Royalty Laid Bare Part 1.


Christopher Spivey.


I know first hand from carrying the photos of the Duchess of Cambridge on this site, the extraordinary interest that these pictures have generated around the world. However, the Royal Family caught on camera either naked or showing their ‘bits’ is actually nothing new.

Whether it be deliberate or not, the Royal family have never been particularly bothered about being photographed naked, semi naked or in compromising positions. Course, they act outraged but there can still be little excuse for being caught, whatever the situation might be. I mean, its not as if these people are not aware of the lengths that the Paparazzi will go too in order to get that all important snap.

The photos in this article are mainly of the British Royal Family. However, for no other reason than exploitation I have included some titillating snaps of their foreign cousins.

The earliest photograph that I have been able to find showing a member of the Royalty caught out on camera is that of Russia’s Tzar Nicholas II. 

However, the earliest photo’s of a member of the British Royal Family that I know about are those of the Queen’s sister, Princess Margaret, who was photographed sunbathing topless on the Island of Mustique in the mid 1970’s. This is around the time that Maggie was having an affair with bad boy actor/gangster, John Bindon. Unfortunately, search as I may, I haven’t been able to find any of these photos. Fear not though, there is a wide selection of various other members of royalty ‘showing off’ their Royal assets, coming right up.

I suppose as good a place as any to start is with the man who has just succeeded in getting an injunction to stop ‘Closer’ magazine from printing any more topless photo’s of his wife. I am of course referring to Prince William. Willie’s willy was snapped by the paparazzi in November 2008 after being caught short at a Polo match. What his Nan made of it is not a matter of public record. However, it gives a whole new meaning to the term the ‘Royal Wee’.

There are other photos of William with his knob out on the net. However, I cannot vouch for there authenticity. Therefore, I will leave it up to you to decide if they are  snaps of the 2nd in line to the throne, or not.


Unlike the above photos of Willie. there can be no doubting the authenticity of  the photos showing his Father, Prince Charles, caught while getting dressed by those pesky Paparazzi fellows.

During the 1990’s Princess Diana, having split from Charles was always getting herself into bother and often ended up in the papers having been photographed either topless, bottomless or both, as well as in her bikini.

  • Course, the above are the less controversial Diana photos… Want some more?
Diana’s scandals however, pale into insignificance when compared to those of her sister in law,Sarah Ferguson.
Married to Prince Andrew, the Duchess of York, or Fergie, as she is known, has always had a rough time from the press due to her ‘fuller figure, Ginger hair and freckles.
However, she did little to endear herself to anyone being as While Andrew was away at sea, Fergie was having an affair with Texan  multimillionaire, Steve Wyatt.
Around about this time, Sarah’s weight  ballooned to over 15 stone. The press seized upon this weight gain and unkindly dubbed her ‘The Duchess of Pork.
When the Royal couple finally split up in March 1992, Fergie really gave the press plenty of material to work with
In august of the same year, the Duchess of Pork was caught on camera sunbathing topless while a man named as John Bryan, an American financial manager sucked her toes.
Things quickly went from bad to worse as Sarah now began to spend money like it was going out of fashion.
Unhappy and broke, Fergie was eventually forced to move back onto Andrews Sunninghill Park estate in Berkshire.
However, far from moving back into the marital home, Fergie had to bear the indignity of moving into a small cottage on the estate, usually reserved for the Royal servants.
With no money, Fergie was forced to carve out a living in anyway she could. This led to further criticism in the press after taking part in a number of ill advised TV programs in which she was largely lampooned.
Her ultimate disgrace came about in 2010 after the News of the World newspaper got wind that she was offering companies access to Andrew for money.
The newspaper set up a sting operation and Sarah was filmed accepting a half million pound bribe from an undercover reporter posing as an Indian businessman.
Sarah later excused her behaviour in an interview with Oprah Winfrey by saying that she had been drinking prior to soliciting the cash, and was “in the gutter at that moment”.
Instead of pouring scorn on her, you would have thought that the fantastically rich royal family would have supported the ‘Hooray Henrietta’ financially and put restrictions on her as to what she could and couldn’t do to earn a living.
Below are the tamer snaps of the Duchess. In Part Two, you will find the uncensored, toe sucking pictures along with Prince Andrew, Princess’s Eugenie & Beatrice,  Prince Edwards wife Sophie, Prince Philip and many more