Sick Benefit

Christopher Spivey


I felt a strong need to write about the death of 4 yr old cancer victim Jessica Whelan who allegedly died on November the 20th 2016… The article became an awful lot more in the process.

Now I used the word ‘allegedly‘ in connection to Jessica Whelan’s death because such is the criminality of our national newspapers that it comes to something when I find myself having to question whether in fact a small child has really died or whether it is a fake story of the most warped kind – reported as fact for insidious, political gain… Not to mention huge financial gain for those taking part.

And abhorrently, I can only conclude that  the truth lies within the latter which makes monsters of Jessica’s parents, Andrew Whelan & Nicki Pendergrass, sick minded criminals of the journalists & editors who pushed the story and sewer dwelling rats with no place on this earth for those in government and above who sanctioned the fraud.

Indeed the story – which was first aired on November the 2nd 2016 – did not ring true with me from the outset:

A heartbroken father wants the world to see this photo he took of his four-year-old daughter as she battles cancer after being given just weeks to live.

Andy Whelan, an electrician from Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, shared the black-and-white image of Jessica on his Facebook blog about her illness, where it’s had more than 7,600 reactions.

Posting the photo on Jessica Whelan – A fight against Neuroblastoma, Andy wrote: ‘This is the hardest photograph I have ever made.


PHOTO: The picture in question.

Distressing to say the least.

In fact I cannot think of anything more heartbreaking than a parent having to endure the agony of watching their young child die.

And that is one of the reasons that I call foul on this sick story.

You see, that is not a photo taken on a mobile phone or even your average digital camera… That is a highly professional photo taken at just the right moment, using a very expensive camera with the correct lighting applied. Indeed the tell tale blurred background attests to the fact.

Now what kind of father could calmly set up such a shot whilst their child writhed in agony – Something that would certainly not be allowed in hospital without special permission, disregarding the fact that ‘Jessica’ would have been drugged up to the eyeballs rather than been allowed to suffer such pain… Yet Jessica wasn’t in hospital when the photo was taken.

Indeed, the accompanying text for the photo, allegedly written by Whelan on his specially set-up Facebook page to highlight Jessica’s cancer struggle is telling by the very way in which it is faultlessly penned.

Yet despite attempting to come across as being written by someone in torment, the Facebook page ultimately fails in the task… That is to say unless you let your heart rule your head in which case you will ultimately fall for Whelan’s bullshit.

And by the time you have finished this article, I will prove to you beyond all doubt that it most certainly all is bullshit.

Nevertheless, Whelan begins by writing:

As a photographer it is important to capture the truth and the reality of a situation, too easy it becomes to capture the joy of life whilst discarding the torture that we see.

Which is strange, not least because Whelan is an electrician… He then continues:

This is the hardest photograph I have ever made, it is in fact my own four year old daughter.

Anyone else but a professional photographer would have “Taken” the photo, not “Made” it… He then faultlessly continues:

A few days ago she was given what is most likely only a few weeks to live after a battle against cancer that has been waged for over twelve months. This photograph was made in a moment that we as parents could offer her no comfort, her pushing us away whilst she rode out this searing pain in solitude.

And once again the photo is described as being “Made”, whilst being written in the style of a journalist as opposed to that of a heartbroken parent.

Indeed, having read what Whelan had written so far it is not unfair to say that I personally – I cannot speak for you lot – already had the feeling that this was all gearing up to persuade me to make a donation to the cancer research cash cow… Or even worse, his own pocket

Nevertheless, he then continues:

This sadly, for us as a family, is not a sight that we see rarely. This is now a familiar sight that we see regularly through each day and night, its frequency now more often. This is the true face of cancer, my baby girls blood vessels protruding from beneath her skin, a solitary tear running down her cheek, her body stiffened and her face contorted in pain.

“my baby girls blood vessels protruding from beneath her skin, a solitary tear running down her cheek, her body stiffened and her face contorted in pain”. Was there really any need for Whelan to describe what is perfectly obvious in the photo, other than to hammer home the details?

In fact if you have ever been unfortunate enough to visit a children’s cancer ward you will know that every effort possible is made to keep the children happy and pain free… And indeed, were Jessica really in such pain then hospital is where she should have been.

Course, there were many, many guardians waiting to pounce should anyone even dare to mention that Jessica shouldn’t be allowed to suffer like she appears to be doing in the photo.

Hmmm, suffice to say that the vast majority of those 47 replies were made up of verbal abuse aimed at poor Tracey for doing nothing more than politely making a valid point. And certainly in my opinion that response from Whelan is not the response of a heartbroken, honourable man.

In fact I would go further and suggest that his scathing response followed by the immediate pouncing of his Rottweilers was that of someone who wanted to deter anyone else from posting anything that could be awkward to explain away.

So let me make my position quite clear from the outset, because as you will shortly find out, I rather strangely have a lot of people connected to this fraud on my Facebook page who inexplicably added me as a ‘friend’ as far back as 3 years ago.

Therefore, they need to be told that if they or those other guard dogs come here with that shit, I have my own and you and yours will be rendered toothless very fucking quickly.

Just sayin’.

The ‘heartbroken father‘ then continues:

I could try and use a thousand words to describe this image that we as parents are confronted with on a daily basis but these words would fall short of truly depicting the sight we see.

I’m sure that Whelan wouldn’t have to try too hard in his dispassionate effort:

With this photo I do not mean to offend or upset, I do mean however to educate and shock those that see it in it’s context. Perhaps by seeing this photo people not in our position will be made aware of the darkness that is childhood cancer, perhaps these same people may be able to do something about it so that in the future no child has to suffer this pain, so that no parent has to bear witness to their own flesh and blood deteriorating daily.

I doubt that there are many parents who are not aware of the “darkness that is childhood cancer”, Mr Whelan:

The only apologies I offer are to those that know Jessica, I understand that this photo is hard to see and even harder to absorb. To those that do not know Jessica I offer no apologies, this is what cancer does to a child in their final weeks and days!!! Before her diagnosis I was one of those ignorant to the darkness of childhood cancer, not truly appreciating the hell that it brings. It would never happen to us! Now I give childhood cancer the respect it deserves, seeing too many children suffering this same fate and watching families torn apart.

What he is doing here is exploiting peoples naivety whilst eliciting their sympathy by likening himself to once having been like Joe Average ‘who could not possibly have any understanding of the true horror of childhood cancer’.

Or put another way, he is being condescending.

If this photograph only serves as a purpose to make people think twice about this evil and put into perspective what it does to a child then it has achieved its purpose. Research needs to be done, cures need to be found, too long now has this been allowed to happen.


Here Whelan is putting the cat amongst the pigeons to stir up a feeling of outrage amongst the readers, leading them to the conclusion that the lack of research & cures for cancer has to be put right – which in Whelan’s view, obviously entails people putting their hands in their pockets.

Yet mass research has been done for well over a century which has seen trillions of pounds donated yet the truth is that Cancer can be cured – we just aren’t allowed that option.

Indeed, what the media should be reporting on instead of focusing on individuals is why so many people are getting cancer – a 40% increase in the past 16 years in children’s cancer alone. (Source

Whelan then concludes, without having the need to tell you specifically to donate to cancer research – or better still, to him – by writing:

Please I beg of you, as a heartbroken father, it is too late for my daughter, but childhood cancer needs to be cured. No family should have to go through this hell.

Hmmm, someone should have told Whelan that it is never too late.

Indeed, my dog – ironically also called Jessica – was given a maximum two months to live over Four months ago, having been shown in scans to have a very advanced tumour on her spleen.

Yet the fact is that despite her advanced age and previous ill health, she continues to thrive.


PHOTO: Jessica, 29/11/16 

Note her shiney coat, her alertness (she was fast asleep when I sneaked over to take this photo), no weight loss (her appetite is as good as it has ever been) and she still gets as excited as ever when it is time for our daily excursion to the park despite the cold and wet.

However, for the benefit of the two-bit, thick as pig-shit, short-arsed, downcast, dribble-lipped, ill-equipped, nonce-loving, shit-box-shoving, sewer-dwelling, foul-smelling, cowardy-custard, yellow-as-mustard, unwiped-arseholes, government-bitch-trolls, especially those whose photo is that of a convicted paedophile, I am not comparing the life of a dog to that of a childs.

I am merely pointing out that cancer – no matter how far advanced – can be treated… But not by the barbaric treatment given on the NHS.

The fact of the matter is that Jessica has received no recognised medicine, including pain killers (which I was given for her by the vet but which she has had no need for) but instead is given alternative medicine twice daily by myself.

However, there really was no need for Whelan to specifically tell his readers to donate in his long narrative as the inevitable Go-Fucking-Fund-Me page was prominently displayed at the top of that Facebook page documenting Jessica’s struggle.

Indeed, the Whelans are apparently no longer accepting donations on that particular Go-Fucking-Fund-Me page having now reached a staggering total of £97,307, despite originally setting a goal of £20,000… Although £20,000 is an awful lot of money, especially when you consider that the Go-Fucking-Fund-Me page was set up on October 7th 2016 – two days after the Whelans were told that Jessica had just “months to live”.

Nevertheless, according to whelan himself that original huge sum was for the purposes of:

To help to support, care for and provide enjoyment through days out, treats and possibly a few nights away. We want to create as many happy memories as is possible in the remaining time we have with Jessica. Source

Now according to National Statistics, in 2015 an average UK based Electrician earned around £30,172 per annum (well above the national average), yet exactly what kind of extra support & care Whelan needed to finance, other than that provided by the NHS is not stated.

Likewise, neither are the treats that stretched way beyond his £580 weekly salary.

Mr Whelan – again, according to the go-fucking-fund-me page – now intends to give the remainder of the money to “charities”, to be announced at a later date… Still waiting Mr Whelan.

Nevertheless, the original Chimp article from November the 2nd 2016, goes on to say that Jessica was initially diagnosed with a “bone infection” – whatever that means – but after A TEN WEEK STAY IN HOSPITAL, and just as Jessica was in her coat waiting to go home, the Whelans were given the news that doctors had found a lump in her tummy and she would have to stay in:

Jessica was diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma on 23rd September 2015. Initially after suffering pains in her arms and shoulders, doctors diagnosed Jessica with a bone infection. 

But just as she was about to be discharged, after ten weeks in hospital, doctors decided to examine her one more time.

‘Jessica had been crying out in pain during the night,’ Andy explains.

‘One of the nurses told the doctor so he decided to check her tummy to make sure it was nothing more than constipation.’

It was during the examination that the doctor found a mass in her tummy.

‘It was devastating,’ Andy explains. ‘Jessica was all ready to come home. She was even in her coat. Then we were told she’d need to stay in hospital for more tests.’

An ultrasound showed there was a mass around Jessica’s liver, but it was after an MRI the following day that doctors broke the news that Jessica had cancer.

So, after TEN WEEKS in hospital the doctors finally got around to feeling her stomach – something a GP usually does as a matter of routine when a child is unwell with no apparent reason for it – just when she was about to go home!!!

Course, there is no mention as to what they were treating Jessica’s “bone infection” with and as such I can only conclude that at best, this anomaly did not ring any bells with the Monkey-Scribe.

The article continued:

 ‘I asked the doctor how long she had left, and he said he couldn’t give a figure but it was likely to be a couple of years,’ explains Andy.

Again, total tosh. I mean, apart from the fact that a doctor would never say that without knowing how she would respond to treatment, the said doctor is in effect saying that Jessica’s cancer is terminal, something that Whelan states that he didn’t know until a year later on October 5th 2016.

The article then continues:

Jessica started chemotherapy and then doctors started her on a clinical drug trial. When her hair started falling out they cut it into a bob, then shaved it all off.

A small point to be made here, but when hair falls out through chemotherapy it does so in clumps and not from the ends upwards. Therefore it would have been a pointless episode cutting Jessica’s hair into a bob and indeed by combing it in order to cut her hair in a bob would have helped the process along.

Therefore, that bit of bollox can only have been added to the story in order to elicit more sympathy.

Carry on Monkey-Scribe:

After three months, Jessica went into hospital for tests. But there was bad news.

‘The consultant told us the tumour was the same size, they hadn’t budged it at all,’ says Andy. ‘But he said there was another trial we could try, and not to lose hope.’

So, after Whelan claimed that a doctor had told him that Jessica only had “a couple of years to live” – presumably taking into account that Jessica would benefit from the chemo abuse – he is now claiming that the doctors were telling him and his wife; “not to lose hope”… Roger that.

Whelan then goes on to tell the Chimp-Presstitute:

‘I understand this photo is hard to see and even harder to absorb, but this is what cancer does to a child in their final weeks and days. Before her diagnosis I was one of those ignorant to the darkness of childhood cancer. Now I give childhood cancer the respect it deserves, seeing too many children suffering this same fate and seeing families torn apart.

Which is fucking amazing because it is word for word what he wrote alongside that photo of his… Carry on:

One Direction star Harry Styles contacted the family after he saw the social media post. 

The host of a local radio station in the Wirral, Beverley Macca, had contacts at Harry’s management company and arranged for him to phone and Andy is now hoping to arrange a call with the singer. 

Those who wish to donate to Jessica to help her enjoy her final days as well as give her extra support and care, can donate to her GoFundMe page. Source

Course, Knobby Styles sold his soul to the devil years ago and Beverley Macca is the never-seen bird that Dave Best had his wicked way with in the comedy show, The Royle Family…

Although there really is a Liverpudlian DJ called Beverley Macca as it happens.


That aint no bird though, I know!

Now, later on that same day that the Chimp published its first article about Jessica (November 2nd), they published a video of her singing a song (HERE), followed by yet another article which was almost identical to the one earlier that day which I have just commented on, except it made a bigger thing about Knobby Styles involvement. (see HERE)

Moreover, by the time that 2nd article was published, the go-fucking-fund-me total had jumped to a whopping £45 Grand – over double the amount Whelan had hoped to raise.

Yet he didn’t call time on the page – indeed the Chimp article pointed anyone who wished to donate in the right direction – and there was no mention of giving any left over to charity, from whatever he needed the £20 Grand for in the first place.

Those who wish to donate to Jessica to help her enjoy her final days as well as give her extra support and care, can donate to her GoFundMe page.

And instead of closing the Go-Fucking-Fund-Me page, the Chimp simply stated that the target Whelan hoped for was 45 Grand:


There then came yet another article two days later (4/11/16) which began thus:

A fundraising campaign for a four-year-old cancer sufferer whose struggle was highlighted in a heartbreaking photograph has raised more than £75,000.

Jessica Whelan’s plight came to the public attention when her father Andy published a distressing black and white image showing the little girl grimacing in pain as she battles her terminal condition.

The four-year-old, from Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, was diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma in September last year and is no longer receiving treatment.

Now strangers have raised £76,000 to give the little girl the chance to enjoy the last few weeks that she has to live.

Therefore, with Jessica dying on the 20th of November that works out at £4,750 per day for Jessica “to enjoy her last few weeks”.

And still there was no mention of giving any money to charity:

More than 3,300 people have pledged money to the cause in the past two days, leaving heartfelt messages of support for the family.

Mr Whelan said the family had been ‘humbled’ by the response. He said they ‘flew through’ their savings when Jessica was diagnosed and that the money raised would be a ‘massive help’ in covering the likes of transport and food costs. 

He told MailOnline: ‘It has been absolutely overwhelming. It is quite hard for us to comprehend what is being donated. 

Not that hard in truth is it Andy… Carry on for now though:

‘We will now be able to buy her things to give her enjoyment during the time she has left and will also help us give her the send off she deserves.

And the rest is just more or less a repeat of the two earlier articles… Kinda strange.

I mean why is it that Jessica is deserving of this much press attention when 1500 children (0-14yrs) are diagnosed with cancer in the UK every year?

Indeed, the photo of 4 year old Jessica crying out in agony is just an excuse for the Chimp to pick up on the story, but even if that was the reason – it wasn’t – we are already on our 3rd article (4th if you count the video) in two days.

Moreover, you have to ask yourself how the Chimp stumbled across the photo because despite their claim that it went “viral” on “social media” that certainly is not the case, despite Jessica’s story being aired in AT LEAST FIVE articles in the local rags, a regional news program and a Channel 4 program about families who have a child suffering with cancer.

And when you take that photo in context, disregarding what I said about it being staged earlier on in this article, Jessica is supposedly 4 yrs old – a year older than my grandson Clayton who will cry at the drop of a hat, sometimes with tears but more often than not without them.

Now before I continue, let me make myself quite, quite clear. I do not like this job, there is NO upside to it – on the contrary it is to my all round detriment. I did not aspire to be a writer, indeed it was actually thrust upon me under very strange circumstances.

That said, I have no regrets (apart from letting my tattoo business go) and despite the nonce trolls gaslighting & the GOVERNMENT covertly doing their damndest to besmirch me by foul means worthy of any dictatorship, my integrity remains intact.

In fact there is NOT ONE THING that ANY of the sick, kiddie raping, sewer slime has alleged about me or even stated as fact, that holds a grain of truth… Not one.

Indeed, the reality is that I do this shit for my children, my grandchildren and every child on the face of this earth… I love children and it upsets me to see them in pain and torment and if I was only 99% positive that the Whelans were making mugs of those who have fallen for their perverse, sick bullshit, I would never even have started this article.

Therefore, the fact that I have, speaks for itself.

Nuff said.

So with that in mind, let us take a closer look at the photo in question.


And at first glance, which is all that the vast majority of people would have given the picture due to its harrowing nature and what it represents, the photo does indeed appear to be of a little girl in pain and distress.

Moreover, having seen that photo and read the heart-string-pulling Chimp shite, the vast majority of those who then read Andy Whelan’s Facebook page, chronicling his and Jessica’s journey from diagnosis to death and beyond will already be in too much emotional turmoil to see it as anything other than a heartbreaking diary written by a destroyed, loving father.

Yet that Facebook chronical is as fake as the photo.

You see, when you really look at it, Jessica is not in pain at all in fact I doubt that there is not a parent alive who hasn’t seen their child pull a face like that whilst trying to manipulate them into getting their own way by having a put-on dry-cry.

The photo is also taken at ‘home’ after Whelan and his mrs had decided not to allow jessica any more treatment, which means that Whelan was talking bollox when he told the Chimp:

‘I took that photo – not to share with the public – but as more of a momento.

‘To remind us, when we look back and worry about everything, that we had done the right thing by stopping her treatment. That image just shows how bad it was, if we ever questioned our decision. Source

therefore either Whelan was neglecting her by not administering her pain relief or she wasn’t in any real pain… Indeed, if the pain was that severe then she would have been in hospital or a hospice.

Furthermore, the darker, thicker veins that you see are drawn on and blended in thus Jessica’s nipple has disappeared… As has the scar from her Hickman line which was taken out no more than a week before the photo in question was taken.


And the fact that she has so much hair is another giveaway.

You see, typically hair starts to grow back 6 weeks after chemo has finished although a person may regain a light, downy fuzz covering before that. Moreover, if the person is in relatively good shape then their hair will grow at the normal pace of just under half an inch per month… In keeping with the photo below taken over a 10 month period.


However, apart from various “good days”, not only was Jessica never in good shape following her diagnosis, she also began another bout of chemotherapy on the 30th of March.


And the fact that Whelan states that Jessica has to be administered the drugs in a fortnightly cycle means that she would not have finished the course until sometime in May.


And with this photo taken at a boxing do organise by the old bill (who appear to have done an awful lot for Jessica), which raised £4 Grand, on the 23rd of April 2016 – Jessica’s lack of hair in the photo would indeed be consistent with Whelan’s chronicles.

Mind you, he looks a dodgy bastard in that photo don’t cha think?

Now remember, hair starts growing properly around 6 weeks after finishing chemotherapy and grows at the rate of just under half an inch per month if a person is healthy… And with that in mind, have a butchers-hook at the following.


Whelan posted this on the 6th of May stating that there is exactly 6 weeks between the two photos. The 6th of May was also the day that Jessica was going for a bout of Chemotherapy… A day early on the fortnightly cycle.


Nevertheless, despite having 3 gruelling sessions of chemo, Jessica’s hair is growing in line with the statistics akin to having finished chemotherapy…. How queer!

Still, we will ignore that for the moment and fast forward to the first week in June – almost one month later.


Where we find that there is no difference in the length of Jessica’s hair despite the passing of a month… Which again, had she not been having chemotherapy would be consistent with someone who had finished treatment but was in a poor state of health.

Nevertheless, just under a month later on July the 1st, we see Jessica’s hair growing much quicker than the average, despite having had 9 months worth of on-going treatment.

And here is a thing. You see, to accompany the photo, Whelan plucks at the gullible’s heartstrings by writing that the treatment isn’t working and Jessica’s tumours are growing.

He then points out that due to the increased growth, her doctor told him that he was stopping that course of action, but then offered the family a glimmer of hope by saying that there is a London doctor who may be able to help Jessica.

However, Whelan then tells his readers that he is now going to need their help financially and that he is going to re-start fundraising.


PHOTO: Jessica’s hair, July 1st along with Whelan’s text about restarting fundraising.

Which is a bit fucking strange and not just to do with the fact that his job pays well above the national average. What is strange is the fact that he says that he is going to have to re-start fundraising, despite him and Jessica’s supporters never actually having fucking stopped.


In fact when Whelan closed the above page (31/7/16), a month after he stated that he was going to need to re-start fundraising, the page had been running for over 5 months.

And *aherm, aherm, true to his word Whelan posted the following link on the very next day (2/7/16).


Now I feel sure that he is breaking the law there by soliciting money under false pretences. I mean the way that it is worded suggests that the donations are going to be used to help pay for vital treatment as opposed to what the donations are really for, namely paying for days out – of which there have been very few and all very inexpensive – and other such “treats” for Jessica… Despite the fact that just over a month earlier on the 27th of April, Jessica had just bagged herself at least £300 worth of toys that cost Whelan zilch:

TWO brave East Lancashire youngsters battling childhood cancer were all smiles on Saturday as they got to go on a trolley dash around a Blackburn toy shop.

Theo Power and Jessica Whelan, who have both been diagnosed with the rare childhood cancer neuroblastoma, had one minute each to dash around The Entertainer in Blackburn Mall and grab as many toys as they could before its grand opening on Saturday.

The youngsters were all smiles as they packed a combined total of over £600 of toys in to their basketsSource


And as coincidence would have it, Theo was in the hospital bed next to Jessica’s when she had her first treatment in hospital.


Six year old Theo was diagnosed with  neuroblastoma –  the same cancer as Jessicas – in July 2015 and allegedly was in a bad way by August of the same year:


Yet he is still alive!

Theo has also had well inexcess of £100 Grand raised for him and his family are now after £250 Grand (quarter of a million pounds) to take him to America for treatment.


Indeed, the family comments, multi go-fucking-fund-me pages and money raising events are exactly the same as Jessicas, right down to how he was ‘tired after thoroughly enjoying himself over the park’, having a fundraising boxing bash laid on for him and the psychopathic plod getting in on the action.


PHOTO: Theo Powers boxing bash

So with these striking similarities I typed the word “neuroblastoma” into the Chimps archives, search bar which produced around two hundred articles on the cancer, nearly all of which were stories about children aged between 3-7 and nigh on identical in content – little girls dressed as princesses, singing songs from frozen, plenty about children dying of neuroblastoma whose doctors had originally diagnosed them as being constipated and nearly all had mention of fundraisers (looking to raise anywhere from £1000 to £500,000) to send the child to America for treatment not available on the NHS.

Course, many of the articles were – like as in Jessica’s case – follow up articles focussing on the one child, with many of the photos of the child in question contained in each article, bearing only a passing similarity with each other.

In turn, some of these photos of a particular child bear an uncanny resemblance to photos of other children in other articles all of whom had cancer.

For instance, Theo Power, Theo Thanis, Henry Hallam and an unnamed child – in a video about childhood cancer, uploaded to Youtube in 2009, but using statistics which suggest the short film footage was made in 2007 – all look alike.


I’m sure you can see the problem there.

Nevertheless, you have to ask yourself why is it that these children are chosen to be reported on in the MSM multiple times – raking in hundreds of thousands of pounds in the process?

I mean, just take a look at these statistics:

4,000 children develop cancer every year In the UK – 11 every day.  

While 75% of children survive cancer today in the UK, 1,000 children still die every year, and the journey to cure causes long term side effects for many survivors. 

Cures remain elusive for some forms of childhood cancer, including brain stem tumors, stage IV neuroblastoma, metastatic sarcomas, metastatic retinoblastoma, relapsed acute leukaemia, and relapsed non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Source

And by children they are referring to those aged 0-14.

Yet where are their treats and days out? Are they not just as ill as Jessica, Theo, Theo and Henry?

I mean surely there are children who are everybit as ill as the aforementioned children, who are from single parent families and either on benefits or earning minimum wage, never mind above the national average, yet have other children to look after and without a strong family network to fall back on?

Where is their half a Million Pounds for treatment in America? … Although obviously part of the agenda here is to vilify the NHS and  push for an American style medical insurance program.

Or is it only the lower-middle class, deserved of £100,000 windfalls with which to fund day trips out for their sick child – despite in this case the windfall not being used for its purpose?

However, to get back on track I will remind you that I was talking about Jessica’s hair anomalies and the money that Whelan is raking in by pulling at the gullible public’s heartstrings.

And when you add the totals up, despite Whelan still working and getting “Government help – regardless of that help apparently being a pittance – it quickly becomes obvious that he had pulled in over £10 Grand in fundraising money before The Chimp kindly stepped in on the pretense of ‘that’ photo.

I mean, the boxing bash pulled in over £4 Grand alone which when added to the £3661 (numerology anyone?) from the other Go-Fucking-Fund-Me page that was ongoing when Whelan announced that he was restarting fundraising, brings the total to around £7700.

And then there is the following:


And there are many many more to be seen on Whelans Facebook chronicle page… Including the Go-Fucking-Fund-Me page set up by Jessica’s Uncle which now just takes you to the Go-Fucking-Fund-Me home page.

And then… There is the other page… The fundraising page (HERE).

The page appears to have been started on the 29th of October 2015… And raised at least another £10 Grand to take ‘electrician’ Andy Whelan’s donation total based on a fraud to £20 Grand before the star prize of £100 Grand landed in his lap.



Now that page also states the reasons that people need to donate to Jessica’s family – even though they are earning more than the national average – yet at this stage doesn’t mention toys and days out… Although the toys eventually came from a trolley dash and the days out were extremely cheap:

The significant out-of-pocket costs during diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care, which can drain life-savings or incur additional borrowings, mean that, for many cancer patients fighting the disease is only half the battle.
Travel costs to hospital or parking fees, increased fuel bills (cancer patients feel the cold) and prescription costs mean a huge increase in expense, at a time when the initial sick pay may have run out. Particularly for those who are self-employed, a cancer diagnosis may carry a financial cost and may not be enough to cover day-to-day living, never mind extras.

1) Travel costs

With frequent appointments and consultations at your local hospital, you will probably find the cost of driving or using public transport begins to add up. This includes things like extra petrol, parking charges or that extra £10 on your travel card.

Fair do’s but the journey to London never materialised – despite Whelan claiming that was one of the reasons for restarting his fundraising efforts, which in reality had never actually stopped for him to restart.

And with Oswaldtwistle to Manchester only being 25 miles, which must have averaged out at no more than once a week at the very most  – for which Whelan got “government help” – there is no valid reason for fundraising because of travel costs.

2) Food and drink

Cancer treatment can drastically alter your sense of taste and you may develop a very specific set of foods or drinks that you like. Developing a taste for more expensive foods might begin to have an impact on your usual shopping bill. You might also have to eat more to counteract the effects of therapy and remain a healthy wright.

Fair enough but for most of the time Jessica wasn’t eating or couldn’t eat hence the feeding tube for which the NHS provides the meals.

Moreover, Jessica had periods in hospital where once again the NHS bear the cost of her food… Therefore, if anything the Whelan’s food bills will have been reduced… And anyway, how much food can a 4 year old eat?

Yet despite that, whelan categorically states in a Chimp article:

He said they ‘flew through’ their savings when Jessica was diagnosed and that the money raised was a ‘massive help’ in covering the likes of transport and food costs.

How did he fly through them? Apart from petrol and a fiver parking, there were no real costs… Carry on:

He told MailOnline: ‘It has been absolutely overwhelming. It is quite hard for us to comprehend what is being donated. 

Yes, and quite hard for them to pull the plug too.

‘We will now be able to buy her things to give her enjoyment during the time she has left and will also help us give her the send off she deserves.

Hmmm, the article was published 4 days before Jessica ‘died’.

‘We don’t feel comfortable about asking for money and we weren’t even going to do it until people asked us to. Source

Again, hmmm… I have seen how hard it was for Whelan to ask for donations and he certainly wasn’t shy about it.

Nevertheless, the justification check-list continued:

3) Heating bills

A common side effect from chemotherapy is damage to the small blood vessels just beneath the surface of the skin. This can lead to many people feeling cold when normally they wouldn’t be. As a result you might decide to turn up your heating, an increase that inevitably leads to a higher bill.

Cool, except for the fact that the Whelan’s were not worried about the cold when Jessica was out playing in the snow, despite the fact that a viral infection was the last thing that Jessica needed at a time when her body was least equipped to fight it off.


Moreover, they live in a mid terraced house, one of only 6 houses down that road – just sayin’ – so it wasn’t as though they were heating a 10 bedroom mansion… No real extra cost there then.

4) Clothing

In conjunction with the point above, feeling colder all the time means you might decide to buy some extra clothing. You might also find that your weight may change meaning you will have to pay for new clothes at different sizes. Also you might want to buy clothes that suit your type of therapy, i.e. clothes that allow space for a port if you are going through chemotherapy.

Again, not applicable.

5) Supportive care

Both during and after treatment, you might find you’ll need some extra help around the house. Not only that but you might find you would prefer some extra supportive care, such as psychotherapy sessions or physiotherapy, that can incur some extra costs.

Nickie Pendergrast appears (on the surface of things) not to work – in fact on her own Facebook she often writes about how lonely she is – so I’m sure that she managed to keep her house tidy herself. Neither is there any mention in the chronicles of Whelan forking out for any “supportive care“.

And everything else such a physiotherapy was taken care of by the NHS.

6) Extra medical care

Due to the side effects of your cancer treatment, you might find that you’ll be in need of some extra medical care such as prescription drugs or further NHS treatment. For example, chemotherapy can lead to the weakening of tooth enamel and therefore makes them easy to damage during treatment. As a consequence, doctors recommend that you visit your dentist to ensure you have a healthy set of teeth and gums. As we all know, visits to the dentist aren’t the cheapest things in the world.

Nice try, but children get dental work done for free, Jessica still had her baby teeth and all other medicines were provided by the NHS.

7) Telephone and internet bills

Being restricted to your home and feeling somewhat separated from your normal life might give you the impulse to use your phone or internet facilities a lot more frequently than normal.

Once again by whelan’s own admission, Jessica spent long periods in hospital – despite contradicting himself on the fact when talking about the various treatments that jessica had which meant that she was mostly at home:

Jessica spent so much time in hospital, she started making friends with the other children on the ward, and formed strong bonds with the nurses.

‘On the rare nights she’d spend at home, she’d sometimes cry as she missed the ward,’ Andy says. Source

and when she wasn’t in hospital, Whelan was back at work:


PHOTO: One of 3 or 4 posts in which Whelan says that he will have to stop working, proving that he was still earning a wage throughout the year and stating the travel costs to London as reason to start fundraising… Jessica never had treatment in London. 

Nevertheless, how much internet can a 4 year old use? Neither can I see her using the phone too much when ringing her mates… Total bollox

8) Household modifications

Dependent on the severity of your treatment, you might find it much harder to move around the home. Most people will decide to have a few modifications made to their house to make it much easier to walk up the stairs or get out of bed.

Nope, nothing in that applies to the Whelans. In fact how the fuck do you modify your stairs to make them easier to “walk up”?

9) Entertainment costs

Similar to telephone and internet bills, many patients get bored during treatment and decide to bring things with them to pass the time. Books, DVDs or music tend to be the more popular options for patients to turn to for entertainment purposes. Subscription services that allow you to watch television series and movies anywhere might be tempting to entertain you through long and arduous treatment sessions or hospital stays.

Do me a favour!

10) Skincare and appearance costs

Pale and dry skin is a common side effect from cancer treatment and, as a consequence, many patients invest in extra make-up or hand creams. For those who have lost their hair as a result of their treatment, paying for wigs or head gear can also incur extra payments. Although it might not seem like a lot on its own, it all begins to add up. Source

Nope, none of that malarkey either although I know for a fact that anyone needing a wig – be they employed or not – is entitled to a government grant, paid in the form of a voucher that covers the cost of a basic wig. A person can then add their own money to the value of the voucher (I seem to remember that the vouchers covered the cost for a wig up to £90) if they want a fancy or better quality wig.

Course, the Whelan’s were made very aware, quite early on about a charity that helps families with all that shit listed above.


Moreover, by Whelan’s own admission one of Jessica’s doctors made him and ‘his wife’ aware of the various charities available for help… Yet fleecing the public for at least £20 Grand by July 2016 still wasn’t enough for the fraudsters.

Neither are their any extra accommodation fees because I know for a fact that specialist hospitals such as Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital in London have their own accommodation for parents because Stacey was treated there for the first 12 years of her life due to her having a large growth on her face.

That fact meant that on two occasions – one a cock-up by her GP, the other after Stacey had an operation on her face – I was offered the use of one of these self contained apartments.

Moreover, in NHS hospitals not offering self contained accommodation, one parent is allowed to stay with a young child overnight for which all hospitals provide the use of kitchen facilities.

Travel costs are certainly redeemable from all hospitals for parents on low income or benefits although I am not sure that policy applies to families with above average income.

Whelan’s check list also mentions the [non existent] extra cost incurred buying wigs or cosmetic make-up and does in fact say in his chronicles:

“The nasogastric tube was something that we were all hoping to avoid, mainly because of its visual stigma”

Now, notwithstanding the fact that there are no extra costs incurred buying things to mask the side effects associated with serious illness, “visual stigma” is not going to go away through donations.

In fact returning briefly to my daughter Stacey, “visual stigma” is something that I have zero tolerance for – especially when it is a child who is the victim – and something that I know plenty about first hand.

Indeed, without wishing to go into detail, the “visual stigma” that Stacey’s facial lump attracted is the main reason that she came to be in my full custody by the time that she was 6 months old and as a consequence has only seen her mother in the following twenty years, no more than a dozen or so times.

Nevertheless, Whelan is certainly not backwards at coming forwards and continually professes a deep love for his daughter, which to me just smacks of a way to elicit more sympathy as a means of increasing donations.

I too have a great love for Stacey – although I do not feel the need to constantly tell people – and indeed up until she became a young adult I was extremely protective of her.

However, I was never once embarrassed about Stacey’s extremely prominent growth and never once did I do anything to try and disguise it – first and foremost because I believed that by doing so would lead to Stacey thinking that she was a freak and had something to be ashamed about.

And even though I was an awful lot more volatile ten or twenty years ago, I would still react the same way were I to find myself in the same position today, whereby I was more than happy to explain the situation with Stacey’s face to anyone who asked, but woe betide ANYONE who I caught gawping and whispering because I would confront them and make them look extremely small in front of anyone within earshot… And you do not need a donation to do that and even if I did not know for a fact that Whelan was a Monster-Minion, he would have lowered himself in my estimation by mentioning his worry about “social stigma”.


As an aside, the owner of “Images” later developed breast cancer which is how I know about the government grant for a wig, regardless of income.

And sadly it is also looking increasingly like Theo Powers ‘family’ is working the scam too since Jessica’s fundraising page is promoting the Chronicles of Theo, as well as them embarking on joint fundraising endeavours.


They are mighty big buckets.

And as for Jessica’s hair?


Well by September it was coming along a treat and come October, when ‘that’ extremely profitable photo was taken… Well, take a butchers at the photo below and then I will refer you to that hair growing chart and the statistics that I added earlier.


You may also have noticed that her feeding tube keeps changing sides as well as design (some are plain white, some are striped). These tubes only need changing every couple of months according to the NHS website whilst others state up to as long as a year.

For instance on the 7th of April the tube was in Jessica’s right nostril as seen below.


I will also point out that when you click on that fundraising link, you are taken to the Go-Fucking-Fund-Me homepage instead of Jessica’s fundraising page, which could of course mean that closed pages only remain viewable for a certain amount of time after the page is closed.

However, Whelan’s page that was closed on the 31st of July is still viewable when you click on the link and since Lisa didn’t do the race for life until around the 18th of June  – which the page was specifically set up for – you can only conclude that it has been removed by those who set it up… Who knows, perhaps it is a secret as to how much money was raised.

Nevertheless, two days after Jessica was pictured as having the feeding tube in her right nostril, it was now inserted through the left:


Now it’s worth noting that you do not just pull the tube out willy-nilly and then bung one back in.

The following is taken from an NHS, PDF circa 2015:

The National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) Patient Safety Alert 05 (2005) provides guidance to the NHS on checking and confirming that a nasogastric tube had been inserted into the right place, i.e. the stomach.

This followed reports to the NPSA’s National Reporting and Learning System (NRLS) of patient death as a result of feeding into the lung through misplaced nasogastric tubes. Since the Alert’s completion date (1 September 2005), the NRLS has received reports of a further 21 deaths and 79 cases of harm due to feeding into the lungs through misplaced nasogastric tubes.

The main cause was misinterpretation of x-rays, found in 45 incidents, 12 of which resulted in patient death. The focus of the new Alert supports safe x-ray interpretation (NPSA 2011). The policy reflects the NPSA guidance (2011). Source

They are precision inserted and then checked by x-ray to make sure that the tube is inserted in the correct position, yet Whelan – who seemingly chronicles every single thing about Jessica’s progress, whilst usually adding a link to some donation page or other – does not mention the changing of the tube.

Very strange… Especially since he mentions the fact that after having the feeding tube removed sometime before October 14th, Jessica then had to have it re-inserted.


Course, it could well be a case of that being an old photo that was used on the 7th of April, which in fact would appear to be the case since the following also appeared on the 7th:


But it matters not because it visually changes 5 or 6 times over the course of the year… Oh and that link in the above is another to a deleted page, no doubt in an effort to hide the money.


Now before anyone ventures that the photo of Jessica and her brother on the horse could be flipped, thus the nose tube is in her left nostril… Don’t bother because the photo isn’t flipped.


Mind you, sometimes Whelan was happy to let Jessica have the tube flapping about.


Whilst other times she wouldn’t have it in at all.


Yet Whelan makes a big thing about having to have the tube back in on the 14th of October despite it being impossible that that was the first time that Jessica had the tube reinserted after initially having it out… That is to say, if the photos are to be believed… So, it is therefore very strange that he didn’t mention the first time that she had the reinsertion set back, don’t cha think?

And in regard to that hair loss on the 28th of October 2015 at the very latest, it is worth noting that: Jessica wasn’t diagnosed until the 23rd of September 2015 at the very earliest.

If your hair is going to fall out, it usually begins within 2 to 3 weeks after treatment starts. It is usually a gradual loss rather than a sudden one. The good news is that your hair will grow back once your chemotherapy treatment has finished. Source

You will also remember that Whelan stated that:

Jessica started chemotherapy and then doctors started her on a clinical drug trial. When her hair started falling out they cut it into a bob, then shaved it all off.

Indeed, the more that you study the Chronicles of Jessica, the more evident the contradictions become… Sometimes even in the very same post.


Likewise he writes on the 4th of April that:


And he even added 5 new photos.

Yet later that very same day he wrote:


Now that is almost in fact like they had a nice morning out, got home and thought: “What shit can we dream up today”.

Indeed that makes as much sense as Jessica starting school when they know that she is dying and is due to go into hospital… But that is what they claim.


However, that is enough fucking about, so let me show you how sick these cunts really are.

That is not Jessica in that last photo. Indeed it is a photoshop. Look how long her neck is!


It has nothing to do with the angle that the photo was taken or the way Jessicas head is positioned. The head has been photoshopped onto the body wearing the school uniform. Look at the strange colouring for a start.

And neither is that the one and only example, let alone the clearest.


Now cancer does many things to the body – or to be more precise I should say the barbaric treatment given to ‘cure’ a persons cancer does many things to the body – but turning the victim into a Giraffe is not one of them.

Both of those photos are photoshopped by the way, with the picture of Jessica dressed as a plod being the most obvious. However, a closer look at Princess Jessica reveals the tell-tale white lining to either side of her neck, as well as the fact that her throat has been digitally ironed along with the added, faked diamond shaped part of her fringe.

Indeed, the blurred background designed to give the impression that the photographer is of the artistic kind is in fact a favourite trick of the Monster-Minions because it makes photoshopping so much easier.

Another obvious photoshop is the one seen below.


Firstly, notice the unnatural shape of her head. It then becomes obvious that her ear came from somewhere else and does in fact look man-made.

Furthermore, her neck is too narrow to support her head and if you look closely you can see the join line which travels from the angle made between her shoulder in an upward, diagonal line to the underside of her bottom jaw.

And in the event, her ‘pose’ in the photo is impossible to achieve naturally.

You then need to look at the scar on her neck at collarbone level on your left side of the photo. Quite clearly there has been an effort to hide a Hickman tube leading away from the scar. Jessica has no such scar in the “agony” photo and it is too well healed up for the date which the photo was taken (just over 3 weeks after starting treatment), when you consider that those incisions require stitches.

Neither does the under-the-skin tube relate to the tubes for the Hickman lines exterior tubes (the two tubes on her chest covered with plaster in the photo – also see photo below), which quite amazingly never left so much as a mark on her body when the line was removed, which I pointed out to you earlier when writing about the faked ‘agony’ photo.

Indeed, if you Google ‘Hickman Lines‘ you will not find one taped up to high heaven like Jessicas.


PHOTO: How a Hickman line should look.

What’s more, if you have been paying attention you will remember that I told you to keep the Hickman line in mind, which I circled in red on one of the photos further up. And when you compare that photo with the one that I pointed out the anomaly on you can see in the comparison photo below that they are in two totally different positions in the photos.


Once again, these tubes are not inserted willy-nilly and there is a lot more involved than inserting a nasogastric tube:

A Hickman line is a long, hollow tube made from silicone rubber that is inserted into one of your veins in the neck or under the collar bone. The space in the middle of the tube is called the lumen.

Sometimes the tube has two or three lumens. These lumens act like two or three separate intravenous (IV) lines. This allows different treatments to be given at the same time.

Part of the tube remains outside of the body. At the end of the tube outside the body each lumen has a special cap to which a drip line or syringe can be attached. Sometimes there is also a clamp to keep the tube closed when it is not being used.

Doctors recommend the use of a Hickman line for patients who regularly have chemotherapy, long-term antibiotics and infusions. It can remain in place for a long period of time so it can be used throughout your treatment.

How is the Hickman line inserted?

You will be taken into the IR theatre, and asked to lie on the table. The radiologist will inject some local anaesthetic into your skin on your chest and neck to numb the area. This may sting a little as it goes in and then go numb. After this you should only feel pressure not pain.

Throughout the procedure a nurse will be with you to monitor your pulse and blood pressure.

Your neck will be checked for a suitable vein using a small ultrasound machine. The area where the line is to be inserted is cleaned with an antiseptic fluid and you will be covered with a sterile drape. A small cut is made in the skin near your collarbone and the tip of the tube is threaded into a large vein. This is known as the insertion site.

The tube is then pushed under the skin from the neck to the chest to reach the exit site where a second small incision is made.

The exit site is the place where the tube comes out of your body. After the line has been put in you will have a chest x-ray using the imaging machines around you to make sure it is in the right place.

The doctor will then put stitches in the skin to hold the Hickman line in place and a waterproof dressing will be placed over the line. There is a small ‘cuff’ around the Hickman line which can be felt under the skin just above the exit site that prevents it from falling out.

The tissue under the skin grows around this cuff over a period of about three weeks and holds the line safely in place. Until this has happened you will have a stitch holding the line in place. Source

Furthermore, the ‘shadow’ supposedly cast by her nasogastric tube that you see on your right (jessicas left side of her neck) is actually a Hickman line inserted into the base of her neck, despite hers being in the alternative placement of her chest going in under her collar bone.

And to top it all, you can still see the remains of where a dressing used for someone who has had a tracheostomy – which for the benefit of the thick bastards is an operation in which a breathing tube is inserted into a persons throat – has been or where a dressing has been photoshopped out.

Here, have a butchers at what I am talking about:


And in regard to that tracheostomy that Jessica never had the following is an interesting photo:


Course, when you become aware of Storyline B, you then realise that Whelan is more than capable of convincingly photoshopping the pictures that he has taken charting “his daughters” battle with cancer.

You see, in Storyline B, Andy Whelan is indeed a professional photographer – many of whom are in fact working for the [un] intelligence services.

Indeed, at a time when all hope of saving Jessica’s life became a stark reality, Whelan diverted his attention to set himself up in business.


Although he had been a photographer since April:


And there are many, many ‘Andrew James’ photographers around the Manchester area, all supposedly independent of each other yet I can connect most of them to Whelan… For example, take a butchers at the following photo:


The ‘Wedding’ photo is taken from the extensive and rather impressive online portfolio of: Andrew James Photography.

And if you go to the “About Me” section on the same website you get this:


Therefore this particular agency cannot be Whelans although the ‘family’ dynamics are correct and indeed, had this Andrew James not had a full head of hair, the caricatures could easily get away with being the ‘Whelan’ family.

And as a point of interest I am sure that one of the fake Tunisian terror-attack victims came from the village of Yaxley.

Nevertheless, the ‘bride’ in that photo – despite the photoshopped nose – is without doubt Nicki Pendergrast.


Indeed you only need look at their front teeth to see that they are the same person but if you also look closely at both of their hair you quickly realise that both styles are photoshopped… And finally, The fact that Nicki is wearing false bottom lashes makes her eyes look different to the Brides.

I will also once again remind you that as a photographer, photoshopping will be second nature to Whelan.

However, the brides nose is in keeping with that of Naomi Stanley whose four year old daughter, Anya was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in 2011.


For a “rare” cancer, Neuroblastoma cases appear quite common place in the Manchester area. Nevertheless, let’s have a look at the bride next to Naomi Stanley.


It could be just one of those coincidences that seem ever present in the stories that I write about, I suppose.

And Anya Bentham also got plenty of coverage in the MSM, including the following a year after she was given the all clear although her parents were still seeking ‘crowd funding’, which the Daily Mirror obligingly published the links for:

The parents of a four-year-old who successfully beat cancer have commended Coronation Street scriptwriters for increasing awareness of the aggressive disease.

Naomi Stanley and Graeme Bentham’s daughter Anya, now four, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma when she was 19 months old in October 2011.

The disease, which develops from nerve cells and affects one in 100 UK children each year, will be highlighted on an upcoming episode of Coronation Street where Fiz Brown learns her five year-old daughter Hope is diagnosed with neuroblastoma… 

Anya’s battle with cancer was followed by thousands, after a Facebook page was set up to raise funds for Anya’s treatment.

Since Anya’s recovery, any money raised has been used to help other children with neuroblastoma and help fund research.

Anya’s parents said Coronation Street’s focus on neuroblastoma will boost funding for research of the “evil disease”.

Stanely added: “I can’t applaud Coronation Street enough. Children’s cancer is so underfundedSource

Hmmm, it is certainly interesting that so many children in the Manchester area are being struck down by this very rare form of cancer and all given maximum publicity in the MSM, leading to donations of hundreds of thousands of pounds at a time.

And then one of the most watched tv programs in the UK. the MANCHESTER based soap, Coronation Street, decides to run a storyline which sees “Fizz and Tyrone’s” daughter struck down with the same rare cancer.


PHOTO: Coronation Street’s, Fizz and Tyrone pose with Jessica and Whelan – it’s a photoshop, check out the length of Jessica’s neck. 

In fact I would guess that the unnecessary holding up of the ‘Peppa Pig’ rucksack is to hide the fact that Jessica is not really attached to a Hickman Line.

Course, to be reported in the MSM all these [identical] stories need an angle. For instance Jessica Whelan’s was that faked “agony” photograph whereas Anya’s is the fact that her parents were getting married and then had to cancel because of their daughter’s cancer.

Still, after being told that Anya was cured and having raised over £200 Grand the couple took their daughter to America for further treatment – a trial to help prevent the cancer returning… And to get married… Just sayin’.

The stories do in fact all follow the same script when it comes down to the victim’s treatment, which includes all of the usual cliches.

For instance, Anya’s dad, Graeme Bentham is quoted in the Daily Mirror as saying:

“As a father you do anything you can to protect your children. But sometimes the treatment was more awful than the disease itself. You feel so helpless.” Source

And Whelan is quoted as saying:

I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you from this evil world baby girl, I’m sorry you had to suffer the way you did. It breaks me to think about what you have had to endure for a quarter of your short life and it will be a cause of my nightmares for me for years to come.

Meantime, as a quick aside, Theo Powers step-dad is called Ian Stanley – the same surname as Anya Bethem’s mum, Naomi Stanley.


PHOTO: Ian Stanley with Theo and his mother

And if you think that is a coincidence, then pay attention because I am pretty sure that Bentham is either Theo Power’s real old man or if he isn’t Theo’s dad then the fella I am referring to is the mush who organised Theo’s Boxing fundraiser.


Moreover, the pair are played by one actor who also plays a pal of Whelan’s called Adrian Holt.


Now that fella – be he Theo’s dad or not – also appears in the following photo taken at another fundraiser for theo.

And the bird on the left looks to me to be the same bird as seen in the photo below.

Which if they are the same bird then it would be one hell of a mighty coincidence because the bird in the white coat is called Jessica Whelan.

And whilst we are talking about boxing trainers take a butchers at the photo below.


The fella pointing at Jessica is called Baz Higginson who is allegedly a former boxer and owns the gym that staged the fundraising boxing night for her.

He also turned up in a professional photo taken by another Andrew James photographers – albeit he wasn’t named.


But it is him… At a Bar mitzvah too believe it or not. In fact this particular Andrew James specialises in them apparently.

Moreover, the fella could possibly be a mush called Matt Brown who added me as a friend on Facebook.

Then again, they could just be doppelwhatsits.

And of course what happens over here also happens in America, Canada and Australia.

For instance, America has ANYA Martinez:

Anya Martinez is taking the next step in her cancer treatment this week.

The seven-year-old from Ancaster is expected to begin a new cell therapy trial at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Md.

Ancaster – Lancaster? … Bethesda – Bentham? … Probably not… Carry on:

She will be put through a series of tests over the next couple of weeks to begin what her family calls “phase 2” in her health plan.

The plan is to collect her T-cells, modify them into “fighter cells” and put them back into her body.

On the Facebook page Saving Little Anya, her father offered an update and thanked the community for their support and encouragement.

“Our tough daughter has been living a life of hospitals, being hooked up to machines, drugs upon drugs, radiation, chemo surgeries, trials, spinal taps, more transfusions than we can count, bone marrow transplants and much more … and still every single day she remembers to give me a kiss, smile, tell me a joke and let me know how much she wants to open up a restaurant or a store,” her father wrote.

Anya is expected to be in Maryland for two to three months.

Her case first came to the public’s attention last year when her family struggled to get OHIP to cover the costs of her life-saving treatment in Philadelphia. Source


And Canada has Christopher Poynter blogging about his fight with cancer.


And no I am not saying that Poynter is Whelan… I am just Poynter-ing out the coincidental similarity between the two… Although why Whelan needed to have his chin extended outwards is anyone’s guess.

Neither am I saying that Poynter is the English film-maker, Lee Woodcock.

But when you look at the ear and nose you wouldn’t bet against it.

Moreover, I will remind you of what I said earlier about Jessica’s Hickman Line and then draw your attention to the stitched up area on Poynters neck – yet we are supposed to believe that in 3 weeks of having her Hickman line inserted, Jessicas neck connection was all healed up?


And that photo is taken before Jessica had even started to lose her hair so her Hickman Line cannot have been more than two weeks old… Doesn’t add up does it?

Nevertheless, since I am not a Monkey-Writer, I feel sure that the septics will require more proof that these Andrew James photographic agencies are linked to Whelan, so take a look at this next batch.

Not convinced?

Of course you aren’t, so have a butchers at the following Andrew James wedding photo.


This Andrew James wedding photograph by the first Andrew James (the bride in the VW camper van) is interesting because of the people involved.

Take a butchers below.


In the top left hand corner, casting a spell is the Shoreham ‘victim’, Jacob Schilt.

And then there is the Whelan family friend, Louise Biggins and the groom – unless I am very much mistaken – is a fella called Andy Barnard.

Barnard is the father of a little girl called Poppy-Mai who died of cancer on May 6th 2016.

The Whelans and the Barnards are well acquainted with each other.


And as you can see from the above screenshot, there is an online Journal of Poppy-Mai’s fight against cancer

Moreover and rather predictably, Poppy-Mai’s family have raised well inexcess of £100,000 in public donations with which they hope to build a retreat for children with cancer… Although that was not the angle that got them nationwide attention via the MSM:

The funeral has taken place for Poppy-Mai Barnard – a little girl who captured the nation’s hearts by ‘marrying’ her father after she was given just two days to live.

Her dad Andy paid emotional tribute as the 1,000 people turned out to pay their respects to his “princess” this morning.

The 31-year-old said: “We wanted to give her a day fit for a princess. Her mother and I planned every single detail knowing it would be the last thing we ever did for her.”

“It’s breaks our hearts that she has gone. But we are thankful that her suffering has ended. We know she is at peace and she will always be with us,” reports the Mail.

A poem written by Andy for Poppi-Mai, called The Warrior Princess, was read out to mourners at the ceremony.

The devastated father earlier posted an emotional message asking for a “team of heart surgeons to mend my broken heart” after the his daughter died.

Mr Barnard posted on Facebook that the family are “so lost” without the one-year-old, who grabbed the world’s attention when she came second to Boaty McBoatface in contest for the naming of a new polar research vessel. Source

I do struggle with all these amazingly bright children under 5 years old.

If I asked Clayton – my three & a half year old Grandson – to think of a name for a boat – he wouldn’t have a scooby doo what I was on about and even if he did he would come up with something like: “Mr Tumbles Spotty Bag”.

Nevertheless, Poppy-Mai’s story reads like all the rest, i.e Andrew Barnard like Andrew Whelan was away from home when his wife had to break the bad news that their daughter had cancer:

Sammi’s father who was serving with his squadron in America was kept informed over the phone.

The dozey twanks mean Poppy-Mai’s father and not her Grandad.

The heartbroken mum had to break the news to her husband over the phone and bosses arranged for him to be flown back to the UK to be with his daughter who was being transferred to Addenbrooke’s in Cambridge. Source

And of course there are the usual cliches:

In a post yesterday Mr Barnard who serves with the RAF 27 squadron said: “Poppy-Mai Indi Barnard, our beautiful princess, grew her angel wings this afternoon at 13.16.

“She was in my arms with her mummy stroking her head. I miss her already. Our princess is now at peace I thought it was the right thing to let all of you special people know.”

Let you know the fact that Barnard is in the armed forces and in particular RAF 27 squadron which is mentioned numerous times in the many articles afforded to the toddler… But ignore cynical old me.

His wife Sammi, 29, later added: “Today I watched our beautiful baby grow her angel wings, as much as it hurt me to know I will never watch my baby grow, laugh, smile again, she is at peace now, no more pain and suffering.


PHOTO: The Barnards

And the following is what Whelan wrote on Facebook a few hours after Jessica died:

Now my princess has grown her angel wings and has gone up to play with her friends and loved ones. She will now watch down over her little brother and ourselves until one day we are reunited again.

There are also the women magazine stories which pay £500-£600 Pound a pop.


Now I have to say that I personally find Barnard staging his one year old daughters wedding with him as the groom a bit weird to say the least… I mean it isn’t as if Poppy-Mai would even understand what was going on.

And the icing on the cake is that Poppy-Mai had an Eddie Stobart lorry named after her – a very rare honour indeed.

Mind you, I imagine that I will be attacked for that but then again, I will be attacked for questioning these ‘heartbroken‘ parents in the first place… And that is what makes the fraud so successful.

I mean no one is going to question the integrity of grieving parents who have just lost a child to cancer… After all, to stage the event would be sick and no one is that sick in the head are they?

Yes they fucking are.

You see, the Andy James wedding photo and the Facebook post by Nicki Pendergrast are not the Whelans only connection to Poppy-Mai… Not by a long chalk.

In fact I believe that Andrew Barnard is Nicki Pendergrast’s brother Tomo – least I think Tomo is her brother – or they are very closely related.


They even have the same ear photoshopped onto them. However, whichever one of them is the actor playing both men, he is nevertheless a very busy bunny.

All the people below are either friends of the Whelans or the Barnards… Or both:

And I have at least a dozen more and you therefore have to now question if Poppy-Mai was real, especially since Sammi Barnard isn’t who she claims to be either.

I do in fact suspect at least another 3 people to be Sammi also and that isn’t including the woman in the following photo taken from the portfolio of photographer J ANDREW JAMES.

And indeed the older sister and baby brother is a recurring theme throughout many of these child cancer cases – including the Whelans and the Attwaters

Who are the Attwaters, I don’t hear you ask.

PHOTO: Tom Attwater and his family.

Tom has a story and a half which made all the nationals and predictably “This Morning” with Holly Willabooby and Phillip Schofield.


And who does TOM look like?

You just know don’t cha.

He is of course also all of the others.

And it is fair to say that Attwater’s wife is not unlike Tomo’s Mrs.

Neither are Attwater and Stephanie Jane Soloniewicz miles apart in the looks department.

Mind you, there isn’t much difference between the Attwater’s photos and the Whelans.

In fact once I started looking into whelan’s friends and family I was immediately reminded of when I wrote about the Glasgow Bin-Lorry-Crash-Bollox inasmuch as everybody led to everybody and that many times that it starts to frazzle your brain if you try to unravel who is who in periods of more than two or three hours at a time.

Moreover if you are a long term regular reader of mine you will know that I have mentioned in a few articles that I have an awful lot of ‘crisis-actors’ who have added me as a ‘friend’ on my personal Facebook over the past 3 or 4 years.

And the vast majority of them do not so much as say hello to me once I have accepted their friend requests. Neither do they comment on any Facebook posts that I write… In fact the vast majority do not even press the ‘like’ button.

Then again they are not trolls so they wouldn’t.

In fact, if anything they try to blend into the background so as they can just quietly observe whilst hoping that I won’t notice them… But I always do because I am very stringent about who I accept these days, hence as it stands at this moment in time I have 376 outstanding requests – most of which have more chance of me becoming a millionaire next week than being accepted because I can spot a fake account almost as quickly as I can spot a photoshopped snappy snap – although I won’t say how because those wishing to be anything but a Facebook friend will obviously then know how to get round the pitfalls.

Course, in theory these ‘actors’ profiles are also fake accounts but they still have to meet the threshold for acceptance and in doing so, I can glean much more valuable information from them than they will ever get from my rather boring Facebook account.

Now, the Facebook friend-lists of the Whelan & Barnard families are littered with their own ‘Sock-Puppet’ accounts and those of other crisis actors.

After all, Facebook accounts for the likes of Andy Whelan, Nicki Pendergrast, Andy Barnard, Sammi Barnard and pretty much anyone else who makes the front pages of the National Press are going to have people in five digit numbers flocking to have a look at their social media accounts such as Facebook.

And with that being the case, it is vital that they look genuine… Therefore the only way that they can achieve that is by using their own sock-puppet accounts (and they have dozens of them, all with different lives and families) and the FB accounts of those in the same line of work, to act as their Facebook Friends – interacting with each other over the course of five to six years in some cases.

Or put another way, a lot of fucking work has gone into nurturing them so as they appear to be the genuine macoy.

However, since those huge numbers suddenly flocking to have a gander at the profile of someone hitting the headlines are not doing so out of suspicion, they do not notice that the person in question has two or three hundred friends that all look the fucking same.

And of course, with that being the case, once I accept someones friend request I immediately head to their friend list – which if it is hidden ends in instant termination of our new acquaintanceship, unless of course it suits me not to do so for various other reasons.

You see, by immediately scrutinising their friend list – which always have theirs and their cronies sock puppet accounts at the top, since these will inevitably be the ‘people’ interacting with them – I can instantly tell if the person is a wrong-un or not.

Moreover, if they are a wrong-un, I then look very closely at their friends accounts with “mutual friends”, thus 9 times out of 10 revealing the identities of those crisis actors who have managed to slip the net.

Course, those who did slip the net are mostly made up of people that added me over a year and a half ago when it was a hell of a lot easier to have a friend request accepted by me, which just goes to show how long ago these news stories were planned – even the seemingly inconsequential ones like the Whelan’s story, albeit their story is linked to an altogether much more serious, not to mention insidious agenda.

You see there are three crisis-actors on my Facebook friends list who have been there well over two years but I have only found out now because of their association with the Whelan tale… However, for the benefit of those actors reading this: “Just because I haven’t exposed you does not mean that I do not know about you – it just hasn’t been the right time to expose you yet.

In fact a perfect example of those crisis actors is a woman who calls herself Emma Ibbitson and according to her profile she is an independent film-maker… Which is always handy for the scriptwriters obviously.

Now I have no idea when Ibbitson added me – she has now deleted me – but she first came to my attention when her name cropped up as a mutual friend on some of the Glasgow mobs sock puppet accounts.

Course, it just goes to show how much attention that she paid to what I write since she never said a dickie bird when I mentioned her in my article, “Behind the flag – Part 2”:

Hmm, we have 52 friends in common now, a whopping rise from the 15 we had back in January 2015. Then again, it is quite obvious by her Facebook posts that Emma really does think that she is the tits.

Anyway, it turns out that she lives in Batley, West Yorkshire where Joke-Ox MP, wasn’t murdered… Imagine that! First she is connected to the Glasgow fake victims and now it turns out that she lives in the same place that another fraud took place.

And when I wrote about Joke-Ox being a government sponsored play act, Emma posted on my Facebook for the first time… Assuring me that the old bollox was real. I also believe that she left some comments on the article that I wrote about Cox, albeit using a different name if I remember rightly, stating that she had spoken to Jelly Corbyn at a motorway service station – or somewhere like that – who was in tears etc.

Course, if you have read my follow up to the Cox bollox (found HERE), you will already know that there is no way on earth that the murder took place, yet Ibbitson posted many articles on her wall backing the old bollox… And of course, she deleted me at the same time.

Now, funny enough, EMMA Ibbitson looks very like Nicki Pendergrast’s ‘friend’, EMMA McCarthy.

What must the odds be aye? Course, I can stretch the odds even further with a story in today’s Chimp about a bird with cancer called EMMA Houston who is asking people to “Go Fuckn’ Fund Me”:

A bride-to-be has launched a heartbreaking campaign asking for donations for life-saving treatment – instead of wedding presents.

Emma Houlston, 31, from London, has since received a staggering £160,000 to fund her ‘last chance’ operation. 

She has aggressive inoperable ovarian cancer and her only hope is immunotherapy – which is not available on the NHS.

The treatment, which is expected to cost around £114,000 privately, works by getting the immune system to destroy cancerous cells. 

Her wedding day has been brought forward to ensure she gets married to fiance Matt Lees, 31. Source

That fund is now up to quarter of a million pound.

And whilst I do not think that the Emma Houston with hair in the photos accompanying the article is Emma Ibbitson, I would certainly not bet against the photos allegedly of her without hair not being her.

I’m not saying that it is, I am just pointing it out.

Now another of my Facebook friends who caught me off guard, and I must admit that I didn’t suspect as being a wrong-un at all – mainly because she is allegedly a Muslim and because I am a sucker for a pretty face – is a bird who calls herself Rani Tazz… Who lives in Blackburn – which is Whelan territory – where she told me that she bakes cakes and works as a Paralegal.

PHOTO: Rani Tazz sent me this photo of herself in the course of one of our conversations on Facebook.

Photo: Cakes allegedly made by Rani Tazz

Now what follows are segments taken from our conversations which were at times very flirty, yet at the same time – knowing what I do now – very telling in regard to where I’m heading with all this.

You can see why I haven’t got a bird by my awful chat up lines can’t you!

Nevertheless, after a few Carry-On-Film-Type-Jokes I said to her that I thought Muslim women were all virgins and didn’t have sex until they got married:

However, Rani Tazz was lying because it turns out that she has a baby – or at least she does when she is called Ariana Uzma

PHOTO: Ariana Uzma – she does that one eye photo shit.

And as far as I can tell, Ariana bakes cakes and makes jewellery which she sells at fundraisers that she appears to organise… Like the one for Poppy-Mai.

PHOTO: Ariana’s cakes

Shall we go compare?

Of course we shall.

And they are both Rosy Omar Khan.

And Farzana Patel:

Faranza is also on my Facebook friends list although I don’t recall ever speaking to her.

However, most damning of all is the fact that Rani Tazz is Louise ‘woody’ Woodhead… Woodhead – who lives in Blackburn – is a good friend of the Whelans… Betcha didn’t see that coming?

And then there is Becky Louise Graham who works for Lancashire Council and is a lot more than two-faced judging by her widely varying facial features.

Nevertheless, here are the interesting ones.

Hmmm… And then there is my Facebook friend Amanda Cooper, although fuck knows when she added me and why.

I mean there is nothing on her wall to suggest that she shares our point of view.

And she don’t half remind me of Our Sal – as in the ISIS terrapin, sally Jones, don’t cha know.

However, Amanda’s facial features also change like the wind… And she claims to be a close relative of the Whelans on Nicki Pendergrast’s side of the family… She also lives in Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, the same tiny place that the Whelan’s live.

How is that for a coincidence.

Mind you, she is only closely related to the Whelans when she is Amanda Cooper, but not when she is Debbie Shaw.

And in my opinion, Amanda Cooper is a fairly big player amongst the lower echelons of crisis actors. Or put another way, she is a big player for someone who is not a household name.

Certainly Cooper is also a bird named Leanne  who is an amateur singer in a band and also one half of a female singing duo.

Indeed, I am sure that I do not need to point out the photoshopping… Something Ms Cooper does an awful lot of.

Obviously the above comparison is not real, but it really could be what with the way some of these actors appear to look. Indeed, Cooper and many more crisis actors are huge fans of the extra tall forehead.

As does Claire Louise Miller.

Miller has a familiar looking boyfriend as it happens.

I will leave you to figure out who it is.

Nevertheless, Amanda Cooper and her daughter, Lexi are indeed seen in photos with the Whelan and Pendergrast families – the said batch of photos (seen below) being found on most Facebook profiles of the families involved.

And since the FB setting of these photos is “Public” – whereas you cannot view many other photos on a lot of their profiles – suggests to me that they have been purposely set as such for the benefit of nosey-parkers like myself, in order to reinforce their family dynamics.

A word of caution here. I know exactly who Max Spiers mother, Vanessa – with a very high forehead – is and although I made the above comparison with Nicki’s mother I am not altogether convinced that they are the same person at this moment in time.

However, I also note that Mr Pendergrast is wearing a poppy, although he appears to be the only one… Strange that he should be, when you consider that the families involved are very military orientated.

Stranger still is that all of the photos are photoshopped… Indeed you only need follow the line of the brown painted support post in the centre of the top photo to realise that fact.

Furthermore, there are photos in that batch that are a lot more blatant in the photoshopping… For instance, the one below.

I mean just look at the size of that boy at the end!

Furthermore, Danny Edwards and the other fella must be giants although Edwards is doing some kinda impossible looking ballet step with his foot whilst on the other end of the line-up, Melanie Mullen’s top half from the hips upwards must surely be disconnected from her lower half from the top of her hips downwards!

After all, how else would she get such a turn with her legs placed as they are?

I should also point out that Danny Edwards has a daughter whom Nicki Pendergrast maintains that she looks exactly like her father.

Indeed, the photo of Edwards and his daughter is clearly photoshopped (his ‘daughter’ has been added to the photo) and what surprisingly Pendergrast does not mention is how incredibly alike the two children are.

Edwards is also a mush called John Proctor.

Nevertheless, let’s carry on with the photos of that ‘family’ get-together.

And here is a ‘selfie’ supposedly taken by Amanda… Which I feel sure I do not have to point out where it has been doctored… Indeed they look more like showroom dummies than humans.

Now, Amanda Cooper’s other self, Leanne Duerden is pictured below with her ‘dad’ whose name is Ray.

And as coincidence would have it, Ray Duerden looks very much like Nicki Pendergrast’s old man.

No doubt just another coincidence.

However, returning to the many photographers agencies with the same name as Whelans and you have to query why – with so many photo agency’s called ‘Andrew James’ – he didn’t call his Agency, ‘Andrew Whelan‘?

Yet it must have been Whelan who told the Chimp that he was an electrician… But why?

Indeed, on the 12th of August 2016 he gave an interview to the Lancashire Telegraph – a very, very dodgy newspaper, run by some very dubious people:

Mr Whelan, who has been forced to take a break from his job as an electrician for a second time to look after his daughter, said: “Jessica has so far endured nine months of treatment, including two clinical trials.

Mr Whelan said he was hoping that the treatment will be successful enough to remove Jessica’s rickman line, a central venous catheter. If that is the case she will then be able to go swimming and there is the possibility the family will be able to go on holiday.

A fundraising page has been set up to help cover the cost of the family’s living expenses and any trips they may take Jessica on.  Source

No mention whatsoever of him working as a photographer since April 2016 at the latest.

And of course the newspaper were obliging in promoting his go-fucking-fund-me page, even making it sound as if he had only just started fundraising.

Mind you, by the time that Jessica died the same local newspaper had dropped all references to Whelan being an electrician:

Photographer Andy shared a heartbreaking picture of a pain-riddled Jessica, as part of her final struggle, to portray ‘the true face of cancer’, raising nearly £100,000 in charitable donations. Source

However, that sentence is very cleverly worded as I feel sure you can work out for yourself.

Interestingly enough that article then continues:

Jessica Whelan, who fought the disease for 18 months, shared an embrace with dad Andy, their first for some time as she had been in too much pain because of treatment.

EIGHTEEN MONTHS! Roger that, carry on:

She was being treated at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital and the family had been supported by the children’s hospice, Derian House.

He thanked everyone who had supported the family in the 18 months since Jessica was diagnosed, including the Blackburn community nursing team and Macmillan Cancer Care.

Her parents have also agreed that Jessica will donate her organs and tissue for medical research.

So much for needing donations to help with Jessicas “extra care” then.

Likewise, Whelan’s other Facebook account makes no mention of photography whatsoever in his employment details…


Mind you, neither does his Mrs nor his daughter get a mention although for some reason the baby does.


It is also strange that although Whelan tags his Mrs, Nicki Pendergrast in many of his Facebook posts and vice-versa, Whelan never comments on Pendergrast’s posts and she rarely does on his, even when – especially applicable in Pendergrast’s case – the posts are lovey-dovey old bollox, specifically written for them.

Yet when I jacked my building firm in to become a tattoo artist I didn’t claim to be a builder for the first year. It certainly doesn’t make sense although with Whelan apparently being skint you can only conclude that he set himself up in business 2 months before Jessica died using the money donated for his daughter… Or is that an unfair assessment?

Furthermore, Story-line B includes a different version of how Jessica came to be diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma.

Andy, 30, is a strong, muscular man; the parent Jessica clings to for physical comfort; for protection. It is he who tells his daughter’s story because Nicki, 28, cannot trust herself not to break down and they know they must not crumble. They must stay strong for Jessica and their 21-month-old son, James.

Why? Does Nicki only tell stories about little girls dying or something?

So it is Andy who tells how their happy family life fractured when, in July 2015, Jessica fell, hurting her shoulder.

And that is a new twist! I mean at the start of the series of articles Jessica was getting unexplained pain thus the doctors diagnosed a bone infection. If she fell and hurt her shoulder they would just x-ray it and send her home.

‘She banged her arm and she was very upset,’ he says. ‘In fact she seemed unduly so.’ Nicky took her to their GP who referred her to Blackburn Hospital for an X-ray. 

There ya go… Arm, shoulder, same difference I suppose… Sort of.

Then came the first intimation of the horror that would unfold. Andy, an electrician, was working away in Birmingham when Nicki rang him with awful news.

‘She said, “The radiographer believes she could have cancer” and I just remember telling my boss, “I have to go” and I shot up to be with them.’

How did the radiographer tell that from a bone xray? In fact a radiographer would have told her fuck all except to await the results from her doctor.

Within 72 hours, however, their worst fears were allayed. A specialist diagnosed an infection and inflammation of the bone and prescribed antibiotics. Jessica spent two weeks in hospital then was discharged.

HUH! What happened to the 10 weeks?

‘We were ecstatic because she seemed well and we could resume our normal lives,’ recalls Andy.

But ten days on, her shoulder was swollen again and once more she was admitted to hospital. Andy took time off work to stay with her. More courses of different antibiotics followed.

And though the doctors were telling us it definitely wasn’t cancer, she had an agonising pain in her tummy and at night-time she would wake up screaming,’ he recalls.

Yeah well Whelans ability to recall ain’t all that so I wouldn’t put to much store by what he tells you.

‘So she went for an ultrasound scan, which showed a growth around her liver and kidneys. They tried to calm us. They said: “It might not be sinister. It could be a cyst.”

‘But she needed an MRI scan to find out. She was sedated for it, then there was this awful 16 hours while we waited. Then the doctor came into the room and closed the door, and as soon as I saw his face I knew it was bad news.

‘That was when he told us it was cancer, neuroblastoma, and I didn’t know what it was. I felt sick. My head was pounding. They said they’d wait until Jessica came round, then they’d take her to the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.’

It was at 8pm on September 21, 2015 when Andy and Nicki walked into the children’s cancer ward at the hospital and saw the future that lay ahead for their beloved daughter: the children who’d lost their hair through chemotherapy, the brave smiles, the parents’ cheerful camaraderie masking an awful shared desperation.

‘And in the days that followed I couldn’t eat or sleep. I was on a frantic Googling mission finding out about neuroblastoma. We had to know what we were facing.

‘Of course we couldn’t tell Jessica. A child of four should not know about cancer. She just knew she was poorly.

‘Then we asked the oncologist what the prognosis was, and he said little over 50 per cent survive longer than five years. It ripped us to pieces.

‘But we had to try to be positive. We told ourselves she would be one of those who got through it. But I fell into a massive depression. For the next couple of months I slept only for two or three hours a night. I was asking: “Why, why, why?”

So, he was driving back and forth to Manchester on 2 hours a night sleep… Bit reckless wasn’t it? He could have run a child over or crashed into a car full of children.

‘Within two days of the diagnosis Jessica had begun a course of chemotherapy at Manchester. When we look back at photos of her then, we can see she was close to death. She lay in her hospital bed staring blankly into space. It almost broke Nicki to see her like that.’

The photos tell a different story, but carry on anyway.

In the fraught weeks that followed, grandparents rallied to help Nicki care for their baby son James. Andy stayed at Jessica’s bedside and an extraordinary bond formed between father and daughter.

As did  all of the other childhood cancer stories given mass publicity.

‘She seemed to have trust in me,’ he says. ‘I’m strong enough to lift her gently without hurting her, and if I left her she’d cry for me. So I slept in a little bed next to her and she wanted me, not the nurses, to take her temperature and blood pressure.

‘At night, I woke every two hours to give her medications and feeds and to do her observations because that is what she wanted.

Because nurses on hospital wards would really risk someone doing their job for them!

‘It was mentally and physically exhausting, but we began to see a turnaround. At Manchester she had the right pain relief and proper medicines, and psychologically she turned a corner. She trusted the doctors and nurses. Source

But not enough to let them give her medication or take her blood pressure or even her temperature… Roger that.

Course, when Andy’s van was broken into and all his tools nicked he could have come clean and told his many followers that he had given up electricing and was now a professional photographer – although he was askng for funds because he wasn’t able to work what with Jessica being ill and her mother unable to speak to her incase doing so set her off.

“As if I don’t have enough to deal with”... Such as fundraising in excess of £100,000, his job as an electrician, his job as a photographer, preparing to leave the photography agency to set up on his own, and singlehandedly looking after his daughter… Roger that.

Neither am I sure how the thieves managed to nick all of his power tools through that little hole, but there ya go… A real case of “oh that poor man, lets send him some more money”.

However, the fact that on Andrew Whelan’s photography Facebook page he has Ross Parry on his friends list would have been enough to convince me that Whelan is a wrong-un.

Indeed, if the Ross Parry photo agency isn’t a front for the security services then I have an 18 inch knob!

I will also tell you something else for nothing too… Jessica whelan ain’t no 4 year old that is for certain.

I mean, look at the length of her:

Just look at the length of her!

Personally I think that Andy is getting his daughter mixed up with his wife’s friend, Kirsty Saunders who died of cancer.

Notice the scar/surgical incision on the side of Kirsty’s lower neck and then the other scar on her upper chest from where her Hickman line was inserted and then think back to what I said earlier about the following photo.

Now do you see how the photo of Kirsty could have been manipulated in order to create ‘Jessica’?

Nevertheless, the real proof of a fraud conspiracy is evidenced by Whelan’s tattoos.

You see, when Jessica allegedly died Whelan posted the following photo:

Now, obviously – although not stated – the implication is that the baby is Jessica, which in turn suggests that the tattoo must have been done more or less a few days after her birth on the 19th of January 2012.

And indeed I also found the following photo on one of Whelan’s Facebook profiles posted 9 days after Jessicas alleged birth.

Therefore, on the face of things, everything would appear to be above board… But then again, nothing is ever as it appears when the Monster-Minions are out to play.

You see, on the 5th of July 2016, Whelan posted a video on Jessica’s fundraising Facebook page showing recent footage of him and Jessica play-fighting, along with the following message:

Getting that fighting spirit back this afternoon! She has been dancing away and punching daddy!!! Love to hear that laugh.

And straight away I was immediately struck by the thought that Whelan is a copper.

Notice the fact that Whelan & Jessica are both out of focus to their surroundings despite the fairly high quality of the film.

Nevertheless, what has that got to do with Whelan’s tattoo I don’t hear you ask? … To which I would answer – had you asked of course – that when you watch the video frame by frame, the “Jessica” tattoo is not really there.

And how did Jessica get so much hair in such a short time?

Nevertheless, best not leave any room for doubt whatsoever given the sensitive nature of this article.

Therefore take a butchers at this next batch of photos.

However, what is strange is that when you look at that tattoo in the last photo, the fancy starting letter looks exactly like the ‘J’ of his Jessica tatto yet that would be impossible because even if the photo was flipped the ‘J’ would still start at the wrist end of his arm and not the elbow.

Nevertheless, the two ‘J’s are not identical and as I say, they start at opposite ends of the arm anyway. And after spending nearly 20 years as a tattoo artist and putting countless names in ‘Old English’ font on people, I can tell you without shadow of doubt that the name in the B&W photo is not ‘James’ either – ‘James’ being Jessica’s younger brother.

So tell me? Is Whelan a man of honour? A caring, loving father? Or a con-man?

Want more?

Of course you do.

So now there can be no doubt that a crime has been committed

Yet there is no point in contacting the police about these frauds, because I strongly suspect that it is the police who are behind them.

I mean there is no denying that the Lancashire Police force have been very supportive of Jessica what with at least two day trips to two different police stations where the Whelans were given full guided tours… And that isn’t to mention the boxing fund raiser that they put on where they were competing against the army.

Moreover, the plod were out in force on the day of Jessica’s funeral with the Herse being escorted by two mounted police officers… The same officers who showed Jessica, Whelan & Pendergrast around the police forces stables… I wonder if those were the day trips that Whelan needed donations to finance?

But all the same, I suppose that it could be argued that the large police presence at Jessica’s funeral – because there were a lot more plod in attendance than the two on horseback – could have been necessary to keep an eye on the hundreds of people allegedly lining the route, although I don’t know why since there was hardly likely to be any bother.

The following is taken from The Sun newspaper:

HUNDREDS have paid tribute to a tragic four-year-old whose dad shared a heartbreaking picture of her writhing in agony to show the true face of cancer.

Jessica Whelan, who had been suffering from stage four neuroblastoma, died last Sunday after losing her battle with the disease.

Her grief-stricken dad Anthony posted a harrowing photo of the youngster in pain in a bid to portray the “darkness that is childhood cancer”.

“ANTHONY”? … Roger that:

The powerful photo reached more than half a million people in 24 hours.

Around 400 mourners lined the streets of Oswaldtwistle in Lancashire to say their goodbyes to the brave four-year-old.

Four hundred mourners? Where!

Four hundred? Really?

A procession of police horses made its way through the village as balloons were let off in memory of little Jessica.

Now, not wanting to sound heartless, but who was paying for the procession of police officers on horseback, not to mention the plod on foot?

Jessica’s father Andy said: “It was overwhelming to see that amount of people in the church. The amount of support people have shown makes me very emotional, I just had to look down through my tears.

Hmmm, I’ll just bet he fucking did.

Jessica’s devastated school pals at St Mary’s RC Primary School made angel keyrings to hand out to mourners.

Jessica didn’t go to school for more than a couple of days!

However, the following screenshots that I took are interesting.

So if the keyrings were made in October to hand out at her funeral in late November, it was a bit fucking morbid if you ask me.

Andy – wearing a pink tie – left the church with Jessica’s mother Nicki Prendergast, behind a tiny pink coffin with a handwritten message from Jessica’s grandparents reading: “Your heart was ready but ours were not, sleep well Princess, love always”.

TINY! Have you seen the size of it?

But hold up!

I’m sure that I have seen that coffin before.

Hmmm, let me think… Now I know it wasn’t Poppy Mai’s… Got it. It was Ava Jai’s:

A baby girl who was given a life saving bone marrow transplant seven months ago has died.

Fifteen-month-old Ava-Jai McInerney, from Oswaldtwistle, passed away on October 10.

The tot was rushed to hospital in November last year with suspected meningitis, but it wasn’t until she was transferred to the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital that her family were told she had been diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia, a very rare cancer in babies.

After two rounds of chemotherapy, she was given a lifeline in March when a bone marrow donor was found through the Anthony Nolan Trust.

But just seven months after her life saving surgery, Ava began to deteriorate.

Her dad Chris said: “She had her bone marrow transplant, which was a success, but her immune system didn’t recover, she was prone to viruses and infections.

“She had a stem cell top up on September 2 and that seemed to work, but we then found out that her brain had begun to deteriorate and was no longer able to breathe for herself.

“The doctors did tests and scans on her brain and they came back negative, but it was deteriorating in size.

“They told us there was nothing more they could do.”

Ava-Jai’s parents Chris and Janine, along with her twin brother William and older brother Brandon, brought her home to Apple Tree Way from the hospital last Thursday. Chris said: “The hospital asked us what we wanted to do.

“We wanted to bring her home to die with us instead of in hospital, she passed away at four o’clock on Friday morning.”

Chris said the family don’t know exactly how their baby girl died, but are awaiting the results of a post mortem examination which they hope will give them answers. Source

Now my Grandad Spivey was a big fella, having been a pig farmer and then a lorry driver before the invention of power steering.

However, he had Parkinson’s disease for as long as I can remember and he rarely moved out of his chair. That fact meant that his muscle had turned to fat and his feet and ankles were massive.

Moreover, he was the first dead person that I ever saw close up – I was about 18 years old at the time – yet when I saw him laying in his coffin I truly thought that someone was taking the piss.

You see, the coffin appeared tiny, especially at the feet end where it had tapered to a space that hardly seemed big enough for one of his feet let alone both of them.

And with his head looking more like a wax work dummy, well I was bemused to say the least.

I mean what with the silk cover attached to either side of the coffin coming right up to almost under his chin I was just about convinced that at best, the funeral directors had cut his head off and disposed of his body elsewhere.

True story that.

Yet Jessica and Ava Jai have coffins almost big enough to have a built in playground… Very strange.

Let’s investigate further.

Now with both families coming from that tiny place called Oswaldtwistle, it was inevitable I suppose that the families knew each other… Enough in fact for Ava-Jai’s aunt (I think), Antonia Greaves (appropriate surname) to comment on Nicki Pendergrast’s Facebook.

However, I can’t find the example that I had and can’t be arsed to look through Pendergrast’s FB again because it isn’t really that important.

So, instead have the following because it made me chuckle the way Greaves leaves a long sad comment and then pops up again a little while later with another comment which suggests that she has done grieving.

Lisa Rachael Thompson is also a Whelan family friend.

Kinda coincidental name Ava Jai has though.

And of course Ava Jai needed the obligatory Go-Fuckng-Fund-Me page, although to be fair Ava didn’t receive the national press coverage that inevitably leads to a goldmine.

However, Antonia Greaves is also Jenna Guidette Staffa.

And Kelly Wilson

And Natalie Hoyle.

And Nicola Riding.

And Lisa Rachael Thompson who also commented along with Greaves on the above screenshot of Ava Jai.

Now all of the above are connected to these frauds and most of them will be mentioned time and again as this article continues.

Okay back to the funerals and in June 2016, 4 year old AVA Henderson from Newcastle was buried following her death after being hit by a car:

Hundreds have gathered for the Frozen-themed funeral of a tragic youngster who died after being hit by a car.

Tearful family and friends released pink balloons as they paid their respects to little Ava Henderson , who died in Jarrow, Tyne and Wear, two weeks ago.

Chronicle Live said four-year-old Ava’s coffin, decorated with characters from the Disney film Frozen, was carried by a white horse-drawn carriage from her home on Scotch Estate before making its way along John Reid Road to South Shields crematorium. Source

Now this was a very weird funeral which for some reason attracted the national press.

And you will see what I mean by weird when you have looked at the following screenshots taken from a video found in the above Daily Mirror report.

And I don’t know about you, but I find that very strange… Hence I mentioned it.

Moreover, funeral cars usually match, yet 3 more mismatched hearse’s you could never expect to see.

Nevertheless, I believe that Ava Jai’s horse and carriage came from Bertie Karen Bassett, based in Nottinghamshire.

Karen has an awful lot of that type of thing and it is impossible that she does not know the Royal family since she is a former Olympic competitor and a whole lot more to boot – see HERE

PHOTO: Karen Bassett in action. She also competes at Windsor in what we know to be Prince Philip of Duck’s favourite sport.

Now take a look at these photos.

Hmmm… Made even more “Hmmm” when you learn about Karen’s sister Pippa Middleton Pig Bassett:

Pippa Bassett (49) lives in the village of Newdigate in Surrey. She is a harness maker and saddler, but spends a lot of her time training. She is particularly gifted at encouraging young drivers and won a coveted award of recognition from Brockham Harness Club in 2011 for her work in this area.

She has been a successful Pony Team driver and has been competing on the continent since the early eighties.  She won a Bronze medal with her sister Karen and George Bowman in the British Team in 1994.

She was National Four-in-Hand Champion in 2007 and has competed at Royal Windsor as well as other international competitions.

She drives a team of Lipizzaner horses –  Favory XXVII, Kiraly NEAPOL X 25 6814, Neapolitano Nador, Vandor and Ziggy

Her grooms include her partner Matthew Harveson, Marilyn Clarke and over from New Zealand for experience this year is marketing editor Samantha Van De Sande. Source

PHOTO: Pippa Bassett

And who does Pippa greatly resemble?

You just knew didn’t you.

Okay, let’s get back to that Chimp article:

She was diagnosed with cancer in July 2015 when she went for a scan after falling and hurting her shoulder.

July 2015! A bit like the Lancashire Telegraph’s 18 month timeline then… Carry on:

Andy said: “Jessica’s mum sang ‘You Are My Sunshine’ to her every night at the end.

Presumably that would be the same mother who couldn’t bring herself to read Jessica a bedtime story?

“We’ll never get over losing her but if, in her short lifetime, she’s managed to inspire people to do more research into childhood cancers and if her organs help someone, that gives us a little comfort.”

Hmmm, we all know what happens to these “organs” when the Monsters are involved don’t we!

Jessica’s organs and tissues will be donated to the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital  Source

See how they dwell on the organs angle – as they do in nearly all of these kind of reports.

Nevertheless, just because the two mounted police were the same two that Jessica met on her cheap day out at a police station and the Lancashire plod were pro-active in fundraising for her as well as being out in force for her funeral, doesn’t mean that the police are behind these abominable scams.

But they are.

However, apart from the feeling that I got in regard to Whelan being a copper whilst watching that video of him and Jessica play fighting, there is in reality very little evidence to suggest that he is Bacon Bugger.

I mean there is the following photo:

But it is far from conclusive although FOUR YEAR OLD Jessica appears to be remarkably comfortable to say that her parents are nowhere in sight.

Nevertheless, you just know that if all I had to go on was a photo of a copper looking away from a camera and a gut feeling that the main player was a plod-thug then I wouldn’t even waste my time documenting them.

Indeed, Blondie, in the above photo – although not stated anywhere – is a bird called Hayley Hodgson… A friend of the whelans.

Hodgson states on her Facebook profile that she works for a company called Aircelle.

PHOTO: Hayley Hodgson and her husband ANDREW

And that is despite the fact that the copper – or play plod since she is only a PSCO – is wearing them teeth that fit over their own… A must have accessory for all actors.

Nevertheless, I find it very coincidental that her husband ANDREW – who also apparently works for Aircelle – looks so much like one of those who masquerades as ANDREW Whelan.

And there are many other contenders for the same actress posing under a different name on the friends lists of the main players involved in these frauds.

And there are many more contenders I can assure you of that… Not that I am saying that any of the above are 100 % the copper with Jessica.

However, they are too close looking for comfort in my book.

Moreover, the plod-bird who was also showing Jessica about with the PSCO warrants a closer look.

You see, I think that she is Jessica’s mother, Nicki Pendergrast which again would explain why Jessica is so at ease… Albeit her neck must grow a couple of inches when she is relaxed.

However, I first best remind you of the kind of photoshopping in play to alter a person’s appearance since some of you are unable to see beyond it and indeed are adamant that if two photos of two supposedly different people who are not identical in looks are flagged up by me as being the same person, then I must be wrong.

Therefore take a look at this next photo:

Now, when you look at where the window-frame- bars meet the coppers face you will see that they do not touch. This is because the copper has had a lump added on to the far side of her face which as you can see is a different colour to the rest of her.

Indeed all that is right of that red line has been altered and added to… Now why would they do that?

Nevertheless, if you compared Pendergrast to the photoshopped one you would get a fairly mediocre score.

However, once I have taken the added lump off, the best that I can with the tools that I have, we are left with something like the following.

And when we then run this photo through the comparison software we get the following result.

And now we really are into the same person territory.

Therefore, best we have a butchers at some more.

So now it is looking a lot more likely that it is the old bill behind these sickening major crimes.

Course, no day trip to the pig-sty is complete without getting to sit in a police car.

However, this must have been a 3rd trip for Jessica being that she is clearly wearing light blue, velcro-do-up trainers in the first photo of the two above, whereas the other two times that she went on excursions to the cop-shops she had on a pair of blue baseball boots and a pair of pink trainers.

There ya go, pink trainers on one of the two other trips.

Course, Jessica would be used to Spaniels as she has coincidentally been around them all her life.

PHOTO: A young Jessica and Whelan with their dogs.

PHOTO: Same trip as above.

Oh, it kinda looks like both – or even all three – trips were to the same station then… Notice how Jessica looks less comfortable with this copper. Indeed, almost like she doesn’t know him as well when you look at the other photos.

You see, it is anomalies like those that play on my mind because according to Whelan, there were only two trips to the police which took place at two different nicks.

Nevertheless, we shall crack on with the fact that Selfie loving copper is a fella called Matthew Eastwood who gives his occupation as being a “house-husband”.

Now the funny thing is, although in his capacity as a copper, the selfie photo with Jessica and the guided tour of Burnley cop-shop took place in March/April of this year yet Matty has lived in spain since 2013.

Indeed, Hayley Hodgson – the blonde PSCO – even had a chat with him in 2013 asking how him and his family were settling in.

Security services anyone?

Let’s dig a little deeper.

You see, I strongly believe that Matthew is Ben Ashworth, another well publicised fella, who allegedly has Bowel Cancer… It really is something when you have to treat an alleged cancer sufferer with suspicion but this is what the Monsters have turned the world into.

Course, just like the rest of the cases that I have talked about, Ashworth had to have an angle to get into the MSM and his is that he has run 21 Marathons whilst undergoing chemotherapy.

The following is from the BBC – so there is bound to be an agenda behind the publicity:

A cancer patient from Preston, who has run 21 marathons while undergoing chemotherapy, has been told his tumours have shrunk.

In 2012, father-of-three Ben Ashworth was diagnosed with bowel cancer and told he only had months to live.

Since then he has been running to raise money for charity and combat the stigma of bowel cancer – and says the exercise is helping him get better. Source

And of course, Preston is in Lancashire.

Nevertheless, running 21 marathons is a major achievement for anyone but to run 21 marathons whilst undergoing chemotherapy is a little hard to believe.

Now to me, what dominates this photo of Ben, his wife Louise and his children is Ben’s ears… They stand out because they don’t look real… Indeed, Mr Spock would be proud of them.

So lets us have a comparison with Matt the twat:

There is no doubt that Ben has had his nose played with in the last photo and his Vulcan ear has gone transparent.

As for Matt the Twat’s wife, SAMMI? Well she is in all likelihood Shaun Keogh’s wife.

And of course, if you are paying attention you will know that Shaun Keogh is Poppy-Mai’s father, Andrew Barnard and Jessica Whelan’s uncle Tomo.

Along with many, many more personas.

Course, Copper Matty Eastwood isn’t just an English Bacon Bugger living in Spain and an excellent marathon runner to boot.

Indeed he is also the well ironed face of ANDREW JAMES Whelan Sykes

And Sykes is a very good friend of the fella seen in the photo below whose name I was unable to find out.

Not that it really matters at this stage since the fella is clearly Tomo.

I should point out that isn’t Tomo with the beer, it is Adam Halstead… Tomo by any other name.

Mind you I suppose that Andrew James Sykes mate could be the fella in the photo above if he removed his ridiculously high tower-block forehead… His name is Jack Jake Duckworth – Tomo by any other name.

And we can add Matthew Eastwoods dog “Alf” to our ever growing batch of dog photos and I may as well add MATTHEW Morris’s dog too whilst I am at it.

Now I bet that you are asking yourselves, “who the fuck is Matthew Morris”?

To which I would answer: He’s Tomo of course.

Morris has a very surreal face doesn’t he?

Matthew Eastwood also turns up in the Facebook photos of a bird called Naomi Bradshaw – Matt the pratt is still un-named of course.

No visible badge number either and why did he feel the need to pick such a big girl up? I mean she is hardly likely to have asked him to pick her up for the photo… Very peculiar.

Still, Naomi Bradshaw is a friend of Amanda Coopers – my *aherm, aherm, friend on Facebook.

And as for the other copper, the one Jessica distanced herself from, well there is a good chance that he is Graham Bentham – Anya’s old man.

You remember Anya don’t you… The little girl whose fight against the incredibly rare neuroblastoma cancer raised hundreds of thousands of pounds… Rare that is except in Lancashire apparently.

Except like in the cases of Jessica Whelan, Theo Power, Kelli Attwater and Poppy-Mai Barnard – Anya Benthem’s case was also a sick fraud.

Moreover, if the newspapers consider Jessica’s coffin to be “tiny”, what would they describe Poppy-Mai Barnard’s as being?

A picnic hamper perhaps?

Stop booing for fucks sake, it isn’t a real funeral taking place in the photo, although you are witnessing a fraud worth over half a million pounds.

I mean, for a start it is a Photoshop – you only need look at the size of Poppy-Mai’s grinning ‘brother’, compared to the size of his Mother, ‘Sammi‘  to realise that fact.

Furthermore, why would Baz Higginson – the alleged owner of the gym that staged the Jessica Whelan boxing fundraiser – be carrying Poppy-Mai’s coffin if it was real.

Course, Higginson is in all probability a copper too… In fact I would hazard a guess at him being the copper seen in the photographs higher up in this article, leading Jessica on horseback on her day out at the cop-shop and himself on horseback leading her funeral procession.

Naughty, naughty, naughty.

And then there is the copper in a photograph below with the Tommo clone, Dom McKenna.

As well as all the other usual suspects obviously… Adam Halstead for example.

But can ya tell who the copper is yet? … Of course you can’t, that is what I’m here for.

Course with such a pointed nose she is probably the Wicked Witch of the North.

But then again, she is also very photoshopped.

For instance compare her two eyes. And the end of her nose… Her chin? Not to mention the back of her head above her ear… Now why would they do that?

Nevertheless, let’s take a look at some possibilities.

You also need to bear in mind that I will shortly be revealing a lot more about Pendergrast a bit further down this page.

Now taking a pit stop here to clarify a few things. You see, what you have to understand is that these are just made up people with a Facebook Profile and each individual’s photos of themselves vary greatly. Take Emma Gibson for example.

Now the first photo of Gibson is fairly good quality albeit digitally ironed whereas the second photo is appalling quality and the last time that I saw a nose like that, Concorde was still in action.

You therefore have to ask yourself why Emma would upload such a shite photo to her Facebook, especially one which exaggerates her already prominent nose.

Now the answer to that is because she doesn’t care about how she looks because Emma is only a made up person with her creator (the real ‘Emma’ or whatever her real name is) attempting to make herself look as different as possible to all the other photos of herself that she is using on her other sock puppet accounts.

And as we have seen, Emma is also Jill Grainger – amongst many others who along the way evolve into someone else.

So for instance Gibson & Grainger are Hayley Hodgson without the witches nose.

And of course Hodgson is the PSCO who showed Jessica Whelan around Burnley Police Station.

And you can therefore see where the PSCO and the Copper in question could easily have evolved from the same source or from a merging of two different sources creating a hybrid.

Now I can guarantee without even having done it that their eyes, ears and tip of their chins will line up perfectly.

Indeed, the ears are very alike.

You might also want to scroll up and remind yourselves of what Sammi Barnard and her comparisons look like against those that I have just mentioned.

Moreover, Tomo’s bird also fits the bill – no pun intended.

Which is just too much of a coincidence in my book when you compare the two photos that the two above were taken from.

Now look at the spaces between their necks.

Furthermore, Tomo and his birds photos are a bit predictable.

Same shit, different background, but note Tomo’s hand on his birds shoulder  in the first photo above and then compare it with the mystery hand on the copper’s shoulder.

Moreover, Dom McKenna’s wife is the bird who dresses up as Elsa from the Disney film, “Frozen”.

And in this photo we see ‘Elsa’ with Sammi & Poppy-Mai Barnard with McKenna’s wife inset. Indeed both Elsa and McKenna’s wife could be the mysterious copper.

However, don’t worry about that now. Instead have a butchers at the following.

And here we have Elsa with an unknown child who despite her size looks very much like a two year old Jessica Whelan.

However, the photo is obviously taken in the Barnard’s house.

And then there is the following photo of Elsa and 4 yr old Jessica Whelan who is in dead Kirsty Saunders mode.

This photo was obviously not taken at Poppy-Mai Barnards house… Or was it.

So Gord knows how that long plain wall works.

Mind you, Jessica got some mileage out of that princess dress. I mean here she is in the photo below as a two year old.

Nevertheless, if you hadn’t already worked it out, I think that it is safe to say that the Barnards are as bent as the Whelans.

In fact, here, have some more Sammi Barnards:

And far too many more to mention.

Now, looking at Sammi Barnards Facebook page it would seem that she post a lot of updates urging her followers to donate to various Go-Fucking-Fund-Me pages set up by her husband Andrew… You see, it isn’t only their Poppy-Mai Foundation – of which Andrew is CEO – for which they fundraise.

Indeed, the latest of these was to raise money for children in hospital over Christmas… Why? Will their own parents not be overcompensating for their child being in hospital over the festive (Satanic) period?

As for Andrew Barnard’s Facebook, well his profile page is dominated by adverts for Saivian, a company that he is very involved with.

Saivian appears to be a company that gives you a 20% return on shopping receipts and as soon as I Googled the name the second result down (and almost every other result after that) was for a scam-busting site which believes that Saivian is just that; a scam.

Again, just sayin’.

And given the evidence that I have already presented I do not feel it to be morally wrong to question Sammi’s baby-bump. You see, I have had 5 children – not personally obviously – and I do not remember my childrens 3 mothers having bumps like that, although you women would be able to say if the bump is genuine or not.

Indeed, to me the baby looks as if its head would be already hanging out of her Jack & Danny.

And then there is this photo taken from the site: Most funded projects crowdfunding near Clitheroe, Lancashire

Now when you look at the photos below do you see how it would be possible to manipulate them to reach a desired conclusion?

But there’s more… There is always more. You see, Naomi Stanley – Anya Bentham’s prolific fundraising mother – is also a ringer for our elusive copper.

Are Lancastrians all inter-bred and descended from Beavers or something?

Course, I don’t doubt that the more unaware of you are thinking that they aren’t the same person, but see if you feel the same by the time that I am finished.

However, I will point out that the coppers monstrous nose runs along the same line as Naomi’s cheek crease… Just sayin’.

Still, that nose of the coppers is in keeping with Nicole Riding’s – whom I have already compared with each other earlier on.

Moreover, Riding scored well with the copper on the Go-Compare site.

Riding is married to or related to Danny Riding – who is also Tommo.

And she is also Naomi Stanley.

In fact Nicola Riding is in another cancer story in the Chimp today playing Nina Cusick:

A husband who raised £100,000 to help his dying wife survive long enough to see her son open his presents on Christmas day has revealed she has died.

Earlier this month Ed Cusick, 40, launched a desperate online plea on behalf of his wife Nina, who was diagnosed with bowel cancer last year.

The couple, from Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, hoped to take part in a clinical trial in 2017 but were told she had to take life-extending drug regorafenib, which was not available on the NHS. Source

Hmmm… There is that magical £100,000 figure again.

And what did Ed Cusick want the £100 Grand for?

Well apparently he needed it for Nina’s treatment which was not available on the NHS that’s what… Which she didn’t have:

Mr Cusick, a musician, has stopped working to be at home with his wife and son for 22 months. He described his wife as a ‘wonderful’ mother and wife.

He said: ‘I love you more than words can ever describe. You have been such a beautiful and wonderful wife to me and the most incredible mother to our little boy.

‘We have been through the toughest time possible, but every second I spent with you has been the best and most precious time of my life.’

Graphic designer Mrs Cusick, was diagnosed with bowel cancer last February after she suffered excruciating shoulder and rib pain that she thought was ‘pregnancy-related’.

At one point the pain got so bad she thought she was going into labour. 

When Mrs Cusick’s cancer was diagnosed it spread to her liver and bones.

She had an emergency Caesarean to deliver her son Teddy six weeks early so she could start life-saving treatment. 

At the time the 34-year-old was told she might only have six weeks to live.

Through consulting experts, the couple learned about regorafenib, a last-resort treatment for bowel cancer that has spread to other parts of the body.

The drug costs the NHS around £1,000 a week to provide and has been removed from the health service’s approved list of treatments. 

Mr Cusick immediately launched an online appeal to save his wife. 

At the time he said: ‘I know it’s harder for people to donate close to Christmas coming as money is tight. But the only thing I want is to give my wife another chance to be here with me and our son.

‘So for the sake of my beautiful Nina’s Christmas wish, and also for the future memories and the experience of our little boy Teddy. I am having to plead again for help in anyway you possibly can.

‘I’m sorry to have to beg but I simply can’t ever give up as I love her and our son Ted so much. She is our all.’

Course, none of that makes any sense since the reports states that she was diagnosed last february yet she is pictured looking healthy in hospital with a Christmas t-shirt on, which means that it must be a recent photo.

Unless of course the useless amateur hacks meant February 2015 – which would make the timeline right.

However, the trials for which Nina needed the drug doesn’t take place until next year and there is certainly no mention of her being on it… Kerching.

Moreover the article quotes Ed Cusick as specifically stating:

‘So for the sake of my beautiful Nina’s Christmas wish, and also for the future memories and the experience of our little boy Teddy. I am having to plead again for help in anyway you possibly can.

The operative words being: “Plead Again“… As in not the first time that he has done it.

Yet that quote followed the Chimp stating:

The drug costs the NHS around £1,000 a week to provide and has been removed from the health service’s approved list of treatments. 

Mr Cusick immediately launched an online appeal to save his wife.

So what was he pleading for donations for before that? … Andy Whelan type living expenses I suppose – despite Cusick being a full time “Musician” (which he apparently had to give up doing for 22 months) and as such, he too should have financially been doing very nicely thank you very much.

And if the drug costs a grand a week to supply, why did he need a £100 Grand?

But like I say, Nina Cusick is Nicola Riding.

And Ed Cusick is Tom Attwater along with many others.

And of course Nicola ‘Nicki‘ Riding is Nicki Pendergrast.

In fact Pendergrast and her forever changing face is just about everybody who is anybody in these sorry sagas.

And that really is only a few of the people possibly played by Pendergrast.

Indeed Flinders wife scores particularly well against our mystery copper.

And in Tonya Collins case, she is married to Nick Collins.

Photo: Nick Collins with Andrew Whelan inset.

It also comes in Ginger.

Just thought that I would mention it.

And of course, little lad neuroblastoma victim, Theo Power also had the police championing him.

Round his home too. I wonder if they were all there on their own time?

She looks very smug doesn’t she? Nevertheless, that is all about to change.

However, let me first tell you about a couple of those plod sat with Theo.

Now the baldy one is called Peter Gill and he describes himself as a gardener at aerospace.

On his Facebook, Gill appears to be in a relationship with our old friend Gill Grainger.

Despite him being married to Victoria Thompson – under a different name of course.

No wonder he looks so fuckng happy.

He is also in all probability James O’Hare

And wouldn’t you just know it, Gill is friends with a Tomo Clone.

Now the thing is, Peter Gill tags Gill Grainger in photos as a bird called Danielle McNulty, who is basically Gill without the nose.

Gill is also a bird called Vanessa Yardley – who retains the nose.

Vanessa Yardley’s Facebook account is called “Vanessa Mick Allen Yardley”.

The Mick Allen obviously being Vanessa’s husband… Burying your hand in your husbands neck is quite a feat.

And at some point over the past four years, Vanessa Mick Allen Yardley added me as a friend on Facebook… How queer.

So, it is safe for me to say that Gill and Gill are both as honest as the day is long.

The other male copper in the Theo Power photo is Pete the “aerospace gardeners” mate but I have lost the will to live at this stage and as such I couldn’t be arsed to find out who he really is.

A charming chap all the same.

Now here is the thing. All of these frauds have been promoted in the Lancashire Telegraph before being given a wider audience in the likes of the Chimp.

And the bird doing the promoting at the Lancashire Telegraph is a journalist/news editor called Vanessa Cornall, who is as bent as a nine bob note.

Indeed it is hard to tell if Vanessa is young or old.

That is Cornall, the 2nd from left and the bird on the far end could easily be Sammi Barnard – or anyone of half a dozen or so others for that matter.

However, not only does Vanessa promote these frauds, she also makes up the other news stories that she writes – but then again, don’t all MSM ‘journalists’ do that these days?

For instance, Vanessa wrote an article about a couple wanting donations to fund a dream wedding and honeymoon before  the husband dies of cancer:

A COUPLE are urgently planning a dream wedding after the groom was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Dad of two 24-year-old Tom Cooper and his fiancee Tammy Dale have stepped up plans to get hitched after being told he had a rare form of advanced throat cancer.

The Burnley couple, who had previously put off wedding plans because of money worries, are now appealling for help in raising funds for their big day.

Because of the rare nature of his illness doctors have told Tom that they do not know how long he has left. Source

Course, Vanessa proper lays on the sympathy for Tommy Cooper and Tammy Dale… But then again she would wouldn’t she since she is Tammy Dale.

As for Tommy Cooper, well Cornall tags a bird called Laura Dugdale in her photos. Dugdale may or may not be Cornall but her fella – whose name I haven’t been able to ascertain – certainly fits the bill.

Moreover, Cornall’s fella, Peter Sims – who I will deal with shortly – commented on that photo of Dugdale and her fella referring to Dugdale as “cuz”.

And whilst you may be of the opinion that Tammy Dale is Laura Dugdale rather than Vanessa Cornall, I will stick to my guns and state that unless Dugdale is Cornall then she isn’t Dale.

Another made up story written by Cornall begins as follows:

A MOTHER is begging prison bosses to give her son the mental health support he needs before he kills himself or someone else.

Beverley Rimmer, 47, said she is so concerned for the well being of her 31-year-old son Terry Hogan while he is in jail that she is ‘living everyday in fear’ of what might happen.

Hogan, who has been diagnosed with borderline schizophrenia and triple personality disorder, was jailed in April 2007 after being given an indeterminate sentence for public protection and told he would not be eligible for parole for seven years. Source

PHOTO: Beverly Rimmer and (inset) son Terry Hogan

Now the thing is, there is no doubt that Cornall looks very much like a younger Beverley Rimmer – Rimmer being a very unfortunate surname to be saddled with these days.

Therefore, it is possible that Rimmer is a close relation to Cornall. Her mother for instance, because as you will shortly find out, Cornall does use her close relatives to play the part of others.

Nevertheless, in my opinion Rimmer is no one else than Cornall, artificially/digitally aged.

Another story of Cornall’s begins thus:

THREE people who terrorised elderly pensioners in a bid to steal cash have been banned from every nursing home and sheltered housing complex in Blackburn with Darwen.

Julie Taylor, 43, Michael McCann, 41, and Cheryl Leech, 35, were each handed a two-year anti-social behaviour order (ASBO) after actively preying on people they believed to be elderly and vulnerable.

Police said the trio pestered residents in the Audley area of the town by knocking on their doors and windows in the early hours of the morning begging for cash. Source

Now, Julie Taylor may very well be Cornall, as Taylor gets a 49% comparison score with Rimmer, despite the obvious photoshopping of Taylors nose, eyes and mouth… Indeed she looks like Skeletor.

Moreover, Michael McCann may well be Rimmer’s mental son… They got a 53% comparison score. And had I enhanced the photos – which you would have thought that the newspapers would have done as a matter of routine – I am positive that the comparison scores would have been far higher.

However, I couldn’t be arsed because it isn’t overly important, especially with the damning evidence I still have to reveal.

Okay, lets create some joinder here.

On the 3rd of March 2016, Cornall wrote a news report about Oscar Pistorius, based on the fact that the mother of the woman he allegedly murdered – Reeva Steenkamp – comes from Blackburn:

FORMER Paralympian Oscar Pistorius now faces 15 years behind bars after a court denied his application to appeal his murder conviction, South African media reports.

The double amputee, who found international fame during the 2012 Summer Olympics, was convicted of shooting dead his mode girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp – whose mum June is from Blackburn – on Valentine’s Day 2013. Source

And despite the many HD photos that Cornall could have used of June Steenkamp, for some reason she chose to use the following one:

Which I immediately recognised as Vanessa Cornall in her prematurely aged form.

Indeed, when I selected to click on the photo in my Google Image search of Cornall, I did so because of the likeness to the ‘news editor’ and not because it was of June Steenkamp – who I would not have known from Adam despite having concluded a long time ago that Pistorius murdering his bird was just another load of old fanny.

And indeed when enhanced and compared to the now enhanced photo of Julie Skeletor Taylor, the result is pretty conclusive considering that Taylor resembles someone who has their nose sliced off.

Moreover she is also a fairly good match with the now enhanced photo of Beverly Rimmer.

In fact, having studied the two photographs I will stick my neck out and say that I am willing to bet that the two photos originated from the same source photo… Which is a pretty safe bet in reality since I would stake my reputation on them both being Vanessa Cornall.

But anyway, having discovered in that Google Image search that the photo was of Steenkamp and not Cornall, along with the fact that the article in which the photo was used was written by the news editor, I set off in search of better quality photos for June Steenkamp and indeed from that point on, it didn’t take me long to discover that my hunch about the legless murderer story being bullshite was indeed spot on.

You see, for starters the higher definition photos of Steenkamp confirmed to me that the aging process had been given a digital helping hand.

Now if you can’t see the photo trickery used in the above photo, then you are never going to fully understand how these monsters operate until you can.

Mind you, I cannot find a single photo out of  the very many photos of Vanessa Cornall that I was able to access that she has not digitally ironed – hence my comment when I first mentioned her in this article where I remarked about the difficulty in ascertaining whether she is young or old.

Therefore, it is difficult to estimate exactly how much aging has been added to Vanessa’s photos to arrive at a woman seventy years of age.

Nevertheless, you only need to look at the two comparisons below between Steenkamp and Rimmer – of which I have digitally ‘ironed’ Steenkamp’s face in the second one – in order to show you what kind of a difference a digital iron makes on a persons face.

And with that in mind, take a butchers at the following:

So it is beginning to look like the Lancashire Telegraph’s news editor – or should that be news inventor –  is quite a major player.

And not only is our Vanessa raking it in by promoting these lucratives cancer frauds, she also did alright thank-you-very-much in her role as June Steenkamp, as is evidenced by the following interview that ‘Steenkamp’ gave to the Guardian.

You see, not only does Steenkamp usually charge for interviews, she had also knocked out a book about her daughter’s life before Pistorius had even been sentenced.

Oh, and also take note of what is said about murder victim, Reeva Steenkamp’s ever changing identity:

June Steenkamp is posing for photographs. She wears a denim jacket and jeans, white blouse and brown high-heeled shoes. “This was my daughter’s jacket,” she says. “I love wearing it because I feel maybe her DNA’s still on it … But I’ll have to wash it one of these days.”

Reeva Steenkamp juggled competing identities before she was shot dead by Oscar Pistorius on Valentine’s Day 2013 – one of more than 1,000 women killed by her partner in South Africa that year. There was Reeva the brunette law graduate, linguist and feminist, a devout Christian due to deliver a speech against gender violence on the day she died. Then there was Reeva the blonde model, a cover girl for lads’ mag FHM who shared Pistorius’s love of fast cars and cultivated celebrity on a reality TV show.

On Twitter she described herself as “SA Model, Cover Girl, Tropika Island of Treasure Celeb Contestant, Law Graduate, Child of God”.

Fuck me, these victims are always multi talented aren’t they?

Now June, 68, is juggling identities of her own. She is a grieving mother. Her pain is unfathomable to anyone who has not lost a child. Yet she also has a story to sell, and an interview is a transaction between willing parties. June has now done several for those willing to pay, including with Hello! magazine (she was not paid for this one). Her decision to publish a book, in which two sentences refer to her daughter’s sex life with Pistorius, has also earned opprobrium.

Beneath all this, there are glimpses of a bedrock June, a warm and humorous grandmother, laughing about her squabbling dogs, recalling her upbringing in Lancashire. She, too, is deeply religious, and it is impossible to understand either family’s handling of the tragedy outside this prism.

Pistorius, 27, a double amputee known as the “Blade Runner” because of his prosthetic limbs, has been described as one of the most famous athletes in the world, but June had never heard of him until he started dating her daughter in November 2012. Nor did she meet him before the shooting, though she says that one day Reeva, 29, called her from Pistorius’s car and said she was “scared” because he was driving at 260kph. Continue Reading

And when I said that Cornall is looking as if she is “quite a major player”, I wasn’t exaggerating – quite the opposite in fact.

You see, if Vanessa Cornall is June Steenkamp then June’s husband Barry Steenkamp (seen in the photo below with his ‘wife’ and murdered daughter, Reeva)  must be a fraud also mustn’t he?


Indeed, Barry Steenkamp is Bill Jacobs, the Local Government Reporter for the Lancashire Telegraph… A horrid, vile little man.

Now I know that many of you only see what you think you see i.e a clean shaven man with hair and a baldy bloke with a beard, thus they cannot possibly be the same fella… But try see what is really there, not what you think is there.

Its really not that hard you know.

And I will remind you that Nigel Evans (seen in the last photo of the comparison batch), the former Deputy Speaker of the House of Conmens – who is also written about in glowing terms by Vanessa Cornall – was somewhat fortunate to be found not guilty of rape in 2014:

Former deputy speaker Nigel Evans told his sex abuse trial he was being depicted as “a cross between Alan Clark, Benny Hill and Oscar Wilde”.

The Ribble Valley MP said claims he sexually abused men were “ridiculous”, but had effectively ended his ambitions of becoming House of Commons speaker.

The 56-year-old was being cross-examined by prosecution barrister Mark Heywood QC at Preston Crown Court.

Mr Evans denies rape, two indecent assaults and six sexual assaults.

He is alleged to have committed the offences between 2002 and last year.

Mr Heywood questioned Mr Evans about the alleged rape of a 22-year-old man after a dinner party at the MP’s home in Pendleton, Lancashire last March. Source

Mind you, Jacobs is classed as being a good journalist… That is to say he won an award for it.

Yet he also promotes the child cancer con:

THE fight for extra government cash to tackle childhood cancer, launched by the parents of tragic tot Poppy-Mai Barnard, was taken to Westminster last night.

Dad Andy and wife Sammi travelled to Parliament to hear MPs call for urgent government action.

The special three-hour debate in the Westminster Hall chamber was sparked by a 116,000-signature petition raised by the couple after their daughter died in March from a rare malignant tumour aged just 17 months.

It urged the NHS to raise awareness of childhood cancer and bring forward extra funding for research and care. Source

As well as making his news stories up:

THREE boys, all aged under 10, were detained by police after a ‘horrific’ attack on two poultry pens.

One of the children killed a hen after attacking it with a stick and bricks, before leaving a goose sitting on a nest of eggs terrified and covered in blood, as the others watched.

Police said the attack on Tockholes Road allotments in Darwen also saw more than a dozen ready-to-hatch eggs smashed.

The boys, understood to be aged eight and nine and below the age of criminal responsibility, broke into the garden and headed for the specially designed sheds and runs which are home to more than 20 tame birds.

Police said the children were apprehended after trying to return to the scene of their ‘carnage’ the following day and have been referred to a specialist team of child behaviour experts.

Inspectors from the RSPCA, who were called to the incident, are now to arrange animal welfare talks at nearby schools.

Keith Snoddon, who keeps the birds as pets, said: “This was a horrific attack.

“It was sheer carnage.”

Councillor Paul Browne, who represents Darwen, said: “This was a disgusting, disgraceful and horrific attack on defenceless birds.” Source

And that story is all part of of the Monster’s agenda to portray young kids as murderers – you know, the James Bulger fraud and that kind of stuff.

However, in reality Keith Snoddon is in all likelihood our busy bee actor/Tommo clone, Dom McKenna.

Mind you, you would be entitled to ask the question; if Bill Jacobs is a proper short arse…

And Barry Steenkamp is a proper tall guy…

How can they be the same bloke?

And the answer to that is: Unless June & Vanessa are about 2 foot tall with a deformed hand (check out the photo above)…

Then it is nothing more than just smoke and mirrors… Hmm, perhaps it is Barry with the deformed hand and not two foot tall June.

Mind you, it was nice of the Monsters to give Cop come Gardener, Peter Gill a nice holiday in South Africa wasn’t it?

Just sayin’.

Course, if the Steenkamp’s are fake then it follows that Oscar Pissonus must also have shot a fake Reeva Steenkamp, does it not?

Photo: Oscar & Reeva

Well of course it does.

And I would guess that the fake victim was another Lancashire lass called Caroline Lees.

Caroline, as you would expect is very photoshopped especially on her nose and mouth. However, if you enlarge the photo it is quite easy to see where since the entire bridge and tip of her conk have been added to.

In fact you only have to compare Carolines top lip to Reeva’s (in the top photo of this batch) to see how the photo has been manipulated.

Moreover, if you take a section from Reeva’s top photo that includes her top lip and nose tip and then do nothing else to that section except overlay it onto Caroline’s photo you can see how perfectly the photo-section matches in with Caroline’s features whilst at the same time, doing so allows you to gain a greater understanding of where the photoshopping has taken place.

Course, that begs the question as to why would Caroline alter her photo thus giving herself a bigger nose if not to deceive? And the answer can only be that she wouldn’t.

I further believe that Caroline is also a yoga fitness instructor called Gina Swire.

And you could I suppose, class Gina as a halfway-house between Caroline and Reeva.

Now I stumbled upon Caroline on Vanessa Cornall’s Facebook friends list (they are very good friends indeed) whilst I found Gina on that of Nigel Evans MP… I do in fact have two friends in common with Gina.

Yet it could all be coincidence I suppose.

It is also interesting that the Lancashire Telegraph is owned by Newquest:

Owned by US-based publisher Gannett, Newsquest is one of the UK’s largest publishers of local and regional newspapers with more than 300 titles.

Its major UK publishing centres include York and Glasgow and it employs more than 8,000 staff.

A relatively young company, Newsquest was born in 1995 from Reed Regional Newspapers and has since acquired long-established publisher Westminster Press. Source

So it is hardly surprising that the shit-rag publishes bollox.

However it is telling that Bill Jacobs published an article about the current Deputy Speaker, Lindsay Hoyle – found HERE

And according to Wikipedia:

Lindsay Harvey Hoyle (born 10 June 1957) is a British Labour Party politician who has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for Chorley since 1997. He is the son of Doug Hoyle, a former Labour MP for Warrington North. Source-Wikipedia.

Nevertheless, what is really interesting is the photo that Jacobs used of Hoyle.

Can ya see what i’m getting at?

If not, have a butchers at these next comparison photos:

How much of a coincidence is that!

Course, in theory Tomo is too young to be the MP who will be celebrating his sixtieth birthday next year… Not that age is a problem when you are talking about photo trickery or even the creating of an illusion in the real world.

You see, if you don’t suspect someone then they can get away with all sorts and I speak from experience because I now know some of the people that I have met over the past 4 years are in fact other people yet at the time I noticed nothing at all unusual about them.

But then again, having said that, even if  Tomo isn’t Hoyle, he could be a clone or even a near relative. I am however ruling out coincidence… Especially with Hoyle having two daughters.

You see, I say that because according to the website, Hoyles daughters are called Emma & Natalie who both look very familiar.

The following photo is of Emma Hoyle at an Amanda Krantz art exhibition.

Emma is in the white top and the other bird is apparently Emma’s sister, Bridget… Yet Emma’s sister is supposedly called Natalie.

Moreover, Amanda Krantz is an Australian based Artist although I am not sure where the exhibition in the photo is being held.

Nevertheless, Emma is the splitting image of Tomo’s bird and of course Tomo is a younger version of Lindsay Hoyle.

Moreover, Emma was at that art exhibition with the fella in the photo below.

And it doesn’t end there.

You see, the fella in the photo below was also at the Kantz Exhibition.

This is Lisa & Steve Aston apparently but if you have been paying attention you will know that he is also Leanne Duerden’s old man as well as Nicki Pendergrasts.

Course, it would appear that the Hoyle family are very artistic.

However, to explain we need to have another look at the wife of Tomo/Barnard clone, Shaun Keogh.

Or to be more exact, we need to look at the fella she is photographed with.

Now fuck knows who he is but he has the look of Satan about him if you ask me. Nevertheless, during the various searches I did on the Hoyle family, I kept coming across the following photograph of a picture painted by a Matthew Hoyle.

The painting is apparently of “John, the Russian Spy“.

Make of that what you will although I have to say that Mrs Keogh does remind me of the fabled Princess Meghan of Maple-Leaf’s estranged sister, Sam Grant.

But that would probably be as Silly as the press touting Meghan as Harry-O’s bird.

And as for Lindsay Hoyles other daughter Natalie, well a Google Image search produced the following:

And that particular Natalie Hoyle is without a doubt Laura Cougill – cousin to my Facebook Friend, Amanda Cooper who is related to the Whelans and had the cheek to wish my daughter Stacey a happy birthday on her Facebook wall… You see, somewhat sinisterly Cooper also added Stacey as a Facebook Friend sometime within the last two or three years.

Now why would she do that if not for nefarious reasons?

Indeed, as I may have mentioned earlier, fuck knows why Cooper added me at all since she clearly doesn’t hold similar views to mine.

Nevertheless, below is a comparison of Lindsay Hoyle’s [possible] daughter, Natalie Hoyle and Amanda Cooper’s ‘cousin’, Laura Cougill – as if a comparison was needed.

And she is also Nicola Riding of course – who is married to Tomo clone, Danny Riding.

Good that isn’t it?

I mean even if that isn’t Lindsay Hoyles daughter it is mighty fishy that the bird has Hoyles daughter’s name and is a double of Cougill & Riding.

Moreover, Lindsay Hoyle’s wife Catherine is also a bird called Linda Green.

And of course Linda Green is married to Carl green who is also cancer sufferer Anya Benthen’s old man.

Mind you, Lindsay Hoyle MP is no different from any other of our unidentified number of MPs… Or put another way: The actor is only interested in in what he can get out of the cash cow.

For example, on the 28th of February 2009 The Chimp ran an article about disgraced former RBS boss, Sir Fred Goodwin:

Thousands of staff facing redundancy at the Royal Bank of Scotland are entitled to a full pension at 50 – like their disgraced former boss Sir Fred ‘The Shred’ Goodwin.

And it could leave the bank facing a bill running into hundreds of millions of pounds.

Goodwin’s contract is allowing him to resist Ministers’ efforts to claw back his £693,000-a-year pension pot despite his role in the bank’s huge losses. And with mass redundancies now looming at RBS, thousands of workers could opt for early retirement.

And the article ended with a quote given by Lindsay Hoyle MP:

Senior Labour MP Lindsay Hoyle said: ‘If we find out he failed to do anything about this pension deal, people will expect him to consider his position – and quite rightly so.’  Source

Which is clearly taking the piss since the crooked MP is feigning outrage.

You see, you only need look at the screenshot below of Sir Fred Goodwin which I took from that article in order to realise what kind of Muppets these horrible bastards truly think we are.

I mean I feel sure that I do not need to tell you how alike Sir Fred and Lindsay Hoyle MP are in looks.

And like I said earlier: If our supposedly still serving soldier, Tomo – described by my FB friend Amanda Cooper as being her cousin and by the Whelan’s as Jessica’s uncle – isn’t just another made-up persona of Lindsay Hoyle, then he is a very close blood relative, despite the fact that Hoyle supposedly doesn’t have a son.

You see, there can be no doubt whatsoever that Tomo is Sir Fred Goodwin. Indeed you only need to compare their front teeth to realise that fact.

Indeed I cannot recall ever having a more undisputable comparison than Tomo & Goodwin.

And of course, Hoyle couldn’t resist taking the piss with his expenses:

Receipts show that between 2004 and 2008 Chorley MP Lindsay Hoyle made claims for £33,259 mortgage payments, £17,848 food bills and utility costs.

Nearly all the pages have some detail blanked out – with some virtually all covered.

In total, Mr Hoyle, whose main residence is in Adlington, claimed more than 81,372 for a second home in Kennington, south London.

He claimed more than 1,892 for home furnishings, including 451.50 for new light fittings, 241 for a dining service and 550 on two coffee tables. Other claims made by Mr Hoyle include a 185 vacuum cleaner in 2006/07.

Picture frames worth 68 were claimed for in 2004, and a folding table from Costco the same year for 29.36. Source

Moreover, Hoyle loves a junket or three:

More than 20 MPs broke rules on declaring hospitality in questions or debates after visiting locations such as the Maldives, Cyprus and Gibraltar.

Between them, the MPs – from all the major parties – breached parliamentary regulations on more than 400 occasions.

One former standards watchdog says it shows MPs cannot regulate themselves.

Some MPs dismissed the breaches as technical errors or oversights…

During the current Parliament, Gibraltar’s government has funded 31 trips for MPs to attend an annual street party on the territory.

Labour’s Lindsay Hoyle has been a guest at these National Day Celebrations three times. Following his visits he has asked 30 questions, tabled three early day motions and signed a further seven, all without declaring his interest.

Mr Hoyle also broke the rules by failing to declare an interest following registered trips to the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands. Source

And he was an advocate for the 11% MPs pay rise totalling an extra £7600 per annum:

MPs should be given their promised 11 per cent pay rise, the deputy Commons speaker has declared.

Labour’s Lindsay Hoyle warned party leaders against trying to block the £7,600 pay hike drawn up by the expenses watchdog.

He warned David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg that they must not dictate ‘what is good for backbenchers’ by trying to block the increase from the current level of £65,000. Source


And as well as paying his wife just short of £15 Grand a year to run his ‘office’ – or at least he was – Hoyle was again in trouble in 2013 for accepting free tickets to major events handed to him by a tobacco company:

Nine Tory MPs have accepted free tickets to the opera and the Chelsea Flower Show from a giant tobacco company.

Over the past two months alone, politicians took tickets worth almost £17,000 from Japan Tobacco International, which makes Silk Cut, Benson & Hedges, Camel and Old Holborn.

The gifts illustrate the close connections between Conservative Party elements and firms that have lobbied successfully against Government plans for cigarettes to be sold in plain packets.

Embarrassingly for the Labour Party, three of its MPs accepted tickets as well.

David Cameron has been accused of dropping the packaging proposals following lobbying from his Australian elections guru Lynton Crosby, whose firm works for global tobacco giant Philip Morris.

The Commons register of members’ interests reveals that seven Conservative MPs and one Labour MP accepted tickets for two to the Chelsea Flower Show from JTI in May.

They are Tories Nigel Adams, Oliver Colville, Edward Garnier, Mark Pritchard, Laurence Robertson, Alec Shelbrooke and Angela Watkinson; and Labour’s Lindsay Hoyle.

The MPs gave differing figures for the supposed value of the tickets, varying from £1,133 to £1,260. Mr Adams received Chelsea tickets on two successive days – May 22 and 23 – costing £1,188 and £1,050 plus VAT. Source

Now it is interesting that Hoyle is pictured next to Pritchard because the Monkey-Men think that it is fun to take the piss. You see, Pritchard – who was also questioned by the plod over rape allegations – also fits the Tomo mould:

Wrekin MP Mr Pritchard was arrested and bailed following an allegation of rape earlier this week.

Nigel Evans, the former deputy speaker, raised concerns about the parliamentary procedure for disclosing when an elected representative is arrested. He said information about alleged crimes committed by MPs should not be released when they were arrested, but rather when and if they were charged with an offence. Source

Moreover, it is also worth mentioning Kevin Young – the former editor of the Lancashire Telegraph who got the push in 2015.

Just sayin’.

Mind you, while I’m just sayin’ I may as well mention a business award ceremony that Vanessa Cornall covered for the Lancashire Telegraph:

AN ALTHAM uniform supplier was awarded two trophies at the recent Professional Clothing Awards, adding to its growing haul of industry awards.

Olympic suit designer Simon Jersey collected an award for best stock design for its fashionable jumpsuit designed for beauty therapists.

Helen Harker, the company’s design manager, also received the long service award for her contribution to the industry in a career that has lasted more than a quarter of a century.

The company was also highly commended for its most recent uniform catalogue which features some of the stars of Team GB. Source

Indeed, the company ‘Simon Jersey‘ is listed as the official supplier to ‘Team GB‘ as well as the official supplier to such other firms as ‘United Arab Emirates‘ Airline.

And as well as being fashion designers, Simon Jersey also deals in Hair & Beauty, Corporate Hospitality, Health Care and Business Advice.

However, what is interesting about this story is the accompanying photos.

You see, whilst Vanessa Cornall wrote the article about the award there is no reason that she should be involved in the presentation… Yet that is her stood on the far right end.

And since Cornall does not mention that she presented the award in the article and the article does not list the names of those present (neither does ‘Simon Jerseys’ in their own article about the presentation), I will assume that Vanessa is there pretending to be someone else i.e an employee of the firm – which in turn stinks of corruption.

Other people in the photograph worthy of a mention are the fella who I found out is called James Saunders (bottom photo, second from the left).

You see, although good – but not great comparison scores – I am convinced that he is Danny Edwards/John Proctor.

See what I mean? Not great but very consistent and you also need to think back to what I said about Edwards plastic, photoshopped pictures.

As for the unnamed bird next to Saunders (bottom photo 3rd from left), she is Jenna Guidette Staffe –a friend to all the usual suspects albeit not the Whelans – and although her employment isn’t listed the impression that I get is that of a single parent.

And as coincidence would have it, the woman in the top photo (3rd from left) greatly resembles the artist Amanda Kantz.

That leaves three people in the Simon Jersey line up, but before I do them, you need to know that Vanessa Cornall is the mother of Jessica Whelan’s great pal and fellow neuroblastoma cancer sufferer, Theo Powers.

And that is without taking into consideration Theo’s mum’s dodgy ear and Cornall’s dodgy everything.

Nevertheless, that adds more credence to the Lancashire Police being behind these massive frauds and it brings into play another Simon Jersey employee.

Now I am not saying that the two fellas are one and the same but what you have to do is go on the balance of probabilities.

Moreover, the Simon Jersey employee is very photoshopped from the tip of his nose, down through his [artificially widened] mouth and past his peculiar bottom lip, right down to his very strange chin… Just sayin’.

And then there is this photo, which brings the penultimate Simon Jersey employee into play.

Once again, I’m not saying she is and I’m not saying that she isn’t.

Indeed, all I am doing is putting out possibilities based on the facts and I may well be wrong about some of them… However, others are indisputable and more than prove that a fraud is taking place.

Nevertheless, I am sure that you will want some more convincing. Therefore, I will remind you of what I wrote in an article awhile back about the fact that these actors – including the big names such as Paul Holyoakes AKA David Cameron – can be found working (or at least having their faces used) for all manner of top companies such as investment bankers, top architects and common purpose type firms.

PHOTO: Cameron/Holyoakes comparison. 

Therefore, it isn’t surprising to find the very same Simon Jersey employees working for a Cheshire (bordering Lancashire) based consultancy company, Prodo Digital.

And I include Vanessa Cornall within that number.

As well as that last woman from the awards ceremony whose name is Helen Harker.

Harker and the unnamed Prodo Digital employee are also ringers for Lexi Cooper (Amanda Coopers daughter) and Anya Benthem’s mum.

Other Prodo Digital employees include the following:

Moreover, many of the Prodo Digital employees have been doubled up but you can look those up for yourself.

Okay, I really need to be wrapping this up now, so lets have a look at Vanessa Cornalls fiance, Peter Sims.

He too is a bit of a Tomo clone and very plastic looking.

He is also a fan of [allegedly] jailed footballer, Adam Johnson – the only footballer that I can see on his profile.

Did Sims perhaps know something in advance?

Whatsmore, Sims is also Lee Arnfield.

Arnfield is a friend of Amanda Coopers… No surprise there then.

Mind you, you can bet your life that the Blackburn Telegraph reported on a fella named Wayne Abbott:

A man who evaded justice after fleeing to the other side of the globe on the eve of a court trial has finally answered for his crime – eight years later.

Wayne Abbott, formerly of Richmond Avenue, Accrington, got married and started a family after absconding to South Africa to avoid going on trial back in 2007.

This week, after returning to the country to hand himself in, Abbott was finally sentenced for his part in an attack in an Accrington nightclub toilet. The ‘sustained attack’ left the victim Andrew Thorpe with a fractured jaw, swelling, bruising and a loose tooth.

Abbott pleaded guilty to affray and breaching bail and was given a 12-month jail term, suspended for two years, ordered to pay £750 compensation, £650 costs and a £1,000 fine following the incident at Baileys Bar in October 2006. Source 

You see, Wayne Abbott is almost certainly Andrew Whelan.

But then again Andrew Whelan is many people including former soldier Simon Buckden.

You are going to love this:

AN ATTENTION-SEEKING ex-military clerk has been jailed after claiming he was an SAS hero and cancer victim.

Simon Buckden had “an insatiable appetite for attention” and fabricated a military service and illness to cheat people out of money.

The 44-year-old also manipulated two girlfriends into staying with him through his web of lies, a court heard.

Buckden claimed he had suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder after leaving the army following a decorated career, and also claimed to have infiltrated the IRA in Northern Ireland.

He also claimed to have witnessed horrors in Bosnia-Herzegovina during the 1990s – but he had in fact only worked in a desk job and never fought on the frontline. Continue Reading

You see, the sick-fuck Monsters really do like to drop hints about their activities.

Not that they could be accused of having too many original ideas of course.

And finally, I am caught between a bit of a rock and a hard place.

You see, to really complete this article I should show you the various children involved but to do so will give the authorities and their paedo-minions ammunition to try and get this damning article removed by accusing me of putting the children in danger… Something that I would never ever intentionally do.

So, after very careful consideration I have decided against showing you these poor abused children… Because make no mistake, they are being coerced to take part in a very serious criminal act thus they are being abused.

However, suffice to say, Jessica Whelan and pals are not cancer sufferers. Indeed the poor kids are shared about from made up family to made up family, a fact of which I have plenty of indisputable evidence.

Course, my decision is not set in stone and if push comes to shove then release it I will.

Nevertheless, you only have to look at Jessica’s photos to see how unhappy she looks in many of them to realise that she is being forced to take part in this sick fraud… In other words, the mouth is smiling but the eyes certainly are not.

Our politicians and their minions are not fit to have children. These are the people that the social services should be visiting, not innocent families.

Only you can stop this madness.

Nuff said.

Please Note

I am not a Monster-Minion and as such I do not use sick tactics to raise money.

Instead I rely on people’s sense of fair play. Therefore, if you wish for this site to continue exposing the likes of the Monsters and their minions please donate what you can afford… The site simply cannot continue if you don’t.

And besides, it is my birthday on New Year’s Days… Thirty-fucking-five again!

So, while you are counting out your pennies I will take the opportunity to wish my team and my loyal & not so loyal readers a very happy new year… The rest of you can fuck right off.

Chris. 29/12/16