Royalty Laid Bare Part 2


Chris Spivey

Carrying on from where I finished in ‘Royalty Laid Bare, Part 1’, we start off with Sarah Ferguson, ex wife of Prince Andrew and those now infamous toe sucking pictures. The man sucking ‘Fergies’ toes is American Financial Manager, John Bryan.

Course, anything ‘Fergie’ can do, Prince Andrew can do it better. The first picture is of him and some bird he’s pretending to be interested in. Course, since he is gay and quite possibly a paedophile to boot – If the articles I have read of course, are to be believed – then this new bird won’t be around long. As you can see, the photo is quite tame. However, the one below that is full frontal. Just quite what the man is thinking of, is beyond me. Then again, nothing about this family of inbreeds surprises me any more.

From Randy Andy, as the Prince is known, we move on to Koo Stark. Now I know that Koo isn’t royalty, but obviously, I am shamelessly cashing in on the Kate Middleton photos and as such exploiting any royal connection that I can. Koo dated Andrew for quite a while, and it has to be said that back in the day, she was a looker. Pretty enough in fact, to turn most gay boys straight. There was at one point, even press speculation that the couple may wed. Then it surfaced that Koo had done a bit of the old soft core porn, and that put paid to the relationship. Koo however, has just been back in the headlines. No longer the looker she was, the actress has just been up before the beak for having it on her toes with a valuable £40,000 painting. What a silly Koo.

That brings me nicely to Andrew and Fergie’s daughter Princess Beatrice. Beatrice, who is 24 yrs old, is 5th in line to the throne. Now, whilst I admit that these photos are not soft porn. They are indeed worth a look.


Course, we can’t have one without the other, so coming up is Beatrice’s younger, fatter sister Princess Eugenie. Eugenie at two years younger than Beatrice is obviously 22 years old and 6th in line to the throne. She’s also a very naughty girl. The following is taken from the website Zimbio and is about an incident which took place 4 yrs ago:

The 18-year-old daughter of Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York and Prince Andrew, was caught frolicking in her birthday suit at her boarding school in Wiltshire, England after drinking at a local pub. Doesn’t she know a princess can’t just run around nudie on campus? Hasn’t she ever seen the “Princess Diaries?”

Apparently, a senior member of the school’s staff woke after hearing playful shrieks. The staff member then looked outside, only to be surprised by about a dozen students dancing around in the buff in the moonlight.
The prestigious school, which costs about $50,000 a year to attend, disciplined the students. But, the Princess is not the only person linked to royalty who has acted out at the school.
Kate Middleton, Prince William’s current girlfriend, was allegedly caught with her bare rear end pressed up against a window, for the world to see. The Queen was probably not so happy about that.


From Eugenie, we move on to Prince Edwards’s wife Sophie. Much to the royal couples embarrassment a photo of DJ Chris Tarrant pulling Sophie’s top up surfaced not long after they had been together as a couple. Not that Edward was ever going to do much about it since he is pug ugly and a right prat to boot… Hmmm can’t imagine his Mother was too pleased about it though. Sophie once famously came under fire from animal rights protesters for wearing a real Fox fur hat on a trip to Switzerland. This episode spawned the following joke:

Queen: Where you off to Sophie?
Sophie: Somewhere called Geneva apparently Ma’am.
Queen: Oh, wear the Fox hat.
Sophie: Fuck knows Ma’am. Switzerland I think.

Finally, at least for ‘Royalty laid bare part2’, we conclude with Princess Stephanie of Monaco. The youngest daughter of Prince Rainier III and Princess Grace of Monaco (Formerly known as Grace Kelly the actress), Stephanie has no qualms about getting her baps out. Interestingly enough, suspicion surrounds the death of Princess Grace, which I go into in detail in my soon to be published, major look into the events surrounding the murder of Princess Diana.

That’s it for Part 2 I’m afraid. I have however more than enough photos left for ‘The Royals laid bare part 3’ which I will publish in the near future. In the meantime, I continue to scan the net for new photos. Course, should any of you have any, please send them to me at

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