Queen awards Charles top military rank

Press TV
Prince Charles, British Queen’s eldest son
The British Queen has awarded her eldest son, Prince Charles, the highest rank in all three military services, making him the third member of Britain’s royal family holding five-star military ranks.

The Prince of Wales has been appointed by Queen Elizabeth II to honorary five-star ranks, with the Queen herself being Commander-in-Chief. The appointment makes Charles a Field Marshal, Admiral of the Fleet, and Marshal of the Royal Air Force.

Charles is the third member of Britain’s royal family holding five-star military ranks, with the Queen’s husband, Prince Philip, in all three services, and the Duke of Kent, Prince Edward, in a Field Marshal.
The BBC reported that in 1995 cost-cutting plans led to a halt in the promotion of heads of services to five-star ranks. However, the promotion has been retained under special circumstances.

Earlier this month, reports said that celebrations marking the British Queen’s 60th year on the throne would provide an opportunity for her to slow down and step back from some of her public duties.

The Mail said there were rumors that power might even skip a generation and go straight to Prince William, son of Charles. However, British Prime Minister David Cameron said: “those things are out of the question.”


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