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Now, if you have been paying attention you will know that in the Satanic world of the Monsters, everything has to connect to everything for their monkey magic to work… Whether or not their monkey magic does actually work or not, I can’t say for certain although I kinda suspect that there is something to it, else it would be pointless.

Nevertheless, I couldn’t help but notice that on the eve of the fraud wedding between Henry & Rachael, the ‘bride’ stayed with her ‘mother’ at Cliveden – once the highly Satanic Astor family home, now a posh hotel, thus connecting two frauds: The Profumo affair and Harry & Meghan’s wedding.You see, Cliveden was the setting for the orgy where prostitute, Christine Keeler – later to proclaim herself a spy for MI5 – met the UK’s Minister for War, John Profumo and Captain Yevgeny Ivanov, a Soviet naval attaché. And since Keeler was supposedly shagging both of them, that led to fears of a National Security risk… What a crock of horse shit.

I mean what it basically boiled down to was two pampered, very wealthy, middle-aged married politicians shagging a pretty, 19-year-old slapper… Something that still goes on today with the public seemingly not arsed to give a fuck.

Course, the Profumo affair was nothing more than a conspiracy theory – spawning many others – started by the Establishment, that had Dr Stephen Ward at its center. Ward, who lived on the Cliveden Estate was found guilty of being the pimp to Keeler, Mandy Rice Davis and a whole stable of other girls but allegedly killed himself before he ever heard the guilty verdict.

Nevertheless, what the conspiracy theories didn’t allow for was the fact that the whole thing – like so many more – was just a play act.

For instance, Keeler was supposedly also shagging a whole host of Jamaican immigrants – a proper no-no at the time.

One of these immigrants was named by Keeler in her book as being, drug dealing, Aloysius “Lucky” Gordon, a Jamaican jazz singer with a history of violence and petty crime.

Indeed, in her book Keeler claims that she was terrified of Gordon after he allegedly kidnapped her, held her prisoner and raped her multiple times… Yet the photo evidence tells a different story.

Indeed, the part of Keeler was probably played by Talitha Getty, wife of John Paul Getty jr, who reportedly died of a heroin overdose in 1971 and was also related to the spy, Ian Fleming – author of the James Bond books.


Course, if the Profumo saga was legit then it would be highly unlikely that Keeler would have been cloned whereas it is odds on favourite that the Getty family has been…Which would explain Nigella Lawson being a doppelgänger for the pair.

PHOTO: Lawson & Keeler

Nigella is of course the daughter of former MP Nigel Lawson – a member of the nonce-infested Thatcher cabinet – and looks fuck all like him or her mother… A seemingly common occurrence among the Monster Elite as I pointed out in How The West Was Won Part 6.

And although I have never seen one of her shite cookery shows on TV, I believe that they are laden with sexual innuendos.

Course, as I say, everything has to connect with everything in the Satanic world which the Profumo Affair does very nicely with the faked Moors Murders, that were taking place at around the same time. You see, I strongly believe that Stephen Ward also played the part of Ian Brady:

In turn, that would be why a woman looking exactly like Myra Hindley was caught on camera watching Ward leave court:

Myra Hindley was played by the socialite and friend to the Queer of England, Annabel Goldsmith… Wife of the now deceased billionaire, James Goldsmith and Mother to MP Zac Goldsmith and Jemima Khan:

PHOTO: An aptly titled biography

PHOTO: Goldsmith & The Queer. Goldsmith’s sister was a bridesmaid at the Queers wedding. 

PHOTO: Goldsmith was a major player in the Lord Lucan fraud

PHOTO: Goldsmith and Hindley comparisons

Moreover, according to conspiracy theories Goldsmith’s husband James was supposedly the real father of Princess Diana:

However, that conspiracy theory was in all likelihood started by the Monster Elite to give some controversy to the fake story of Diana in order to make her [made-up] life seem credible and keep researchers away from the truth. Indeed, Diana’s ‘mother’, Frances Shand-Kydd was in all probability also played by Goldsmith:

PHOTO: Goldsmith-Shand Kydd comparison.

Which would mean that Shand-Kydd should also look like Myra Hindley shouldn’t it?

Of course it fucking should:


Indeed, I have told you for this long time that the Spencer bloodline is manufactured, thus Annabel’s eldest daughter, India Birley was one of those who played Diana:

PHOTO: Birley – Spencer comparison

Course if I am right, this would explain why all the Brady/Hindley photos are faked:

So, it was hardly surprising that Annabel Goldsmith turned up at John Profumo’s funeral… Looking identical to what she did at her first husband, Mark Birley’s funeral:

Very strange… Not convinced?

Well let’s look at the Brady/Hindley victims… I mean Keith Bennett and John Kilbride are clearly one and the same.

Now that painted photo of Pauline Reid is taken from the photo of Beryl Evans – murdered by John Christie at 10 Rillington Place

Thus making another Satanic connection.

And as coincidence would have it, Pauline just so happened to live next door to David Smith – Brother in law to Myra Hindley and main prosecution witness at the Brady/Hindley fake trial.

David Smith also wrote a book… Or at least had one written about him:

And indeed I have read it and to be fair, if you were just your ill-informed Joe Average, you would believe the narrative hook line and sinker. Oh, and incidentally I should tell you that Carol Ann Lee is a master of propaganda and a fully paid up member of the Monster Minions.

Now, right at the start of the book, Carol Ann Lee makes mention that Smith is a doppelgänger for Stuart Sutcliffe – the original bass guitar player for the Beatles… A strange thing for her to do since not that many people have a Scooby-Doo who Sutcliffe is, despite him sharing the same surname as the Yorkshire Ripper – another fantasy story.

We can then link the Beatles further to this story since Paul McCartney also provided a photo for Ian Brady.

Now we are really getting somewhere. You see, Sutcliffe supposedly died of a brain hemorrhage in 1962 – the year before the Rolling Stones were to make their mark.

The Rolling Stones were founded by guitarist, Brian Jones, who is a 30 billion to one doppelgänger for Stuart Sutcliffe/David Smith… Geddit? Alias Smith and Jones.

PHOTO: Brian Jones (inset) and Stuart Sutcliffe

PHOTO: Brian Jones and Stuart Sutcliffe – checkout their ears.

Course, Brian Jones supposedly went on to drown in his swimming pool in 1969 – another story shrouded in conspiracy theories deliberately started by the monsters in order to keep researchers away from the truth.

And in this case the truth is that Brian Jones didn’t die, he simply became David Jones AKA David Bowie who rose to fame in 1969… David Jones – David Smith – Alias Smith & Jones:

Jagger and Jones later teamed up together again in 1985 and had a number 1 smash hit with the song; Dancing In The Street:

And if more proof were needed, Brian Jones also provided the photo for Brady/Hindley victim Keith Bennett:

Course, like always in these fake productions there are a variety of actors playing the roles and as such, Hindley’s brother-in-law, David Smith went on to be played by David Astor:

Whose family once owned Cliveden where Meghan Markle stayed on the eve of her wedding to Prick Henry.

Just Sayin’.

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