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I was reading an article the other day about a dirty nonce who was given 58 years in prison in January 2014 for dirty noncing.

Course, you would be a bit naive in believing that all of these dirty nonces really go to prison as many of them cut a deal and go to work for the security services.

Moreover, the article was in The Chimp and they always print bullshit.

Nevertheless, the article in question started thus:

A Florida-based former Christian missionary was today sentenced to 58 years in federal prison for sexually abusing girls who were part of an indigenous tribe in the Amazon and filming the acts.

While he was establishing a church with the Katukina tribe, Warren Scott Kennell, 45, a missionary with the Sanford-based New Tribes Mission, befriended the girls and abused them over several years, prosecutors said.

He was arrested in Orlando in May and investigators found more than 940 images of child pornography on his hard drive. Continue reading

Wanna see what the dirty nonce, Warren Scott Kennell looks like?

Of course you fucking do.


Ugly cunt isn’t he!

Nevertheless, I think to myself, ‘hold up! I know that dirty nonce from somewhere’, but I cannot for the life of me think where. So I do what I always do, namely take a note of the link and a copy of the photo after which I move on, otherwise I would never get anything done.

However, I am going to leave that story there for a moment whilst I discuss another matter with you, but I will return to Warren Scott Kennell before this article is done.

Now as you probably know I am quite unbelievably in court tomorrow with the main indictment being that I was in possession of the Nan Goldin photo, Klara and Eddy Belly Dancing – a loathsome piece of ‘art’ owned or once owned by Sir Elton John… Who has never been in court for OWNING the image, let alone having it in his possession.

Course, this image is perfectly legal and still on this website, since I used it a few times to highlight what these elite cunts class as art and I have never been told to remove it despite the plod knowing that it was on here since 2012.

I also used it again in an article that I wrote after I was charged with having the sick – but nevertheless legal – art photograph, to demonstrate that the plod were just being malicious. And indeed, despite the cunts watching this website like hawks, I was never re-arrested over the image.

In fact I will google the image now and see what I get.


Are Google now going to be in court because the pictures that I have circled are all the same uncensored photo of Klara and Edda Belly Dancing, which I am being taken to court for.

How the fuck does that work?


You see that the two exhibit numbers are listed.

And what follows is the exhibit list:


So the bottom line is that I am being maliciously prosecuted and you are all contributing to the cost of doing so via the tax you pay… Meanwhile, the likes of Leon Brittan and Greville Janner pretend to be dead whilst having not been prosecuted for actual noncing when they were pretending to be alive!

Indeed the CPS have been tackled about the malicious prosecution on a number of times… Which I have had to insist upon obviously.


And the CPS’s response:


So there ya go. Elton John can own the photo and not get nicked. Google can carry over 9000 entries for sites to do with the photo and carry 100’s of copies of the uncensored image and not get nicked… I use the image to condemn child sex abuse and I get nicked… Hmmm!

But it gets better… It always gets better, don’t cha know.

You see one of the moderators on this site had a mate (Dave) who was nicked on December 7th 2015, for possessing the legal image, having posted the photograph a year earlier on his Facebook in an act of solidarity with me.

Yet when he answered bail a week or so ago for this image, the charge had been dropped because according to the Greater Manchester Police, the image was not illegal.

Mind you, it seems to me that the image was just an excuse to get hold of Dave’s computers to see what else he had on there… Because that is how the corrupt police work.

Nevertheless I provided my Solicitor with the contact details of Dave’s solicitors, requesting that my brief email them for the details about the status of this image – which as I say, despite me being prosecuted for the legal ‘art’ it is still on this site today in the article found HERE.

Indeed, the Northumbria CPS say the following about the photo:

“Even if the photograph was now considered to be indecent, a defendant would be able to raise a legitimate defence, given that the photograph was distributed for the purposes of display in a contemporary art gallery after having been deemed not to be indecent by the earlier investigation. Source

Likewise, I also asked Dave to tell his solicitors that my solicitor would be contacting them for the details as to why the charge of possession of the photo had been dropped.

Yet when I next contacted my solicitor (Friday 18th of March) to see if there had been any reply from Dave’s solicitors, my solicitor informed me instead that there had been a court hearing held on the 16th of this month (four days ago), which he says that they had phoned me about on the 15th to let me know the time and place details of the hastily arranged hearing and when they got no answer, my solicitor states that they had left a message for me with all the information that I needed to know.

That, I can tell you is total bollox – there was no voice mail left for me or no phone call for that matter and what took place was in fact yet another court hearing that I wasn’t invited to (the 3rd one now) because it is quite obvious that the cunts are going to stitch me up in a demonstration of showing me/us what they can get away with. In other words they are going to find me guilty of possessing a perfectly legal image.

Indeed, when Zen, my friend and legal adviser phoned the court on friday to see if the malicious court case is still going ahead tomorrow, he was told that it was but the scheduled judge had now been replaced with another. Hmmm.

Meanwhile, Dave has been trying to get hold of his solicitor, who is quite obviously avoiding him.

The following is what he wrote to me in an email on friday just gone:

Hi mate…just to let you know that this bitch has not contacted me at all, even though the woman yesterday said she would get her to do so…

I will give her another call on Monday morning and tell her I need it ASAP.  If you have to….just mention it in court as back-up for you and I will see what I can do…if she does not help I will call those fucking police and ask them to send me confirmation.

You really couldn’t make this up.

Anyway, I was discussing the charge of the image being dropped because it was legal with Dave in a phone call early last week and the police-NSA informant/troll Jimmy Jones’ name cropped up.

You see it had been Jones’ vile, sick sidekick Jane Russell (who I strongly suspect to be Sonia Poulton) who had reported him to the police for posting the image, despite a year passing since he had done so.

And it was at that point that I remembered where I had seen the nonce, Warren Scott Kennell’s face before. He is in fact none other than the vile, sick little man Jimmy Jones himself.

jj (1)

And whilst no doubt you are looking at the photos above and thinking that they are not the same bloke – the evidence below is indisputable and if you have a small screen, you can zoom in untold on the pictures to see that indisputable evidence… Just sayin’.


There is of course a lot more to this than I am letting on right now, partly due to time constraints and partly due to the fact that the information I hold will have a far greater effect, the longer that these vile nonce gatekeepers are allowed to operate… Patience, there is much more to come.