Propaganda Worthy Of Goebbels


Christopher Spivey

I am going to make this [fairly] short and [not so] sweet by talking about Captain Tom Moore

Now, just for the benefit of my foreign readers, Captain Tom Moore is allegedly a 100 year old war veteran who has raised £28 Million Pound in donations for our National Health Service by walking around his care home gardens 100 times… Although there is no film footage to verify the fact.

However, at best Mr Moore has been abhorrently used as a shameless propaganda tool to help our nonce filled government lead us into a fascist regime… And at worst, he is a willing accomplice to doing so.

You see, to me nothing rings true about this sentimental old bollox. I mean for starters surely Tom’s doctors or nurses would have put a stop to him doing so in his frail condition.

After all, to not do so would be considered ‘negligence’ – especially if he had croaked on his jaunt.

And then you have to ask yourself how old Tom hit up on the idea in the first place. I mean, what centenarian even knows his way around a computer let alone knows about the Go-Fucking-Fund-Me type pages?

Therefore, it is safe to assume that – at best – someone put him up to it. Certainly, his Just-Fucking-Giving page does not state who set it up for him.

And then there is the amount of money raised. I mean £28 Million is a staggering sum yet an awful fucking lot of the donations are from ‘Anonymous‘ and in US or Australian Dollars… But why would so many Ozzie’s & Americans want to donate to our NHS?

It just doesn’t ring true… Especially when you add to the fact that Captain Tom only received 40,000 birthday cards:

A postmaster has been forced to take over an empty school as more than 40,000 cards pour in to mark the 100th birthday of Captain Tom Moore as a team of aircraft restorers prepare a Spitfire for flypast on his big day.

The 99-year-old, who crowdfunded £28million for the NHS by walking lengths of his garden in Marston Moretaine, Bedfordshire, was flooded with letters ahead of his centenary on April 30, which were sorted by the South Midlands Mail Centre in Northampton.

Bedford School, attended by Captain Tom’s grandson, Benjie, accepted the delivery after providing their Great Hall for socially-distancing staff to open each card… Source

Course, 40,000 cards is a staggering amount but not so many when you consider the millions of people who [must have] donated… Despite being skint after being unable to work for so long.

And did Tom have a say in his birthday cards being delivered to a local school? Is that even legal? After all, there must have been £1000’s of Pounds included in them cards, yet there is no mention of any money or gifts included in the farticle.

And talking of donations, this months site fees have been paid by who run holiday homes in south Wales which cater for all and especially mountain bikers & hill walkers.

So, thank you to Mike & Gareth for that and indeed to everyone else who donates to the crippling – yet necessary – £266 monthly site fees… Without you all, this site would have folded years ago.

Nevertheless, getting back on track and it is as I say all propaganda with a ‘Spitfire’ fly-by now being arranged for Tom’s birthday and Tom of course did – predictably – pay tribute in the press to the evil Queer on her 94th birthday.

But he would do wouldn’t he because he has been put up to it… In fact I am quite fucking surprised that Sweaty Betty hasn’t invited Captain Fantastic to accompany her on her daily horse ride!

Indeed, I am not buying the old bollox for one minute… It stinks as highly as all this Seal clapping for the NHS nurses who are just taking the right fucking piss.

Indeed, it would appear that they have far too much time on their hands at the moment… Which they do, seemingly with PPE to waste.

And talking about total bollox propaganda, I had to laugh at the mass grave bullshit supposedly taking place in New York, not least because them there New Yorker’s must be super fucking strong in order to be able to move coffins with bodies in them, all on their own:

Yet THREE weeks after my old man supposedly died of Covid-19 (his death certificate says he did, I say he didn’t), his body is still being stored at Southend Hospital, so if all of these huge number of people are really dying at this moment in time, then our hospitals must have enormous fucking morgues!

And I should also point out that his body is not still at the hospital because the undertakers are snowed under. He is still there because of the delay in getting his death certificate due to everything having to be done by post at the moment (nearly two weeks lost there) and the undertakers waiting for confirmation that my dad’s life insurance will cover the cost of his funeral… Bollox bureaucracy in other words.

Course the Government needs all of this propaganda in order for the virus hoax to work yet people are too fucking brain-dead to realise that the Nazi’s used the exact same type of propaganda in the early 1930’s in order to bring about a police state.

And I have of course been warning you for fucking years that the Nazi blueprint for tyranny is now being used by our elite to bring about a fascist regime across the globe.

Now, how many of those signs do you recognise?

I mean, “Corporate Power Protected” and “Labour Power Suppressed“… Err HELLOOO, ring any bells yet?

Moreover, “Fraudulent Elections” are common place in America and over here. In fact I do not believe for one moment that Boris Johnson wants to be Prime Mincer – or ever wanted to be for that matter, simply because he is a fat lazy useless cunt… Indeed, he was more likely than not ordered to do the job.

As for “supremacy of the Military“? Well take a look at the following screenshot:

Hmmm! Just getting us used to it a bit at a time then.

And above all, pay particular attention to the first one (powerful & continuing nationalism) because that is what the likes of Captain Tom and our compliant performing monkey, nurses are being used for at the minute.

In fact every single one of those steps has now been put in place… And that to me is very fucking worrying.

Just sayin’.