girl, then kept going.

‘He just hit them all. I stopped and screamed and was crying. I wanted to help people but there was nothing I could do. He just kept going and hit more people. He must have been going about 40mph.’

Clearly traumatised, she continued: ‘I keep seeing it. If I sit I’ll see it. I feel sick. I want to be sick. I saw the people dead. They are dead.’

And with both of those witnesses seemingly qualified to pronounce the victims to be dead we see another dead give-away to this being a poorly thought out hoax.

Never the less, I will let you read the rest of the blatant, vomit inducing, false witness testimony for yourselves.

However, with regard to the eyewitness account of Must Haffashit – or whatever the fraud is called – are we really to believe that he/she thought a bin lorry travelling at 40 MPH would be indicating to pull over and empty a bin?

I mean, every time that I have been stuck behind a bin wagon the tailback caused by the walking pace, stop starting traffic pest, is that horrendous that a lot of drivers actually do a U-turn and take a different route.

And fuck me, they didn’t rush to get the bodies moved did they?

Police closed off the square as a huge team of emergency service workers moved in to treat the wounded

I mean, its dark in the above photo yet the accident happened at 2.30 PM

Okay, lets wrap this story up with a look at some more photos.


Now work that out!

Course, if you say anything about this bodge job, you get nicked:

A teenager has been arrested after allegedly posting an offensive message on Twitter about the fatal bin lorry crash in Glasgow.

The 19-year-old, believed to be Ross Loraine, from Sunderland, handed himself in to police yesterday evening after a number of complaints were made about the tweet.

He is alleged to have written an offensive comment about the incident that killed 6 people. Source

That is fucking disgusting!

I’m not referring to the kid who tweeted. I’m referring to the fact that he was arrested.

I mean, people will soon be too scared to say boo to a goose if the plod are allowed to nick anyone willy nilly for tweeting a bad taste joke.

In fact, this is a very similar situation to when the Met Clowns threatened to arrest anyone who watched that Foley beheading video… Or one of the beheadings anyway.

And as far as I am concerned, the only ones taking the piss with a sick joke are the cunts that organised this hoax.

Now unfortunately, it has taken me so long to put the photos and what not together that I am not going to get through all of the stories that I wanted to include in this article.

Never the less, I cannot end without mentioning a similar hoax to the above that took place in France a day or two earlier:

Thirteen people have been injured after a known psychiatric patient drove into pedestrians shouting ‘God is greatest’ in Arabic in a French city.

Two of those hit by the driver, who was believed to be drunk, were in a ‘very serious’ condition in the city of Dijon after being struck shortly after 8pm on Sunday night. 

The 40-year-old was arrested by police at the scene and may face terrorism charges, authorities said.  Source

Course, this hoax was blamed on terrorism and I say it was a hoax even though I haven’t had time to go through this one either.

Never the less the photos give the game away.

Local reports claim the man is thought to have been drunk when he launched the attack on the group of pedestrians

Thirteen people were injured in Dijon when a psychiatric patient ploughed his car into a crowd of pedestrians. The 40-year-old, known to police in the area, was arrested at the scene

I mean fuck me – is that really the best that the French can come up with?

Course, even more fake than the photos is the fact that Al Mad LaLa Mad, was heard shouting “God is great”, in Arabic as he drove along knocking people here there and everywhere… What did he have, one of those loud speakers attached to the car roof like politicians have when out campaigning?

And how would the French know what he was shouting anyway? Or are the French all fluent in Arabic.

Fuck me, these wankers really do have to go.

Unfortunately, that is all I have time for today.

Therefore, I will wish you all a very merry Satans-day… Love you all very much and see ya tomorrow.