Christopher Spivey

Morning, sorry for the delay in writing, although to be fair I did start to compose this note last Friday afternoon – after which the Site workings began to play silly buggers.

Nevertheless, I will take this opportunity to thank you all very much for your loyalty (an admirable quality rarely found these days), and overwhelming support.

As to those of you who made the [long] journey to Chelmsford last Thursday, from all over the country as well as from as far a field as Ireland – it was lovely to meet you all, and I won’t forget your efforts.


Now I will say that I truly get what most of you are saying by claiming that the sentencing last Thursday was ‘a good result’ for me and to be fair it was in one way, inasmuch as I expected worse to be handed down from the corrupt gatekeepers of La-La Nonceland.

However, being convicted and sentenced for something that I have not done – based on a made up bullshit charge which in reality was nowhere near a criminal offence, of which the conviction was only secured by an extreme abuse of the law (start to finish), and perpetrated by those who are meant to be there to protect & serve the public as well as those who hold positions of power & privilege and as such should be beyond reproach – CAN NEVER be a good result.


And it is for that reason that this matter is far from over.

Indeed it is only the beginning of Round 3 – Round 1 of their game plan (the illegal arrest and serious,criminal abuse of Due Process up to trial) being designed to batter me senseless and knock the fight out of me, Round 2, of their game plan (a trial & conviction won by a blatant disregard for law and justice) being a knock out.

And that is where they fucked up, because TPTB had given it their all in Rounds 1 & 2 and not allowed for the possibility that there would be a Round 3, based on the fact that their onslaught of hay-makers had crippled me as much as if they had been delivered by a 5 year old school girl… Fact.

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Therefore there will be an appeal (already in motion) of both Conviction & Sentence, and should the Establishment again rely on the cronyism of those in high office – the high office being secured on their mutual vast appetite for raping, torturing and murdering little boys & girls – to quash that appeal via means of corruption, then I will take it to the next court, and the next court after that and as high a court as it takes to get justice and to see that ALL THOSE INVOLVED in this abhorrent plan to silence me (thus effectively silencing every single person who speaks out against our paedophile infested, criminal government), which was formulated sometime between March & July 2014, are called to account… I will NEVER lay down or roll over.


And while I think on, a big thank you to Ian R Crane who came to the sentencing and likewise to Nick Kollerstrom for the letter he handed in to the Ministry of Justice on my behalf.


Indeed, I should also thank the national press, TV & Radio for trying to portray me as public enemy number 1, because every time they do, they get their arses spanked.


By way of an example on what I mean by the MSM “getting their arses spanked”; after Thursday’s sentencing The Chimp wrote yet another libelous, work of fiction about me – specifically designed to make me hide away in shame, whilst manipulating their moronic readers into inciting violence against me… In rather the same fashion that the shameless racist smegma incite violence against Muslims, Eastern Europeans and those on benefits.

They then complete the job by only allowing comments which would appear to be written by twelve year olds who’ve just had their first wank, or knuckle dragging half-wits who have as much understanding of the world as Clayton does and Chavettes who think their shit don’t stink and ‘LOL’ is a replacement for a full stop.

In turn the government use the number of comments along with the content, generated by their propaganda wings bullshit to gauge the stupidity of the nation – thus giving them an indication of how far they can push things in the future.

Yet every single time that I make the national press, my support increases… Every single fucking time.

Moreover, the  nonce infested government, the nonce infested judiciary … I crack myself up sometimes … And the nonce infested plod, all want to take a good & proper look at the comments left on the Chimps latest, poorly written, amateur effort, because I do believe I would not be a million miles out by saying that I have made history.

You see, of the 160 comments that the Chimp allowed through moderation before once again prematurely confining the article to their archives, has either been red or green arrowed in my favour – a Red Arrow on a comment indicating that a reader does not like or agree with the commenters point of view and a Green Arrow obviously doing the opposite to a red… EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM.

And that is something that I have never before seen even close to happening and I am willing to bet that no one else has either… Here have a butchers at just a few of those comments:


See what I mean – those who disagree with the comments have totally overshadowed those who agree.

So, not only is this the first and only time that I have seen every single comment on the shit rag not going in the Chimps favour – to add insult to injury those not in agreement with the Chimp went against the grain in huge majorities… I mean, just look at the Chimps best rated:


I bet Dacre’s Dunces fucking hated the fact although I am quite amazed that the shit-rag let through those best rated comments!

However, I drew much more satisfaction from the fact that public opinion is clearly not in agreement with the Chimps article about me, yet I never even so much as once hinted for anyone to go and trounce the twonks  – and in all fairness, opinion polls are often made public on the views of far less people than those who voted on the comments.

Are you paying attention Mr C Cameron and your sick fuck band of child rapists? If not then you fucking should be doing because I make that 5 articles out of 5 now written about me by the mank, wank, rank amateur Monkey-Kuntz, all of which in ascending order have been increasing more detrimental to what you had hoped to achieve… Ticketh Tocketh.

Course, as was inevitable with the media’s valiant effort to vilify me in the eyes a countless millions, there have been a half dozen or so limp-dicks shaking their handbags in my direction as a consequence – I do in fact believe that I have been harassed… What do you mean ‘take my tongue out of my fucking cheek’?

For instance:


Bless her.

And then there was this one:


No I’m not dead Daft-Fuck-Dave, you don’t mind me calling you Daft-Fuck-Dave, do you Daft-Fuck-Dave?

That was just a silly rumour started on the internet around August the 2nd or 3rd by a group of naughty girls who are not big on doing research.

However, I think you will find that the claim has now been removed, which was a pity as it was quite fun to watch the half-wits arguing the toss over my prematurely reported death. But thanks for your concern Dave – everybody knows Dave… Although I feel that I should point out – just for future reference purposes – that you should in fact have typed “you’re dead”, not “your dead” when you so kindly contacted me… Dumb-Fuck.

Oh and by the way? Shouldn’t your patch thingy, found where your face should be in your message state that you were in the Royal Blue Jackets?  I mean, correct me if I am wrong but Green is usually described with one of the following descriptive words in front: Lime, Moss, Fern, Emerald or Bogey.

On the other hand, where a description of a blue colour is needed, it will usually be one of the following: Aqua, Light, Sky, Baby or ROYAL… Just sayin’.

And then there were these bad boyz from the hood:


Now I won’t lie, I got a little upset when I saw these threats… Indeed, with all the effort that the Media Mugs had put in, I was expecting to get threatened by Large Mobs of Hardy, Evil, Mustard Guys – as opposed to the reality which involved me being threatened by, Massive Knobs, from those Hardly Even Custard Pies… Most upsetting and I’m quite insulted.

Mind you, you should know by now that those who make threats are 100 percent of the time keyboard warriors by definition… They are not going to do diddly squat because they are pathetic twats lacking balls, who allow their imaginations to make promises their backbones can’t keep.

I mean, what kind of shit-cunt vermin extends their [toothless] threats to someone’s family such as the following received by my nineteen year old daughter Stacey, who is already traumatised by the plod’s criminal actions in this very real harassment of myself & my family:


Therefore, in light of these plastic wannabes and knuckle dragging morons and fat-arsed chavettes, bringinging my daughter into play, lets cut the crap: If you are serious in your bravado, then make sure that you have considered all of the following first:

I have had over 3 years of planning for someone coming to my door to do me harm. Moreover, I am not a spotty, university geek, yet you know nothing about my past, but trust me, even at my age I am more than capable of doing you serious damage.

Neither do I abide by the Marquess of Queensberry rules and by coming to my door I have the law on my side – and just so as no one can shirk their responsibilities and/or involvement I have reported you all to the plod.

Course, I feel sure that they will probably not investigate, despite them already being in enough trouble as it is, but like I say, the purpose of doing so is for my benefit in any potential future court action.

Moreover, there can be no doubt now that I am not frightened by the prospect of prison – even under very dangerous circumstances – and since I am not phased in the slightest by taking on – and continuing to do so – the full might of the British government; the prospect of one of you nancy boys turning up does not warrant so much as a single missed heartbeat.

All the same, at the end of the day it is of no consequence to me whether you take note of all that or not.

And with that in mind, in the highly unlikely off chance that you turn up at my very easy to find doorstep in Rochford Garden Way, Rochford, Essex, make sure that you are fully prepared to either serve a very long prison sentence or have someone wipe the dribble off your chin and the shit from your arse for the rest of your shallow, little lives… That is not a threat, that is a cast iron promise and I never break a promise.

Now we have that out the way, instead of sending me or my daughter pathetic threats that scare me as much as a Casper the Ghost cuddly toy does, stop mugging yourselves off by making girly threats that show you up for the pathetic cunts that you really are and instead, either act out your fantasy or just go away and dwell on the fact that you are nothing, and never fucking will be… Go eat some chocolate cake or something – ya bunch of fucking fruit loops.

Okay, let me get back on track by stating that all of you’s who trot out the oft-repeated mantras, inevitably delivered in a matter-of-fact, light hearted fashion, when talking about our politicians make me fucking puke.

I am of course referring to Mantras along the lines of the following:

“Yeah but they are all bent aren’t they”.


“Typical of those in power, only there to serve themselves”


“I get what you’re saying but it has been that way for hundreds of years and there is nothing that we can do to change it”…

Indeed I am embarrassed to belong to a species so weak, frightened and mind-controlled, that they find such a situation acceptable.

Why the fuck are you putting up with these insidious, darkly Satanic monsters in power for?

After all there can be no doubt that they are all bonded together by their shared passion for child-abuse and a desire to inflict torture, misery & poverty on the nation, whilst greedily helping themselves to OUR money and all on the premise that “Yeah but they are all bent aren’t they” or “Typical of those in power, only there to serve themselves” or, “I get what you’re saying but it has been that way for hundreds of years and there is nothing that we can do to change it”.

What the fuck is wrong with people?

Man up!

Such a contract is and never will be acceptable and this shit will never be over until we have people in power who are honest, loyal, moral, and working in the interests of those that they are elected to serve… Anything less is not an option.

The fact that we are ruled and entertained by monsters at the very highest level and have been for 100’s of years is a matter of public record. The following are BUT A FEW of those monsters:

Sir Winston Churchill – Alcoholic, Paedophile former Prime Mincer, a Rothschild puppet responsible for taking the country into World War 2 – something that the German government was desperate to avoid – Lover of the Queen Mother and rumoured father to QE2.


Lord Robert Boothby – Conservative MP, former lover of the paedophile, alcoholic Queen Mother, close friend to Winston Churchill, lover of former British Prime Mincer, Harold Macmillan’s wife, Dorothy. – with whom Boothby fathered her eldest daughter, Sarah who was then raised as being the Prime Mincers. And lets not forget Boothby’s penchant for laying under a glass topped coffee table whilst a rent boy took a dump on the glass above Boothby’s face.


Tom Driberg – Notorious paedophile, Labour MP and KGB spy Driberg, like Boothby was also involved with and allegedly blackmailed by the Kray Twins who were allegedly supplying young boys to the powerful, rich and famous. Drieberg – with a penchant for wearing fishnet stockings – was named on letterheads as being a director of one of the Kray Twins clubs.


PHOTO: Spies like us – Driberg and Guy Burgess

Anthony Blunt – The Queen’s cousin, dangerous paedophile and KGB spy Blunt is alleged to have killed young boys by choking them on his erect penis. Blunt was dispatched to Germany after the war to collect incriminating letters sent to high ranking Nazi’s by the Royal Family. In 1962 when the Profumo scandal broke, Blunt was once again dispatched to “collect at all costs” incriminating drawings of the Royal Family done by Phil the Ducks close friend, Stephen Ward – an osteopath, artist, pimp and Satanist.

Ward who lived on the Astor estate was responsible for supplying prostitutes – including Christine Keeler & Mandy Rice Davis at satanic parties thrown at Cliveden (the main house on the Astor Estate) owned by William Astor – Step grandfather to Samantha Cameron.

Keeler and Rice-Davis both lived at the notorious Dolphin Square apartment block where children were killed at paedophile parties attended by various high profile politicians. Indeed, the former MP Harvey Proctor now finds himself at the centre of this police investigation.


King Edward (the potato not the potato) – Homosexual uncle of the Queen who abdicated the throne in favour of marrying the alleged hermaphrodite and proper old banger, Wallis Simpson. Simpson was said to have pushed crossdressing Edward around in a pram whilst he was dressed in a nappy. The paedophile Queen Mother – who surrounded herself with nonce servants – was forced to marry Prince Albert despite still being hopelessly in love with former fiancee, Edward. Albert was borderline mentally retarded and suffered a number of physical defects due to inbreeding. It was because of these defects that Winston Churchill was allegedly chosen as surrogate father to the Queen.

Typically, all of the numerous royal family members born with mental and physical handicaps since the mid 1800’s were either murdered or left to rot in state mental hospitals, a fate suffered by the Queen’s two first cousins – unless of course those family members defects were not so noticeable that they couldn’t be hidden. Edward meanwhile was also having a long term affair with his cousin Lord Louis Mountbatten – a predatory paedophile like his brother George.

Mountbatten, who is alleged to have sexually abused both Phil the Duck and Prince Big Ears was the man responsible for introducing the Royal family to Jimmy Savile.


Edward Heath – Despite being publicly named as a paedophile in the 1990’s, former Prime Mincer, Ted Heath’s perverted activities are only now falling under the media spotlight – on account of him being dead.

Heath – who was blackmailed into taking Britain into the Common-Market under very unfavourable terms to the country – is alleged to have raped then murdered little boys on his Yacht christened “Morning Glory” by the then Prime Mincer’s complicit protection officers. The boys were supplied to him via a Jersey care home.


Princess Andrew – The Queen’s favorite son holidayed and associated with the Paedophile Jeffrey Epstein – often paid for by the public. When the Princess was named as shagging underage girls at parties thrown by Epstein, the Queen ensured that there would be no prosecution.


Other known or alleged, high profile paedophiles include: Leon Brittan, Sir Peter Morrison, Sir Alistair McAlpine, Lord Greville Janner, Jeremy Thorpe, Alan Clarke, Ken Clarke, Cyril Smith, Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair, and Gordon Brown to name but just a few.


And if you don’t find that abhorrent then you are really are part of the problem… Just sayin’.