Santa is a fat fuck.

Christopher Spivey


Hi all.

Let me start off by offering you an apple-bogie for the lack of new content on here… Believe me though, it isn’t through the lack of trying.

Yet like always, the best laid plans and all that jazz have come in to play… Again.

You see, as I mentioned in my last effort that I published two long weeks ago, I had just begun writing about a sick fraud that I had uncovered.

Furthermore, I also told you that it shouldn’t take too long at all to write because despite the fucked up nature of the fraud, it was relatively simple to set out in words.

How wrong was I!

In fact I have now written 25,562 words with still a little way to go before it is finished.

And as for being simple to explain, well let me tell you that on many occasions over this past week my head has felt like it was going to explode with trying to bring the different factions all together.

You see, what started off as me writing about a sick-in-the-head conman and a lucrative fraud that he was working with the help of the MSM has opened a right old can of worms, leading me to uncover a proper massive shit-heap that goes right to the very top.

Nevertheless I won’t say any more about it as you will be able to read it yourselves soon enough. In fact as it stands, I am hoping to have it boxed off some time between Christmas day and the 28th.

And with that being the case, I thought that I best break off and put out a few words before Satan’s Day arrives.

I fucking hate Christmas and everything that it stands for… I despise the greed, the selfishness, the keeping up with the Joneses syndrome, the gullibility, the false cheer and the fake goodwill to all men.

On the other hand, I am looking forward to watching Clayton open his presents and indeed, there is nothing quite like seeing the excitement radiating off innocent children as they open their new toys that Santa delivered whilst they slept.

Course, I am acutely aware that millions of children will not be experiencing the same wonderment that my little warrior will, and for some of those little ones… Well it don’t bear thinking about.

And that is what motivates me. I know what the Monsters and their minions do to these little children who have no one there to protect them… But I will fucking die trying, I can promise you that.

Indeed I can never forgive or forget what the slimey, sick-fuck cunts tried to do to Clayton, just to get at me.

They are evil and I cannot abide them. In fact my skin crawls at just the thought of the pasty-faced animals and the pleasure that they derive from hurting those poor, innocent lost souls.

There is no place on this earth for them or those minions whose help allows them to rape, torture and kill children… They have to leave it. There is never an excuse for taking a child’s innocence away prematurely.

Indeed, I have so much to tell you before I am done.

The sick-fuck Monsters are few but their scum of the earth Minions are many. They really are every-fuckng-where. Certainly a lot closer to you than you would ever dream possible… But they do not have anywhere to hide because I can see them a mile off and I do not fear the dirty horrible cunts.

There is very soon going to be a big rude of wakening for many who naively believe that they are safe.

Course, it was a year ago to this very day that something happened to my finger – I’m still not sure exactly how or what – which resulted in me having an emergency operation on New Years Eve and spending the following 5 days after that in hospital.

And whilst the Monster-Minions might not have caused the injury, they were certainly behind the delay in me getting the right diagnosis and in turn the right medical treatment – which had I done there would have been no need for the operation.

I have in fact told only a handful of people what really went on that week, but by rights, the delay in getting the right treatment should have resulted in me being a lot worse off than I am now – indeed if not dead… They will soon wish to fuck that I was.

So to all those of you who have supported me financially and otherwise throughout the year, I thank you all from the bottom of my strong beating heart. May you all have a very merry christmas and I sincerely hope that you derive as much pleasure from your little ones delight, as I will from mine. Look after them and keep them safe.

To Dogman, Wolfie, Charity Case, Gallows, Lisa and Nick, words cannot express how I feel about your help, friendship and loyalty… I just know that one day soon it will all prove worthwhile.

Right, that’s your lot for now but stayed tuned, stay focused and stay strong because I know for a fact that as sure as eggs are oval steroids from the vagina of a female fowl, we are going to change the world… Me and You… All of you scum cunts watching, just you wait and fucking see if we don’t.

I’m coming for you ya fuckin’ nonces.

Chris xxx