Ripped Off


Christopher Spivey


It really is a fact that you cannot trust anyone… Indeed, I have today had to withdraw my permission for Gary Heath to stop selling my novel, ‘Never Mind The Sex Pistols’ and my eBooks on Amazon, because despite repeated requests for the vast sum of money that he owes me, as far back as three months ago, it has now become apparent that his intention is to rip me off.

That means all of you people who have bought my book and eBooks in order to ease my crippling financial crisis have given your money over to a conman since I have not received one penny for the novel from the cunt.

Heath first approached me in late 2016, offering a way to ease my money worries, but it is looking increasingly as if he is working for the spooks… He certainly has all the right credentials.

If anyone with the know-how wishes to take over the selling of my book & eBooks on Amazon, please email me.

In the meantime, I have no way of paying the site fees due on the 9th of July.

Article to follow.