Prick Philip The Duck


Christopher Spivey.


I think that it is generally well known by those of you who read this site that I cannot stand Prick Philip AkA the Duck of Edinburgh.

Indeed, all of the evidence points to him being an evil, cold, calculating, inherently racist crime lord who doesn’t give a fuck about anyone but himself.

So, when the Chimp put out propaganda articles like the one below trying to whitewash the real reason for Prick Little Bald Willie’s trip to Israel, it is too good an opportunity for me not to comment on.

And so – as always – the Chimps farticle is in bold yellow font, my comments are in normal font and any other source references that I have chosen to use are in blue font… But of course you already know that.

Prince Philip’s four sisters who wed Nazis, a gay uncle and his mother who was locked in an asylum: The extraordinary reason William’s making a controversial visit to Israel

  • Prince William due to travel to Israel to visit the grave of his great-grandmother
  • Princess Alice of Greece was Prince Philip’s mother and his four eccentric sisters
  • The family courted controversy for their political views and acquaintances  

However praiseworthy the intention, the chances of a British royal doing something useful to ease the conflict in the Middle East are not high.

Indeed, the chances of a royal – British or otherwise – doing something useful are an absolute fucking zero… They are evil parasites… They cannot stand us and want to kill the majority of the worlds population leaving just enough of us left to keep the world ticking over and cater to their every whim.

In fact the Duck makes no secret of the fact as evidenced by his 1984 quote:

“If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels.” Source

Moreover, it is interesting to note the the Duck has been the President of the cash cow, The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) since 1961 – although he may have stood down when he retired from “royal duties” AKA taking the right fucking piss.

Now I say that it is “interesting” that the Duck became the President of the WWF in 1961 because that was the year that the fucking hypocrite went big game hunting.

The following is taken from the Daily Mirror shit-rag:

Dressed in a safari suit, the Duke of Edinburgh stands next to the 8ft tiger he shot on a three-day hunt.

Prince Philip had gone ahead with the hunt, despite protests from British and Indian politicians.

The Duke also shot a crocodile and six mountain sheep on that trip. Source

See, he doesn’t even give a fuck about how abhorrent people think he is… Unlike Prick Charles of Bigears:

PRINCE Charles was photographed out shooting for the first time in years today – and then tried to stop details of the shooting party being published.

The Royal Household is sensitive to criticism over Charles’ support for blood sports, which could potentially damage his green image, and the heir to the throne is rarely seen with a gun.

But he was today spotted on a shooting party he was hosting on the Queen’s 24,000-acre Sandringham estate in Norfolk.

It is believed to be the first time he has been pictured with a gun on a pheasant shoot since December 2008 and it came in the week that his elder son, the Duke of Cambridge, attended the Tusk Trust conservation awards and highlighted the plight of endangered species shot by poachers in Africa.

William, who is campaigning to save elephants, tigers, rhino and other species from extinction, faced criticism in February after flying off to Spain to go wild boar hunting only days before hosting an international conference on the illegal trade in parts from African and Asian animals.

Charles, 66, was out shooting today with a group of around eight friends.

He sent police to speak to the photographer – although they said the photographer was doing nothing wrong – and then got his officials to contact newspapers in an effort to stop details of the shooting party being published. Source

Course, Prick Henry is a right old chip off the block:

Prince Harry and a group of friends killed 15 wild boar on a weekend hunting trip in Germany, while his animal-loving fiancé, Meghan Markle, was out of the country.

The fifth in line to the throne, who like the rest of his family is a keen shot and once ‘bagged’ a one-tonne water buffalo in Argentina, apparently used a powerful rifle leant to him by his brother, Prince William, for the private jolly, the Mail understands.

Harry was part of a ten-strong group that flew out of the UK on Friday in a private jet for two days of blood sports, landing in Berlin.

They drove to Gorlsdorf, in Brandenburg, North East Germany, where they joined a group of 60 fellow huntsmen for two days of shooting. Source

Neither does the cunt care what he kills:

Moreover, the actress, Kate Gold-Digger-Smiff shares the parasites love of killing living creatures:

Kate Middleton last night found herself at the centre of a public row over her decision to go deerstalking with the Royal Family. Source

And Prick Edward of Wimpy Nerd takes his frustration of being a girl out on his dogs by hitting them with a stick.

As an avid dog and animal lover, had I been there the cunt would still have been picking the splinters from his arse today.

You can read more on the parasite family’s love of hunting HERE

The Chimp farticle continues:

For years, the Foreign Office has advised Buckingham Palace and its inhabitantsbreds to steer clear of the irreconcilable conflict, and in particular of Israel.

In the tinderbox atmosphere, anything the royals do is likely to be used either by Arab or by Israeli propagandists.

So why is Prince William off to Israel this weekend? The answer may lie not in a search for world peace, but in a simpler desire — to please a very old man.

For it is in Jerusalem that Prince Philip’s mother, the former Princess Alice of Greece, lies in state. A strange resting place for a princess who was born at Windsor Castle and died in Buckingham Palace — but then she was a strange woman.

Alice, who caused a sensation striding through the Queen’s Coronation dressed as a nun, died peacefully in 1969 at the age of 84. For some years her remains were kept at St George’s Chapel, Windsor.

But it had always been her desire to be buried in Israel, near her aunt and mentor Elizabeth, Grand Duchess of Russia, who was interred in a Russian convent there. And in 1988 that wish was finally granted. Alice’s remains were taken from Windsor to the Russian convent of St Mary Magdalene, above the Garden of Gethsemane on the Mount of Olives.

Now as excuses go, that has to be one of the lamest… Willie is visiting Israel to make his *aherm, aherm, grandfather happy by visiting his great-grandmother’s grave! Fuck off witcha… He is just off on another foreign junket and taking in the “promised land” on his taxpayer-funded free holiday.

Course, the Duck’s barking-mad ‘mother‘ died in 1969 and was buried in England, yet she was mostly of German ancestry, so you have to ask yourself why her remains were dug up 18 years later and transferred to Israel. I mean she wasn’t Jewish… Allegedly – making Israel the last place that German Aristocracy should want to be buried… Just sayin’.

And the excuse that she wanted to be buried near her aunt just does not hold water I am afraid to say.

Moreover, Barking-Alice is/was the Great Grandaughter of Queer Victoria, making the Duck and his wife, the Queer, both great-great-grandchildren of Queer Victoria.

Typically, unrest flared up just at that moment and her son, Philip, was prevented from attending the burial, effectively being told to stay away on political grounds. It was not until six years later, in 1994, that he was allowed to pay a visit.

Total nonsense… There could be no political advantage in the Duck attending his mother’s second funeral and even back in 1988 the press was under the control of the bloodline families meaning that the Duck could have attended and the visit kept out of the newspapers.

However, I strongly suspect that the Duck has an invented past and he was deliberately maneuvered into the royal family as general manager.

And though devoted to his mother’s memory and a very religious man, Philip has not been back since.

Not that fucking devoted then is he. And the only religion he follows is Satanism. Neither does a “very religious man” break the 10 commandments… Isn’t: Thou shalt not commit an adultery one of the 10 commandments?

Yet the Duck allegedly had an affair with Lady Penelope Romsey for at least a decade… Something that even the MSM has hinted at in the past:

“Watching her at Windsor, I would say she adores him. She stood in the stand alongside Lord and Lady Romsey. Penny Romsey, 48, is Philip’s regular carriage-driving companion – and rather more than that, if the rumour-mongers are to be believed. I wonder.” Source


More disgusting still was the fact that the Duck’s son, Prick Charles of Buggerlugs also had a bit of Penny.

Mind you, I wasn’t surprised to see that the Chimp also carried an article about the Duck & Penny’s ‘innocent affair’ following the release of another article that I wrote on the subject, since that kind of damage limitation is extremely common these days… That isn’t ego, just solid fact:

Who else but Prince Philip, just three weeks short of his 94th birthday, could get a look like this from a beautiful woman? And make no mistake, even at 62, Penny Brabourne remains striking.

Tall, slender and blonde — and separated from her husband — she and Philip have been close ever since he took it upon himself in 1994 to teach her carriage driving.

Gossip about them has never been allowed to spoil their relationship. Indeed, it is said that Penny’s enthusiasm for the sport has been crucial in keeping Philip’s aged hands on the reins. Source

In that article I also pointed out that the Duck had a 20 year fling with his wife’s cousin, Princess Alexandra of Kent; who had in fact been one of the Queer’s bridesmaids.


Course, that was allegedly the affair that broke the camel’s back – or at least gave Bizzy Lizzy the right fucking hump, leading to her banning Phil the Nazi from her bedroom.

Nicholas Davies, purported to reveal “a shocking world of royal adultery, passion and betrayal” and stated – as fact, not surmise – that the Duke of Edinburgh’s liaisons with his cousin, Princess Alexandra, with the film star Merle Oberon, and with the Duchess of York’s mother, Susan Barrantes (among others!) were the reason “why the Queen banned her husband from her bed”.

Course, the reason given by the Palace for separate beds is “the Queen’s dedication to duty” as in she needs her sleep… Fuck off witcha!

Nevertheless, these affairs started as little as 9 months after the pair of parasites were wed:

AN ex-royal footman told yesterday how Prince Philip shared secret rendezvous with a mystery woman for nine months after he married the Queen.

Servant Norman Barson was the only witness to the three-hour meetings which have remained a secret for almost 50 years.

Now, in the wake of a sensational new book about the royal marriage, Mr Barson has described in detail what went on at stately Windlesham Moor, near Ascot, Berks.

That was a country home rented by Philip and the then Princess Elizabeth after their marriage in November 1947. Prince Charles was born a year later.

Nearly every week, Philip and his female friend would arrive at the house in his MG convertible.

The pretty, slim girl would have her face hidden by a beret or a headscarf. Source

Then again, it is hardly surprising since the then 18 yr old, Duck had been dating the then, Princess Elizabeth since she was a THIRTEEN yr old.

After all, how much can a 13 yr old girl and an extensively travelled 18 yr old womaniser have in common:

Getting an insight into Philip’s feelings about his relationship with Elizabeth is not easy. Getting an insight into her feelings about him is much more straightforward. The Queen is happy for you to know that, in her heart and in her way, she has been committed to Prince Philip from the age of 13. Source

Other notable affairs that the Duck has had include Zsa Zsa Gabor, Merle Oberon and Sarah Ferguson’s mother Susan Barrantes.


Susan Barrantes was in fact later killed in a mysterious car accident:

Mind you, there is an even darker rumour that suggests the Duck likes to shag his son’s birds – remember Penelope Romsey – and worse still, an allegation that he has had affairs with both Prince Dead-Ed’s missus, Sophie and Princess Andrew’s ex, Fergie… A bit of mother & daughter action going on there then.

Course, I have no idea if the rumours are true or not but knowing what I do about the ‘royals’, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are.

Nevertheless, it is worth noting – since the Chimp neglects to mention the fact – that Penny Romsey was married to Louis Mountbatten’s son, making her the Duck’s cousin in law.

This too from the Monkey Boys:

For years he’d (Norton Knatchbull) had to endure the speculation over his wife Penny’s relationship with Prince Philip, who is his first cousin once removed.

Since Philip’s switch to carriage driving from polo, Lady Brabourne had been a regular fixture at his side. She is 57, Philip is 89. 

The daughter of Reg Eastwood, a butcher who left school at 15 and went on to found the Angus Steakhouse eateries, Penny Brabourne was not at first glance the ideal soulmate for one of modern royalty’s grandest figures. But her stunning blonde looks and her determined attitude captured Philip’s attention. 

Often they would travel round the country together without their spouses. Among the tight-knit community who are their friends, the relationship goes unquestioned. 

At one very grand house where they have stayed after carriage-driving events, a fellow guest told me: ‘Everybody knows about Philip and Penny – they are close. But nobody knows any more than that. They do NOT share a bedroom. Read More

Furthermore – bizarre and sordid as it may sound – the Duck’s son, Prick Charles of Buggerlugs had also had a bit of Penny:

In mid-August, Charles took off for Majorca, where he was spotted in what at first seemed an overly warm embrace with former girlfriend Penny Romsey.

But the raising of eyebrows was followed by the lowering of the boom: Her husband, Lord Romsey, indignantly explained that Charles was just comforting Penny after she’d learned that her 4-year-old daughter, Leonora, had cancer. (Charles was vindicated when the newspaper that published the rumor of romance retracted it.) Source

Yet despite the fact that Phil the Duck has been shagging Penny for fucking years, her infidelity is all the fault of her husband, Norton Brabourne apparently – at least it is according to the Chimp – what with him having years later finally fucked off with someone else:

The homecoming was nothing like it used to be. At one time, the staff at Broadlands, a vast, historic country house, rich with royal memories, would greet Lord Brabourne in the great, pillared hall, Downton Abbey-style.

This time, having been away for more than three years, he slipped sheepishly through the gates of the 6,000-acre Hampshire estate, where both the Queen and Prince Charles spent part of their honeymoons.

But he did not head for the four towering pillars framing the front door of the Palladian mansion left to him by his grandfather, Earl Mountbatten of Burma.

Instead, he made for a converted barn, where his belongings were unloaded from the car.

Lord Brabourne, Prince Philip’s godson and lifelong friend, and cousin of the Prince of Wales, was back after an extraordinary, amorous adventure with an exotic beauty that had taken him to the Bahamas.

Several weeks after this bizarre return, he is still not living in his ancestral and marital home. To put it mildly, things are no longer quite the same since he walked away from his 31-year marriage.

Family friends say it is ‘doubtful’ that Brabourne will be able to effect a rapprochement with his wife Penny — Prince Philip’s carriage-driving companion — whose father began life as a butcher, before making a fortune as the founder of the Angus Steakhouse chain.

Thus far, the formidable Lady Brabourne has given no indication that she is even considering inviting her wayward husband, Norton, to come back and live under the roof of the historic house, far less into her bed.

Understandably, she is an angry wife. Broadlands was left to Brabourne in the expectation that he would devote his life to maintaining an estate of unique historic provenance, where Noel Coward used to play the piano at weekend house parties when the Queen and Philip were staying.

Instead, Penny has been running it — and doing so rather well. In her husband’s absence — making a mockery of the family motto ‘In Honour Bound’ — she even took over his role of High Steward of nearby Romsey, wearing the blue-and-gold robes with style, and carrying out the ceremonial duties with enormous aplomb. Source

A deeply religious man my fuckin’ arse… Just sayin’.

Prince Charles has been — once — to visit his grandmother’s remains, but that was in the wake of attending an Israeli state occasion, the funeral of Shimon Peres, in 2016.

In other words, Prick Charles didn’t go specifically to visit his ‘grandmothers’ grave, but gave it a cursory glance nearly 30 years after Barking Alice had been buried there whilst attending the funeral of one of the most evil men to ever walk this earth… Roger that.

Now comes William’s turn. This weekend he embarks on a five-day visit that will take in Jordan, Israel and Palestine. And on the last morning of the tour he will go from the Mount of Olives above the Old City of Jerusalem to St Mary Magdalene, where he will pay his respects.

So there you have it… Prick Little Bald Willie’s visit to the “promised land” has absolutely fuck all to do with him visiting Barking Alice’s grave to please the Duck!

Whatever the political advantage of this diplomatic mission — and let us hope there is some — William will at least be able to carry his grandfather’s wishes to visit Alice’s grave.

And ask yourself just why in the name of fuck would the Duck want Little Bald Willie to visit Barking Alice when the cunt can’t be arsed to even go visit her himself?

However, this simple gesture will carry much more significance than a mere bow of a head and a word of remembrance. Prince Philip’s relationship with Alice was complex, fraught, often unhappy — but based on a profound love for a mother he could never quite reach.

It’s something the old Iron Duke has never spoken about. To him, it would probably seem unmanly to confess an adoration for his mother, or to explain the circumstances of his fractured childhood.

Philip was the last of five children born to Prince Andrew of Greece and Alice, the sister of Earl Mountbatten.

Get it right ya dozy cunts. The Duck was [allegedly] the only son of Prince Andrew of Greece and DENMARK.

At the time of his birth — June 10, 1921 — he was sixth in line to the Greek throne, the same ranking held by Prince Harry in this country today

PHOTO: Prince Philip’s elder siblings (from left) Princesses Sophie, Cecilie, Theodora and Margarita

Now when I look at that photo I think ‘photoshop’. I mean whilst it wasn’t uncommon for young siblings to be identically dressed, that wasn’t the case for older siblings. Yet in the above photo, the eldest two not only look the same, but they are dressed the same. However, when you look at the hems of their dresses, the eldest ones is curved whereas her identically dressed sister’s hem is formed in suspicious looking straight lines.

Moreover, the youngest sister – who looks like a boy – has got something wrong with her right leg!

Nevertheless, gerron with it:

But the Greek royals were on the run — they had left a nation that decided it preferred to be a republic. They escaped the country in a British warship when Philip was 18 months. It was the start of a peripatetic childhood which would see him separated from both his parents at a terribly tender age.

Now here is the thing. The Ducks old man was half Greek and half Russian, who was born in Greece and insisted on speaking in Greek, making Greek the Duck’s first language. The Duck’s mother, Barking Alice was the daughter of a German Nobleman and her mother was half German. Barking Alice was mostly raised in Germany and the Mediterranean… Making the Duck 3/8ths German, a quarter Greek, a quarter Russian and 1/8th English, who mainly spoke Greek.

She was also identical to Mary of Teck – the wife of King George V and on the surface of things, no blood relation.

Now how can that be?

Moreover, the Duck’s GAY old man, Prick Andrew – there is a theme opening up here – is the double of Otto Frank… Father of the fictitious Anne Frank:

I am not sure whose nose has been altered most but that connection would explain why Anne Frank was played by the young Princess Margaret actress.

Which in turn explains why Otto’s wife/ Anne’s mother – Edith Frank – was played by the Queer’s mother, Elizabeth Bowes Lyon (Elizabeth Bows Lying):

And that of course creates a very real reason for Barking Alice being buried in Israel… Or are those comparisons just a MASSIVE coincidence?

Initially, the young family settled at a small lodge in the smart Parisian suburb of St Cloud. The house was part of a bigger property owned by his aunt, Marie Bonaparte, who was married to Prince George of Greece.

Marie Bonaparte was the great-grand niece of Napoleon – also making the Duck related to him. However, we now have the Greek speaking Duck living in a French speaking country.

They also had a child called Princess Eugenie… The same name as Princess Andrew’s daughter.

It was not the happiest of sanctuaries for Philip, who lived there with his parents and four sisters. Not least because his uncle and aunt landlords were such an ill-matched couple.

Prince George — who lived across the garden from them — was in love with his own uncle, Prince Waldemar of Denmark, a man ten years his senior, and made no secret of it.

So, the Duck’s uncle and father were both shirt-lifters and still keeping it in the family

On George’s wedding night his proclivities became clear, as a letter that Philip’s aunt Marie wrote later to her new husband tells us: ‘You took me that night in a short, brutal gesture, as if forcing yourself,’ she noted. ‘You said, “I hate it as much as you do. But we must do it if we want children”.’

And George was a rapist to boot!

Life was no less complicated in Philip’s own small house, but for different reasons. There was almost no money after the flight from Greece — the bills were mostly being paid by rich aunts — and his sisters, one of them barely 13, were on the hunt for rich husbands.

In fact it is also a matter of record that the Duck was dating the Queer when she was only 13 years old – as I mentioned earlier on.


Moreover, the Duck’s sister Sophie went on to marry Prince Christoph of Hesse, a colonel in the SS on Himmler’s personal staff and head of the Forschungsamt, an elite intelligence operation controlled by Hermann Goering.

The Forschungsamt carried out the famous ‘Night of the Long Knives’ which saw Hitler ‘remove’ his key opponents. Christoph and Sophie even named their eldest child, Karl Adolf, after Hitler and Prince Philip played an active part in the boy’s education.

Christoph, aged 30 had become engaged to Sophie when she had only just turned 15 – Hmmm.

Interestingly enough, Christoph’s brother, Philip of Hess, was related to the King of Italy and was the official liaison between the fascists of Italy and Germany.

The Duck then remained in France until 1928. Therefore, for the first 7 or 8 years of the Duck’s life – a time in which a child learns to talk and usually takes on the accent of his parents & siblings – English wasn’t even his 2nd language.

However, following his stint in France, the duck was then apparently sent to England. Nevertheless, he was only here for 3 years before he was packed off to live in GERMANY, where people tend to speak GERMAN.

And at this point the waters get muddied – no surprise there then.

You see, it is a matter of debate as to how long Greecy Phil remained in Germany. Some reports have it that he remained there until 1933 others have it up until 1937, which if correct puts the Duck at around 17 years old with only 3 of those years having been spent in an English speaking country.

Therefore, to assume that the duck didn’t speak English with a marked European slant would be very naive indeed.

Nevertheless, it would seem that in 1937 Philip was enrolled in the tough, brutal, foreboding, public school, Gordonstoun in Scotland by which time his arsehole must already have been the size of a small paddling pool.

Interestingly enough, Gordonstoun is a well known breeding ground for spies.

However, the duck appeared to positively thrive at the Bugger-Me-Backwards school where he was noted for his good looks, his fitness & skill in sports and his ACTING ability.

Indeed, the Duck also attended school in Germany and by his own admission says that plenty of heel clicking, Sieg Heiling and Nazi saluting were the order of the day.

So, we now have the Greek speaking Duck, going to school in Germany – where they speak German – after spending his informative years living in France where they speak French… Roger that.

However, when the Duck married the Queer he did a very good job of hiding his Nazi origins – quite a stunt to pull off what with his four Sisters being fully paid up members of the Nazi party.

Indeed, the duck finally broke his 60 year silence on his roots in 2006 when he gave an interview to the Chimp. In that interview he admitted that he found Hitler’s attempts to restore Germany’s power and prestige ‘attractive‘. In the same interview he also stated that his family had “inhibitions about the Jews”.

In 1937 the Duck, then aged 16 was photographed walking in his elder Sister Cecile’s funeral cortège, flanked by relatives in SS and Brownshirt uniforms. One row back in the cortège – held in Darmstadt, western Germany – was his paedophile uncle, Lord Mountbatten (brother of Barking Alice) wearing a Royal Navy bicorn hat. On either side of this Funeral parade, onlookers, pinned back by crowd control fences, can clearly be seen en-masse, giving the mourners the Nazi salute.

Indeed, the Duck had been left as a teenager at the mercy of the paedophiles Louis & George Mountbatten.

In fact George Mountbatten is said to have had the largest stash of child pornography and bestiality ever seen which is now reported as being under lock and key in a major British Museum:

Philip’s uncle – George Mountbatten – became his surrogate father and legal guardian. Unfortunately, Uncle George had the same perverse reputation as Uncle Dickie. George Mountbatten kept a scandalous collection of child pornography that he bound into volumes and emblazoned with the family crest.

Most disturbing were pictures of family orgies and beastiality in which children and animals were sexual participants. The question is – was George’s adopted son Philip a participant?

George Mountbatten’s porn collection now resides at the British Museum where it is kept in a hidden repository of artefacts deemed pornographic and unfit for public viewing. 

Nevertheless, Louis Mount-Anything’s attraction to children did not stop the Duck from leaving a very young Prick Charles in his sole care.

I mean it is a documented fact that Chucky’s young life was shaped by his Great Uncle Louis Mountbatten. Wikipedia has this to say on that matter:

Mountbatten was a strong influence in the upbringing of his grand-nephew, Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, and later as a mentor—”Honorary Grandfather” and “Honorary Grandson”, they fondly called each other according to the Jonathan Dimbleby biography of the Prince”.

Now while that may sound innocuous enough in its self, the fact that Mountbatten was a known gay paedophile, who was rumoured to have had incestuous relationships with both Edward VIII & Prince Philip, should have meant that he wasn’t allowed within a 100 miles of the young Prince Dobby… Or perhaps there were darker, more sinister reasons for Charles to be in the care of such a vile monster.

The Authors of the controversial book ‘The War of the Windsor’s’ which was serialised in the Daily Mail state:

Lord Louis Mountbatten had the nickname “Dickie” …and for good reason. Philip’s uncle Dickie was the last viceroy in India where he was a known paedophile who sexually exploited young working class Indian peasant boys”.

Although the Chimp obviously left that part out.

Mountbatten is also linked to the paedophile ring who abused boys living at the Kincora Care Home in Belfast Northern Ireland. An excellent website, dedicated to exposing the Royal Family, have this to say about a book written on that paedophile ring entitled ‘The Kincora Scandal’:

 “The Kincora Scandal connects Lord Dickie Mountbatten to a child prostitution vice ring in Belfast, Ireland. Authorities failed to intervene at the Kincora care home for boys until 1981, despite reports over the years of child sexual abuse”.

The operators of the Kincora child prostitution ring were eventually convicted in 1981 of the RITUAL sexual abuse of defenceless young boys who were sold like prostitutes. No charges were ever brought against the VIP customers made up of Royals, Politicians, lawyers, and Judges. However, Belfast citizens finally had reason to celebrate when Prince Philip’s paedophile uncle was killed by an IRA bomb planted in his boat”.

Now I can fully appreciate that many people – not as well informed as you’s lot – will find all this information hard to believe. However, it is for that very reason that the House of Windsor has got away with it for so long.

Yet even the Chimp published the story about Mountbatten and his wife having a threesome with the Indian Prime Mincer:

The spoiled favourite granddaughter of a Jewish financier close to the royals, Edwina Ashley was the richest and most glamorous deb of her time.

In 1922, she married the handsome, though impoverished, 21-year- old Lord Louis Mountbatten. Known in the family as ‘Dickie’, he is nowadays best remembered as Prince Charles’s great-uncle and mentor, tragically killed by an IRA bomb in 1979.

The highly sexed Edwina then proceeded to look for lovers from all walks of life.

Her first was the aristocratic Lord Molyneux. He was followed by a rich, polo-playing American, Laddie Sandford, and then by Mike Wardell, the good-looking manager of a London evening newspaper. At times, she juggled all three at once.

‘Lord Molyneux is in the morning-room and Mr Sandford in the library, but where should I put the other gentleman?’ asked a desperate flunkey when they happened to visit together.

While her husband was posted to Malta in the early Thirties, she turned to American golf champion Bobby Sweeny.

Next came playboy Larry Gray, before she went on a Mexican cruise and jumped into bed with the elder of two Californian brothers, Ted Phillips, quickly followed by his sibling Bunny.

This serial sexual gallivanting went on until the birth of her second daughter Pamela in 1929.

By now, Mountbatten, too, was seeking other women. In 1931, he was flirting with the 18-year-old future Duchess of Argyll and even kept her photo in his cabin.

‘The only photo of any girl!’ he wrote to her. Later, there was Barbara Cartland and the Frenchwoman Yola Letellier, on whom Colette based her novel Gigi. Edwina was fiercely jealous, but she didn’t think to change her own habits.

Throughout the Thirties, she had dozens of admirers, known in the private slang of the Mountbatten circle as ‘ginks’.

As Mountbatten himself once put it: ‘Edwina and I spent all our married lives getting into other people’s beds.’

She even dallied with conductor Malcolm Sargent, and then embarked on her most adventurous affair to date, with the bisexual West Indian cabaret pianist Leslie Hutchinson.

Although Edwina successfully sued a newspaper for saying she had a black lover, there is not much doubt she conducted an on-off relationship with ‘Hutch’ for 30 years.

She famously gave him a gold bracelet bearing her name, a gold cigarette case and, conclusively perhaps, a jewelled penis sheath from Cartier.

After independence, the Indophile Mountbattens made many visits to India, and Edwina spent more and more time with the new prime minister Nehru.

This is the point at which her younger daughter Pamela, the biographer in the family, acknowledges that love blossomed between the lonely Nehru and the Vicereine.

What’s more, says Pamela, her father condoned the friendship, even going so far as to call it a ‘happy threesome’.

‘My mother had already had lovers. My father was inured to it. It broke his heart the first time, but it was somehow different with Nehru,’ she has written.

As Mountbatten himself wrote to her sister Patricia at the time: ‘She and Jawaharlal (Nehru) are so sweet together, they really dote on each other.’

Undignifed as it seems against the backdrop of the huge historic events in which they were caught up, there are those who suspect that Nehru, like both Mountbattens, had bisexual tendencies, and that Dickie, in a last attempt to establish physical intimacy with his unresponsive wife, may have joined them in a physical menage a trois.

Whatever went on in the bedroom, the Mountbattens joined Nehru in a very public romance with India. Source

Course, whenever the majority of people hear the word paedophile, they automatically think of an old, dirty raincoat wearing social misfit. This couldn’t be further from the truth according to ‘Abel Danger’ who say this:

“We are inclined to think of child molesters as strange men in dirty Macs hanging around street corners looking for unsuspecting prey. This perception is erroneous, since it has been established that the villains are more likely to be the ‘Bastions of Society’ who have an infinite supply of vulnerable victims from children’s homes, who are too afraid to tell. Who would believe them anyway, as the officials in authority they approach for help are usually involved”?

It is also important to remember that the Royals have no concept what so ever of what most of us would consider ‘Normal’ life. For instance, how often have you heard it said that the Royal family are steeped in Tradition?

The word ‘Tradition’ is described by the online Cambridge Dictionary as being;  a belief, principle or way of acting which people in a particular society or group have continued to follow for a long time, or all of these beliefs, etc. in a particular society or group.

And the Windsor parasites do indeed adhere to tradition. To them, tradition is ‘normal’ and that includes homosexual paedophilia, often with members of their own family. For their part, they despise us. We are only here to serve them and their needs. They are parasites who have accumulated fantastic and unimaginable wealth via conquest, pillage, slavery, deception, depleted uranium and fraud, yet it is ourselves who are to blame for letting them get away with it.

As far as conquest and pillage are concerned, countless millions of men women and children have been murdered or forced into slave labour in the quest to establish the British Empire. Many people today are under the impression that the British Empire is a thing of the past.

Those people would be very wrong. The only difference is that the British Empire is now run covertly as opposed to the overtly way it was run in the past.

Indeed, an article printed in the Guardian on the 21st of April 2012 entitled ‘Deny the British empire’s crimes? No, we ignore them’will give you some idea as to the mass genocide that took place in order for the Royal Family to add to their already obscene wealth.

The article has an appropriate subtitle of; “New evidence of British colonial atrocities has not changed our national ability to disregard it”. I have therefore published a section of this article below:

 “Caroline Elkins, a professor at Harvard, spent nearly 10 years compiling the evidence contained in her book Britain’s Gulag: the Brutal End of Empire in Kenya. She started her research with the belief that the British account of the suppression of the Kikuyu’s Mau Mau revolt in the 1950s was largely accurate. Then she discovered that most of the documentation had been destroyed. She worked through the remaining archives, and conducted 600 hours of interviews with Kikuyu survivors – rebels and loyalists – and British guards, settlers and officials. Her book is fully and thoroughly documented. It won the Pulitzer prize…

 …The entire population of one and a half million people, in camps and fortified villages. There, thousands were beaten to death or died from malnutrition, typhoid, tuberculosis and dysentery. In some camps almost all the children died…

The inmates were used as slave labour… People deemed to have disobeyed the rules were killed in front of the others…

…Interrogation under torture was widespread. Many of the men were anally raped, using knives, broken bottles, rifle barrels, snakes and scorpions. A favourite technique was to hold a man upside down, his head in a bucket of water, while sand was rammed into his rectum with a stick.

Women were gang-raped by the guards…. The British devised a special tool which they used for first crushing and then ripping off testicles. They used pliers to mutilate women’s breasts. They cut off inmates’ ears and fingers and gouged out their eyes. They dragged people behind Land Rovers until their bodies disintegrated. Men were rolled up in barbed wire and kicked around the compound.

Elkins provides a wealth of evidence to show that the horrors of the camps were endorsed at the highest levels. The governor of Kenya, Sir Evelyn Baring, regularly intervened to prevent the perpetrators from being brought to justice. The colonial secretary, Alan Lennox-Boyd, repeatedly lied to the House of Commons. This is a vast, systematic crime for which there has been no reckoning”.

And that is just Kenya. Wide scale atrocities in the name of Britain – Therefore the Queen – took place wherever we conquered. Course, this conquest and pillaging still continues today by way of illegal overt wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as the covert wars in Libya and Syria.

Mind you, many people are under the impression that going to war is decide by the British government. However,  the Queer in her capacity as Head of State presides over a weekly meeting of the Joint Intelligence Committee where she is fully briefed on the activities of all of the British secret services.

In fact the Queen alone appoints military commanders. No British agents, or British troops, carry out a single act – overt or covert – without direct orders signed by the British Head of State.

Worse still, much of the royal parasites wealth was made from slave trading:

The Royal household has in the past made untold amounts of money from slavery, although some would argue that they still are today. Its all to do with those two words ‘Overt’  & ‘Covert’. Remember; “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free”.

It is a fact that in 1679 the Duke of York (the future King James II) was one of the main investors in purpose built slave ships as were King George III & King William IV after him.

At the time of James II a slave sold for between £11-£14 (Around £1000 today) and had risen to as much as £95  (Around £10,000 today) per head by the time Queen Victoria took over the family business. Each ship held 600 slaves with an expected 20% death rate en-route. Records of how many slave ships the royals had an interest in and how many Slaves were transported on those ships are not readily available. However, in order to give you an insight into how big a business the slave trade was, you only need to visit the National Archives website where I found this information:

Between 1808 and 1869 the Royal Navy’s West Africa Squadron seized over 1,600 slave ships and freed about 150,000 Africans but, despite this, it is estimated that a further 1 million people were enslaved and transported throughout the 19th Century”.

By the time Parliament got round to abolishing Slavery in 1807 and again in 1833, the Royals had re-registered their fleet of Death ships offshore, putting them outside the jurisdiction of British law and leaving the Royals free to continue raking in their vast profits.

According to Hansard records, in 1841 Lord Broom reported that; “Many London companies are still supplying African slaves on demand, and slave ships are still being built in England”.

Nevertheless, despite the abolition laws, Slave-ships owned or part-owned by the Royal Family delivered slaves to South American mines and plantations owned or part-owned by the royals throughout Queen Victoria’s 64 year reign. Furthermore, naval records show that Slave Ships were still using Royal dockyards to make running repairs as late as 1907… God save the Queen.

Okay, lets get back to that Chimp Farticle:

From the outset, Philip’s mother had also been decidedly odd. She suffered chronic deafness, and had started to dabble in spiritual matters, using a glass on a table-top to spell out words she claimed to receive from ‘another place’.

In other words she was messing about with ouija boards.

By the time Philip was eight, Alice had started her long plunge into mental disarray. Her deeply religious beliefs became steadily more eccentric and she took to lying on the floor ‘to develop the power conveyed to her from above’, and claimed she was receiving messages from the spirit world about who were the most suitable husbands for the daughters.

In Christmas that year, Alice fled the Paris house and ended up in a hotel in the south of France where she spent most of Christmas Day in the bath. When she returned, according to the biographer Philip Eade, she declared herself to be ‘the bride of Christ’.

What? She married David Icke!

Cheap shot… Sorry.

By this stage, she was hearing voices and believed she was having physical relationships with Jesus and other religious figures.

Psychologists called in to look at her diagnosed schizophrenia and suggested Alice had suffered from frustrated sexual desire. Sigmund Freud — who happened to be close to Alice’s sister-in-law Marie (Bonaparte) — was consulted and prescribed as a cure a savage dose of X-rays to her ovaries ‘to accelerate the menopause’. Alice at this stage was 44.

Wouldn’t a savage dose of X-rays give you cancer… Especially back in the day.

Just before Philip’s ninth birthday, he returned from a walk to discover his mother had disappeared — taken away by doctors against her will to a mental institution. She tried to escape but was sedated with morphine.

So, she was probably addicted to ‘smack’ too.

It was the end of family life for Philip. His father Prince Andrew, unable to cope with the crisis and fearful of being left in charge of four daughters and a son, fled to the South of France and was rarely seen again.

Ha ha, I love the way that the brown-nosing cunts skip over the details. You see, the Duck’s bisexual old man fucked off with an old slapper who was half his age.

Within a year, all four of Philip’s sisters had found themselves husbands, ensuring their escape from the traumatic family home, but leaving behind their brother to be looked after by his aunt and uncle.

Philip neither heard from nor saw his mother for many years, yet he retained a fierce affection for her. Other relations stepped in to see him through the remains of his desperate childhood, while he developed a thick skin and a robust attitude to life — helped by his rough-and-tumble British education at Cheam prep school and Gordonstoun.

As he later said ruefully: ‘My mother was ill, my sisters were married, my father was in the South of France. I just had to get on with it. You do. One does.’

The sad, bad, mad, Sunday Spiv – The midweek edition

While ‘getting on with it’, the prince developed the protective carapace he wears to this day. But as his biographer Philip Eade points out, when asked many years later in which language the multilingual prince had spoken at home, his shirty but tragic response was: ‘What do you mean, at home?’

Philip thought often about the mother he had lost, all the more poignantly when reports from her institution suggested she never wanted to see her family again.

Although he wasn’t that close that he had any qualms about shipping her remains off to Israel where he never visits her.

He learnt that she had leapt from a window at her Swiss sanatorium, carrying a bundle of laundry, and made it to the nearest railway station before being apprehended. There was nothing he could do... Or wanted to do!

Philip’s relationship with his father was distant. Prince Andrew was living it up on the Cote d’Azur with a mistress, and spent long periods writing a book justifying his shortcomings in an army career which had led to a court martial for failing to lead his men properly in the Greco-Turkish war of 1922.

Yeah, what that means is that the Duck’s dad was hopeless at planning military battles and was widely blamed for Greece losing the war.

The two men almost never met again and it was to his mother that Philip’s thoughts constantly returned. But Princess Alice, released from her sanatorium in 1932, had become reclusive, a lonely drifter staying in modest German B&Bs.

Mother and son were not to meet again until tragedy forced them together in 1937. Philip’s sister Cecilie was killed in an air-crash with her two children and when the family congregated at the funeral, Alice turned up.

That is the Nazi funeral that I showed you earlier on… I notice that the Chimp neglected to mention the Nazi salutes.

By now the princess had turned her back on her royal heritage and was living in a two-bed flat in Athens — ‘humble and squalid’ in the opinion of one who visited.

Course, I find that rather strange since the Mountbatten brothers were extremely rich, yet they let their sister live in squalor… Doesn’t make sense does it.

When war broke out two years later, she stayed on in the country. Once again Philip, now serving in the Royal Navy, was kept at arms-length, and any communication with his mother was complicated by the fact that the Nazis had over-run Greece, and each of her four daughters had married Nazis.

And yet we see another bit of whitewashing going on there since the Nazi Party were already in power long before the war and Phil the Greek had no problem associating with his sisters then.

Yet, unknown to Philip, Alice was carrying out an heroic and selfless act under the noses of the Germans. She was sheltering a Jewish couple — something that caused her in 1993 to be posthumously declared ‘Righteous Among the Nations’, Israel’s highest honour to a non-Jew.

What total and utter bullshit and it is the first time that I have ever heard of this, despite having extensively researched Barking Alice over the passed 4 or 5 years… Mind you, I feel sure if I was to look now there would be all manner of references slotted into Google about it… But I can’t be arsed to look.

Nevertheless, the thought of a mad-as-a-hatter woman, living in squalor, sheltering a Jewish couple goes well beyond the realms of credibility.

After the war, Alice became a nun and founded her own order, the Sisterhood of Martha and Mary. She created world headlines with that appearance at the Queen’s 1953 Coronation, striding up the aisle in her nun’s habit.

She actually declared herself a nun… She wasn’t ordained or fuck all.

The Queen, perhaps a little over-awed by this powerful and odd addition to her family, was happy enough to take some of Alice’s jewels to be added to the engagement ring she wears to this day.

In 1967, when once again the Greek nation turned against the monarchy and ejected King Constantine, Alice, left and came to stay at Buckingham Palace. Frail but lucid, she and Philip at last had the chance to be reunited — and the remaining two years of her life gave Philip ‘inexpressible joy’, as one biographer wrote.

So, 30 years on from his sister’s funeral, not withstanding his wedding to the Queer, the multi-millionaire Duck finally decides to give a home to his beloved mother… Yawn.

Alice’s determination to be buried in Jerusalem went against family advice, including Philip’s. But the Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna of Russia remained her greatest inspiration, having herself founded a religious order and been created a saint by the Russian Orthodox Church.

Philip was only expressing his concerns that he would not be able to visit her often enough because the British Government did not want any member of the royals trampling around the minefield of Middle-East conflict.

And like I said earlier. If the Duck wanted to go to Israel incognito, he could of done so a piece of piss.

Now, however, the government is letting William go. And his grandfather must be overjoyed.

Errrr, he certainly isn’t Little Bald Willie’s grandfather.

For in the heat of the Mount of Olives, in a silent church topped by gilded domes, William will be able to pass on one last message from 97-year old Prince Philip to the mother he loved, but never really knew. Source


Total, total bollox, what will it take to wake the nation up?

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