Sabine McNeill & The Hampstead Hoax


Christopher Spivey

There are reasons that I have not written about the Hampstead Satanic Child Abuse case up until now.

The main reason that I didn’t write about the case back in 2014, which centered around the online testimony of two children – who made all manner of lurid claims – was because there was no evidence to back up what they were saying.

In other words, their claims could not be proved or disproved either way. However, I must also add that the two children did not appear to me to be too traumatised by the awful events which they claimed to have witnessed and as such I decided to err on the side of caution and leave the reporting – or lack of it – to others.

And by “lack of reporting” I do not mean that nobody picked up on the story. On the contrary almost everybody with an ‘alternative media’ blog seized upon the sordid tale without apparently thinking things through… Yet – as I just stated – there was nothing to report except the testimony of those two children who did not seem too traumatised for their alleged horrific experience.

Moreover, the more that the story evolved, the more that I began to suspect that a psy-op was taking place and the alternative media was being set up for an almighty fall… Just like Lord McAlpine did with Steve Messham back in 2012.

And it now seems that I was right in my belief since Sabine McNeill has been sentenced to NINE years in prison for the part that she played in perpetuating the hoax.

I mean, c’mon! Get real. People do not receive 9 years prison for manslaughter let alone harassment and breaching a restraining order. Yet by giving a 74 year old pensioner such a severe sentence for making outlandish claims sends out a clear message to anyone else thinking about doing so.

Indeed, the very fact that the national press, who all quietly reported – if that is what you can call it – on McNeill’s case are not up in arms about the severity of the sentence is all the proof that I need to indicate that this was psy-op.

My suspicions are further raised by the fact that the mother and step-father who the police claim forced their two children to invent their accounts have been on the run since February 2015 – Four years without capture.

Indeed, they must have read the Osama Bin Laden book on ‘Hide and Seek for professionals‘ to evade capture for so long… Either that or the police are not looking for them too hard.

After all, it is nigh on impossible to just disappear these days unless you are a member of the mafia or something.

Moreover, you have to ask yourself how Sabine got all of the details about the Satanic abuse. The following is taken from the Chimp:

She published details of the cult online saying: ‘They would drink the blood of babies and then dance around wearing the skulls on parts of their bodies.

‘They would put them to sleep by injecting them, slit their throats, cook the babies and eat them.’

McNeill even claimed babies were cooked in a secret room in a McDonald’s restaurant on Finchley Road.  

‘The allegations were of murder, cannibalism, satanism and sexual abuse. They could not be more serious or vile. Source

McNeill also claims that those taking part in the Satanic abuse included: Teachers, Social Workers, The Police and Members of the Clergy, yet it is not stated how she came upon all of that information.

I can however tell you that no one in the know tells you nothing in this game unless you are working for the security services.

So am I saying that Sabine was in on the fraud? No. I am not saying that she was or that she wasn’t because I really do not know. I mean she could have been or she could just as easily have been set up and used.

Nevertheless, nine years for the alleged crimes committed by McNeill is the kind of term usually condemned by the press as a breach of human rights for being handed out to those who dare to speak out in countries such as China, Russia and North Korea.

And despite that fact, not one of our national newspapers has criticised the sentence which in the case of 74 year old Sabine is in theory akin to a life sentence.

Indeed, the fact that the Chimp has moderated the comments on its farticle says it all really… There are four at the time of writing whereas such an article would normally generate thousands.

Sabine McNeill

Not that the 9 year sentence makes any sense.

You see, McNeill was convicted of four counts of harassment and six counts of breaching a restraining order.

The Chimp then goes on to say that McNeill was jailed for a total of nine years”… However, quite crucially – not to mention predictably – the Monkey-Kuntz do not say whether those 9 years are made up of concurrent sentences.

Let me explain… When I was disgustingly convicted of two counts of harassment and two counts of sending malicious communications – although to this day I still do not know how that was possible – I was sentenced to 6 months in prison suspended for two years on each count.

That means that had the sentences not been suspended I would in the eyes of the law have been sentenced to two years in prison, but because the four 6 months terms were concurrent, I would only have served 6 months maximum – three months with good behaviour.

And if McNeill’s sentences are concurrent – and they usually are – she could logically be out in six months since she was convicted on 10 counts and each count has to be sentenced separately.

Therefore, she may well have received for example; a years prison for each count of breaking the restraining order and 9 months for each count of harassment all to run concurrently – making 9 years in total (and the Chimp does say that McNeill was jailed for a total of nine years”) , but 1 year in reality and out in 6 months with good behaviour.

Indeed, that would make much more sense since the maximum sentence for breaking a restraining order is FIVE years and the average sentence for harassment if you are unlucky is six months suspended for a year.

In fact for McNeill to be sentenced to prison for ‘Harassment Without Violence‘ in the first place – even if they are concurrent sentences – is an outrage.

And as for breaking the restraining order six times remember, this is the first time that she has been in court for doing so. In other words, it is not as if she was in court for the sixth time for breaking that restraining order.

Indeed, Matthew Taylor was recently up in court for breaching a restraining order on four counts (if I remember rightly) and was given 4 months prison suspended for two years.

Course, the judge described the harassment that McNeill was convicted of as being “high end“, but they always say that (my harassment conviction was described in court as high end but I didn’t go to prison) and the fact remains that it was harassment WITHOUT violence and as far as I can see that consisted of McNeill making the accusations on a blog, attending a protest outside a church, handing out leaflets and urging her readers to send Barbie Dolls painted red to those that she had accused… How many Barbie Dolls were sent is unknown (very few I doubt) but when you consider that an LBC Radio Deejay told his listeners to throw bricks at me, for which he was reprimanded by OFCOM instead of being charged with inciting violence, it is hard to fathom how McNeill’s harassment was at the high end.

Neither should you take any notice of the impact on the victims as described in the farticles. Indeed, the victims are encouraged by the police to make their impact statements as damningly devastating as possible… Especially in cases such as this.

However, as I say, by stating that McNeill has been sent to prison for 9 years will do the trick and is quite possibly the final nail in the coffin of the alternative media – which is in all honesty on its last legs anyway… And that was the whole point of this exercise in the first place.

Just sayin’.

You can read the full story HERE