Royal secret powers to be made public – The same secret powers that I have been harping on about for ages.

Press TV
Details of secret powers of the British Queen and Prince Charles over legislation at the UK Parliament could be made public as it is ordered by the Information Commissioner.

The Cabinet Office has been told to release an internal Whitehall guide on when and how the consent of the senior members of the Royal family over new laws is required.

It follows a request under Freedom of Information (FoI) Act for publishing any guidance on gaining The Crown and the Duchy of Cornwall’s consent before passing any bills into laws.

Charles has been asked to approve at least 12 draft bills during the past two parliamentary sessions on bills ranging from economic development and construction to nanotechnology, which raised campaigners’ concerns over his intervention in public life, British media reports said.

Moreover, among the issues are those related to his role as the head of the £700 million Duchy of Cornwall estate which provides his £17 million private income each year.

The Cabinet Office now has until September 25 to release the confidential internal guide as Graham Smith, deputy information commissioner, has ruled.

The manual should give detailed information about how the consent of the royal family’s senior members is obtained and what criteria ministers use before asking the royals to alter the legislations.

This comes as media reports say the Duchy and the Cabinet Office has tried hard to keep the documents related to advising ministers on protocol secret as they argued that the royal family’s role was procedural not substantive.


Spivs Comment

If you visit this Site regularly you will already know that the ‘secret powers’ are not so secret.