Spies Don’t Like Us….I Wonder Why?



Notice to The National Crime Agency, Police And Facebook: especially The Online Crime Unit – their silly bastard employees and informants.

MEMORIES!!!!!!!!!…..try not to share them or have them on Facebook or even to look back for your own reminiscence – especially if you are being watched by the National Crime Agency on behalf of their online accomplices. lol.

Now, it has to be said that most of the time I am not very nostalgic. To be fair, I used to find myself more embroiled in sentimentality when I was younger and, perhaps strangely, it seems to have worn off as I get older.

As most of you may know, for quite some time I have been involved in “outing” a selection of police informants – some of whom are convicted internet trolls and very despicable liars – who, along with the police, have tried to fool people into thinking that they do not work together despite the fact that the police openly admitted this. Ooops!!!


Just a while back, it came to my attention that the Fabooka De Stait account was being investigated by those shady fuckers, hiding behind “The Law” in relation to the uploading of that notorious “Goldin” image, around eighteen months ago. As we all know, it is not actually classed as indecent and they advanced-backwards, quite rapidly, after being educated with respect to this issue.

It has to be said that from my perspective things did not quite equate with regards to how certain individuals from Greater Manchester Police could do what they have done to someone on the basis of such weak assumption. You see, when they arrested an individual connected to the Fabooka De Stait account just before Christmas, they were intent on creating a rather large mess for themselves by acting without any evidence in a manner that would lead people, including the illegally detained man himself, to believe they were trying to class him as a paedophile….So, the question is; how could the police be so stupid and yet so “pig-headed” in relation to their very disgusting lines of questioning?

Ahhh!!! Now we get to the nitty-gritty. You see, once or twice, mostly when having a few drinks and in the presence of company, probably around the back-end of 2015, (when unknowingly being illegally and covertly spied upon via Facebook) the Fabooka De Stait account was used to access information and associations from the past. Some of these actions related to ex-girlfriends with varying degrees of sexual intimacy and indeed, it was mostly done on the basis of seeing how the lives of others have panned out – so, not much to worry about there then. In addition to this, a lot of photos were looked through on their accounts as they were up for public viewing – so, again, not exactly a case of stalking your long-lost exes, given the infrequency of such activity. Also, given the fact that a few of these women were what could only be described as on-off, liaisons (due to the other party usually being in a relationship at the time or out living it up) well, it was more a case of looking and pondering how it would be if you had have ended up staying with one or two of them like some wanted at the time – something I am sure a fair few of us think about on occasion.

So, what could be making the Police “tick” with respect to their lines of questioning? My, oh my, this is difficult, ain’t it.

What is the big-secret? What’s going on? Awww! Well, some of the women have kids now, don’t they. Dear me…”quelle surprise” rofl….Wow!!!…they certainly do have some very strange ideas, those people in the NCA, who pass on duff-information to the likes of Greater Manchester Police, don’t they.

In addition to this, when looking back at childhood haunts, a selection of schools were accessed..Hmm!!! And guess what…? Well, some school photos of nine- year-old children were also looked at…..Oh dear, what could this mean? Is there something sinister going on with the Fabooka De Stait account? Does he not really like six-foot-tall, tanned, Romanian women who look like goddesses? Does he not like Rachel Steele anymore? Or Jodi West? Or Lezley Zen? Or even Roxy Jezel? Omfg….the account has been looking at pictures of nine-year-old school kids FFS!!!!

Why would this be the case?

Let’s have a very serious think about this, as without doubt, the police are adamant they received intel that would have led them to believe something was not quite right. So, given that the address they attacked has only been connected to a BT landline for phone and Broadband for the last five years, and that the police never thought to request anything from BT themselves, what has been going on – you know, considering British Telecom and their security teams have never found anything “dodgy” on that connection?

This is a very important point and needs to be noted: we have the second largest police force in the country taking instruction from the National Crime Agency, who in turn act upon the very sinister accusations they receive from a little beast and his bitch; so just what the fuck is going on?

Five years of internet activity at a home address with no hint of anything untowards, (not even death threats to people who really send them to themselves) and then, all of a sudden, after the Jisms go trying to accuse people of unlawful deeds and find a location based on the uploading of the Goldin image, we seem to get a snowball-effect of massive bollocks don’t we!

Furthermore, Chris Spivey was recently told by his Barrister not to rely on the effectiveness of another individual in relation to establishing the legality of the “Goldin” image, because that individual was meant to have been previously investigated based upon malicious accusations relating to paedophilia. Hey!!!!?

Yep, you heard that right.

But, he has been accessing people’s accounts and looking at pictures of school children, hasn’t he…so, there must be something wrong with that, surely?

I mean, who on Earth would do such a thing? Do paedophiles get their kicks by looking at class photographs on Facebook, as opposed to all the porn and abuse of children that we know is actually out there and is never really effectively dealt with by the likes of the National Crime Agency? Do they?

O.K. Let’s just slip back into reality for a moment, if those government spies will allow us the luxury. Please try not to laugh, although you may find it difficult, even though it is a potentially very serious situation.

Are you ready?

Hahaha.. (sorry, I couldn’t help it)

Oh fuck!!! Yeah,…………….. he has been looking at pictures of nine-year-old school children. Probably does it maybe three times a year…Shit!!!!!!….and Guess What, Ass-Holes!!!!!…….they were pictures of himself and his old school pals that he found by looking them up and seeing what they were up to nowadays. You stupid cunts.

You know, having not seen them for thirty-years and now and again having a think back about the things they used to do as kids, where they went, and how time waits for no man etc. etc. etc.

Facepalm 3

Go on, get fucked, you bunch of seedy bastards….No wonder you wankers never catch half the cunts you should be going after…You fucking waste of space.

Best you lot hurry up and get sorting your mess out, ain’t it….as someone is getting a bit pissed off with your intrusive stupidity.

You’re welcome.

Via Fabooka De Stait.