So where does that leave Madeleine?


Christopher Spivey


*This article has now unintentionally become an off-shoot of my Diana: Princess of Wales Trilogy (part 3 is still to come at the time of writing).

Genesis: Part 1

The Night Of The Living Dead: Part II

Did you know that certain headlines jump out at me yelling “this ain’t right” without any strong reason as to why they should… Instinct is what I think they call it.Take for instance the Chimp’s headline announcing the death of Billionaire Duke, Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor:

William mourns the death of his mentor: Royals are ‘shocked and saddened’ as UK’s third richest man, the Duke of Westminster, dies of heart attack – leaving his £9bn fortune to his 25-year-old son  Source

Or to put the headline another way: Billionaire dies, but at least his son done very nicely thank you very much and we thought that we would sling in a mention of the royal parasites in order to portray them as compassionate & caring, at a time when a lorra, lorra folk are finally getting the measure of the monsters.

However, apart from the Monkey-Boyz headline being a bit insensitive there is fuck all really there to warrant suspicion… But I was, and quite rightly so as it turns out.

Nevertheless, before I discuss Sir Duke’s death, I feel that I should comment on the former royal protection officer, Ken Wharf’s new work of fiction loosely based on Princess Diana’s death, and which the Chimp is trying to add credibility to by serialising it in their shit-rag.

And I can assure you that in doing so I am not going off topic… In fact Wharf’s old bollox fits in with the death of Sir Duke, Gerald Grosvenor very nicely as it happens.

Now the book was out on August 18th going straight to paperback and you could pre-order a copy for £5:99, which should give you an indication of just how credible it is.

Nevertheless, on the 11th of August the Chimp’s article was about the crash and carried the ‘authoritative’ headline:

I’ve seen all the evidence and the blame for Diana’s death lies with her bodyguards: Man who protected Princess for six years says security should have stopped her getting into the Mercedes Source

“I’ve seen all the evidence”, he crows thus straight away leaving the reader in no doubt that this man knows what went down on the night of 30th/31st of August 1997.

And as you may well have guessed, Wharf puts the blame for Di’s death firmly at the doors of the bodyguards, Griff Rhys Jones Trevor Rees-Jones and Alexander/Kieron ‘kes‘ Wingfield.

Which to be fair it was the pair of low life’s who were running the scam, but they certainly were not to blame for putting the illusion in motion.

Nevertheless, throughout the course of the article Wharfe continues to remind the reader that he “has seen all the evidence” and as such you best take him seriously and do not dare to even try to catch him out, because like he states from the outset:

For the record, let me make clear that I had complete charge of the Princess’s safety for nearly six years, while her bodyguard in Paris, Trevor Rees-Jones, was at her side for a matter of weeks.

You tell’em Kenny Boy. In fact Kenneth considered the two fraudsters so amateur that he then adds to that afore-stated fact:

So, on behalf of all the professional men and women of the Met’s protection squad, let me say that neither Rees-Jones nor any of the other bodyguards who attended Diana in the two months preceding her death were from our department.

Metropolitan Police! Professional? The cunt is pissed isn’t he? … I’ll bet that he was angry at the time though:

I am still angry beyond words that this team of ‘bodyguards’ let her come to harm. Our department had the care of her personal safety for some 15 years: Fayed’s crew were in charge of her security for just eight weeks before she died.

Bloody hell Baldrick! I’m sorry I mentioned it now… But let’s be fair Big K, I mean the Rees-Jones Boy was a Paratrooper before becoming a bodyguard wasn’t he:

Rees-Jones was a former soldier who had not received the training necessary to protect a member of the Royal Family. When he first heard he’d been appointed by the Fayed family to guard Diana in France, he could have informally contacted Scotland Yard for a briefing.

Yeah but hang on Mr Wharfie-Wharfie, I recon that Trev could have a proper tear-up if needs be and that has to be a good qualification for a top tosser err, bodyguard hasn’t it?

Worryingly, he also bragged he was a ‘good bloke in a fight’. That raises serious questions about his suitability. The ability to acquit oneself well in a brawl is not qualification enough to protect someone like Diana.

Woops!, that just shows how much I know, don’t cha know. But fair is fair is fair. I mean Kendo does deal in ‘facts’:

If any Metropolitan Police protection officer had been with her, Diana would never have got into a car with a drunk driver: not only experience but common sense would not allow it. 

The Princess, like most of the Royal Family, accepted her police protection officers as a fact of life — though she had little idea of the training required to do the job effectively.

The implication being of course that Trev knowingly let Di get in a car about to be driven by a fella who was pissed as a fucking parrot… Despite Trev being at pains to point out that he would never have let Di gerrint’motor had he known t’driver was langers… But don’t cha just love people who big up their job… “Oh yes, there is certainly much more to being a ‘Waste Management Coordinator’ than just emptying bins into the back of a lorry, i’ll have you know”.

So, despite Ken Kong not being there perhaps he could tell us why he is so cock-sure of what really, really, really happened:

I studied the official reports of the days and hours leading up to the crash. I can say with certainty, drawing on decades of police experience, that Diana’s death was not murder but a dreadful accident that should have been avoided.


But do please carry on since you have studied the official reports and your drawings as a policeman…


But be careful Kend-odd because I have also studied the “official” reports, in fact I have read the definitive official report three fucking times, when most people would have been snoring by page 10:

She was not the victim of shadowy figures who regarded her as an embarrassment to the Establishment, but of her boyfriend’s erratic behaviour and her bodyguard’s mistakes.

WROONNNG… She was sort of’ the victim of “shadowy figures” and the “official report” attached no blame whatsoever to the bodyguards or Dodi-Odily-Boadely.

The first mistake was to use a bodyguard hired by the Fayed family, who was unable to say no to his employers. Dodi ordered Henri Paul to drive that night: the bodyguard should have stepped in, and refused to allow Diana into the car.

WROONNGG… It has never been established beyond all doubt who gave the order for Henri Paul to drive. However, had Clever-Trevor said no – going by the official report – he would have been sacked and the Princess would have got in the car anyway.

Indeed, as it was – again according to the official report –  Trev the Dev managed a small victory by insisting that he accompany the couple since Dodi-Odily-Boadely had originally stipulated that no bodyguards were coming with them.  In fact in reality the two bodyguards who had earlier protested to Mohammed Al Fayed that they needed more men to do their job properly were Dopi’s bodyguards… Not Dianas

Nevertheless, what was Trevor supposed to do? Wrestle Diana to the ground to stop her getting in the car? And as you will all too well know Kendo, the couple had already rejected the offer of police protection made on behalf of the French Authorities?

Dodi ordered the chauffeur to drive too fast: Rees-Jones should have countermanded that. A police protection officer wouldn’t have hesitated to override Dodi’s wishes.

How do you know that Kenny Boy? Trevor has no memory of the journey and the car was only travelling at around 60MPH… I suggest that you go back and study some more because you are getting your facts in a mucking-fuddle. I will therefore remind you that Dopi-Bollox ordered his Chauffeur, Phillipe Feelop to lose the press on departing the airport earlier on in the day, which he did whilst managing not to crash.

I also question why the bodyguards put such emphasis on trying to shield the couple from paparazzi from the moment they arrived in Paris. It should have been far more important to focus on their physical safety. The paparazzi were firing flashguns, not bullets.

Errr, wasn’t their “physical safety” dependent on them being shielded from the press – who were the only threat?

After landing at Le Bourget, Dodi took Diana to the villa in west Paris that was once home to the Duke of Windsor, the former Edward VIII, and now owned by Mohamed Fayed. 

They arrived at 4pm and wandered the gardens, but then called on the security team to make arrangements to take them to the Ritz hotel, also owned by the Fayeds.

Errr, I think you will find that the plan to go to the Ritz was already in place, Dumbfuck.

From a security point of view, staying in the villa rather than at the hotel would have made much better sense, and I would have urged them to consider this.

Errr, hellooooo. Are you sure that you studied the “official reports” which state as FACT that:

  • The couple went to look at the Windsor’s former home, as scheduled, with a view to living there.
  • Their luggage meanwhile had been taken to Dopey’s flat by the Arc de Triumph, because that is where they were staying… Not the villa and not at the Ritz.
  • They went to the Ritz because Diana wanted her barnet done and Dopey was due to meet Posh Tom-Foolery shop owner, Alberto Repossi with a view to buying jewellery and an engagement ring – although the “official report” dismissed the engagement ring claim; only for Alberto Repossi to later produce a receipt for one.

To add to the confusion, once at the Ritz, Dodi decided he wanted to return to his apartment on the Champs-Elysees to change for dinner. A scuffle with photographers took place outside as Diana left.

Wrong again dick-splash. THEIR LUGGAGE WAS AT THE APARTMENT. When they left the Ritz they were not intending to go back there as they had dinner reservations elsewhere. And there was no scuffle whatsoever when they left the hotel.

Indeed, this is proven beyond doubt in my article “Night Of The Living Dead” from which the following photos are taken. You don’t however need to read the accompanying text wiffen you don’t want, as that applies to the aforementioned article.


No scuffle whatsoever.

As the Mercedes pulled away from the Ritz, Paul is said to have leaned out of the window to issue a ‘catch us if you can’ challenge to the waiting paparazzi. It was not the act of a sober driver.

NO, NO, NO… Not according to the “official reports”… No challenge was ever issued and as such, I can only conclude that Wharfie is a useful, useless fucking idiot brought in to try and back up the flimsy storyline, because as you will know if you have read my article “Night of the Living Dead”, there was no accident.

Indeed, the fella calling himself Henri Paul is alive and well and making himself busy with the French-Terrapin-Make-Believe-Department in his role as the French Interior Minister, named; ‘Little’ Bernard Frenchname.


And for no other reason than ‘just sayin’, ere have another:


Very fake. Do you not look at each other when you shake hands with someone? … Certainly, what you don’t do is stare vacantly into space in two different directions.

Mind you it looks as if Terry has got himself a pair of those shoes with lights in the heels that flash when you walk… Which is nice.

Neither was Trevor Rees-Jones hurt and Mohammed’s son, Dopey Fayed is alive and well – at least the fella who played him is – since technically he was never really born due to Daddy Al Fayed being a made-up persona, acted out by his ‘brother in law’, Adnan Khashoggi… Which I suppose is the reason that they keep adding a lump of extra skull onto Al Fayed’s head in an effort to try and disguise him.

Fayeduntitled b

A pretty fucking conclusive match if you ask me… But there’s more


Is Al Fayed calling someone a wanker in that last photo or is he motioning that he wants to give the Qatari Prime Mincer a wank?

Or did he go to shake the PM’s hand only to find himself snubbed and to save himself any embarrassment carried on regardless in the hope that no cunt noticed?

Very fucking strange.

Okay, having twice repeated in the above photo batch that Al Fayed bought Harrods (the House of Fraser) in 1985 – following a  power struggle with equally unscrupulous businessman, Tiny Rowland – and that Al Fayed then sold it to Sheik Rattlen Roll – from Qatar Holdings, the sovereign wealth fund of the State of Qatar – in May 2010, you would be right in thinking that there was a point to my doing so.

Now, having established that fact I am going to take this very slow and repetitively so NO ONE CAN BE IN ANY DOUBT ABOUT WHAT I AM GOING TO SHOW YOU. Moreover, it is indisputable and impossible to debunk.

Therefore I shall begin by repeating that Mohammed Al Fayed DOES NOT exist. He never has and never will and neither do his brothers, Seif & Ali who are reportedly the fraudsters business partners, yet the best that I can come up with photo wise are the following.


Therefore if Mo Al Fay doesn’t exist then he could not have bought the House of Fraser for £615 Million Pound in 1985 because that would either be impossible or large scale fraud.

Neither could he [legitimately] get a British Passport in the name of Mohammed Al Fayed – although I am inclined to think that is just more propaganda on behalf of the Monsters to reinforce the Diana old bollox.

After all, why would he need a British passport or even need to become a British Citizen when he already lives here and comes and goes as he pleases?

Course, his son Dodi Fayed NEVER EXISTED either.

Indeed it would be impossible for him to have done so because his Daddy doesn’t exist… Not going to fucking quick for anyone am I?

Therefore, if Al Fayed did not buy the posh corner shop and the other bits and bobs he could NOT sell it – despite what the newspapers would have you believe.

The following is taken from the Financial Times:

The sale of Harrods to Qatar Holding, announced at the weekend with public handshakes and a role of honorary chairman for Mohammed al-Fayed, was a world away from the vitriolic feud that erupted the last time the department store changed hands.

Mr al-Fayed and his two half-brothers bought Harrods in 1985 for £615m, snapping up the luxury Knightsbridge department store from under the nose of long-term business rival, Tiny Rowland, whose Lonrho trading group had been angling to buy the store, then part of House of Fraser, since the late 1970s.

The Department of Trade and Industry launched a long investigation into the deal, under pressure from Mr Rowland, and eventually concluded that the al-Fayed brothers had misrepresented their background and wealth before the takeover.

Court action and theatrical insults between the two parties continued for years. The stuffed shark in the Harrods’ famous food hall was named “Tiny”, while Mr Rowland alleged that Mr al-Fayed had stolen jewellery from his Harrods safety deposit box, leading to questioning by the police.

The melodrama was perhaps appropriate for a department store that had been associated with excess and exotica, in keeping with its Omnia Omnibus Ubique(everything for everyone, everywhere) motto. It is famed for stunts such as selling a baby elephant to Ronald Reagan, keeping a live lion on premises, hiring an Egyptian cobra to guard a pair of jewel-encrusted sandals in the shoe department and opening the store at 2am for a shopping spree by Michael Jackson.

However, the feud is thought to have soured Mr al-Fayed’s relationship with the British government. The billionaire businessman, who also owns Fulham football club and the Ritz hotel in Paris, has repeatedly been denied a passport, despite decades of living in the country.

Two MPs, Neil Hamilton and Tim Smith, left the government in disgrace after Mr al-Fayed said they had accepted money from him to pursue his passport issue in parliament.

His relationship with the British royal family broke down after Mr al-Fayed accused them of plotting the 1997 death of his son Dodi and Diana, Princess of Wales, in a car crash. The royal warrants for the department store were withdrawn.

The closely guarded Harrods brand, however, has continued to attract an estimated 15m customers a year. Despite the recent economic downturn, accounts to January 2009 showed pre-tax profits of £56m, almost double the estimated £30m the store was making when Mr al-Fayed bought it in 1985.

Mr al-Fayed, who reportedly expressed his wish to remain mummified in the Harrods store after his death, is said to have been anxious for the new owners to preserve the traditions of the 161-year-old business. Qatar Holding, however, must be hoping to avoid the turbulence of the most recent 25 years.

So Tiny Rowland – seen in the photo below with fellow monster, Robert Floatswell – knew that he was taking part in a massive fraud back in 1985 and all those who branded him a proper cunt throughout the latter half of the 20th Century were indeed bang on the nail.


And as you have just read in that snippet from the Financial Times which was published in 2010, we had the charade all over again when after 25 years of perpetrating the fraud, Al Fayed sold the place to the Qatari Royal Monsters… Which was once again headline news.

Indeed the sale took place amidst massive publicity which saw many photos published in the MSM – albeit of the very same half dozen photographs – which showed the glorified Egyptian Shopkeeper pictured shaking hands with the Qatari Prime Mincer, Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber bin Mohammed bin Thani Al Thani in photographs which were very reminiscent of the Tiny Rowland photo-shoot… Both of which were done without either of Al Fayed’s brothers in sight.

As an aside I think someone should write an ode to the Qatari Prime Mincer, Handbag In Jism, using his full fucking name: Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber bin Mohammed bin Thani Al Thani.

Mind you, knowing what I do now, his name might be made up of some of the characters that he has also “bin” in the past.

You see, there is a reason why the Tiny Rowland – Hama Bin Spunkin, photoshoots look the same… It is because they are the fucking same… The exact fuckin’ same… Well nearly anyway.

You see they are slightly out by a fraction but that would be down to the fact that a press photographer has the camera set to take a load of photos with just one click and then the newspapers pick the one they want and as such the photos that they used are a couple or so shots apart.

Now I am going to take the photo below of Al Fayed & Tiny Rowland and tilt it until Al-Fayed’s shoulders are just about level with each other.


Which gives us what you see below. Oh and by the way, unless that Shark has sliced through Tiny Rowlands shoulder then it is photoshopped… Which it is as it happens – in various places, but that is by the by.


Okay, I am then going to take the following photo…


And crop it down to the size you see below.


And then without doing anything else to it, I am going to overlay it on the Tiny Rowland tilted photo, thus:


Twenty Five years apart! What would the odds be?

However, in the next photo I have added a dark light behind the overlay so as you can see what I mean about the two photos being a fraction out due to slight body movement occurring between the photo that I have used and the one that the Monsters photoshopped.


It is easiest to see on Rowlands tie where I have circled and just above that where you can see his head is slightly lower in the photo that has Rowland with the shark.

You can also see where the backgrounds tie in which I have marked with red lines – albeit not as clearly as I would have liked you to see them.

You see, the problem is that in my haste I was a cunt and just saved the above photo instead of allocating it a new name and as such I no longer had the original. Worse still I had had it for some time and I am fucked if I know where I got it from or even what size it was.

Nevertheless, there are still loads of the same photo to be found, but the problem is they are all manipulated to different sizes and as I say there will be at least a dozen or so that look the same but have slightly different postures.

Anyway, after spending an hour or so trying to get the right two, I gave up since it is only the background that I wanted to show you and instead used the following two and tilted the Shark photo back to its original position.


Now if you were to slide Bin Jism back along that angle he would match Rowland perfect and I have left the overlay a tad high so as you can see how Al Fayed’s buttons tally, but apart from that, for the purposes of the background I have left it as it is and marked the points of interest on a copy of the same photo below… And note that the overlay is at its full opacity… Or put another way, there is no transparency on it.


And if you slightly alter the lighting levels and what have you, you can see even clearer that these two are the same photo – or as near as dammit anyway.


you can also take various photos taken in those Tiny Rowland & Bin Jism photoshoots and overlay them with each other as they have obviously added various bits from others in the batch… Although obviously the Bin Jism photoshoot is the Rowland photoshoot but with a new background and a bit of ‘creative colouring in’..

For instance:


Indeed, the Bin Jism photos are some of the most poorly put together hybrids that I have come across. However, if you want to learn how to spot photoshopped pictures, they are a good place to start.

Take the following:


There is plenty – and I mean plenty – in there to start you off.

So why the fuck are these monsters allowed to get away with this shit? Sadly all that I can come up with by way of an answer is that the Brits in general must have very low self esteem to allow these monsters to rule them.

And I haven’t even told you about Khashoggi and Al Fayed’s daughters yet. They are Petrolhead Khashoggi and Camilla Parker Al Fayed – who are both without a doubt the same person… Which logically, they would be.


I mean they would look the same since they have the same dad – although it has since been asserted that disgraced former MP, Jonathan Aitken is Petrolheads real old man.


Course it would make sense to try and distance Petrol’s parentage in view of her and Camilla Fayed being identical.

Then again it was Al Fayed who was instrumental in that Aitken play act too.

You see, in September 1993 Aitken had supposedly had his £1000 room bill for his stay at the Paris Ritz (which Al Fayed is touted as owning – he doesn’t) paid for by the Saudi royal family.

The problem with that is that Aitken was the Government minister in charge of Defence Procurement at the time, and banned from taking hospitality which might place him under an obligation.

Mohammed Al Fayed then tipped off the Guardian newspaper (remember, all MSM newspapers only print what they are allowed to by the Monsters) who confronted Aitken – who obviously denied the allegation.

However, the fact that Al Fayed’s daughter Petrolhead Khashoggi accompanied Aitken to court should now alert you to the fact that it was all a play act:

Mr Aitken, wearing a smart blue suit and tie, arrived for today’s hearing looking grave. He was met by photographers as he entered the court with a group of friends.

His mother Lady Aitken, actress sister Maria Aitken, and his son William, 16, had arrived moments earlier. With them were his twin daughters Victoria and Alexandra, both 18, and their half-sister Petrina Khashoggi, also 18. Source

On top of that “Cash For Access” politician, Sir Malcolm Rifkind was giving evidence:

His former boss, Sir Malcolm Rifkind, who was Defence Secretary at the time Mr Aitken was Defence Procurement Minister between 1992-4, also sat in court, waiting to give evidence. Source: As above.

And Malcolm Rifkind is one of those who pretends to be others… The former Woolwich MP, Nick Raynsford and the father of a 7/7 ‘victim’ Graham Foulks to name but two.


And I can assure you that the corrupt politician, Rifkind knows very well who I am – nuff said on that matter… For now.

Neither can I ignore Rifkind and Raynsford’s likeness to Greville Janner.


But Janner was old & doddery…


Whereas Nick wasn’t and isn’t


So Raynsford cannot possibly be Janner can he… Can he?

On top of all that, the presiding judge at Aitken’s trial was Scott Baker – more on him shortly.

Yet despite all of this information about the Monsters coming to light – and not just from me – Petrolhead Camilla Fayoggi is blatantly blaise in her crisis acting. I mean she could have at least tried to make it less obvious that she was Malaysian Flight MH17 crash victim, Fatima Dyczynski


See what I mean!

Not that they are the only two who are really one, in this deception. There are fucking loads of them.

However, a bit of history is needed here.

You see, Adnan Khashoggi married 20-year-old English bird, Sandra Daly (almost Sandra Dee) back in the 1960’s – date unknown – after which she changed her name to Soraya Khashoggi…


Photo: Adnan Khashoggi and his first wife Soraya

Which is a very similar sounding name to Samira Khashoggi – Adnan’s sister who supposedly married Mohammed Al Fayed and was the mother of Dodi.

And by all accounts Dodi doted on his mother which if you were to buy into the official story you may be quite surprised to learn that I cannot find a single photo of her let alone one of her and her devoted son Dodi.

That fact is stranger still when you consider that Al Fayed’s ex-wife went on to become a successful author… As did her and Adnan’s other sister, Soheir Khashoggi who there are photos of by the bucket load and who has a similar sounding name to her sister and sister-in-law… Beginning to get the picture…. Or not as the case may be.

The following is from Wikipedia:

was an influential, progressive author of several books as well as the owner and editor-in chief of Alsharkiah Magazine. She was the first wife of Egyptian born Mohamed Al-Fayed, and the mother of Dodi Fayed. She then married Ambassador Anas Yassin and had her second child Jumana Yassin.

Now, I wasn’t altogether up front with you about Dopi’s mum’s photos – or lack of them – because I did find one photo that has a woman credited as being Samira but I do have my doubts about it.


So we have Khashoggi’s wife, Sandra Daly now called Soraya Khashoggi, his eldest sister who after divorcing Al Fayed returned to her maiden name, Samira Khashoggi and was apparently also a successful author, who only wrote under the pseudonym of Samirah ‘Daughter of the Arabian Peninsula’.

Then there is the youngest of the trio Soheir Khashoggi who is also an apparently well known author… So, that is Soraya, Samira & Soheir – all Khashoggi’s, two of them successful authors and exploited to the max in order to deceive and confuse.

soheir k sis

PHOTO: Soheir Khashoggi who has had parts of her face blurred for some reason.

Sadly however, or perhaps more appropriately convenient – depending on how you look at it – Samira, mother to Dodi died of a heart attack at the age of 51 in 1986.

But it is okay because neither Samira or Dodi really existed and indeed, that fact appears to be alluded to in an article written for the Guardian newspaper in January 2009 by journalist  who at the time had just finished researching Dopi’s life for a documentary that he was making about the Playboy. The following is a typical segment from that article:

I searched for archive interviews with him and found, curiously, that Dodi never gave an interview in his entire life. There isn’t a single word he spoke in public recorded or written down. When he died, his father made his own musical tribute to Dodi, along the lines of Elton John’s reworking of “Candle in the Wind” for Diana. Al-Fayed’s homage is called “My Father, My Son”. The video features home-movie footage of Dodi skiing and smiling, stroking a cat, driving a motorboat. It is strangely affecting, as Dodi is always alone. He inhabits a world of luxury and privilege, but he is utterly alone. At one moment, his mouth goldfishes a line of dialogue, but we don’t actually hear the words. His mouth opens, but nothing comes out.

Even in the photo of “the kiss”, Dodi’s face is largely obscured. It is not even clear they were actually kissing. I wondered if Diana and Dodi even had a relationship. The more he eluded me, the more intrigued I became.

In a photograph I came across of Dodi’s desk in his Park Lane apartment there were just two pictures on display: one of him with Tony Curtis and Hollywood friends, the other with a woman I didn’t recognise. She turned out to be Denice Lewis, a model who had dated Dodi on and off for five years and who now lives in Los Angeles, where she makes paintings of the deceased, mixing their ashes into the pigment. (black magic then – Spiv)

We met at her trendy downtown gallery, all barbed wire and ersatz graffiti on the outside. Denice is stick thin, 6ft plus heels, wearing a trouser suit and holding a chihuahua. I asked her if she could remember where she and Dodi met.

“I honestly don’t remember, but it had to be at some party or fabulous event.” Source

And of course, none of the photos of Dodi and Diana on holiday or at the Ritz are genuine as I  prove in my article “Night of the living dead”.

Meantime, Adnan and Soraya had one of the costliest divorces ever as you will have read in the screenshot a little way up. Yet the press – doubtlessly by design – appear to have an awful job identifying Khashoggi’s wives and his wives appear to be very confused as to who they are too… As is also done by design.

You see in the case of Soroya, she was estranged from Adnan by 1974 and divorced in 1979. Therefore, were it not all bollox Petrol Khashoggi could not have been his yet Wikipedia states:

Soraya gave birth to another daughter, Petrina Khashoggi, shortly after Adnan divorced her, but this child has now been shown by DNA testing to not be Adnan’s, but Jonathan Aitken’s.

Then in 1980 Khashoggi married his 2nd wife, an Italian bird named Laura Biancolini who was only 17 years old when he took up with her. That was the year that she also gave birth to their son, Ali.

After they got married she too also converted to Islam, changing her name to Lamia Khashoggi.

NEW YORK CITY - OCTOBER 16: Businessman Adnan Khashoggi and wife Lami Khashoggi attend the "La Traviata" Opening Night Performance on October 16, 1989 at The Metropolitan Opera House in New York City. (Photo by Ron Galella/WireImage)

NEW YORK CITY – OCTOBER 16: Businessman Adnan Khashoggi and wife Lami Khashoggi attend the “La Traviata” Opening Night Performance on October 16, 1989 at The Metropolitan Opera House in New York City. (Photo by Ron Galella/WireImage)

But what about his third wife whom he was married to whilst he was married to Lambpie?

She rarely gets a mention and isn’t even hinted at in Wikipedia


So now we have a Samira K, a Soraya K, a Sohair K & a Shapari K (sometimes spelt with an extra H)… I wonder which one is the Special K.

And with that in mind have a butchers at the following.

MoS2 Template Master

*The middle wife top row should read Shapari Khashoggi not Shapera  

Now I am not going to tell you who Dodi Fayed is other than what I have told you in the first two parts of the Diana Trilogy. After all, I need to save some startling information for the 3rd and final part.

However, I am going to close this section with one more piece of evidence that Mohammed Al Fayed does not exist in his own right.

Now, remember that grainy photo of the Al Fayed brothers further up? Well now have another butchers at it below.


Good that innit?

And they all come from the following photo except the top one of Hussein Khashoggi.


And of course Princess Diana was also another creation played by a series of actresses which is where the recently deceased Duck of Westminster comes into play.

However, before going there it is worth noting that (at the time of writing), the Chimps next article serialising former royal protection officer, Ken Wharfe’s take on Diana’s death is about Harry & Little Bald Willie. And in the article Wharfe proper slates Willie whilst giving Harry a proper big-up, going as far as to say that ginger pubes would make an excellent king. Source

Now remember this because I personally think that their plan is to kill Willie (and maybe George too) in a staged terrapin attack which will lead to all out world war, which in turn will reduce the world population tenfold and wipe Islam off the face of the earth… Just sayin’.

Okay, let’s do Cavendish-Grosvenor AKA the Duck of Westminster.

And of course Prince Bald Willie is a great friend of the new multi-billionaire, Hugh Grosvenor. So good in fact that Hugh is Godfather to Prince George of Trog.


PHOTO: Best friends, Hugh & Willie

Hmmm… It’s probably different for the Arseholestocracy.

Mind you, it has to be said of Hugh’s dead dad that; for the third richest fella in Britain, prior to his demise the last article written about him in the aristocracy loving Daily Chimp was in 2007 (HERE) – at least according to the Chimp archives it was anyhow.

And coincidentally that article involves Paris… Which on the information that I have drawn together indicates that the City of Light is going to be the centre for the NWO.

Nevertheless, I find the lack of reporting on the fella to be very strange… As are the lack of photos.

Moreover, I also find myself asking how the fuck Hugh Grosvenor – who has inherited the fucking lot at 25 years of age – is not a Rothschild


And of course Daddy Grosvenor – a man who rubbed shoulders with royalty and seemingly had as many friends as he had pound notes – had a diddy, quickly arranged private funeral attended only by “close family members”, which obviously fell short of the Rothschild & Royal remit since they were not invited… Very queer indeed:

The wealthy landowner, who was a close friend of the Royal Family, died at the Royal Preston Hospital after being transferred from his Abbeystead Estate in Lancashire.

In a statement, the Grosvenor Estate said: ‘A quiet private funeral service, attended only by close family members, was held this afternoon, Friday August 12, for the Duke of Westminster who died on Tuesday August 9 2016.’ Source


Nevertheless, as most of you know I have made it known that I believe Diana: Princess of Wales never actually existed except on paper and was only brought to life via a series of actresses and very rich ‘it’ girls.

JANUARY 1988 - Princess Diana travels on the official train for the Bicentennial Royal Tour in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Patrick Riviere/Getty Images)613b9357436410593d2916dd3b72a630

And Grosvenor’s death has inadvertently added credence to my claim . You see Grosvenor is/was married to his Wife Natalia who is without doubt Sarah McCorkindale – sister to Princess Diana.

Below is a photo of Natalia on her wedding day in 1979 and a photo of Sarah sat with her ‘sister’, Diana.


Do people normally have their wedding photos taken in black & white?

Nevertheless, the thing about the photos is that both Natalia & Sarah share the exact same head and by that I mean the two heads are taken from the exact same photo which I will prove beyond all doubt in a second.

However, before I do I will tell you that it is Sarah’s photo that is the faked one of the two and since the Monsters have to fake Sarah by using Natalia’s head and then photoshop her into a photo with the actress playing Diana, my claim that Diana never really existed is reinforced tenfold.

Young Diana was in all probability played by Charlotte Goldsmith, youngest child of James Goldsmith and sister to Zac Goldsmith and Jemima Khan.

** FILE ** Family album picture of Lady Diana Spencer at Itchenor, West Sussex, England in this undated file photo, during the summer of 1970. Friday Aug. 31, 2007 marks the 10th anniversary of Princess Diana's death in a Paris car crash. (AP Photo)

Furthermore, James Goldsmith was also instrumental in the Lord Lucan fraud as were the Cavendish’s (see my article Gender Bender for more details)

Moreover, Goldsmith is the father of Diana of course – if you believe the conspiracy theories spread by the Monster’s Minions… And I will tell you whilst we are on the subject that on the night of her death, Diana was played by the then 18 year old illegitimate daughter of a Rothschild who lives in Paris – hence the continual hiding of her face as if she was trying to shield her face from the Papz, despite being at the time probably the most photographed persona in the world.

However, once again you will have to wait for the third part of the Diana trilogy for the evidence of that.

And indeed, it is to stop the public getting too near to actors pretending to be someone they are not that the incident with the fella who lunged at Cameron and the fraud murder of Jo Cox was all to do with. You see, as I have said and will prove in the coming months: At least a third of our MP’s do not exist, hence the need for them to be kept at a distance from the public… It isn’t fucking Rocket Salad.

Okay, let me walk you through the photoshopping of Natalia and Sister Sarah by firstly pointing out that the strands of ginger hair falling over Sarah’s left eye are unnatural, as is the way that the hair suddenly turns black when the lighting on Diana’s coat suggests that there is bright sunlight and as such Sarahs hair should have become lighter on that side.

Now I would imagine that the reason for the strands of hair covering Sarah’s eye is because having turned her right eyeball it was much harder to do with her left eyeball while still leave it looking natural… Trust me it is very hard to do.

Moreover, Diana’s hair has been utilised to form Sarah’s hair on that side – hence the darkness.

Also, take note of Sarah’s ear ring which is exactly the same as that thing stuck on the side of Natalia’s ear.


Now, in order to overlay half of Sarah’s head onto Natalias it is necessary to turn it to the left slightly. That leaves us with the photo below.


And for the benefit of those who can’t see how these two photos are the same one, you need to open your fucking eyes or stop working for the Monsters. However, since this is important I have marked the telltale points of reference on the photo below.


Okay, having ascertained that this was the same photo, I then took the colour out of the Sarah photo and again overlaid the half head onto Natalia’s, the results – as you will see in the photo below – are even more conclusive.


Now think on, I have not altered the two photos in any way (and both are still at their full transparency) apart from turning Sarah’s photo slightly left (photoshoppers nearly always turn photoshopped heads slightly as doing so further disguises any alterations), and taking the colour out of Sarah’s photo (a simple matter of turning the “saturation” setting down to zero).

I then cropped a further section from the Natalia photo – the other half of the tiara due to the difficulty of matching it in, just like I did with the moustache in the Khashoggi/Al Fayed photo – and overlaid that section onto a copy of the photo.

However as luck would have it, when cropping the tiara section out I cocked-up by underestimating how far I needed to go to crop to the centre so as the cropped section of the tiara would would marry-up with the existing – and as such that cock-up meant that there was still a small gap section showing Sarah’s hair beneath it.

Now I say that was lucky because in cutting the section too short – thus leaving a gap – further goes to prove that these two head photos are without a doubt one and the same.


See how that little gap showing Sarah’s hair matches the tiara on boths sides?

And from there it was just a matter of cutting that top lip back to the original and blending the two halves into each other, the result of which you can see below.


Course, there is much, much more evidence than just that, although I am fucked if I know why they would use a photo of Natalia to represent Sarah and then photoshop it into a picture with Diana if they were whom they are meant to be.

Nevertheless, take a butchers at the following.


You couldn’t make it up y’know! In fact halfway down that batch did’ja notice that they had the same coat on?

But the underhand, despicable, criminal act doesn’t stop there. You see Nat-Sar is also almost without a shred of doubt Susan Healy – Grandmother to Madeleine McCann.

For instance take the photo of Susan and Natalia below.


Indeed, if it is not the same photo with Healy having her mouth photoshopped shut, it was taken at the same time.

But I just know that will not be enough for the doubting thomas’s so here, fill ya fucking boots.


Now that should be proof enough for you… However, there is more.

Y’see I didn’t think and still don’t to be fair, that Natalia’s husband – the recently deceased Duke of Westminster – looks particularly like Susan Healy’s husband, AKA Kate McCann’s dad, AKA Madeleine McCann’s grandad… But the computer does.

And despite a lack of good photos for either man*, I was still able to come up with the following.


*Since beginning this article shortly after the Duck had died, there are now quite amazingly an abundance of photos of him on the net – all photoshopped.

Now what would the odds be of the Healy’s being nigh on identical to the Grosvenors?

And where does that leave Madeleine?

Course, returning to what I touched on earlier, namely the Lord Lucan fraud, the Duck of Westminster was indeed Lord Lucan… I can almost hear yee of little faith groan… Watch and learn.


Everybody with the program so far? Gooood – then I shall continue.

Now, next I am going to take half of Lucan’s boat race and overlay it onto Grosvenors… I AM NOT going to do anything else… No trickery, no fuck all.


Is there still a reward for finding Lord Lucan? Probably not, I doubt that I will even get a fuckin’ thank you.

So, that then begs the question: Is Grosvenor really Lord Lucan?

And the answer to that is: No, that would be impossible.

Lord Lucan is a figment of someone’s imagination… He never existed. Neither did Gerald Grosvenor. They are just characters depicted in photographs… Just like the Healy’s in fact.

Indeed, if you are looking for the source, the criminal Neil & Christine Hamilton would be a good place to start.

Neil Hamilton is of course the disgraced former Tory MP who was caught up in the “cash for questions” scandal.

And the scandal included the same old same old:

It began in October 1994 when The Guardian newspaper alleged that London’s most successful parliamentary lobbyist, Ian Greer of Ian Greer Associates, had bribed two Conservative Members of Parliament in exchange for asking parliamentary questions, and other tasks, on behalf of the Egyptian owner of Harrods department store, Mohamed Al-Fayed. (Source: Wikipedia)

So, just like the Aitken scandal both Al Fayed and the Guardian were at the centre of the cash for questions old fanny.

Moreover, Ian Greer is a predatory paedophile who with my old whipping boy, Derek Laud used and abused many a boy in the Welsh Care Homes. Greer was also the fella whose office Ken Clarke was alleged to have groped former child actor, Ben Fellows’ penis, with Clarke – according to Fellows – under the impression that the former actor was only 15 years old at the time.

A court case then ensued with Fellows accused of perverting the course of justice, which after being mercilessly trashed by the MSM, he was found not guilty:

An actor has been cleared of perverting the course of justice by making up a story that he was molested by former chancellor Kenneth Clarke during a cash-for-questions TV sting 20 years ago.

Ben Fellows, 40, from Birmingham, alleged that the leading politician had plied him with alcohol and carried out the sexual assault while he was working undercover for ITV’s Cook Report in 1994.

Mr Clarke insisted he had never in his life ‘had the compulsion’ to grope another man as he dismissed the claim as ‘preposterous’, ‘off the Richter scale’ and ‘like Martians landing’.

After eight hours of deliberations the jury at the Old Bailey found Fellows not guilty of perverting the course of justice between November 14 2012 and December 1 2012. Source

However, despite being cleared the police unsurprisingly declined to pursue Clarke for what as far as I can see is a clear case of sexual assault at the very least.

Nevertheless, I need to stay on track here because the dots now begin to connect like nobody’s business… Too many in fact to list here and as such I suggest that you read my 2013 article: Derek? Who the fuck is Derek in order to get the fuller picture.


And to give you a further incentive to read that article, one of the posh knobs pictured in it also masquerades as a very well known writer in the Alternative Media… See if you can spot him.

Now, totally arrogant Neil Hamilton is at this moment in time astoundingly trying to make a political comeback with UKIP.

In turn, UKIP are just a useful tool for the Monsters and indeed it was Jonathan Aitken’s old seat of Thanet that Nigel Farage chose to use in his bid to become an MP. However, he was never meant to win it.

That honour went to the puppet Craig Mackinley who had a hand in helping the Jo Cox fraud along nicely thank you very much (See my article Must Hang Sally).

Now in 1992 Hamilton and the disgraced former MP, Harvey Proctor were beaten up in Procter’s clothing shop in what at the time was described as a case of “Queer Bashing”.

In turn, Harvey Proctor was single handedly responsible for the police stopping their investigation into the paedophile infested, Dolphin Square apartment block. You can read all about Dolphin Square – thus connecting more dots – in my article: Predators

And Harvey Proctor is also the judge, Scott Baker who presided over the trial of Jonathan Aitken and was the Coroner who presided over the 2007/8 Diana inquest which had arisen as a result of MOHAMMED Al FAYED’S claim that Diana was murdered.


Course, the inquest relied on the Paget Report compiled by the then top-cop, Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir John Stevens.

Stevens was every bit as bent as what the current Met Commissioner, Bernard Hogg Howe is… And he appears to have played as many different people too.

Of those multiple personas is the paparazzi photographer, James Andanson who became the subject of a well known conspiracy theory deliberately started by the Monsters in order to throw investigators off track from the real truth about Diana’s death.


Don’t forget there is at least 10 years difference between when the two sets of photos were taken.

And another corrupt top cop relevant to this article who has now been rewarded with a hush, hush job at MI5 is top terrapin promoter Cressida Dick – ex second in command to Bernie Hogg Howe.

You see, the former second in command to Commissioner Hogg-Howe at the Met also played Lois Jenkins – ex-wife of convicted murderer Sion Jenkins… Thus fast-tracking her for promotion.


You couldn’t make it up ya know?

Course Dick was responsible for whitewashing the police assassination of Jean Charles de Menezes:

When on 12 September 2006 the Metropolitan Police Authority promoted Commander Cressida Dick to the role of Deputy Assistant Commissioner, the family said they were ‘absolutely disgusted’. The family also criticised the awarding of the Queen’s Police Medal to Commander Dick in the 2010 New Year’s Day honours. Source: Wikipedia

And even though Cressida Dick is digitally altered in most of her photos such as the tell tale one below in which she reminds me of a Tortoise…


… The comparison website still registers Dick & Jenkins consistently too close in looks for them not to be each other.

Here, have a butchers:


Now in most articles about Billie Jo Jenkins murder in 1997, Lois Jenkins occupation isn’t given although I was able to find a true crime website, quoting the Chimp as stating that Lois was a social worker (found HERE).

Furthermore, nearly all articles written about the murder (of which there are plenty what with Sion Jenkins two appeals against his conviction for murdering Billie Jo), clearly state that Lois had emigrated to Tasmania with her new love, a Martial Art expert.

And in the course of my research I came across a Lois Jenkins listed as being one of the “Executive Team” for an upmarket, Australian residential home.


Course, the fact that Lois allegedly fucked off to Tasmania with her new fella whom she went on to have a child with makes it strange that Lois would still keep the Jenkins name especially when she was obviously trying to start a new life away from the scandal.

This is made all the more strange when coupled with the facts that she gave witness testimony for the prosecution against her ‘husband’ Sion stating:

  • that he was very violent towards her and the children
  • that he acted strange following the murder
  • that he had an affair with a teenage girl who resembled Billie Jo
  • that he was more than capable of killing her

Yet there can be no doubt that the Executive, Lois Jenkins is the same Lois Jenkins in question and Cressida Dick to boot.


Now far from being proof that Dick cannot be Jenkins, it only adds to it.

You see, I am working on a couple of stories at the moment where my research led me to a top financial management firm who has employees who are the splitting image of those working for arguably the most prestigious firm of architects in the country – if not the world (what they haven’t designed ain’t worth designing), who just so happen to be the splitting image of MP’s that I am investigating and other prominent VIP’s.

Moreover, my research has led me to top Legal Firms and prominent Barrister Chambers – some from different ends of the country – that have Solicitors & Barristers (and in some cases both) who are either 7 billion to 1, doppelgangers or the same legal eagles working for different practices under different names… Some of whom just so happen to be the splitting image of MP’s that I am investigating and other prominent VIP’s.

Indeed, knowing what I do, all that the upmarket residential home position held by Jenkins suggests to me is that Dick has a further nice little extra income and a cover story to keep any investigators from discovering the truth.

In fact I do strongly suspect Dick of also being Gloucestershire Chief Constable, Suzette Davenport.


Course, if those are her real teeth I will eat my fucking hat and indeed the comparison below strongly suggest that it won’t ever come to that.


We are now talking about an awful lot of money in annual salaries here. Moreover, we are also talking about a huge amount of power and influence in one persons hands… Very dangerous considering that they are all psychopaths.

Now if you find this a bit hard to get your head round especially those not familiar with my work you have to realise that this is made possible by the fact that these ‘people’ are only known to us by photograph and the jobs that they do – just like our MP’s – require no real work at all… It is all done by others.

Course, as I have gone an awful long way to evidence, with a whole lot more to come, this multiple persona practice is widespread amongst our leaders – a fact that I have gone a long way to proving in previous articles with more to come proving that at least a third of our MP’s do not exist and are in fact played by other MP’s.

Indeed, in the instances of our counties Chief Constables and PCCs I set the ball truly in motion by proving in my article, “Oi Oi Call A Copper” that Essex Chief Constable, Stephen Kavanagh and Metropolitan Commissioner, Bernard Hogg Howe are the same person – at least they are in photographs anyway.


And that former Essex PCC, Nick Alston is also Lincolnshire’s dodgy Chief Constable Neil Rhodes.


And of course we haven’t seen the likes of Rhodes’ pigs ears since the photos of former Met Commissioner, John Stevens.


And while I am not suggesting for one second that the two men are the same, what I am most certainly suggesting is that if you were to overlay the images with each other there would be a lot of points that line up exactly, because the two photos have been manipulated to do so for Satanic reasons… See how I have these Monsters sussed?

Now if you have read that aforementioned article of mine (Oi Oi Call A Copper), you will of course already know that Lincolnshire’s Chief Constable, Neil Rhodes is also the man who is having his Officers harass me, namely Essex Chief Constable, Stephen Kavanagh – that is to say, at least they are the same person photowise.


That evidence is indisputable, with much more to back it up.

You want more?

Of course you fucking do.

Remember Michael Todd, the Chief Constable of the corrupt Greater Manchester Police?

He allegedly froze to death whilst climbing every mountain back in 2008?

Well he was proper trashed in the press following his ‘death’:

The tangled love life of the head of Greater Manchester police is being investigated to see if it affected his ability to do his job or put national security at risk.

Investigators have uncovered liaisons with 38 women during his six years as head of the force, including officers and civilian workers, as well as women outside the police service.

Todd, 50, was also known to have had at least a dozen relationships while he was a police chief with the Metropolitan police.

An inquest in October found that he died from exposure on Mount Snowdon in March when the state of his mind was affected by alcohol, sleeping drugs, and confusion over turmoil in his private life. Source

ToddES1203_468x566 (1)

Remember him now? Superman he certainly fucking wasn’t.

Okay, keep him fresh in your mind.

Now, do you remember Sir Stephen House, the former Chief Constable of Police Scotland?

He walked out of the highly paid post a year earlier than anticipated:

SIR Stephen House set up his own company in the final weeks of his job as Chief Constable of Police Scotland.

House formed Sarantium Solutions in October when he was heading towards the exit door of the single force.

He also appears to be cutting some of his ties with Scotland by putting his home in Helensburgh on the market.

House was chief constable of Strathclyde Police before getting the £208,000 top job at Police Scotland in 2012.

However, his reign was marred by a series of controversies on armed policing, stop and search, the M9 tragedy and spying on journalists’ sources. Source

Nevertheless, despite being a massive failure he still walked away with a half million pound pay off.

And strangely enough when House was given the job – if you can call doing fuck all a job – in 2012, he immediately bought a £1.3Million Pound house in Westminster… Who knows, perhaps he was confusing Scotland Yard with Scotland.

Nevertheless, here is his photo:


Now I am sure that you know where this is going so I won’t faff about… Todd is in da House.

And take note of both of their extra big right ears and bear in mind that Todd has had a lump grafted onto the right of his face as you look at his photo:


Is that legal? Mind you, even if it’s not I don’t suppose anyone would call a copper.

Yet that is not the extent of it… Not by a long fucking chalk.

You see, then there is Sir Norman Bettison. Fuck me someone is having a laugh with his mooey.


I mean does anyone really believe that is his left ear? And disregarding his dodgy right eye and neck, this is still one of the better photos of him.


This one is from the MI5 controlled Ross Parry photo agency.

Now where to start? I mean just look at his tie!

As for old Norm’s face, well it has been superimposed onto someones head who is facing a totally different way… Then there is the two proper dodgy ears, the one big eye and the hat that is pointing a different way to Norm’s face and whoever the fuck his mooey is superimposed on!

He’s Norman Monster for fucks sake.


And again! I mean ignore the ear, look at the big fat neck compared to his thin lower face!

He wouldn’t be out of place in the film: “The Hills Have Eyes“.

Now I take it that you all know who SIR Norm is don’t you? If ya don’t he was the bent Chief Constable of the Merseyside Police and later the bent Chief Constable of the West Yorkshire Police.

Sir Norm had to resign in 2012 before he was sacked for covering up the facts about the Hillsborough Tragedy, as well as nicking a load of precious metal and whitewashing the Stephen Lawrence inquiry:

Following a Freedom of Information request, the minutes of West Yorkshire Police Authority were released and they revealed that Bettison resigned after learning that “he faced possible dismissal over a last minute discussion with a police authority executive in which he allegedly sought to influence talks about his role in the Hillsborough scandal.”This conversation would have justified his sacking if it was proved that he had interfered with the “integrity of the complaints handling process.

Bettison is also to be investigated by the Independent Police Complaints Commission over allegations that he was involved in the theft of a substantial quantity of precious metal on 11 August 1987.

On 3 July 2013 Bettison was referred to the IPCC by West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Mark Burns-Williamson in relation to alleged misconduct during the Macpherson Inquiry into the murder of Stephen Lawrence, a black South London teenager who had been fatally stabbed in a racist attack 20 years earlier. Source: Wikipedia

Nevertheless, he stilled kept his £87,000 yearly pension, which is an absolute outrage.

However, interestingly enough whilst Old Sir Norm resigned with immediate effect in October 2012, Sir Stephen House also began his new job as Chief Constable of Scotland Police in the exact same month of the exact same year… Talk about coincidence!

Or was it?

You really couldn’t make it up don’t cha know.


Okay, let’s have another in order to show you how our MP’s are complicit – nay pro active – in this robbing of public funds.

And for that we need to go to the MP Mike Penning, who on the 9th of November was subject to the MSM’s attention in what was one of the biggest public mug off’s that I have read to date:

A Tory policing minister has been forced to make a grovelling apology after botching plans to reform police funding.

Mike Penning admitted the Home Office had made serious errors in calculating how much funding would be doled out to regional police forces.

The apology comes amid bitter controversy over the planned changes, with six Police and Crime Commissioners threatening the Home Office with legal action over fears they are set to lose millions of pounds in Government support.

Home Affairs Select Committee chairman Keith Vaz , who asked an urgent question in the House of Commons, described the situation as a “shambles”.

He said 31 out of 43 police forces would lose money as a result of the error, compared with a third under the current formula. Source

Mind you, you’s should all know by now that anything that Keith Vaz is a party to is bound to be criminal.


PHOTO: The corrupt Mike Penning MP, of whom there is fuck all honourable about the puppet.

You see, the fake looking Tory Policing Minister, Mike Penning is without a doubt – at least on paper – the Chief Constable of Durham Police, Mike Barton.


Not convinced?

You fucking will be – unless of course you are determined not to be because all of this is beyond your comprehension and miles out of your comfort zone.


Now these are major acts of treason and although these puppets are raking in money hand over fist that is not the motivation for the inherently evil monsters at the top of the tree – all of who have wealth enough to have long ceased caring about adding more to the stinking pile.

Therefore the reason (as doubtlessly most of you already know) is for the total enslavement of the world’s population, whom – for those left following the coming mass cull – must bow down and worship Satan.

Now you best pay attention because they ain’t going to go away, they ain’t going to stop and there ain’t going to be any help forthcoming from these traitorous, mug puppets that the majority perceive as being in charge because they only value – nay crave – wealth at any cost.

And with that being the case, it remains down to us to stop them I am sorry to say.

Indeed it is pointless me passing on this information if no one is going to act on it. I have in fact known for some time that my life is in very real and great danger and as soon as the opportunity arises I will be taken out… That is a fact and one that I am prepared for and accept, but by doing so, please, please don’t let that happen for fuck all.

“But what can we do?” I hear you bleat.

And at this point in time, where I have shown you that the law is sewn up with immense power held in the hands of a few there isn’t much you can do I am afraid to say… But there is a bit.

I mean, ideally a people’s revolution is what is needed but unfortunately our numbers are too small for that to become a reality at the moment. However, I have given you more than enough indisputable evidence that extreme, organised crime is being committed… So report it.

In fact I think that it is an offence not to.

And when I say report it, I don’t mean email your PCC enclosing a link to this or other articles… Indeed, that will get you nowhere. Course, by all means print off any relevant information to include as proof but you must report your allegation in person at your local police station… Do not be fobbed off. You are a British Citizen reporting an extremely serious crime that is occurring on British soil.

And of course, it may seem futile since ultimately those who are committing the crime are the ones who decide whether or not there is a case to answer. However, the allegations still have to be investigated, especially if you advertise the fact to absolutely everyone possible that you have reported a crime whilst urging them to do the same. Offer to accompany them if they are of a nervous disposition.

Do whatever it takes – and if done in sufficient numbers then those calling the shots are going to have a very, very real problem.

Don’t just sit back and leave it to others, that ain’t going to work because you can bet your fucking life that those ‘others’ will be doing the same.

Regrettably, that now is THE ONLY way because believe me when I say that all of the above is only a small fraction of what I know and can prove. However without wanting to belittle anyone, to tell you more at the moment would only add to your confusion as to how their game plan works.

Indeed before you can even begin to understand that you first have to totally understand the photo lark. And unfortunately for all of us, it is quite, quite clear to me that the majority of you don’t.

Therefore, to reinforce the huge mountain that we now have to climb, let’s return to the wholly corrupt, holiday loving, Gloucestershire Chief Constable puppet, Suzette Davenport.


You see I think that Davenport is the new Homo Secretary, Amber Rudd, appointed by our unelected Prime Mincer, Terrence May.


Now although not as conclusive as the other comparison photos, they are nevertheless a very good match and obviously the glasses and the blonde hair make it harder to be certain – but then again that is how they get away with it.

Indeed a different hairstyle in a different colour is as good a disguise as any. It certainly works for the wholly corrupt Balls family. I mean it allows the MP Yvette Cooper-Balls to double her salary by playing the MP Liz Kendall.


And then treble it by being Harriet Harman or vice versa.


But that information comes from another article that I am working on and as such I will leave it there but suffice to say… You ain’t seen nothing yet.

And with that in mind I am going to stick with my gut feeling and stand by my claim that Rudd is the Gloucestershire Chief Constable, Suzette Davenport… Indeed the job (if you can call it such) carries a far higher salary than that of a Cabinet Minister.

I will also tell you that I believe that Rudd plays the head of the resurrected Melanie Hall murder investigation team, Detective Inspector Julie Mackay:

Detectives investigating the murder of Melanie Hall have insisted they are ‘getting closer’ to catching her killer, despite releasing their latest suspect without charge.

Miss Hall, 25, disappeared on a night out in Bath, Somerset, in June 1996 and her remains were found by dumped by a motorway 13 years later.

A 45-year-old man, who has not been identified, was arrested on suspicion of murder in June after voluntarily attending a police station in Wiltshire and asking to speak to the inquiry team. Source


You can read the full old bollox HERE but the SWNS photo should automatically put you on fraud alert.

Nevertheless, let’s go compare.


And obviously, the fact that the Lesbian Rudd – are any of our MP’s heterosexual? – who has two children by the writer, A A Gill was educated at Cheltenham Ladies’ College, an independent school in Gloucestershire, which is the area covered by Chief Constable Suzette Davenport is highly significant.

Course, you then have to add the ‘looks factor’ stand-alone-evidence to all of the other evidence that I can/have/and will put forward which when taken as a whole must surely in any reasonable thinking person’s mind, put my claims beyond any doubt… Just sayin’.