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Didn’t I tell you in my article called “I Begum Your Pardon” that the old bollox about Shamima Begum would just run & run and spawn all manner of offshoot farticles?

Of course I fucking did… And I was right being as there have been over a HUNDRED farticles written by the Chimp alone on the old bollox since I wrote that.

Yet the Monkey Kuntz still cannot decide on how to spell Shamima Begum’s name correctly:

Although the useless twats do now appear to agree that her name has two M’s as opposed to being spelt: Shamina.

However, one of the funniest offshoots that I read was that of hate-preacher, Abu Hamza’s son now wanting to return to the UK from Syria after being stripped of his British citizenshit:

A son of militant Islamic preacher Abu Hamza who traveled to Syria in 2013 wants to return home and is appealing the decision to revoke his British citizenship.

Sufyan Mustafa, the seventh of Hamza’s nine children, left his family’s West London home to fight in Syria when he was 19.   

Although he said he was allied with rebels fighting Bashar al-Assad’s regime, Britain later revoked his citizenship over suspected terrorism links.

Now aged 24, the former computer sciences student reportedly attempted to return home at the end of last year, but was prevented from boarding a flight to Britain from Turkey when his named appeared on a terror watch list… Continue Reading

Fuck me, Abu Hamza – a well documented intel service asset – must be so proud… Especially with this story coming hot on the heels of the old bollox which saw another one of his sons arrested on firearms charges which somehow – although fuck knows how – linked him to the stabbing of a nightclub bouncer on New Years Eve:

Abu Hamza’s son is the suspect held in connection with the murder of a doorman outside a Mayfair party on New Year’s Eve, MailOnline can exclusively reveal today. 

Imran Mostafa Kamel, 26, whose radical preacher father was extradited to the US in 2012, was arrested after Tudor Simionov was knifed in the chest when violence erupted in Mayfair at 5.30am on Wednesday. 

Mr Simionov fought off up to nine men seconds before being stabbed to death outside 80 Park Lane – where a private £2,000-a-table gathering allegedly organised by Lord Edward Davenport was going on. 

Kamel appeared at Westminster Magistrates Court this afternoon charged with possession of a firearm with intent to cause fear or danger – but remains a suspect in the murder on January 1. 

MailOnline can reveal Kamel’s father is Abu Hamza, 60, the former imam of the Finsbury Park mosque whose radical views brought him to the attention of the authorities and saw him expelled from Britain.

Tudor moved to the UK with his girlfriend Madalina Anghel for a ‘better life’ two months ago and the couple believed 2019 would be the year they married and started a family.  Source

Yet bizarrely Kamel was never charged over the firearms or the murder and I would suggest to you that the old bollox was nothing more than attempt to keep the [non-existent] threat of terrorism alive.

Likewise, it is mighty strange that Hamza’s other son has only been reported as being stripped of his citizenship now that Begum has, when you would have thought that it would have been big news at the time – if it were true.

Nevertheless, let’s get back to the Begum bollox and as is always the case in these frauds, the old bollox prompted identical stories in the USA and Canada:

Not to mention France:

Nearly 40 children are living without their European parents in camps in Syria after IS group lost its strongholds, including three sons of a suspected French female jihadist, now dead, whose French grandparents are asking to have them repatriated.

The three children, not older than five years old, are languishing in cold and muddy camps for the displaced in Syria‘s northeast, far away from their family in France. They are the sons of Julie Maninchedda, a suspected French female jihadist who was killed in shelling on a former Islamic State (IS) group stronghold five months ago, and a captured German militant.

Now, the grandparents they have never met are trying to get them to France, imploring President Emmanuel Macron to show “humanity” and accept the children immediately… Continue reading

And Germany:

Lenora Lemke sits in a car packed with all her belongings, shielded from the desert sun by a large carpet that hangs over the roof. The 19-year-old tugs at the hijab that frames her pale face and tries to remember the last time she took a shower.

She realizes it’s been exactly 20 days since she wiped herself down after giving birth to her new baby, Maria.”After my birth, I made warm water and I was cleaning down there,” she said, looking down in embarrassment. Squirming in her lap is her other daughter, Habiba, 16 months old with tufts of blonde hair.

When prompted, Lemke produced a burgundy passport with Germany’s federal eagle emblazoned in gold on the cover, certain in her mind that she’ll be able to bring her children home to Germany soon.”I hope so much that they will have a good future now. I hope so much, especially for her,” she said of newborn Maria. “She’s never really had a real house, no toys, no food, no milk.

I want to give her this. I hope so much she will become this, have a normal kid’s life. Happy, with no bombs.” Continue Reading

And Australia obviously:


Mind you, to say that those refugee camps are supposedly hell-holes, Begum looks remarkably healthy, happy and CLEAN:

She also appears to have had laser eye surgery:

Can’t be bad!

Nevertheless, I proved that this Shamima Begum bollox was nonsense back in 2015 and I also pointed out more bizarre inconsistencies in my recent article: “I Begum Your Pardon“, such as why would she praise the Manchester [hoax] bombing and call her new born son after an ISIS warlord – or summat like that – if she was really desperate to come back to the UK… That makes no sense whatsoever!

Course, as I have already previously pointed out I am not sure why Begum is not allowed back especially since some “jihadi brides’ have already returned:

As many as 10 British women and their children have left the extremists’ so-called caliphate in recent months and a couple have already made it back to the UK, according to both counter-terrorism sources and a former jihadi bride.

Those returning face police questioning, but any decision to arrest people, charge them or keep them under surveillance is based on intelligence about what they did abroad, or any plotting they carried out before they left the UK. Source

In fact the former Met chief, the wholly corrupt Bernard Hogan Howe publicly declared that they could return and face no charges whatsoever:

Britain’s top police officer says the three London teenagers who allegedly stole jewellery from their parents to fund a trip to Islamic State (Isis) territory can return home without fear of being prosecuted for terrorism.

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, commissioner of the Metropolitan police, cleared the way for Shamima Begum, 15, Kadiza Sultana, 16, and Amira Abase, 15, to return home to their families if they can be convinced to do so… Source

Course, in reality no one can be made stateless. It is against international law and way above Sajid Javid’s pay grade… Unless of course the person being made stateless does not really exist in which case he can ban as many of them as he likes.

Nevertheless, the Chimp cannot control themselves when it comes to old bollox and as such it has all become even more ridiculous. For instance, on the 27th of February the Chimp reported that a ‘shooting range’ was using Begum’s image as target practice:

And then, the very next day the daft fuckers reported that Begum had fled her “cold & muddy” not to mention hot but clean, refugee camp because ISIS – despite being all but defeated – now also wanted to use her head as target practice:

Shamima Begum and her newly born baby have vanished from the refugee camp they were staying in after a price was put on her head.

The 19-year-old, from Bethnal Green, east London, who left the UK for Syria in 2015 to join ISIS, is thought to have fled to the Roj camp near the Iraqi border in a late-night escape after receiving death threats.

ISIS wives at the Al-Hawl refugee camp believe she has disgraced their cause by giving media interviews about life under the caliphate, which has earned her ‘celebrity’ status in the camp.

A source told The Sun: ‘Shamima was threatened directly in the camp.

‘She is living in fear of her life. There is a bounty on her head. She felt she had no option but to move her and her child to have a chance of survival… Continue reading

And there was me thinking that people were in refugee camps because they have no place else to go! Especially since Begum somehow managed to make the 200 mile journey there from Baghuz whilst 9 months pregnant.

Yet it appears that Begum can now take off to gord-knows-where at a moments notice with a three week old baby!

But do I really need to waste time explaining how improbable that old bollox is?

I mean why are’nt all the other jihadi Joans waiting to return home being subjected to death threats and even if you simplify it, Begum says herself that ISIS left it up to themselves as to whether they stayed or left:

She described how in the past few weeks IS gave instructions to the families of all foreign fighters to make up their own minds about whether they would stay in the besieged village to face the bombings. Source

And now it would seem that we have her “middle class” terrorist Dutch husband begging that he, Sham-I-Am & their remaining child be allowed to live in Holland – despite him being in a Syrian detention center where he is facing six yrs in prison for terrapinism:

The Dutch husband of Shamima Begum wants to bring her and their newborn child to live with him in The Netherlands. 

Yago Riedijk, 27, joined ISIS when he was 15, and admits fighting for them, but despite being on a terrorist watch list in his native country he has not had his citizenship revoked. 

Mr Riedijk is being held in a Kurdish detention centre in north-eastern Syria and faces six years behind bars if he returns home but in an interview with the BBC he claimed he rejected IS and tried to leave… Continue reading

Now first things first. Yago is reported in the above to have joined ISIS as a fifteen yr old. Yet he joined in 2014:

The 27-year-old, who abandoned his seemingly normal life in the Netherlands in 2014 to join ISIS, told the BBC he longs to be allowed home with his wife and son. Source

And that fact is confirmed by the Daily Mirror:

A convert to Islam, he is said to have travelled to Syria in October 2014… Source

In which case that would make Yago 20 yrs old, not 27, but as always, the press want it all ways. I mean, on the one hand they want us to believe that these terrapins are radishalised at a very early age and on the other they want us to believe that they are all paedophiles.

Course, if the marriage bollox is true then it also begs the question as to why Sham-I-Am does not wear a wedding ring and carry her husbands surname – although like his wife, Riedijk appears to be a picture of health and living in nice surroundings… Indeed, it would seem that the BBC can get access to anyone, any where:

Although someone more cynical might say that he was interviewed in the same place as his ‘wife’:

But not me.

Nevertheless, despite Sham-I-Am Begum apparently now only ever having the one husband – who unlike the rest of the jihad’s appears content with just the one wife – it had previously been reported that she had in fact had two previous husbands, who had both been killed.

However, when I tried to retrieve this information I drew a blank – very strange, because I wouldn’t make it up… I leave that job to the national press.

Mind you, the weird thing is that there is now very little info available on Google about Sham-I-Am prior to February 2019 – despite there previously being so.

In fact if you Google her or her two mates you will only get a maximum of 10 pages come up – all from February 2019 – whereas you would normally expect to get hundreds of pages come up… Unless that is just the case on my computer.

Course, if that is not the case then it is quite clear that the previous information has now been removed from the interweb in order to sanitize the old bollox.

Still, I am nothing if not consistent and as such I typed “ShamiNa Begum” into the Google search bar and I was able to come up with the following published in the Standard in August 2017:

Shamima Begum was reported to have married an American jihadist recruit who left her once she fell pregnant. A British fighter who knew the girls in Raqqa told the paper: “Her husband was American. I didn’t see him, but he left her. He escaped and she was newly pregnant. This was maybe 1½ years ago.” It is unclear whether she ever gave birth to the child. Source

And then there is the following from the Hindu Times:

Shamima, who was 15 when she left Britain, is said to have married an American recruit who left her after she became pregnant, according to the widow of a British fighter who spent time with the girls in Raqqa, the report said… Source

The same was also reported two days later in the Express and on Wikipedia… But shhh.

Meantime, Sham-I-Am’s fellow runaway, Amira Abase has done a Samantha Lewtwaite and returned from the dead although the third absconder, Kadiza Sultana is still reportedly resting in pieces:

The British schoolgirl wife of an Australian teenage jihadist is alive and still fighting for ISIS, according to a friend she fled with to Syria.

Amira Abase left east London aged 15 with two school friends and married 17-year-old Abdullah Elmir who fled Sydney in 2014 before turning up in the war zone.

Elmir, dubbed the ‘Ginger Jihadi’ because of his long red hair, became a poster boy for the Islamic State and appeared in sick propaganda videos.

He is believed to have died only months later in a bombing raid in late 2015 but his wife is still on the battlefield.

Abase is currently with ISIS fighters in their final stand in the Syrian city of Baghuz, according to one of the school friends she fled with… Source 

Now I find that fact surprising being as in July 2018, Abase’s mother claimed that her daughter, Amira had been killed sometime in 2017 – a fact that the amnesiac Monkey Kuntz seem to have forgotten that they reported on:

The mother of Amira Abase, who was just 15 when she fled her London home to join IS in 2015, has told friends that she understands her daughter died almost a year ago.

As well as being told by informed sources that her daughter is believed to have been killed, Fetia Hussen lost the mobile phone app communication she had with Amira last summer… Source

Course, now that ISIS is finished you might think that the days of government sponsored car driving terrapin attacks are over… Don’t be fucking daft. In fact meet the new boss – same as the old boss.

And guess what? He is Osama Bin Laden’s son – now climbing the wanks of the soon to resurface Al Qaeda… But there is more. You see, he too has coincidentally been stripped of his citizenship… Apparently there is a lot of it about:

Hamza Bin Laden, a son of late al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden seen as a rising jihadist leader, has been stripped of his Saudi citizenship, state newspaper Umm al-Qura said Friday.

Bin Laden had his citizenship removed on February 22 by royal decree, the Saudi newspaper said, quoting the kingdom’s interior ministry.

It did not give a reason for the decision.

The US on Thursday offered a $1 million (0.9 million euros) reward for information on Hamza bin Laden, who it sees as an emerging face of extremism.

Al-Qaeda’s September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States killed some 3,000 people and sparked the US intervention in Afghanistan.

Bin Laden, who according to Washington is around 30, has threatened attacks against the US to avenge the 2011 killing of his father — who was living in hiding in the Pakistani garrison town of Abbottabad — by US special forces.

“Since at least August 2015, he has released audio and video messages on the Internet calling on his followers to launch attacks against the United States and its Western allies,” the US State Department said in a statement on Thursday.

The 15th of Osama bin Laden’s 20 children and a son of his third wife, Hamza has been groomed to follow in his father’s footsteps since childhood.

At his father’s side in Afghanistan before the 9/11 attacks, Hamza learnt how to handle weapons, and ranted in his thin voice against Americans, Jews and “Crusaders” in videos uploaded online.

On the eve of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, Hamza was separated from his father, whom he was never to see again.

The location of bin Laden, sometimes dubbed the “crown prince of jihad,” has been the subject of speculation for years with reports of him living in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria and Iran… Source

You really couldn’t make it up… Although it comes very easily to them.

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