Seventeen: The Jo-Co Oh-No fraud


Christopher Spivey


You know, it is sadly indicative of the wholly perverse, sick-minded criminals who run this cesspit of an Island that my first thought on hearing about the murder of Jo Cox was not: ‘Oh no! That poor woman’, but rather: ‘What a total crock of horse-shit’.

And to be quite frank, I have since neither heard nor read anything to change my mind. Indeed, on the contrary the unfolding details of the attack and subsequent behaviour of our politicians has made me more certain than ever that all is not as it seems.

So, with that in mind what follows is a list of the 17 reasons as to why I think it is all bollox.


1 – Of our 650 MP’s, Cox must be one of the youngest, surely one of the newest and definitely one of the most inexperienced having only been elected at her first go, 13 months earlier.

Strangely, Cox was SELECTED to stand for what the MSM term as a Labour Party Safe Seat.

Yet it is in fact rather difficult to fathom out exactly what political role she played before being selected that qualified her being gifted such as Safe Seats are not given to those from the working class – as Cox was reported to be – and are almost exclusively reserved for cabinet members, the children of current & former MP’s and of course, those tasked with an agenda.

I mean it isn’t even as if she was a local councillor or such like.

Indeed, the fact that she was considered to be “a rising star” is certainly suspect especially when she appeared to stand for all of the things that our MP’s covertly oppose.

However, if in doubt remember the golden rule: There are no good, honest politicians. The Monsters would not allow it.


– It would appear that prior to becoming a politician Cox rose rapidly through the ranks at OXFAM – tellingly becoming director of strategy – and she also worked for the NSPCC at one time, and as you should all know by now: ALL of the major charities are bent and cash-cows for those “in the Monster’s favour”.

Worse still, the NSPCC is little more than a paedophiles paradise (see HERE).


3 – Her husband Brendan Cox is a strange one. He was an executive with the Save the Children charity but resigned in September last year amidst allegations that he “behaved inappropriately” towards “several women” at the charity.  (Source)

However, I am always suspicious of news connected to false flags that is so easy to find… You see, usually these easy to find tit-bits are planted in the press in order to send any investigators down the wrong path.


4 – Brendan also worked for the former Prime Mincer, Gordon Brown, an alleged closet homosexual, paedophile and Satan devotee – whilst Jo worked for his lesbian wife, Sarah… In fact the only job that Jo Cox is credited with in the MSM as having some political merit is that job with Gordon’s wife, despite the fag-hag, Sarah Brown not being a politician.


5 – Following reports in the MSM of Bob ‘the knob’ Geldof heckling Nigel ‘rothpuppet‘ Farage, it transpired that Brendan Cox had hired a boat with his children and an “unknown woman” to join in opposing the “Farage Flotilla“.


However, the few photos of Cox & Co published in the press are photoshops, with the outboard motor at odds with the angle of the boat and Brendan – supposedly steering the dingy – is not even holding the steering stem half of the time.

Nevertheless, if that had been anyone else with kids that age on board you just know the SS would be making themselves busy.


And if you look at the boats model-name in the above you will see that it is called “Sea Search”, yet it looks to read as fuck all of the sort in the photo above this one – despite the photo being a long distance shot.

Now interestingly enough there is no sign of Bren-Co joining in with Geldof & his crew in harassing Farage in the photos taken from a distance, although there is a dinghy type boat very much like the cox’s to be seen in them.


I am definitely calling foul on that one and I also doubt that they were photographed as they passed Traitors Gate either.

And as of today (21/6/16) I notice that some sources are now claiming that the “mystery woman” in the boat is Jo Cox herself.

The following for example:

A day earlier she had campaigned on the River Thames in London with her husband and two young children. Her husband, Brendan Cox, posted images on Twitter of the family in an inflatable dinghy, waving a flag supporting continued British EU membership ahead of the June 23 referendum. Source

Mind you, that makes Brendan Cox look better I suppose, which since the MSM is still shying away from reporting on his ‘wandering hands’ charity scandal, I would imagine that there is an agenda to make him and his Mrs out to be whiter than white and loved up as you like.

Here, have a close up of the bird.

And neither is she wearing a wedding ring – just sayin’.

Indeed the photo blurb even states:

“Woman on the dinghy is not identified but appears not to be her (cox). Although she is believed to have attended the protest“… Of course she did… Of course she did.

Unless of course Jo Cox wears a wig and is really an old man (see photo below), in which case it could be true… Or it could be just like I said: The cunts have photoshopped the other boat to make it appear as if the Cox’s were there.




6 – Notwithstanding the fact that her death has come at a crucial time in respect of “Brexit”, the fact that the Cunt Cameron attended the scene of the ‘crime’ along with Jelly Corbyn should tell you all that you need to know.


You do have to laugh at Little-Legs Burk-And-How. I mean he is just like a Gryff Rhys Jones mini-me, don’t cha think?

Mind you talking about meeting Cameron, there is a photoshopped picture of the Cox’s standing outside number 10 doing the rounds but it isn’t the first photoshopped picture of Jo Cox standing outside the Prime Mincers house.


Nevertheless, all that the Monsters need to do now is have it announced in the newspapers that Jo Cox’s death has led to a dramatic shift in the polls – regardless of it being true or not – with many voters now saying that they are going to do an about turn and vote to stay in Europe and Bob’s your fucking Uncle, the Robots who don’t dare to be different will follow suit thus giving the “Remain” camp the upper hand.

After all, it would be strange that the UK would be allowed to leave having been blackmailed into joining in the first place…

What’s that? ‘The newspapers already have announced it’, did you say? … Oh right.

The following is from the Daily Mirror:

Voters became more inclined to want to stay in the EU after MP Jo Cox was shot.

The astonishing finding comes in a ComRes poll for the Sunday Mirror.

And it shows the murder of the 41 year old mum of two could have a direct effect on Thursday’s result.

Our pollsters were asking questions on the EU referendum at the exact time news broke of the attack on the Batley and Spen Labour MP at 2pm on Thursday.

ComRes analysts were amazed when the results coming in after 2pm began to show a marked change of heart. Source

That does nothing to convince me that all is above board here.


7 – The MSM claimed many politicians were in tears… Don’t make me fucking laugh. These are psychopaths who care for no one but themselves.



8 – Why are Cox’s featured consistently photoshopped? I mean doing it to photographs is bad enough but when the Monsters take the time and effort to change her appearance in videos – which is a time consuming, soul destroying task – you really do have to question exactly what it is they are hiding.


As were some in this next batch:


And anyway, if Jo was Nic then Nic would have been paying tribute to herself which is just silly:

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has paid tribute to the popular Labour MP.

She said: “This is utterly shocking and tragic news, which has left everyone stunned.”

“She was held in huge regard as a brilliant young woman, who had already contributed a huge amount in her time in parliament, and today she was simply going about her job as a local MP.” Source

Likewise, any resemblance to Baroness Caroline COX’s story which was the subject of an ‘Everyman’ documentary and reported in the Chimp in 2001 is purely coincidental:

This documentary follows Baroness (Caroline) Cox, a deputy speaker in the House of Lords, on a dangerous undercover mission in an African war zone.Her aim is to buy back some of the thousands of Sudanese men, women and children who have been taken by Arab militia men and forced into slavery. For a price, Arab traders will buy them back and return them to their families.

Now the Baroness is setting out on a mission of slave redemption, accompanied by a Pentecostal pastor and backed by the charity Christan Solidarity Worldwide. Source

And here is a reminder of Jo COX’s background:

‘She spent her life serving and campaigning for other people – whether as a worker for Oxfam or for the anti-slavery charity the Freedom Fund, as a political activist and as a feminist. Source


And just for the benefit of the totally stupid I best reiterate that I am not saying Cox is Cox, I am saying that Cox’s character could have been based on Cox… Ya Cocks.

Course, having said that Jo does resemble Courtney COX who was in the country at the time.


And once again, I am not saying Co Cox is definitely Jo Cox, although with Co Cox’s much publicised arrival in England I would say that she is involved, even if only as a subliminal prompt so as people will remember Jo Cox as being a household name rather than a “Jo who-da-fuck did ja-say?”.

I will also point out that Baroness Caroline Cox looks more like a younger woman done up to look like an old bird than actually being an old bird.


Something that the Monsters are quite capable of doing.

I mean I have never heard of her and as such that Everyman documentary report could be a fake story designed to give her a past.

She is certainly spreading the Monsters propaganda bullshit which also ties in with the Jo Cox fraud:

Christian Zionist Baroness Cox Tells Israeli Audience, ‘Islam is using the freedoms of democracy to destroy it’

“You might wonder what Cox is doing in Israel. The answer is that she is a fervent proponent of Christian Zionism, and a member – along with Daniel Pipes – of the presidium of the Jerusalem Summit.”

Baroness Caroline Cox of Queensbury warned about the growing threat of political Islam in Britain and Africa at an event hosted by the Yuval Ne’eman Workshop for Science, Technology and Security at Tel Aviv University and The Israeli Institute for Strategic Studies on Monday.

“Islam is using the freedoms of democracy to destroy it,” as some of its adherents try to “inhibit criticism,” said Cox, speaking at the Green House next to the university. In England, if you criticize Islam, you are called a racist, she said. Source

And of course, if she is heavily disguised then she could be anyone from Nicola Sturgeon through to Angela Merkel.

_68426642_68426636aa1aaOr anyone with a vested interest in the EU bollox.

Although forget I mentioned Niki S… She wouldn’t be involved and she definitely is not Jo Cox either.



9 – The actions of Brendan Cox are those of most fake victims relatives… Or put another way, their priorities and behaviour are all wrong. For instance, before Cox was even pronounced dead on the news – which was apparently some 4 hours after the fact – the ‘grieving’ husband had released the following statement.



And he uploaded a photo on Twitter of his Mrs, VERY shortly after she had been ‘attacked’:

Yet even that photo is a fake. I mean in reality – something that the Monsters know fuck all about –  the real background is certainly not what you would see in this snappy-snap.


Now why would someone photoshop their own personal photos?

Nevertheless, purely for the purposes of preserving history – as the story will inevitably change beyond all recognition – the photo details were as follows:

A photo of Jo Cox tweeted by her husband Brendan shortly after the MP was shot and stabbed in her Yorkshire consituency. See SWNS story SWMP; Police have launched a manhunt after a female Labour MP was reportedly shot and stabbed outside a library in her constituency. Jo Cox was seriously injured in the attack outside Birstall Library, in Batley, West Yorks., just before 1.30pm this afternoon (Thurs). The Batley and Spenbrough MP’s office confirmed the 41-year-old had been injured in the attack. Police have launched a manhunt as the attacker, believed to be a man, is still at large.

SWNS are as dodgy as fuck and did you notice the time attributed to the attack? Just before 1:30PM.

Yet she was supposed to be at her ‘surgery’ at 1PM which will be why the MSM have changed the time of her murder to just before that.

For instance the following is from the MI5 controlled Telegraph newspaper – the underlining is mine:

Police said in a statement: “At 12.53pm today, police were called to a report of an incident on Market Street, Birstall, where a woman in her 40s had suffered serious injuries and is in a critical condition.”

The MP for Batley and Spen had been due to hold a surgery for constituents at the library between 1pm and 2pm, according to her website. Source

And this from the Daily Mirror:

Labour MP Jo Cox was shot and killed in an attack in West Yorkshire yesterday.

The 41-year-old mother of two was shot three times and stabbed just before 1pm in Birstall in her Batley & Spen constituency.

She was pronounced dead around an hour later, leaving her husband Brendan and two young children, aged 3 and 5.

As is this snippet:

Brendan Cox issued a statement after it was announced that she had died in hospital at 1.48pm – about an hour after being shot and stabbed in her West Yorkshire constituency.  Source

And of course the Monkey Boyz have to muddy the waters even more:

‘At 1.48pm Jo was pronounced dead by a doctor working with a paramedic crew who was treating her injuries. This is a very serious investigation with a large number of witnesses that are being spoken to by police at this time. There is a large and significant crime scene. There is a large police presence in the area. A full investigation is underway to establish the motive of this attack. Source

The only thing is that Dacre’s dunces are directly quoting, temporary (that fact could be significant) Chief Constable Dee Collins and if the doctor was “working with a paramedic crew” then the inference is that Cox hadn’t got to the hospital at that stage.

Indeed, the fact that Cox was holding a Surgery on a Thursday is highly unusual being as MP’s tend to hold them mainly on a saturday – since the public tend to have to work for a living – or alternatively on a Friday.

Yet once again we see the MSM distorting the facts even further in regard to this “surgery” – led of course by The Chimp:

‘The full details of what happened outside Jo’s constituency surgery in Birstall this afternoon are not yet clear and until the facts have been fully established I will not comment further. Source


The 41-year-old married politician, who was shot and stabbed yesterday outside her constituency advice surgery, spoke at Whitcliffe Mount School in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire, last Friday. Source

And this:

Labour MP Ms Cox, 41, was shot three times, once in the head, with an ‘antique gun’, and stabbed at least seven times as she arrived to meet constituents for her regular surgery in Birstall, near Leeds. Source

However, rather suspiciously the Library is NOT her usual venue for her ‘Surgery’ and indeed her other listed Surgery’s are all booked for the usual days of either Friday or Saturday:


More confusingly still is the fact that Cox had her own CONSTITUENCY OFFICE.


However, the office IS NOT permanently closed since the MP, Holly Lynch is going to be running it for the time being.


Lynch is another of those who have done their damnedest to perpetuate the government’s ‘official’ story of the ‘murder’:

Holly Lynch, Labour MP for Halifax, said Mrs Cox ‘was the very best of us’ as she got up to speak of her fond memories of the late-MP, her hands trembling as she clutched her printed speech.

She said: ‘This will be the hardest speech I will ever give, however it wasn’t difficult to write as there is just so much I wanted to say.’

She added: ‘She may well have been small, but in politics, as in life, she packed a punch which was simply beyond measure.

‘She came into this place with such passion and energy, from the very start she had a clarity about what she was here to achieve, about what needed to change, and she wasn’t going to waste any time in getting on with it.’

Ms Lynch said that when Mrs Cox spoke ‘people listened’ because there was weight to what she said.

And as the MP’s family watched from the public gallery above, she told how Mrs Cox spoke ‘candidly about the challenges of balancing a young family with the pressures of being a diligent and effective member of Parliament’.

Ms Lynch raised a laugh from the chamber as she recalled that Mrs Cox was not ‘the easiest person to whip…certain late night votes were not as important as being there to put her children to bed’.

The MP added: ‘She was a daughter of Yorkshire and she fought tirelessly for those who had put their faith in her.’

She said Mrs Cox was often seen around Parliament in her cycling kit and trainers, and had recently been confiding in her about the ‘trials and tribulations’ of her children having chicken pox.

She added: ‘The honourable member for Redcar told me that she will remember Jo as a comet – burning brightly, lighting up the dark, awe inspiring and giving off sparks of heat, light and positive energy wherever it goes.

‘I cannot think of a better way of describing her.

‘She was the heart and soul of these benches and we are heartbroken. We loved her every day and we will miss her every day.

‘She inspired us all, and I swear that we will do everything in our power to make her and her family incredibly proud.’ Source

Just sayin’.


However, even more damning is the tell tale ‘Go Fund Me’ page – set up by Brendan Cox the day after his ‘wife’ was murdered – to which the hard-of-thinking plebs had donated over £180,000 to by 10PM on the night of her murder:

Incredibly, £184,339 has now been raised for three charities on the gofundme page.

The words of her husband Brendan are on the page: “Jo believed in a better world and she fought for it every day of her life with an energy, and a zest for life that would exhaust most people.

“She would have wanted two things above all else to happen now, one that our precious children are bathed in love and two, that we all unite to fight against the hatred that killed her.” Source

That total now stands at over a million-fucking-quid (Source) – are people mad?


10 – The police are pictured in the press doing their job diligently as per the official guidelines when sent to a Government Orchestrated Fraud – they transport flowers around and monitor the overuse of crime scene tape:

Course, the tape isn’t really there in abundance it is just more photoshopping. Course the Men-Who-Point-A-Lot love to be photographed climbing under it… And I am pleased to say that they didn’t prove me wrong in this fraud either.


Now, having studied a lot of frauds I have got to know the Hamlet (police who are actors) procedure for crime scenes off by heart.

So allow me to talk you through it and as I do – to add to the fun – why don’t you see how many vehicles you can count which have a number plate beginning with ‘Y’.

(A)  First off the Policy Thugs – the ordinary plod – arrive after allowing the general public reasonable time to walk around the site first.  Shortly after – either 5 or 15 minutes in this instance – the paramedics arrive:

A eyewitness, who didn’t wish to be named, working in The Venue bar on Market Street, said: “I heard three gun shots and saw people running around.

“People were helping her and she was getting CPR. I initially saw one person but by the time the ambulance arrived less than five minutes later there was around four or five people helping her. The other man was being looked after in a sandwich shop next door.” Source

It’s no wonder that the witness didn’t want to be named as everybody who knows anything can tell you that in any psyops, paramedics must adhere to the standard 15 minute time of arrival:

Eyewitnesses also report seeing Mrs Cox lying in a pool of blood on the floor following the shooting.

Paramedics arrived on the scene around 15 minutes later. Source

… All twenty of them going on the number of ambulances photographedshopped at the scene.

(B)  Once the Policy Thugs have walked around the crime scene 3 or 4 times, making sure that the accompanying witnesses all have a different version of events to tell the press, they brief the paramedics and make sure that they know to leave a load of old tut lying around when they bugger off.  


Don’t forget to start counting now.

(C) The Policy-Thugs then let any waiting vehicles pass so as they can park their own motors on any potential evidence.

And again, just for the record the photo blurb states:

Scene pictures in Birstall, West Yorkshire, where Joe Cox MP has been stabbed. Joe Cox was believed to be in the ambulance. See Ross Parry copy RPYSTAB

Ignoring the fact that no shooting is mentioned, Jo Cox also appears to have changed sex since the photo blurb has her down as “Joe Cox”.

However, it must have been decided that an ambulance was too boring and as such all MSM reports now have JO going to hozzie via helicopter… Although there are no photos as yet so fuck knows where it landed.

Cox was taken by air ambulance to Leeds General Infirmary, where armed police were stationed outside. Source

Mind you, the lack of photos may be down to giving Prince Little Willie the option of being photoshopped into the old bollox as the hero chopper pilot… In which case they will have to photoshop two helicopters into the fraud – one for Willie the Knob and a second for the Royal Protection Orifficers.

Which, going on information provided by a witness – whose account suggests that he was nowhere near Yorkshire, let alone Battyman or wherever the murder didn’t happen – is quite plausible:

Daniel Blyth, 38, a company director from Birstall, said: “I saw seven police cars racing up Leeds Road towards Morley. They were unmarked BMWs.

“There are two helicopters flying overhead. It all seems very dramatic. I have heard that two people have been shot but I’m not who are why. It’s all very unusual for Birstall.” Source

The BMW’s will have been the Gun-Goons going to guard the hospital just in case someone else for some reason or another decides to have a bash at Jo – although they would have been too early because Jo was dead by the time she got there which was at least an hour after the incident according to the police.

Nevertheless, well done to him for counting 7 unmarked cars but I would have thought that whoever took the statement could have seen the 2 helicopters “overhead” for themselves

(D) But anyway, having by now made sure of blanket contamination of the scene and everybody has been photographed in a strange pose in order to make the Monsters – whose task it is to pyramid up the snappy-snaps – job easier…


… police tape is then put up.


More than that please:


No you fucking twank, more than that… C’mon, get your act together I have a lot to do for fucks sake.


Are you winding me up on purpose you cunt? MORE THAN THAT!

Oh and incidentally, the photo blurb on the above snappy snap states:


The operative word used there is “ALLEGED” just in case the fraud goes tits up… Even though they have spelt it wrong… Excuse me a second – HAVE YOU GOT THE TAPE PHOTO YET?

stream_img (4)


images (12)


I don’t know, if you want something doing, do it your-fucking self.

There ya go.

(E)  At this point the Men-Who-point-A-Lot arrive for their photoshoot.

jo-cox-crime-scene-1 (1)

(F)  And straight away, it becomes obvious that these are highly trained individuals evidenced by the classic over-arm-reverse-thumb-point by the short arsed fella and the midget bird indicating to the press that the whole fucking thing stinks.

You can of course tell that they lack height by comparing them to the average height Policy-Thugs and lingering witnesses

Mind you, one thing is for sure: If the pair of shorties have a reason to get into the photoshopped ambulance behind them they will need a fucking ladder.

(G) The photoshoot then begins with the Men-Who-Point-A-lot pointing at their mobile phones…


… and posing with the crime scene tape.

PSSSTTT, check out the really, really, really tall copper stood on your far left hand side, top corner.


(H)  This is followed by a session of photographs in which the Men-Who-Point-A-Lot will put down willy-nilly, yellow, numbered markers which mark absolutely fuck-all.


Poetry in motion.

Let’s have us another.

jo-cox (2)

So, he bends to put the Number 1 marker down in the photo above this one and then gets down on his knees to decide exactly where he wants there to be a blood spot or summat.


(I)  The Men-Who-Point-A-Lot will then be required to pick their props up and examine them carefully.


And if they can correctly guess what their object is, they get to keep it… However to me that shoe looks to be at least a size 7 and since Jo Cox was tiny it would be far too big for her. And just so as you know, y’know, a size 7 shoe is nigh on exactly a foot long.

Oh and by the way, did ya notice that the Number 1 marker is nowhere near where he put it down? Pedantic? Not on your fucking nelly, this is not a game here.


Gerrin there my son, I knew that you would get it right.

(J)  It is then time for them to be photographed taking photographs and since Mr Shoe-Winner was here first, it is only right and proper that he should go first.


Well put some fuckng effort into it man!


Much, much better.

And I am sure there is a reason for his moving the Number 1 marker again… Fuck knows what that reason is, but there must be one.

(K)  It is then time for another Men-Who-Point-A-Lot to have a turn – a woman by looks of things. And although we saw this photo earlier; what with Mr Shoe-Winner pointing so fucking brilliantly, it surely has to be worth another look.



(L)  And then it is the turn of the boss.


And what with being the boss, you can have the photo either with added legs…

… or without them… Absolutely truly scrumptious.

Indeed, these heroes ear-oles have turned total fucking bollox into an art form.

(M)  And with their work done, it is time to call the Pig-Tails in. The Pig Tails are of course an important, total waste of time unit, who come in after the Men-Who-Point-A-Lot have finished pointing, to see if they can find any evidence of no importance whatsoever.


(N)  And having found fuck all, they walk across the road to see if there is fuck all over there to not be found.

Jo Cox shooting

11 – The story doesn’t fit, with ‘witnesses’ giving the MSM the usual mix of accounts that totally contradicted each other, in order to deliberately confuse the public.

The muddying of the water accounts were then coupled with the ever changing storyline – which went from Cox breaking up a fight between two men…

A Labour MP is fighting for her life after being shot and stabbed before a constituency surgery.

Jo Cox, 41, was attacked outside a library in Birstall, near Leeds, and reportedly left lying in a pool of blood on the pavement.

It is believed Mrs Cox was caught in an altercation between two men as she prepared to hold an advice surgery.

Eyewitness Hichem Ben Abdallah, 56, was in the cafe next door to the library when he heard screaming and went outside.

He added: “There was a guy who was being very brave and another guy with a white baseball cap who he was trying to control and the man in the baseball cap suddenly pulled a gun from his bag.”

After a brief scuffle, he said the man stepped back and the MP became involved.  Source

… Right through to a man in his late 40’s to early 50’s being stabbed, but not seriously…

Police confirmed the MP was in a critical condition after the incident just before 1pm, adding that another man in his late 40s or early 50s also suffered “slight injuries”. Source: As Above

*Note that is the Police stating that a man in his late 40’s/early 50’s had been stabbed… How could they make that mistake? – Spivey.

… and ending with Cox being deliberately targeted by the far right – leaving your Average Joe finding that trying to figure out the truth is too taxing and as such they just accept the government bullshit as being fact … I wonder if that is why the old bollox about me being a neo-nazi has flared up again?

Other contradictions include the attacker supposedly shouting out “Britain First” as he went about beating, kicking, stabbing and shooting the MP to death – a fact which was supposedly confirmed by 3 independent witnesses. However, just as many witnesses refute the claim.

Nevertheless, there can be no doubt that shouting “Britain First” is a buttock clenching, cringe-worthy play on your everyday, common or garden Muslim Terrapin shouting “Mohamad Ali” or “Max Factor” or whatever the fuck it is that the actors playing Muslim Extremists shout as they go about their lone wolf old bollox.


That “Lone Wolf” bollox wore too thin to be credible a long time ago. People acting alone do NOT punch, kick, repeatedly stab and shoot their victims – if they murder them at all.

Doing so really does result in a bloody mess everywhere, leaving the crime scene a proper bloody mess and looking fuck all like the sanitised stage of a play act sponsored by a country’s government.

People being stabbed to death scream like a terrified cat in pain and in fear for its life – thus scaring the fucking bejesus out of the perpetrator & witnesses who contrary to your perception do not stand around quietly watching.

Likewise the assailant does not alternate between two types of weapon (gun & knife), his fists and his feet… Even when their victim fights back.

People do not have the strength of mind to think about their next combat move whilst fighting, let alone in an attempted murder. They are not disciplined trained boxers or trained military killers.

People attacking someone – unless one of the above or totally demented (in which case they are picked up long before they murder anyone in a frenzied attack) – will just ‘swing & hope’.

However, if a ‘nut-nut’ does by a miracle get that far their victim will be a random member of the public, not a targeted individual.

Moreover, the first sight of serious blood – which will result from any individual being shot or stabbed with a 10 inch blade – will put a stop to the attack as most humans do not have the stomach to continue inflicting such damage on another human being that they barely know… To see such damage will take the wind out of their sails and even if it does not, they will be shocked into reality and become scared of the consequences of their actions.  

Moreover, those capable of such an act are not 52 year old men who look like Thomas Mair, not least because plunging a 10 inch knife into anyone takes a hell of a lot of strength and at 52 years of age someone who is not already a seasoned killer, used to the smells, noise and mess involved has neither the mental or physical strength to repeatedly do so.

Neither are they mild, timid looking grandad figures – they are cold eyed, rational people who exude menace and have a long criminal record of violent crime.

To suggest that any random individual is capable of such an act – whilst never having been in that situation before – is total nonsense, fucking stop it.

Oh, and whilst you are at it also stop with the one-punch-you’re-dead old bollox. Unless you are hit by a professional, world champion boxer, the odds of being killed by one punch are zero… Life is not a Guy Ritchie film but even if it was One-Punch Tony can only manage a KO… To suggest it is a common occurrence is embarrassing… Stop it.


PHOTO: One-Punch Tony

Course, in the Monsters bid to demonise the right wing thugs, the press were handed Thomas Mair’s name in double quick time – a tell tale sign of a government sponsored fraud.

Mair is widely reported as being a mentally disturbed loner, with a penchant for Nazi Memorabilia. However, like I say; you only need look at Mair and know that he didn’t do it.


I mean. Who the fuck did the joke offend?

At 5:02pm yesterday evening, the @NANorthEast_ tweeted: “Only 649 MPs to go #WhiteJihad #ChurchillAkbar #BritainFirst #NationalAction #DayOfTheRope”. That tweet came minutes after West Yorkshire Police announced her death at 5pm, four hours after the attack. The insensitivity in the message was deliberate and targeted for maximum offence. Source

And that is what constitutes a criminal offence in these darkest of times… Absolutely fucking pathetic.

Course, there are more photos of a mush who is reported to be Mair on the net yet the MSM has shied away from publishing them despite the fact that they prove that the crazed nut job is a neo-nazi.

1 Mair Tommy

I should point out for the benefit of those devoid of humour and mirth that I was joking with the top comparison photo.

Still, lets have a look at some more stills from that video.

355D4D6200000578-3644847-image-m-16_1466105300805 (1)vwn3c2nde6vhtdimyqfdnjfv0lytbuc2-large

I should also point out that during the course of my travels I found the mush in the photo below:

sport.PNG-pwrt1 (1)

Now the fella in the photo which – if I remember correctly – describes him as being a window cleaner in some old fanny news story looks very much to me like Thomas Mair.

Unfortunately, at the time that I found the photo I was trying to track something else down to do with the Cox Caper and as such, having taken a cursory glance at the information I just saved the photo – confident that I could locate it again by doing a Google search of the snappy-snap… Just like I have done hundreds of times in the past.

Course, the best laid plans and all that jazz went tits up when the [later] Google search provided no information whatsoever about the photo and as such, I cannot tell you anymore about it than I already have done.


You do of course have to try and see beyond the horrendous photoshopping applied to Mair’s picture – you know what I mean, the Caterpillars above his eyes and what-nots.

We are also told that Tommy the Gun had lived in the same council house for the past 40 years.


All I can say to that is it doesn’t look like a council house to me with it’s fancy fucking wall and cladding. Yet if the Mair family had bought the house at some stage and spruced it up, then it would no longer be a fucking council house would it?

Mind you, I do have to say that I have a strong feeling that Thomas Mair’s name is a nod to Sir Thomas Moore – although I have not had the time to research and look into the possibility very deeply.

However, having had a cursory glance, there were parallels which immediately jumped out at me. For instance:

  • Thomas More was an English lawyer, social philosopher, author, statesman, Renaissance humanist and adviser to the king – think of Jo Cox’s CV.
  • More opposed the Protestant Reformation / Mair opposed being part of Europe
  • More wrote a book about a land called Utopia (EU-topia) documenting the political system of an imaginary ideal island nation – the NWO by any other name.
  • More was imprisoned in the tower before being beheaded as a traitor… If you believe the Monster’s narrative then beheading is synonymous with terrorists and Mair (charged as a terrorist despite the ‘murder’ not being terrorist related) tried to blow Cox’s head off…  And remember the pre-photoshopped boat photo? The message is that those wanting to be part of Europe are traitors.

  • More refused to recognise Henry VIII  as the Supreme Head of the Church of England and the annulment of his marriage to Catherine of Aragon… Now I have always thought that Harry H Hewitt and Catherine Gold-Digger-Smith look to share a ‘secret’ between them that no one else is privy to.
  • And as if by coincidence, in the past fortnight the MSM has recently carried two articles covertly hinting that there is something more going on than just a normal brother/sister-in-law relationship. Harry’s real name also happens to be Henry.
  • More’s first wife had the surname Middleton.
  • His foster daughter Margaret Giggs later took the surname Clement which coincidentally enough, Clement Freud has been outed as a paedophile this past week
  • More – who did not recognize the monarchy as sovereign – was succeeded as Chancellor by William Fitz William (William Fits)
  • More was Speaker of the House of Commons whilst John ‘Little Legs’ Bercow the current speaker of the house has played a massive part in the Cox murder for some reason.
  • More is suspected of being both a sadist and a masochist
  • More wrote a respected book abut Richard III which documents the War of the Roses – which is associated with a red rose and a white rose. In the tributes paid to Cox in the House of Commons on the 21st of June, her seat is occupied by a red rose and a white rose despite there being no set seating in the commons. That red rose was the only red rose in the commons that day as the whole house wore white roses – the rose of the Yorkies.


  • However, in tributes to Cox held on the 22nd of June a boat called the “Yorkshire Rose” was pulled along the Thames crammed, full to the brim with red roses and only a small circle of white roses near the centre of the boat. I would therefore wager that there is much more to these two instances of symbolic images than what we are being told..


  • The war of the roses was of course a series of wars fought between the Lancastrians (red roses) and the Yorkies (white roses) for control of the English throne.


PHOTO: Court Artists drawing of Thomas Mair and Richard III drawn by Sir Thomas More

Just sayin’.

Of course I may be wrong but if I was Little Bald Willie I would be extremely concerned and have someone watching my back at all times.

And Tommy is the patron Saint of Politicians, Judges and other corrupt big knobs.


Mind you, those two single red and white roses on “Jo’s seat” were widely reported as being just a single white rose to start with.:

A single white rose was placed in Mrs Cox’s usual place on the Labour benches while MPs of all sides wore the flower as a mark of respect. Source

You know, if they didn’t keep embellishing their fake stories, they really would get away with a lot more.

Now you may also have noticed that the red roses on the – full to the brim – ‘Yorkshire Rose’ appear purple in the lower photo of the two above photos of the boat. Again, I do not believe this to be the result of an inconsequential flaw in the photo or a trick of the light.

And if you did notice you may also know that the colour purple plays a big part in Satanic Magic with the colour’s esoteric meaning being – at least according to one website:

Psychic ability, wisdom, divination, remove curses, healing, psychic work, business success, to influence people in power. Powerful color with the energies that can be difficult to manage. It can be used to apply incited others to tyranny, abuse of power, idealism and influence people who have power over you. Great for inviting sadness and resentment in others. Jupiter rules the purple. The purple crown chakra governs. Source

Indigo also has great significance although to most peoples way of thinking it is just another shade of purple. Not so however and Indeed the same website notes indigo’s esoteric meaning as follows:

Meditation, psychic abilities, telepathy, mind reading, communication with spirits, absorbing knowledge telepathically. The Moon is the host to the color indigo. Indigo is the quintessential element / ether / spirit. Indigo governs the third eye, along with the colors silver and white, and the sixth chakra.

Therefore, bearing in mind that there are no good, honest MP’s, I wasn’t at all surprised to see that despite the on-going red and white theme to mark the death of Cox, it was in fact a very purple affair – which made more sense to me than the war of the roses symbolism

357C0E5000000578-3650559-Packed_Stephen_Kinnock_spoke_about_losing_a_friend_and_colleague-a-21_1466438493663 (2)

Now, in regard to Stephen Kinnock, who is allegedly gay (see HERE) despite him being married to Helle Thorning-Schmidt – the former Danish PM who took selfies with Bollock Obama and Dave The Rave at Nelson Mandela’s death bash see HERE, HERE & HERE – it has to be said that notwithstanding the fact that Cox allegedly worked for Glynis Kinnock for a while, the Kinnock family as a whole have been very vocal and active in using Jo’s death for rabble rousing.

I wonder if it is because Cox reminds them of their Danish daughter in law?


Now interestingly enough, the way that I understand the situations is that Helle Schmidt (Helle translates as Helga but is close to Jo’s real name of Helen), was never elected as Prime Mincer, and was instead appointed such by the Queen of Denmark following the forming of a coalition government which followed the resignation of Lars Løkke Rasmussen, – who had quit after his Liberal party failed to win a majority.

Lars Løkke Rasmussen then once again became the Danish Prime Mincer in 2015, following Helle Schmidt’s failure to win the General Election.

Mind you, Schmidt has trouble walking straight let alone running for office.

Now you would have least expected her to break her ankle there, but she must be super tough.

Nevertheless, whilst in office Messer Schmidt effectively cut tax for the rich, rolled back anti-immigration laws and lowered benefits for the most in need… Sound familiar?

Course Messer Schmidt has had fuck all to do since being voted out of office in 2015. That is until January 2016 when it was announced that she was to become the Chief Executive of the Charity Save The Children International based at their headquarters in LONDON (Source)… Which is coincidentally enough the very same Charity that Brendan Cox left in September 2015 after a number of complaints about his “inappropriate behaviour towards female staff at the Charity”… You couldn’t make this shit up, don’t cha know.

Mind you, I must admit th… Pardon? … Did you not? I thought everyone knew that fact… Sorry? You now want what? … A second lot of comparisons? … Okay.


Satisfied? Good then let’s put and end to it because it isn’t her… Or Nicola Sturgeon.

Despite what I wrote about Sturgeon in my article, “Behind The Flag“.

Here is a reminder:

And despite the fact that last november Sturgeon talked about her plans to “throw Cameron out” of office, you can treat that headline with the contempt that it deserves.

After all, Cameron is all but finished anyway and the tough talk makes Nicky S popular with the Scottish electorate – who really, really do despise the corrupt, nonce protecting, Prime Mincer.

And whilst it is true to say that Slick Nic is going to be touted as being the next best thing since Iron-Bru, it won’t be achieved because she is tough… Indeed, Nic is enjoying a big up period because she is weak and that suits the real power behind the government because they will be able to walk all over her.

Hence, this old dustbin lorry fraud, being set up specifically to fool the Scot’s into thinking that she gives a fuck – she doesn’t… And in turn her puppeteers are going all out to make her seem like the tits, hence the bleeding heart, “I’ll make sure that the victims families are financially sound, here’s 20 Grand to get the ball rolling” – “I really am special and up for taking a ‘selfie’ any time, any place with anyone who asks, cos I’m down with the kids” – old bollocks.  

Go me.

Mind you Hurdi Gurdi Strudel or whatever the Kinnock’s daughter in law’s name is has a dodgy husband and I am not referring to his sexuality. I mean he must have known that his ‘Ode To Cocks Cox’ that he delivered in the House of Conmans was not as we saw on TV.

Take a butchers at the following:

357C0E5000000578-3650559-Packed_Stephen_Kinnock_spoke_about_losing_a_friend_and_colleague-a-21_1466438493663 (1)

I am sick and fucking fed up with these wrong-uns… Indeed it would not surprise me if Stephen Kinnock was Anders Limpar.


Sorry, sorry… I meant Anders Breivik not Anders Limpar:


Thats better… Although I am not saying that he is, merely that it wouldn’t surprise me… And Kinnock was living in Scandinavia at the time… Just sayin’.

Meantime, 77 year old Bernard Kenny – the fella who was also stabbed and originally described by the whole of the MSM as being in his late 40’s/early 50’s with what is repeatedly mentioned as being a 10 inch to 1 foot bladed knife – has predictably been named as being a Hero, as well as gaining at least 25 years

And in true false flag style, a petition has been started to campaign for Kenny to be given the George Cross:

The fearless 77-year-old was stabbed in the abdomen with a 10-inch blade as he tackled Jo’s armed attacker and now supporters want him to be given a George Cross


This is the first picture of the hero pensioner who tried to save MP Jo Cox – as calls grow to award him the George Cross.

Fearless Bernard Kenny, 77, was stabbed in the abdomen with a 10-inch blade as he tackled Jo’s armed attacker.

He watched in horror as she fell to the floor in a pool of her own blood – then ran from his car in a desperate, last ditch bid to save her life.

But he was hit by the blade which pierced his liver, narrowly missing his heart and other major organs.

Eyewitnesses told how the retired mine rescue worker indicated to his wife that he was ‘okay’ as he lay on the ground wounded.

The pensioner was taken to Leeds General Infirmary where he was said to be in a stable condition, his loving wife Doreen is at his bedside. Source

Now, if Kenny looks in his late 40’s/early 50’s then I am looking damn fucking good – even if I do say so myself.

Moreover, the photo is at least 10 year old if not more.

And why were all these photos taken around poppy day?

Course, coincidences abound in these amateur dramatics and we have another one here whereby it turns out that Kenny’s son is Cox’s old geography teacher! Source

Mind you, my suspicions in regard to Kenny were raised long before I found out about that coincidence and actually came about when I read that Cox was attacked on the pavement and consequently the equipment left behind by the paramedics – something that they only do in government play acts – in the middle of the road could not have been used on the MP.


Indeed, it was even said on one photo caption that the paramedics used the equipment as they worked on Kenny the Hero – although I am fucked if I can find the caption now that I need it.

Yet the abandoned medical equipment  – which helps press home the horror of the situation in your average dumb fuck’s mind – couldn’t have been for the hero of the hour.

You see the actor Colin Frith who fought terribly hard to stop the pensioner dying from what the police categorically stated as being “non-life threatening injuries” first encountered Kenny when he was laid out on a cafe floor… And since he wasn’t carried there – least no one has taken credit for doing so – it is safe to say he walked in there under his own steam.

The hero pensioner who tried desperately to fight off MP Jo Cox’s crazed attacker ‘blew a kiss to his wife’ to assure her he was okay as a dance teacher battled to save his life.

Bernard Kenny, 77, was stabbed in the stomach as he bravely wrestled with the attacker, who had shot the Labour MP three times and stabbed her.

But even as he clung to life, the have-a-go hero was thinking of others: eyewitnesses revealed he blew a kiss to his distraught wife Doreen, comforting her with the words ‘I’m alright’. 

Meanwhile, Colin Frith, a local dance teacher, was trying to save his life.

At this point, I should point out that Frith is not to be confused with Colin Firth… He is a fucking actor though… Do carry on Monkey-Man:

Mr Frith discovered Mr Kenny lying in his blood-stained t-shirt on the floor of a cafe moments after Ms Cox was shot and stabbed.

Told ya:

‘It was a crazy scenario. There was blood pouring from his wound and at one point I feared he was going to die,’ Mr Frith, 28, told MailOnline.

No one else did ya soppy cunt:

‘He was lying on the floor of a cafe and I was bandaging his chest and comforting him. 

‘We asked him gently what had happened outside but he didn’t say very much.

“We asked him gently”… Did you read him a poem whilst you were at it?

‘He just said “I was trying to help her”.’ 

It has since been revealed Mr Kenny had tried to tackle the attacker, who approached Mrs Cox as she made her way to a constituency surgery on Thursday.

It is thought he and his wife had gone into the town square to buy bananas.

The alternative version doing the rounds in the MSM is that Kenny’s wife, Doreen or Doe-My-Dear-My-Female-Dear as he likes to call her – probably – had taken a book back to the library:

‘I was setting up for the tea dance when Stan, my 85-year-old doorman, yelled for me to come outside,’ he said.

HA HA HA HA HA… Stan his EIGHTY FIVE year old doorman… Comedy gold:

 It was then he took cover in the cafe, Sandwich & Co, where the elderly man was lying on the floor.

I am fucking glad that he stated which Cafe he went into because there are 3 cafe’s in that short stretch of road – one of them very new which used to be the public bogs as it happens… Now whoever owns that is an astute business man. I mean you can imagine the fella driving down Market Street in his W reg Ford Mondeo with a hubcap missing, catching sight of the boarded up public toilets and thinking to himself:

“Hang about, there are only two cafes down this small stretch of road (ignoring the fact that one of them is right next door) I could buy that Khazi, turn it into a cafe and make a fucking packet”.


Nevertheless, what Frith is asking us to believe is that Kenny – having returned from the left with his bananas or Library book – sees Cox getting shot, stabbed, punched and kicked and probably having seen Stan-The-85-Year-Old-Doorman doing fuck all to help, the 77 year old King Kenny came over all Billy-Big-Bollox and intervened.

However, it all goes tits up and Kenny ends up with a “non-life-threatening wound” thus nearly getting stabbed to death. “Fuck that”, he thinks and out of 3 cafes to go and have a lie down in Clever Kenny picks the one furthest away.

At this point, as Kenny lies down on the cafe floor to blow Doe-His-Dear-His-Female-Dear a kiss, the Thespian, Frith minces out of his dance studio only to be told that there is a gunman who looks like Richard III on the loose, who is absolutely fucking bonkers… Over to you Colin Frith not to be mistaken with Colin Firth:

‘And I thought ‘ Why am I outside if there’s a gunman’ and started to panic.’ 

Thanks Frith.

And it was then that he took cover in the ‘Sandwich & Co’ cafe, where Kenny was lying on the floor.

The fact that he had to run past his own rather larger premises doesn’t seem to count for fuck all… Carry on ya lying traitor cunt:

‘I saw a man who I didn’t know laying on the floor with his hand to his chest, he was bleeding quite a lot and his shirt was soaked in blood. 

‘A number of people were around him and two girls were telling him to keep holding the wound. I ran back to my workplace to get my first aid kit.

Two doors away and without a thought for Rambo outside… Roger that:

‘Back at the cafe I lifted up the man’s shirt and could see it was a stab wound. I put any bandages I could grab as quickly around the wound which was between his rib cage and diaphragm area. 

‘Me, my friend Scott and the girls told him to lie still and told him we’d take care of him.’ Source

What is this? A fucking musical or are they all in a Choir?

Oh and Scott? Is he a ‘special’ friend Colin Frith not to be mistaken with Colin Firth? Is he… You know… Special?

Just askin’.


PHOTO: Colin Frith

I best also mention that there is not one single photo from those taken at the ‘crime scene’ that shows the Azzurro Coffee shop next to the Library… In fact it seems that the fraudsters have done their best to make sure that it isn’t in any photos.


Could it be that the photos were taken whilst the coffee shop was still being converted from the public shit houses?


You have been had.

Now despite there obviously being no need, Kenny was given a 24 hour armed guard at the hospital… So clearly the Pig Heads were thinking that if Mair’s perm takes, he may fight his way out of the tent and come and kill Kenny who ain’t as hard as he thought he was.

Indeed, the only other explanation for Kenny needing a 24 hour armed guard is that it is all total bollox.

Course, with the Mad [white resembling blue] Hatter being so fucking dangerous, the Pig Heads were also proper worried that the old fella – an apparent loner – may have called for one of his many friends to stage a breakout bid on his way to court… Meaning that armed police escorts were needed to form a convoy with the prison van… Thus making the amateur dramatics even more dramatic and a hell of a lot more amateur.

images (24)

Course, did you notice that the prison wagon must have pulled in from two different directions?

356BF60600000578-3647637-image-m-16_1466239050167 (1)_68426642_68426636aa1aa


Hold up!

A number 13 BMW, Metropolitan Police Car, registration number YH 63 BBO escorting Mair to court, whilst a Vauxhall, West Yorkshire Police Car, registration number YH 63 BHZ was investigating the road that Mair was arrested in… How coincidental!


I wonder what the registration number was of that number 13 BMW West Yorkshire Police Car that was parked in the road that Mair was arrested in, which had a road marking similar to part of that outside the London Court entrance and which had morphed from a Number 13  BMW 4×4 West Yorkshire Police Motor into the BMW Estate Car that we see in the photo below.



Returning now to stab victim Bernard Kenny and the fact that according to the Truthseeker Website he is supposedly dead does nothing for the old fanny’s credibility.

However, the Veterans Today website claims that the dead and nearly dead fellas are two separate Bernard Kenny’s both married to a Doreen and as such I would be very wary of the info on the Truthseeker site.

Nevertheless I still think that it is worthy of an inclusion if for nothing else than a record of how the drama unfolded:

The following is a machine translation from a Dutch website that elaborates on this fraud. Ed.

BREAKING: helper Jo Cox, 77 -year-old man named Bernard Kenny passed away in 2013

 Filed in NEWS ANALYSIS by Martin Vrijland on June 20, 2016

The 77 -year-old retired man Jo Cox would have helped according to testify against the attack of Thomas Mair , already appears to be deceased in 2013 . This is apparent from an obituary in the Yorkshire Evening Post . The best man can never have been on the scene of the accident . The myth of the saving hero is thus pierced at 1x . The myth of the murder of Jo Cox is thus also pierced.

Mr. Bernard Kenny would have been an ex- miner who would be in good condition and swimming every day . He was already a hero , because in 1973 he had been involved in a rescue operation in Lofthouse Colliery mine in West Yorkshire in England. Mr. Kenny would after his heroic act and attempt to save Jo Cox , were wounded and evacuated to a hospital in Leeds. But what now appears (and probably you will not even believe this, because it does not come from the mainstream media ) ? These Bernard Kenny is already deceased on January 21 , 2013. The following ad speaks for itself. Mr. Kenny now would indeed probably have been 77 , assuming that his birthday would have set the date of the alleged murder of Jo Cox. How likely is it that someone with the same name and the same age , from the same place?

This is hard evidence that the murder of Jo Cox is a hoax. Earlier evidence I reviewed all here, here and here. It is fully put in scene , which now appears clear from the fact that a hero character was invented in the form of an old miners hero . Unfortunately, now comes out that this man already no longer alive . This hoax bubble has been punctured !

The Truthseeker also published the following:


However, like I just said, I would advise caution on the above because the Monsters do like to leak disinformation and chuck a red herring or two into the mix which not only confuses people, who then give up trying to get to the bottom of the true facts and likewise it allows them to make us here in the AM look silly – which it would if the Bernard Kenny in the obituary above , despite being the right age, living in the right area and being married to a woman with the same name – who is also deceased –  does turn out to be – as the Veterans Today claim – a different Kenny.

However, by the same token – until you know for certain otherwise – do not dismiss the information as there could be damage limitation going on after a couple of crisis actors had been given the Kenny’s identities in order for them to appear legit… And besides, Bernard Kenny is not THE Bernard Kenny, whether dead or alive, that is for sure as you will find out further down the page.


12 – On the day that Cox was murdered I checked her Wikipedia page at around 9:20 PM only to find very little about her and what little there was, was mostly in regard to her murder.

Now according to Wikipedia the page had been updated at around 8:20 ish on the same day and as such it is fairly safe to say that either the page was created on that same day or it must have been one of the shortest pages on tat website.

Screenshot (5187)

Tellingly, when I had another look a couple of days later, there was a mine of information that appeared on her page, so someone has been busy.

Likewise, a quick look at the Chimps archives is interesting because not only could I not find any articles specifically about Cox prior to her murder – strange since she is touted as being a “rising star” – but also a couple of articles were ready to go before the attack had even taken place.


Mind you, this is not the first fraud that I have seen advertised prematurely.

14Photoshop, photoshop, photoshop… If everything is above board there is no need ever for the press to publish faked photos.

Course, as you will know if you are a regular reader, some press photos are ‘tweeked’ so as they can be ‘pyramided up’ – my name for what the Monsters obsessively do to photos so as they comply with their sacred geometry


PHOTO: Follow the lines and note how many edges or points that they cross. This is sacred geometry (pyramiding up). This photo will allow you to keep going with lines leaving nothing but tiny little triangles (pyramids). It truly is genius.

And of course you can pick anyone of the 100’s of press photographs and every single one will pyramid up

However, in this act of mass deception, it would appear that a bit more than tweaking is required in the photoshop department, suggesting that none of the events were what they seem. And with that in mind I have given you some examples below, but be mindful of the fact that these are but a few of the many depicting events different to what they were.

355F624B00000578-3644847-image-a-15_1466111941251 (1)Untitled9635690CE300000578-3646807-Thousands_of_people_gathered_for_a_vigil_in_Parliament_Square_in-a-7_1466205320933corbyn-hair_potd_3411993b

PHOTO: Corbyn wishes he was as tall as he is in the photos above this one

And before we go any further, I should also point out that the photoshopped mush in the purple top stood in the market square bogging at the fraud plodette can be seen in the photo below… Bogging at the fraud plodette.

3565D59F00000578-3646634-Pictured_arriving_for_the_memorial_today_were_from_left_Mr_Benn_-a-123_1466176905631 (1)

Now while there is never an excuse for photoshopping, the fact is I could go on and on showing you photos that have been altered in relation to Jo Cox’s death.

Indeed, the alterations go way, way beyond tarting photos up and that can only be because her death is nowhere near how it is portrayed – not that anyone actually even lost their life in the drama from what I can see.

In fact I doubt Cameron was even at Birdseye – or whatever the back of beyond is called – and I am absolutely positive that he was not in the House of Conmans when Stephen Kinnock was peddling his propaganda… Cameron is an actor working to a script and I have repeatedly said over the past year and a half that he is a spent force and Nicola Sturgeon is the one to watch.

Therefore, although I am somewhat surprised at the outcome of Weetabix … Ready Brek … Breakfast … leaving Europe, you can be sure that Cameron knew the result and knew he was going.

Yet all the same, the fact that we are leaving shows just how hard the Monsters are to second guess, but I do not believe for one second that the outcome was anything other than what it was supposed to be. Indeed, had the Monsters not have wanted to leave then the votes would have been counted that way.

After all, that is why the voting was around the 50-50 mark – certainly much easier to rig than the skullduggery that went on with the last general election.

Indeed, the more people that voted the easier it would be to rig, hence a 72% turn out making the 33 million voting figure correct compared to the 66% voting figure in the last general election of which 37% of the vote (11 million) went to (was allocated to) Cameron.

And dont forget that there was many more choices for voters in the general election as opposed to the ‘IN’ or ‘OUT’ vote on Europe.

Yet did 72% of those eligible to vote really do so? Personally I doubt it very much and even if they did or didn’t, do you really believe that for just over every two people who voted one of them voted to stay in Europe?

Because at 48.1% against 51.9%, that is what it boils down to. Only a difference of 1.3 million votes which when you compare that figure with the 11 million votes given to Cameron at the General Election, it is safe to conclude that he was gifted far more votes than the 1.3 million difference in the country’s egg-shit from the EU.

Indeed, I find the fact that we have left extremely chilling especially as the NWO plans involve dividing the world up into zones with the EU being one of them. Course there is still no stopping them from having the EU and UK as a zone which is no different when you think about it to America, Canada and Mexico forming another zone.

Therefore, there is no reason why the Monsters cannot continue to press ahead with their plans with no other real ‘rethink’ needed.

So, as far as I can see the fact that we have left can only be for sinister reasons which I would imagine one of the main ones will be our human rights.

Indeed, Cameron has been trying to rid the country of them since 2010 under the guise of half a dozen terrapins that the country could not sling out… Total fucking tosh in other words.

And now there is fuck all to stop them violating the human rights of every man, woman and child in the country and Dog help the Muslims, those seeking justice, those on benefits, the sick and dissidents because they (we) are all in for a harder time than the hard time we are already experiencing… The stooge Thomas Muir being an example.

I mean, if the play act were real, at best we have a case of a known mental patient – who asked for help on the night before the murder, but didn’t get it – let loose on the streets to his own devices, by the same party which first started the “care in the community” bollocks (which left the Monsters free to close down mental hospitals and other mental elf services), and then having committed the murder he is quickly diagnosed as being fit to plead and sent for trial as a terrapin… And everyones okay with that!

As for those out of work, EU employment law is out of the window opening up the prospect of being no better than a slave with no real welfare system to fall back on… Work, like it, or starve by any other name.

Moreover, the UK is a place of no backbone to stop the rot setting in. And by that I mean that at least in the EU we were all in the same boat and the Europeans are a lot more likely to rise up and say “fuck that shit” whereas alone, the nation will accept whatever is chucked at them with a ‘terrifying’ low grumble thrown in for the authorities to take no notice of whatsoever.

The people have NOT spoken, it is NOT the beginning of the end for the Monsters, things are not going to improve for us – on the contrary they are going to get worse which has fuck all to do with trade agreements – and come the Johnson Slob, then you know for sure that our worst nightmares are going to become reality within the next 10-15 years, you mark my words.

I mean you don’t really believe that BoJo has no interest in being top-dog do you?

Unfortunately it would seem that in the interim we are doomed to get an unelected transvestite, Prime Mincer for the time being.


Are those two clowns really the best that we have to offer as Leadershit material? … The cuntry really is fucked.

And to put the icing on the cake for the Monster scum, they made fucking millions on the stock market out of the shock victory for Britvic… Brer Rabbit… Or whatever stupid fucking name that the leave camp called themselves.

Rather like 9/11 really.

Meantime, Cameron’s role in the play is at an end and he can now rake in millions for the use of his Primer Mincer name whilst going back to being plain old Andrew Roberts, Writer, Historian and committed Zionist.

maxresdefault (3)dave_marg_2195889bgh

Smug cunt! But just so as y’know, y’know, the reason Roberts signed up to be Prime Mincer is because he really is a Monster… Take a butchers at the following.


After all, if Cameron’s background was legit then why the need to photoshop his classmates into school photos?

Indeed I did touch upon the subject in my article Posh Thugs and Perverted Mugs – if you haven’t read it, you really ought to… It’s very good even if I do say so myself.

I did in fact cotton on ages ago that Cameron’s past was invented – his school years, the fucking lot. He has no barrister brother, Alistair… HE is his brother Alistair


However, any rumours that Cameron Roberts is also the virtually unknown mainstream actor, Todd Allen Durkin are absolute nonsense – Probably.


PHOTO: Cameron and Durkin

Now according to Wikipedia:

Todd Allen Durkin is an actor, known for Every Witch Way(2014), Golf Balls! (1999) and Bessie (2015).

But I have never fuckin’ heard of him so best to be on the safe side and have a closer look at him thinks I.


Woops! That is a bit awkward especially so since Todd Allen Durkin had a part in a comedy series which had an episode called “Cameron Rules” – although remember, the former Prime Mincer/Historian and the actor are not necessarily one and the same.

Indeed they could be clones, in fact to me Durkin the Donut looks more likely to be a Matthew Perry clone than a Cameron Copy.

On the other hand albeit more improbable but not impossible, they could all come from the same sperm donor… Which according to the Henry Makow’s website,  sperm donors are chosen by the Monsters to impregnate slaves who are then murdered after giving birth.

In fact Vladimir Putin is named as one such spunk-punk:

“Vladimir Putin has a long history as a Royal Arch Freemason. He is “a puppet – always has been. You only have to look into his vacuous eyes to see that. – how much ECT does it take to run a Puppet-President? Quite a bit, I would imagine.” He also was a cross dresser & boy toy to current MI-6 Director John Scarlett.” 

“Putin was chosen as a DNA sperm donor within this Royal ‘zygote’ project and had then been ordered by the Masonic body to copulate with various British female agents, whilst in Berlin. The zygotes were then ‘collected’ and the young woman involved, was subsequently murdered. Stephen Daldry [the film Director] had organized various victims to be sent to Berlin for exactly this purpose. He has also boasted of listening to them (bugged rooms) being murdered, during this period. Cameras were also placed in the TV sets for the Royal Arch Freemasons to view afterward – in essence, ‘snuff movies’. By 1993, the Royal Arch Freemasons had no further use for Mr Putin in terms of information or DNA and therefore, he was expendable – Royal Arch Freemason or not.”  Source

That article is disturbing to say the least but well worth a read and indeed, the McCann’s are also given a mention which really doesn’t surprise me as I know lots about them too.

And before you go saying that Roberts cannot be Cameron because of the hairline, do not be so naive… Not that Cameron has a forward hairline unless it is put there for him… Take a butchers.


See? His hairline is just like our war-time leaders, as in; miles away from the fucking front.

He must be a dirty bastard though because he had the exact same shirt, suit and tie on when he went to Birstall on the 17th which, as it happens was the same day that the photo with Merkel appeared – meaning that the snappy-snap wasn’t taken that day.

Worse still, following his trip to Birdshite, he still had the exact same attire on 4 days later when he was photoshopped paying tribute to Cox in the House of Conmans.


And at the 7/7 memorial day.


And I just so happened to stumble across another photo of grimey neck wearing the same clothes…


So he wore them on the 16th too… BASE! How low can you go, how low can you go?


15All of the usual lack of grief was on show from the immediate family.

Course, we have already heard about the strange posts that Brendan Cox released along with photoshopped snappy snaps of his wife before it was even announced that she had died.

He then supposedly went camping with his two young children and while I agree with the “trying to keep it together for the kids” sentiment, would a man who has just lost his wife in a horrible way really have gone camping with a 5 and 3 yr old?… To listen to the dawn chorus?

Mind you, he may have taken the bird who was in the photoshopped dinghy with him and who some papers are now trying to pass off as his wife, camping with him… After all, she was there on wednesday when they sailed the ‘Yorkshire Rose’ down the thames with Cox’s kids looking very happy to accept her as a replacement mother.


She cannot be the ‘Nanny’ I wouldn’t have thought especially with the allegations levelled at Brendan’s wandering hands.

She does however look a little like the actress Gillian Anderson who along with the actor Bill Nighy delivered a tearful public address in tribute to Jo… Why the weepy-eyed Anderson was brought in to pay tribute to Cox – other than an ulterior motive – is anyones guess, but to me seems as suspect as the fact that US President Bollock Obama rang Brendan to offer him his condolences


It is however hard to get an accurate comparison because of the boat-birds apparent shyness – or the MSM’s orders not to release any full on face photos of her.

And indeed those few photos which do show the boat-birds face – taken from long distance – are photoshopped.


I mean for instance, in the above photo of the boat-bird she has a double ear and extended chin – now why the fuck would that be?

That photo was taken from the one below which looks more like a happy family outing than anything else.


Nevertheless, the comparison photo below is the only other photo that I could muster up for the boat-bird and Anderson – very strange given the amount of photos that she is in.


The boat bird also reminds me of JK Rowling and I have to add that my intuition tells me that she is involved somewhere along the line.

I will also add that it is that same intuition that has enabled me to discover information used in previous articles by finding it via a seemingly unconnected topic to whatever it was that I was writing about at the time.

Course, regular readers will know that JK Rowling is a mind controlled puppet and only the face of the Harry Potter stories if they have read the article about her written by John Hamer, which I published on this site in late 2014.

In that article found HERE, John wrote:

Joanna Rowling is a mind controlled Monarch slave, selected to be the author of the stories because she is a single parent and as part of the Tavistock Institute/Frankfurt School controlled plot to subvert society by promoting its extreme (homo)sexualisation, feminism and the ‘positives’ of single parent status.

She is a member of the Fabian Society and the Church of Scientology. The Church of Scientology is of course a CIA-run front for the Royals, Rockefellers and Rothschilds, in other words the Elite.

And despite the alterations made to the Boat-Bird’s features – especially her lug holes – she does nevertheless compare quite well with Rowling.


Not too bad at all when you consider JK’s deformed ear, and Boat-Birds double ear and fake chin.


I mean, why would they even bother changing a persons ears or digitally fucking them up on large photos, let alone small ones if not to stop people comparing that person with another? In turn, the person with the altered wing-nuts must be someone other than whom they claim to be.

And funnily enough, Hilary Clinton worked for the couple who were Rowling’s Handlers, which is documented in an article that I tagged on to John Hamer’s article about JK.

Future First Lady & Senator Hillary Rodham while at Wellesley College. (Photo by Lee Balterman//Time Life Pictures/Getty Images)

PHOTO: The then Hilary Rodham  and her handlers

And of course, Hilary at the very least shared the same gene-pool as murdered Swedish MP Anna Lindh , whose death was almost a prototype for  that of Jo Cox’s – Scandinavian country again see, but that will be just another one of those coincidences.

Indeed, if Lindh’s death was a faked act, she could indeed be either Bill’s Hills or Messer Schmidt – who is also from the same gene-pool and nearly 10 years younger than Lindh:


How fucking freaky is that? Although you are best not trying to work out what the fuck is going on with Bill’s Hill’s eyelid.

And just like Sturgeon and Rowling’s, Hills has also been vocal about Cox’s death:

I am horrified by the assassination of British MP Jo Cox, murdered earlier today in her district in Northern England. By all accounts, she was a rising star. It is cruel and terrible that her life was cut short by a violent act of political intolerance.

“It is critical that the United States and Britain, two of the world’s oldest and greatest democracies, stand together against hatred and violence. This is how we must honour Jo Cox — by rejecting bigotry in all its forms, and instead embracing, as she always did, everything that binds us together.”

Said the Evil, Satanic,Monster! Mind you that is exactly the type of old bollox that you would associate with a political puppet when referring to a government sponsored shit-package.

Therefore it is hardly surprising that the Cox shit-package is crammed full of the old fanny.


Blimey! Never heard that one before… Indeed it is no wonder that the Chimp and other shite-rags are staffed by monkeys. I mean you need a good imagination to be a journalist and the Monkey-Kuntz are certainly lacking in that department.

And whilst there is no doubt that Brendan Cox’s reaction to his wife’s murder is at best bizarre, Jo’s families were not much better, seemingly more than happy to parade themselves in front of the world’s press anywhere that there was a high profile remembrance bash being held for their ‘daughter’.


I repeat: These people are not who they claim to be.


16 – The relatives grief was in total contrast to the crocodile tears sickeningly shed – or not as the case may be – by our psychopathic MP’s and the general public whose photos depicted them as being absolutely shattered and in-bits despite most having probably not even heard of Cox… Then again, in these government play acts the good old MSM is always on hand to tell the public how to react… Not forgetting all of our MP’s vouching for how shattered the nation is – well two thirds of them anyway.


I could have gone on and on with that batch but time does not allow. So to lead us into the seventeenth and final point, I will just add the photo of the MP Sadist Khan – a traitor to his race and religion, whose job appears to be keeping an eye on the crisis actors drafted in to play the cry-baby-buntins.



17 – Crisis actors a plenty have been used in the fraud, especially for dropping off flowers and being in bits at St Jo’s murder:


Incidentally, for further proof look at her glasses in the Kirklees Council photo and compare them with the glasses worn by the tearful bird that I compare with Kimbo. You see, it turns out that she is a political actor… Of whom there are plenty.

Especially when it comes to religion.

I mean there are “men/women of god” who are willing to take part in govt frauds, devoid of any guilt, whilst hypocritically ignoring the gross conflict of interest… But then again, these pillocks of society no doubt know that they were selling the ultimate conspiracy theory to the masses in the first place.


Course, the Glasgow Bin-Lorry-Bollox has a perfect example of one such man of god, namely the Archbishop of Glasgow.


Unfortunately, the corrupt British [in] justice system prevents me naming more.

There were however THREE very good examples of turds touching cloth in this fraud.

The first of those was our “man of the people” Jeremy Corbyn who played the Rev-Head, Paul Raven.


Jeremy Raven held a Service for Cocks – where strange as it may seem, what with the huge number of people apparently attending church these days – hardly anyone was there.



Now the second of these frauds was someone that I originally thought was Diane Abbott when I first saw her walking with dinosaurs flowers, in Birstall alongside Cameron-Roberts, Girly-Name Benn, Little-Legs Burk-Cow and Mad Abbott’s former lover, Paul Corbyn-Raven.

However, this old bird turned out to be Rev-Head, Rose Hudson-River or whatever it is that Rose Hudson-Wilkin is called. And just so ya know, ya know, Hudson-River is apparently gods go-between for our MP’s.

5000_Jeremy-Corbyn-and_3442911b-large_trans++pJliwavx4coWFCaEkEsb3kvxIt-lGGWCWqwLa_RXJU8 (1)

And as an aside, the top photo of the above batch is another picture that reminds me of the photos taken on the 7/7 memorial day, for obvious reasons depicted in the photo below


Nowt much changes does it?

Course, it is not unfair to say that Hudson-River has played a very large part in perpetuating the Cox fraud by not only dropping off flowers at the makeshift memorial – although fuck knows why the library wasn’t used – but by also servicing our MP’s after the fraud recalling of Parliament, as well as being a shoulder to cry on for the politicians chosen to run the Cox Caper.

357DDFE700000578-3650559-image-a-118_1466452558311 (1)

As it happens, the Library wasn’t suitable to lay flowers outside despite it being located on the required sacrificial slope. I mean the Monsters would have been limited in the flowers that they could photoshop without having to show the construction work taking place on the Azzurro Coffee Cafe next door.

But anyway, lets cut to the chase with the following photo batch.


Nuff Said.

Our third and final Holy-Jo fits in nicely with the Girls Will Be Boys, Will be Girls, Will Be Boys agenda.

To help clarify that point, take a butchers at the following photo.


You can watch the video by clicking HERE, but can ya tell who it is yet?


Okay, have a butchers at this next batch of photos:


For a detailed explanation of the Latex Skin & Implants click HERE

So can ya fuckin’ tell who it is yet?


Okay, have a butchers at this next batch of photos.


I betcha didn’t see that coming?

However, to understand why these people never seem to quite reach the 100% mark on the comparison site is of course mainly down to the photoshopping; as in digitally altering some part of a person’s face in order to create another – although I have noticed that subtle changes won’t register or make any real difference to the percentage.most of the time.

Course, the comparison site obviously works via a measurement system and even though I have said it before, I will say it again: It is a hell of a lot better than people give it credit for, especially when playing it straight… Which unfortunately the monsters never, ever do.

Now I think that I have told you in a previous article about what I call “The Line”, but if not “The Line” or even “Lines” is/are a cut off point on a photograph of a person’s face which is marked with an almost invisible line (vertical or horizontal but never diagonal), dividing the face into two or more sections… Depending on how many lines there are.

The purpose of these ‘lines’ are so as if you were to crop the photo along the line you could then take the required section, overlay it onto another ‘lined’ facial photo (obviously lining the half section up with the line on the face that you are overlaying it onto) and it would fit perfectly, thus creating a whole new person… And just like the photos that ‘pyramid up’, it really is extremely clever and way beyond most people’s ability to do.

I trust that you all understood that?

Course you did, but for the benefit of the hard of fact grasping bods, I best just simplify that explanation a bit more… If that is even possible.

Okay, try this: Do you remember that you used to be able to buy childrens books where the [cardboard] pages were all evenly cut into 3 sections so as you could make different people’s faces by turning 1 or 2 of the 3 different page segments to a different page? Of course you fucking do, in fact they are probably still selling them.

John Lennon did in fact do the exact same thing for the cover of his vinyl album ‘Walls and Bridges’.


Well that is a very basic version of what the [extra clever] Monster’s minions are doing, and I do indeed have hundreds of photos of household names whose picture contains the “line” or “lines” within my photo archive.

Course, I am not talking about press photographs taken when say for instance, The Duck of Edinburgh was visiting a factory, because that would be practically impossible to add a “line” to as the pose of each person obviously has to be exactly the same.

You see, those kind of press photos – when the person in the picture is being passed off as someone else and there is no line – rely on the skill of the photoshopper and not the line joiner, which is why you see a lot of fucked-up noses and ears published by the useless, lazy cunts, who are slapdash in the extreme.

Therefore when it comes to the “line”, I am talking about an official/promotional photo kind of thing.

Indeed, it will be easier if I show you.


Everybody okay so far? Good, I knew you would be.

Now,no doubt you are asking yourselves what all this has to do with Jo Cox  – which would be reasonable, although given Jean Leadbeater’s bird to man face it ain’t that difficult to work out… You will have to forgive my sarcasm, writing these sort of articles tends not bring out the best in my usual sunny nature..

However, for the benefit of the thicko’s, I can assure you that this is extremely relevant so if you just bear with me, it will all come together.

Oh and before I forget, you can get the lowdown on Peter Rippon by clicking  HERE

Okay, now back to the original photos of The Duck and David Essex that I am going to use by way of example.

And obviously The Duck is real, he exists and is one of the most evil men on earth. However, he is human – not a reptilian or alien or any different in make-up than me and thee… Put another way: Wherever our ancestors came from, be it Earth or any other planet, Phil the Duck is from the same place.

Likewise, David Essex exists, he too is human albeit a lot further down the chain of command than the duck.

The Duck is 27 years older than Essex and there is no mistaking which is which in the photo below, although the pose that they are in should give quite a good score on the comparison site.


There ya go see.

And that is because the photographs have been manipulated so as they can slot together on the line, which is not exclusive to just these two photographs… Indeed there are many.

Now watch and learn.


Now, Phil & Dave’s hybrid – Dil as I shall call him – could easily be the mush photoshopped in the above pic… I’m not saying that it is, but this is what they do – this is how they make money for nothing.

I mean how much would a Royal Protection Officer earn per year? Surely £50,000- £75,000? That is a lorra money just to photoshop the odd snap shot here and there.

And of course Prince Ed D’Ball doesn’t need protection officers any more than our MP’s do. Indeed, as I have proved in the past, the Royals are photoshopped into events and do not actually attend the vast majority of them which they are credited with doing.

In fact, the odd looking Duck higher up is like I said, probably only the top half of the head done so as he appears to be at an event he never really attended… There is a lot of money to be made from that too, as it doesn’t come cheap to send a royal to an event that he/she never really attended.

I mean there is travel expenses for transport that they haven’t really used. There are staff and security wages to be paid to those who mostly only exist in photos… And so on and so on. Course, The Duck (or whoever) appears in the newspapers, in a photo of him saying a few words into a mic at the event, that in reality he was nowhere near.

Indeed, the above photo of Rock Steady Eddie and his Princess Di Clone, is a perfect example of a fraud, with the two fellas in the dark suits behind them being one and the same person with alterations /added heads. I mean you only need look at their left hands and the cut-off point to realise that fact.

Meantime ‘Dil’ or whoever the fuck that he is made up from, is also the other fella across the road (whom I shall call Nil), who looks rather pissed to be honest – or at least his body does. The head will be another made up face with a dead person’s I.D.

So, this photo alone takes the earnings of whoever owns Dil & Nil up to £150,000 a year (£75 Grand x 2), plus whatever he is charging for the mush x 2 in the blue suits… Understand?

And as for our MP’s, well they are actors playing multiple roles. Indeed, if they were busy earning their money they would not have time to do their other jobs.

In fact it really is a case of money for nothing as in 30 years of living in Rochford I have never seen my old MP Teddy Taylor and I have only seen Jimmy Duddasfuck the once – in Rochford Square when he was after being re-elected… No bodyguards with him mind.

I did however actually see the Southend West MP, Sir David Amess shopping for flowers in Tesco once. Moreover, not one single person bothered him yet he didn’t have a single security officer watching his back, although he did have an ordinary, low-paid Tesco Bod helping him to make his choice.

So, when our MP’s are given a huge allowance for security in the wake of Jo Cox’s death, do you think that it will be spent on that? Will it fuck!

Now, let’s have a comparison of Phil & Dil and Dave & Dil, bearing in mind that last time Phil compared a respectable 61% with Dave.


Ain’t that just typical! I never meant to get 100%  and could probably not do so again. Indeed, the 80-85% mark was the result I was looking for to demonstrate why you rarely get a 100% match with crisis actors playing two different roles.

And like I say, I have fucking hundreds of these photos of famous people sharing facial parts with other famous people. I mean, how many times have you heard someone say that they met such and such a knob-ed celeb and ‘they looked fuck all like their photo’? … You now have the answer.

Moreover, by ‘bending’ the knob-ed celebs features making them all look the same, the scope for earnings is huge and as a double bonus, it confuses the masses allowing the Monsters to use multiple people to play just the one person… Which is EXACTLY how they brought Jo Cox to life… Not hard work for multiple people to pull off over the course of a year.

Course, Cox is not the first, with Diana: Princess of wales being brought to life in the exact same way. However, before I show you the proof of that, take a look at the following photo batches.


And if I was to say to you, for instance, that George Martin looks like Clint Eastwood or that Little Willie looks like Paul Newman you would reply bollox… But they do in the Monsters new concept of photography.


And you think, “how the fuck can that be because Little Bald Willie looks fuck all like Paul Newman”… Does he?


Well apparently he does… Moreover, Newman was married to Joanne Woodward – who looks fuck all like Gold-Digger-Smith… Does she?

2abd97fd35918db0598ff9949ff3117d (1)

You are probably thinking “coincidence” right? But nothing cept NOTHING happens by coincidence where the Monsters are concerned… In fact your mission for today is to check out photos of the young King Juan Carlos of spain and his wife and compare them to Bald Willie and Gold-Digger-Smith.


Everything is a stage show, where everyone looks the same until it becomes impossible to tell fact from fiction.


I will also repeat my claim about Jimmy Savile & The Duck being one and the same and them/him being the main template for Peter Sutcliffe’s appearance. Moreover, I have detailed exactly how it would be possible in my article Who The Fuck Are you.

And of course I can understand that a lot of people find the concept of Savile and the Duck being as one hard to comprehend… But try and keep up and you will get there in the end.

Indeed, opening your eyes is a good place to start although I appreciate that opening your mind can take an awful lot fucking longer.

But you only need LOOK – as in properly – at the comparison photos of the pair, then add that to the strange relationship between Savile and the Royals, whilst asking yourself where Savile got his wealth from, and bear in mind that they were both very fit men who like outdoor pursuits with a rigid military theme… And then ask yourself why it couldn’t be true?

In fact Savile could well have been ‘killed off’ because of the rapid decline in the Duck’s health over the past 10 years… Playing Savile could have been getting too much for him.

Indeed, do ask yourself why you don’t think it is possible. Then if having PROPERLY read what I have written on the subject and you cannot find a major flaw in my explanation of how it would be possible, you then need to ask yourself if the reason that you do not want to accept my findings is because you would feel silly buying into such a conspiracy?

98358626_saville_342406c2wWhen Louis Met Jimmy TV programme April 2000 Sir Jimmy SavileaaDuke_of_Edinburgh_33_Allan_WarrenaDuke_of_Edinburgh_33_Allan_Warrenaa

Now with all that in mind, Let’s go back to Jean Leadbeater and the Vicar who scored a lowly 61% for two people whom I claim are the same person.


Course, I expect that you are now wondering how the video of the Vicar can sound just like a man speaking if he is really a she, which is a very fair point… Albeit very easy to answer.

You see, the Monsters did the exact same thing back in 1997 with interviewees talking about the Princess Diana fraud – only unbeknownst to us, our eyes and ears were deceiving us because it was not them speaking, it was somebody else speaking for them.

This is called Real-time Expression Transfer for Facial Reenactment and twenty years after Diana’s faked death this sinister technology was made public to us, which is a consistent timeline with what we know about the elites having access to modern gadgetry at least a quarter of a century before we get to know about it.


Now I call this mind-blowing technology, “sinister” because being a victim of police and security service harassment myself I was quick to latch onto how Real-time Expression Transfer for Facial Reenactment could easily be used to stitch people up.

More alarmingly still, this wizardry which literally puts words into peoples mouths is at least 25 years old so I dread to think how advanced it has become now.


You can witness this jaw dropping feat of technology for yourself in a 7 minute Youtube video found HERE

Moving on.

Now for me, one of the most obvious crisis actors was the very vocal, camera loving witness given the name Sam Watson.


PHOTO: Sam Watson

Course, I doubt that Watson is very familiar to you but as one of the fake victims – probably the least talked about to boot – of the Shoreham-Air-Crash-Flight-Shite his face to me was instantly recognisable as being that of Richard Smith’s.


PHOTO: Richard Smith

The problem is of course the same old same old, inasmuch as they have both had their features digitally altered… But to be honest I have never come across a PA photo that hasn’t been altered in some way.

Nevertheless, Richard has had the shape of his jawline altered and narrowed, his ear pointed and his eyes widened although none to an extreme where he looks unrecognisable…  Those type of photo are the ones that are proper blurred and shite in the press.

Course, with the time and care given over to altering Richard’s features it is hardly surprising that there is just the one photo of him readily available on the internet.

And the reason for the alteration in the Shoreham-Shite as far as I can see was the fact that Richard – or his character – also played Shoreham victim, Daniel Polito.


PHOTO: Daniel Polito

Daniel is photoshopped just about everywhere from the nonsensical background to his right eye, right cheek, inexplicable throat, his left jaw line, ear (there is only thin air holding the lower earring in), hair above his ear and left eyebrow. I did however touch the right side of his chest in, just so as the white triangle left when I tilted the photo to bring him upright didn’t act as a distraction… So, needless to say that there are not too many photos of Polito floating about on the internet either.

However, in the case of Sam Watson – witness extraordinaire – the photoshopping is a lot easier to detect due to the photos being screenshots taken from the video footage.


Indeed a quick inspection reveals plenty of blurred areas such as his ear and right eyebrow , an unnatural sheen across the bridge of his nose, and a horizontal line starting at the far end of his left eyebrow just below the top of it (where the blurring is), which then travels across and through his right eyebrow.

Mind you, the fuzzy facial outline would have done it for me on its own. I mean don’t forget that he was being filmed by a professional news crew using the best film equipment available and as such the footage should be crystal clear.

Nevertheless, I persevered looking for another photo and as luck would have it Smith is on Linked-In… although Dog knows why his profile is still active.

Untitled72Yet quite why Smith thought that photo would be a good one for his profile picture is beyond me.

Nevertheless, Sam Watson also managed to covertly show his contempt for his fellow man.


And fuck you too, ya fucking knob-cheese sandwich.

Another Shoreham Crisis Actor making an appearance in the Jo Fraud is the fella who played Paramedic Steve Anderson in the Flight-Shite.


PHOTO: Steve Anderson

Anderson was playing the part of a police Men-Who-Point-A-Lot (see photo below), although it is hard to tell for definite as there is only the one photo and that is not particularly good.

355BDC4700000578-3645321-image-m-19_1466096483325 (1)

Nevertheless, there is a definite likeness as you can see from the photo below, which is not my only reason to suspect Anderson’s involvement.


Neither does my suspicion lay with the fact that the coppers face has been altered to such an extent that the comparison website will not even recognise him as having a face – which I suspect is to do with the photoshopped diagonal line of his suit or mask (fuck knows which of the two it is), stretching from his nose to his bottom lip.

Moreover, fuck knows how he is speaking into his mobile phone held in his gloved right hand, begging the question of how many gloves does he want since he is holding more than one glove in his left hand… The ungloved hand that he really should have been holding the phone with.

And along with the digitally fucked-up ear you can only come to the conclusion that this Men-Who-Point-A-Lot is not whom his fancy-dress suggests him to be.

Which is the basis for my suspicion about him. You see, Steve Anderson is also a ringer for Bernard Kenny, the newly appointed Hero of the hour.


Now given what I have told you about the compare website and the way that the Monsters create new people I hope that you are not thinking that a comparison score of between a 69% and 72% is not ‘all that‘, although obviously it wouldn’t be if we were comparing two people in untouched photos.

However, given that both Kenny & Anderson are digitally altered to quite an extent it is a wonder that the percentage was so high.

in fact the photo of Kenny that I have used is just about the best quality, least fucked-up photo of him that I could find… However, have a look at it below and see if you can notice what the piss taking monsters have done to it?


Did ya clock it? They have taken advantage of the fella behind him, and used his ear to turn Kenny’s ear into one big fucked-up ear.

They have also altered his nose and added bushy grey eyebrows.

Indeed I would bet that had he had his normal nose on instead of the reduced version, old Kenny would become old Jack Sweeney, who as you doubtlessly know was killed in the Glasgow Bin-Lorry-Bollox.


Nevertheless, let’s cut the crap; I believe Bernard Kenny is Jo Cox’s old man. This would explain why Leadbeater has a one side fits all face.


It’s certainly the first time that I have ever seen anyone with teddy-bear ears… They – or I should say; it – is obviously false, as in deliberately fucked-up digitally.

And the reason that he looks drugged up is because his eyes are too close together as tends to happen when you split someones head photo down the middle, take the one half and reverse it and then put the two [same] sides of the head back together.

Meantime, the photo of Leadbeater’s face below is made up of a load of cut and paste box overlays.


As I am sure you can see… If you can’t look to his left eye on the right side of the photo and you can see a straight vertical line where the cut and paste section has been added over the original eye.  It is then possible to follow the outline of the added cut and paste section which takes in both eyes.

These cut and paste eyes would be the closer together version and as you can see they have also been lowered slightly. As for the tip of his nose goes, well again you can see the added overlay section but the drawn-in nostrils just make a really amateur job look like it has been carried out by a child.

Nevertheless, despite the horrendous alterations made to both Leadbeater and Kenny, their comparison results are very interesting.


Indeed, both consistent and too high scoring for there to be nothing in it from my experience.

After all, you only need ask yourself why there was any need to photoshop either fella in the first place?

Then there is the bird in the red coat who tagged along as an obvious member of the Leadbeater family (handler) yet was not identified in any of the newspapers… Kinda like the bird in the boat with Brendan Cox: She is there but she will be ignored.

It was however obvious that she is disabled in some way since she is using a crutch – unless she is just swinging the leadbeater – yet she too is photoshopped although that is concentrated mainly on her hair.

I did however gain the impression by reading between the lines that she is meant to be the overtly happy, Kimbo Leadbeater’s bird.

You will remember that Kimbo is Jo Cox’s younger sister… Allegedly


As an aside, I did like Kimbo’s reason for Brendan Cox not being there. She said:

‘I want to start by saying thank you, this is unbelievable and we appreciate this massively, as does Brendan who is not here today because he is looking after the children. Source

Understandable I suppose. I mean what was Brendan supposed to do? Leave the kids in London? After all, it is natural that the grandparents and Auntie would not want the kids around to draw comfort from them, and maybe take some of the strain off their grieving son-in-law.

And I feel sure that the kids would have hated the idea of seeing their ‘loving’ grannie and gramps.

That is assuming that Brendan and Jo were really married. I mean if Wikipedia don’t even know the year that they wed let alone the date, there is something a bit fishy going on.


Course, if the Cox’s were not really married that fact too would explain the photoshopped wedding photos.

I mean look at her, she really is literally transparent – something that I have not encountered since writing about a Henri Paul CCTV sequence.


Mind you, Henri Paul also went to his own funeral.

Image ref 279058AZ. Copyright Rex Shutterstock No reproduction without permission. Please see for more information.

Before going back to spying at the Ritz as though nothing had ever happened.


But surely the Monsters would not allow something similar for Cox… Would they?

stream_img (1)

Nah, probably not although the bird in the inset is also an actor and that particular bunch of flowers does get carried around a lot by various different people.

Here, have a butchers at these


I mean, why the fuck would he need to be carrying them? After all, the square wasn’t closed off to the public.


Now the following is what Fazila Astwat (Jo Cox’s assistant) said of the attack on her boss… Through her dad mind, since she was far too distressed to do so, despite the above photos telling a different story:

The MP left the car first, and when Miss Aswat followed her shortly afterwards she was confronted by a horrific scene.

‘When she came out to the other side (of the car) she saw Jo lying on the floor, full of blood,’ Mr Maniyar said.

‘She was in shock. When she saw the blood, she tried to help. And she says: “Come on Jo, get up.”

‘And Jo said – these are the last words she spoke to my daughter – she said: “I can’t make it, I’m in too much pain.”’

Mr Maniyar said the gunman had stepped away – possibly because passers-by were trying to tackle him – before coming back.

‘My daughter tried to hit him with the bag and he pointed his knife at her, but he did not attack my daughter,’ he said. ‘But he shot Jo again, in front of my daughter.’

He added: ‘Jo was in a terrible condition. My daughter said she could tell she was very seriously injured.’

He told ITV News her attacker ‘must [have been] waiting outside where the surgery happens’.

Describing his daughter’s desperate efforts to help, he added: ‘She could not do anything else. She tried to comfort her.

‘Then the police came, the air ambulance came, they took her to hospital. My daughter was a witness and her clothes were full of blood.’ Mr Maniyar said: ‘She is coming to terms with what happened but it will take time. They were very close, like sisters. But it’s not just my daughter who’s upset, the whole community is upset.

‘The beauty about Jo – I’ve been in this country for 55 years and I’ve seen many MPs in this area, but she’s unique. In one year she won the heart of the community. As a mother of two to do this job as well, she was a wonderful woman.

‘She was always smiling, I’ve never seen her angry. If somebody was angry, she would calm them down. That’s the type of person she was. I just think about her two beautiful children.’ Source

Funny that, as my MP, James Dudasfuck has been jovial and smiling every time I have seen him – which admittedly is only once in the 30 year that I have lived in the area and he would have been acting that way because he was canvassing for votes prior to an election… We didn’t speak.


Distressed: Fazila Astwat

Since then Dudasfuck has refused to even aknowledge that I exist… On the other hand, most people probably feel the same about him since the cunt does absolutely fuck all unless you want to hire him to come and open a fete or a packet of crisps, or any other event you care to mention.


Then again, having said that Dudasfuck never looks the same so it is difficult to tell if you have seen him or not. Furthermore, queer as it would seem, there are not many photos of him on Google and what little there is are either tiny or he is with various big black men.

Indeed, I wonder if I should question the fact that at any one given time he looks like either: Iain Drunken Smiff, Jack ‘finger in the pie’ Dromey, Willie ’embryo’ Hague or the transvestite, Michael Guff.


Very unusual especially since you can also add Neil Coyle, Simon Danczuk and Ed Balls to that number.


Now I should also point out that despite what the Monkey-Kuntz and the Chimp would have you believe, doppelgangers are extremely rare – we are estimated to have between one and six doubles in a world of over 7 billion people, with those from the Far-East boosting that average considerably.

Indeed it is all to do with DNA according to who reported that Michael Sheehan, an assistant professor of neurobiology and behavior at Cornell University stated in interview with the journal, Nature Communications that:

Human faces differ in their dimensions more than, say, hands vary in their widths and lengths. In addition, the scientists found that more genes are known to be linked to looks than to other areas of human anatomy.  

“Human faces are more variable than we would expect them to be based on how variable other body parts are,” Sheehan said.

A plausible reason for the varied visages is that humans, just like other social animals, benefit from being able to distinguish individuals in their species. That way, those who serve as benefactors, or who act like jerks, can be approached or shunned accordingly. “You care who’s who,” Sheehan said. 

Which is why family members – whilst not doubles – tend to look alike… Alastair & David Cameron being the exception apparently – if you believe the official story.

Indeed, goes on to state the bleedin’ obvious by saying that the closer in looks two people are, then the closer related they are.

And of Course we know that the Monsters are all inbred and indeed the higher up the pyramid these perverted incestuous families are, the more they resemble each other – the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers for example, even when they don’t share the surname or are supposedly not related.


Scrotebag Sleezeballz – the fucking lot of them.

Nevertheless, to get back on track, Fazila Atwat’s story is total bollox and James Dudasfuck will continue to remain invisible since I personally believe that of our 650 MP’s only around two thirds of them actually exist with the rest of them played by one of that number… And if you cannot see by now how that would be possible then you wanna stick to the MSM.

So returning  to Kimbo leadbeater’s potential girlfriend, AKA the bird in the red coat. Now to me (giving mind to the photoshopping), she looks as if she could be Maria Miller – the former Tory Culture Secretary forced to resign from Cameron’s Closet for committing money fraud.


The fraud – according to the Telegraph Newspaper –  pertains to the £90,000 that Miller claimed between 2005 and 2009  “for the mortgage and upkeep of a house in south London where her parents lived” and that being the case she was subsequently reported to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards.

Tellingly, Miller struggled to explain why she had stopped claiming for the mortgage just before the 2009 expenses scandal exploded in the press. Source 


Course, Cameron came out in support of Miller and made it known that he wanted the press to drop the matter… Well he would, wouldn’t he?

Worse still, that was after threats with a touch of blackmail thrown in had been issued to the Telegraph via Cameron’s spokesman, Craig Oliver, and Miller’s special advisor, Joanna Hindley – who reminded the newspaper of Miller’s role in enacting proposals in the Leveson report on press regulation… Very fuckng naughty in my humble opinion.

Mind you, Andy Cameron-Roberts denied any such threats had taken place forcing the Telegraph to release the tape recorded phone calls between them and the two government officials – the lesson there being; never threaten the spooks.

However, for the benefit of those who don’t know, the Telegraph is the propaganda wing of Military Intelligence (MI), controlled by the Monckton Family who are described as being “the consummate spy family”.

Indeed, in the final part of the Diana: Princess of wales trilogy I will offer you proof that Rosa Monckton – who helped muddy the waters contained within the Paget Report – is one of the many who played the fake princess as well as contributing her voice to the part.

Now interestingly enough, Maria Miller – the daughter of John Lewis –  is currently the Chairwoman of the Women and Equalities Select Committee (WESC)… Now we are getting there.

You see, you only have to look at WESC’s role to see that it was not formed with our well being in mind and is described by Wikipedia as being established:

Following the 2015 general election to examine the expenditure, administration and policy of the Government Equalities Office on equalities (gender, age, race, sexual orientation, disability and transgender/gender identity) issues.

Ahhh, part of the Gay and Transgender agenda then… Roger that, although I would rather not.

Miller was also the Minister for Disabled People from 2010 to 2012 – hence the crutch in the photos – and in 2012 urged David Cameron-Roberts to introduce same sex marriage in England and Wales – hence the GF Kimbo – despite either voting against or being absent for “all major LGBT rights votes” since becoming an MP. Source:Wikipedia

So she is still in the closet but not in the cabinet… Roger that.

Nevertheless, I am sure that the reason for Miller not being acknowledged in the Leadbeater MSM photos has far more to do with other matters than Miller’s privacy.

You see, although these government-backed-fraud incidents have multiple uses for the Monsters, the main – or one of the main – purposes of this particular one is the censorship of the internet supposedly because of trolls.

Therefore, think back to all of the female MP’s involved in this play-act… And it is no surprise that every single one of them is involved in the internet censorship agenda using online abuse as the catalyst.

This is why so much was made of the alleged online abuse that Cox was supposedly subject to and the inferences that she was murdered by the type of “madman” who would be the kind to involve himself with trolling:

Police have also revealed Mrs Cox had received threats of a sexual nature at her Westminster office, which had been investigated by the Metropolitan Police.

Chief Constable Dee Collins of West Yorkshire Police said: ‘We are aware of two previous unrelated incidents which culminated in Jo receiving a malicious communication of a sexual nature at her parliamentary office in Westminster.

‘Both incidents were investigated by the Metropolitan Police Service which resulted in an individual receiving an adult caution for one offence which I can confirm is not the same person who we have in custody. Source

And of course, the murder was an ideal way to highlight the [non-existent] abuse in order to gain public backing for censorship of the internet, with the dumb-fuck public too mind-controlled to see the real reason for them wanting a crack down on the trolls – whom in fact, these scum politicians employ to troll themselves and others… Problem-Reaction-Solution.

Of those evil bitches we have (although photoshopped and not mentioned by name in the press for obvious reasons), Maria Miller – a proven corrupt MP – who is the Chair woman of the Women and Equalities Select Committee, which is managing the task.

The following is from the Guardian:

Maria Miller is one of the women behind it. “What I want to see is a more honest and open conversation about what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour online,” she says.

“I think at the moment people simply accept online abuse that verges on criminal behaviour without really questioning whether that is acceptable.

The concern I have is the chilling affect online abuse can have on free and open debate. Members of parliament, like anybody else, don’t want to be involved in discussions that become aggressive and violent in their nature.

My concern is not just for MPs, but others as well, that they are able to use social media without fear of violent verbal attacks.” The internet, she says, “sometimes … brings out the worse in people”.Source

And indeed in the very same article we have Yvette Cooper-Balls adding her 10 cents worth:

“Forty years ago women took to the streets to challenge attitudes and demand action against harassment on the streets,” said the Labour MP Yvette Cooper at the launch.

“Today the internet is our streets and public spaces. Yet for some people, online harassment, bullying, misogyny, racism or homophobia can end up poisoning the internet and stopping them from speaking out.

We have responsibilities as online citizens to make sure the internet is a safe space. Challenging online abuse can’t be done by any organisation alone … This needs everyone.”

I will remind you that following Cox’s supposed murder, Yvette Balls made it known that she has since been receiving death threats… Course, the fact that even the dumbest of the dumb would not send a death threat to an MP & her family over the internet seems to count for fuck all:

A Labour MP said she alerted police after receiving a tweeted death threat against her children and grandchildren.

Former Cabinet minister Yvette Cooper received the sinister message yesterday from an account that accused her of sending pro-EU ‘propaganda’ by email, adding: ‘Please stop or I will kill your kids and grandkids’.

Reposting the threatening message to her followers, Ms Cooper said: ‘Got this today for speaking out for Remain … This has to stop’.

This comes just six days after the fatal shooting of Labour MP Jo Cox.

Balls Mrs Balls.


Are you buying that, because I am fucked if I am.

And of course Rachel Reeves in the above photo with Ball-Cooper put on the most pathetic cry show ever and I am not talking about the one that happened after the very last word of her tribute to Cox in the house of Conmans, I am talking about the breakdown she had in Birstall market square – true leadership qualities there then.


Neither was Yvette Balls the only fearless leader quaking in her boots about the heinous crime of trolling.

Indeed Stella Creasy MP was another who was touted as a troll victim in the MSM following Cox’s death:

The Walthamstow MP Stella Creasy has had to put up with years of abuse: in 2014 a man was jailed for 18 weeks for bombarding her with messages threatening to rape her. Source

LONDON, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 05: MP MP Stella Creasy attends a photocall to promote One Billion Rising, a global movement aiming to end violence towards women at ICA on February 5, 2013 in London, England. (Photo by Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images)

PHOTO: MP Stella Creasy attends a photocall to promote One Billion Rising, a global movement aiming to end violence towards women at ICA on February 5, 2013 in London, England.

She looks innocent enough don’t cha think?

However how ironic that Creasy and Cox were both actively involved in highlighting abuse against women only for Cox to die a violent death at the hands of a man.

jo-cox (1)

However, Creasy is far from innocent and I can link her to the Shoreham Flight-Shite and I also believe her to be one of those who plays a woman called Dr Susan Young.


Photo: Dr Susan Young

Now I am not going to go too deeply into what I know about Young because she is a very important link in the Princess Diana trilogy and as such she will be featured in the third and final part when I have finished writing it.

However, I will tell you that she was beside Barry George throughout his appeal against his conviction for murdering Jill Dando.

And as I say, I believe that Stella Creasy helped out with the role of Dr Young.


Course, for the sake of aherm, aherm balance we were told about a male MP who was the victim of trolling. I am talking about Craig Mackinlay who as coincidence would have it, became an MP at the same time as Jo Cox.

Moreover, Mackinlay beat Nigel Farage and comedian Al Murray to do so:

Police have launched an investigation after emojis of a gun and a knife were posted on an MP’s Facebook page.

The posting on Conservative South Thanet MP Craig Mackinlay’s page was accompanied with the message: ‘Another MP that needs …’

It was sent just days after Labour MP Jo Cox was fatally shot and stabbed in an attack outside a library in Birstall, West Yorkshire.

A Kent Police spokesman said: ‘Kent Police is investigating a report of threatening or offensive communications made on 18 June. Inquiries are on-going.’ Source

No wonder that real crime doesn’t get investigated!

Wanna see the tweet that warrants a SENIOR DETECTIVE leading the investigation?


How in the name of fuck is that a threat? IT IS AN OBSERVATION.

No wonder the Monkey Kuntz had to TRY and clarify exactly where the threat was… They obviously failed miserably.

In fact to be frank, as a man I would have been highly embarrassed even reporting that to the filth… Not that they would have stuck a lollipop lady on the case for me. But all the same, the agenda here is so clear to see that it is glass.


Indeed these MP’s ought to come and have a look at the shit that I get aimed at me… Fucking Hell, they would be carted off by the men in white coats.

Course, the MSM doesn’t do fuck all by half.

A 55-year-old man has been arrested after allegedly racist threats were made to a Muslim MEP on social media who was called a ‘mussie p****’ and a ‘f****** immigrant’.

Sajjad Karim, a Conservative MEP for North West England, said he fears for the safety of his wife and 13-year-old daughter after being sent the messages.

And the Lancashire-born MEP of 12 years is so concerned by increasing tensions in the European Union referendum campaign that he will no longer take part in debates.

The arrest of the man from Harrogate, North Yorkshire, came on Friday, just hours after the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox in Birstall, West Yorkshire.

British-Pakistani politician Mr Karim, 45, who is a Remain supporter, has accused senior Leave campaigners of stirring up hatred and called for tighter security for politicians who need it. Source

You couldn’t make this shit up.

Wanna see the tweets? Of course you fucking do.


It’s real a tell thee… I mean you often get tweets that are written on the piss and with so many letters allowed. Besides, it must be authentic because he has spelt “lose” as “loose”… See it? Right after the properly abbreviated “you will”.

Wanna see the fearless leader who is betraying his own people by helping to start a race war?

Of course you fuckng do.


Well bugger me backwards, there is a blast from the past. In fact I haven’t seen Sajjad Karim since he was accused of being the BELGIAN HATE PREACHER responsible for radishalising the Paris Terrapin, Salah Abdeslam.


You do remember Salah Abdeslam don’t you? … The world’s most wanted Terrapin who looks an awful lot like Sajjad Karim, the MEP friend of Nigel Farage?


And there’s that name again – Nigel Farage… The mush who lost the election to Craig Mackinlay, with Al Murray thrown in so as Mackinlay stuck in peoples mind… Incidentally, did Mackinlay remind you of anyone?


This almost gets too easy.

Course Sajjad Karim is also a good friend of Andy Roberts too as it happens.


And – I hasten to add – they have been for a long time.


Not that the Paris false-flag connection ends there.

For instance, the Danish Prime Mincer, lars løkke rasmussen who was PM immediately before Messer Schmidt and immediately after also played a part in the French fraud.


Rah-Rah Rasmussen took the part of John Leader who was at the Batman Cave Concert with his son and predictably both had unbelievable escapes… literally.


However, John Leader’s boat-race is so photoshopped that it is really hard to get an accurate comparison. For instance in the photo above Leader has had another quarter length of his face tagged on his left side.

Nevertheless, there is no mistaking that Leader and Ragamuffin – or whatever the Danish Prime Mincer is called – are one and the same.


And then there is also the strange praying thing that Gordon Leadbeater is seen doing… That originated during the course of the Paris fraud.


It also becomes obvious where the idea for Cox’s red/orange dress came from.


And I am talking about the inspiration as opposed to saying that Cox and the Paris victim are the same person.

Although it is possible that Cox was there.


Shame that they both have false chins on as they tend to throw the scoring right out.

And then there is the single red and single white roses.


Course, it wasn’t just girls being exploited.


Although the boy looks rather like a girl with a boys haircut… Australian by the way, which was MSM brainwashing by pushing the hoax as a global thing… Just like they have done with the Jo Cox fraud.

And whilst we are on the subject of child exploitation, those two children don’t half remind me of the two below.


Notice to Trolls: The two children REMIND me of the Hampstead brother & sister which is totally different from saying that they are them… Pondlife Cunts… The Trolls, not the kids obviously… No wonder it takes me so long to write these things.

And don’t forget the German Pianist Penis who peddled his piano to Paris just so as he could play John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’, to the zillions of mourners stood in vigil outside of the Batman Cave.


You see, the Penis apparently also peddled his Penis Piano to Yorkshire just so as he could play John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’, to the zillions of mourners stood in vigil in Birstall market square:

THE pianist who performed John Lennon’s Imagine outside the Bataclan Theatre in tribute to the victims of last November’s Paris attacks has repeated the impromptu performance in West Yorkshire, in memory of MP Jo Cox.

Davide Martello said he brought his piano to the memorial in Birstall where Mrs Cox was killed, because he “wanted to give a contribution for peace”.

The German musician added: “Unity is very important all over the world.

“Music can connect people, no matter what their race, religion, or class.”

Mr Martello laid flowers at the scene before cycling away with his portable piano in tow. Source


Total fucking bollox and worse still the Dick has become camera shy.

And on top of all those French Connections – see that Monkey Kuntz, that is proper journalism – we have another instance of Cameron & Schmidt being BFF in the totally sick, abhorrently hypocritical, Politicians Smug-Mug’s “Walk For Free Speech”.

Head of states including (2ndL,toR) Greece's Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, Spain's Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron, Denmark's Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt and Poland's Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz attend the solidarity march (Marche Republicaine) in the streets of Paris January 11, 2015. REUTERS/Yves Herman

The Hamster Looking Fraud is a traitor and needs to be tried as one.

Nevertheless, all in all it is almost like the Monster’s Minions have run out of ideas and as such they just keep following the same old same old.

Yet still the bullshit continued to flow faster than water.

A pro-Europe Labour shadow minister who had death threats made against her has said she will not stand again as an MP.

I bet she fucking does, but fuck me, at this rate she won’t even last till the next erection.

So what is the common thread mentioned in all of these bollox articles?

“Prospective MP’s will be put off from standing for election because of the danger”.., And would ja’fuckin Adam & Eve it? The prediction has only gone and come true… Wow, carry on the Daily Chimpanzee:

Pat Glass did not attend the referendum count after police received four threats about the North West Durham MP, who was promoted on Monday from shadow Europe minister to shadow education minister.

She has written to the chairman of her constituency Labour Party, explaining that she found the last six months “very, very difficult” and described the referendum as “bruising”.

Mind you, at least in this article Banana Dacre’s Dunces didn’t mock up a tweet or even carry a photo of Pat Grass.

So here ya go:


ERE? You don’t reckon that she is in on it do you?

Then again, look at its sad face… Really suffering she is – along with the 2 muppets with their eyes closed on the far right of the photo… I wonder if the corrupt-a-go-go-plod know that they are on the far right… Just askin’.

We also see Jess Philips MP in the above photo. And as you would expect she too is also on the board of the Women and Equalities Select Committee . All of them sat together like a Witches coven.

Philips has really been through the minger wringer were trolls are concerned.

jess philips

SIX HUNDRED THREATS OF RAPE IN ONE NIGHT! That is about as likely as it actually happening.

However, note the outfit that she is wearing and compare it to the one that she wore in the Conmans photo above this one.

Kerry McCarthy, the MP for BRISTOL West was another who claimed online abuse following the ‘death’ of Cox.

Kerry McCarthy, MP for Bristol East 160616

Indeed that is an interesting dress that she is wearing since it could in fact be the very same one that she wore in the mock-up photo that was made of her and Cox… Although it isn’t as interesting as her fucking ear! … What the fuck is that all about.

Jo Cox MP KeepTheBan

I thought women didn’t like to be seen wearing the same outfits… And what a strange way McCarthy has of holding a sign up!

But once again, the very rich Mrs Cox showed her thrifty nature by recycling the very same dress the following year.


The MSM will be tagging her as the next Kate Gold-Digger-Smith at this rate.

However, I doubt very much that she was putting any questions to the Conmans at all … But I will come back to this point sometime before the end of this article as it is important and will prove how corrupt, evil and mailable ALL of our MP’s are.

It is also worth pointing out that McCarthy is a ringer for the mother of Kellin Quinn, the lead singer of Screaming With Sirens. Kellin Quinn also relates directly to Paris but it would take me far too long to explain how so you will have to take my word for it.


I should also point out that the photo of Quinn’s mother is over 5 years old.

But don’t get ya self bogged down with that because there are still more MP’s taking part in the Cox fraud by pretending to be someone else for me to tell you about yet.

For instance there is also Gil Furniss MP – the flower bird come Kirklees Council staff member from above – pictured below with Jelly Corbyn.


Unsurprisingly, she too is on the board of WESC.

And neither am I mistaken in her identity.


Pretty damn conclusive wouldn’t you say? Despite the fact that her face and build looks more like a mans… Just my opinion of course.

However, not only were that group of chosen MP’s diligently hammering home the internet censorship agenda, so was Cox’s ‘sister’, Kimbo:

We know that there are some evil people in this world.

‘But there are an awful lot of good people too. When Jo would get abuse on Facebook or Twitter we we would talk and sometimes cry together.

‘But she would still focus on the positive and talk about the silent majority who didn’t always shout the loudest but who she knew were in her corner.

‘I am somewhat embarrassed to say that I was at times part of that silent majority.

‘I don’t do social media and would shout at the TV or get upset at home instead.

‘But over the past 48 hours people have not been silent.

‘They have been vocal and passionate and have spoken from the heart with genuine emotion with no hidden agendas.

‘Jo would have loved it.

‘We have to continue this strength and solidarity in the days, months and years to come as part of Jo’s legacy and to focus on as Jo would say, ‘that which unites us and not which divides us’.

‘For now our family is broken. but we will mend over time and we will never let Jo leave out lives.

‘She will live on through all the good people in the world.

‘Through Brendan, through us, through her truly wonderful children who will always know what an utterly amazing woman there mother was.

‘She was a human being and she was perfect.’ Source

And don’t forget the earlier mention bad taste joke that helped stoke the fires. I can’t in fact believe that it is now a criminal offence to share a bad taste joke with your friends.


Unless of course it is shared in condemnation in which case it is ok… Hmmm, I could add to the hypocrisy of that but this article isn’t about me.

Now unsurprisingly, given mind to the fake stories published in the MSM on a daily basis, it isn’t only the Cox story that has used crisis actors over the past few weeks and one of those stories that did relates very closely to this story.

The story in question which appeared in the Chimp – where else – is about a bird called Maria Pybus:

A blind charity worker has claimed an Uber driver refused to take her in his £35,000 Mercedes because she had her guide dog with her.

Rosie Pybus, 24, said she had wanted to travel from a hotel in Euston to Kings Cross station in London, only for the driver to leave when he saw her approach.

Ms Pybus, from Darlington, then called the driver to find out why he had driven away, and says he told her he would not take the dog – adding that he drove an expensive Mercedes. Source


That is Maria in the photo. She doesn’t look blind to me!

However, she does look very much like a woman called Linda Stewart whose daughter was allegedly killed in Glasgow near George Square right opposite the large JOHN LEWIS store (John Lewis being MARIA MILLER’S old man), which I wrote about in my Glasgow Bin Lorry Bollox article: “Behind the flag. Part 2”

laura stewart

MARIA pybus also looks exactly like a bird called Catherine Keeney whose story first caught my attention when it made the pages of the Chimp and the Mirror in October 2015.


Now the reason for Catherine’s story making the national newspapers was that she had posted topless photos of herself on Facebook after allegedly having had a double mastectomy following doctors telling her that she had a 97% chance of developing breast cancer:

A brave mother who underwent a double mastectomy has posted a photograph of her scars online. 

Catherine Keeney, from Newarthill, Scotland, had a preventative prophylactic bilateral mastectomy in March after learning she had a 97 per cent chance of getting breast cancer one day.

After losing two aunts to the disease, and watching her mother suffer, the 30-year-old student said she has ‘never looked back’ after her decision. She has since been chronicling post-mastectomy life on Facebook. Source


Course, I  knew that Keeney’s story was fake having already identified her as Linda Stewart and Karen Dawson – the mother of one of the girls supposedly run over by the bin lorry – as well as the Kent Youth Crime Tsar who was supposedly sacked for having an affair with a Councillor old enough to be her grandad.


And quite obviously Catherine Keeney’s story was designed to back up the Angelina Jolie propaganda of have your tits cut off or you are going to die of cancer… And if Jolie has had her tits off I will have mine removed too.

However, the Chimp article also had a video at the bottom of Keeney’s old fanny, which was about another woman who had also had a double mastectomy to prevent her from developing cancer in the future.


Now the strange thing about that is the fact that Amanda STEWART was not mentioned once in the Keeney article and neither does Stewart once mention Keeney in the video.

Likewise, the Mirror article about Keeney does not mention Amanda Stewart anywhere and does not even carry the video.

So I did a bit of digging and found an article about Stewart in the Daily Record (the Scottish edition of the Daily Mirror), written in September 2015 (a month before the Keeney articles) which confirmed my suspicion that the story was a disgusting ploy involving the Angelina Jolie agenda to get women to ruin themselves:

MUM-OF-TWO Amanda Stewart has undergone a double mastectomy to reduce her chances of getting breast cancer just like movie star Angelina Jolie. Source

Moreover, the Stewart article in the Record was nigh on identical to the Mirror and Chimp articles, cept it would seem that no one informed the latter pair of Shit-Rags that Keeney is Stewarts sister.


Stranger still is the fact that not only did no one mention to the two Shit-Rags that Keeney & Stewart were sisters, apparently nobody told them that THREE cousins of theirs were also planning on having themselves mutilated in the exact same way too – despite NONE of the five women carrying the suspect cancer causing gene and had in fact been reported on way back in FEBRUARY 2015:

Five cousins are all undergoing double mastectomies after their mothers were diagnosed with breast cancer.

The mothers of Amanda Stewart, 32, Catherine Keeney, 28, Yvonne McKenna, 38, Laura McGuinness, 42, and Suzanne McCormack, 39, have all suffered from the disease.

Despite them not possessing the BRACA1 or BRACA2 gene which causes the cancer,surgeons have offered the women operations to remove their breast tissue. Source


Nothing suspect there then… Much.

Mind you, in reality I suspect that there are only 3 women in that photo and only 3 of the 5 went through with it – although I am talking about the bullshit not the operation.

Nevertheless, in October, the Daily Record sort of set the record straight:

CATHERINE KEENEY shared the image on her Facebook page and it comes a month after her sister Amanda made a similar post.  Source


There is some proper facial photoshopping going on in that photo, I can tell thee.

However there is no mention of the 3 cousins going through with the operation in the article although I have since seen one stating that the two sisters and one cousin had gone through with it.


Again, I suspect that there is only two women maybe even just the ONE in the above photo.

What’s more, the aforementioned article about the two sisters states that Keeney had the operation in MARCH 2015 and Stewart had hers in AUGUST 2015.

And indeed, it didn’t take too long at all for me to discover that their stories had been done to death with professional photoshoots along the way, the inevitable raising of money for ‘charidy’, and the equally inevitable appearance on the TV show ‘Good Morning’ –  all of those further indications that it is just a load of old fanny.


And a very insidious agenda that mastectomy malarkey is too – with those partaking being dubbed as “Previvors” -which is obviously working in tandem with teenage girls happily getting on with their lives having lost a leg or two along the way.

But like I say, I do not believe that these two women – who are probably only one woman – have had diddly squat done to them, whilst at the same time I don’t doubt that they are raking in the Pounds by the sackful as crisis actors.


And that is a very high score to say that they are allegedly just siblings… Almost in the Dave & Alistair Cameron category in fact.

So let’s cut to the chase. Have you noticed how much Keeney & Stewart look like Maria Miller?


Good, I am glad you had as it makes my job easier. Shall we have a quick cross check?

Yeah, why the fuck not.


Yep, Red-Coat and Blind-Bird slotted together like hand and glove although I had to draw in Red-Coat’s chin obviously as Kimbo’s hair was in the way.

Indeed, I would not be surprised if Blind-Bird’s face came from that same photo of Red-Coat that I compared her with.

And as for Red-Coat & Keeney?


Well it all happens in Scotland doesn’t it… Or at least it will be soon you mark my words.

Now with all that in mind, let me tell you that I am certain in my mind that Jo Cox was nothing more than an invented character… Hence her forever changing face.


And of course we have already seen how Cox relates in the looks department to Messer Schmidt.

Shall we take another look at Kerry McCarthy?

Of course we shall


And just so ya know ya know, below is a photo of our two London Lackeys which is poorly photoshopped to say the least.

jo-cox (3)

I should also tell you that the Bird from Batty, or whatever the fuck it is that Batley is called is supposedly someone called Emily/Emma Summatorudder.

Emma/Emily is reportedly meant to be 15 and the implication in the old bollox is that Cox helped her with something and now Emma/Emily is to get a Princess Diana Award for whatever the fuck it is that Cox helped her with – thus introducing mawkish sentimentality to the mix.

And here is a really, really, real photoshopped picture of Double E & Jo Co just so as you all know that it is a really really, real true story in a made up sort of way… Shhhh.

The Sun – home to really, really, real journalists in a copy writer sort of way – had the following to say:

Emma Warrillow has been pictured laying flowers at the scene of Mrs Cox’s murder in Birstall.

The young girl wrote a touching tribute to her friend which said: “Thank you Jo for everything you have done for me.

“I hope you’re looking down on me on the 15th of July when I get my Prince Diana award.

“I’ll collect it in your memory.

“Lots of love Emily.” Source

I have a daughter called Emma… Is she called Emily too?… Not that the girl in the photo above looks like the Batty Flower Girl.

And neither was she credited as being anything other than a grieving member of the public being comforted by Jovial Jean Leadbeater in the following photo.


I haven’t a clue who the bird with the massive head wearing sunglasses is though.

However, I would imagine that some selective readers will point to Jean comforting Emma/Emily as proof that Jo-Co did help her with summat or udder.

Which I suppose would be fair comment since Jo probably took all her constituents home to meet her mother – as I am sure the other 400 and odd MP’s of ours do too.

And Emma/Emily would appear to be an experienced, seasoned mourner having made an appearance at the Paris fraud and the Glasgow Bin Lorry Bollox. 


So we have had mourners, flowers, dogs, Princess Diana, and children – one shit rag even reported that there was a school near the ‘murder’ scene to ramp up the fear factor although the presstitute stopped short of pointing out that the nearby school was within a 5 mile radius.

Therefore all we need now is a cute baby for Jo’s murder to really outrage the faithful MSM readers – although fuck knows why it should, but it fucking does okay.

Pictures by Andrew Styczynski Tel 07974177864 Parliament Suare floral tributes to murdered MP Jo Cox. members of the public visibly upset at the floral tribute.

There ya go, a woman with a baby’s pram, feigning upset so as she can clasp her hands to her face thus concealing her identity… For a good reason too.

You see, a quick shedding of her tops and scarf, some added photoshopped flowers followed by a grabbing of the child about to be exploited and bob’s ya fuckin’ uncle, you have the scene set for a harrowing photograph that conveys more than a thousand words could ever say.

A woman arrives to leave a floral tribute near the scene of the murder of Labour Member of Parliament Jo Cox in Birstal near Leeds, Britain June 17, 2016 REUTERS/Craig Brough

But why stage scenes when a brutal murder has been committed? That is the pursuit of sick-fucks surely? Unless of course, the murder never took place and as such the press are staging scenes which surely is the pursuit of sick-fucks?

Much was also made of the fact that Cox had two young children although it took nearly a week for the press to name them… In fact it took that long to decide what sex they were, and nearly that long to decide their ages.

Indeed, even the spy controlled Telegraph were left guessing.


Wrongly as it happens.

Nevertheless, the decision was finally made and the grateful press could start referring to the two children by name, sex and age.

The following is from the Guardian published six days after the MP’s deff… MP being an abbreviation of ‘Made-up Ponce’:

It should have been Jo Cox’s 42nd birthday. She would have spent it, her husband Brendan said, “dashing around the streets of her home town” campaigning to remain in the EU, just as she had spent the day before she died on an inflatable boat on the Thames with her two young children, in defiance of Nigel Farage’s pro-Brexit flotilla, flying a banner that read a determined “In”.

Only me, sorry to interrupt but did you clock the changing of history in that first paragraph? Cox was now officially in the dinghy… And I am surprised that Brendan was even present to describe her activities since I would have thought that with it being what would have been his wife’s 42nd birthday, he would have been off camping with the kids… Dawn choruses and all that… Carry on:

Instead, six days after the Labour MP was killed outside a constituency surgery, her family, friends and many more who had never known her came together in events across Britain and the world to celebrate her life, and to insist that her legacy be one of love, tolerance and unity.

“Love Tolerance & Unity”?  … From an MP? … Fuck off witcha:

Fighting back tears, Brendan Cox told the crowd that his wife’s killing had been political…

Despite that not being the case, thus we can now discount anything Brenda says… Carry on Puppet:

“It was an act of terror designed to advance hatred towards others”.

A clever way of saying that it was a terrapin attack thus paving the way to change history so as an alleged “mental mush”, who was so mentally ill the night before the murder that he supposedly begged for help with his Mentalitis, only to be told to “fuck off and come back tomorrow”, but flipped before he could – can now become a politically motivated, racial bigot who committed cold blooded, premeditated murder, thus making him a Terrapin, mentally fit to stand trial under Anti-Terrorist Laws… Boy the British Public are fuckng dumb.

What a beautiful irony it is that an act designed to advance hatred has in fact instead generated such an outpouring of love.”

What a bucket full of sick irony it is that the MSM says exactly the same thing following every government sponsored play-act.

The event also included tributes from the U2 singer Bono, actors Bill Nighy and Gillian Anderson and the humanitarian Malala Yousafzai, who said: “Jo’s life is proof that a message of peace is more powerful than any weapon of war. Once again the extremists have failed.”

Ha, Ha, Ha, good old Bono-Ono… Has he organised a concert for Jo at the Batman Cave with Special Guests, The Ejits of Deaf Mental?

As for Malala Dipsy Ann Po Yousafzai? Well I am gobsmacked that the 19 year old Nob-Ed, Peace-Off, Prize-Pratt, winner can speak at all having been shot THREE times at point blank range by a Teletubbie Taliban Gunman, with at least one bullet hitting her int’chuffin’ead (although at point blank range it should have been all three).

The following is from Wikipenis:

On the afternoon of 9 October 2012, Yousafzai boarded her school bus in the northwest Pakistani district of Swat. A gunman asked for her by name, then pointed a pistol at her and fired three shots. One bullet hit the left side of Yousafzai’s forehead, travelled under her skin through the length of her face, and then went into her shoulder. In the days immediately following the attack, she remained unconscious and in critical condition, but later her condition improved enough for her to be sent to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, England, for intensive rehabilitation. Source

The very same hospital that Karl Whittle – from BRISTOL – was sent to after being shot 37 million times by the Teletubbie Taliban… He eventually died though.


But I digress, so straight back to the Guardian:

In the market square in Batley, West Yorkshire – the MP’s hometown – about 2,000 people heard her sister, Kim Leadbeater, express her family’s gratitude for the “outpouring of comfort and support” that has followed the killing. While some, she said, would focus on continuing the “big picture” of Cox’s work, she urged others to integrate “tolerance, peace and understanding” in their everyday lives.


Brendan Cox said he had wanted the couple’s two young children, Cuillin and Lejla, who were present at the Trafalgar Square event, “to see what their mum meant to all of you”. Their day had begun at the family’s home on a barge on the Thames, where neighbours had carpeted one community dinghy named Yorkshire Rose with 1,000 roses. Brendan Cox and his children travelled up the river to Westminster, where the dinghy will be tethered for a week.

There ya go, Cuillin (a boy aged 5) and Lejla (a girl aged 3)… Two very traditional Yorkshire names.

He described his wife as “the best mum that any child could wish for. And wish we do, to have her back in our lives.” He said he and the children had spoken every day since her death about “the things we will miss, the memories we will cherish. We try to remember not how cruelly she was taken from us, but how unbelieveably lucky we were to have her in our lives for so long.” Source

There ya go, that’s the way Brenda, focus on the positives in life… Mind you my Clay is the same age as Lego and all he is interested in discussing is Iggle Piggle and the Ninky-Nonks… Then again, he has never been camping.

Strange that Brenda lets Lego go covertly delivering flowers on her jack jones though.


Now interestingly enough Amanda stewart has a 5 year old son called Callan and a 3 year old daughter called Erryn, so I thought the least that I can do is compare Stewart’s kids with Cox’s.



Sadly, I have to tell you that little Erryn Stewart was killed in the Russian plane crash, shot down over Syria.

alena moiseeva aged 5

Quite why she was flying under the name of Aleena Moiseeva is anyones guess. Both girls have been photoshopped, one had a lot more care taken than the other.

And as coincidence would have it, Jo Cox was killed for the first time on the very same flight. She too was using an ali-arse, travelling by the name of Valeria Bogdanova.

valeria bogdanova1

And despite the photoshopping, there is no mistake. If you are not sure, just grab a load of Cox’s photos in that pose and study them. She even has the dimples.

Okay, getting back to the children and to be honest I could show you around half a dozen other characters that “Lejia” plays.

The boy on the other hand is more obscure although he could be the son of Phones4U billionaire, Whatsisface Caulfield.


Indeed it would not be the first time that Caulfield has allowed his CHILDREN to be used as crisis actors.

So where does that leave the remarkably laid back Brenda?

Good question to which I would answer that Campman Cox is also more than one person.

So let’s start with Amanda Stewarts husband Jamie:


Not too bad but he has to be made up of two people if he is.

Mind you there can be little doubt that Stewart is the actor Colin Frith, not to be confused with the actor Colin Firth.


And that is despite the photoshopping.

Nevertheless, the MP Andy Burnham has made himself very busy in the Cox saga so I thought that I would Google him and see what that produced… Fuck me I wish I hadn’t bothered.

You see, there are more versions of Burnham than Heinz baked beans! Talk about confuse the issue.

Anyway, of the few photos that I picked to compare with Brendon the results were not all that brilliant but high enough when coupled with the large role that he played in the fraud and his many different faces to just dismiss him as not being relevant.


Course, Yvette Balls and Burnham had a close working relationship and both stood as candidates for the Labour leadershit in 2015.


This photo was taken at the 2015 hustings and check out what Cooper, Burnham and Liz Kendall are wearing for future reference.

Now as you know Jeremy Corbyn – who came from nowhere – won the Labour Party leadershit by a fucking landslide with nearly 60% of the vote. Strange then that so many of his Party have now turned against him… Remember that fuck all happens in politics that isn’t meant to happen.

Burnham came second in the Leadershit race with 19%, of the votes, Cooper-Balls came 3rd with 17% and Kendall – who should be a Tory with her views – came 4th with 4%.

And as an aside Kendall also masqueraded as a member of the public in the Cox-Codswallop.


It was also obviously Kendall Normal-type-Person’s day to wear the red dress by the looks of things, whilst in the other photo the 4 MP’s are dressed almost identical to the photo above this one cept for Cooper-Balls who is wearing a silly dress that obviously needed a funny walk to go with it.


And as you can see, she didn’t disappoint.

However, I should point out that between them Mr & Mrs Balls must live a very privileged lifestyle so the fact that the above photo was taken in 2012 and yet she was seen in the same dress again for a very important occasion 3 years later is quite remarkable… Just sayin’.

Furthermore, I would like to know why the photo is obviously photoshopped?


However, I am not even going to point out the many places that are blatantly photoshopped, because if you can’t see where, you mustn’t be looking.

Nevertheless, Andy Burnham also stood as a candidate for the Labour Leadershit in 2010 alongside Diane Abbott, who Corbyn supported and had in fact had an affair with. The other 3 candidates were ED BALLS and the Two Willieband brothers of course.

Now many were surprised that Yvette Cooper never entered the 2010 race, choosing instead to support her Balls, with the results ending thus:

  1. Ed Willieband
  2. Dave the rave Willieband
  3. Ed the ball Balls
  4. Andy 52 varieties Burnham
  5. Di Abolical Abbott

Furthermore, in 2010 the rules stated that you had to have the backing of 33 MP’s to be eligible to enter the leadershit contest (very Masonic & Satanic), with one of the thirty three MP’s permitted to be the candidate.

Now interestingly enough Abbott, Burnham and Balls had exactly 33 MP’s each… Or 33 33 33 for those who study numbers.

More interestingly still was the fact that David Willieband – who was favourite to win with 81 nominations – was one of the thirty three MP’s who backed Abbott, thus making her eligible to stand and which had he not done so, she would not have been allowed to take part.

No vote rigging going on there then.

And purely for the record, Ed Willieband won having entered the race with 63 nominations.

Now strangely enough, Ed Willieband’s wife Justine Thornton – a barrister, with rumoured lesbian tendencies – looks very much like Yvette Cooper-Balls…


In fact much more so in my opinion than the comparison site credits them with… And both birds have kept their own surnames to boot.


Moreover, in typical politician style, Ed Willieband followed a long list of puppets who didn’t get married until they became household names, for example Gordon Brown, Willie Hague and Leon Brittan to name but a few.

Indeed, as I have just said, Willieband became Party Leader in 2010 – the  year after his 1st son was born which makes him just a little older than Jo Cox’s boy, although I have not checked for likeness, and besides Williebands boy has fake eyes in the photo above so there isn’t much point.

However, since Willieband didn’t actually marry Thornton until 2011 – a year after becoming party leader you would have thought that a big Jewish wedding would have been called for, especially with our MP’s being so close to each other and shit.

That is to say, you would have thought a big Jewish wedding would be called for.

The following is from the Mirror:

A musical quartet – two trumpet players, an oboist and a pianist – performed as Justine proudly walked into the room for the civil ceremony at Langar Hall, an exclusive Georgian country house and hotel in Notts near where she grew up.

There were two readings. One was from novel Captain Corelli’s Mandolin and another from the E.E Cummings poem I Carry Your Heart With Me.

After the service Mr Miliband – looking dapper in a grey Aquascutum suit, and his wife, who wore a gorgeous cream V-neck frock by British designer Alice Temperley – kissed for waiting photographers and spoke of their joy.

Guests were served canapes of chicken liver, smoked salmon, goat’s cheese, and roast beef and mini-Yorkshire puddings before sitting down for the reception at the impressive hotel.

They were treated to a starter of asparagus in lemon butter, lamb with seasonal vegetables as the main course before a dessert of Pavlova.

There was also £20 bottles of wine along with £612 worth of champagne.

Mr Miliband, 41, and Justine, 40, made their speeches during the reception and the details of what they said were revealed by a spokesman.

The happy couple, who only invited 50 close family and friends, decided not to have a best man or bridesmaids and were the only people to give speeches.

The only other politician there was the man who Mr Miliband beat to the Labour Party leadership last year – his older brother, David.

Guests were asked not to take presents and were instead invited to make donations to children’s charity Barnado’s and Methodist Homes for the Aged.

Ed smashed a glass with his foot, which is a Jewish wedding ritual to mark the last chance the groom has to put his foot down, and was a nod to his background in Eastern Europe.

The Milibands then left the hotel in Notts and held a small party for friends in London last night before they jet off today on a five-day honeymoon to a secret destination.

Cambridge University-educated Justine has decided to take Mr Miliband’s surname but will continue to use her maiden name, Thornton, in her job as an environmental barrister. Source

Very fucking strange!

Mind you, the Williebands also have a limited wardrobe and their two boys seem to have very strange growth spurts.


As for Andy Burnham, well his wife has also allegedly had a double Mastectomy in order to avoid getting cancer:

The wife of Labour leadership candidate Andy Burnham has had a double mastectomy after a genetic test showed she could be at risk from breast cancer.

Marie-France van Heel, 40, made the agonising decision to go ahead with the operation in an attempt to avoid developing the disease.

Miss van Heel, known as ‘Frankie’ to friends, has a history of breast cancer among her close family. Source

Britain's Minister for Culture, Media and Sport Andy Burnham and his wife Marie France during the unveiling of a statue of the Queen Mother in The Mall in central London. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Tuesday February 24, 2009. See PA story ROYAL Memorial. Photo credit should read: Jamie Wiseman/Daily Mail/PA Wire

Cor! Those coincidences just keep on ramping up don’t they?

And according to the photo blurb, her name is Marie France, not Marie-France Van Heel… Another coincidence given the Cox Fraud’s ties with the Paris Fraud. But either way, here we have another married couple with different surnames.

Now interestingly enough, Marie took part in Cilla Black’s ‘Blind Date’ TV show, just like Amanda Holden did which kinda makes Marie a wannabe actress in my opinion.


PHOTO: Marie on Blind Date.

Moreover, that particular episode supposedly sparked controversy:

A Blind Date contestant who clashed with wife of Labour leadership frontrunner Andy Burnham on prime time TV more than 20 years ago has revealed his ambition to become a Tory MP – and to face his former student love rival across the despatch box.

Will Harris, a high-flying marketing executive, appeared on the hit Cilla Black show in January 1992 with Marie-France van Heel – known as ‘Frankie’, Mr Burnham’s Dutch wife who was studying at Cambridge at the time.

But the pair badly fell out after ‘Will from Surrey’ was recorded calling his 21-year-old date ‘a cold fish’ – sparking a furious response from the future Mrs Burnham, who threw a cushion at him before meeting him backstage and telling him to ‘f*** off’.

Mr Harris, who went on to become a Conservative spin chief under Michael Howard, told MailOnline: ‘The end of the programme was awful. We left the show and went back stage and she said to me: “F*** off, I never want to see you again”.’ Source


Double HMMM, in fact since Amanda Holden went on to defend Jimmy Savile (Source)

Jims still fixing it

PHOTO: Amanda Holden… Probably.

Forgive the gratuitous nudity, I don’t get too much excitement these days.

Now like I say, Andy Pandy Burny changes his appearance like the fucking wind – or has it changed for him – and his wife, Dutch France has a resemblance also not a million miles away from that of Cooper-Balls and Thornton-Willieband.


Mind you, fuck knows when Ed Willieband morphed into Sly stallone


Now compare Burnham in the top photo with the bottom photo and you have to ask yourself just what the fuck is going on – especially with the bottom photo being photoshopped to fuck. Indeed there is no reason to do so unless Burnham isn’t who he is meant to be… Which I believe to be the case.


And indeed, amongst other people Burnham can come across as looking like Cooper Balls’ hubby Ed.


Mind you, Cooper Balls could well be Harry Harman too… She likes Pie does Harry.


Indeed, the press also get confused.


And like I also said: Cooper-Balls and Burny Balls-Up have a close working relationshit:

YVETTE Cooper and Andy Burnham are being touted as a “dream team” to replace Ed Miliband. Senior sources say Labour bigwigs are “on manoeuvres” for a leadership fight if the party loses the 2015 election.

Talk is rife of a secret deal between Ms Cooper and Mr Burnham — in an echo of the pre-1997 agreement between Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

The plot would see BOTH stand for leader in the expectation that Shadow Health Secretary Mr Burnham would lose. His supporters would then back Shadow Home Secretary Ms Cooper for the top job and her backers would support him for deputy leader. Ms Cooper’s husband Ed Balls would stand aside. Source

So with all that in mind including my own MP, Jimmy Dudasfuck’s constantly altering appearance, remember that we were told that Parliament had been recalled following the conquest of Cox… Mind you, I didn’t even know that Parliament was on “recess” to be recalled, did you?

Nevertheless, I also read – which typically I can not now find again – that four hundred and odd MP’s (mostly all of them very odd, I hasten to add) packed out the House of Conmans for that buttock clenching tribute to Cox.

That fact then begs the following questions:

  1. What happened to the other two hundred and odd MP’s
  2. Did they not like Cox?
  3. Were they barred because of the fire-risk/capacity ratio?
  4. If the Conmans can only accommodate two thirds of our MP’s is it not too small?
  5. Do those MP’s actually exist?

And given the upset that we are told Cox’s murder caused us and our MP’s, where the fuck were all their wives and husbands? Where was Sam Cam? Where was Silly Sally Burk-Cow? Where was Ed Cooper Balls? … Well to be fair, Ed Cooper Balls was playing Neil Coyle and eye witness Clarke Rothwell… Only joking… Probably.


Rothwell is touted in the press as being either a plumber or a heating engineer – which unless I was to be pedantic, they are more or less the same things.

So with that in mind read the following old bollox:

The gas fitter who witnessed the brutal killing of MP Jo Cox has told how her assailant had shouted ‘Britain first’ as he shot and repeatedly stabbed the mother-of-two.

Labour MP Ms Cox, 41, was shot three times, once in the head, with an ‘antique gun’, and stabbed at least seven times as she arrived to meet constituents for her regular surgery in Birstall, near Leeds.

Eyewitness Clarke Rothwell, 42, who was working near to the murder scene, said the man – named locally as 52-year-old ‘loner’ and handyman Tommy Mair – shouted ‘Britain first’ as he launched the attack on the mother-of-two, which occurred at around 1pm. 

‘The words I heard him say were Britain first, or put Britain first,’ Mr Rothwell told BBC Newsnight

The Cunt must have been nearby to hear that then!

‘I can’t say exactly what it was but definitely Britain first is what he said, what he was shouting. He shouted it at least twice.’

Britain First is the name of a far-right group which said it was ‘not involved and would never encourage behaviour of this sort’.

The group’s leader, former British National Party councillor Paul Golding, claimed the attacker could have shouted ‘It’s time to put Britain first’, as he dismissed the accounts as ‘hearsay’. 

Mr Rothwell said he had rushed to the scene after hearing a noise he thought at first was a car backfiring.

Yeah, I can relate to that. I mean many, many, many, many times I have heard a car backfire and run at full pelt to where the bang came from, hoping to fuckedy fuck that the motor will backfire again whilst I’m there… What a drizzle arsed low life scum bag he is.

‘I became aware it was a gun,’ he said. ‘I turned around to look what the noise was. I heard a woman screaming and a guy bent over a woman.

So presumably you were putting some radiators on the Library exterior wall then?

‘I could see her leg sticking out and what looked like a gun in his hand.

Yep, he was definitely putting radiators on the Library’s exterior wall.

‘Then he proceeded to shoot her again. She was on the floor, she was crawling about.

‘The other two women with her were wrestling to try to get this guy off them. He was wielding a knife.’

Speak fuckng English you embarrassing cunt!

In an earlier interview, Mr Rothwell said the attacker stabbed Ms Cox with a large knife, and that the gun had resembled a ‘musket’. 

He said: ‘He was stabbing her with a foot-long knife multiple times while shouting ‘Britain first, Britain first, Britain first’.

‘Three times she was shot, the initial time which then she dropped to the floor, and two more times.

‘The third time he got close proximity, he shot her round the head area.’

Shot her around the fucking head area? Where the fuck is the head area? He either shot her in the head or he didn’t, so which was it?

He added: ‘In the meantime he was stabbing her as well, he was stabbing her with his knife.’

Well he wouldn’t be stabbing her with a spoon would he.

Describing the gun, he said: ‘He seemed to have what looked like an old gun, like a musket, in his hand and he shot her again in the middle.

The “middle” of what? The afternoon? The Road? Coronation Street?

‘He then seemed to shoot a third time, towards her head or face. He was also stabbing at her with what looked like a hunting knife, about a foot long. He was stabbing her and waving the knife around.

“Seemed to shoot a third time”???

Could he not hear whether a shot was fired or not now that he was a lot closer than when he heard the first shot?

And “Towards her head or face”??? Are they in different places then? Is “the face” the “middle”?  And the stabbing and knife waving? Was that a Stab-Wave-Stab-Wave or more of a Stab Stab Wave type of thing?

‘A man who I know… tried to get near but the man swung his knife around and caught him in the stomach. Blood started coming out.’

Well what else would have come out? Mushy Peas?

Mr Rothwell said his friend ‘tried to grab him, wrestling with him,’ but the killer lunged at the MP ‘half a dozen times’ with the knife.

He said the sound of the gunshots sparked pandemonium, with people ‘screaming and running from the area’.

Mr Rothwell said he attempted to follow the attacker in his van and saw him dump his jacket on the ground, possibly in an attempt to change his appearance. Source

 I won’t ask where the van was parked.

It is however safe to say the Clarke Rothwell is a useful idiot working for the Monster’s Minions.

In fact Rothwell has twice appeared in the Batty News once in 2013 and once in 2015.

The first story appeared shortly after him and his ‘partner’ bought a Cafe/bar near to the murder scene, which obviously wasn’t a murder scene at the time.


Sports Bar at night… Cafe in the day… No plumbing involved… Roger that.

And then in 2015:


Fuck me, they are serious players aren’t they?

But did you cop the name of the new place though? Joe’s Bar? – Jo’s Bar? After all Joe is a blokes name owned by two blokes neither of whom are called Joe.

And both articles carried the exact same photo:

clark rot

Now I found that a bit strange given the time delay between the two articles and since Simon Wilkins was interviewed for both you would have thought that the Batty Based Newspaper would have taken an up to date snappy snap… Unless of course Simon is Tommy Robinson Clone, Paul Golding.


After all, Golding has been involved in the Cox fraud and Clarke Rothwell’s name is on the BNP Members list… At least it is according to the website found HERE


That then just leaves 2 witches from the coven surrounding Cox who so far haven’t played a part… Well it doesn’t actually because there is so much more to reveal cept time does not allow.

So for now I am of course talking about the pair supposedly sat behind Cox when she made her maiden speech in the Conmans.

And the first of these two harridans turned up as a witness to the ‘murder in Batty.


Now if anyone knows who she is could they please let me know as I have a feeling that we have met.

The second of the two is in a video clip that when you think about it logically proves that the whole of Westmonster is in on the fraud and as such, I am vindicated in my contention that there are no good, honest politicians working for our benefit.

So, let me expose this corrupt lot of Satanic sick-fucks once and for all.

Now as you know, photos like the one above have been appearing in the MSM, billed as being Cox making her Maiden Speech in the House of Conmans.

However, the following photo is taken from Parliaments very own website which can be found HERE


Complete with photoshopped hair to boot… Tut-Tut. Nevertheless, it is a bit of a fucking different backdrop from the one above it… And her hair is up in the other photos.

Yet I have watched the video of her acting out her role as a new MP and I do not for a second believe that she was there and I am absolutely 100% certain that the whole thing was filmed on Greenscreen.


Very strange since the above photos were screenshots taken from Parliament’s own video, but then again that ain’t even the fucking half of it.

And with that in mind have a butchers at these screenshots also taken from Parliament Live TV filmed on the very same day.


You can watch the video for yourself to help you to decide if there is summat dodgy going on by clicking HERE

Right, I am going to bring this semi-book to an end here, although I still have plenty more to show you. Unfortunately, time and tide and all that shit comes into play.

In other words, that’s ya fuckin’ lot. Moustache… Byyeeeeee a say byyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee