SICK BEYOND BELIEF: Watkins and his ilk have no place in this world.



Vile lost Prophets singer Ian Watkins and his two equally vile female accomplices have been remanded in custody. In theory, you are still innocent until proven guilty in this cuntry, except of course in libel cases where you are guilty until proven innocent. To answer the inevitable question as to why the libel law is arse about face, just ask yourself who makes the laws… You are then very near to the answer. But I digress.

The point that I am making, in regards to Watkins being innocent until proven guilty is while that may be the case, you have to ask yourself why he has been remanded.  Conspiracy(Planning to do something) and dealing in child porn do not normally warrant the vast expense of remanding people in custody. Fuck me, people charged with murder are granted bail, never mind the fact that our MP’s are actively trying to decriminalise possession and distribution of child porn… Again, ask yourself why.

Now, whilst not wishing to show my age, I have to admit that I had never even heard of Ian Watkins until his arrest. I had vaguely heard of the Lost Prophets, but I wouldn’t be able to name you one of their songs.  Never the less, It is my understanding that they are fairly ‘Big’ in the music industry and as such, Watkins is too high profile to flee should he be given bail. On the same token, I would imagine him to have the funds to enable him to ensure his own safety – more’s the pity.

Therefore, I am assuming that the reason for Watkins and his accomplices continued incarceration, is that at the very least, the CPS has a watertight case on the conspiracy to rape a one year old baby. At the worst, there is even more depravity to this case than is being reported i.e further charges are to follow.

That said, someone even conspiring to rape a baby must be in possession of  the sickest of the sick minds. Perhaps I’m showing my naïvety but is it even possible to rape a one year old… Don’t answer that, it doesn’t bear thinking about. However, first and foremost, why the fuck would anyone even want to?

I have long been of the opinion that the Human race is doomed… With sick fucks like Watkins within our numbers, perhaps it is for the best.


The lead singer of rock band Lost prophets has appeared in court on child sexual offence charges, including conspiracy to rape a baby.

Ian Watkins, 35, of Pontypridd, appeared via video link at Cardiff Crown Court from Parc Prison, Bridgend.

Wearing a black suit, shirt and tie Mr Watkins appeared along with two other female defendants who cannot be named for legal reasons.

They were remanded further until 11 March.

Mr Watkins faces a charge of conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child under 13 and four offences relating to possession and distribution of indecent images of children.

The alleged offences date from May to December this year.

A 24-year-old woman, from Bedford, has been charged with the same offences as Mr Watkins, while a 20-year-old woman from Doncaster is charged with five of the same offences but not conspiracy to rape.