Proof that the Social Workers, Nicole Miles & Julie Robinson blatantly lied in a bid to steal Clayton Spivey

Christopher Spivey


Hands up who thinks it is acceptable for a Social Worker to repeatedly lie to the parents of a child that they (the social worker) are assessing?

I will remind you that the content of a Social Workers assessment determines whether or not a parent gets to keep something that to most sane people is their be all and end all in life i.e. their child or children.

So obviously I sincerely hope -that no one thinks it is acceptable for a social worker to lie when compiling an assessment on a child.

Therefore, hands up who thinks that a Social Worker caught lying to the parents of a child that they are assessing should face instant dismissal and removal from the HCPC register?

So that will be everyone then.

Cool, now hands up who thinks that a Social Worker caught lying to the parents of a child that they are assessing which would or has led to that child being effectively abducted by the State should face a mandatory minimum 10 years in prison?

Before you answer, look at your child and try to imagine how you would feel if a social worker – backed by the police – entered your home and snatched your terrified child away from you, as you look on helplessly, knowing that you are never going to see your baby again – despite the fact that you have done absolutely nothing wrong… I will now ask again:

Hands up who thinks that a Social Worker caught lying to the parents of a child that they are assessing which would or has led to that child being effectively abducted by the State should face a mandatory minimum 10 years in prison?

Again, that will be everyone then.

Last one now… Hands up who thinks that a Social Worker caught conspiring to abduct a child by deliberately filling in an assessment using false information that incriminates a parent should face a mandatory life prison sentence with a minimum 20 year tariff?

That will be everyone then.

And if that was the law – a law that every sane, responsible loving parent would agree with – instead of the law being a party to and often acting in collusion with the Social Services (SS) then both Nicole Miles Registration number SW58847 and her manager, Julie Robinson Registration number SW599792 would now be looking at spending the next 20 years getting battered by some hulking great dyke… Nothing short of what the pair of criminals deserve, because the latter is exactly what they have attempted to do.

In the meantime, if anyone reading this has had dealings with this pair, or indeed knows of anyone who has, then please get in touch with me via e-mail at:

Now, since the pair of child snatchers and the police love to keep abreast with the latest news on here, I best make myself very clear: This is not harassment of the pair on my behalf, indeed, on the contrary they have both been – and to a certain extent still are – blatantly harassing myself and my daughter Stacey.

Furthermore, I am writing this expoše in my capacity as an Investigative Reporter, acting in the pursuit of uncovering a crime – a very serious one at that and which I am going to provide evidence for as this report unfolds.

Indeed, my only aim and motivation in asking for any former victims of the pair to contact me is so as to gather evidence of the pairs repeat offending and in doing so maybe get some justice for those victims too.

Moreover, the fact that I am having to expose the pair – who are but two of many, many social workers nationwide, who are committing the same crime on a daily basis – is because the wholly corrupt Essex Police Force, acting in collusion with the pair (and no doubt not for the first time), simply are not doing the job that the British taxpayer is paying them to do.

This then is Part 3 of my presentation of evidence that I have acquired, which all goes to prove that:

  • Social Workers employed by Castle Point Social Services
  • acting in collusion with Police Officers working out of Southend Central Police Station
  • having conspired and put into action an agreed plan
  • to remove Clayton Spivey, aged just 18 months old, from his loving stable home
  • using fabricated evidence planted by the police
  • as justification for social workers, Nicole Miles and Julie Robinson to compile and submit a core assessment
  • malicious & vindictive in intent and based as a whole on content consisting of either; fabricated, embellished, and/or incorrect information, much of which is left open to misinterpretation and some of which was illegally obtained in contravention to the Data Protection Act.

Part 1; Proof of the Social Services insidious agenda to steal Clayton Spivey and Part 2: This Day In History: Clayton’s Day can be accessed by simply clicking on their titles.

Now all those who have been closely following this abhorrent conspiracy will be aware that:

  • having covertly submitted Clayton’s core assessment on the 20th of November – SIX days earlier than we were led to believe, and unbeknownst to us, necessarily submitted based entirely on the fact that the police referral and the commencement of the assessment had inexplicably begun 5 days before my arrest
  • both Nicole Miles & Julie Robinson repeatedly neglected to mention that fact in a deliberate bid to conceal the unfathomable premature police referral and subsequent premature undertaking of the core assessment to myself and Stacey
  • and in doing so went through the motions of attending a planned strategy meeting on Monday the 24th of November with police officers, supposedly held specifically to gather information to be included in the assessment
  • and having done so, subsequently attended a pre-arranged meeting with myself & Stacey which took place on Wednesday the 26th of November, under the guise of allowing Miles to complete and submit the aforementioned covertly submitted assessment
  • whereby at the meeting, in a deliberate bid to keep up the pretence that Miles & Robinson were acting with honour and integrity, both continued to remain silent about the date of the assessments submission
  • and indeed suffice to say that we would still not have known about the early submission to date were it not for the fact that I picked up on the gross anomaly whilst reading a copy of the assessment
  • which going by the copy that we were given would indicate that the assessment had actually been submitted incomplete, thus omitting important detail.

You will also be aware that

  • having finally had the time to properly read the assessment on Thursday the 27th of November
  • which had been handed over to us by Miles shortly before the end of that meeting held at our home on the 26th
  • throughout which the assessment remained unmentioned
  • it never the less quickly became obvious to me that there was an active agenda in play to remove Clayton from our care
  • despite repeated reassurances (lies) given over by either or both, Miles & Robinson at every single meeting that we had with them, whereby both had categorically statedthat they were not after removing Clayton from our care

… Indeed, every single time I find myself writing about this abhorrent, wicked, needless, insidious agenda, I find myself doing so with anger coursing through my veins.

Never the less, having now identified the most blatant issues and anoma-lies contained within the assessment (which I covered in Part 1), on Friday the 28th of November, Stacey repeatedly tried (unsuccessfully) to speak to Miles on the phone with a view to confronting her about the malicious, poorly written, amateur work of fiction.

And as you will also know if you have been paying attention, Miles finally got back to returning Stacey’s calls on Monday the 1st of December – a call in which the social worker struggled to explain herself as is evidenced in the recordings of the two phone calls found in Part 1.

However, what you won’t know and in fact neither did we until Friday the 12th of December, after I had finally got chance to collect our Mail from the Post Office – a necessary task due to our housing association having still not got around to replacing the front door at the time (the door having been battered from its frame by corrupt, violently dangerous police officers on the 6th of October) – was that Miles had addressed the points Stacey had made during the course of those two phone calls held on the 1st of December, in the form of a “Case Note”, that Miles alleges to have added to the submitted assessment.

Now, given the date on that case note, Miles must have started composing it following her second phone call with Stacey and completing the task by close of play on the 2nd of December. (See Picture 1 below)

Course, in doing so meant that Miles was not privy to what I wrote in Proof of the Social Services insidious agenda to steal Clayton Spivey – Part 1 of my documented evidence proving conspiracy & collusion by the Plod and SS to unlawfully & illegally abduct my infant grandson which I too had completed on the 2nd of December… Albeit too late for Miles to have read it before submitting her Case Note.

In turn, that fact also meant that Miles was not privy to the even more damning evidence which I wrote about in Part 2: “This Day In History: Clayton’s Day” having uncovered these, not so easy to spot, deliberate falsehoods, following another, much more concentrated read through of the assessment a day or two further down the line

Picture 1


Course, with Miles being totally oblivious to what I had written in parts 1 & 2, both dossiers of evidence impacted heavily on the total bollocks that formed the content of the Case Note – which once again Miles had compiled using either fabrication or an embellishment of the facts – composed in such a way so as to play down the errors and lies that she had deliberately used to compile the original assessment

Indeed this is evident right from the start by the content displayed in Picture 1.

You see it is stated,no less than three times in that photo that the contact between Miles & Stacey was “brief”, thus giving the reader the impression that there wasn’t anything much to “discuss”.

Course, in truth Stacey didn’t contact Miles to “discuss” anything.

Indeed, Stacey had contacted Miles to protest about the shite that the piss-poor example of a Social Worker had written in her report – which amounted to nothing more than a tissue of lies – and should have been written with honour, integrity and to the very highest degree of professionalism, devoid of any mistakes, bias or prejudice whatsoever.

Moreover, two recorded phone calls totalling 00:20:05 minutes of taped evidence which would have been more had Stacey’s phone battery not died, can hardly be described as BRIEF contact – the stated contact/message both words being reported in the singular as opposed to plural.

And those taped phone conversations can be found in Part 1, which I supplied you a link for earlier on in this report.

As for Clayton being “involved in this case note” in the box section “Regarding Assessment”, you will note that Miles has typed the word “None” as set out in picture 1. Now there is a chance – brought about by my lack of experience in dealing with SS Case Notes – that this information may very well be innocuous and easy for a Social Worker to interpret, but to a layman like myself, until I know different my understanding of the information is that Miles has her and Stacey’s “brief discussion” marked down as having fuck all to do with any information pertaining to Clay.

However, since the actual assessment is purposely set out in such a way so as all involved party’s can understand what the gathered information relates to – as opposed to say a doctors note who only those in the medical profession can understand – I would then have thought that a “Case Note” would also be set out in the same manner.

Now, I would like to be able to tell you that things do improve from this point onwards but unfortunately, in this instance it is a case of the ‘add-on Case Note starting extremely badly and going downhill from there.

Mind you, in saying that I am not being entirely honest and as such must confess that I wouldn’t really have liked to be able to tell you that the Case Note improves, since it is obviously to Mine, Stacey’s & Clay’s benefit the more that I am able to discredit the unforgivable catalogue of bullshit.

Moreover, I can continue to do that straight away being as the Case Note now divides into two columns (see picture 2); with the left hand column given over to “Detailed Notes” and the right hand column set aside for setting out the points raised in the implied trivial “brief discussion”.

Indeed, the points that make up our COMPLAINT, are extremely serious – and indeed only make up a small portion of the complaints that we have over the fraudulent content contained in the submitted assessment.

Therefore, as you are now about to find out, the Left hand Column should have been full and the Right hand Column should have been the one that remained empty.

Picture 2


Miles then begins the Case Note in earnest (see picture 3) by stating that :

“Stacey had 12 points she wanted to raise with regards to the assessment. It was agreed these would be recorded on a case note and this would be posted to Stacey”.

Nothing like kicking off with a blatant lie Ms Miles… Then again, why would she change her tactics now?

You see, it was not agreed that the “points” would be recorded as a “case note” at all.

Course, as you can clearly hear in the aforementioned phone recordings, Miles – concentrating harder on not incriminating herself with the lies that she has touted as fact in the criminal assessment, than on the fact that she was being recorded – meant that she still managed to incriminate herself… No flies on Nicole Miles is there.

Picture 3


The truth is – as evidenced on the recordings – Miles told Stacey that she couldn’t amend the assessment, leaving no other option available other than to add a case note.

And “having no other option” meant Stacey could either take it or leave it, which is something totally different to Miles & my daughter reaching a mutually amicable solution equally beneficial to both parties.

Course, had Miles not begun the assessment on the 1st of October, the exact same day that she was given the police referral (see picture 4) – which was inexplicably 5 DAYS before I was actually arrested, thus leading to Miles having to blatantly lie in order to try and hide the massive cock up – she would not have had to submit the incomplete assessment on the 20th of November (see picture 5) and as such, she would have been able to discuss the assessment with us at our meeting on the 26th of November (the date that we had been led by Miles & her manager Julie Robinson to believe that the assessment needed to be completed by).

And obviously, we were also led to believe that the meeting was for the sole purpose of discussing the assessment before Miles submitted it.

Picture 4


Top date is the date of the plod referral, middle date is the date Miles began her assessment, bottom date is the date that she has to submit the aaessment.

Picture 5

Indeed, the very fact that neither Miles nor Robinson told us at that meeting on the 26th of November, that the assessment had already been submitted, speaks volumes about the major cock-up made by the plod which saw the imbeciles prematurely refer the case to the SS and in turn led to Miles – in all likelihood unaware at that stage that I hadn’t been arrested on the 1st of October – prematurely starting the assessment.

Course, the fact that Miles may have not known that I hadn’t been arrested on the 1st is irrelevant since that was obviously the date given in their plan to snatch Clay, and as such, Miles was just sticking to the agreed timeline.

Indeed, when the police referral came through, Miles knowingly added that false, malicious start date yet at some point the plod must have made her aware of their fuck .

However, it would then appear to be the case that the colluding clowns, having failed to arrest me on the 1st of October, had subsequently anticipated doing so on the 3rd of October – since that is indeed the date that Miles records as being the date that I was arrested (as evidenced in Picture 6).

Picture 6


Yet even that date went tits up in the end- the best laid plans and all that.

Course, Miles – clearly heard squirming in the phone conversation with Stacey – attempts to imply on more than one occasion that someone else was responsible for the incorrect information entered in HER assessment… As if that somehow excused the abhorrent state of affairs!

Never the less, she can imply whatever the fuck she likes but in a court of law; the buck stops with her (see picture 7).

Picture 7

Moreover, she can thank her lucky stars that Clay is Stacey’s son and as such Stacey had to be the one to take the call, because whilst my 19 year old daughter did an excellent job, had it been my place to speak to Miles I would have had her that pinned down on her abhorrent lies that she wouldn’t have even been able to remember what day of the week it was.

Tick-Tock Nicole, Tick-Fucking-Tock.

And let me tell you Ms Miles – since I know you will be reading this – if you think that you will get away with trying to snatch my grandson, whether by promises that you have been made, or by your past successes, you want to start worrying because the people you are in collusion with, or indeed acting for, have absolutely no concept of integrity and will hang you out to dry quicker than look at you.

And I say that in the knowledge that ‘certain people’ I know, having taken ‘certain steps’ to ensure that in the event of your masters going down the bent judge route to bring your sick fuck task to fruition, will in turn mean that some very powerful people will have no choice but to intervene on my behalf or be publicly outed as being complicit in the kidnapping of my grandson – something that they will not risk… Indeed, if you have been promised that I will never get you into court, then you really need to start worrying.

After all, no matter how clever you perceive yourself to be, you do not have the monopoly on carefully worded facts… And here’s to you Mrs Robinson (picture 8):

Picture 8

Julie Robinson, more sick, twisted & evil minded than any of her staff … I got the measure of you Mrs Robinson the very first time that I met you, where you shook my hand and said “pleased to meet you” to which I replied “I bet you’re not”… Its the eyes, Julie, your’s are soulless. Indeed, I would wager that you have sold yours.

Heaven holds a place for those who pray.

Never the less, the cock-ups kept coming – the 3rd of October came and went without me being arrested – forcing the plod to make a bigger mistake than the two they had already made over the course of the past 6 days… That mistake came when the 3 big bad coppers finally arrested me on the 6th of October, terrorising my daughter in the process, and even more unforgivable – if that is possible – kick starting a plan which would have had devastatingly detrimental consequences for my grandsons well-being…

Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock you cunts.

Indeed, I will bet that I have more bottle, mental agility, single-mindedness and determination than the 7 of you have as a collective.  All 7 of you shit-stains on society knowingly broke the law and in doing so invaded my home, and scared my family… Yet it’s not hard to fake those attributes when you have safety in numbers.

I’m not scared to go to prison… Are you?

Tick-Squeal-Like-A-Piggy-Tock, Tick-Squeal-Like-A-Piggy-Tock, Tick-Squeal-Like-A-Piggy-Tock.

Fuck me, that was dark wasn’t it.

Course, you only need do the maths. I mean, if the 1st of October – the date that was marked down for my arrest – relates to the assessment  being done & dusted by the 20th of November, then the 6th of October would see the ass-e-ssment due on the errr… Gizzasec… Errr, the 26th of November – the exact date that Miles told Stacey that the assessment was due in, hence the need for the meeting.

And of course, had that been the case then Miles & Robinson would have been able to go through the assessment with us – as expected – where I would have thrown a spanner in the works… As they well know I would.

That fact in turn would explain the old bollocks that we had to sit through, resulting in me not being able to have the slightest glance at the work of fiction AKA a malicious character assassination – tissue of lies – or, whatever other name you wanna call that unlawful, illegal, criminal offence of a document, until after they had gone.

Course, it would have been funny, not to mention humiliating for them had I thought to ask Miles for a copy to check over whilst they were there, which without doubt would have led to Robinson having to admit that the assessment was long past the amending stage since that was one of the first things that I picked up on when I finally got to read the nine paged work of fiction.

And of course, there can be no doubting that Miles was the weakest link.

After all, following that first visit on the 8th of October, which saw Miles confidently invade our home with Kelsey Wicks, a trainee Social Worker – although dog only knows what she would have learned from Miles – and almost as quickly having to retreat in humiliation after I caught her out having not done her homework on the case.

And with that being the case, Logic dictates that word was sent to Robinson that Miles must never again be allowed to be left in charge… Hence she sat opposite me like a spare part at a wedding for the subsequent 4 further meetings as the big guns were wheeled in.

And when I say big guns, I am talking about the boss herself  taking charge for two of the four… I bet that was a first for Mrs Robinson, given the one & only hidden file evidence levelled at a fella who exposes child porn for a living.

Course, the very fact that Robinson took charge of two of the remaining four meetings whilst 2 other senior Social Workers chaired a meeting each of the remaining two, does in fact further add to the weight of evidence against the pair of criminals.

I mean, Stacey had already asked Robinson to replace Miles with a different social worker, – a request which at the time, I was a little surprised at it being turned down.

Yet in hindsight, I can now see that to replace Miles would have meant bringing in another child snatcher – not very practical given that 4 social workers devoid of all morals were already involved.

And since Miles had already started the assessment, way back before I was even released from custody for the first illegal arrest on the 30th of July, TWO FUCKING DAYS BEFORE SHE EVEN HAD THE POLICE REFERRAL – received on the 1st of August – would also explain why Miles had to “sit down, shut up and watch how its done”.

More humiliatingly still, neither Robinson or Miles had a credible reply after Robinson – lying through her back teeth – said to me and Stacey, words along the lines of : “We have no plans to take Clayton from you, you have to trust us”, to which I replied: “How are we supposed to do that when she (nodding my head in Miles direction) has repeatedly lied to us on”? 

To which, having no defence to fall back on, Miles remained silent whilst Robinson said, and I quote: “That’s for me and you to talk about on our own, away from here”… And since I am pretty sure that she wasn’t offering me out, the only other way of interpreting Robinson’s extremely strange response is that she was acknowledging that we had been lied too, and did not want to say any more what with her knowing all too well that she was staring straight at the camera.

Course, the fact that Miles co-conspirators could no longer risk her causing even more damaged to the ever increasingly compromised conspiracy to steal Clay, would explain why Miles cancelled so many meetings – After all, Robinson’s time is needed elsewhere and as such she could not attend meetings at the drop of the hat.

Never the less, whilst that may all be speculation on my part, albeit far more credible a summary than any that the Witches of Child Nick could put forward as a counter claim, there is no disguising that both Robinson, and Miles purposely led us to believe that the meeting of the 26th of November was to finish the assessment

Course, since the meeting of the 26th along with the blatantly fabricated reason for it going ahead was arranged over the phone and is just about the only conversation to not be recorded by us, it would appear on the surface of thing to be a case of our word against theirs.

After all, since it is clearly documented in the assessment that it was undertaken and delivered in the allotted timeline (1st of October to the 20th of November), Miles was never going to own up to lying by insisting that she had told Stacey the meeting was so as she could complete a report that should have and indeed had been handed in 5 days earlier.

However, I can prove that Miles told Stacey that was the reason for the meeting. You see on the morning of the meeting (26th November) I released an article called “Get Up, Stand Up & Back Me” which began thus:

Just a reminder that the SS are invading our home again today at 2PM.

Apparently Nicole Miles, who I wouldn’t trust as far as I can throw has to finish her core assessment and because I have been re-bailed she is going to put Clayton down as being a child at risk.

And since there is no new information I am not sure how that conclusion is reached.

However, according to the ‘Framework for the Assessment of Children in Need and their Families’, a child in need is:

a. he is unlikely to achieve or maintain or to have the opportunity of achieving or maintaining, a reasonable standard of health or development without the provision for him of services by a local authority .

b. his health or development is likely to be significantly impaired, or further impaired, without the provision for him of such services.

I will be interested to find out how Clayton fits into those brackets.


Social services have to identify the impact of what is happening to the child and also the likely impact of any intervention on that child and on other family members. Assessment requires careful consideration of the repercussions or consequences of providing specific types of services and the extent to which they will both safeguard and promote a particular child’s welfare and development.

Now, since Clay has been seen by various health visitors all of whom have had no concerns at all, and I have Nicole Miles on film stating that it is clear that Clayton loves me and his mother, and he is happy and well cared for, you have to wonder just what they are up to?

I will remind you that this woman originally came round to assess Clay without having a clue as to what the photos “found” on my computer entailed (according to the thugs they are levels 1-3 on a scale of 5 with 5 being the worst although the clueless twats didn’t know that most were legal) and not only do we have the proof of her incompetence safely stashed away, we also have her on film blatantly lying to me at least twice.

And with that in mind I will point out that the Social Workers guidelines state:

Nothing can be assumed; the facts must be sought, the meaning attached to them explored and weighed up with the family.

Now I ask you, how is someone without the facts and who is prepared to lie fit to do such an important job?


Throughout the assessment process, the safety of the child should be ensured.

I will remind you that in the 51 days since my 2nd arrest we have seen Nicole Miles 3 times. Throughout that 51 days Clay has lived here, as he has from birth, with no harm coming to him whatsoever.Source

Did you clock it? “Apparently Nicole Miles, who I wouldn’t trust as far as I can throw has to finish her core assessment” 

Now, had I known that Miles had already submitted the assessment I would have been ranting about the fact in the article and most certainly not stating it as the reason that the meeting was taking place!

So there you have further proof that not only have we been blatantly deceived and lied to throughout the whole assessment by both Miles & Robinson, but also that particular reason for the lie stems from the assessments bizarre premature start, followed by the fucked up date of of my arrest (October 3rd) which all points to a stitch up by the plod and conspiracy to steal Clay.

Never the less, the fact that Miles says that “it is possible that the wrong date was in putted” (picture 3) in regard to Stacey’s complaint that the assessment was started on the day before my 1st arrest, now becomes even more bizarre when you take into account that Stacey’s complaint subsequently turned out to be wrong, in so much as I had got my dates muddled – meaning the first assessment (that I will remind you; was started, was never started, might have started and ended early, according to Miles & Robinson) was in reality started on the same day as my first arrest and logically thinking, was started before I had even left custody.

Yet Miles cannot have even checked the complaint, bearing in mind  that had she done so, she would know that the date given by Stacey (the 31st of July) was incorrect.

And in the event, the complaint has not been answered to any degree of satisfaction anyway being as – according to Miles in the assessment – the first assessment (that was never started, might have been started or was started and stopped) was actually started by her on the 1st of August, despite it being blatantly obvious in picture 9 (below) that the first assessment was clearly started on the 30th of July, thus adding more weight to the plod and SS conspiring to snatch Clayton.



Not only does this photo prove that an initial assessment began on the very same day as my first arrest, the opening information that this photo also contains is extremely confusing, misleading and untrue, since the information clearly states that the referral relates to “allegations” of possession of “indecent images” which relates to “Chris”, yet the raised concerns relate to the fact that Clayton lives with his “Grandfather”.

And it is fair to say that nowhere in the passage are “Chris” and the “Grandfather” linked as being one of the same person.

Moreover, in such an official, important document, I should be referred to as being Mr Spivey. Nicole Miles neither knows me well enough or friendly enough to call me “Chris”. Furthermore, what “allegations” is Miles referring to, because as far as I am aware there are no “allegations ” in regard to the “indecent images” – unless of course Miles knows that I am going to be charged over the “indecent images” found on my PC, which if she does, she contradicts herself later on in the report and she knows a lot more than me. If she doesn’t then there are NO “allegations” of me possessing the indecent images.


Proof that Miles reports that the referral was acted upon on the 1st of August in complete contradiction to the 30th of July date when our doctors were approached.

Okay lets look at how Miles has addressed and answered Stacey’s complaints; numbers 2 – 5 as evidenced in picture 10 below.

Picture 10


Now as you can clearly see, Miles has not addressed the matter set out in number 2.

All that she has done is record Stacey’s point of view whilst the lie that she wrote in the assessment – implying that I dominate Stacey – still stands.

However, it is number 3 that is the most important point of all and which proves beyond all doubt that we have been lied to, deceived, cheated and the conspiracy to snatch Clayton was/is very real.

Now as I have stated before, Section 47 is Child Protection where as Section 17 (which we had been told all along is what the assessment was undertaken as) is a child in need – Indeed in need, in need of protecting from these evil SS witches.

But as you should know, the assessment clearly states that it was carried out under a Section 47 (Picture 11 below)

Picture 11


Now quite obviously the question of which section that the assessment is being compiled under should have been one of the first things to be filled in when the assessment was inexplicably started on the 1st of October.

Therefore, in the complete absence of any mention of the date that the Section 17 assessment was allegedly raised from a Section 17 to a section 47 protection, and in the absence of any date or even mention of the Section 47 being returned to a section 17, you can only conclude that we have been lied to time and time again and Miles has conducted the entire assessment under Section 47 protection and has furthermore, submitted it as being the same i.e. a Section 47.

And whilst it is true to say in the Summary & Conclusion section of the assessment (see picture 11), Miles has stated that the assessment was started under a Section 17 (child in need) that simply is not good enough since the information is vastly overshadowed by the fact that it is stated that the assessment was conducted under Section 47 – without any mention that the section 47 was then returned to a section 17… The child robbing cunts!

Now,I wrote in “Claytons Day”, which is Part 2 of this expoše that; “as far as I am aware a strategy meeting has to be held first in order to raise a case to a Section 47 unless the assessment began as a Section 47 and indeed a strategy meeting was held on the 21st of October”.

Now remember, Miles would not have read Claytons Day when she completed the add-on Case Note and as such would not be aware of my uncertainty.

However, Miles does in fact indirectly confirm the fact that a strategy meeting has to be held in order to raise an assessment from a Section 17 to a S47 in her Case Note – “explains the assessment was initiated under Section 17 and was raised to a Section 47 at the strategy meeting” (see picture 10)

Now, that was another blatant lie by the thoroughly despicable compulsive liar Miles… But bear with me for a moment and all will become clear.

You see, the earliest that the assessment could possibly have been raised to a section 47 was at the Strategy Meeting held on the 21st of October.

Moreover, the strategy meeting must have been arranged at Robinson’s request and on the basis that on the 15th of October Miles or Robinson had read my article stating that Stacey had gone to hospital – a visit brought about by the undue stress that the snaky bitches were causing her.

And according to Miles, as a consequence of Stacey going to hospital, she & Robbo were allegedly ‘concerned’ for Clayton’s safety since he was left in my sole care – especially with the added fact that the pair of would be Columbo’s couldn’t get in touch with Stacey to find out the outcome of her hospital trip.

Never mind the fact that around 20-25 percent of Clayton’s young life has been spent in my sole care!

Never mind the fact that in that entire time Clay has had nothing untoward happen to him.

Never mind the fact that neither Myself or Stacey had signed anything or even verbally agreed that Clayton would not be left in my care – despite Miles trying to snake it in that we had verbally agreed… I have the tape recordings Miles, remember and as such I have access to everything that was or wasn’t said, whereas you only have your selective memory to fall back on.

Never the less, who the fuck do they think they are, branding me a danger to my little warrior… Just because they are sick fucks, does not make me a sick fuck too.

After all, what Miles is implying is the logic of a mental defective i.e Clayton has spent untold time in my sole care with no sexual abuse being inflicted on him, yet when Stacey is taken to hospital, for an indeterminate amount of time (she could have got half way there and said “fuck it, I feel ok now lets go home”), and at a time when we are under investigation by the SS, I decide that Staceys trip to hospital is the ideal time to start sexually abusing my grandson… Fucking idiot!

But even so, Miles has typed total and blatant bollocks in the summary and conclusion box (picture 11)because the answer to their question about Stacey’s hospital trip was clearly stated in my very next article released on the very next day (the 16th of October), thus adding further credence to my assertion of a conspiracy to snatch Clay being in place.

Yet in the event, the police opposed upgrading to a Section 47 – and in doing so,showing slightly more integrity than the SS – at that Strategy Meeting, which incidentally was held FIVE DAYS AFTER I HAD REVEALED THE OUTCOME OF STACEY’S HOSPITAL VISIT and in which time we are supposed to believe that neither Robinson or Miles could get in touch with Stacey!

Therefore, given mind to the fact that the Section 17 could not have been raised to a section 47 until the strategy meeting – and then bear in mind that the plod vetoed the proposal at that strategy meeting; the assessment COULD NEVER EVER HAVE BEEN RAISED TO A SECTION 47… NEVER.

Which would explain Miles deliberately neglecting to mention the date when the Section 17 was elevated to a Section 47 and then neglects to mention when the Section 47 was lowered back to a Section 17.

In fact Miles makes no mention whatsoever of the Section 47 being lowered back to a Section 17 (as evidenced in picture 11).

Why? BECAUSE IT WAS NEVER RAISED TO A SECTION 47… The pair of evil monsters are out to snatch Clay and they are not fucking having him… Or does anyone think that I am just being paranoid?

No, I didn’t think so.

And with that being the case, both Nicole Miles & Julie Robinson have beyond all doubt broken the law in regard to the Data Protection Act – a crime which carries a prison sentence.

The following is from my article “Claytons Day”:

Moreover, since the assessment was quite, quite clearly not carried out under Section 47, then the corrupt bitch must have illegally accessed Stacey & Clay’s medical records, which as you will clearly see, Miles in picture 12 below, freely admits to having accessed under the guise of Section 47 assessment – thus breaking the law governing the data protection act.

Picture 12


Moreover, the fact that these pair of criminals KNEW that they were breaking the law would explain why they didn’t write to us to tell us that they were going to access Clay & Stacey’s medical records, as they are required under the law to do if permission has not been granted… Which as you know, it most certainly was not… So, this now needs to becomes a police matter.

Feel free to report the crime, it is after all an your civic duty to do so:

  • Anyone who is aware that a crime has been committed can report it. It is not essential for you to have been personally affected by the crime.
  • You can report a crime even if you do not know who committed it.
  • You can report a crime at any police station, either verbally or in writing or you can make a written report to the public prosecutor.

Or are you prepared to let these child stealing monsters carry on causing untold misery until they come for your children or grandchildren… I can not be expected to do everything on my own.

More proof to the fact that the assessment was never raised to a section 47, not even at the strategy meeting can be evidenced by the film footage taken at our meeting on October 27th where Julie Robinson quite clearly tells myself, Stacey, Sue Marshall (a senior social worker friend of mine) and another Witness whom I had asked to sit in on the meeting, that the police had told her (Robinson) not to raise the case from a Section 17 – which Miles could not possibly have failed to hear.

And with that being the case, I will repeat: The assessment was NEVER A SECTION 47, so why the fuck have the scheming sub-human, baby snatchers presented the assessment as being such?.

Moreover, it was clearly stated BY THE POLICE at that strategy meeting that “Clayton was not deemed to be at risk of or suffering significant harm”.

Yet – at the risk of banging on and on – nowhere does it state in those details that the case was EVER RAISED FROM A SECTION 17 TO A SECTION 47 BEFORE BEING RETURNED TO A SECTION 17… Indeed, the pair are common criminals and I hope that I have the backing and support of each and everyone of you in order to make sure JUSTICE IS DONE FOR CLAYTON AND EVERY OTHER POOR MITE SNATCHED BY THESE EVIL MONSTERS.

Therefore, if you have not already sent a letter of complaint to the HCPC please do. We have a real chance here to stop this madness, don’t let it pass.

Okay, moving on to Stacey’s complaints Number 6 through to Number 10 as set out in picture 14 below.

Picture 14


Number 6 is nothing more than Miles sticking the boot in and could be misconstrued by a reader as being further proof of Stacey not realising the “risk” that I would pose if I was “convicted”.

Course, the police said themselves that “Clayton was not deemed to be at risk of or suffering significant harm”.

Moreover, I was given NO BAIL CONDITIONS, a very unusual thing to do given the charge, yet further goes to show that I am no risk to Clayton.

And again, you can also point to the lack of meetings and the time delay between the start of the assessment on the 1st of October to Miles actually getting to see Clayton on the 8th of October, along with all the cancelled meetings as being further proof to Clay being in no danger… Not from his family anyway.

Therefore, the fact that Miles then clearly labels me as being a danger to Clay (picture 15) towards the end of the assessment, despite there being no change in circumstances or “further developments” since the time of my 2nd arrest on the 6th of October, I would like to know just how the fuck she can justify such malicious slander?

Picture 15


I will return to the matter of Jan Deakin, who is mentioned in point number 6 in due course.

As for point number 7, once again Miles has not addressed the problem.

Indeed, all that she has done is just merely repeated Stacey’s complaint, which in turn could again be used by Miles to her advantage as being another example of “Stacey’s lack of understanding of the situation which could impair her ability to ensure Clayton’s safety”.

Turning to point Number 8, and as you can clearly see, Miles has blatantly muddied the waters in a further attempt to deceive.

You see, when Miles wrote that “It is unknown if the police have enough evidence to charge Chris or if the charge will result in a conviction”, she must have done so between the 18th of November (when STACEY RANG HER TO TELL HER THAT I HAD BEEN RE-BAILED) and the 20th of November when she completed the assessment.

And since that was 7 or 8 weeks after my second arrest the police MUST have known if they had enough evidence to charge me with the legal photos and hidden file by then.  After all, Miles says herself that there had been “no further developments”. 

Therefore, at the time of writing Miles must have known that there was not enough evidence to charge me.

Point 9 then deals with the assessment being handed in on the 20th of November, a fact that I had to pick up on for myself since Miles & Robinson had led us to believe that the assessment had to be handed in by the 26th of November.

In the event, Miles answers the question (or should I say gives the appearance of answering), in a condescending, matter of fact way, making Stacey appear to be as thick as pig shit in the process, by stating that the assessment had a finish date of the 20th of November.

Deerrrrrr, yes we know that Miles, BUT WHY HAS IT GOT THAT FINISH DATE?

Dog give me strength.

And most bizarrely of all is the fact that Miles would not have known that my bail was extended to January 2015 had Stacey not told her… Beam me up Scotty.

Now, as for Jan Dakin who attended that last meeting held at ours on the 26th of November, well I have to say that I would not trust her as far as I could throw her.

Indeed, just like Miles & Robinson, Dakin is one of those people who is forever saying “trust me” and I learned a long, long time ago never to trust anyone who says “trust me”.

Course, if you have been following this saga you will know that Robinson wanted Stacey to meet Dakin ALONE & AWAY FROM HOME to do some old bollocks “safer parenting course” type thingamyshit – you know the kind of thing I mean – “how to keep your child safe” sort of stuff… I love being treated like a mug me.

Indeed, the thing about theses narcissistic psychopaths is that they truly believe that they are smarter than anyone else, but as I said earlier, Robinson wasn’t fooling me from the off.

In fact, it was blatantly obvious to anyone with half a brain that the plan was to get YOUNG, GULLIBLE, EASY TO MANIPULTE Stacey away from my watchful eye – and the camera of course – so as Dakin could tuck us up.

And when Stacey had expressed her reservations about attending these 1 hour weekly sessions for a maximum 5 weeks, Robinson had dangled a carrot in front of her nose, in so much as she had told Stacy that if she agreed to the sessions then as far as she (Robinson) was concerned, that would be the case closed as far as she was concerned… Which was as far as Stacey was concerned – too good a deal to not accept.

Now bear in mind, that Clayton is Stacey’s son and as such the assessment should not have been about Stacey’s ability to care for him, but do you now see how the emphasis has switched from me being the issue to Stacey’s parenting skills being the issue? Crafty fuckers.

However, I have schooled Stacey well and come the first session on the 12th of December, she was nicely wired for sound… Or put another way, she had a voice recorder on her, sent from Blackpool courtesy of my friend, Sue the Social Worker.

Now note, she had a VOICE recorder not a video recorder, as this is an important detail.

So, all is going well with Dakin at this meeting – with the Social Worker speaking in her best soothing “all mates here” tone of voice whilst explaining to stacey what was what, when she suddenly asks my daughter if she is recording her – to which Stacey tells her the truth.

In turn, this admission leads to Dakin having a minor panic, as she tries to come up with a reason as to why she is so dead set against Stacey recording what is being said at these meetings – voice only remember, no filming.

And quite pathetically, not to mention tellingly, the best that Dakin can come up with is “these sessions are all about trust, and if you are recording me how can there be trust between us”?

Which loosely translates as “how the fuck can I stitch you up if you are recording what I am saying”… Indeed, there is no other way of looking at it.

I mean, we have been lied to the whole way along and this bird who we don’t know from Adam, but is part of the gang of child thieves trying to get their boney hands on Clay, just expects Stacey to trust her, because she says that she can be trusted… Yeah right, get over yourself darling.

So, after trying to coerce Stacey for a minute or two into stopping her taping, via means of the usual old fanny spouted by those trying to stitch you up i.e. “Shame, because I was really looking forward to working with you Stacey”… The brazen tart then seizes on an opportunity to play on Staceys biggest fear by saying that ‘she doesn’t know if the case will be raised to a section 47 because of Stacey’s refusal to stop taping’.

Course, Stacey worked through her fear and was having none of it and as such quite rightly pointed out the obvious, such as “how can we trust you”, and “its only your voice being recorded” and “its only for our protection, and won’t be made public if you are being upfront and above board”.

Which was all true because unlike the lying bastard child snatchers, both me and my daughter are honest.

These are seriously horrible monsters and certainly not there to help parents in need.

Therefore, the video below is the whole 17½ minutes of Jan Dakin trying to take Stacey for a cunt.

Now tell me that she wasn’t trying to stitch Stacey up!

These dangerous creatures have to go. They are a danger to children and should never again be allowed anywhere near a child.

Course, Stacey wasn’t the one to cancel the session and as such she has fulfilled her side of the bargain. Moreover, 11 days on from that meeting and Dakin – who said she was going to speak to her manager and get back to Stacey – has not been back in touch.

And anyone who can appreciate Dakin, Miles and Robinson not wanting to be filmed, simply does not understand the danger that these people pose to our children… IF YOU ARE DOING YOUR JOB PROPERLY AND WITH INTEGRITY THEN THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO REASON TO OBJECT.

Indeed, Sue Marshall had no objections to being filmed, and when I was tattooing I never once objected to anyone filming me. Therefore, the fact that they didn’t like being filmed certainly tells me all that I need to know.

Okay, let’s have a look at the rest of Miles, bullshit Case Note – not that it is worth the paper that it is written on (see picture 16 below).

Picture 16


Okay, to read point 10 fully you will have to go back to picture 14, but basically it deals with Miles branding me a paedophile as is shown in picture 15.

Now, note Miles use of clever wording here when she talks about not knowing what risk I pose to Clayton – which is as I have already said, total nonsense anyway since the police told her that I posed no risk.

Miles then writes that when answering the question she informed Stacey that “sexual abuse includes images of children”. Miles then points out that when indecent photos are taken of children, the very act of someone doing so is abusing a child.

And if that is the case, then it is a fucking shame that Miles didn’t spend the time that she had between starting the referral on the 1st of October to the time that she finally put in an appearance with us on the 8th of October finding out what the images on my computers consisted of… Snide cow.

Furthermore, in her own words the abuse is in the taking of the photo and as such the fraud social worker is now making up allegations about me since up until that point there had been no mention whatsoever of me taking indecent photos of children… EVER.

Indeed, I challenge the lying bitch to produce one photo that I have taken of a child that could even be interpreted as inappropriate.

She must think that we are all as sick in the head as what she is.

Number 11 deals with Clayton’s dad – a total waste of space – whom Stacey didn’t want involved and made that fact clear early on in the assessment – that being the assessment that we never agreed to in the first place… So with that being the case, Miles included him anyway.

Oh hang on, my mistake! according to Miles, Clays father name self generated onto the assessment. Yet even then the incompetent no-mark managed to get his name totally wrong – must have been that self generator with learning difficulties.

And number 12 obviously deals with the checks done under section 47 despite the solid proof above that the assessment was never raised that far – as evidenced in the footage of our meeting with Miles and Robinson on the 27th of October and as witnessed by Sue Marshall, my social worker friend at that meeting.

You will then notice that Miles ends with a non to subtle dig by stating that I can be heard talking in the background.

Course the implication is obvious and quite unnecessary. I mean, so what if I am talking in the background? Am I not allowed to advise my daughter when she is fighting for her sons safety against a criminal gang of child kidnappers then?

Twats, the fucking lot of them.

So there you have it. Three articles FULL of SOLID EVIDENCE of the SS working to steal an innocent child.

Now, before I go I think that I should tell you that there have been developments this week that were in fact designed to make things even tougher for me, but in the haste to do so, the men in suits have made a proper fuck up and paved the way for me to take them to the cleaners.

In fact, short of killing me, I am confident that the shit is going to hit the fan. And even if they kill me, the shit will still hit the fan, I just won’t be here to enjoy the moment.

However, before I can get everything put in place, I also anticipate that they may well arrest me again especially now I have released this final report on the SS although trust me when I say, that there is a much better one to come than this report, albeit that one is more to do with the plod side of things.

Yet quite Ironically, if I am arrested – and I stress ‘IF’ – it will in all likelihood be for harassment of my harassers i.e. this shower of shit.

Moreover, in all probability I will be remanded this time but if it comes to that, I won’t be banged up for long. You see, I now have everything I need to bring this lot to account… And by that I mean, the plod and the SS.

I won’t however elaborate any further for the moment.

And of course, if it comes to me being pointlessly nicked again, I really couldn’t give a fuck about prison anyway… It will be a well earned rest in fact.

Never the less, the snakes may make one last ditch bid to snatch Clay whilst I am out of harms way. Therefore, if it should come to that, I trust you will do WHATEVER is necessary to keep Clayton safe until I am released… Don’t, whatever you do, let me down.

Right, who is up for a sing song…. A one, a two, a one two three….