Sick Benefit Addendum


Christopher Spivey.


It is absolutely amazing how quickly people find this site when out to defend an official narrative.

I am of course talking about the Jessica Whelan article.

Mind you, it was inevitable that I was going to get some grief over it but how does a critic defend the indefensible?

Well, if you are Nadia you do it like this:

What a sick individual you are !

No hello or fuck all… Just straight into it.

However that opening gambit shows you how fucked up these useful-idiots are. I mean Nadia accuses me of being “sick” – and I am assuming that she doesn’t mean ‘brilliant’ as in the modern sense of the word – for exposing a fraud or series of frauds that run into millions of Pounds.

And as such, logic dictates that if I am “sick” for doing so Nadia must think that those committing the frauds using the premise of a dying child are also “sick” – as in fucking brilliant.

Which in my book makes Nadia “sick” – as in ‘vomit’.

You spent hours of your time judging and putting down others if you don’t belive in go fund me simply do not donate people aren’t forced to donate they choose too ..

Actually Nadia, I spent many hours of my time uncovering an indisputable case of obtaining money under false pretences… Yet that fact has fuck all to do with how I feel about Go-Fucking-Fund-Me pages.

Indeed, the fact of the matter is that Andrew Whelan – if that is even his real name – deliberately set out to con people into donating money to him to the tune of around £120,000 on the basis that his 4year old daughter Jessica was dying/died of cancer.

Yet the photos of Jessica are not real. They are photoshopped.


Look at Jessica’s neck in the 1st photo compared to her neck in the 2nd. Cancer does not make your neck elongate at will. Or allow your jaw to change shape.


And indeed Jessica’s head has been added to these two bodies. You do not need to be a photo expert to see that. But yet again, look at the differences in neck.


This is a photoshopped picture Nadia. The pose is impossible to achieve and where was Whelan supposedly situated when he took the photo? Laying down in a bath full of water?

And like I asked in my article “Sick Benefit”, How can the incision made in Jessica’s neck for her Hickman tube possibly have healed up when this photo was photoshopped taken?

The answer is that it can’t have Nadia – Absolutely impossible.

Yet that is just one of the many anomalies in that photo.


Yet you addressed none of these issues Nadia… You just prefered to attack me instead.

And not only does Jessica’s neck grow long and short, it also shows a tracheostomy scar (see photo below) at times, yet Jessica never had a tracheostomy… Can you explain how that can be Nadia?


Therefore, Whelan is committing fraud.

So who is “sick” Nadia? Me for exposing him, or him for cheating people out of money by photoshopping a little girl’s head onto different bodies and claiming that she is his dying daughter?

Yet you now have to question if Whelan is even her dad.

I mean his looks change like the wind but try as you may you cannot discount the fact that he is identical to the criminal Wayne Abbott… At least he is when you remove the silly, blatantly false ear that the newspapers had for some unknown reason stuck on the side of Abbott’s head.

Wayne Abbott is the thug who went on the run after him and his mate beat up a mush in a pub’s toilets – or so the newspapers say:

A man who evaded justice after fleeing to the other side of the globe on the eve of a court trial has finally answered for his crime – eight years later.

Wayne Abbott, formerly of Richmond Avenue, Accrington, got married and started a family after absconding to South Africa to avoid going on trial back in 2007.

This week, after returning to the country to hand himself in, Abbott was finally sentenced for his part in an attack in an Accrington nightclub toilet. The ‘sustained attack’ left the victim Andrew Thorpe with a fractured jaw, swelling, bruising and a loose tooth.

Abbott pleaded guilty to affray and breaching bail and was given a 12-month jail term, suspended for two years, ordered to pay £750 compensation, £650 costs and a £1,000 fine following the incident at Baileys Bar in October 2006. Source 

And the fact that Whelan and Abbott look exactly alike becomes even harder to ignore when you learn that the two criminals live in the same area.

Mind you – as I pointed out in my article Sick Benefit – Whelan is identical to the fantasist Simon Buckden who was allegedly jailed for soliciting public donations by pretending that he had cancer… Which is nothing more than a variation of the scam that Whelan is fronting.

Which obviously means that Abbott should also be identical to Buckden.

And as I also pointed out in my article Sick Benefit, the Monster-Minions are very short on originality which is glaringly obvious by the way that the Buckden Bollox had him running marathons to raise donations which is exactly what Ben Ashworth also did.

Ben-T Ashworth is also a fraud and over and above the evidence that I produced in my article, “Sick Benefit” I would imagine that Ben-T is also a fella called Dan Monaghan… Who likes to run marathons.

Monaghan is very closely associated with a newly registered charity called My Shining Star whose Facebook Page has Jessica Whelan’s photo as its profile picture.

Moreover, I have a feeling that the woman playing Ben-T’s wife is a bird called Natalie – a founder member of ‘My Shining Star’:

Now the charity did in fact donate a load of toys to Jessica.

Which was nice. And I will also remind you that Jessica had a load more free toys when along with Theo Power, she was allowed to take part in a one minute “Trolley-Dash” by a kind-hearted shop owner:

TWO brave East Lancashire youngsters battling childhood cancer were all smiles on Saturday as they got to go on a trolley dash around a Blackburn toy shop.

Theo Power and Jessica Whelan, who have both been diagnosed with the rare childhood cancer neuroblastoma, had one minute each to dash around The Entertainer in Blackburn Mall and grab as many toys as they could before its grand opening on Saturday.

The youngsters were all smiles as they packed a combined total of over £600 of toys in to their basketsSource


So, since Whelan’s constant fundraising totalling around £120,000 was supposedly for the following:


The treats were well and truly covered. And since the only days out were free or relatively cheap trips to police stations, the park and the beach, coupled with the fact that there were no real costs for extra care and transport, you have to wonder just what the £120 Grand went on.

Course, Whelan would have us believe that he was skint as this post made by the “My Shining Star” charity in October 2016 shows.

And just in case anyone missed that link, Jessica’s ‘mum’, Nicki Pendergrast cut out the middleman by writing in the comments left on that post:

Yet amidst all this turmoil – although quite why Whelan had to give his job up is still a mystery –  he nevertheless decides to change occupations in April 2016:


Despite playing on the emotions of the gullible in July 2016 by claiming that his work tools had been half-inched:

Course, since he had been a photographer for three and a half months at that point, I can’t see as he would need pipe cutters and a blowtorch to take photographs.

And that break in came just before Whelan set himself up with his own photography studio in September 2016… Which can’t have been cheap.


So much for quitting his job to care for Jessica then!

However, the gullible need not despair because their money appears to be paying off for Whelan:

And while Whelan may not have needed the One Hundred and Twenty Grand to finance trips to London for Jessica’s treatment, the donations would have come in handy to finance his own.

Yet the simple fact of the matter is that it is impossible for Andrew Whelan to be the same mush who claimed to have had the tattoo (pictured below) done in the week following Jessica’s alleged birth on the 19th of January 2012.

Now Nadia and anyone else thinking about having a pop needs to look very carefully at this next lot of photos.

However, what is strange is that when you look at that tattoo in the last photo, the fancy starting letter looks exactly like the ‘J’ of his Jessica tattoo yet that would be impossible because even if the photo was flipped the ‘J’ would still start at the wrist end of his arm and not the elbow.

Nevertheless, the two ‘J’s are not identical and as I say, they start at opposite ends of the arm anyway. And after spending nearly 20 years as a tattoo artist and putting countless names in ‘Old English’ font on people, I can tell you without shadow of doubt that the name in the B&W photo is not ‘James’ either – ‘James’ being Jessica’s younger brother.

So tell me? Is Whelan a man of honour? A caring, loving father? Or a con-man?

I will await your answer with bated breath Nadia – who then goes on to say:

I hope you never lose a child cause clearly you have no heart to discuss a family over what ? They have had to spend Christmas without their daughter.. a time where she should be waking up enjoying the magic of santa coming playing games and instead while grieving they read this!!

I hope I never lose a child either, although they fucking tried their damnedest to take my grandson away on a joint conspiracy between the Essex Police and the Essex Social Services – all on the basis of a trumped-up charge which when it came to court the police had NO EVIDENCE to offer thus I was officially declared not guilty.

Which is kinda hard to understand how, when the evidence that made up the police case was photographs… Yet they had no evidence to offer.

How does that work?

Therefore, once again Nadia is talking utter shit.

Course, on the evidence that I have presented of the Whelan criminal fraud, the police are complicit in his crime. I wonder if Nadia thinks that is acceptable?

I mean in her mind would that make the police sick or sick?

Yet still she continues with her rant at me:

Well we all have opinions yes we are all in titled to them yes but to go to this much trouble to dis a family you know nothing about pure slander !

And here Nadia is merely expressing an opinion on my opinion. Yet my article is based on fact although like most written pieces some of it is obviously based on my opinion.

However it is the presented fact that is overriding of any “opinion” that I have presented in the article yet Nadia chooses not to discuss a single one of those facts… Why?

Nevertheless, I will repeat that Whelan is a criminal, guilty of committing a criminal act of the worst kind. And if that is slander then let him sue me, although I fully expect that a different route will be taken which will involve more police corruption.

Course, if Nadia knows something redeeming about this family’s criminal act that I perhaps don’t, then I would ask her to please enlighten me.

Poor innocent kids that are going through the worse and you belive it’s made up wow just wow I hope you or your family never have to endure what these family’s are going through.

I totally agree with you about the “poor innocent kids” Nadia, which is why I didn’t publish the evidence of these fraudsters abusing these poor children by making them take part in these sick frauds.

And as Nadia must surely know, having read “Sick Benefit“, I did in fact write the following about Jessica:

“Nevertheless, you only have to look at Jessica’s photos to see how unhappy she looks in many of them to realise that she is being forced to take part in this sick fraud… In other words, the mouth is smiling but the eyes certainly are not”.

“Our politicians and their minions are not fit to have children. These are the people who the social services should be visiting, not innocent families”.

If it’s money your bothered about no amount of money can take away the pain these family’s are going through or been through!

I am not bothered about the money Nadia… Where have I said that I was?

I am however bothered by these sick in the head people making a profit via a criminal act aided and abetted by our police, our politicians and the MSM though… Or perhaps Nadia is going to tell me that Jessica’s ‘Uncle Tomo‘ is not Sir Fred Goodwin?

Front teeth Nadia, look at the front teeth.

And is she also going to tell me that he is not connected in any way to Lindsay Hoyle MP and the former editor of the Lancashire Telegraph, Kevin Young?

I wonder if Nadia knows that is our former Prime Mincer, David Cameron with the [at the time] Editor of the Lancashire Telegraph… And how many frauds have I connected Cameron to now? I forget myself it’s that many.

However, on top of all those other people who I noted in “Sick Benefit” as also being played by Tomo, there are also this next lot who are all from either Whelan’s or his own Facebook friends list:

To name but a few.

However, Tomo’s name is in all likelihood, Jonathan Thompson for which I cannot find any candidates, yet leaves me wondering how he can be Nicki Pendergrast’s brother – a half-brother being the only reasonable explanation.

Thompson does in fact look like Dom McKenna whom I talked about in Sick benefit.

But then again he would wouldn’t he?

However, as Nadia’s putting-me-in-my-place closes, I can only assume that she finds nothing questionable about Tomo.

An if they could have their daughter back they would not child deserves to die to this horrible disease! No parent should have to bury their child . This is awful

As is your grammar and spelling… Fuck of you sick cunt.

Now it is also worth mentioning Whelan’s pal, James Betts.

Photo: James Betts

You see Betts looks very much like our old friend from “Sick Benefit“, the copper come gardener, Peter Gill.

Mind you, James Betts also looks very much like another fella called James Betts…

But that’s besides the point.

You see, the point is that Betts went to BATLEY grammar school – Batley being the hometown of the fraud murdered MP, Joke-Ox.

And talking of which, someone also sent me the following photo last week.

These are allegedly the parents of murder victim Becky Godden.

However, if he ain’t Joke-Ox’s old man then I don’t know who is.

Just sayin’.

I also had a visit to my Facebook page by Stephanie Jane Soloniewicz – a bird that I put forward as possibly playing the part of the wife to cancer fraud con man Tom Attwater, based on the fact that they look identical and the fact that Soloniewicz is a friend to Amanda Cooper, who is allegedly a Whelan relation.

Cooper is the fraud who added me and rather insidiously, my daughter on Facebook long before the Jessica Whelan scam commenced.

Photo: Amanda Cooper and Leanne Duerden – both one and the same.

PHOTO: Amanda Cooper and Debbie Shaw – both one and the same

Photo: Comparison of Stephanie Jane Soloniewicz and Tom Attwaters Mrs.

Photo: The Attwater fraud

Now I didn’t actually state that Stephanie Whatsherface is Attwater’s wife, I merely said:

“Neither are Attwater and Stephanie Jane Soloniewicz miles apart in the looks department”.

Which as I say, was based on the company she keeps and errr… Well the fact that she looks like Tom Attwater’s wife actually.

The following is what Steph wrote:.

How dare you use my name and picture in this disgusting article.

No hello again I see. These people are very rude.

I don’t even know the family, relations etc and never met them.

Well if she don’t know them, it follows that she won’t have met them… Despite the fact that she lives in the same village as the Whelan’s where unemployment is running at 25% above the national average… In fact Oswaldtwistle is a very strange village altogether… A bit like the village of the damned, if ya like.

And of course she is very good friends with Amanda Cooper who also lives in Oswaldtwistle.

You are seriously sick writing all this rubbish when parents are still grieving and cannot believe what I have been reading.

You aren’t Nadia in disguise are you Steph?

She could be.

After all Stephanie Jane Soloniewicz, is indeed very many different people:

Moreover, there is a strong possibility that she is also her own friend Niamh Royle

And Tom Bennett’s Mrs.

Mind you, I did at first think that Tom Bennett was Dan West – a good mate of Andrew Whelan.

But then after doing the go-compare-thing, I thought nahhh, Whelan’s mate Dan is David Kennedy – the actor who used to be in Hollyoaks.

But then I remembered that I am allegedly David Kennedy (see HERE) – sort of the Holly & the Spivey, if ya like… So that fucked that up.

Mind you, mixed up Steph could also be Natalie Hoyle – you will of course know who Natalie is if you have read Sick Benefit.

And indeed even Amanda Cooper herself.

Or at least a relative of Coopers… Because it obviously makes sense to “keep it in the family”.

Which is exactly what Cooper does of course… Take her daughter Mercedes Breslin – who may or may not be her real daughter.

To name but a very few.

Worryingly, Soloniewicz claims to be a “nursery practitioner” at Rosy Apple Childcare Ltd – Little Achievers Nurseries… As do a lot of her friends most of whom are all at different nurseries.

For example, Lisa Parkinson who also works at Rosy Apple Childcare.

Can ya tell who it is yet?

I’ll bet Steph’s sorry that she had a pop at me now… I mean what we have obviously got in Steph is a wrong-un who’s defending wrong-uns.

But she doesn’t get off that easy.

You see there is also Sarah Hargreaves who works at Tinkers Nursery.

And then there is Chloe Plumpton who works at the Play Away Day Nursery and Robyn Bayliss who works at the Sparthfield Happy Day Nursery.

They may or they may not be one and the same.

However the pair are very like the bird in the following photo.

And although I do not know who that bird with the digitally widened eyes is meant to be in the photo she is without doubt Whelan fundraiser, Lisa Rachael Thompson.

Thompson, you will no doubt remember from “sick Benefit” is in all likelihood the fraudster Antonia Greaves.

Another “nursery practitioner” friend of “nursery practitioner” Stephanie Jane Soloniewicz  is Zoe Edwards (pictured below) who is not related to Danny Edwards – a relation of Jessica Whelan’s mum, Nicki Pendergrast – as far as I am aware.

And look what happens when you go-compare Zoe with Amanda Cooper.

Mind you, I had to laugh at Coopers pathetic attempt to save face… Which she had to do on the Christopher D Spivey Facebook page linked to this site since I – as in me – deleted her and a host of others from my private Facebook page before releasing “Sick Benefit“.

However, her first attempt at defending herself was the usual feigned outrage about how she had ‘supported me‘ and ‘this is the thanks she gets‘ for her efforts… Which is strange since we have never spoken, I have never seen her comment and she has never donated.

But there ya go.

She also stated that she had never photoshopped any of her photos… Unfortunately, by the time I had finished laughing she had deleted the comment and added a new one which was basically slagging me off and bringing up subjects which – as she knows full well – I am barred from talking about by the draconian court order imposed on me.

Still for someone whom she now claims tells a lot of lies, it is funny how I had to delete her and not the other way round.

I also note that we now have a lot less friends in common and her profile is now locked down, which bothers me not one jot because like I told you in “Sick benefit“, these Monster-Minions who add me on Facebook are an awful lot more use to me than I am to them and everything that was useful to me has long been noted.

Memo to the other actors connected to this fraud and still on my Facebook.

Just because you are still there doesn’t mean that I don’t know who you are… And the same goes for the other crisis actors not connected to this particular fraud.

And of course just like Solenbollox or whatever its name is, Cooper never addressed any of the issues that I raised about the Whelan’s despite them being “family“… Most strange

Likewise, neither did Shelley Grecco, who told me on the Christopher D Spivey Facebook page that I was telling lies about the Barnard family, whilst predictably not elaborating.

Then again, that is hardly surprising either.

Interesting photos Shelley has too.

Very coincidental… Fuck of Gecko.

There was one other mush called Shaun Wareing who had a pop – least he would have liked to – who sent me the following Facebook message:

However, I couldn’t be arsed to answer the Cunt because:

  • He isn’t friends with the Whelan’s themselves so his opinion is irrelevant.
  • He has multiple Facebook accounts so I couldn’t be sure who I was actually speaking to.

And besides, I was frightened that he might come looking for me on Yoshi.


Moving on and one of my readers sent in some observations that she made after reading “Sick Benefit” which are definitely well worth having a butchers at.

I fucking love it when you take the initiative and join in.

Course, the money that Whelan raised via deception was never destined for any charity. I mean had that been the case then why on earth would Whelan have shut down his Go-Fucking-Fund-Me page just short of a Hundred Grand when the money was still pouring in?

Unfortunately though, it would seem that the Monsters are that cocky about what they can get away with that they just don’t give a fuck  anymore. Indeed that fact was hammered home by the Monkey-Kuntz who released the following article on the very afternoon that I published “Sick Benefit“:

A little girl told her parents she did not want any present for Christmas and asked them to buy gifts for the homeless instead.

Bella Wiles, five, from Basingstoke, Hampshire, even sacrificed her Christmas Day so she could cook hot meals for people sleeping rough. 

The youngster was inspired to help after she burst into tears when she saw a homeless man while on a family holiday last December.

Bella decided she didn’t want any presents this Christmas, asking her mother Samantha Elliott and father Adam Wiles to use the money they would have spent on her to buy gifts for the homeless.

And, not satisfied with just handing out the presents to people on the streets, she also spent Christmas Day cooking hot food at an organised dinner for people without a home. Source

And you only need look at the little girl in question alongside the photos of Jessica Whelan that I have added as comparisons to recognise that the article is in response to mine.

How’s that for front?

And on a personal note, I will finish by once again wishing you all a Happy New Year.

I also need to give a big thank you to Penelope who sent me a very generous Cheque by post and to Mario in Plymouth who sent me £50 in the very same way… However, I really would recommend anyone against sending cash in an envelope as my post is very hit and miss these days.

That’s it, Moustache… Byyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee