Press TV banned from You Tube


Press TV


If Nazi Germany was a NWO prototype for future societies, Britain appears to have taken another step closer to reaching that goal.

It is now looking increasingly likely that Press TV has been banned from You Tube.

Press TV has already been illegally removed from European and American satellites amidst the usual Israeli claims of  Anti-Semitism. The following is from Wikipedia:

In July 2013 Press TV and other Iranian channels have been removed from several European and American satellites (amongst others those of Eutelsat and Intelsat), allegedly because of the Iran sanctions, even though an EU spokesman told the channel that these sanctions do not apply to media.

Based on British Ofcom reports and US parliament documentations, The removal of Press TV from satellites was illegal and against the freedom of speech and there where no real legal issue against Press TV activities , But under the pressure of UK kingdom & government and american government capitalistic & imperialistic policies , Press TV was taken off from the satellites . Also the brutal impact of israel zyonist government on western government , directs their policies against religious movements and freedom , specially Islam which is the religious of peace and brotherhood and equality , which is exactly against western imperialistic policies.

No doubt the semi retarded UK population will view this move as favourable, having never watched or viewed Press TV in their life.

In reality you will find more truth in a single broadcast from Press TV than you would in a months worth of BBC broadcasts.


Google disables Press TV Youtube account

Google has prevented Press TV from accessing its Youtube page since Thursday, causing a large number of viewers and subscribers to contact the channel to find out what has happened.

“We have not been able to upload any new videos since early Thursday,” said Press TV newsroom director, Hamid Reza Emadi, adding that Google has disabled the channel’s account without giving any explanation.

“Viewers keep emailing Press TV asking why the page is not being updated,” he said.

Emadi said Press TV “has yet to find out whether its Youtube account was blocked on political grounds or there were technical issues that could be resolved and the channel could get back on Youtube very soon.”