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Which ever way you look at it, it was rather convenient all round that obnoxious, dribble lipped, Leon Brittan popped his fucking clogs.

Far too convenient as far as I am concerned. After all, he had been pulled in for questioning a number of times by the plod, the general public were becoming aware of it and in the end TPTB would have had no choice but to hang him out to dry.

Indeed, had the cunt really had cancer he would have been milking it for all it was worth to get himself out of the mess that his sick, sexual lusts had got him into… A bit like that stinking nonce cunt Greville Janner is by working his ‘alzheimer’s’.

Course, Jenner is another sick nonce who literally got away with child rape… The fact that back in 1991 he got an all round standing ovation in the Commons when he got found not guilty – despite a huge travesty of justice having taken place – speaks volumes about our MP’s then… And fuck all has changed since!

The following is what I wrote in December 2013:

I see Greville Janner has been questioned by the old bill:

Leicestershire Police said it had “executed a search warrant at a property in Barnet, north London, as part of an ongoing criminal inquiry”.

So, twenty two years later, Leicestershire plod are having another bash are they?

You see, in 1991, Janner was named in a court case as being the abuser of a 13 year old boy. The court case in question was that of Leicestershire Care home boss Peter Beck.

However, despite being named in court, Janner was never charged with any offence. The Leicestershire Police later said there was no case to answer. Continue Reading

The perverted scum-bags couldn’t be honest if their lives depended on it… “I am innocent” indeed!

And the cunt then had the cheek to DEMAND a change to the law to “to spare innocent people from having their names dragged through the mud”… What an absolute piece of dog shit.

Alzheimers or not, I would still cheerfully hang the sick fuck for all the pain and fear he has put countless kiddies through.

Never the less, back to that equally depraved piece of shit Brittan. The following is the statement put out by his “family”:

“It is with great regret that we announce the death of Leon Brittan.

“As a family, we should like to pay tribute to him as a beloved husband to Diana and brother to Samuel, and a supportive and loving stepfather to Katharine and Victoria, and step-grandfather to their children.

“We also salute his extraordinary commitment to British public life as a Member of Parliament, Minister, Cabinet Minister, European Commissioner and Peer – together with a distinguished career in law, and latterly in business.

“Leon passed away last night at his home in London after a long battle with cancer. We shall miss him enormously. There will be a private funeral service for family only, and a memorial service to be announced.” Source

Very, very fucking strange. Especially with the PRIVATE funeral, which turned out to be that fucking private that there is not one single photo of it:

Leon Brittan has been buried after a ‘very private’ funeral with cemetery staff told not to reveal his grave’s location amid vandalism fears, it has been claimed.

In accordance with Jewish tradition, the former home secretary is said to have been interred in an simple plot without flowers in Golders Green Cemetery, north London.

However, staff at the facility say they have been asked only to allow people to visit the site when granted permission by Lord Brittan’s widow Diana, according to investigative website Exaro. Source

I mean to say: As if they would pass up the chance of a big fuck-off televised funeral!

Brittan friends of europe

And again, whilst not wishing to come across as smug, I was on to Brittan years ago after being told by a former Fleet Street journalist that the Scum Sun newspaper had been ORDERED to drop an investigation into the former Homo Secretary’s sick pursuit of raping little boys.

This prompted me to send the following email to the shit-rag on 3/11/2012:


My name is Chris Spivey and I am looking into an  allegation made on the internet about Leon Brittan. I have it on good authority that you were investigating the former Home Secretary in 1989 in regard to this allegation. The allegation is that Brittan raped a young boy. The details are along the lines of the following:

The police raided a house after they found a young, half naked boy staggering in the street. When police asked what had happened he told them about Brittan and took them to the house were the sex attack had taken place. When the officer called in to report the incident, they were ordered to take the boy in, and when they got there, there were 2 officers from the security service waiting. The story was then subsequently covered up. A short time later, Brittan was summoned to meet his fellow MP William Hauge, who told Brittan that he was to resign his post and that he was going to be made commissioner for the UK.

As you no  doubt know, Brittan was later  forced to resign this post  in 1999 amid accusations of large scale fraud. A key member of his office staff back then was the current  Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg. I am further reliably informed that the investigating journalist, who is no longer in your employ was told to drop the 1989 rape investigation.

My question to you therefore is; can you confirm or deny that your newspaper was ordered to drop the investigation into the rape accusations (along with other similar accusations) made against Leon Brittan.

I look forward to your response.

Chris Spivey

And of course, that email generated a nice automated response informing me that my e-mail had been forwarded to the appropriate department:

After which I never heard no more… Not that I expected to.

And the following is what I wrote in regard to the nonce in January 2014:

I take it we all know that Leon Brittan was the former heavyweight MP who was questioned by the Dutch & British police a few weeks back after the old bill seized a child porn film in which he is seen sexually abusing a young boy?


Also see HERE

I also take it that you know that he was forced to resign from the Slaggy Thatcher cabinet after the old bill found a young boy wandering the streets half naked, after being raped by Brittan.


I say good because if you know about that rape, it saves me explaining how a cover up took place in which it was put out that Brittan had resigned over the Westland affair.

And if you know that, you will also know that the vile Sniffenpissin MP, Willie ‘the embryo’ Hague – acting on Slaggy Maggies instructions – allegedly ordered Brittan to resign as the pair strolled along Brighton Beach… Whether the gay pair were holding hands or not at the time, isn’t known.

Course, instead of going to prison for child rape, the piece of dog shit was rewarded with an extremely lucrative job as European Commissioner as well as receiving a Knighthood from Sweaty Betty.

So, the cunt had now became Baron Brittan of Spennithorne …. And yet even after being sacked for noncing, the hugely reprehensible fat arsewipe couldn’t play it straight and was later forced to resign from his post following his part in a mass fraud.

Which obviously, Nick ‘know nothing’ Clegg knows nothing about – despite him having been a senior member of Brittan’s office staff at the time.

Now, since you know all of that, I hope that you find the following Daily Express article, from March 1987 as sick as I do.

Indeed, the article is nothing more than a PR exercise, designed to quell any rumours of wrong doing on Brittans part.

However, what I want to know, is does Brittan’s wife Diana know that she married a homosexual child rapist, and as such is  going along with this vomit inducing PR exercise –  or is she just plain fucking stupid… Just askin’. Continue Reading

Course, it is quite ironic that Willie the embryo hague was the one to give Brittan the push what with them both being homosexuals who both married for sake of appearances.

Mind you, that is quite a common occurrence for politicians – especially the ones who reach the top.

After all, they didn’t reach the top because of their business brains, level headedness and forward thinking.

And it certainly has fuck all to do with their integrity, honesty and selflessness – non of which any of the bent fucks posses.

Indeed, they are manouvered into the top jobs by shadowy figures who really call the shots and to make sure that their puppets are compliant they are compromised – usually by being filmed having sex with kiddies.

And of course Leon Brittan was no exception as it was allegedly a film of Brittan taking part in a child porn video as to why he had become the focus of police attention – in the UK and Holland.

Indeed, according to the Abel Danger website, the Cunt Cameron was also compromised in this way on the orders of the Satanic Astor family, of which Camerons mother in law had married into:

Here is what www.whale has to say about William Astor – Sam Cam’s step Grandfather:

Lord William, 3rd viscount Astor, was to hold sex and black magic parties at his grand house, where Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice-Davies seduced the rich and famous……

The society osteopath and healer Stephen Ward, was a master occultist who at these orgies would conjure weird spirits to visibly appear, which sound identical to those at Bilderberg ceremonies. …..

Attendees at these parties told of Sir Anthony Blunt asphyxiating young boys to death while a naked masked man sodomised him, this man was said to be royalty or a Rothschild and always wore his socks, but in killing the boy in this way his body muscles would suddenly contract bringing on the sexual climax of the predator….

The top catholic exorcist Dom Robert Petit-Pierre claimed the exorcisms he had to perform at the Astors huge estate and Wards cottage, contained the most potent satanic entities he had ever come across, including the spirits of several murdered boys; the evil spirits were similar to the entities surrounding the devils chimney, the Aleister Crowley wartime rituals on Britain’s south coast for Winston Churchill’s occult Black group experiments.

And, even the MSM were forced to admit that Sam Sheffield was a strange choice for Dave the Rave. The following is taken from the Daily Mail:

Cameron, who had just turned 26, had never been in any doubt what sort of woman he was getting involved with. She was far removed from the mould of his usual girlfriends, but he had seen something special in her.

Last month, The Mail on Sunday revealed how a 15-year-old Cameron narrowly avoided being expelled from Eton after he was forced to admit he had smoked cannabis.

And now, following months of research and interviews with friends and colleagues, we can disclose how Samantha’s steely resolve, plain-speaking advice and intuitive, if untutored, political instincts have been instrumental in helping him climb to the top of the Conservative Party.

The story of a powerful woman urging on a brilliant young politician may have a familiar ring, but that is where the parallel ends. READ MORE

It is indeed where the parallel ends.

You see, Sam Cam was a bit of a wild child who frequented illegal raves and mixed with the notorious gangster turned Hip Hop Star, Tricky.

She even acquired the nickname ‘Snowy’ – ‘Snow’ being a slang name for Heroin & Cocaine. The following is from the Esoteric blog spot:

She did an art foundation at Camberwell College of Arts and then went on to study Fine Art at Bristol Polytechnic (now the University of the West of England. It was here, that she gained something of a wild reputation at Bristol Polytechnic, where her studies in fine art were embellished with playing pool at the Montpelier pub with Tricky, the trip hop star… 

… Trying to shake off an aristocratic upbringing by getting a dolphin tattoo on her ankle, and hanging out with the likes of the musician and actor Adrian Thaws, known as Tricky, who was heavily into drugs.

And then there is this from the Abel Danger Website:

However, in her youth the then Samantha Sheffield had a taste for “the wilder shores” of Bristol, where she was an art student, according to a biography called “Cameron: The Rise of the New Conservative” by journalists James Hanning and Francis Elliott.

This included socializing with Adrian Thaws, who later became famous as the rapper Tricky [of Massive Attack group allegedly transported by Menzies to New York with bleached passports for snuff-film spoliation team on 9/11].

Her nickname was “Snowy.” [allegedly dealing in heroin]). Tricky told the Mail on Sunday newspaper that he and the baronet’s daughter made “unlikely” friends, saying: “I was robbing houses, robbing stores, selling weed [marijuana] by the time I was 15.”

Dubbed “Sam Cam” by the tabloids, the new prime minister’s wife sports a tattoo of a dolphin on her ankle and reportedly attended illegal “rave” parties [allegedly involving pedophile oath-taking ceremonies] in her younger days.”

Hmmm, maybe a bit more than your normal posh wild-child then. The fact that Sam Cam also got her future husband into the Rave scene could have cost the then rising star in government a few problems. Fortunately for Dave the Rave, which in turn  was unfortunate for us, his future was already assured by that time:

Cameron’s first job in the government machine came to a juddering halt when Lamont was sacked as Chancellor in May 1993. He then moved to be special adviser at the Home Office under Michael Howard. But Samantha and his private life occasionally were at odds with his work. The crackdown on ‘raves’ struck him as illiberal – not least because his girlfriend was attending the sort of dance events the Tories wanted to ban. Read more

You see, what you have to understand is that Cameron’s future rise up the Political ladder had already been guaranteed by order of the highest authority in the land i.e. The Duck of Edinburgh:

After graduation, Cameron worked for the Conservative Research Department between September 1988 and 1993. A feature on Cameron in The Mail on Sunday on 18 March 2007 reported that on the day he was due to attend a job interview at Conservative Central Office, a phone call was received from Buckingham Palace.

The male caller stated, “I understand you are to see David Cameron. I’ve tried everything I can to dissuade him from wasting his time on politics but I have failed. I am ringing to tell you that you are about to meet a truly remarkable young man.” Source Wikipedia

Now, if you receive a phone call like that prior to interviewing someone, then you just know that the prospective employee is going to be given the job.

And then there is this from the Daily Mail:

As his friend Nicholas Boles says, Cameron worked his way up on the inside floor by floor. He has enjoyed much good fortune. On almost every landing there has been luck or the helping hand of a family friend to assist the next ascent.

Michael Green, seen by some as something of a tyrant, believes Cameron ‘can be ruthless’. He says: ‘I’m sure he’s got what it takes to be Prime Minister.

Never the less, it is fair to say that Sam Cam didn’t/doesn’t have any respect for anyone in politics, in particular Cameron’s boss from back in the day, Norman Lamont.

Then again, these rich tossers don’t have any respect for anyone. The following is from the independent:

One of the first stories told about Samantha in the biography of David Cameron, by Francis Elliott and James Hanning, is of the telephone ringing when they were trying to enjoy a quiet weekend in Bristol. Samantha called out from the bed: “If that’s Norman Lamont, tell him to fuck off.”

To be perfectly honest, everything that I have read about Sam Cam indicates that she was a strange match for Dave the Rave.

She was certainly nothing like his previous ‘girlfriends’, that’s for sure. The following is from The Daily Mail:

And then came Samantha Sheffield. Daughter of a baronet and  stepdaughter of Lord Astor, she was initially a friend of Cameron’s sister Clare. He first set eyes on her at a party at his parents’ Berkshire home in 1987 when she was just about to go to Marlborough on an arts scholarship, and according to his affectionate memories was ‘a sulky 16-year-old who thought: “Who’s this crashing bore who is your friend’s older brother?” ’

By 1992, when she was invited to holiday with the Camerons in Tuscany, he realised she was for him, even though with her penchant for roll-your-own cigarettes and hippy interest in pop concerts as well as her youth — she was only 22 to his 27 — she did not fit the obvious profile of a Prime Minister’s wife.

He was so sure she was the right one, he waited till 1996, by when she had become a businesswoman in her own right, to walk her up the aisle.

One of the wedding photos now hanging in the Camerons’ Notting Hill home says it all. The bride is her customary composed and sunny self, while tears stream down the groom’s face.

In regard to that last sentence; “The bride is her customary composed and sunny self, while tears stream down the groom’s face”. Were they tears of happiness or tears of a man blackmailed into marriage?

You see, I say that because according to the following which appears on both the Abel Danger and Mikiverse Politics Blogspot websites, Dave the Rave had no choice in the matter. You will note that I have taken the liberty of adding extra detail where necessary. The Mikiverse Politics/Abel Danger input is in bold:

Samantha Cameron (nee ‘Snowy’ Sheffield)  wife of the allegedly extorted man-in-the-middle Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron.

Evidence: she plays a centuries-old role as ‘Mistress of the Revels’ or ‘agente provocatrice’ for lesbian or paedophile raves where witnesses are hired to entrap and extort future leaders.

Evidence: she provided such services with Tricky’s Massive Attack group to Cameron’s Bullingdon Boys.

Also see:  Massive Attack star in child porn probe – The Daily Mail.

The following is from hereticalsex

Thus began Operation Ore. All over the UK, police began breaking down people’s doors at six in the morning. Among those caught in the net were teachers, police officers, a judge, The Who guitarist Pete Townshend, Robert del Naja of Massive Attack, and Ronnie Barker’s son Adam. To date, around 2300 men have been convicted of child pornography related offences. 

Abel Danger continues:

Evidence: that her family entrapped David Cameron in a filmed pedophile rave at some time between his introduction to a tradition of pedophile rape and torture (beatings) at Eton College, through his work as a ‘Shipjumper’ with Jardine Fleming in Hong Kong, through his drunken property-smashing orgies at Oxford University’s oath taking Bullingdon Club.

That then backs up what I wrote in my article Camerons Closet, in regard to what goes on at these Rich tosser’s boarding schools.

And interestingly enough Wikipedia states the following:

“Through his father, he was then employed for a further three months in Hong Kong by Jardine Matheson as a ‘ship jumper’, an administrative post”.

And this:

“While at Oxford, Cameron was a member of the élite student dining society, the Bullingdon Club, with a reputation for an outlandish drinking culture associated with boisterous behaviour and damaging property”.

Abel Danger continues:

Evidence: that she or her mother ordered David Cameron to orchestrate the Black Wednesday sabotage of the U.K. Treasury [Solicitor] on 16 September 1992 when the pound sterling was withdrawn from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism.

Quite plausible I suppose. Indeed, he was in place to do so. Again, Wikipedia has this to say:

Cameron was working for Lamont at the time of Black Wednesday, when pressure from currency speculators forced the Pound sterling out of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism…

… Later that month Cameron joined a delegation of Special Advisers who visited Germany to build better relations with the Christian Democratic Union; he was reported to be “still smarting” over the Bundesbank’s contribution to the economic crisis.

Lamont fell out with John Major after Black Wednesday and became highly unpopular with the public. Taxes needed to be raised in the 1993 Budget, and Cameron fed the options Lamont was considering through to Conservative Central Office for their political acceptability to be assessed. However, Lamont’s unpopularity did not necessarily affect Cameron.

Abel Danger continues:

Evidence of a seditious conspiracy between the Treasury Solicitor, the Cameron, Sheffield, Astor and Rothschild Families and George Soros – a WWII extortionist at a mere 14 years of age – to make a US$1 billion profit by short selling sterling.

Evidence: her mother, Viscountess Astor, provided ‘Fag Mistress’ services to Lord Boothby with the Kray Twins in the Astor-Club London of the ‘60s.

Once again, quite plausible.

I mean Cameron’s mother-in-law, Annabel Astor, by her own admittance was a rebel, whom amongst other things admitted to smoking dope with the notorious paedophile and rapist Roman Polanski, an American film director (see my article Celebrity Paedophiles).

And then there is this:

Shortly before Christmas 1965 the Krays had met the Richardsons at the Astor Club off Mayfair’s Berkeley Square, ostensibly to discuss how their gangs could co-exist without confrontation. The talks broke down almost immediately, but not before Cornell had called Ronnie ‘a big. fat poof’. Source Bernard O’Mahoney

Abel Danger continues in regard to Sam Cam:

Evidence: her ancestor Nell Gwynn provided Bona Vacantia contract-killing services through the Treasury Solicitor to the court of King Charles II.

Evidence: she arranged for her husband to be employed by Michael Green as a ‘Haberdashers Ass’ from 1994 to 2001.

That too rings true when you read the following snippet taken from the Daily Mail:

Annabel Astor, the mother of Cameron’s fiancée Samantha Sheffield, asked her friend Michael Green, chairman of Carlton Television, whether he would employ Cameron.

‘She’s a very formidable lady,’ says Green. ‘When she says to me, ‘Do something’, I do it!”

Now remember, Sam Cam was brought up on the Astor estate from the age of 5 years old and the Astors are one of the most evil families that you could ever hope not to meet.

Abel Danger continues:

Evidence: she ordered her husband to launder Carlton Communications’ pay-per-view revenues for the 9/11 Massive Attack through VideoGuard encryption networks which he allegedly integrated in the period 1990-1993 with the Bona Vacantia accounts of the Treasury Solicitor

And indeed Cameron was Director of Corporate Affairs at Carlton Communications for seven years. – Source Wikipedia

Samantha Cameron graduated from City & Guilds’ Camberwell College of Arts; she is the former creative director of Smythson where she allegedly tracked and moved victims of pedophile and lesbian snuff-film raves with dual-use City & Guilds ‘bona vacantia’ products or services such as leather & skin passport covers (Leathersellers), Menzies Aviation weapons cargo and paramilitary-passenger handling systems (Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators and Information Technologists) and Newspaper Distribution (Stationers and Newspapermakers).

 She was allegedly alerted by her City & Guilds lesbian agents that Gareth Williams had enrolled at Central St Martin’s College of Art and Design in London and appeared to have hacked into Matrix 5 AOSIS network which she had helped to set up to launder CO2e money through her family office at D2 Banking, Canada Square, Canary Wharf.

Now, I can appreciate that to some of you, those last two paragraphs may sound a bit confusing in regard to what the likes of the“Leather sellers” are.

However, the worshipable companies such as the Leather Sellers are basically a posh union that operates out of The City Of London.

And for those of you who don’t know who Gareth Williams is – or I should say was – he WAS the MI6 spy found dead in a bag a couple of years ago… Allegedly the flat was in the Dolphin Square complex.

Moreover, the bag was of the type sold by Smythson’s (Stationers and Newspaper makers as mentioned above and who Sam Cam worked for) and from the Sam Cam ‘Pink’ Range. Despite Williams obviously having been murdered, the official verdict is that he committed suicide. Also see HERE for more on Williams.

So, it is quite obvious that there is a lot more to Mrs Cameron than first meets the eye. Certainly, she is not the type of lady you would expect a Prime Minister to be married to.

Then again, when you fully realise what corrupt, twisted sicko’s politicians are, Sam Cam is the ideal match for the Prime Minister.

However, as I have already intimated, neither was Sam Cams mother any better. The following is also taken from the Mikiverse Politics Blogspot:

Annabel Lucy Veronica Astor, Viscountess Astor (nee 1948 Jones) [CEO of OKA Direct, a home furnishings design company; former owner and designer of Annabel Jones jewellery business in London]

Mother of wife of British Prime Minister and Conservative Party leader David Cameron, Samantha Sheffield

She is daughter of Timothy Angus Jones and his wife Patricia David “Pandora” Clifford.

Her mother married secondly in 1961 to Michael Astor, habitué of the Astor Club alleged used by the Kray Twins to take control of the Metropolitan Police and House of Lords through a pedophile protection racket.

Astor’s are considered to be the most powerful of the thirteen families or bloodline groups heading up the World Government plan.

Astor’s allegedly portrayed as one of the 13 stars on the SES flag.

Individuals from the 13 families are mentioned in Dope Inc. [Crown Agents] as involved in some aspect of the drug trade: the Astor’s, Bundy’s, DuPont’s, Freeman’s, Kennedy’s, Li’s, Rockefellers, Rothschild’s, and Russell’s; other families also play key roles in the drug trade such as the Bronfman’s, Cabot’s, Shaw’s, Bacons, Perkins, Morgan, Forbes, Cisneros and Oppenheimer’s.

Now I did talk at length about these arranged marriages in my article Cameron’s Closet.

And as I also pointed out, I can quite understand that many people will find it hard to swallow that Dave the Rave didn’t marry Samantha Sheffield through choice.

Course, those who already know about the Aristocracy and the elite bloodlines will fully understand what I am talking about. Never the less, it is perfectly normal for these psychopaths to have ‘arranged marriages’ be it by consent or blackmail.

After all the heirs to the throne have their spouses chosen for them from an extremely young age whereas those ‘earmarked’ for high office such as Cameron have their spouses chosen as and when the time comes – the difference being that those who do don’t need to marry a virgin.

Never the less, any potential brides for these head-cases have to have certain qualities.

For instance, they have to be of ‘good stock’ and extremely intelligent, not to mention dominating.

Course, these ‘arranged marriages differ greatly to marriage in the conventional sense of the word. That is to say, infidelity is to be expected.

Mind you, more often than not the person earmarked for high office will have little interest in women anyway – Men and Children usually being the order of the day.

Remember, these Psychopaths being  manoeuvred into power have to be controllable by the Banksters and corporate Fat Cats. Therefore, they have to have that deviant side to them. The cardinal rule is, ‘fuck who you like, whatever you like, whenever you like, but whatever you do, don’t get caught.

The same applies to their spouses, who apart from official engagements have to spend precious little time with their husbands, for which they are handsomely rewarded.

For instance, the marriage of Gay Willie & Ffion Hague:

I mean, as planks go, well they don’t come much stiffer than Silly Willie Hague.

Hague is most definitely Gay and more than likely a paedophile. He certainly protects them having covered up the Waterhouse Inquiry into child abuse in care homes.

Hague also caused a scandal when he shared a hotel room with his Driver/Adviser Chris Myers a scandal that ended with Myers having to step down.

The following is taken from the Guido Fawkes website:

William Hague’s statement admitting that he shared a hotel bedroom with a male aide but is not a homosexual will only increase speculation over his private life, Max Clifford has said.

But Mr Clifford, a Public Relations guru, said that the former Conservative leader had turned a “small problem into a huge problem”.

Speaking on Radio 4′s Today programme he added that Mr Hague had been given poor PR advice and there was no reason why he couldn’t have remained quiet “indefinitely”.

Mr Clifford said that the vast majority of people in Britain would have had no doubts about Mr Hague’s sexuality if they had been asked last week.

“Now people are asking why a multi-millionaire needs to share a bedroom,” he said.

Then there was also the matter a Hague’s friendship with the Gay MP AIan Duncan The following is from the Daily Mail:

But Labour, which purported to be the gay friendly party, was merely exploiting rumours doing the rounds in the Commons tea room over Mr Hague’s friendship with Alan Duncan. Mr Duncan was to become the first Tory MP to openly declare his homosexuality a decade later.

Mr Hague had been a lodger in Mr Duncan’s Westminster house in the unfortunately named Gayfere Street.

Interestingly enough, Dave the Rave often slept there too. The following is from Wikipedia from which you will notice that the homosexual connotations have been removed:

During the campaign, Cameron was one of the young “brat pack” of party strategists who worked between 12 and 20 hours a day, sleeping in the house of Alan Duncan in Gayfere StreetWestminster

Ffion on the other hand is extremely intelligent and extremely attractive.

Course, she is rarely seen with Bald Willie these days. Could that be something to do with the fact that the Cretin is no longer Tory Party Leader and as such she is no longer needed as much?

The following is also taken from the Daily Mail:

She is rarely seen in public these days, preferring to spend most of her time in their home in Yorkshire. The couple joke that the driveway to the mansion house, where they have a £1m apartment, is one of the longest in Yorkshire and therefore affords them maximum privacy.

Safe to say then, that it isn’t hard to imagine Ffion rogering Willie up the arse with a 12 inch strap-on… Albeit, I rather wouldn’t.

And of course, Silly Billy Willie also had a flat in the Dolphin Square apartment complex – now the focus of a murder enquiry, the murders in question having been committed by an elite paedophile ring.

Gordon & Sarah Brown also had an arranged marriage:

In fact Brown was exposed as being a paedophile a long time ago and if you have read my article, Parliamentary Paedophiles’ you will already know that.

However, for more information on the subject Click HERE

And here is what Sean Copeland has to say on the matter:

Brown is known for sexually abusing numerous boys, as well as girls. He is known for a particularly vile rape in Aberdeen in the 70’s, when he and 2 others paid a prostitute for access to her 9 year old daughter.

They all raped her several times, and some years later the girl went to court to get custody of her little brother because of her mother’s abuse, and drug use. She won the case and has had custody of him ever since.

The records have vanished from court, but the victim still remembers what happened, and who did it.

And this from the On-line publishing Company:

Although Labour Supremo Peter Mandelson’s alleged role in the kidnapping of young girls and boys for the “pleasuring” of the European Union’s elite commissioners in Brussels was the subject of intense speculation long before the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, I can now bring to a close all speculation as to the name of Tony Blair’s most “highly placed and senior politician” who fell not only under the scrutiny of Scotland Yard for crimes against children, but was also identified by the FBI as an active member of the paedophile ring run by Thomas Hamilton.

That name was first revealed to me by Norman Lamont at a private party in Clapham in 1986, during which time I worked as a scriptwriter for the British television media.

Lamont later became Chancellor of the Exchequer under John Major’s Conservative administration. Following investigations in 2003 on both my and Bob Kearley’s part, that name cropped up time and time again, and I passed the details to Internet journalist Paul Joseph Watson.

Gordon Brown, the current British Prime Minister, is a practising paedophile whose activities are known not only to the British, American and Israeli intelligence services, but also by Rupert Murdoch and his senior editor at the Sunday Times.


Course, Sarah Brown hardly bothers to hide the fact that she is a Lesbian these days – not that she did much to hide that fact in the past:

Sarah Brown, the wife of the prime minister Gordon Brown made a surprise guest appearance at the Duckie gay club night in Vauxhall, South London last night. READ MORE

Tellingly, the Browns didn’t get married until Gordon was 49 years old and they too, rarely spend time together – albeit his whore rarely makes public appearances with or without him.

It has even been publicly alleged that Mrs Brown was paid £50,000 to marry the vile  pervert and stay the course.

Then again, as I have already mentioned, these women are all  greedy and ambitious.

Indeed the Guardian Newspaper stated the following about Sarah:

Future MP? Gordon Brown’s wife Sarah has an increasing influence over Downing Street affairs.

That aside, The Browns and the Camerons have another thing in common – both of their first born died young.

Severely disabled Ivan Cameron was only 6 years old when he died and baby Jennifer Brown died of a brain haemorrhage at only 10 days old.

Interestingly enough, The Hague’s have no children although Ffion is reported to have had several miscarriages.

The loss of these firstborns and unborns has lead to speculation of Devil worship being involved.

Devil worshippers are often asked to sacrifice their first born and similarly, unborn foetuses are also used in satanic worship.

Indeed, according to the Aangirfan website, after conception:

The foetus is then aborted for ritual use, or the baby is taken for sacrifice or enslavement.

Course, as we know, Sam Cam’s family are properly into devil worship. So much so in fact that it is absolutely inconceivable that Samantha wasn’t exposed to Satanic rituals from a very early age.

However, did you know that the United Nation’s Director of Planetary Initiative, David Spangler, is quoted as saying the following:

“No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a LUCIFERIAN Initiation.” 

Now as you no doubt do know, I wholeheartedly believe that all of the elites are into Devil Worship.

There is in fact far too much documented evidence for it not to be so.

Furthermore they are all Freemasons – of which the lower initiates mistakenly believe to be a Christian group who do a lot of good work for ‘charidy’.

However, in reality it is as evil an organisation as they come which I have documented in my very successful article ‘Monsters Inc’ , which also takes in the Royal Family’s involvement in the Black Occult

I also have to say that, while I have no tangible evidence, I have been told on more than a few occasions that the Cameron’s had a hand in Ivan’s death.

In fact, whilst I was writing Cameron’s Closet, one of those coincidences that always seem to happen when I start writing a major article happened.

You see, shortly after I started writing the Exposé on our Prime Mincer, I was contacted by someone urging me to watch a YouTube video made by Gordon Duff and Stew Webb.

Unfortunately, I had no sound on the Computer I had at the time having broken the prong/jack-plug or whatever the fuck that its called, off in the socket and as such I was unable to listen to this video.

However, I am told that at around 1hr 25 mins into the video, the talk turns to Dave the Rave and the following is what I have been told takes place in the video:

I cannot really do it justice by ‘transcribing’ BUT for what it’s worth, I will try! Basically, and put very simply, what they are stating here is this:

Murdoch has/is the biggest SS [secret service] in the world, and due to their extraordinary ability to be able to wire tap/bug/hack, etc; they had reason to do just such a thing to the fuckpig Cameron – there were reasons!

Consequently they have actually recorded him with his scabby wife talking about what they have obviously done, i.e. murdered their own disabled child.

No use us saying things like ”Don’t be daft, that’s not likely to happen cos the likes of the Cameron’s would surely be wise to anything that they may blurt out in conversation that could incriminate, hence how could this be possible” .

It’s because the bottom line is that some Dickhead like Cameron is in reality probably NOT very bright, and certainly no match for something like a highly sophisticated [spy v spy] SS intelligence op.

Hence they have got him [presumably] well and truly by the balls, and with that sort of ammo for blackmail, they say it is one very good reason why the Murdoch’s were never going to be banged up with any support from Cameron.

If all this is true, and I see no reason to think otherwise then someone like Cameron must be putty in their hands.

I would agree with that assessment.

Now I would say that you can watch that video by clicking HERE

But as you will know doubt have already guessed; the video is no longer available.

However, I have in the past made mention that MSM journalists will sometimes resort to dropping veiled hints as to what is really going on in the world.

And in my opinion, the Times newspaper hints that Ivan’s death wasn’t as straightforward as others in the MSM would have you believe.

Certainly, going on their report of the little boys death from their article published on the 26th of February 2009, I believe that to be the case.

Tellingly, the report doesn’t say whether Ivan was conscious or even alive when he arrived at the hospital:

When the certificate is written, it will say the cause of death was acute abdominal failure at 6.30am on February 25, 2009, at St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, West London.

The public record of a small boy stilled will tell nothing, though, of his last agonies, or of his parents’ final goodbyes. And yet the name it will bear – Ivan Reginald Ian Cameron – will indicate that the death of this six-year-old boy was not simply a personal tragedy.

Their journey from that pit of despair – through long battles to win the right care for their son and to forge a family life as normal as possible – has set a new direction for Conservative politics, and may yet put Britain on a new course.

The couple made an early decision that they would not hide their son away. Mr Cameron, the MP for Witney, spoke in the Commons of his “magical child”, and he also wrote movingly on the subject.

“Ivan’s only self-conscious movements are to raise his eyebrows and to smile,” he wrote in a newspaper article in 2004. “And his smile – slightly crooked, sometimes accompanied by a little moan – can light up a room. It never fails to make me both happy and immensely proud of him.”

“But with the smile comes epilepsy so powerful he can fit for an hour at a time, his small body contorted, often screaming in agony. And with the epilepsy comes cerebral palsy so severe that Ivan cannot move, sit up or hold on to anything or anybody. He cannot crawl, walk or talk and never will.”

The next year he told an interviewer: “He definitely recognises us. His eyes follow us very closely. Sometimes he smiles.”

When asked whether he and his wife thought it might be kinder to let their son die, he said: “It’s difficult. That is a conversation that we have quite often. What happens if he has terrible fits? . . . I’d rather not go into it.”

On Tuesday when Mr Cameron bid goodnight to his small team at his Commons office and went home for one of his designated “family nights”, there was no hint of what lay ahead. Indeed, he was looking forward to the next day, when he thought that he would be photographed arriving at No 10 for the unveiling of a new portrait of Baroness Thatcher. That event was also cancelled.

Mr Cameron told a friend that Ivan had had a “very, very bad night”. The Tory leader and his wife went with their son to hospital in the early hours yesterday, arriving at 5.45am.

There had been scares before. Last April, two days after Ivan’s sixth birthday, Mr Cameron had rushed with him to hospital. On another occasion, the boy’s hip had been broken in the course of a particularly violent episode.

Imagine if that had happened to one of us commoners – fuck me the Social Services would have had a field day… Carry on the Times:

Despite the diagnosis, Mr Cameron had allowed himself – once – to speculate publicly about what it might mean for his son to reach adulthood.

Speaking to The Times after a visit to a residential home for handicapped young adults, he said: “I can’t help but bring it back to Ivan and think what it will be like if and when he’s 18.”

In another interview, he said that he was “philosophical” about the prospect of his son’s death. “You know that children like Ivan never make it to old age. You live by the day. But he doesn’t want to give up. This little person just wants to keep going.”

Course, unless you know the key words and sentences to look for – Hint: The ones in orange – there appears to be nothing ominous in that report at all.

However, you get a feel for these things over time and once you start to do so, they are quite easy to spot.

Never the less, if you do not believe what I say about the MSM dropping subtle hints on matters that they are not allowed to mention in their reports, the following  – written by Charlie Brooker for the Guardian in 2007 – is an ‘in your face’ blatant example.

And as you will quickly gather, Brooker is not a Cameron fan. However, I won’t say anymore than that until afterwards:

David Cameron is an idiot. A simpering, say-anything, dough-faced, preposterous waddling idiot with a feeble, insincere voice and an irritating tendency to squat near the top of opinion polls. I don’t like him. And I’ve got a terrible feeling he’ll be prime minister one day. Brrr.

These are unthinking snap judgments, based on little more than his media profile – but since he appears to consist of little more than a media profile designed to appeal to unthinking snap judgments, that seems fair enough. On that basis, let’s stick to gut instincts, shall we?

There is nothing to him. He is like a hollow Easter egg with no bag of sweets inside. Cameron will say absolutely anything if he thinks it might get him elected. If a shock poll was published saying 99% of the British public were enthusiastic paedophiles, he would drive through the streets in an open-top bus surrounded by the Mini Pops. He’s nothing. He’s no one.

It’s notoriously tricky – bang, bang in ya fucking face – to find out much about his past, in the same way that Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt found it tricky to find out much about the serial killer John Doe in the movie Se7en. He’d managed to erase his entire existence, even slicing the skin off his fingers to avoid leaving prints. Ever seen a close-up of Cameron’s fingertips? Of course not. Think about it.

The apparently self-penned bio on Cameron’s website begins, “I was born in October 1966,” and then leaps straight forward to 2001, missing out the decades he spent as a guffawing, top-hatted toff in between.

The infamous photo of Dave posing alongside his posho chums from the Bullingdon Club in an expensive royal blue tailcoat is one of the few clues we have. It looks like precisely the sort of photo a detective might end up studying in a murder mystery, one where a group of friends accidentally killed a prostitute during a drunken, stormy night, and collaborated on a cover-up.

I’m not saying the Bullingdon boys kill prostitutes. I’m just saying I wouldn’t be surprised. And that’s his fault, not mine. He’s gone out of his way not to mention his blue-blooded carousing, because he knows it would make the average citizen puke themselves into a coma, and one side-effect of this is that he seems shifty and suspicious.

I wonder if Brooker regrets writing that now?

Mind you, it is interesting that Brooker attended the University of Westminster, which is now being labelled as a breeding ground for Islamic Extremists and is indeed where our old friend Jihadi john got radishalised… Well, it would have been if Jihadi John was not just the figment of a script writers imagination… In fact Brooker could possibly be the scriptwriter.

But I digress so let’s return to Gordon & Sarah Brown.

Now as it happens, Browns third child, a second son, Fraser also has medical complications.

The following is taken from the Chimp and is in regard to the Murdoch Phone Hacking Scandal:

Gordon Brown today laid bare his family’s anguish after Rebekah Brooks revealed she had seen his baby son’s medical records – and intended to publish a story about his illness.

In an extraordinary interview, the former prime minister described how he and his wife Sarah had been in tears after speaking to the then editor of The Sun in 2006.

Mrs Brooks had told Mrs Brown that she knew four-month-old Fraser had cystic fibrosis – something which was thought to be known only by the family and medical staff – and that the paper intended to run a story. Read more

Now, quite obviously Rebekah Brooks (a Rupert Murdoch puppet) is alluding to Dead Eye Browns phone being tapped.

Naturally, Brown was – supposedly – livid about the illegal invasion into his privacy… Shame that’s the only illegal invasion that the useless twat was livid about. But I digress.

So, with the above in mind, it’s quite interesting to note that Sarah Brown’s Wikipedia page states the following under the category of ‘Friendships’:

Friends from the worlds of politics and media have included journalist and television presenter Mariella Frostrup, Labour spin doctor Charlie Whelan,Rupert Murdoch’s wife Wendi and his daughter Elisabeth, the television presenter Claudia Winkleman and newspaper editor Rebekah Brooks.

Moreover, anyone who believes that Rebekah Brooks and the Cunt Cameron didn’t have a fling must be naive in the extreme:

David Cameron is facing huge embarrassment after details of intimate texts he exchanged with the former News International chief Rebekah Brooks emerged on Saturday.

The existence of the messages has been at the centre of a row between Labour MP Chris Bryant and Cameron for several weeks and the contents will be a thorn in the prime minister’s side. In one message, Cameron thanks Brooks for letting him ride one of her family’s horses, saying it was “fast, unpredictable and hard to control but fun”, it is claimed.

So, he definitely gave her one… But then again, so have most people.

Tellingly, Cameron was in full support of the ginger haired old sort before she was forced to resign over the phone hacking scandal:

In the week before she resigned as chief executive of News International over the targeting of the missing schoolgirl, the Prime Minister texted Mrs Brooks last July to tell her to keep her head up and that she would “get through” her difficulties, according to a new biography of the Conservative leader.

Days later the Prime Minister sent an emissary to explain to Mrs Brooks that he could not back her publicly because of the political pressure caused by the scandal, according to authors Francis Elliot of The Times and James Hanning, deputy editor of The Independent on Sunday. Source

And you would in fact have thought that having been caught sending flirty txt msg’s to Brook’s, he would have kept his distance. Not according to the Telegraph, he didn’t:

The Prime Minister reportedly had a lengthy conversation with Mrs Brooks during a private gathering held by Tom Astor, who is the great-grandson of Nancy Astor, the US heiress.

He is an old friend and neighbour of Mrs Brooks but has kept his distance since she was charged with conspiring to hack phones, perverting the course of justice and, separately, conspiring to bribe public officials.

Tom Astor obviously being related to Cameron.

And indeed, Brooks was also shagging the criminal Andy Coulson at one time although that had ended by the time the pair appeared in the dock on phone hacking charges.

Predictably Brooks got a not guilty verdict whereas Coulson wasn’t so lucky… Although he wasn’t what you would call un-fucking-lucky either.

You see, Coulson was sentenced to 18 months and served a quarter of that:

Shamed former News of the World editor Andy Coulson was spotted leaving his home early this morning following his early release from jail yesterday.

The ex-Tory communications chief was let out of Hollesley Bay, an open prison in Suffolk, less than five months into an 18-month prison sentence for phone hacking.

He was seen driving his car bright and early this morning as he left his home in Kent, wearing a black coat and blue T-shirt. Source

Coulson was seen walking his dog later this morning as he carried a stack of the national morning papers

Heavy fucking sigh.

Course, prior to all that court nonsense Cameron had famously hired Coulson as his £140,000 pound per year Communications Secretary:

The following is from Wikipedia:

In 2007, Cameron appointed Andy Coulson, former editor of the News of the World as his director of communications.

Coulson had resigned as the paper’s editor following the conviction of a reporter in relation to illegal phone hacking, although stating that he knew nothing about it. 

In June 2010 Downing Street confirmed Coulson’s annual salary as £140,000, the highest pay of any special adviser to UK Government.

 In January 2011 Coulson left his post, saying coverage of the phone hacking scandal was making it difficult to give his best to the job.

In July 2011 he was arrested and questioned by police in connection with further allegations of illegal activities at the News of the World, and released on bail.

Despite a call to apologise for hiring Coulson by the leader of the opposition Ed Miliband, Cameron defended the appointment, saying that he had taken a conscious choice to give someone who had screwed up a second chance. 

On 20 July, in a special parliamentary session at the House of Commons, arranged to discuss the News of the World phone hacking scandal, Cameron said that he “regretted the furore” that had resulted from his appointment of Coulson, and that “with hindsight” he would not have hired him. 

He’s all heart is Psycho Dave isn’t he?

Nevertheless, he can make out that he was giving a second chance to someone who had “screwed up” – I do love an understatement – until the cows come home but the real reason that Coulson got the gig was because Gideon Bean AKA George Osborne, our wholly corrupt Chancellor of the Exchequer had asked Cameron to take him on.

You see, Gideon has a penchant for sadomasochism sex and Cocaine… And committing fraud… In fact the Right Orrible Bean has so little class, that he will even bunk the trains – twice getting caught doing so.

Now, just before the last general election, Bean’s non-too-distant past had caught up with him when details of his… How shall we say… Kink & Coke habits were about to break in the press – which were potentially damaging enough to have cost the tories the election.

Therefore, in return for watering down the story Coulson was given the job of Cameron’s spin-doctor.

Now a couple of months ago I had a very long phone conversation with Natalie Rowe, the dominatrix with whom Gideon became slightly obsessed with – and whose story threatened to cost the tories the election.

And I gotta tell ya that throughout the course of that 2 – 3 hour phone conversation, I found Natalie to be extremely charming, extremely flirtatious and extremely intelligent.

She also told me an awful lot about Gideon – along with other bits & pieces – that would at the very least, be enough to cost Bean his job should the information ever become public.

However, unfortunately for you lot I cannot fill you in on the details because I promised Natalie that I would not divulge any details of our conversation until she gives me the go ahead to do so… And my word is my bond.

Nevertheless, as coincidence would have it, whilst writing this article it transpires that Gideon’s brother Adam, a psychiatrist, has again made the headlines after having his licence to practice suspended… Again:

George Osborne’s psychiatrist brother is battling to save his career after it was revealed that he has been suspended as a doctor following serious allegations of misconduct.

Adam Osborne, 38, who has a private practice in Central London, last week had his licence suspended by the General Medical Council (GMC) after being accused of having a two-year sexual affair with a highly vulnerable woman patient who has psychiatric issues, is married and has two children.

The news comes five years after he was suspended by the GMC for ‘dishonest and misleading’ behaviour in prescribing drugs to his cocaine-addicted prostitute lover.

The latest blow means he cannot practise in any capacity as a doctor until an investigation into the new allegations has been concluded.

The suspension will prove highly embarrassing for the Chancellor, coming as he prepares for Wednesday’s crucial Budget, the last before May’s General Election.

If the investigation results in a Fitness To Practise hearing, which is held in public, Dr Osborne could face further sensitive personal information being revealed. And if the allegations are upheld, he could be struck off. Continue Reading

Its like a bad case of diarrhea I suppose; it runs in the genes.

Dr Adam Osborne and George OsborneHowever, the fact that the posh twat Cameron can still deny his involvement in the phone hacking scandal is proof  personified of his flawed character.

I will remind you what the traits of a psychopath are:

  • Cold heartedness
  • egocentricity
  • superficial charm
  • manipulativeness
  • irresponsibility
  • impulsivity
  • criminality
  • antisocial behaviour
  • a lack of remorse
  • a parasitic lifestyle
  • Promiscuous sexual behaviour.

And you can add hypocrisy to that following the announcement that the wholly corrupt  chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee, Malcolm Rifkind is to step down and also resign his seat as an MP after being caught out offering a cash for access service to private companies.

Jack Straw was also caught on film doing the same:

Sir Malcom Rifkind has stepped down as chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee and resigned as an MP following increasing pressure after he was caught on camera allegedly offering a ‘cash for access’ service to private companies.

Speaking on BBC’s Newsnight on Monday, a former chair of the Committee, Kim Howells, called for Rifkind’s resignation saying the body’s reputation must not be “dragged down.”

In a statement on Tuesday morning, he said he would remain on the Committee, but would “step down from the Chairship” of the committee.

It was later revealed that he would resign his parliamentary seat in central London, a traditionally safe Conservative constituency.

A number of candidates have been rumoured to be lined up for the role, including ex-Olympic rower James Cracknell and Sayed Kamall, the leader of the Conservatives in the European Union.

Jack Straw and Sir Malcom Rifkind were duped by reporters from the Daily Telegraph and Channel 4 who posed as staff for a Chinese firm, looking to gain access to politicians and senior establishment figures.

Both men have now reported themselves to the Parliamentary Standards Committee, with Straw saying he had fallen into a “very clever trap” and Rifkind acknowledging his comments had been “silly.”  Continue Reading

Mind you, they were only doing what Porky Pig Ferguson – ex-wife of Princess Andrew of Paedoville – was doing when she was caught on film taking a huge sum of money in return for access to Nonce Andrew.

However, where the real hypocrisy comes in is the fact that in 2012 Peter Crudearse was forced to resign after getting caught offering access to the Cunt Cameron in exchange for huge Party Donations… Or put another way; cash for access:

David Cameron is facing mounting pressure to disclose all details of private meetings with Conservative party donors following damaging claims by the party’s treasurer that large cash payments could secure intimate dinners with the prime minister and an opportunity to influence government policy.

The Tories launched their own inquiry on Sunday after the resignation of Peter Cruddas, whose claims were filmed by undercover Sunday Times reporters.

Meanwhile, Labour demanded a separate, independent, inquiry to investigate the suspicion that Tory donors can gain secret access to Cameron, the chancellor, George Osborne, and their advisers. Cross-party talks on the funding of political parties, which were due to start in a few weeks, have been brought forward to this week.

Police were also asked on Sunday to investigate claims that the law on political donations may have been broken. According to the Sunday Times, Cruddas believed any prospective donations from the reporters would come from Liechtenstein and would be ineligible under election law.

He was reported to have discussed the creation of a British subsidiary and the possibility of using UK employees to make the donation. A campaigner, Mark Adams, said he had asked police to investigate. “The article indicates that the party has done this before,” he said. Source


And whilst we are on the subject of Jack Straw and embarrassing brothers, it is worth mentioning that Jack’s brother Willie is a sex pest:

The brother of Home Secretary Jack Straw has been found guilty of an indecent assault on a 16-year-old girl.

William Straw, 47, of Bramcote in Nottingham, will be placed on the sex offenders’ register for the next five years.

Straw had denied the charge at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court.  Continue reading

Now that was back in the year 2000. And then in 2001 the Blair government was slammed in the press for letting sex offenders – many of them dangerous – out of prison early.

Now the question is: Was it Jack Straw or David Blunkett who was responsible for that decision?

The following is what I wrote in March 2013:

It would seem that previous governments were just as easy on paedophiles back in the day as they are now. The article which follows this foreword  is from Saturday the 28th of July 2001 and deals with the subject of dangerous paedophiles being released early from prison.

That would make it Tony Blair’s nonce infested government in power at the time.

Therefore the Home Secretary would have been David Blunket who had only been in the job a month before this article was published. Fuck me, if Blunket cannot see how wrong this decision was, he must be fucking blind silly.

On the other hand, the decision could easily have been made by the previous Home Secretary Jack Straw. Straw served in the post from the 2nd of May 1997 until the 8th of June 2001.

It wouldn’t surprise me Whichever one of  two made the decision. I mean, like all MP’s they are both sex maniacs, self serving, greedy and corrupt. Read More


Blunkett And Straw.

And coincidentally, Straw’s first born also died… When she was only 5 days old as it happens:

Straw’s first marriage, in 1968, to teacher Anthea Weston, ended in divorce in 1977. They had a daughter, Rachel, born on 24 February 1976, who died after five days because of a heart defect.

However, what I wanna know is why the fuck did the Straw-Man try and make it illegal for children in care to speak out about child abuse:

It is not illegal for Children in Childrens Homes to speak out, a Freedom of Information Request has revealed. [1]
Whilst apparently Jack Straw did try and pass legislation to make it illegal in Part 2 of the Children, Schools and Families Act 2010 the provisions never commenced as they were repealed by section 17(4) of the Crime and Courts Act 2010, following a recommendation by the Justice Select Committee. This is contained in an answer [2] to a Freedom of Information request.

What is pertinent is why Jack Straw should want this draconian, fundamentally unjust repulsive  and nasty legislation to be brought in.  Why should he want to stop innocent children whistleblowing over child sexual abuse against them often by representatives of the very authority that was supposed to care for them and be responsible for them?  Source

Well to be Frank – cos Frank is a fucking nice fella – you only have to understand that with Tony Blair as the then Prime Mincer, covering up child abuse was a priority – especially since most of his government members were actively taking part in it…  As was his child stealing program a priority too… The sick, sick fuck.

Course Tony & Cherie Blair also had an ‘arranged’ marriage and anyone with their eye on the ball cannot fail to have noticed how much it has been reported of late that Cherie – allegedly a mind control victim – can no longer stand the cunt… Then again, who can?

Indeed, someone or someones appear to be applying the brakes to the Blair bandwagon in general.

Now, one of the reasons being touted for Cherie’s disdain for her ‘husband’ is the rumoured affair between Psycho Tone and Rupert Bear Murdochs wife:

Captivated Wendi Deng wrote a secret love note about Tony Blair’s “piercing eyes” and “good legs and butt” when she was married to Rupert Murdoch, it was claimed.

According to reports in the US, Ms Deng, 45, described the former Prime Minister as “so charming”.

The bombshell note talking of love for Mr Blair, 60, is said to have been found by media tycoon Mr Murdoch, 82.

His 14-year marriage with third wife Ms Deng ended in divorce in November.

The relationship “broke down irretrievably” amid reports she had met Mr Blair without Mr Murdoch’s knowledge.

It is not known if the handwritten note was the reason for the divorce.

A joint statement from Ms Deng and Mr Murdoch last night said: “Given the complicated dynamics of our family, we made the decision early on in this process not to engage in public allegations or respond to negative claims.” Source

Personally, I would say that you should take that old fanny with a pinch of salt… Indeed Wendy Woo is far too old for Tony ‘Miranda‘ Blair’s liking and she is also mostly the wrong sex.

Cherie, equally hated by the press and public alike has rarely been seen with Miranda – Tony B-Liars nickname at University – over the past few years.

Blair was given the ‘Miranda’ nickname because he was apparently well known for being a Transvestite, back in the day. See ‘He who pays the piper’

Cherie, who is the daughter of Actor Tony Booth, once posed naked for what appears to have been, Lord Derry Irvine’s sexual gratification:

Some bits of Cherie Blair’s memoirs strike all the wrong notes, as many reviewers have pointed out.

The tone is toxic at times. That is true.

But there is a charming account of Mrs Blair’s time as a nude model in the late seventies, knitting tea cosies as gifts for the artist, Euan Uglow.

As she describes the scene, the two met at a dinner party of Derry Irvine, her legal boss, later Lord Chancellor, who was a serious art collector and, as she less than admiringly describes, an even more serious consumer of fine wine.

Mind you, Cherie isn’t the only PM’s wife to have posed for ‘racy’ photos/paintings.

You see, when Sam Cam was an art student and dating Dave the Rave, she lived in a flat in a rough part of Bristol apparently… And she too also modelled for some risqué pictures.

The following is from the Abel Danger website:

David Cameron today admitted he and his wife had hoped racy pictures of her modelling more than a decade ago would never come to light.

Much has been made of Samantha’s rather ‘edgy’ past as an art student at the University of the West of England, where she befriended a club DJ named Tricky and lived in one of the less salubrious parts of Bristol. You’d never guess it from these pictures, taken just a few years later, in which she’s already every inch the Posh Totty pin-up, as befitting the daughter of a landed baronet and wife of a City PR man.

She and David married in 1996 – and these pictures were taken shortly afterwards when she was already working at the upmarket stationers, Smythson, and he was director of corporate affairs at Carlton Communications and an aspiring MP.”

Tricky, as I have already said, is a member of the group Massive Attack who were caught up in a child porn probe – The Daily Mail.


In fact, according to The Metro, Sam was still attending raves in 2011:

Samantha Cameron has raised eyebrows by enjoying a rave in Ibiza that featured performances from the likes of 2manydjs and Pete Tong. Source

The Camerons arriving at Slaggy Thatchers funeral. The caption said: Mrs Cameron added a rare splash of colour to the occasion in a camel pussybow blouse.

More startling still is the fact that Cherie Blair is alleged to be a victim of CIA mind control.  At least that is the case according to the Aangirfan website.

Certainly, the Blair’s ‘strange’ marriage will have contributed towards their children’s problems.

Sixteen year old Euan Blair was famously found drunk as a skunk laid out in the gutter in July 2000. This incident occurred just days after Blair announced tough new measures for being drunk and disorderly in public.

The following is from theTelegraph:

Referring to the fact that Euan lied to police about his identity and age, he said that he had been trying to save his family embarrassment.

Mr Blair was challenged to justify his suggestion of on-the-spot fines on young people for disorderly behaviour – an initiative dropped after police chiefs dismissed it as unworkable – and asked whether he thought that it would have deterred his son.

Even more worrying was the fact that Blair’s daughter Kathryn tried to commit suicide at the tender age of 16.

Blair all but managed to keep this story out of the papers but various sources claim that his daughter died 3 times on the way to hospital… Without being flippant, She obviously wasn’t fucking about. The following is from

On or around Thursday 13th May 2004 Tony Blair’s 16 year old daughter Kathryn attempted to commit suicide. She is in the middle of exams, believed to be GCSE’s and took an overdose of unknown pills. She was rushed to hospital and a news blackout was requested by the PM’s office and adhered to by the British Press. Kathryn is believed to be studying at the Sacred Heart school in Hammersmith, West London, a Roman Catholic state secondary school.

News about the suicide attempt was confirmed by Alan Johnson, Labour MP for West Hull and Hessle.

So, was this a sudden pang of conscience from the British tabloids over sensitive reporting of the PM’s family? Or the establishment press (yes even the tabloids are owned by the establishment) kow-towing to protect the flagging public image of the most disastrous Prime Minister this country has ever seen just before local and European Elections?

In a democracy, the public have a right to know about the family failings of anyone in public office – it enables them to judge whether to vote for that individual or not. When that failing family is the Prime Ministers the press have a duty to inform the public – not to protect politicians’ images from public scrutiny.

This news blackout has in turn led to speculation that the real reason for Kathryn’s suicide bid was that Blair had tried to rape her. You can find more on this by clicking HERE.

Quite worryingly, Blair is reported to be acting as an adviser to Dave the Rave. Then again, that would explain an awful lot.

And it is also worth noting that just like Dave the Rave and Gideon Bean – who was taken under the mistletoe wing of Willie Hague when he first started in politics – Blair was also fast-tracked into office, with John Smith having to be bumped off in order to make way for the cunt.

The following is from the MI5 controlled Telegraph newspaper:

Tony Blair predicted to his wife that John Smith would die prematurely and he would win the race to become the next Labour leader, not Gordon Brown.

He made the “strange” statement during a stay in a French hotel with his family in April 1994, the month before Mr Smith suffered a fatal heart attack,

Mr Blair woke his wife, Cherie, one morning and told her: “If John dies, I will be leader, not Gordon. And somehow, I think this will happen. I just think it will.”

Branding Mr Smith a “stupendous toper”, Mr Blair wrote: “He could drink in a way I have never seen before or sinceSource

Coincidence, nothing more a tell thee.


A fucking alcoholic?

Well I suppose that politicians are renowned for their abstinence and you only need look at Johnny Smiffy to see that he was a raving, out of control alcoholic.

After all, if our MP’s drank a lot there would be many more bars than just the 8 that they have in the Houses of Parliament wouldn’t there?

Moreover, the drinks have to be subsidised by the taxpayer to try and entice the politicians in.

Moving on quickly… More photos please.

And Neither has Cherie Blair any qualms about defending paedophiles in court.

The following is taken from the Daily Express published on Saturday, 2nd September 2000

THE  PRIME  Minister’s  wife has  sparked  controversy  by agreeing  to  represent  a  paedophile who claims his human rights were abused by a ban on him going near children.

Cherie  Booth  QC  is  taking 34-year-old  Graham  Brown’s case to the European Court of Human Rights on the grounds that  his  civil  liberties  were infringed.

The decision to represent  him  comes  less  than four  years  after  Ms  Booth called  for  tighter  regulations against  British  paedophiles who offend abroad.

Brown was jailed this week for breaking a Sex Offenders Order to stay away from children, made by Sedgemoor magistrates in Somerset.

He was filmed approaching three youths in Torquay just 15 hours after being released from jail early for good behaviour and has now returned to prison to finish an 18-month term for outraging public decency.

Well she wouldn’t have any qualms about it would she? She is after all married to Tone.

The following is taken from my article Parliamentary Paedophiles which was published on the 1st of November 2012:

Blair, reportedly a 33rd degree Freemason who displays the characteristics of a psychopath was convicted in May this year, along with his pal George W Bush, of war crimes at  the Kuala Lumpur War crimes tribunal.

George W Bush’s father, former US President George H Bush has of course long been accused of being a serial paedophile. It would now seem that Bush senior’s son shares his father’s sick liking for children. Moreover, Bush Junior’s fellow war criminal Tony Blair does too. The following is taken from an article on the Tap Blog website:

The Tap Blog received a number of bulletins from ex-spy Gordon Logan over the last year.  

None of these were more memorable than his exposure of Tony Blair using a male prostitute at The White House, a prostitute named Jeff Guckert, George Bush’s personal favourite, who he lent to Blair.

Guckert bragged about it afterwards online, and the story spilled out. It was Gordon Logan who ensured that the story spilled out further at higher levels.

The Tap Blog elaborates further by saying that Jeff Guckert is one of the pseudonyms used for Johnny Gosch who was kidnapped by paedophiles for prostitution purposes, at the age of just twelve.

This article along with a link to a disturbing Youtube video can be found HERE

You can also find the kidnapped boys story along with a series of extremely distressing photographs of Johnny Gosch and other boys kidnapped by Paedophile rings by clicking on the following link:

The photo below is one of those photos and carries a caption written by Johnny’s mother Noreen Gosch:

August 27, 2006

On my birthday… I received a package with the following pictures inside.  The first photo is of my son Johnny, shortly after he was kidnapped on Sept. 5th, 1982. He was still wearing the clothing he had on the day he was taken. He is bound and gagged.  

Noreen Gosch


And of course the present president of the USA is Barack Obama, better known as Gay Baz or Gay Barry, due to the fact that he is gay as fuck.

He too has a marriage of convenience. The following is taken from my article Camerons Closet:

 Barack & Michelle Obama 

The United States President has been dogged for years by rumours that he’s gay.

Moreover, his ‘wife’ Michelle, who is forever fucking off on holiday without him was disbarred from practising law in 1993 for what was described as ‘Malpractice’. Or, put another way, she was allegedly extorting money from wealthy clients.

Obama is said to have once frequented Male Bath-houses cruising for sex. He is also alleged to have had an affair with the Actor Kal Penn. Penn is said to have ‘dated’ Obama between 2008 – 2009. The actor was even given what was described as being  a ‘mysterious role’ in the White House, which Penn abruptly left after being dumped by the President.

The President is also said to have had an affair with a Pakistani Room-mate during his college years. You can read more HERE. The website looks into Obama’s alleged homosexual relationships and poses the question; “Is Barack Obama our first down-low, closeted gay President and is Michelle Antoinette Obama our first fully-complicit ‘beard’ of a First Lady”?


And of course rumours abound as to what sex Michael/Michelle Obama really is and to whether or not their two daughters are actually their biological children – the eldest of the two now being pregnant herself at 16 yrs old.

So, I can’t say as I was surprised when an African newspaper reported Cameron as being gay Source 

After all, he was very good friends with Derek Laud, whom had been very good friends of the Satanic Astors before Dave the Rave had even met Sam Cam.


Now I feel sure that most of you know who Derek Laud is by now.

However, for the benefit of those who don’t, all you need to know can be found right here in this article.

Moreover, there is plenty of new information for those who think they know all about the sick fuck.

Now, Laud started his rise to infamy as a researcher working in Slaggy Thatcher,s government during the mid-1980′s.

Course, it would be difficult to find anyone close to Slaggy Thatcher who wasn’t a perverted wrong un – including her police “guardian”:

An award-winning police inspector who protected Margaret Thatcher when she was Prime Minister in the 1980s has been jailed for sending child porn to other paedophiles. Source

However, Laud’s aspirations of becoming a Politician were dealt a severe blow in May 1986 when he stood in the general election for a seat in Wandsworth council’s Graveney ward.

And despite winning 937 votes, it wasn’t quite enough to secure him the seat.

Never the less, by the late 1980’s Laud was a parliamentary aide to Slaggy as well as being her main speech writer. In fact his talent with words was also extended to writing speeches for Michael ‘Tarzan’ Heseltine & Alan ‘nonce’ Clarke.

Moreover, in his capacity as a parliamentary lobbyist, Laud was mentioned in the Commons by Labour MP Martin Linton in his maiden parliamentary speech.

And as I just stated, Thatcher’s government – like every British government since at least the 1960’s – was infested with vile paedophiles, most of whom were cruel and sadistic to the extreme.

All, and I mean all, of her top ministers were – and some still are – an extreme danger to children.

So, bearing that in mind the facts that Slaggy Thatcher played hostess to Jimmy Savile for 11 consecutive Christmas’s and spent 14 consecutive New Year Eve’s with Lord Nonce McAlpine, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that the old bitch is of the same ilk.

The following is taken from a 1994 copy of the Daily Express:

LADY THATCHER, always the traditionalist, will be spending Christmas as usual with her friend Lord McAlpine.

But this festive season Margaret and her husband Denis will be travelling not to Alistair’s Venice retreat. They will be pulling Christmas crackers and tucking into turkey in Barcelona.

“Of course we will be having turkey,” says Alistair, who has entertained the Thatchers for a record 14 yuletides. “I hope we have a peaceful break.

Margaret always looks forward to it.” With his customary twinkle Euro-sceptic Alistair added: “Remember the first Euro-turkey came from Spain.” At that his car phone broke up and he could not answer questions about whether Lady T’s son Mark will be joining them under the mistletoe. Source

And no surprises then that our current Prime Mincer, the obnoxious David Cameron also happened to be Slaggy Maggy’s protégé.

In saying that, do not assume that I am hinting that Cameron is a vile deviant… I am telling you that he is.

Indeed at best, Cameron is actively protecting paedophiles of the worst kind.

Now, there is only one sort of man that would do that.

That then, was the world that Derek Laud inhabited and as such, it should come as no surprise to anyone that he was amongst the vilest, most depraved and dangerous of the whole foul lot of them.

Laud had also been a fundraiser for Slaggy Thatcher’s 1987 election campaign alongside the odious, uncharismatic  Lord Alistair McAlpine. He also did the same for John ‘nice peas Norma’ Major in his 1992 election campaign.     

It is true to say then, that Laud was so well thought of within the Tory Party that Major deemed him worthy of a mention in his autobiography, Moving on from Westminster, as did Alan Clarke in his successful series of Diaries.

However, according to the Independent Newspaper:

“The former government minister Alan Clark had sex with children, according to the publicity agent Max Clifford. In a secretly filmed, three-minute interview posted on the internet last night, the publicist said that the Tory MP and diarist had “interfered” with two 14-year-old girls. But he added, during a discussion of his success in suppressing scandals, that the story had never come out.

Last night Mr Clifford, who was unaware his comments were being recorded, strenuously denied that he had told the girls’ family to stay quiet about the allegations.” Source

Good old Maxi… I wonder what he’s up to these days?

Now, there is no denying that Laud is somewhat of an Enigma.

Certainly he is unforgettable.

He is also extremely intelligent, speaks with an accent worthy of the aristocracy, is impeccably well mannered, athletic, and can be as charming as they come whilst at the same time, he has the caustic sarcasm usually associated with drag queens such as Lily Savage.

He also happens to be Black, which back in the day was a true rarity in British Politics.

So  rare in fact, that I think I’m right in saying that there was only three Black Politicians in England at that time.

And although technically Laud wasn’t a politician (not through want of trying mind), he certainly moved exclusively in their circles.

Course, back then Black Politicians such as the Labour MP Bernie Grant could find racist undertones in practically anything voiced by a White person.

Laud on the other hand, appears to have almost revelled in being in such a tiny minority within such an inherently, albeit covertly racist, elite institution.

Moreover, Laud drew even more attention to himself by becoming the first and only black member of the Monday Club – an ultra right wing Conservative Party pressure group which supported repatriation of immigrants and the apartheid regime in South Africa… Although he has since claimed to only have written their newspaper for them.

Which is a good example of Laud’s honesty… Or lack of it. You see, when talking about John Bercow on his website, Laudy, Laudy Miss Claudy wrote:

we share the dubious history of having both been members of the Right-wing Conservative Monday Club.
But, in my own defence, I was asked to become a member and was taken with the idea of meeting on Mondays after a weekend of country pursuits.

John, armed with his first-class degree in politics from Essex University, had no such excuse. He knew the Monday Club was uncompromisingly extreme.

Until I became a member, I hadn’t appreciated just how absurdly nasty this fringe group of lunatics really were. Source

Now interestingly enough, South Africa is where the vile Paedophile ran to when the pressure on him mounted over here in the UK.

And as my long time readers will know, that “pressure” had a lot to do with me.

The following is what I wrote on November 6th 2012:

So, apparently Derek Laud is not going to sue me because he thinks that I am “Certifiable” and that “no one believes the crap” written about him anyway. At least, that is what he supposedly said on his Twitter (see photo below)… Hmmm.

Personally, I would not lower myself to look at the highly dangerous, predatory paedophiles twitter page (I learned this twitter news in a forum). However, given his response after being asked by a D Hewson why he is not suing me, it would certainly appear that he has lowered himself to look at this site.

With that in mind Del boy, I feel that I should say this: You could be right, I may well be certifiable. Never the less, I think you are wrong about ‘no one believing the crap’.

In fact, I ought to let you know that many, many thousands of people do believe “the crap”. Still, you do what you gotta do, and I will do the same.  Source

And by the end of the month, he had fucked off to South Africa.

And as a footnote to the Monday Club, it is most interesting to note that the current Homo Secretary, The Right Orrible Transvestite, Terry May, once described the club as covertly racist.

Yet in 2012, May was under fire from pressure groups who accused her of breaking many Human-Rights laws and discriminating against British citizens who are married to non E.U members.

Indeed I was at the time singled out and asked to report on the then, new immigration laws that were implemented on July 9 2012.

Unfortunately, whilst not wanting to trivialise the issue – since it was/is anything but that – there was much more urgent issues that had been passed my way that needed dealing with… And as such, I just didn’t have the time.

Another prominent Monday Club member was the now disgraced Billericay MP Harvey Proctor  who resigned his seat following a scandal that involved rent boys and spanking… Choice.

Proctor spent a year on the dole following the perverted scandal before opening a shirt shop in which he hung a sign reading, ‘Shirtlifters Will Not Be Prosecuted’.

The disgraced former MP had set up this venture after his former colleagues from parliamentary Lala nonceland had financially backed him to the tune of £75,000 – some of which came from Jeffrey Archer and the then deputy prime minister, Michael Heseltine.

Hmmm, not the first time then, that ‘Tarzan’ Heseltine has been mentioned in this article.

Course, the shirt emporium has now long since closed after all of Proctors investors had lost a packet and indeed, very little has been heard of Proctor since.

You can read about all those who rallied around Proctor – after he had resigned his seat and been fined nearly £1500 by the law courts for gross indecency – including John Major who stopped wearing his usual M&S shirt brand in favour of Proctor’s S&M brand, by clicking HERE

Anyway, as it turns out Proctor is now manager of the Duke of Rutland’s ancestral seat, Belvoir (pronounced Beaver) Castle, and he does in fact live in a large country house in the grounds of the 18,000-acre estate near Grantham, Lincolnshire.

The 365-room castle is hired out for corporate entertaining, ‘private parties’ and concerts. It has also been used as a backdrop for TV and Hollywood films – Catherine Zeta-Jones filmed The Haunting there”.


It would therefore appear that Harvey wallbanger is still being looked after.

Or would it?

Lets have some more photos first.

I mean, there is no doubt that Proctor was being looked after back in the 80’s as he jumped from one scandal to another.

However, Proctor may now have run out of favours.

You see, his home has just been searched by the police whitewashing working on the Operation Midland investigation

The Met launched Operation Midland last November following allegations that boys were sexually abused by a paedophile ring centred at a number of addresses more than 30 years ago. An alleged victim of sexual abuse claimed to have witnessed the murder of a 12-year-old boy by a Conservative MP, and said two other boys had been murdered by members of a paedophile network.

One of those addresses was the Dolphin Square apartment block near the Houses of Parliament. Detectives have received claims that have led them to investigate other addresses, to establish whether they can be ruled in or out of their inquiries. The strand of the inquiry that led to Proctor’s home being searched is believed to concern a location other than Dolphin SquareSource

Now I did in fact have to chuckle to myself when following the police raid on his home, Proctor gave a press interview denying ever being in Dolphin Square – you know, the usual old bollocks – and then added that he had always been very discreet… He even implied that it was the press that was responsible for his downfall in the 1980’s!

Always someone else’s fault with these cunts isn’t it.

So lets have a look at how discreet the only politician to never go to the notorious, paedophile infested, Dolphin Square was:

Tall and gangly – he was once described in the Commons as a loping greyhound – the softly spoken Proctor revelled in the notoriety of being one of the most outspoken voices on the Tory backbenches.

Fiercely ambitious, Proctor was consistently overlooked for ministerial preferment by Mrs Thatcher because of views on immigration which even some Tories viewed as racist. The Whips, in charge of party discipline, also feared his sexuality would be an issue that would return to haunt them. They were right.

The first story to emerge in public about it was in 1981, when Terry Woods, a flamboyant art dealer who was his boyfriend, had left the MP’s London flat after a row and Proctor refused to let him back in. The fracas led to a court appearance in which Woods claimed he was in a relationship – albeit it a very tempestuous one – with the MP. Proctor repudiated the claim and got away with it.

Lurid allegations surfaced in a Sunday newspaper in September 1986 claiming he had organised gay spanking sessions with canes and teenage rent boys in his flat – allegations he dismissed as monstrous.

He was embarrassed again soon afterwards when Woods, who remained his long-term lover, was found in his underpants by the police outside the MP’s apartment. He admitted that he ‘loved’ Proctor but insisted the relationship was not sexual.

Days later a story emerged of how a naked Arab boy had been found under Proctor’s hotel bed on a Tunisian holiday.

When police eventually charged him over the teenage rent boys in his flat, Proctor bowed to the inevitable and announced he was standing down as an MP, admitting to a charge of gross indecency and accepting a fine of £1,450.

Proctor was ruined. He had to sell his house in the constituency and the flat in London and was on the dole for a year.

But he could never escape his past. One day in 1992, two men walked into the Richmond shop. One of them demanded: ‘Have you any boys for tying up before you spank them,’ and then the men started punching him

Proctor’s friend Neil Hamilton, then a government minister and in the shop at the time, came to Proctor’s aide and received a broken nose for his pains.  Source

Fuck me! He couldn’t have been less discreet if he had fucking tried.


Now the Daily Record has the following to say about Dolphin Square which was home to Willie Hague – unsurprisingly enough – and was also home to Derek Laud too, but you just know that the report is only the tip of the iceberg:

A VICTIM of a VIP paedophile ring believes a girl of 15 was killed at a vile orgy.

The new witness has told police he watched the teenager being taken into a ­terrifying “medical room” by a senior Tory MP – and never saw her again.

The sickening events are said to have taken place at London’s notorious Dolphin Square flats in the 1990s, the Sunday People can reveal.

He fears the teenager may have been killed by a brutal sadist acting out his horrific fantasies.

It would make her the fourth reported murder victim of a Westminster-based pervert ring, some of them household names.


The witness told the investigative website Exaro that he was himself abused while in his teens by prominent politicians and a famous comedian at the now notorious Dolphin Square complex in central London.

We are calling the man Darren, ­although that is not his real name ­because he lives in hiding, fearing for his own life. He is the third alleged victim of the gang to come forward.

Darren told us: “I would never have gone to those parties willingly. It was fear that led me to Dolphin Square.”

Recalling the night in 1993 he ­believes a girl died, he said: “I ­witnessed a senior Tory politician go into the medical room with a girl who I know was 15.

“This was a bedroom containing a hospital-type bed with shackles, gimp masks and a tiled, washable floor.

“She was 15 and in care. I didn’t know her name but had been bumping into her for years at paedophile parties. I had been trafficked for sex since I was a young boy, initially by my father.

“She had a smashing smile and wore braces on her teeth.

“I never saw her leave that room, in fact I never saw her again. I fear she may have been killed.”

Darren has identified the exact apartment in the luxury Dolphin Square complex where he claims abuse parties were held while he was a teenager.

He says he was taken to up to 20 orgies, which were ­attended by around 30 VIPs, and ­has described ordeals – ­including beatings with a cane – to Scotland Yard detectives investigating a string of historic sex abuse claims.

A former Tory cabinet minister ­already named to police by another alleged abuse victim, a Labour minister, and the famous TV comedy actor are among well-known faces he says were at Dolphin Square in the 1990s.

Darren claims he was driven to sex parties by the notorious paedophile Peter Righton, a former government adviser who had been recently fined for having indecent images of boys.

Righton would collect Darren and other boys from children’s homes in Suffolk and drive them to London in a luxury car, complete with leather seats and electric windows.

At Dolphin Square they would go to a four-bedroom serviced flat that had been rented out.

He recalled: “Guests would be standing around, chatting and drinking. There would be women there but they would leave before any sex took place.

“The attitude seemed to be that they would leave early so the boys could have their fun.”

Darren said that there were “very powerful” people at the gatherings. He went on: “They stood out a mile. I saw a former Labour minister at one party.

“They were very protective of their jackets. I think they were worried the boys would steal their wallets.”

Darren claimed violation and ­humiliation inflicted on youngsters at Dolphin Square ­became a familiar routine to him.

He said: “This Tory ­cabinet minister always insisted I should be presented to him with ladies’ underwear on beneath my clothes.

“The game he liked to play was that he would pretend he had spotted that I was wearing the lingerie.

“He would tell me I was a naughty boy for turning him on and take me into a bedroom and punish me.

“I was spanked with a bamboo cane that he brought with him, which was painful. I was then sexually abused.

“He liked boys to dress up in lacy women’s underwear. He would make a game of it.

“The minister would be accompanied by a minder who stayed outside while I was abused.”

The Dolphin Square apartment had three rooms ­specially fitted out and decorated to cater for the tastes of party guests, Darren said.

He claimed the spanking ex-minister preferred a ­bedroom known as the “leopard room” because it had a leopard skin rug.

Another was known as the “gay room” because it was “flowery and ­effeminate”.

Darren claimed that in this room he was forced to give oral sex to the famous comedian. He said: “At first he was an interested spectator at the parties but then decided to take part.

“He was much kinder and more considerate than the others but it was still unpleasant.”

The worst of the three rooms was the so-called “medical room”.

Darren said: “This was the bedroom you did not want to be taken into. Fortunately, I was never taken in there but I remember one boy who did.

“He had been dressed up in tight leather shorts and went in with a senior Tory politician and some other men.

“I met him afterwards and he told me he had suffered humiliation too vile to describe and was then beaten up.”

Darren said the brutalised boy was under 16 at the time.

He recalled that traumatised children would gather in the kitchen at Dolphin Square to ­comfort each other after their ordeals. He admitted he was given £50 each time he attended a child abuse party.

But he insisted he only went because evil Righton forced him to. He said: “I would never have gone to those parties willingly – it was fear of Righton.

“One occasion when he attacked me stands out. It happened after I was taken into a bedroom with the famous TV personality and Peter was driving us back to Suffolk.

“I kept saying the name of the comic character played by the actor and saying that he was at the party. Peter kept saying, ‘No he wasn’t.’

“Then he suddenly swung a tremendous punch, while still keeping control of the car. It hit me flush on the chin and I may have passed out. It was a warning to keep my mouth shut.”

Darren was interviewed over three days by Met Police detectives and named his abusers.

His account bears chilling similarities to allegations by a victim known as Nick, who claims three abused boys were killed in the 1980s.

His evidence is being investigated by Scotland Yard’s Operation Midland.

Officers have spoken to the families of two lads, Martin Allen and Vishal Mehrotra, who vanished in London.

Among those named by Darren is the recently convicted paedophile Charles Napier.

Darren says Napier abused him when he was 15 at Righton’s home. Righton ­ordered Darren to give Napier oral sex and when the horrified lad refused he was beaten until he complied. Read More

Course, with so many VIP’s living in the sordid apartment block it is hardly surprising that they have their own water supply… None of the chemically poisoned shite for them:

One of the biggest users of London’s secret water supply is the exclusive Dolphin Square flats complex, until recently the home of the Princess Royal. The block of 1,200 apartments facing the river at Chelsea includes a swimming-pool, restaurant and leisure centre.

“The four boreholes supply our needs,” said general manager Tony Crawford.

“We treat the water for drinking purposes, and this is measured by environmental health officials, and I’m delighted to report that we have no trouble achieving a clean bill of health. The wells save us money, and mean we are never under threat of running short.”

It is estimated that it can cost up to pounds 20,000 to bore and equip a well deep enough to draw off the water accumulating beneath the city. MPs are the most recent group to benefit.

The Parliamentary offices located above Westminster tube station are to have their own supply in the near future. The construction work to tap into the water supply was carried out during the building of the new Jubilee Line extension. Source

And of course, Prince Little Willie had a flat in the Dolphin Square luxury complex:

Britain’s Prince William is set to move into his first bachelor pad.William, 24, has chosen an upmarket London apartment in the exclusive Dolphin Square complex as his new home.

The Pimlico apartment building includes a swimming pool, gym, bar, squash courts and a croquet lawn.William – who split from his long-term girlfriend Kate Middelton in April – has signed the lease for a ninth floor three-bedroom flat in the complex.

Members of the prince’s police protection team will take residence in neighbouring apartments. Dolphin Square is renowned for being one of the safest addresses in London due to the high number of military figures and intelligence officers who live there.

A royal aide is quoted on the Hello! website as saying: “Dolphin Square is safe, central and anonymous.

While William is in the Army he only needs an uncomplicated base in London for short periods. And the real point is that he does not yet want to live in any of the royal palaces where everyone would know exactly what he is up to and who he invites back. He’s got a whole lifetime of that.”

Extra security measures have been implemented and new CCTV has been installed in preparation for the prince’s imminent arrival.

Residents were informed of the identity of their new neighbour in the Dolphin Square newsletter. Source

as did his Auntie Horseface:

If an Englishman’s home is his castle then Dolphin Square is a fortress, built in the mid-1930s to withstand German bombs and resist a siege from life outside.

It survived 16 direct hits from the Luftwaffe, but internal walls are notoriously thin and a former tenant claimed a dinner party was once interrupted by the sound of Princess Anne’s lovemaking next door. Source

I would have imagined that would have been quite embarrassing for Ann & Tim; having ya neighbour knock on the wall shouting “GET THAT HORSE OUTTA HERE”!

Or should that be Nayboar? Just askin’.

The vast complex of 1,250 flats on a 7.5-acre plot close to the Thames was built in 1937 to provide homes for individuals its developers described as ‘notable in public life or society’

Nevertheless, the website has this to say about the insidious dwellings:

If the walls at Dolphin Square could speak, they would reveal a history rich with colourful, distinguished, and sometimes notorious characters. Politicians and peers, spies and foreign dignitaries, glamour girls and stars of stage and screen have all enjoyed the many benefits of life at Dolphin Square.

The proximity of the Square to Westminster has inevitably led to its popularity with politicians. Many have lived here in the past, including Harold Wilson, David Steel, William Hague, Estelle Morris, Beverly Hughes and the late Midlands MP Iain Mills. In 1994 alone, 59 MPs lived in the Square. Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice-Davies, famous for their involvement in the Profumo affair, were both sub-tenants at Dolphin Square.

In the past, many foreign dignitaries graced Dolphin Square’s hallways and gardens. In 1940 the Free French occupied Grenville House, and when General de Gaulle was in the Square, workmen had to be issued with special passes before being allowed entry.

Dolphin Square also has past associations with the worlds of espionage and subterfuge. Ian Fleming’s M was partially based on Maxwell Knight, a senior figure in British military intelligence, a former member of the British Union of Fascists, an accomplished jazz drummer and a long term resident of Dolphin Square. Whilst at MI5, Knight recruited Ian Fleming and a fellow resident, William Joyce. An extreme right-winger, Joyce became an infamous figure during the Second World War – ‘Lord Haw-Haw’, a leading German propaganda mouthpiece during World War 2 who was ultimately executed for treason.

Oswald Mosley, fanatical ‘blackshirt’ and, along with Joyce, one of the British Union of Fascist’s prime orators, lived at Dolphin Square with his wife Diana, one of the Mitford sisters. He left the Square in June 1940 to face internment at Holloway Prison, where he lived with his family for the rest of the war.

During the 1940s and 1950s Dolphin Square was the home to several comedians including Arthur Askey, Tommy Trinder and Vic Oliver. Oliver’s wife Susan was herself a famous actress and the daughter of Winston Churchill. After a party at Nelson House one night, the brass numbers on a number of doors at Nelson House had been swapped around, giving rise to rumours that this was the prank of some of these residents. Former music hall star Bud Flanagan – one half of the hugely successful double act Flanagan and Allen – lived in Raleigh House. Flanagan he enjoyed particular success during World War 2 with songs like ‘We’re Going To Hang Out The Washing On The Siegfried Line’. His voice is still familiar today singing Dad’s Army’s ‘Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Hitler’.

Dolphin Square’s connections with espionage were revived in the early 1960s. Tenant John Vassall, an admiralty clerk, was exposed as a Soviet spy in 1962. It is rumoured that agents from both sides of the former Iron Curtain lived here.

And in 1999, the Guardian newspaper also wrote the following about the place:

A £3 black cab fare from Westminster, the building is a mini parliament with about 50 MPs renting apartments. Alistair Darling, the social security secretary, could share a taxi home with Estelle Morris, schools minister, Gisela Stuart, health minister, Beverley Hughes, environment minister, and David Clelland, a whip.

Or if they were chauffeured in their government cars they would be able to give lifts to some of the many Labour backbenchers with flats there, including Stuart Bell, Gavin Strang, Hazel Blears, Tom Pendry, Anne Begg, Sir Ray Powell, Brian Iddon and Lynne Jones.

The Hagues, William and Ffion, live in Keyes House at the back of the complex to lead a Tory contingent that includes the former cabinet minister Lord Jenkin of Roding – who, coincidentally was until recently president of Friends Provident, which triggered the controversy by trying to regain the lease.

David Weeks, Dame Shirley Porter’s sidekick during Westminster’s homes for votes scandal, has an apartment and used to sit on Dolphin Square’s management committee, which sets the rents.

Lords Desai, Tordoff, Dormond, Brooks, Gregson, Sewel, Campbell of Croy and Belhaven and Stenton have set up home in the blocks.

The Tory MP Iain Mills drank himself to death there and lay undiscovered for two days.

Past residents include Princess Anne and her husband, Tim Lawrence, who quit Drake House after supposedly labelling it “naff”.

The one-time world speed record holder Donald Campbell had a pied-à-terre and novelist CP Snow wrote about his tenancy. Charles de Gaulle lived there during the second world war. Harold Wilson had a flat, as did Oswald Mosley. Source

Course, we here in the AM have been writing about Dolphin Square for years, yet I don’t expect former residents like William Hague and Derek Laud to fall under police suspicion any time soon.

Instead the police will concentrate on the dead such as Cyril ‘fat boy’ Smith and former Men in Tights boss Peter Hayman.

Mind you, at least it has now been acknowledged that there has been a massive cover up going on for the past 40 years by the old bill – who either failed to investigate or the investigations were dropped into claims of VIP paedophile rings operating at the time… Well sort of acknowledged anyway:

The Metropolitan Police will be investigated over claims that it covered up child sex offences because MPs and police officers were involved.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission today announced a probe into 14 different allegations of corruption at Britain’s largest police force.

The investigation was prompted by evidence dating between 1970 and 2005 which was turned over to the police watchdog by Scotland Yard officials. 

It was also alleged that police launched an investigation into a ‘proactive operation’ of paedophiles in Dolphin Square, a block of flats in Westminster, but stopped it when they got ‘too near’ VIPs.

Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper called for the investigation to be made fully independent from the Met to ensure its credibilitySource

Now I have to say that it is quite ironic that Yvette Cooper is the one calling for an independent investigation. I mean, as if another police force investigating the Mets cover up will give the whitewash any credibility… Not that that is where the irony comes in of course.

The irony comes into play with the fact that 6 years ago Mrs Ball’s driver was arrested for 7 serious assaults on children:

Cabinet Minister Yvette Cooper was at the centre of a security scare last night after her Government driver was arrested on suspicion of indecent assaults against children.

Ms Cooper, who is married to Schools Secretary Ed Balls, was said to have been shocked to discover that the man had been detained in connection with the alleged abuse of seven children.

The Chief Secretary to the Treasury used the driver for the eight-mile journey between Westminster and the home she shares with Mr Balls in East London.

It is understood that Prime Minister Gordon Brown has been told of the incident, and has been kept informed of the progress of the investigation.

The driver, named last night as Gary Burman, is accused of indecently assaulting a total of seven children aged under 14.

Two of the allegations relate to assaults on boys. Five relate to allegations involving girls over the past four years in a park in Bromley, South-East London.

In a joint statement released to The Mail on Sunday last night, Ms Cooper and Mr Balls said: ‘We understand that a Government driver has been arrested on suspicion of indecent assault against children. He drove several Ministers including, most recently, Yvette Cooper.

‘As is normal, he was fully vetted for the post. The alleged offences are not in any way linked to his employment.

Most of the chauffeur services for Ministers on official business are provided by the Government Car and Despatch Agency.

The agency boasts that its ‘status as part of Government offers very significant advantages’, including ‘real peace of mind, as all of our employees are security-cleared civil servants’.

It adds that its ‘modern, high-performance fleet of vehicles’ is placed in the hands of drivers who have completed accredited training programmes. ‘For added peace of mind, we can provide security vehicles and specially trained drivers if your security needs demand it,’ it says.  Source

It’s fucking rife innit? Around the upper classes it is anyway.

However, it doesn’t end there.

You see, according to the Star newspaper:

Babes In The Wood killer Ronald Jebson worked as a chauffeur ferrying innocent youngsters to be abused at sick orgies, it was claimed.

A former cellmate of Jebson’s said the pervert boasted of his role in delivering children to be “auctioned” for abuse by high-ranking officials.

Jebson, now 75, has spent the last 40 years in jail. He was convicted in 1974 of killing a friend’s eight-year-old daughter and in 2000 confessed to strangling Susan Blatchford, 11, and her pal Gary Hanlon, 12, in 1970. Their deaths – for years one of Britain’s most notorious unsolved cases – became known as the Babes In The Wood case after he left their bodies huddled together in woodland.

The cellmate – known as “Billy” to protect his anonymity – said he is speaking out now due to constant denials of a cover up over a Westminster paedophile ring.

He said he was deliberately placed in the next cell to Jebson on C-Wing in HMP Frankland, near Durham, about 15 years ago, to extract further information about his past.

Billy explained: “I was encouraged to get Jebson to talk about his past in return for favours and protection.

“We got to know each other quite well, and chatted when our cell doors were open. One day, I was being pressed by a screw to get him to talk. He hid around the corner to listen whilst I leant on the doorframe.

“I couldn’t believe it when Ronnie started blabbing. He said he worked for a luxury limousine company on the south side of London. He said it was linked to the Westminster set, and claimed they had all sorts of posh cars, including Rolls Royces.

“He said the clients were all well-to-do, prominent people, including politicians, but said they were also paedophiles. Ronnie said many of the victims came from poor backgrounds. Source


Ronnie Jepson

And still there is more:

A new article published yesterday in The Australian suggest that Sidney Cooke and several of his paedophile gang associates including Jimmy Savile’s driver David Smith may have worked for THE SAME LIMO COMPANY as Ronald Jebson.

It also alleges that missing schoolboy Martin Allen, the son of the Australian high commissioner’s head chauffeur, who vanished in 1979, may have been targeted after coming into contact with the paedophile ring through the limo company, whose drivers were hired by the Australian high commission. Source

Right, lets get back to that vile Nonce, Laud.

Now, the fact that he had been given the nickname ‘Golly’, by his MP friends didn’t appear to bother Laud one bit, in fact according to an interview that appeared in the Independent Newspaper in 2009, Laud was quoted as saying: “My nickname is Golly, but I don’t insist on it”.

Which is a bit strange when the fella with the nickname is the subject of extremely serious nonce allegations:

In Scallywag 21 we told how, soon after their marriage, Mr and Mrs Portillo went on holiday with Michael Brown MP, and his ‘friend’, a black youth who they all nicknamed Golly. Along on this mysterious trip also went Tony Hutt, who we alleged was an actively gay lobbyist with the firm GJW Government Relations. But who was “Golly”?

By taking him on holiday the Portillos were in good company. “Golly” is no other than half-caste nephew and research assistant of Lord Pitt, and was the black face pictured at the window of Number Ten as Maggie peeped through the partially opened curtains on the day she quit.

His name is Derek Laud and it was he who introduced footballer Justin Fashanu to Westminster’s seedier inhabitants. It was alleged by Fashanu himself on tape that this included both Portillo and Lilley in a three-in-a-bed romp, although under intense pressure from somewhere he later denied he had ever said it.

But, if Fashanu was telling the truth, he may have been introduced to many other well known Parliamentary personalities, and you can throw in some royals for good measure. Laud has also been on holiday with Lilley, Chris Chataway, and Jeffrey Archer. He enjoys entertaining his boyfriends at fashionable La Caprice where he treats the waiters like horse dung. He has often been seen there with fergie’s friend John Bryan, and also Diana’s hairdresser, who has rumoured to have been bribed by Diana to take the rap on a drugs charge.


After leaving a lunch with fergie’s boyfriend (who was going off to meet her elsewhere) he then joined Andrew and a sailor pal at the royal home in Dorset for all sorts of fun and games.

He was also involved somewhere in the middle of the Diana-Gilby scandal and is a frequent visitor to David Steel’s flat in the now notorious Dolphin Square. “Golly” rarely entertains anyone of note at his Winchester Street, Pimlico, flat (just around the corner from Dolphin Square) but neighbours report he often takes young men home and they generally stay all night.

The Dolphin Square restaurant, of course, is where both Lilley and Portillo dine most Friday nights and was for a time under scrutiny by HM Customs after they had intercepted paedophile material at Mount Pleasant.

Young men who have visited him in Pimlico, who we have talked to, allege he is ‘trying them out’ for higher things. Fashanu was one such.

Laud is a consultant with Ludgate Communications, a high-powered political public relations outfit, which moves in political, business, and even royal circles. In this capacity Laud has even written speeches for Prince Charles.

As a speechwriter he may legitimately have visited many prominent politicians, but it is unlikely he would have gone on holiday with Portillo, Brown, Hutt and Co, to cross the ‘t’s and dot the ‘i’s on a possible oration.

In his public relations capacity he is a frequent visitor to Conservative Central Office where he meets Alistair Cooke, one of the original right-wing conspirators of the Maurice Cowling days in Cambridge, who has surrounded himself with bright young things, most of whom are frequent visitors to Winchester Street.

But there is more to Derek Laud than this.


The story goes on in a disgraceful catalogue of abuse, exploitation and cover-ups on an unprecedented scale. Among all the sad testimonies from the victims, two names emerge that connect the paedophile ring directly with Michael Portillo, Peter Lilley and other high ranking Tories.

The first is the above mentioned Derek Laud, who wanders with equanimity in the House of Parliament. The second is Alan Beck, alias Sister Latex, and an old friend of Portillo’s from Cambridge.

We have known about Laud for a long time. There was no doubt about his association with Brown. It was an old yarn. The News of The World had run an article on Laud serving tea to Brown in a skimpy frilly pinny six years ago.

We also had reason to believe that Laud had screwed Portillo and Lilley on several occasions. But it came as a revelation to learn that Derek Laud was also a practising paedophile.

Stephen Hashim was only 13 when he was introduced to Laud. he was living in care at Greystones Heath children’s home in Merseyside. Gary Cook, an associate of Mr X, who is now in prison for child abuse, brought Laud in on the recommendation of Mr X.

He gave him Stephen for the night. the child was repeatedly brutally buggered by Laud. He has since stated that the man had such a large penis that it was excruciatingly painful. in fact, the next day Stephen Hasshim had to go to hospital and receive treatment for a ruptured anus.

He never met Laud again, but has positively identified him and remembers his name. Continue Reading

Justin Fashanu! Prince Bigears! And that pillock of society  Princess Andrew!

Fair do’s, lets carry on.

In 1997 Laud was selected as the Tory candidate to challenge the aforementioned Bernie Grant for the safe Labour Party seat of Tottenham.

However, Laud stepped down shortly before the election was held citing “business reasons“ as the excuse.

Having said that, according to the BBC, the real reason Laud dropped out of the running was due to the political lobbyist having been convicted of drink driving after being involved in a car accident whilst on holiday in America.

Following the crash which saw the four passengers in the other car hospitalised – 3 of whom were seriously hurt – Laud, who it was also alleged had no driving licence, became the subject of a $5 Million Dollar lawsuit.

Course, Bernie Grant has since died but it is however synonymous with the corruption taking place within the halls of Parliament that so much information held within the National Archives relating to him, is not due for public release until at least 2092.

That is not to say that Bernie Grant was involved in corruption.

On the contrary, with Grant now being dead the need for secrecy would suggest that it was those opposed to Grant, such as the MP Michael Howard (good friend to Laud) and the Metropolitan Police who were the ones up to no good.

That would also be in keeping with the majority of the top secret information pertaining to the conviction and subsequent acquittal of Winston Silcott  for the murder of PC Keith Blakelock, as well as  the Met’s mishandling of the Broadwater Farm riots.

Other heavily censored information involving Grant that’s not due for release for at least another 80 years, relates to the arrest and subsequent death of Joy Gardener… But I digress.

Now, it was in the early 1990’s that Laud had established a successful parliamentary lobbying company named Ludgate Laud. This was achieved in no small part, thanks to what was said to be his close association with leading Tory Party members such as dodgy gay-boy, Michael Portillo.

58276510_jex_1309890_de01 1

Laud never the less disgraced himself again after becoming caught up in the ‘Cash for Questions’ row that eventually wrecked the Tory MP Neil Hamilton’s political career. Laud later provided Hamilton and his missus with an alibi after they were accused of sexually assaulting a woman in 2001

Now, what you will notice as this story unfolds is the way that the same names crop up time and time again. For instance, it was mentioned earlier that in 1992 Neil Hamilton and Harvey Proctor were the victims of two ‘Gay bashers’.

Course, Laud is still to this very day very good friends with the sleazy Hamilton’s.

Indeed, their long friendship had first begun in the early 1980’s when Laud had worked for Strategy Network International (SNI), a lobbying company linked with apartheid South Africa and UNITA, the Angolan, armed opposition group.

In fact it would seem that Laud had recommended the recruitment of both Neil Hamilton and his fellow Tory MP, Michael Colvin as consultants for SNI.

The website Powerbase Info has this to say on the matter:

In the late 1980s and early 1990s Strategy Network International paid for Conservative MPs to visit South Africa. Conservative MPs Neil Hamilton and Michael Colvin both failed to declare the trips on the members register of interests. 

Current Prime Minister David Cameron also took advantage of a Strategy Network International trip to South Africa in 1989. The trip was offered to the Conservative Research Department by Derek Laud, who was employed by SNI and was later a contestant on the reality tv series Big Brother.

Hold up!

Did that just say that our Prime Minister also went on an all expenses paid holiday to South Africa courtesy of old Laudy boy? Well, well, well.

And let’s be very clear here, Laud is indeed a very dangerous predatory paedophile.

I shall return to this relationship between a dangerous predatory paedophile and the current gatekeeper to Lala Nonceland in due course.

However, it is worth noting that the Junket that Dave the Rave went on in the late 1980’s, paid for by Laud also had an ulterior motive:

Did we the British public know that our current Prime Minister was instrumental in the loss of three illegal nuclear weapons?

Is the UK frantically trying to find out where they were sold on the “Black Market”?

We know something that you don’t…… but can’t talk about it Under the Nuclear Explosions Act otherwise we will all end up in gaol for life.

Chris McGreal of the Guardian newspaper published an article 24th of May 2010 revealing how Israel offered to sell nukes to South Africa during the apartheid era. What he failed to reveal was that Israel struck up a deal with South Africa to move its technicians down to the high-security weapons research and development facilities at Pelindaba…

… Thatcher then ordered her Page Boy, David Cameron, to go down to South Africa along with what was believed to be the only technical man available (non other than the now( Sir) Kenneth Warren). Others also believed to be implicated was David Wilshire and many other senior members of government. In actual fact as we follow this charade up to the current time we could possible include other very senior person such as Lord McAlpine, Peter Lilley, Alan Clarke and Ken Clarke and others I have previously named in other articles. The late Dr. David Kelly was also involved.

We have to remember that this was almost a private sector deal with many political figures implicated some of whom became share holders in the illegal nuke purchase. We are talking here about an extremely high risk deal, with little security for the weapons themselves as everything had to be done in a low key covert way.

As we already know David Cameron was able to secure a deal for his lady mentor, Maggie Thatcher, and returned with a deal for three nuclear weapons. They were shipped to Oman whereby they were put in private sector storage and eventually stolen by John Bredenkamp, the arms dealer who sold them to Britain and then stole them back to sell on the Black market and the rest is now history.

We have to understand that British Tax Payers money was then placed in the Conservative Party Electoral Fund (£17.8m) which to this day has not been accounted for and other money was made available to Tony Blair (£1m) compliments of Bernie Ecclesone. On top of this a slush fund was also developed to silence other third parties that knew of the deal and our dear Mr. Ken Clarke then implemented his gagging orders to those involved!!

I guess you do not believe this story……why don’t you check it out yourself it is written in Hansard 22nd June 1993, and starting at Col. 197 when Lord Doug Hoyle raised the issue in the House as follows… Source

Have you anything to say about that David?

Hmmm, I rather thought you might say that.

Moreover, the Cuthulan Blog (A Scottish Barrister apparently) has this to say about Laud and Michael Colvin:

Derek Laud

Now defunct magazine Scallywag covered events at Bryn Alyn in detail, some years ago.

The magazine alleged that one of the men referred to is Lord McAlpine, at the time of the offences treasurer of the governing Conservative Party.

Another regular participant in the activities at Bryn Clwyd was alleged by Scallywag to be Derek Laud, for years a leading mover and shaker in successive Conservative administrations.

Scallywag alleged that Laud was a sadist, who was particularly violent and without mercy in his treatment of the boys.

The magazine alleged that on regular occasions his victims would end up in casualty wards.

He was a leading political fixer and adviser to Margaret Thatcher although never an MP; indeed he was pictured waving down to the crowds below from an upstairs window of 10 Downing Street as the Conservatives celebrated their 1988 election victory.

The former children connected with this empire of evil who died in mysterious circumstances may have been murdered by the British security services, the price of their silence their lives.

Scallywag alleged that MI5 used to take foreign diplomats etc. to the North Wales homes, give them boys to “play” with, secretly filmed them as they buggered, abused and tortured boys then kept the tapes as evidence.

Michael Brown is one of the very few Conservative MP’s who volunteered to “out” himself as gay.

Derek Laud, now standing for parliament, (against Bernie Grant in North London) ran a Pimlico PR agency called Ludgate Communications (later Ludgate Laud) for a number of years which supplied young boys for selected Parliamentarians from children’s homes now being investigated in North Wales.

He sometimes did this in cahoots with Ian Greer Associates which has since been scandalised because of the Neil Hamilton Affair and payment for questions on behalf of Al Fayed.

Ludgate Communications was at the very hub of our investigation into the “boys for questions” allegations.

At his Pimlico flat, and selected addresses in Dolphin Square nearby, Laud threw paedophile parties and we have one sworn affidavit from a former boy (presently giving evidence in Wales) who claims he was seriously molested (among many others) by Lord McAlpine who was at the time the Tory party’s clandestine fund raiser.

It was alleged by this boy and others that Messrs Portillo and Lilley were also guests of Derek Laud.

We are assured that this particular volcano is about to erupt, both in North Wales and elsewhere.

Michael Portillo has always publicly disassociated himself from Derek Laud, yet here we find him not only acquainted but seemingly in the inner sanctum of private friends.

Michael Colvin

Colvin was associated closely with several other Conservative ‘people’ on the right wing of the party including Julian Lewis who is said to be involved with a number of international right wing ‘covert’ groups linked with high finance, and arms dealing.

Colvin was also associated with two allegedly corrupt and discredited former Parliamentary Lobbyists, Ian Greer (cash for questions) and Derek Laud (Wikipedia/Derek Laud) (Cash for Knighthoods aka Cash for Rent boys).

In the early months of 2003, just prior to the questionable invasion of Iraq, and working in conjunction with a London-based freelance journalist who had thoroughly double-checked exposures published by the Scottish ‘Sunday Herald’ newspaper, I publicised details of a child-sex ring linked to senior ministers within the Blair government.

I initially published my findings, stemming from discreet leaks from a secret list provided by the American FBI to the ‘Sunday Times’ newspaper, and concomitantly discovered that Tony Blair had issued a gagging order to suppress all further discussion of a scandal that would most certainly have brought a swift end to his administration and made Britain’s collusion in the destruction of Iraq impossible.

Course, the cash for questions scandal should have been enough to make all of our ‘honest’ MP’s cut their ties with Laud. Unfortunately, we don’t have any honest MP’s and as I always say; birds of a feather fuck flock together.

So much so in fact that Laud would often go on holiday with the likes of the now conveniently dead, Lord Alistair McAlpine, Peter Lilley and Michael Portillo to name but a few… Although, McAlpine and Portillo have already been mentioned.

Mind you, McAlpine has always been involved in sleaze right back from when he was a big wig in the cabinet..

And it is worth noting that McAlpine’s death was every bit as convenient, unexpected and under-played as Leon Brittan’s was.

Indeed Brittan’s death reminded me of a piece written by the excellent, Coleman Experience towards the end of last year which asked the question as to whether those old bastards about to be exposed as child molesters are faking their own deaths:

We have it on very good authority that Mossad rent-boys, MI5, are working overtime to execute a permanent CSA cover-up.

They are so desperate to prevent the truth about Britain’s VIP paedophile ring being exposed, they’re trying every trick in the book to stop a planned inquiry going ahead.

They deliberately chose tarnished wrinklies, Elizabeth Butler-Sloss and Fiona Woolf, knowing damn well that child-abuse campaigners would never accept their appointments as head of any inquiry, due to their links to Michael Havers and Leon Brittan.

That is exactly what our traitorous, paedophilic-loving spies wanted.

The ensuing controversy buys them what they need most of all- extra time to plan their get-out clause.

One idea being touted by the Israeli-loving filth is to stage the deaths of one or more of the prominent politicians accused of raping young boys.

The deaths would be attributed to a ‘heart condition’ or similar, and the public wouldn’t bat an eyelid due to the age of the accused.

The apparent  ‘stress’ they’ve been under would also be quoted as a contributing factor.

This is exactly what happened in the case of Robert McAlpine who is allegedly not dead at all but hiding out in a secret location bricking himself that he might one day be discovered.

Another pretend death is allegedly that of Westminster Councillor, Simon Milton, who was best friends with Shirley‘I’ve legged it to Israel’ Porter.

Some claim Simon didn’t die at all but is living a reclusive life in Tel-Aviv.

It’s a little known fact that many ‘British’ politicians are in fact Israeli and hold dual nationality.

It would be quite easy say for the likes of Leon Brittan or Greville Janner to slip away in the dead of night and catch the first flight back to their homeland.

The very next morning the headlines would be filled with the news of their ‘death’ and the inquiry could go ahead with it’s most prominent suspects out of the way.

No-one would be any the wiser.

Well we have a warning for you duplicitous, scheming, f*****g scum.

Try every single pathetic ‘tactic’ known to man.

It will make not the slightest bit of difference.

You’ll get what’s coming to you.

It’s only a matter of time… Source

Has anyone found out what has happened to Coleman yet? If anyone knows, perhaps they could let me know.

Now, it has already been well documented that in 1999 Scallywag Magazine ran an article linking both Laud and Lord McAlpine to a paedophile ring who were systematically raping boys in children’s homes across North Wales.

And obviously most of you are already familiar with the contents, but for those who aren’t, here is what the Online publishing Co has to say about the vile Nonce Lord McAlpine:

Since 1999 many stories have been written about the paedophile activities of Lord Alistair McAlpine of the famous UK construction and road building family. Scallywag accused him, several times, of being involved in a paedophile ring (including his part in the child abuse scandal in North Wales), and also of masterminding the huge, multi-million pound money laundering operation behind the Tory party during the Thatcher years, when he was her party treasurer.

He is known to the police in the UK and abroad for sexually abusing young boys, including using a coffin to put the boy in, then simulating burying him by sprinkling gravel on the top of the coffin. The child is screaming with terror and will do whatever he is told, due to being so scared of being put in the coffin again.

This person is alleged to have murdered at least two boys and buried their bodies on his estate. This information is derived from a police officer who was involved in investigating McAlpine, and he is certain that McAlpine has committed murder several times, but that McAlpine is too “well-protected” to get him.

Course, anyone who was innocent of such outrageous allegations would have sued… Or so you would have thought. But neither Laud nor McAlpine sued Scallywag Magazine.

However, Laud’s great pal John Major did. But that was over a totally unrelated story that the magazine had also published. He one two… Sorry, I meant he won too.

Scallywag had in fact accused the Ex Prime Minister of shagging some old slapper from the Downing Street catering corps.

Major was outraged, and quite rightly fucking so in my book… John boy likes to be unfaithful with a better class of old slapper than a common Kitchen assistant.

And the Old Slapper in question was none other than his fellow MP, Edwina Currie, who just like Jiggedy Johnny, also happened to be married… Shlaggg.

I’ll tell you what though, that Eggwina Currie makes my fucking blood boil.

I mean, how sick was she to come out and admit that she knew Sir Paedo Morrison was a wrong un… After he had died of course.

Fuck me, Dog forbid that she would blow the whistle when he was alive… Mind you she needed to sell her new book somehow didn’t she?

Indeed, she too is a very goods friend of Lauds – despite trying to distance herself from him of late.

Course, following the Jimmy Savile revelations , Scallywag’s allegations resurfaced.

And despite Fat Arse McAlpine not suing Scallywag back in 99, he was intent on suing every bastard in the world who ‘libelled’ him this time around – or so he said.

I say that because the whole public display leading up to all the libel action, old bollocks, was what is commonly known as an Act of Parliament… Or put another way, nothing more than transparent make believe, played out by an old nonce, in a bid to stop the public gossiping about our child shagging MP’s – past and fucking PRESENT.

Dead Head McAlpine was of course an ideal choice to lead the charge having once been big in the Thatcher cabinet… Nevertheless that was a long time prior to the Savile revelations and by the time such drastic action was needed McAlpen was only big in the belly.

Now obviously Belly McAlpine’s Co- Star in this comedy of errors was Long Tall Silly Sally Bercow – who was never really big in anything other than shoe size and ego.

And as I’m sure you know, their fight was over a tweet of Silly’s which Belly McAlpine maintained libelled him.

Course, what Silly Moocow tweeted was hardly libelous but as I say, it was an “Act” of  “Parliament” and as such Lord McNincompoop stuck to the script which required him to sue her for £50,000.

Indeed, the following is the ‘offending’ tweet.

Sally Bercow took to Twitter to comment on speculation as to the identity of the Tory at the centre of a Newsnight investigation

“But what was Silly’s parliamentary connection you ask”? Or at least the brain dead masses will.

Good question nevertheless.

Silly’s connection to Parliament stems from the fact that she married John Bercow, an odious little man, who went on to become the speaker of the House of Commons.

article 2551348 1AB07EFA000005DC 150_306x465

And uninterestingly enough, the Silly Sally-Johnny Little Legs love match started off on a sour note after Silly battered her new husband senseless (it only took one slap apparently, but to be fair, Little-Legs didn’t have much sense to begin with).

Now, you may remember at the time that just about EVERYONE fell for the McAlpine/Bercow ruse except me, prompting me to write that I didn’t trust Silly – who was pretending to stand up to McAlpine’s threats – one little bit. (see HERE & HERE)


Indeed, the whole scenario just didn’t ring true to me based on the fact that, Johnny Little Legs and Belly McAlpine were both in Slaggy Thatcher’s government and as such, I found it inconceivable that the two Freemasons didn’t know each other.

By the same token, I also refuse to believe that Little Legs having attained such a senior post within politics hadn’t – at the very least – heard of Parliamentary Lala Nonceland and those politicians who spent/spend a considerable amount of time there.

And I still stick by that belief today.

However, I best give you a quick recap of the facts leading up to this libel action although I know that I’m going to regret doing so.

Why am I?

Because the facts are really too fucking unbelievable to recount… Never the less, here we go:

  • In November 2012, a fat old paedophile named Alistair McAlpine didn’t get named in the press as the fat old paedophile who was supposedly going to be named as being a fat old paedophile in the then, soon to be broadcast BBC TV program, ‘Newsnight’, which was going to be about the historical Welsh care home abuse.
  • Predictably the fat old paedophile wasn’t named when the program aired so no one knew it was he. Yet the next thing we know is, his names is all over the front pages of the newspapers.

So who leaked the name?

Well I would imagine that it was arranged by none other than Nonce McAlpine himself, since the resulting comedy of errors followed to a T, his own method for manipulating public opinion.

I mean, fuck me – he had even scripted the method in his book, The New Machiavelli: The Art of Politics in Business.

So anyway, there he was, all fat and outraged at not being named, with his trusted Solicitor, Andy Capp who was equally outraged albeit not as fat… At least, I think that Andy Capp was his solicitors name.

Then again, as people with nothing better to do than nitpick keep pointing out; I’m crap with names.

Anyway, Andy Capp announced that he had drawn up a list of those who had libelled Nonce McAlpine and was about to commence libel proceedings against the culprits.

The list apparently included; thirty grazillion billion million Tweeters, Seventy Ninety unnamed persons, two or three others, two tv stations, one Silly Bercow and a partridge in a Yew-tree.

And I also assume – although it wasn’t actually stated –  that an amnesty had been granted to us here in the alternative media.

Now I say that because without sounding as if I’m blowing my own trumpet – bearing in mind the fact that I don’t own one – I didn’t hear a fucking dickie bird, let alone received a letter of intent from Andy Pandy Andy Capp, or whatever the fuck McAlpine’s solicitors name was.

Indeed, I found that strange because I’m pretty positive that McAlpine would have heard of me.

And to be fair, I did say a lot, lot worse about him than what the Tweeters did.

Course,I suppose that McAlpol could have been pretending that he hadn’t heard of me – though Dog knows why he would with such a *aherm, aherm ‘watertight case’.

Never the less, no one could possibly believe that he hadn’t heard of David Icke.

You see, David – as I’m sure I don’t need to tell you, probably has more visitors to his site per day than the combined number of those following the 30 grazillion billion million Tweeters who allegedly libelled McAlpine… And David didn’t get a Handy Andy letter either.

Now, since David also published on his site all of the extremely libellous things that I called McAlpine – it kinda blows away any excuse for Andy Capp not sending me a letter, don’t cha think.

And as such, since David, Myself and a handful of others in the AM who also cast aspersions on the good Lord’s name didn’t get a letter, there must have been an amnesty?

Fair comment?

Of course it fucking is.

Never the less, the 2 TV stations, who on the other hand hadn’t named McAlpine as being a nonce – and who I best not name in case I get solicited – paid the good Lord a combined total of over £300 hundred grand to ease the pain he was caused by not being named in the first place… If you see what I mean.

And this was despite the fact that the two TV stations had the cash to fight a libel case – which couldn’t have taken place anyway because they didn’t name McAlpine and by not fucking doing so, the fat old paedophile had no basis to commence a trial in the first fucking place… Phew.

Never the less, even if McAlpine could have managed to persuade the courts to hear the libel case against the two unmentionable TV Stations, he wouldn’t have proceeded anyway.

Why not?

Well, basically,because the nonce wasn’t a fool and as such he knew that they would have used a defence that would more than likely have won them the case anyway.

In doing so, they would have cost McAlpine his money as well as his reputation – which he had already lost fucking years ago – and saved themselves a packet by not having to pay him the compensation that they had already paid him, even though they had no need too… Memo to self: Stop using such long fucking sentences you cunt.

However, do you see how confusing things get when people are inherently dishonest?

Still, with Twitters by the dozen getting their Twitters in a twist by then, McAlpipe – no doubt also buoyed by the success that he’d had with the two TV stations, who had suspiciously rolled over far too easily – inexplicably let them off… Is everyone up to speed now because I have to tell you that I don’t ever want to have to recap that fucking story again… Good.

The following is what I wrote way back in November 2012:

Is anyone surprised that Sally Bercow has deleted Twitter? I’m certainly not. I still stand by my claim that Sally was acting as a decoy.

I also see the paedophile Lordy, Lordy Miss Claudy McAlpine has been in touch with the police… Now where do I start with that fact?

Well, since the man who’s piss taking apparently knows no bounds has made a complaint, the Police by law have to act. If indeed he has made a complaint – Still waiting for my letter, Andy Reid.

How seriously the Old Bill take that complaint will obviously reflect in the scale of investigation they launch. That will be interesting to see, but also throws up a few matters for debate.

First, Why did McCowpie not take the same course of action with Scallywag Magazine back in the 1990’s. He was much more high profile then and had a lot more to lose.

Secondly, why did he not take this course of action when he first wasn’t named two weeks ago, instead of setting up a stupid internet page for people who did or didn’t name him, to pay £5 to Children in need as compensation?

In fact why did he choose Children in Need when it has been revealed that the PR Ambassador for the Charity is Max Clifford who puts his Clients welfare above that of children who are being sexually abused?

Has the Lord no sense of moral decency? Don’t answer that.

That also begs the question, Why isn’t Clifford being investigated for being an accomplice to a crime… You can answer that.

Anyway, as was expected by myself and just about everyone else I should imagine – except for McAlpine of course – there wasn’t that many who complied with his £5 demand in terms of the numbers who supposedly libelled him on Twitter.

Therefore, one could be forgiven for thinking that this police complaint course of action is in fact ‘sour grapes’. However, since McHowivepined know’s that  the Police will have no option but to act, it just goes to show how far up his own arse the man is – And looking at the fat sweaty idiot, that cannot be a pleasant place to be.

Does the man not realise how busy the police are, harassing motorists and protesters? Does he not read the news FFS. The old Bill have all on at the moment whitewashing the Savile saga, without spending more time and money investigating people for telling the truth.

Unfortunately, people like McAlpine-Rapier think that the world revolves around them and as such, believe that the police along with pretty much everyone else, are there just to cow down to him.

Since he wasn’t named anyway, am I alone in thinking that if he had just kept quiet, he wouldn’t have drawn anywhere near this amount of attention to himself in the first place?

Likewise, the Right Horrible Derek Laud, who called me “Certifiable”, and rather petulantly stated that everyone knew what I was saying about him was “crap”, before realising everyone didn’t know that it was “crap” also went into hiding.

Course, some people would say that Laud’s low profile’s is an indication of their guilt. Where as McAlpinefresh is being vocal because he’s not guilty.

And that would be fair comment if he hadn’t written the following in his 1999 book:

‘Spread false defeat to gain public sympathy; or false accusation and then arrange for it to be exposed as such – so the accuser will forever be treated with suspicion.’

From McAlpine’s book, The New Machiavelli: The Art of Politics in Business

But since he did write it, you would then be entitled to conclude that he’s just as guilty as Laud – He’s just used a different approach.

You see, what I don’t understand is why an awful lot of people are now so keen to assume McAlpine isn’t guilty, just because he said he isn’t.

Okay, we have Steve Messham saying he was now mistaken in naming him, but that was the fishiest turnabout in the history of fishy turnabouts.

What Steve say’s just doesn’t make sense.

I mean, when he made his complaint in the early 1990’s did the police keep showing him pictures of possible sex fiends until Messham recognised one prompting the plod to tell him who the fella was:

Copper: Was it him?

Messham: Nope.

Copper: Him? 

Messham: Nope?

Copper: What about this one? Was it him?

Messham: Yep, thats the one, 100% thats him.

Copper:  Well done lad. His name is Lord Alistair McAlpine.

If so, that begs the question, why on earth would they show Steve a picture of lord McAlpine in the first place?

I mean, if I sent my daughter into a police station now and she said that she had been in a care home where she had been continually raped, would the plod show her a photo of say, Lord Sebastian Coe?

Course they wouldn’t. They would show her Photos of known sex pest’s either from the area or associated with the home.

I mean, if on the other hand Messham said he had been raped by Alistair McAlpine and the police subsequently showed him a photo of a man, whom Steve said; “Yep, that’s him, Alistair McAlpine”, surely – after asking him if he was positive at least 3 or 4 more times – they would have turned round and said “Sorry Steve, the man in the photo is Joe Bloggs, not lord Fatarse”?

There could have been no subterfuge taking place on the Policeman’s part either, because even if they were after framing McAlpine back then, Steve would have been needed to testify in court where he would obviously have said about the man in the dock; “hold up, that’s not the mush you showed me in the photo last month”.

Therefore, I repeat, why are people now so quick to assume that Lard McAlpine is innocent just because he say’s he is.

He’s not innocent, he’s as guilty as they come. And I would go further by saying the BBC are guilty of complicity in this charade. After all, who the fuck hands over £185 grand when they didn’t even name the Nonce?

It’s all a ploy to take suspicion away from a paedophile ring that if investigated properly, would bring this government and the Royal family crashing down faster than the Twin Towers.

And I will also continue to maintain that Sally Bercow is involved… She is too closely involved with the people who must know the truth, not to be.

She tells the world how much she loves her husband, Bridget the Midget, so surely she must have discussed McAlpine with him… I notice that she hasn’t answered my question yet, as to whether or not her husband is a Freemason.

As for Alan Davies (the comedian who McAlpine also threatened to sue); he’s either also involved or he has no bollocks. Personally, I think he is involved too. There are plenty of celebs involved as we all know. And no I’m not calling Alan Davies a paedophile… Just yet.

However, it is certainly suspect that the News at Ten tells us McAlwhine is suing Bercow, Davies and a host of other well known names, yet makes no mention of who these other well known names are… Is it a secret?

I watched McAlpinonce on the news the other day, and his top lip was caked with beads of sweat.

Unusual because under TV light’s you get powdered up for that kind of thing and since it wasn’t a live interview, the cameras could have been halted while a powder puff was applied – Quite appropriate choice of word’s those were, even if I do say so myself.

Now while I am no body Language expert, I have a friend who is and a celebrity body language expert at that.

This friend is no other than Robert Phipps – hark at me name dropping.


So I asked him if an extremely wet top lip was a sign of someone lying. Unfortunately, Robert hadn’t seen the interview so it was a bit hard for him to comment.

He did say however that while it isn’t on its own, it is a stress signal and can be part of lying… Now since Lord McStinkybum has been in front of the TV cameras oodles of times, why would he get stressed about being in front of them now? 

It really is time to stop all this old bollocks. Steve Messham was a long way from being the only evidence stacked up against McAlpine. And since he’s not addressing all of that other evidence, to just say “I’m Innocent” really is not good enough.

So with that in mind, do not be swayed by McAlpines protests of innocence and threats to sue. Your  knee-jerk reactions are not helping.

Likewise, do not be swayed by the Establishment controlled MSM either. They also have everything to lose should the truth come out. Source

Meanwhile, Silly [Ber]cow – no doubt by then fraught with pretend worry at the way that Noncey McAlpine wasn’t relentlessly pursuing the Twits – feigned panic and promptly announced in the press: “I don’t have money to contest a multi-millionaire. Lord McA falsely accused but not by me”.

And, with that being the case, she stated that she had decided to settle out of court.

However, the fact that she hadn’t actually named McAlpine as being a nonce meant that her decision to also roll over just didn’t add up to me.

You see, what you have to remember is that Silly also had quite a privileged upbringing and had been involved in politics, one way or another for all her entire adult life.

She is also well known for the copious amounts of alcohol that she consumes and is also a bit of an old slapper – or at least she was – having by her own admission enjoyed many a one night stand.

In other words, Silly isn’t backward at coming forward… Indeed, Silly’s antics led to major headlines in the Chimp back in February 2014.

And the following is what I wrote alongside that Chimp article:

it would seem that the old lush is back on the booze big time after being spotted out on the town, kissing some random mush.

And as you know. Silly Fat Legs, has previously shown Johnny Little Legs up more times than he care to remember, not least when she took part against his wishes in Celebrity Big Brother.

If memory serves, no cunt liked her and she was voted out first or second.

Never the less, the self confessed old slapper obviously believes that there is fuck all wrong with going on a night out, getting pissed and kissing any Tom, Dick, or Dick who doesn’t tell the pathetic cow to “fuck off”:

“I go out to have fun. But I have done nothing to be ashamed of”, Says Sal defiantly.

Well, I could point out that she ought to be ashamed of the play act that she starred in with Paedo McAlpine.

But if she is referring specifically to the night in question, I still personally see a lot to be ashamed of.

Especially when you consider that she is the House of Commons, Speakers wife.

As it is no bastard respects Little Legs.

Not that he dare complain mind… She’d just twat the little cunt if he did. Source

And by that time, Silly was back on twitter and had used the social network site to deny that she had been misbehaving.

Ms Bercow attempted to play the photographs down on her Twitter account after they emerged

But getting back to the libel case, Silly works within the world of the media and as such she should have been quite well clued up on what would constitute as being libellous and what wouldn’t.

Add to that mix her feistiness – the midget dumped her a few times for being too argumentative – as well as her penchant for taking the right fucking piss out of the taxpayer; and you too will hopefully see what I mean about her decision to roll over so easily not making sense.

However, just to clarify what I mean by saying that she has a penchant for taking the right fucking piss out of the taxpayer: Silly, Despite her thieving husband being embroiled in the parliamentary expenses scandal a few years back, still spent £45,000 of your money refurbishing the ‘grace and favour’ Speaker’s apartment located in the Palace of Westminster, which the Bercow’s have the luxury of calling home.

Silly tried to justify this £45,000 piss take by claiming that much was spent on routine maintenance such as safety and heating.

Another large chunk apparently went into the “big iron planters on the terrace in order to stop her children falling into the Thames” – wouldn’t that come under the banner of safety then?

And let’s not forget the expense of new window locks and other precautions to make the “August rooms” suitable for the under fives – fuck knows what the ‘August rooms’ are.

Course, in an attempt to justify the unjustifiable, Silly was quick to point out that the major spend on redecoration arose because their autistic son was disturbed by the heavy red décor – “It really did bother him a lot, otherwise we would not have asked for the change”.

Oh, well that’s OK then Silly.

Course, we mere mortals have to pay for all that shit ourselves… In fact, is she taking the right fucking piss or what?

I certainly have to say, that marrying Sleazy – whom I believe was at one time or another one of the seven dwarves but nowadays just stands on a chair all day shouting “Order, Order” – was certainly one of the best days work she ever did.

However, determined to drag the play act out, the next thing we knew was that Silly had changed her mind and told Belly McAlcopop to go and fuck himself and that she wouldn’t pay him a penny.

That revelation obviously spurred Handy Andy into action, who immediately filed a libel claim against Silly in the High Court for £50,000.

And that is the last we heard on the matter until the case went to the high court in April 2013. I will however, assume that her husband John did not attend the High Court with his wife, since he can’t go anywhere that is remotely high, what with him only being 2ft 3ins tall.

The case finally ended the following month and obviously there was only ever going to be one victor… At least on the face of things:

The Speaker’s wife has learned the hard way that while her husband and his fellow MPs make the law, it is the judges who interpret and apply it.

The outcome of Lord McAlpine’s libel case against Sally Bercow is likely to have provided her with an expensive lesson on the British constitution.

While it’s possible that she was represented on a no win, no fee basis by her solicitors Carter-Ruck and the two barristers who appeared for her at the high court earlier in the month, she will certainly have to pay Lord McAlpine’s legal fees unless she was fortunate enough to have obtained insurance.

We know that Bercow, above arriving at court, had made two offers of compensation that were rejected by McAlpine. So it’s clear that the undisclosed, agreed damages were higher than she had hoped.

The only issue Mr Justice Tugendhat was asked to decide was the meaning of Bercow’s tweet – which took a mere 46 keystrokes. People unfamiliar with modern social media may not have understood her question – “Why is Lord McAlpine trending?” Nor would they have known why she typed the words *innocent face* between asterisks. But, as the judge said, Twitter users would.

As Tugendhat helpfully explained, “innocent face” was to be read as a stage direction. Readers were to imagine that they could see an expression of innocence on Bercow’s face. But what did that expression mean? Continue reading

I mean, Silly couldn’t have possibly been allowed to win as that would have been totally contradictory to the agenda of scaring the public into silence.

“Yes Chris, but what the fuck has this got to do with Derek Laud apart from McAlpoop and him both being named as pond-life paedophiles by Scallywag in 1999”, I hear you say?

And the simple answer to that is “fuck all really”. Unless of course, Laudy Laudy Miss Claudy knows John Bercow.

“Okay, and does he”?

Of course he fucking does. The following is what Laud said about the Midget in an interview with the Daily Mail back in June 2011:

“Let me put my hand up and admit I once rather liked the Speaker John Bercow, or, more precisely, I felt inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt. 

But that was many years ago. I have known him for 20 years or more and we share the dubious history of having both been members of the Right-wing Conservative Monday Club”.

Twenty fucking years! Fuck me, that is way before 1999… There are no flies on me .

But that does kinda add credence to what I was saying about the Midget Speaker knowing all about McAlpine’s penchant for raping children though, doesn’t it?

After all, Johnny Bercow is a right horrible little cunt too… In fact the equally horrible Laudy-Boy lets everyone know what Johnny Little-Legs is like on his website:

I remember now just how vile some of John’s views were. He believed, more than most, in repatriating immigrants and, even as a councillor in ethnically diverse Lambeth, South London, thought that this was a palatable message to take to the doorsteps.

And we all know about the Lambeth child abuse which I believe will break into the mainstream very soon.

Watching John in action could sometimes be stomach-turning. He was on the ‘edge’ and, with fellow ‘Thatcherite guerrillas’ Marc-Henri Glendening, Doug Smith and Mark MacGregor, made speeches about supporting the UNITA movement in Angola, in tune with the American Right-wing, despite the fact it had plunged that country into civil war.

Notice Laud leaves out his work with SNI who had dealings with UNITA… Carry on Cunt:

Nearer to home, he was conducting his own ‘civil war’ for election to Lambeth Council like the invasion of Stalingrad: house by house, street by street, ward by ward. On one evening, we were campaigning and John strode up a pathway and knocked on a shining black door.

When it opened, the ‘lady of the house’ was of the same colour as her front door. John said quickly, ‘Sorry, wrong door’ and turned on his heels.

In those days, it was widely thought in the Conservative Party that you couldn’t be black and vote Tory. I was the odd man out and was an object of constant curiosity. I started feeling uncomfortable and, on my journey back home, my suspicions about John grew.

As my own mother was often heard to say: ‘There is something not quite right about the boy.’
John was odd: he wasn’t comfortable in his own skin and still to this day he gives every impression of constantly ‘acting’, almost as if he isn’t a real person.

Many were in the habit of casting aspersions about his sexuality because he never had girlfriends. I never did either, but was more inclined to the view that he wasn’t pretty enough to be gay.
He gave every sign of being just as uncomfortable in the company of women as he was with the few brave men who were openly gay. He was never friendly towards them (me included) and kept his distance.

At closed meetings of South London Conservatives, John rose to his feet and was masterful at pleasing his audience.

He harangued immigrants, routinely supported the restoration of capital punishment and, with madness in his eyes, punched his index finger in the air to reinforce his empty rhetoric.

According to the Monday Club, Nelson Mandela was a ‘criminal’ and ‘deserved’ his prison sentence.

He was and he did.

I was alone in saying the opposite and John and his cohorts told me I only felt such a thing because I was black.

I remember on one occasion trying to interject as Bercow was spouting more prejudice, but John doesn’t do listening well and barked at me to pipe down. I persisted and he went into a rage.

I left the meeting dejected, but then it dawned on me that I was one of the ‘immigrants’ about whom he was speaking. It was no wonder he felt I was not entitled to be heard.

Bercow adopted a manner older than his years and had (and still has) an ego larger than Nicholas Soames’s breakfasts.

He was not sensitive to anything, or anyone, apart from his height – 5ft 6in – and often accused people of ‘heightism’.

As if he is that tall… Fuck off witcha:

John kept the company of young men in tweed suits and bow ties. Some of them smoked pipes. The affectations didn’t end there. Bollinger champagne was their drink of choice.

During my short period as a member of the Monday Club it dramatically split between the Liberal and the authoritarian Right.

I was on the Liberal wing and always talked about the need to have a ‘balanced’ ticket. John, on the other hand, had only one belief: his way, or no way.

He was robustly in support of the apartheid regime in South Africa. Following my own visit to the country, I wrote a report for the then Foreign Secretary Geoffrey Howe and Minister for Africa Lynda Chalker, and urged cultural sanctions, for which I was called a ‘wet’ and more besides. I quit the Monday Club, as did many others at the time.

John was also chairman of the Federation of Conservative Students. This body did much good work, but mainly before Bercow took up his post. Even Norman Tebbit, as Tory Party chairman, was sufficiently troubled by John’s views and the antics of its committee that he used his powers to close it down.

There was nothing modern about Bercow in those days. And, perhaps, there is still nothing genuinely modern about him now. I decided to put it to the test and dropped him a line the other day.

I suggested that since we both share a love of tennis (he used to play regularly with David Cameron) he should host a party at the Speaker’s house for the Gay and Lesbian Tennis Alliance (GLTA).

I explained that the GLTA is a worldwide body and is well supported in the US and many European countries.

I lamented that in the UK we get no help from the Lawn Tennis Association, although it purports to be interested in diversity in the sport.

As Speaker, John lives in a grace-and-favour apartment in the Palace of Westminster with grand entertaining rooms.

I thought a reception for 200 or so members would be a symbolic way of supporting the cause of tennis and diversity in the sport too.

I crossed my fingers as I posted my letter to John. It didn’t come as a surprise that he didn’t reply in person – he is now much too grand for that.

The reply came from a functionary in his office. The clear implication was that the Speaker didn’t think our cause worthy enough. I beg to disagree. The best form of modernity is that which comes from the heart. And if you are genuinely modern, you don’t have to speak its name.

Speaker Bercow has failed the modernity test, but in my own heart, I never really thought anything else. Source

So there you have it… Nobody is what they present themselves as being in politics.

Now, you would also have thought that Laud would definitely have been a political pariah after being named in Scallywag?

Apparently not.

In 1999, Laud was appointed the first black master of foxhounds for the New Forest Hunt. After being awarded this honour, he was reported in the Telegraph Newspaper as saying: “I don’t think the hunt are conscious of the colour of my skin”.

And Laud’s hunting activity were also the subject of an anecdote told by Aldershot MP Gerald Howarth in March 2005.

Howarth, who described the odious nonce as being “as black as the ace of spades”, said that some hunt saboteurs had challenged Laud, claiming that 100 years ago, the ancestors of the other huntsman would have been hunting him. However, far from being offended, Laud had allegedly responded by saying “100 years ago my ancestors would have been eating you”.

Course, we all know that Fox Hunting is known as being the sport of Kings.

Which is quite appropriate really, since the pastime isn’t really a sport; but  is really cruel and barbaric… Or put another way; ideal for royalty.

Furthermore, with Laud being so highly thought of amongst those taking part in the sport of Kings, it is only natural that he should be friendly enough to holiday with one.

Well, he did actually holiday with the wife of a King in waiting, who as we have already seen, that King in waiting is also friends with Laud… You really couldn’t make this shit up, don’t cha know.

You see, it would appear that Laudy boy is in fact very good friends with Camilla Parker Horseface.

Course, that fact should hardly be surprising when you take into account all that we know about her Husband, Big Ears.

The Daily Mail had this to say about Laud and Camilla Parker Horseface:

Tory Big Brother contestant Derek Laud is acquainted with the Duchess of Cornwall, it has emerged.

The 40-year-old, who became the first and only black master of foxhounds in 1999, is believed to have got to know Camilla thanks to their shared love of hunting.

The pair even holidayed together in Tuscany, Italy, last year with Sir John Mortimer’s wife Penny, it was reported to the Sun newspaper.

A Clarence House spokesman said: “They may well have come across each other.” But he added: “They certainly haven’t been on holiday.”

And here’s what the Guardian had to say on the matter:

The sight of a new collection of misfits – including a highly articulate, black, gay Tory, Derek Laud, who once worked with Margaret Thatcher and has been photographed on the arm of Camilla Parker Bowles – was enough to send ITV’s Celebrity Love Island into ratings meltdown.

Course, when it comes to finding the aforementioned photo; you have no chance.

In fact photos of Laud pictured with Camilla Parker Horse Face, as well as with John Major, and David Cameron, are rarer than rocking horse shit… You can however have one of the car crash in which Big Ears tried to bump Horseface off… Allegedly.


Unsurprisingly, each time that I tried to Google the holiday photographs, the following message would flash up:

In response to a legal request submitted to Google, we have removed 4 result(s) from this page.

In fact, Google anything to do with Derek Laud and you will find that msg flash up.

“Do you get the feeling that your once high powered friends are finally distancing themselves from you Derek Old Chap”?

You fucking should do you cunt, since all references to you are fast disappearing off the internet. Even more so when it comes down to references about you and your once great mate David Cameron… Ya fucking pair of Smegheads.

The first of these references to go were those on Laud’s wiki page.

Course, luckily the internet is a big place and with a bit of digging I was able to find the vile man’s blog.

He calls it Black & Blue, which I will begrudgingly say is a good name although I would also love to see him beaten that way.

On his blog, Laud describes himself as being a Broadcaster, Author, Writer and TV Personality. Here is what he says – rather whimsically – about Cameron:

I can remember it as if it was yesterday, but in fact the year was 1996. The envelope was pristine white and the handwriting unmistakable. When I opened the invitation to David and Samantha Cameron’s wedding I was overjoyed, doubly so because I had known Sam’s family for much longer than I had known David’s. This was the wedding of the year.

I first met David Cameron in 1988. He was working in the Conservative Research Department and there he was spotted early as a rising star. I was working in the House of Commons and was not spotted for anything other than for the fact that I was black.

David and I hit it off instantly. In those days he had a good sense of humour and we shared many politically incorrect jokes of the kind that we might be sent to the ‘tower’ for today. In those days we joshed each other more often than we ever discussed anything particularly seriously. He was such fun and we had more than politics in common. We both loved the country and rural pursuits. We shared a love of good food and wine.

On one occasion in the fashionable Caprice restaurant, Jeffrey Archer passed our table, held his nose and opened his lungs and at the top of his voice said, ‘Ah, the workers: how can you afford to eat here?’ David laughed, but I told Archer to ‘sling his hook’. It turned out this was one of the essential differences between David and me, -. He was always careful to get on well with those in a position to prefer him.

Through me, David met some future cabinet Ministers and my revolving table included the likes of Michael Portillo, Francis Maude and Peter Lilley. I cued them all and told them all the same thing, ‘This is the future’, a phrase that David was to use years later and effectively against Tony Blair…

So, after reading that you have to ask yourself just why the fuck the references to Cameron have now been removed from Laud’s Wiki page? The fucking answer is obvious to me, what about you?

Or perhaps David would be so kind as to enlighten you?

Thank you David.

Course, the references have only been disappearing since the Savile saga became mainstream news. Up until then Laud had inexplicably remained as popular as ever.

It is in fact fair to say, that Laud was even popular with the general public after he appeared in the reality TV show, Big Brother in 2005.

And after he left the house, he could often be seen out and about with celebrities such as Cilla Black, the boxer Chris Eubanks and TV Gardener, Alan Titchmarsh.

Fair to say then, that 2005 – 2006 were busy years all round for Del boy. He appeared on the TV show ‘Celebrity who wants to be a millionaire’ partnering John Majors old squeeze, Edwina Currie.

He was also on the panel of Question Time as well as a guest on the Graham Norton show, to name but a few.

And lets not forget his appearance on Gordon Ramsey’s, ‘Hells Kitchen’, where he was filmed dining with his very good friends, Neil & Christine Hamilton.

In 2007, an article that appeared in the Chimp proves that Laud was still highly regarded in the world of politics. Here’s what the newspaper had to say on the matter:

 “Last year, I was asked to put my hat into the ring for the Tory nomination for London Mayor. I considered it seriously but told the then party chairman that I was more interested in national issues”.

Now, the Party Chairman in 2007 would have been Francis Maude, who unsurprisingly was also a big knob in Slaggy Thatcher’s government.

Maude also had very close ties to known paedophiles Sir Peter Robinson and Slimeball Portillo.

And wouldn’t you know it; the thieving cunt was also accused of fiddling his expenses – but predictably, let off.

You can find more nonsense involving Laud and Maude (Laud & Maude, I like that, well done me), in another article from the Sun, entitled ‘Pimp my Party’… You have to subscribe to the Sun to be able to access it though.

So quite why alarms bells were not going off in Wapping as the Sun went to print with this shit, I will never know… Then again, perhaps I do.

Now, as I said a little while ago, references to the Vile Nonce and his equally Vile Nonce Political friends, have only started disappearing off the web since mid November 2012.

Whereas to my mind, had his associates been innocent then the latest that they should have disassociated themselves from him was in the mid 1990’s when he was caught up in the ‘cash for questions’ scandal.

The fact that they didn’t do and neither did they when he was the subject of the Scallywag article in 1999, strongly suggests to me that all of those ‘friends’ of his are vile Nonces too.

It is in fact, my firm belief that Laud’s role, is very much the same as Jimmy Saviles role. I.E, he is a fixer for the elite.

Both of the sick fucks were in fact very much the same, in so much as they were both way over the top in all that they did.

Incredibly, Laud now seems to have the right fucking hump with Cameron now that the smarmy cunt of a Prime Minister has finally distanced himself from him.

Or at least that would appear to be the case judging by Lauds tweets about him.

However, what is breathtaking about the Cunt Cameron is that he has young kids of his own. Yet the arsehole is protecting child rapists and child murderers.

This is not a fucking game here. This is a serious fucking matter that needs resolving now.

Mind you, Cam & Sam were once out on the piss as a family and forgot that they had one of their kids with them and as such, left the poor girl in the pub.

Now imagine how quick the Social Services would have been on our backs if we had done that… Fucking twats, I fucking despise the scum bags I really do… In case you hadn’t noticed.

After all, child stealing by the SS is rife thanks to the nonce Blair.

And indeed, Judge Alan Goldsack – bet he’s got balls – stated in May 2013 that babies should be removed from criminal families at birth. Source

Course, the second that I read the headline to that article on the Chimps website I thought: “Finally, a judge that talks sense. I wonder when the Social Services will be nipping round to William and Kates then”!

Mind you, since the SS haven’t descended on Kensington Palace yet, I can only conclude that Will & Kate don’t have any children… Which would explain an awful fucking lot.

Anyway, returning to Lauds Twitter page. Now funnily enough, practically all references to my article for which he called me certifiable for writing about him, have been removed by the fella.

Never the less, there is still a lot to be gained from looking at his Twitter page.

I have actually, print screened some of his more ‘interesting’ Tweets at the end of this article for you to have a butchers at.

His Twitter page was also how I found out that he had fucked off to South Africa shortly after he called me “certifiable“.

Now, as usually seems to be the case when I write long articles, a coincidence of some kind or another usually happens.

And when I originally wrote Derek! Who the fuck is Derek, from which much of this article is taken, the situation was no different.

You see, what happened in that instance was that on the same day that I had discovered Laud was in South Africa, my friend, Caroline Hurry,  a travel journalist  told me that Laud was on the board of Directors of a holiday company called ‘The Roving Ambassador’, which is owned by a fella called Andrew Shapland .

Apparently, this info about Laud’s whereabouts was fairly common knowledge amongst some South African mainstream media journalists.

Anyway, after discussing the situation with her fellow SA journalists, it seems Caroline was elected to bring Laud’s vile history to Andrew Shapland’s attention. She immediately did so and  by way of return she received a prompt email in response from Andrew – who expressed his shock at the news and to his credit, he stated that he had acted immediately to have Laud’s Ass removed.

Course, to cover his own ass, Shapland had marked the email  as being ‘without prejudice’, although it appears clear by the content of the message that he was keen to disassociate his Company, Roving Ambassador as far away from Laud as possible.

And in that email, Shapland stated:

Derek is not a mainline board member rather an “advisory” body in international communications and government.

In so saying naturally no decent person or company would be associated with the “activities” contained in these articles and I find it disgusting as would all of my colleagues and associates…

… In the meantime I have requested in the best interests of all concerned the profile on our website to be suspended. That should be being actioned as we speak. If true it is deplorable and disgusting, but as yet I assume it has to be proven, in a court of law.

Now for her part, my friend Caroline is convinced that Andrew was genuinely shocked to hear about Laud’s sordid past, albeit she was a little astonished that a successful businessman like Shapland had hired a person without checking his background thoroughly… Especially when a brief google search reveals plenty about Laud.

Course, I cannot personally comment on the subject being as I didn’t speak to him. However, when I looked on the company’s Twitter page, I immediately noticed the following Tweets:

Now after a bit of investigation, it became very clear to me that the “John Brown” in question was actually Lord John Browne.

That in turn made perfect sense to me since the Lord is as perverted as Laud.

So the fact that these two perverts were ‘holidaying’ together didn’t come as any surprise to me, especially since they are both on the Board of Directors at Stanhope Capital.

And as you may already know, Browne was forced to resign from his post as the CEO at BP over his torrid affair with a Rent Boy named Jeff Chevalier – whom Browne used to take to dinner parties at Tony Blair’s house.

Blair, isn’t opposed to indulging in sex with Rent Boys himself.

The following is taken from a Daily Mail article in regard to Browne and the Male Prostitute:

The cosy dinner for Tony Blair in the summer of 2005 came amid a seemingly endless merry-go-round of dinners, lunches, soirees and parties that Mr Chevalier was summoned to by his tycoon lover, 34 years his senior.

He was flaunted before business and political contacts, diplomats and artists; there were holidays in private compounds in Barbados and opera in Salzburg and Venice (enjoyed alongside Prince and Princess Michael of Kent in their private box).

Hmmm, who do we know in Barbados?


Ahhh, yes… Carry on the Chimp:

In Venice, Mr Chevalier would find himself chinking glasses with Elton John and Jude Law…

…”We shook hands and were introduced in the drawing room. We stood there chatting in a group of four. I remember looking at Mr Blair and thinking that he hides his extra weight really well.

He also has the eyes of someone who never sleeps. He was also taller than he looked on TV and there was a slightly religious tone to the conviction with which he spoke about things.

On speaking to me, Tony would call me by name and clarify for my sake certain things which were said regarding business and politics which I might not have understood.

“When business between Tony and John got a bit more private, Anji spoke with me to allow the two to talk. He shook my hand goodbye and said that it was nice to meet me – and called me by my name again, which I appreciated.”

Mr Chevalier found himself on the Blair Christmas card list – the handwritten greeting going out ‘to John and Jeff’…

… ”Lady McAlpine, David Furnish and Elton John, US Congressmen and Senators, the heads of Corporations, Jude Law and Sienna Miller and countless other notables would approach us – or on rare occasions we would approach them – and these pool afternoons would turn into business meetings, albeit on a casual level.

“There was no enjoyment in sitting by the Cipriani pool in the company of John because of the constant intrusions.”

Travelling with Lord Browne usually meant going by private jet, as the Labour peer was not a fan of travelling on commercial airlines.

Well he wouldn’t be would he… He’s special. Carry on the Chimp:

Even when given five-star treatment by leading carriers, Lord Browne was constantly monitoring whether some other VIP was receiving greater pampering than him…

… Social contacts might be Hugh Grant and Jemima Khan one evening, Ronald Lauder of the EstÇe Lauder dynasty the next, or Michael Portillo the next.

A dinner and lunch guest was Peter Mandelson, a former Cabinet member and now a European Union Trade Commissioner. He arrived for dinner with his own long-time partner, Brazilian Reinaldo da Silva.

Mr Chevalier recalls: “There were only the four of us and I remember thinking the moment I met them what an odd couple they were. Peter was very smooth and charming, appearing to hang on John’s every word”…

…”John and I would see Michael Winner on many occasions but never speak with him,” he says.

“He was certainly loud enough. Whether in Barbados, the Cipriani or in a restaurant in London, we would often encounter the sound of his voice ruining the mood of whichever place we were in.

“While in Venice he spent a great deal of time dictating instructions and memos to his secretary on his mobile while lying like a beached whale by the pool.”

Sport was also had with Conrad Black, the former newspaper proprietor now facing trial in America for alleged financial wrongdoing, whom Mr Chevalier met at a party held by Sir Ronald Cohen, boss of Apax Partners venture capitalists, and an adviser to Gordon Brown.

Mr Chevalier says: “John and I were introduced to Conrad Black and his wife Barbara Amiel at Ronnie Cohen’s 60th in the South of France. The gossip from everyone was “why was Black here?”

Hmmm, there is some familiar names amongst that lot isn’t there?

Unsurprisingly, Browne is also very, very closely connected to the Royal Family. Equally unsurprisingly, he is also great friends with Cameron… Hmmm. Anything to say about that David?

Yes, I guessed that is what you would say.

Another extremely well connected ‘Bod’, whom according to the Roving Ambassadors Twitter page, Laudy boy was due to visit just after Christmas, was the Tory Peer Lord Glendonbrook AKA Michael Bishop (see above tweet).

And what the openly gay lord doesn’t have investments in, is not worth investing in.

In fact according to the Birmingham Post, Bishop was at number 27 on the ‘Rich List’, this time last year.

And of course, it goes without saying that our honourable PM, the Cunt Cameron was also up to some skulduggery with Bishop. At least that is according to the Daily Mirror:

Mr Cruddas’ attendance was not detailed in the list of donors’ meetings with the PM released last week. The tycoon even claimed to have served a curry to Mr Cameron’s wife, Samantha, his dinner companion during the bash in October.

Other occasions involving Mr Cruddas and the PM include a dinner in Belgrave Square, Central London, on Mr Cameron’s birthday and a meal at a house in Chelsea, West London, with 25 “big hedge fund guys”. According to Mr Cruddas, the PM also joined him at events at art dealer Ivor Braka’s plush house in Cadogan Square, in Knightsbridge, West London, a separate do at Woburn Abbey, Bedfordshire, and a “top secret” private dinner where “all the top people” were invited to thank them for five years of supporting the Tories.

Speaking to undercover reporters, Mr Cruddas said his job was “to get the donors in front of the Prime Minister”.

Mr Cruddas also said he nearly won a £1million donation from Australia-based tycoon Lord Glendonbrook. To try to seal the deal Mr Cruddas went to Sydney with a birthday card signed by the PM.

I wonder what Davey Boy has to say about that… After denying the cash for access of course.

Now, I understand that he is in a meeting with Nick Clegg at the moment, but I’m sure he won’t mind commenting. So, *Knock Knock… Dave, have you any thing to say on the matter?

Golly. Thank’s Dave, Thank’s Nick. Carry on.

After all, you’re only doing to Nick what you have been doing to us for years.

However, the truth is that it’s all well and good me making light of the situation, but this is a truly serious matter. Your kids didn’t asked to be born and by burying your heads in the sand and hoping for the best, will not change things for the better.

Grow up, wise up and stand up. You owe your kids that much at the very least.

Until the next time,

Much love,


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