Shhh, it’s an official secret.


Maggie Tuttle/Exaro News


My good friend, the veteran child abuse campaigner, Maggie Tuttle sent me a link listing all of our MP’s who voted for and against making an amendment to the Official Secrets Act so as the act no longer covered CSA – thus allowing MP’s to give evidence in CSA cases.

More importantly, although quite tellingly, not stated – our MP’s in turn would presumably not be able to hide behind the act to stop them being nicked.

Needless to say, the Official Secrets Act remains unamended.

However, I really do have to say that Maggie is inspirational. The woman, despite being extremely ill and in her 70’s never stops… And I mean never, she is relentless.

Indeed, she is still recovering from a major operation and has just returned home from Sweden where she has been seeing a specialist, yet she’s not back 5 minutes and she is sending me links.

In fact I saw her a couple of months ago in Tesco having just come out of the hospital the day before and I hardly recognized her she looked that ill, yet even then she was busting my balls for me to pop round her house to pick up some evidence about corruption amongst social workers… Its rife.

Nevertheless, it is pointless telling her to slow down because despite trying, she takes no fucking notice. Maggie is passionate about protecting our children from the likes of the sick fucks who make up the cast of the Westminster puppet show.

The following is what she had to say on the vote:

In the link are the names of all the MPs who recently blocked the opening of the official secrets act which means the police cannot open their files on the paedophiles or name them. So what does this tell you, yes paedophiles names will remain secret and the paedophiles will continue to debate and debate in the commons or the Lords or wherever and pass more laws to continue to take many more thousands of children into care, only to be abused. Nothing has changed since the days of Cyril Smith, Jimmy Savile and the 1000’s of paedophiles who are all suppose to be working “In a child’s best interest”.

There are no doors to open for the British families and the children will always remain as they have been for centuries; the silent witnesses, until the British people do as the Egyptian people did and march en-mass for freedom. But as the British people are known world wide as lambs to the slaughter, it is your children and grandchildren who are the lambs to the slaughter.

So what are you all going to do, comment on face book?

You tell’em girl.

Maggie is the founder member of Children Screaming To Be Heard, a registered charity that is far more worthy of your donations than that fundraiser for paedophiles known as the NSPCC, ever will be… Just sayin’.

You can find the background to the amendment of which our MP’s have had a long time to think about which way to vote, by clicking HERE

As for the list?

Well, my MP, Jimmy D didn’t vote which is hardly surprising. After all, Dog forbid that the useless dribble fuck should have to do anything at all for his vastly over inflated salary.

Yet who would ever have thought that so many Tory politicians would want to keep CSA a secret.