Royal Parasites to Cost Canadian Taxpayers Over $500,000

Press TV
The royal visit of the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall to Canada this year is expected to cost the Canadian taxpayers over $500,000, documents have revealed.

The newly published travel expenses documents disclosed that the royal travel of Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, which is to be managed by the Department of Canadian Heritage, would cost the taxpayers more than half a million dollar.

The predicted spending contains a $300,000 gift from Prime Minister Stephen Harper, $4,350 on taxis, $130,000 on events in Saskatchewan and $124,000 for the management services.

However, the announced costs did not consider the costs by federal departments and agencies, nor do they take into consideration the security costs, which cost the government about $1 million during the last two royal visits.

Meanwhile, the February 10 2012 spending spreadsheet, issued to Ottawa-based researcher Ken Rubin, predicted that overall costs on the travel of Prince Charles and his wife would be at least $650,000.

The royal couple will visit Brunswick, Ontario and Saskatchewan in May, which is part of the global tours by the members of the royal family to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee marking the 60th anniversary of her ascension to the British throne.

The visit will be the second trip of the couple to Canada, Prince Charles and Camilla also stayed in the country for two weeks in 2009.

Last year, Prince William and Kate Middleton visited Canada, which according to the official sources cost the taxpayers over $1.2 million.

Queen Elizabeth also visited Canada in 2010, forcing the taxpayers to cover $2.8 million bill.

However, it is expected that Charles and his wife will face anti-monarchy protests, as the Canadian anti-monarchists have promised to voice their opposition against the UK monarchy.