Posh, Perverted Thugs


Christopher Spivey


I have written quite extensively on David Cameron’s drug taking – both Cannabis & Cocaine – but I have to admit that him fucking a pig’s head is a new one on me, as is the fact that he was a member of the ultra-kinky Piers Gaveston Society – an off-shoot of the Bullingdon Boys Club.

Course, much of what I have written about Cameron’s drug abuse – which considering the amount of them that he has consumed over a sustained period of time; ‘drug abuse’ is indeed an apt description – is documented in my two major articles on the Prime Mincer: Cameron’s Closet’ and ‘Posh Thugs, Perverted Mugs, Sex in Rubber & Class A Drugs’.

The latter – which I have republished in full below – also deals with the Piers Gaveston Society [PGS] and I have to point out that if Lord Michael Asscroft is not telling porkies about Cameron using a pigs head to have a handle-crank with as part of the initiation into the PGS, then the same must also be true about:

  • the actor, Hugh Grant
  • Gideon ‘george osborne’ Bean (allegedly)
  • Camilla Parker-Horseface’s son, Tom
  • Jacob Rothschild’s son & heir, Nathaniel
  • the now deceased, Count Gottfried von Bismarck
  • the convicted fraudster, Darius Guppy
  • Irish Stout brewer heir, Valentine Guinness,
  • the MP, Rory Stewart,
  • the TV personality, Ian Hislop

And interestingly enough, Cunt Von Bismarck – whom I deal with in detail in the article below – used to hold lavish parties of which one of them was described as being thus:

“At one, guests were greeted by a pair of severed pigs’ heads on the dinner table”. Source


PHOTO: Bismarck on his way to one of his frequent court cases.

And then there is this:

While I was an undergraduate, Nat Rothschild hosted it at one of his many properties, a set of farm outbuildings that were illuminated for the night by candles stuck in pigs’ heads. Source

And then there is that TV drama ‘Black Mirror’ written by Charlie Brooker about 4 years ago that had a fictional British Prime Mincer having to fuck a pig – a real Pig not a rough looking bird.


Now interestingly enough, I wrote about Brooker in my article “Cameron’s Closet” (linked above), and the reason that I mentioned him is because I felt that Charlie was dishing up clues about Cameron’s past in an article that he wrote in 2007:

David Cameron is an idiot. A simpering, say-anything, dough-faced, preposterous waddling idiot with a feeble, insincere voice and an irritating tendency to squat near the top of opinion polls. I don’t like him. And I’ve got a terrible feeling he’ll be prime minister one day. Brrr.

These are unthinking snap judgments, based on little more than his media profile – but since he appears to consist of little more than a media profile designed to appeal to unthinking snap judgments, that seems fair enough. On that basis, let’s stick to gut instincts, shall we?

There is nothing to him. He is like a hollow Easter egg with no bag of sweets inside. Cameron will say absolutely anything if he thinks it might get him elected. If a shock poll was published saying 99% of the British public were enthusiastic paedophiles, he would drive through the streets in an open-top bus surrounded by the Mini Pops. He’s nothing. He’s no one.

It’s notoriously tricky to find out much about his past, in the same way that Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt found it tricky to find out much about the serial killer John Doe in the movie Se7en. He’d managed to erase his entire existence, even slicing the skin off his fingers to avoid leaving prints. Ever seen a close-up of Cameron’s fingertips? Of course not. Think about it.

The apparently self-penned bio on Cameron’s website begins, “I was born in October 1966,” and then leaps straight forward to 2001, missing out the decades he spent as a guffawing, top-hatted toff in between. The infamous photo of Dave posing alongside his posho chums from the Bullingdon Club in an expensive royal blue tailcoat is one of the few clues we have. It looks like precisely the sort of photo a detective might end up studying in a murder mystery, one where a group of friends accidentally killed a prostitute during a drunken, stormy night, and collaborated on a cover-up.

I’m not saying the Bullingdon boys kill prostitutes. I’m just saying I wouldn’t be surprised. And that’s his fault, not mine. He’s gone out of his way not to mention his blue-blooded carousing, because he knows it would make the average citizen puke themselves into a coma, and one side-effect of this is that he seems shifty and suspicious.

Now, what made me come to the conclusion that Brooker was having sly digs at the future Prime Mincer was what he wrote at the beginning of Paragraph 4: “It’s notoriously tricky to find out much about his past”.

You see, according to the Abel Danger website Sam Cam’s family, the notorious Satanic Astors, blackmailed Davey boy into marrying Samantha, who had been well into the 1980’s ‘rave scene’ and was more than friendly with Class A, drug dealing, Massive Attack band member, Tricky.

But then again perhaps Charlie Brooker is just prone to coincidences in his writing.

However, I do not [entirely] believe tax avoider, Lord Asscroft’s motives – or more to the point, the MSM’s motives in pushing this story.

That is not to say that I don’t believe that Cameron had his knob in a pigs mouth… On the contrary, I’m sure that the big knob has had his small knob in many a pig’s mouth and he has certainly been at the pig’s trough for fucking years. It is the fact that the revelation is being made public that troubles me… Especially with the main protagonist’s being the Monkey-Boyz.

I mean, don’t forget that Banana Dacre’s Dunces are the ones promoting the likes of Clit Richard, Freddie Star and Jimmy Ta-Muck as being hard-done-by victims of a CSA Witch Hunt… Not to mention the fact that the shit-rag is the Tory Party’s propaganda wing.

Moreover, Asscroft appears to make Cameron out to be a good-joe in the book, a lot more than he tries to show him up.

And as such, I believe that there is an awful lot more to this story (book) than we are being told although the news could spell the end of Cameron’s political career. But then again I predicted in the new year that the evil Sniffenpissen Monster’s days were numbered to coincide with the rise of Nicola Sturgeon.

Moreover, I will tell you something else for fuck-all too. You can bet your bottom-fucking-dollar that the Metropolitan Gammon will not take the pig by the ears and pursue the fabled photographic evidence of David Gammeron taking the pig by the ears; unlike the Essex Gammon who are determined to convict me – no matter at what cost – of possessing a single beastiality photo (of which I have not seen, been arrested over or even questioned about) and a LEGAL image of a disgusting photo classed as art, taken by Nan Goldin and owned by Elton John.

Indeed, the photo has been up in a British court twice already, where it was twice ruled to be legal. Indeed the CPS even said:

“Even if the photograph was now considered to be indecent, a defendant would be able to raise a legitimate defence, given that the photograph was distributed for the purposes of display in a contemporary art gallery after having been deemed not to be indecent by the earlier investigation.

“Accordingly, I am of the opinion that the evidence is insufficient to justify proceedings for offences of possession or distribution of an indecent photograph.” Source

Course, there will be trolls far and wide now saying to themselves – no doubt with a big smile on their face and half a hard on to boot – that I must be lying because the CPS don’t even prosecute for two illegal, Cat A photos, let alone allow a jury trial in crown court for them – “there has to be more to it than that”.

Yet despite my reluctance to wipe the nice smiles of the half-witted, below contempt, arsewipes faces; there really isn’t.


It took the CID from the 31st of July 2014 and 6th of June 2015 to come up with those two images after originally charging me with 21 Legal images including the Led Zeppelin album cover – after the real child abuse images that were planted were conveniently dropped before I was charged, enabling a judge to stop me having access to the hard-drives so as I could have them independently checked.

And despite going through all of my private stuff with a fine tooth comb, that is the VERY best that they could find on two computers dating from the 11th of June 2011.

Moreover, if you were to Google the image now – called Klara & Edda Belly Dancing – you would get over 4000 depictions of the image in less than 60 seconds.

Furthermore, to show you how ridiculous the charge is, I have published the image on here twice in the last few months yet despite the MIT watching this website like hawks, they have failed to re-arrest me on both occasions.

Do I feel harassed and persecuted?


Especially since a Detective Chief Inspector Gary Biddle knew about that photo in the summer of 2013 yet took no action because the image was LEGAL – as Detective Coombes of the CID knows very well but has in his wisdom decided against the prosecution making that fact known.


And even more so after being on the court ‘warned list’ for trial which was estimated to take place on the 21st of September 2015 – The “warned list” is where you have to ring your solicitor everyday to see if your trial starts the next day.

Yet after ringing up everyday since the 18th of September I was told on the the 29th that the ‘oh so honest’ Detective Coombes was not available for court and that there was to be a “mention hearing” on the 1st of October which I didn’t need to attend.

Anyway, I’m not as daft as I look and attended that “mention hearing” on the 1st where the trial – for TWO images:ONE LEGAL, One I have never been so much as interviewed about – has now been set for… Wait for it, wait for it… The 21st of March 2016!

So why did a judge on the 27th of July 2015, set the trial for the 21st of September 2015, then stick me on the warned list for the 18th of September 2015 and have me ring up every-fucking-day?

Nothing fucking fishy going on there then!

And yet we are constantly led to believe that the plod are skint and do not have the money to investigate real crime.

Nevertheless, if the Met-Mob had any integrity at all they would indeed pursue the matter of Cameron & the Pig photo – the law is the law after all and is supposed to be applied equally – and if the clueless cunts need a tip-off they may find it beneficial to knock on the front door of the Monster-Pig-Mayor, Boris Johnson.

However, that is not to say that the story was released so as BoJo can step into his cousin’s shoes – although it is no secret that Bo the Blob wants to be the Prime Mincer.


And since we are already the laughing stock of the world, I suppose that he couldn’t make us look any dafter… Plus he appears to have all the right qualifications for the job.


I mean don’t cha go believing all that darn newspaper fanny about Dave the Rave & Bonkers Boris not getting on.

That is just total nonsense, despite the persistent rumour that Sam Cam and BoJo – a notorious philanderer – got it on… So just to clarify, it is nonsense that Dirty Dave & Bobo the clown don’t get on.

And neither do I have a Scooby-Doo on how true the Sam-Bo rumour is… You do all know about ‘that’ rumour don’t you?

Well if ya don’t, I’m told that it goes something like this:

flopCameron - candlecamcand

But it is just probably a rumour… Despite Doris-Boris up for fucking anything which ended up with him having a child by one of his birds, whilst still married to his current wife (source) – these women must be desperate is all I can say.

However, here is the thing. After I had written the Bullingdon Boys article which follows on from this article, the Chimp released a very strange article about Dave the rave’s school chums.

In fact I was going to report on the article when it came out in May of this year.

You see, like Charlie Brooker stated in his above summing up of Cameron; very little is known about Dave the Rave’s past.

And the Chimp article that I was going to write about back in May only adds to the mystery surrounding Cameron’s past:

Beneath the unruly Eighties quiff, the features are unmistakeable. Sitting in the centre of this school photograph, with a wing collar and bow-tie signifying his authority as a house captain, is none other than a 17-year-old David Cameron.

This exclusive picture — the first to show the future Prime Minister in his Eton schooldays — has come to light after the photographer chanced upon it in his archives and decided to make it public.

It shows Cameron and 45 housemates at the prime of a very gilded youth.

Once again, how very coincidental!


When the picture was taken in the summer of 1984, the miners’ strike was at its height and unemployment stood at more than 3.25 million.

But for the future PM, life was looking good. He was coming to the end of five years at Eton, where he was flourishing both socially and academically. As the accompanying picture from his first year at the school shows, his looks had changed considerably, too. Source


Hmmm, indeed his looks did change a lot, yet they didn’t from the age of seventeen onwards did they?


And when you look at the photo on your right of young Cameron in the photo above this one, you can see that he fits right in with the young fellas in the bottom row of the group photo.


And there is no real doubt that the young fella is indeed Cameron:


As indeed are others in that group photo:


Such as Cameron and number 14, Toby Ellis for instance.


Then there is Cameron and number 9, Charles ‘toppo’ Todhunter.


Not to mention Cameron and number 17 Anthony Headlam.

And neither is Cameron the only one of the group who has an identical twin in there.


I mean there is number 40, Jason Harris and number 41 WW Saunders.


Not to mention number 17 again, Anthony Headlam who is extremely like number 8, Ed Clarke.

So if Cameron and Headlam are a 100% match and Headlam and Clarke are a 79% match then Cameron and Clarke should be around the 79 % mark too shouldn’t they?


Not bad, and certainly very strange. In fact, who else have we got?


We have number 39, young Henry Savile – unfortunate surname – and number 47, young Rodolph de Salis being a perfect match.




And again we have Number 17, Anthony Headlam, a perfect match with number 18, Alex Hope – who don’t particularly look alike to me.

Perhaps it is because the photo’s are so small that they are coming up with these perfect matches, although I have blown the group photo up to 5000 mega-doodles and it is still very clear.

Moreover, not everyone is a perfect match despite the size.


Cameron and his house master for instance.

Nevertheless, let’s zoom right in on Headlam and Hope and see what happens:


Fucking weird or what? I mean we know that these monsters are interbred but fuck me, that takes the piss.

Nevertheless, with Headlam and Cameron being a 100 % match, Anthony should be a doppelganger for Dave the Rave now shouldn’t he?

Of course he fucking should… Have we got a photo of Headlam now? … Of course we fucking have.

After all, Headlamp is the Chief technology officer at Jaguar Land Rover.



Erm… Well, not what you would call a spitting image of Cameron is he?


Could be brothers I suppose.

Nevertheless, what about Headlamp & Hope. They should be doppelgangers shouldn’t they?

Of course they fucking should.

Have we got a recent photo of Alex Hope?

Of course we fucking have. After all, Sir Alexander Archibald Douglas Hope is the Managing Director and co-founder of one Britain’s largest special-effects companies and he has an OBE

Alex Hope from Double Negative pictured with graphics from the film Enemy At The Gates, & with a film editing machine.

Fuck Me! That is more like it.

But what does the computer say?


Hmmm Not bad, not bad at all.

Alex Hope from Double Negative pictured with graphics from the film Enemy At The Gates, & with a film editing machine.

Although a better match would be Headlam and Jason Harris


Who also had a 100% match in the school photo (see below).


And without dwelling on this anomaly for too long, Jamie Forbes and Brough Ransom are also a 100% match


Just like they were weren’t at school.


How bizarre! Although 72 is a very high score.

Certainly enough to convince me that something isn’t right with the article.

Nevertheless, there were In fact many people surprised by Cameron’s rise to fame.


I will leave it there but Aangirfan have more on Cameron’s mysterious childhood HERE

Now, moving on to the article “Posh Thugs, Perverted Mugs, Sex In Rubber, & Class A Drugs” which is about Etons elitist clubs like the Bullingdon Boys Diners Club and the Piers Gaveston Whatsits.

And what can I say about the Bullingdon Boys Diners Club (BBDC)?

Well, for a start, the club is an invitation only secret society,whose members are a bunch of elite, extremely rich, toffee nosed yobs who attend or attended Oxford University.

But that is vastly underplaying the description.

Participating membership appears to last around 2 years. Being a Bullingdon boy however, is a life long commitment.

Now, as I have just said, initiation into the club is by invite only.

And even then that invitation is destructive, with new members being attacked in their beds in the middle of the night followed by the total destruction of all the said, new members property… Although there is no mention of “willies” and Pigs heads.

Yet, as if that wasn’t bad enough, it seems now that new initiates have to go through a callous and cruel ceromony to be welcomed into the fold. The following is from the Daily Mirror:

New members of David Cameron’s old Bullingdon Club have to burn a £50 note in front of a beggar as part of an “initiation ceremony”, it has been claimed.

A friend of one of the exclusive club’s super-wealthy members revealed the sick prank to an Oxford student newspaper.

It was immediately condemned last night by Labour MP Ian Mearns.

He said: “This kind of thing takes us back to the loads-of-money days under the last Tory government.

“Then it wasn’t just about having cash – you had to rub it in the faces of those who didn’t. It’s distasteful and disgusting.”

The Bullingdon revelations came as figures showed a rise in those sleeping rough.

One night in autumn last year councils found 2,309 out on the streets compared to 2,181 in 2011.

The boozy Bullingdon club is infamous for trashing Oxford restaurants and its other former members include Chancellor George Osborne and London Mayor Boris Johnson.

Earlier this month a Bullingdon member is alleged to have set off fireworks in a club. Source

And make no mistake, even supposedly having grown up, these snobby cunts still like to take the right proper piss with their lavish displays of wealth and care little when people find out that they take the right proper piss.

Past members of the Bullingdon Club have included:

Edward VII
Edward VIII
Frederick IX of Denmark
Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany
Prince Paul of Yugoslavia
Rama VI, King of Siam
Michael Ancram
Timothy Beaumont, Baron Beaumont of Whitley
Gottfried von Bismarck
David Dimbleby
The Hon. Sir David Bowes-Lyon
The Rt. Hon. David Cameron
Sir Raymond Carr
Henry Chaplin, 1st Viscount Chaplin
Lord Randolph Churchill
Alan Clark, MP
George Curzon, 1st Marquess Curzon of Kedleston
David Faber, head master of Summer Fields School
Peter Fleming
George Gibbs, 1st Baron Wraxall
Jason Gissing
William Grenfell, 1st Baron Desborough
Darius Guppy
Peter Holmes à Court
Nick Hurd, MP
Boris Johnson, Mayor of London
Jo Johnson, MP
Sir Frederick Johnstone, 8th Baronet
Sir Ludovic Kennedy
Walter Long, 1st Viscount Long
Harry Mount
Serge Obolensky

Frank Pakenham, 7th Earl of Longford

John Profumo
John Rankin Rathbone, MP
Cecil Rhodes
Major-General Sir Sebastian John Lechmere Roberts, KCVO, OBE
Nathaniel Philip Rothschild
John Scott, 9th Duke of Buccleuch
Walter Montagu Douglas Scott, 8th Duke of Buccleuch
Radosław Sikorski, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland
Thomas Assheton Smith II
Charles Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer
Alexander Thynn, 7th Marquess of Bath
Prince Felix Yussupov

George Osborne MP And pin up boy Nick Green.

There are some fucking gangsters amongst that lot, I can tell you.

Now, the BBDC full uniform typically costs around £3500 and consists of tail coat, trousers and mustard coloured waistcoat.

This get up is usually worn for the Club’s annual dinner… And that’s about the only time its worn since being seen out and about wearing the poncey outfit will usually earn the wearer a right fucking good hiding.

The Bullingdon was founded in 1780, originally as a hunting and cricket club. From the beginning its name was synonymous with excessive drinking and a competitive destructiveness, and membership has always been by invitation only and known for being, for most, prohibitively expensive (costs include a bespoke set of tails, outrageously lavish dinners and a charge against expected damages).

Past ‘Bullers’ include Edward VII, Edward VIII, John Profumo and Alan Clark. The club was also satirised by Evelyn Waugh as ‘the Bollinger’ in Decline And Fall.  Source

Course, it goes without saying that the Cunt Cameron was invited to join the elite den of iniquity as was his considerably less well off cousin Boris ‘bojo’ Johnson and their feeble, weasel friend, George ‘Gideon Bean’ Osborne.

By getting elected into the ‘Buller’, Johnson pulled off another feat of social climbing and, once in, he threw himself into the ritualised drinking with gusto. Drunken destruction was a trademark of the Buller and trashing bedrooms was the standard form of initiation.

Radek Sikorski, now Poland’s Foreign Minister, recounted an extraordinary story of Johnson leading a troop of Bullers into his room in the dead of night. 

‘I was awoken from a deep sleep by a dozen men in tailcoats, who smashed up my furniture, books, hi-fi, everything,’ he said. ‘I was completely dazed. Then Boris shook my hand and said, “Congratulations, you’ve been elected!”‘ Source

And it was allegedly during their membership of the elite club that the trio developed a taste for Cocaine… A habit that in all probability, never went away.

Course, Cameron would never out rightly admit to taking the drug, but it is interesting to note that while vying to become the Tory Party Leader the other three leadership candidates, David Davis, Ken Clarke and Liam Fox all declared that they had never taken hard drugs… That doesn’t however mean to say that they are telling the truth though.

Nevertheless, despite coming under intense pressure to answer the question, Cameron resolutely declined to say either way:

During the leadership election Cameron came under pressure over alleged experience with illegal drugs (specifically, allegations of recreational use of cocaine). At a conference fringe event, when asked if he had taken drugs, he replied: “I had a normal university experience.”

Pressed on this point during the BBC programme Question Time, he insisted that everyone is allowed to “err and stray” in their past and that everyone is entitled to a private life before politics. He also pointed out that members of the governing Labour Cabinet never answer similar questions when they are put to them.

He confirmed during the leadership election that he smokes cigarettes. One notable contrast in the election was between Cameron’s background of a relatively distant connection to the aristocracy and an education at Eton and that of his rival contender David Davis, who was brought up on a council estate. Source

Even so, he certainly smoked more than cigarettes whilst at Oxford. In fact the cunt was very lucky not to have been expelled for possession of wacky baccy… I will however give him the benefit of the doubt on possession with intent to supply.

Course, whether or not Cameron was being protected – having by then already been earmarked for greater things – would only be speculation.

However, it has to be said that others were not so fortunate.

The following article about Cameron’s fondness for the reefer was originally published in the Sunday Times:

Cameron DID smoke cannabis


David Cameron narrowly avoided being expelled from Eton College when he was involved in the school’s worst-ever drugs scandal, it has been revealed.

Police were called in and seven pupils were thrown out after boys were caught dealing in and smoking cannabis.

The future Tory leader – who until now has refused to say if he took drugs – was caught after another pupil informed on him.

Cameron, who at the time was just 15, was hauled in by the headmaster, who forced him to admit he had smoked cannabis. The furious master punished him by putting him under the top public school’s equivalent of house arrest by being ‘gated’.

But this did not stop Cameron’s drug- taking, according to a book to be serialised exclusively in The Mail on Sunday next month. It says he carried on smoking cannabis when he went to Oxford.

The disclosures in the book – Cameron, The Rise Of The New Conservative – are bound to reopen the debate about drugs policies in Britain. If he wins the next General Election, Mr Cameron will be the first Prime Minister to have admitted taking drugs.

Mr Cameron repeatedly refused to answer questions during his successful Tory leadership campaign 18 months ago on whether or not he had taken drugs. Westminster was rife with rumours that he had smoked cannabis and there were claims that he had experimented with cocaine.

Mr Cameron insisted he had a right to stay quiet on the issue in spite of making a series of provocative calls to liberalise drugs laws.

He hinted he had taken drugs by saying he had had a ‘normal’ university life, but insisted his right to privacy meant there was no need to give more details.

The dramatic development will be seized on by Labour’s heir apparent Gordon Brown, who has issued a clear public statement that he has never taken drugs.

It will also provide ammunition for a hard core of Right-wing Tory enemies who will see Mr Cameron’s youthful flirtation with drugs as further proof that he is too liberal, politically and personally, to be a successful Conservative leader.

In a bizarre twist, one of the pupils who was expelled in the drugs scandal, Josh Astor, is related by marriage to Mr Cameron’s wife, Samantha – and has links with Mr Cameron himself.

Astor is the adopted son of ex-Tory MP Michael Astor, the uncle of Samantha’s stepfather Lord Astor, one of Cameron’s front-bench spokesmen.

Long after the Eton scandal, Astor went on to be imprisoned for a drugs offence. He currently has two homes, one a few streets away from the Camerons’ West London home in Notting Hill and a second in Chipping Norton in Mr Cameron’s Witney constituency in Oxfordshire.

The new book, to be published by Harper Collins on April 2, describes how Mr Cameron came within a whisker of being thrown out of Eton in a drugs scandal in 1982.

A number of pupils were found to be both using and distributing cannabis, it says. Normally, such incidents were dealt with internally by the school to avoid damaging publicity. But this was far too serious.

Headmaster Eric Anderson, who ten years earlier had taught Tony Blair at Fettes, Scotland’s equivalent of Eton, called in the police.

The scandal was reported by several national newspapers, though Cameron was never named.

The book says: “The police oversaw an investigation by the school apparently determined, at least at first, to root out all drug users. The initial culprits were called upon to reveal to whom they had sold drugs, an offence that ensured automatic expulsion.

On the first day, seven were summarily thrown out and the investigation began to snowball.”Pupils were in a state of panic as drugs-squad police searched their rooms and hauled two suspects to the police station to be interviewed.

It was reported that pupils had obtained the drugs from a dealer in Notting Hill, ironically where Mr Cameron lives today, though in those days it was far less trendy.

Parties of up to ten boys would gather in a room to listen to Bob Marley reggae records and smoke cannabis, said Press reports at the time.

Cameron was a big fan of reggae band UB40, but there is no evidence he was at the Bob Marley dope parties.

One of the pupils who was forced to leave said: “A couple of guys were going to Slough to buy the stuff. We were heavily leaned on to give names. There were a lot of people involved. They tried to accuse me of dealing in it. I told the headmaster, “If you kick me out, you’ll have to kick an awful lot of people out”.”

Staff used a ‘nice teacher, nasty teacher’ questioning technique to try to force pupils to inform on each other.

“They realised the numbers were much greater than they thought,’ said one former pupil. “They couldn’t rusticate (temporarily expel) everybody.”

Cameron’s house, JF, (named after housemaster John Faulkner) was at the centre of the scandal.

“It was on the edge of Eton with views out over the countryside and towards the railway arches, and both domains offered handy cover for illicit smoking and drinking,’ write authors Francis Elliott and James Hanning.

“From the house, it was possible on occasion to witness the surreal scene of groups of two or three teenagers in tailcoats trudging back towards the school, their purported interest in the botany of east Berkshire temporarily sated.

“Cameron’s house was just over the road from the Arts School, and the drugs purge took a disproportionate toll on those who attended it.”

Another Old Etonian expelled in the crackdown said: “It was a group of pretty naughty characters and they tended to get into trouble.”

He said the drugs clean-up was ‘like a military operation’ and rumours about which pupils informed on others still caused resentment.

Cameron had kept his head down – until one of his fellow pupils named him as being one of the drug-takers. He was summoned before headmaster Mr Anderson who asked him point blank: Had he smoked cannabis?

Cameron made a full confession, but unlike the ring leaders, avoided expulsion.

“Because he had only smoked and not sold the drugs he was not thrown out. Instead he was fined, gated (refused all leave) and given a Georgic (copying hundreds of lines of Latin).”

Mr Anderson, who refuses to talk about Cameron’s drug-taking, told the authors: “We would have said, “Let’s get the ring leaders” and if there were others involved, we would have scared them off from doing it again.”

In all, seven boys were expelled, including Josh Astor, two more were told to leave at the end of term, five were suspended and four more were ‘gated’. Cameron was in the group who were ‘gated’.

The book claims Cameron’s drugs shame at Eton was the reason he refused to talk about his experience of drugs when he stood as Tory leader in 2005.

“Fearing his offence would resurface, he chose not to answer any questions about his drugs use. It was a decision that has brought enduring innuendo about alleged cocaine use, but one that has ensured that while he may have inhaled cannabis, no “drugs lies” have left his lips,’ says the book.

If the scandal had emerged then, Mr Cameron’s Tory foes, who rightly suspected his silence was to mask the fact that he had taken drugs, would have used it to try to destroy his campaign.

Surprisingly, his headmaster’s stern lecture on the perils of drug taking did not change Cameron’s behaviour. The book refers to his ‘infrequent and moderate consumption of cannabis during his three years at Oxford’, though it adds he often turned down the offer of drugs from other students.

A decade later, the Eton incident came back to haunt him when he had another uncomfortable meeting with his former headmaster. By now, Mr Cameron was special adviser to Home Secretary Michael Howard in John Major’s government. He arrived for dinner at Mr Howard’s grace and favour home in Belgravia to find that Mr Anderson was one of the guests.

Mr Cameron squirmed with embarrassment as Mr Anderson told how ‘no boy of his year gave him more trouble’ than Cameron. Mr Cameron held his breath, fearing Mr Anderson was about to tell Mr Howard, who took a notoriously hard line on drugs, how his adviser was nearly expelled from Eton for smoking cannabis. Luckily for Mr Cameron, the discreet Mr Anderson kept his dark secret.

It was not the only awkward moment for Mr Cameron in his time with Mr Howard at the Home Office. The book describes Mr Cameron’s private doubts about Mr Howard’s crackdown on ‘rave parties’ where drug-taking was rife. Mr Cameron was concerned ‘not least because Samantha (then his girlfriend) was attending exactly the sort of dance events Howard wanted to ban’.

Mr Cameron came into contact with the world of drug-taking again when he became a spin doctor for Carlton Communications in 1997, where one of his jobs was to entertain media editors at TV industry gatherings. “Cocaine use is hardly unknown at these industry gatherings but Cameron’s chosen refreshment was lager.”

He panicked again in 2000 when he was adopted as Tory Parliamentary candidate for Witney. It came after half the Tory Shadow Cabinet caused a sensation by admitting they had taken drugs. Tory candidates were told to give honest answers and Mr Cameron was terrified that Witney Tories would ask him. Luckily for him, they did not.

Josh Astor features again in the book in another school expulsion scandal when he caused trouble for Jade Jagger, daughter of rock star Mick Jagger.

Jade was expelled from the expensive St Mary’s private school for girls in Calne, Wiltshire, where her best friend was Clare Cameron, David Cameron’s younger sister, after sneaking out of school to meet Astor.

And when Cameron invited Clare and Jade to Oxford, there was a hilarious misunderstanding after Jade told Jagger that Cameron had taken them ‘punting’ on the river.

“The following Monday, Cameron’s mother Mary received a call at home. It was Mick Jagger, not pleased. “What’s all this my daughter’s been getting up to with your son?” he demanded. “You know I don’t approve of bloodsports.” Mary explained gently that his daughter had enjoyed an entirely peaceful afternoon punting on the river.”

The book also refers to a third school drugs scandal involving Samantha Cameron’s sister, Emily, who was expelled from Marlborough, where both girls were educated, after drugs were found in her dormitory.

And it details Samantha’s friendship during her years at Bristol University with rap star Tricky (real name Adrian Thaws) and how they spent time at the Montpelier Club, which was renowned for drug-taking and violence, though Samantha avoided both.

But it is the book’s impact on Mr Cameron’s controversial political and personal stance on drugs that will provoke most interest. At various times since becoming an MP he endorsed a call for ‘shooting galleries’ for hard-core drug-users, explaining: “Anything that helps get users off the streets is worth considering.” He said the UN should consider legalising drugs and state- prescribed heroin and said the legal classification of ecstasy should be downgraded.

His leadership campaign was dominated by repeated calls for him to clarify whether he had taken cannabis and cocaine before becoming an MP.

Mr Cameron said: “I’m allowed to have had a private life before politics in which we make mistakes and we do things that we should not and we are all human and we err and stray.”

Asked directly whether he had taken Class A drugs, he said: “I have said all I want to say about this. I didn’t spend the early years of my life thinking, “I better not do anything because one day I might be a politician” because I didn’t know I was going to be a politician.”

The closest he has come to admitting taking drugs was when he was asked if he had done so at college.

“I had a normal university experience,’ he said. When the interviewer replied: “So that’s a yes, then,’ Mr Cameron added: “There were things that I did then that I don’t think that I should talk about now that I’m a politician.”

In a light-hearted anecdote, the book tells how media reports of Mr Cameron and drugs caused intense fascination in the bars and clubs of Notting Hill, which has become synonymous with his new wave of metropolitan Tories.

It says: “One West Londoner reprogrammed his mobile phone so that, when he receives a call from his cocaine dealer, he proudly shows his friends the caller ID. It reads “David Cameron”.” 

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Cannabis. It is these stuck up cunts gross hypocrisy that gets on my tits.

And you will hopefully also have notice that the above article also dredged up another  familiar name – Astor – from out of the Elite cesspit.

You see, Cameron’s wife, Sam Cam was brought up by the Satanic Astors who were heavily implicated in the Profumo Scandal of 1962… Coincidentally enough, John Profumo was also a Bullingdon boy.

Moreover, as the above article states, The Cunt Cameron was very into ‘raves’ – as was the ‘not as nice as she would have you believe’, Mrs Cameron.

Certainly, Dave the Rave’s wife does not have the nickname ‘Snowy’ because she likes to go skiing.

Tellingly, when the Toffee Nosed Dick Head took over the leadership of the Tory Party, the fact that he intended to get anything else but tough on drugs speaks volumes.

The following is from Wikipedia:

Cameron is in favour of drug law review, and its reform, believing that the current approach does not work. Cameron voted for recommendation 24 of the Home Affairs Select Committee report: ‘The Government’s Drugs Policy: Is It Working?’ (published on 9 May 2002), which recommended that “the Government initiates a discussion within the Commission on Narcotic Drugs of alternative ways — including the possibility of legalisation and regulation — to tackle the global drugs dilemma”.

He has said that drugs policy must be evidence based and acknowledges that with regards to Cannabis evidence has shifted since 2002.

Strange then, how his government returned his drug of choice Cannabis, back to a Class-B drug following the previous Labour government’s reduction in classification of the drug to Class-C.

Course, that would be nothing to do with the pharmaceutical industry applying pressure on him to do so would it? … Would it? … Yeah, course it would.

If you can’t patent it, you can’t make money from it.

Similarly, I have no doubt that when he came up with his plan to legalise drugs, the smarmy ponce had not taken into account the Billions of pounds that the governments of the US and UK were making now that they had control of the Afghan Heroin Supply.

Okay, moving on.

Chancellor Gideon Bean was without a doubt also partial to the odd toot. Whether or not he is still as partial is up for debate, although to my way of thinking, the cunt would have to be on drugs to live with the misery that he is causing.

Certainly, those he hung about with were very much into Class A’s and kinky sex. I am referring in particular to the then drug addicted William Sinclair and the multi-billionaire, Nat Rothschild.

All three appear to have enjoyed S&M sex with a dominatrix named as being Natalie Rowe.

Now, I have in the not too distant past had a very long conversation with Natalie, and she comes across as a thoroughly nice woman.

And in that long phone call, she told me certain things that I would love to tell you now, but which I had given my word to her that I would not repeat until she gave me the go ahead.

Nevertheless, in 2009, Natalie had lobbed a major spanner in the Tory Party works with her newspaper revelations about Osborne:

Dominatrix Natalie Rowe saw at first hand the desperate longing of a gauche Oxford student [George Osborne] struggling to fit in with the fabulously wealthy like university pal Nat Rothschild.

She revealed how she and the young Tory were drawn together as she supplied girls and drugs to parties for some of Oxford’s notorious Bullingdon Club drinking circle. Its members included both Osborne and his former pal Rothschild, the man now accusing the top Tory of soliciting a £50,000 donation from aluminium tycoon Oleg Deripaska.

“George was fascinated when he heard what I did for a living. He wanted to know about the clients, how much I charged, what went on. He seemed a bit more than curious about what went on.

He wanted to see the equipment-the whips, the chains, the belts.

He was particularly interested in the dog collars we put on clients and the rubber underpants they wear as submissive slaves.”

George was intrigued by all my stories and wanted to be shown how hard it would be to be hit. I told him that most of the guys tend to use the sex drug amyl nitrate.

Once George and his friends were at my flat while I was actually having a session with a paying customer.

I had the man on all fours with a collar on and beat him. I was making him bark like a dog and act like a slave. They found it quite funny.

None of them hid the fact they liked it and they weren’t embarrassed. They were turned on by it.

When they had coke they would probably divvy up a gram and a half. They’d have competitions to see who could snort the longest line and get completely wasted.” ~Dominatrix Natalie Rowe

Natalie, who styled herself as Mistress Pain and ran an escort agency called Black Beauties, met Osborne and Rothschild through her boyfriend at the time, fellow Bullingdon member William Sinclair, grandson of Winston Churchill’s wartime air minister Sir Archibald Sinclair.

It was there the pair grew close. “George was attracted to me,” she recalled. “And I actually fancied him. In the beginning it was a turn on because it was our little secret, that electricity. 

“I did kiss George. But to be honest he wasn’t that sexually experienced and he was a bit fumbly. 

“I used to think he was a little bit of a wimp but I quite liked that.” 

Remarkably, while sat in the home of a dominatrix, the 22-year-old Osborne bragged how he would one day become Prime Minister.

He was absolutely sure about what he’d be doing. And I joked that I had all the evidence on him.

Natalie was this week intrigued how, given their once close friendship, the damaging claims that today threaten Osborne’s political future actually came from financier Nat Rothschild, heir to a family baronetcy and a £500 million banking fortune. She recalled how the two students and their band of pals would head to the country for wild weekends.

The Bullingdon Club thought they were untouchable. They thought they could do what they wanted. They had money and arrogance. They thought there were no consequences, anything goes.

“I can’t believe George would want to annoy Nat. He knows so much about him. I can’t imagine why he’d want to get on the wrong side of him.

She said the group’s bad behaviour came to a head in March 1994 at the Rothschilds’ stately home, Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire.

Natalie sent three strippers.

Around six grams of cocaine were also provided for the club members to snort. As well as stripping, it was made clear that the girls’ services would extend to ‘extras’-sex with guests.

But Natalie claims the party degenerated into a humiliating experience for the girls who were abused by some braying Bullingdon boys.

The girls were made to feel like they were nothing. They climbed on to the bar or a table and started to strip and gyrate. But the guests were mauling them and jeering. It was horrendous. The guys were trying to touch them and shouting abuse, throwing champagne and spitting.” Source

Course, there is nothing in the above to suggest that Bean took part in this verbal abuse, much of which was racially motivated.

On the contrary in fact, as Rowe is keen to point out in the following passage taken from the Abel Danger website.

However, there is much in the passage to suggest that Bean, is a lily livered coward:

Osborne was offended when some members of the Oxford group would hurl racial slurs at Natalie. But she says that he was still so desperate to fit in that he didn’t have the courage to stop them.

“There was one occasion they were taking the mickey out of me at a party. They were making monkey noises and saying abusive things. They even used the word nigger. George was there and I was hurt that he didn’t say anything.”

“But he’d put his arms round me and comfort me and I did feel a connection. He didn’t stand up to the others, though. He didn’t want to upset them.” Despite that, Natalie insists she was still very fond of Osborne who she considered the nicest of the group of friends. 

And that just about sums up Osborne to a tee: A scared little man, trying to be the big I am and in doing so, just ending up looking like a pathetic joke of a character… What a cunt.

The sourced linked saga then continues to unfold on the Abel Danger website thus:

Two of her former clients are in Tory leader David Cameron’s top team today, while the other two are former Tory ministers—one was in the Cabinet. Her £1million memoirs—already snapped up by a major publisher— threaten to send shockwaves through David Cameron’s party ahead of next year’s general election…

… Natalie found herself unwillingly at the centre of the emails scandal last week when she was identified by Gordon Brown’s spin chief Damian McBride in a dirty tricks campaign.

McBride is believed to have pointed to the existence of a tape-recorded conversation between Natalie and a close friend of Osborne’s in which the friend claims Osborne slept with her and took cocaine.

In another smear, the emails also said that an ex-girlfriend of Osborne’s has photos of him in a bra, knickers and suspenders.

The Sunday Mirror has decided to withhold the names of the four perverted Tories—although Miss Whiplash will show no such mercy.

“This book will be the opposite of Belle du Jour—the real story of my life as a dominatrix. It’s not dressed up or sanitised—just the gritty truth involving some very powerful men.

And I would like nothing more than for one of them to sue me so I can stand up and face them in court.” SOURCE

Obviously, looking at the bondage loving, limp wristed, pasty faced, creep, it is hard to imagine him trussed up like a Turkey isn’t it… Not.

Course, in order to keep the worst details of his squalid sex life out of the papers, Gideon struck a deal with Andy Coulson which involved the former newspaper hack going to work for the Cunt Cameron as his director of communications.

And, despite it being an open secret that Rupert Murdoch pulls Cameron’s strings, many people still believed the Prime Minister when he professed to having no idea that Coulson was a crook… Course he fucking knew.

It does in fact, say much about just how down trodden we have become as a nation when we accept that our politicians are bent and the likes of Coulson – who having been found guilty of playing a part in the phone hacking scandal was sentenced to 18 months in prison yet was released after serving less than 5 months – are given high flying jobs in our government departments without so much as a whimper from the public:

Shamed former News of the World editor Andy Coulson was spotted leaving his home early this morning following his early release from jail yesterday.

The ex-Tory communications chief was let out of Hollesley Bay, an open prison in Suffolk, less than five months into an 18-month prison sentence for phone hacking.

He was seen driving his car bright and early this morning as he left his home in Kent, wearing a black coat and blue T-shirt. Source

Coulson was seen walking his dog later this morning as he carried a stack of the national morning papers

So, Coulson was jailed for his part in the News of the World phone hacking scandal yet he only served a quarter of his prison sentence whereas every other bastard has to serve half… Roger that.

After his release Coulson was of course meant to be facing further criminal charges… But those charges have since been – predictably – dropped.

Mind you he did four and a half months more prison time that Cameron’s flame haired, former bit on the side, Ginger Brooksy did – who was obviously found not guilty… And to think that they say that crime doesn’t pay.

Our justice system truly is a fucking joke.

Yet this is just one more example in a long line of examples of Ex-Bullingdon boys helping each other out – rather like the Freemasons do – and a perfect example to reinforce what I said at the beginning of this piece, namely; being a Bullingdon boy is a lifelong commitment.

Certainly, Cameron appears keen to have his ‘Buller’ boys surround him. The deplorable Michael Gove MP is also an ex-member, as are Damian Green (Oxford not BBDC), Dominic Grieve and Boris Johnson’s brother Jo who has recently been welcomed into the Conservative Party fold:

Jo Johnson has been appointed as head of a Conservative policy unit, by David Cameron. It is another example of jobs for members of the old boy network, the Bullingdon Club. Source

And this from the Daily Mail:

Mr Cameron shocked Westminster last week by appointing 41-year-old Jo as head of his policy unit.

The promotion prompted headlines about Jo becoming the ‘first Johnson into No 10’, with profile writers noting that although both men attended Eton and Oxford, only Jo – the more ‘sensible’ of the two – won a first-class degree.

But according  to a 1992 edition of the student newspaper Cherwell, Jo had more of a buccaneering image at the time.

In a piece written to mark Jo’s appointment as editor of Isis, a rival publication, Cherwell described Jo as a ‘Nat-ite’, a reference to his friendship with banker Nat Rothschild: Jo was famously pictured with Rothschild and George Osborne in a 1993 Bullingdon Club photograph unearthed by The Mail on Sunday.

A newspaper called ISIS – Roger that.

The Cherwell article, written at the start of Jo’s second year as a Balliol history student, describes him as a ‘Rothschild crony’. Source

Oh and look! Its that name Rothschild again.

Meantime, it transpires that Damien Green, now the Home Office minister responsible for overseeing the police and Attorney General, Dominic Grieve were in fact old adversaries whilst at Oxford.

Things came to a head when Grieve and five of his Bullingdon cronies tipped Green head first over a bridge before dropping him twelve foot into one and a half feet of water… Like normal, sane people do. Source 

Damian Green was of course, also the Minister who was sensationally arrested and had his Commons Office searched by Police in 2008:

The arrest and search of Green’s House of Commons office provoked uproar. David Cameron, then leader of the opposition, condemned it, as did London mayor Boris Johnson, who is now in control of setting the Yard’s budget and strategic priorities, as well as having the power to fire the commissioner. Source

See, straight away its Bullingdon Boys Cameron and Johnson to the rescue.

And rescue they did.

You see, according to Britain’s former top counter-terrorism officer, Robert Quick:

his senior Scotland Yard colleagues buckled under Conservative party pressure and withdrew their support for an investigation of a Tory frontbench spokesman who had received leaks which allegedly endangered national security. Source – As above.

Neither would it be fair to leave Sebastian James out of the mix… Sebastian, how very la-di-da:

A schoolmate of David Cameron – and fellow ex-member of the Bullingdon dining club – has been picked for a Whitehall job reviewing state school spending.

Sebastian James, 44, who was at Eton with the Prime Minister, will examine how schools spend money on facilities.

Schools Secretary Michael Gove announced the appointment yesterday. Mr James will be joined by other leading figures from academia and business.

Mr Gove said the capital review team will ‘look at every departmental capital spending to ensure we can drive down costs, get buildings more quickly and have a higher proportion of money going direct to the frontline’.

Downing Street insisted the Prime Minister had no hand in inviting his old school friend to the Whitehall role.

After Eton, Mr James went to Magdalen College, Oxford, where he was invited to join the notorious ‘Buller’, as it is known. He appears alongside Mr Cameron and Boris Johnson in a photo of the club’s members in 1987. Source

And yet, no matter how hard the Cunt Cameron attempts to publicly disassociate himself from his Hooray Henry school days, he does like to keep in with the lads.

This from the Daily Mirror:

Revealed: Toxic bank Goldman Sachs’ web of global pals

The investment bank was rocked by the scathing resignation letter of executive Greg Smith, who accused colleagues of revelling in ripping off clients

The toxic investment bank was this week rocked by the scathing resignation letter of executive Greg Smith, published in the New York Times, who accused colleagues of revelling in ripping off clients they deride as “Muppets”.

It wiped more than $2billion – almost £1.3billion – off the Wall Street giant’s share value yesterday.

But that didn’t stop David Cameron lunching with Goldman’s chief executive and chairman Lloyd Blankfein at a gathering of billionaire financiers and bank chiefs in New York yesterday.

Former Goldman partner Sebastian Gregg is a confidant of the Prime Minister – they have known each other since their Eton schooldays and joined Oxford University’s infamous Bullingdon Club together. Read More

Muppets indeed.

As for Nat Rothschild! Well, he was one of those who also belonged to the BBDC offshoot, the exclusive and elusive, Piers Gaveston Society (PGS).

The PGS is akin to the kinky wing of the BBDC and is notorious for holding weekend long orgies.

The clubs members are particularly associated with having a fetish for Rubber, whips and chains… Which all adds credence to Natalie Rowe’s claims.

Not that I disbelieved her in the first place.

The following is from Wikipedia:

The Piers Gaveston Society is a secret dining club at the University of Oxford with membership limited to 12 undergraduates. It is named in honour of Piers Gaveston, favourite and supposed lover of King Edward II of England. 

Its members have a reputation for indulging in bizarre entertainments and sexual excess. 

Traditionally, the society organises secret bacchanalian parties for hundreds of friends, who are whisked away to secret locations (usually grand country mansions) to enjoy a night of Bollinger champagne, beluga caviar, multitudinous illegal drugs, and public copulation. Words most often associated with this society are “decadence” and “debauchery”. 

Piers Gaveston Society, “noted for its predilection for rubber wear and whips, .”

And there you have another member of the Royal Ponces being labelled as a philandering, promiscuous bisexual… But keep waving your little plastic flags at the [non too] respectable nonce ponces.

It is after all, the English way.

Now, given what we know about Gideon’s close friendship with Nathaniel Rothschild, along with Natalie Rowe’s revelations, you would have to be a mushroom to believe that our far from honest Chancellor never attended these orgies.

Interestingly enough, in September 2011, Natalie Rowe was told by police that she was targeted by Glenn Mulcaire, later convicted for phone hacking while being paid by News International, owner of the News of the World… Or put another way, Rupert Murdoch.

You will notice as you continue to read that Rupert Murdoch’s name also crops up time and time again.

Now, at one time, Gideon – obviously suffering from delusions of grandeur – began to get above himself where Nat Rothschild was concerned.

This led to  Bean and Rothschild having a major falling out which was well documented in the MSM – although no doubt many details were omitted.

Bean – having become overly cock sure of his own importance – began to let his mouth run away with its self after seemingly forgetting that Rothschild and the other seriously rich dickheads in the the BBDC , had at one time in the past christened the Chancellor of the Exchequer, ‘Oik’.

The nickname had been born out of the fact that the Osborne family – although millionaires – were considerably poorer than most of the other families Bean’s ‘friends’ were from.

Therefore, instead of being overly cock-sure of himself, he should have had the sense to realise that he was in reality just a cock and thought back to the days of 1993 when his bum chums used to turn him upside down and bang his head on the concrete until the hugely humiliated twat would shout out his shameful nickname; “Oik”.

The fallout between the pair finally came about in October 2008 after Bean – the then Shadow Chancellor – was alleged to be the person behind a Peter Mandelson smear campaign.

Once again, Bean had fucked up by under-estimating  how valuable an asset the vile paedophile Mandelson was to the Rothschild’s dynasty and as such Bean’s betrayal was taken as a personal attack on the family by his once great pal Nat Rothschild… A big mistake to make on behalf of the pathetic cunt Osborne.

Rothschild, in retaliation to Beans smear campaign aimed at Mandelson, wrote to the Times newspaper revealing that Osborne had tried to secure a massive donation from Oleg Deripaska – a billionaire Russian Gangster businessman – whilst enjoying Rothschild’s hospitality.

According to Wikipedia:

Oleg Vladimirovich Deripaska (born 2 January 1968) is the Russian Chief executive officer of Basic Element company and a member of the Board of Directors and CEO of United Company RUSAL, a Russian aluminium industry company.

Deripaska owns a London home in Belgrave Square, which was originally the town residence of the Dukes of Bedford; lives in Moscow.

Deripaska’s estimated fortune was $28 billion in 2008, according to the Forbes wealthiest list, making him the ninth richest man in the world.

In 2009, Deripaska’s ranking fell to a ranking of #164, with Forbes stating: “he may not withstand collapsing markets and heavy debts”.

However, in 2010 his fortune allowed him to rise to #57 of the World’s Billionaires list with an estimated $10.7 billion

In July 2006, whilst Deripaska was involved in a bid to buy the Daimler Chrysler Group, it was reported that the United States cancelled his entry visa; the unnamed official declined to give a reason for the revoking of the visa.

The Wall Street Journal reported that it could have been because Deripaska has been accused of having links to organized crime in Russia and cited as their sources two unnamed U.S. law enforcement officials.

Rothschild’s retaliatory action did in fact very nearly cost the smug cunt Bean his career.

The following is from the Daily Mail:

The shadow chancellor is fighting for his political life amid claims that he approached Oleg Deripaska for an illegal £50,000 donation.

Mr Osborne has issued a detailed account of his holiday dealings with Mr Deripaska in Corfu and denied that either he or party fundraiser Andrew Feldman had ‘solicited’ a gift. Source

Nat Rothschild’s new best friend is now the Russian billionaire ‘businessman’ Roman Abramovich, The current owner of Chelsea FC.

Now, for those who don’t know, the depraved Mandelson – twice drummed out of politics for wrong doing – was the real power behind ‘New Labour’.

Cherie Blair, was in fact said to hate Mandelson because of the way that he dominated her psychopathic, bisexual husband Tony.

Both Gordon Brown and Bizzy Lizzie are also infatuated with the Hamster up the bottom loving Mandelson. The man is the vilest of the vile who is alleged to have been at the helm of an international paedophile ring.

Once again, quite why the Old Bill are not investigating Brown, Blair, Bizzy & Bum Boy is a complete mystery to me and a huge travesty of justice.

At the time of this meeting, between Bean and the gangster, Mandelson – staying at the Rothschild’s luxury home on Corfu – was meant to be running the country, whilst the then Prime Minister Deadeye Brown was on holiday… Figure that one out.

This led to the Daily Mail reporting on the sorry state of affairs. However, despite the Mails [not so] meticulously kept archives, the aforementioned article has since gone ‘walkabouts’… Surprise, surprise.

Fortunately, you can still read it by clicking   HERE.

The article stated:

The Business Secretary took over the reins of power from Harriet Harman – but refused to cut short his holiday with the rich and famous on the Greek island.

He chose to oversee Whitehall business from 1,300 miles away, armed with little more than an official BlackBerry, his own mobile phone and a pair of swimming goggles.

Lord Mandelson is a guest of financier Nat Rothschild at his 30-acre estate on the north-east tip of Corfu. It is a repeat of his notorious visit 12 months ago, before his controversial return to the Cabinet.

Also there was Shadow Chancellor George Osborne, and the two men met controversial Russian businessman Oleg Deripaska. Mr Osborne later claimed that Lord Mandelson, then plain Mr and an EU Commissioner, had ‘poured pure poison’ into his ear about Gordon Brown.

But, within days, Labour’s original spinner had turned the tables with the help of Mr Rothschild, who revealed that Mr Osborne had tried to solicit a donation to the Tory Party from foreign-born Mr Deripaska, which would be banned under British election law.

Lord Mandelson spent much of yesterday soaking up the sun. But at 8.30pm he was down on the waterfront to meet Hollywood magnate David Geffen and other guests arriving by launch from Mr Geffen’s 452-foot super-yacht Rising Sun.

Lord Mandelson greeted the flamboyant music billionaire with a hug before the group walked through an olive grove for dinner at the Rothschild estate.

Mr Geffen shares the Rising Sun with software magnate Larry Ellison, the head of Oracle, who was entertaining Tony Blair on the same vessel off Sardinia just two weeks ago.

Downing Street went into a tailspin yesterday after it became clear that not one leading minister was in London to take charge in the event of a terrorist attack or other emergency such as a surge of swine flu. The Mail has established that the Olympics Minister Tessa Jowell – ranked a lowly 16th out of 23 in Mr Brown’s Cabinet – was the most senior member actually at her desk. 

And like I say, Mandelson is without a doubt, one of the most evil, perverted, obnoxious cunts to walk this planet, who had rejoined the government after being made a life peer by Bizzy Lizzy – taking his seat in the House of Lords on 13 October 2008… You can draw whatever inference you like from that little titbit.

October 2008, is also the same month and year that Nat Rothschild went to war with Mr Bean over the Mincer Mandelson… Just saying.

But, I’m straying off topic… As per usual.

Another member of both the Bullingdon Boys & the Piers Gaveston Society was Count Gottfried von Bismarck.

Now, if you read my article about the Osea Island where the A-listers meet for orgies, you will remember that I pointed out that Leoni Frieda – wife of Osea Island’s owner Nigel – was a friend of Von Bismarck’s:

Nigel Frieda who in the past has been mentor to giants such as ‘The Rolling Stones’,  is the brains behind the all female pop group, The Sugerbabes and the brother of Hair product tycoon John Frieda – the ex husband of singer LuLu.

Nigel Frieda is in turn, the ex husband of Swedish born ex model and junkie Leonie Frieda

Leoni was friends with the ex Bullingdon boy paedophile, Gottfried Von Bismarck.

Bismarck too was apparently hopelessly addicted to cocaine… There is a pattern forming here isn’t there?

Mind you, he was also addicted to Heroin and kinky sex.

“There is still a pattern forming here Spiv”.

True, Voice of Reason, very, very true.

Now Skidmark Bismark attended school in Germany and Switzerland and had a brief internship at the New York Stock Exchange before enrolling at Christ Church, Oxford University, where he studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) earning a third class honours degree.

Moreover, according to Wikipedia:

He was a member of the exclusive Piers Gaveston Society, “noted for its predilection for rubber wear and whips, which he embellished with his androgynous apparel and lipstick” as well as the prohibitively expensive Bullingdon Club, known for its members’ wealth and destructive binges.

Confessing that he did not enjoy the typical social life in Oxford, he and his friends would escape to the more wild, fashionable parties in London on the weekends or whenever possible. He reportedly drank heavily at night and took amphetamines by day to concentrate on his studies.

And, just like the performing clown Boris Johnson, Bismarck was also a good friend of the fraudster Darius Guppy.

Unsurprisingly Guppy was also a member of  The Piers Gaveston Society.

Now, as you probably already know, about twenty years ago Boris Johnson agreed to provide the address and phone number of a fleet street Journalist who had written a disapproving article on Guppy. The purpose of this was so as Guppy could give the fella a right good fucking pasting.

The following from Craig Murray’s website includes a transcript of that conversation:

A week ago today Boris Johnson held a meeting on how to tackle youth violence. But here is a tape from Tim Ireland of Boris Johnson engaged in a conversation with Darius Guppy about having someone beaten up. While Johnson is not the one urging the beating, he does not protest against the idea that someone be given “two black eyes and a cracked rib”, and appears more worried about possible political fallout or attachment to him.

There is a reference to someone “going through the files”.

I don’t know the context of this conversation. And it was not Boris who initiated the discussion.

It is also fair to say he sounds uncomfortable about the violence. But his failure to tell Guppy not to commit the violence is difficult to excuse.

Here is a transcript from Tim Ireland:

Guppy: Boris, have you got this number?

Johnson: [inaudible] look, there is a guy at the moment, going through…

Guppy: You’re brilliant.

Johnson: … files at home

Guppy: Fantastic. But I am telling you something, Boris. This guy has got my blood up, alright? And there is nothing which I won’t do to get my revenge. It’s as simple as that.

Johnson: How badly are you going to hurt this guy?

Guppy: Not badly at all.

Johnson: I really, I want to know …

Guppy: Look, let me explain to you…

Johnson: If this guy [see/sues?] me I will be fucking furious.

Guppy: I guarantee you he will not be seriously hurt.

Johnson: How badly will he …

Guppy, interrupting: He will not have a broken limb or broken arm, he will not be put into intensive care or anything like that. He will probably get a couple of black eyes and a … a cracked rib or something.

Johnson: Cracked rib?

Guppy: Nothing which you didn’t suffer at rugby, OK? But he’ll get scared and that’s what I want … I want him to get scared, I want him to have no idea who’s behind it, OK?

Johnson: If I get trouble, if I get…

Guppy: You will not, Boris. I swear to you. If you…

Johnson: [unaudible bluster]… I got this bloody number for you. OK, Darrie. I said I’d do it. I’ll do it. Don’t worry.

Guppy: Boris, I mean it; I really love you.

More details from this same conversation are available here, including this nugget not included in the published audio:

Guppy: But Boris there’s absolutely no ******* proof: you just deny it. I mean, there’s no proof at all.

Johnson: Well yeah…

Guppy: I mean, you know, big deal. You’re sitting in Brussels and the day it happens you’re in Brussels, it’s as simple as that.

By now you may have noticed that Boris Johnson’s primary concern is that his role in this planned assault will be discovered. Also, just in case there is any doubt about the nature of the information he promises Guppy, here is a fuller transcript of the tail end of the conversation, where he promises to deliver both the phone number and address of the man Darius Guppy plans to have beaten in a revenge attack:

Guppy: Well do it discreetly. I … if it’s in any way going to look suspicious. That’s all I require – just the address: the address and the phone number … all right? Now I guarantee you, you have nothing to worry about. [Slowly, emphatically] Believe me. All right? You have my personal guarantee. I’ve never let you down, all right?

Johnson: OK Darrie, I said I’ll do it and I’ll do it. Don’t worry.

Guppy: Boris, I really mean it, I love you and I will owe you this, all right? And I’m a man who keeps my word.

Guppy was a Bullingdon Club member along with not only Johnson, but also Osborne and Cameron. I do hope you call and listen, and do hope it comes as a wake up call to those who believe the carefully crafted “compassionate conservative” propaganda. Source

Course, far from being a one off for the spoilt prat Guppy, twenty years on from that phone call he is still fond of attacking journalists:

A convicted fraudster and old friend of the Mayor of London has boasted how he flew 6,000 miles to London to assault a journalist who insulted his wife.

Darius Guppy, 49, who has known Boris Johnson since they were students together at Eton and then Oxford, was so enraged by a newspaper article about him that he believed ‘humiliated’ his wife, Sunderland-born Patricia, he flew from his home in Cape Town to exact revenge.

Notoriously vengeful Guppy, who served time in prison for faking a jewel heist, tracked the journalist down to his home, lay in wait for him and then knocked him to the ground as he left the house before tipping a sack of horse manure over him.

In a recent BBC interview with Eddie Mair, the London mayor denied tracking down a tabloid journalist 20 years ago whom Guppy wanted beaten up over probings into him for an article.

The affair that the journalist, Stuart Collier, was looking into was the fraud that resulted – eventually – in Guppy going to jail.

Angry with insurers Lloyd’s of London after his father lost his home and money in the 1990s financial crisis, Guppy and his fellow Oxford graduate Ben Marsh hired a stooge to tie them up in their room at the Halloran House Hotel in New York and shoot a mattress.

When police arrived they convinced them they had been the subject of a jewel heist – Guppy ‘sobbing like a baby’ for effect.

Lloyd’s paid up for the ‘stolen’ jewels within weeks, but the stooge, Peter Risdon, was angry at the small sum he had been paid for his part in the fraud.  Collier started looking into the incident, and Guppy got wind of it.

Risdon recorded a conversation between Guppy and Boris Johnson in which they discussed finding the journalist and Guppy said: ‘There is nothing I won’t do to get my revenge’.

In 1993 Guppy was jailed for five years and ordered to pay a £533,000 fine.  Guppy said he had no money and declared himself bankrupt, and was ordered to stay in jail until the fine was paid.

But a mystery benefactor lent him £165,000 to get him out jail – a man many suspected was his old friend Charles Spencer.  Guppy was freed in 1996 and moved first to Ireland and then to South Africa.

Guppy still lives in South Africa with his wife, with whom he has three children, but has fallen out with his old friend Charles Spencer over unfounded suggestions the latter had tried to seduce his wife. Source

Well, I suppose that is how Guppy earned himself the nickname of the High Society Psycho.

And there was me thinking that a Guppy was a small flat fish… Which is indeed named after the Guppy family.

Course, he lived up to his reputation – of being a psycho, not a small flat fish – when he knocked the shit out of his former best friend Charlie Spencer AKA Princess Diana’s brother AKA Little Willie and Harry Hewitt’s uncle:

A decade after Guppy’s release (from prison), his wife apparently told him Spencer had tried in vain to seduce her a number of times at Althorp. Guppy was understandably enraged. His ‘Homeric code of honour, loyalty and revenge’, as Johnson once described it, came to the fore. 

Furious calls between the Guppy and Spencer took place during which the Earl denied any impropriety. But when he was persuaded to visit Guppy’s home in Cape Town in May 2006, Guppy is said to have had his revenge. 

In an extraordinary tussle on the front lawn, Guppy apparently administered a savage beating. Spencer was left with a fractured cheekbone, black eyes and concussion. 

Today, Guppy and his family  –  there are two sons as well as their daughter  –  remain in South Africa, though with little visible means of support for their very comfortable lifestyle. 

Guppy has not taken residency or citizenship. He moves in and out of the country on a tourist visa, with their villa in landscaped grounds in the smart residential suburb of Constantia placed legally in his wife’s name. 

Guppy is unchanged and unrepentant. According to sources in Cape Town, Guppy has told a close friend: ‘All journalists without exception should be shot. My only regret is that the journalist once again in the spotlight (Collier) did not end up in hospital. He might still land up there for smearing my name.’ Source

Ere! You don’t think Guppy will want to come and bash me do you?

In case he does, he best E-mail me and I will send him my address… Save him troubling BoJo. I’m nice like that.

As a footnote to this murky business, Spencer’s second wife was Caroline Freud nee Hutton, the ex wife of Matthew Freud. Matthew Freud is the son of Clement Freud and the Great grandson of mind control pioneer Sigmund Freud.

He has business interests with the Prized Prat Piers Morgan which saw the pair  acquired ownership of the Press Gazette, a media trade publication, and its ‘cash cow’ the British Press Awards, in a deal worth £1million.

According to Wikipedia: Many major newspapers boycotted the event citing an apparent conflict of interest as one of the reasons

Freud is also the nephew of the paedophile Lucian Freud and is brother to Emma Freud who is married to Richard Curtis.

Curtis wrote the screenplay for the box office hit ‘Four weddings and a funeral’, the first of several films he wrote the screenplays for which featured Hugh Grant – the relevance of which is obvious.

Interestingly enough, in 2010 Hugh Grant called Matthew “a cunt” whilst they were at a party, prompting the 4ft 6 inch tall Freud to respond; “tonight Matthew is going to be Darius Guppy” before engaging in fisticuffs with the floppy haired actor.

The following is from the Daily Mirror:

Trouble flared when Grant, 49, got into a row with pint-sized Freud, 46, over the lavish dinner at naff Berkeley Square nightclub Annabel’s.

Touchy Hugh dropped the c-word when he spied Freud lurking in the shadows prompting the PR man to reach for the first available weapon – a giant chocolate cake.

Grabbing a handful he lurched over to the notoriously ill-humoured Grant (so would you be if you’d made Did You Hear About The Morgans?) and smeared a slab of molten chocolate down his pristine shirt front.

Grant, watched by ex-girlfriend Liz Hurley and billionaire Sir Philip Green, glowered and stamped his foot before unleashing an impressive right hook that clipped Freud on the right cheekbone.

In the melee that followed, a very ­drinkable Chateauneuf du Pape was thrown – drenching ageing nightclub impressario Johnny Gold and prompting hoots of laughter from other guests who included Sir Michael Caine.

Our two heroes then skittered around the floor in full handbags at dawn mode before Freud staggered off into the night.

“There’s no love lost between these two,” said another guest. “But Hugh started it by being so ungracious.

“That said, they both looked very funny playing the tough guy. Neither is all that convincing.” The PR man – nursing a hefty hangover at Cheltenham yesterday – told pals: “I saw a lot of white shirt and before I could stop myself it was all brown. I’m a pacifist, I only throw cakes. Grant’s a scrapper. There were no heroes.” Source

Matthew is of course married to Elisabeth Murdoch, the daughter of Zionist, Rupert Murdoch – who, as I said earlier, reportedly pulls the Cunt Cameron’s strings.

In a 2011 Telegraph article, the journalist Matthew Norman pondered on the question as to how his old classmate Freud had gone from being:

Such an unpromising boy, cunning rather than bright, grow into the powerhouse who hosted that last days of Pompeii bash at his and wife Elisabeth’s Cotswolds mansion, while clad in leather trousers, the weekend before the Milly Dowler story broke?

David Cameron had the wit to steer clear, though he and Sam were soirée regulars in the rose-tinted past. But Michael Gove and Steve Hilton were there as the PM’s archangels on earth, while representing New Labour In Exile were Peter Mandelson and David Miliband. Also present, of course, were Rebekah Brooks and the mid-Atlantic speak-your-weight machine James Murdoch. Source

Have you noticed how the same names continually crop up.

Incidentally, Steve Hilton, whose wife had an affair with Mrs Cameron’s step father was also reportedly a Bullingdon boy.

Hardly surprising then that Matt the Twat lists several Cuntservative MP’s amongst his friends, notably Gideon Bean… And as previously stated, the Cunt Cameron.

With this being the case, you won’t be surprised to learn that Freud was expelled from school after being arrested for possession of cannabis and cocaine.

I feel sure that at one time or other, Freud’s great pal, Cameron must have trotted out the old adage; ‘there but for the grace of God, go I’ , having narrowly escaped being expelled from Eton after being caught with a stockpile of Cannabis.

Philip Green (pictured with Matt Freud on the night of the big fight)) is of course a good friend and supporter of the Cunt Camerons.

The Zionist billionaire, with an eye for the young ladies has been criticised in the past for treating his employees like shit.

Green is in fact, not the kind of fella that you would trust to play a game of Ludo fairly, let alone anything else.

I suppose then, that would be why Cameron put him in charge of leading a review into government spending.

Mind you, after slating the comedian Jimmy Carr for tax avoidance, I’ll bet Dave the Rave wished to fuck that he had kept his gob shut.

The following is from the electricgraffiti website:

Ironically, David Cameron’s father was involved in tax-avoidance schemes; some of that money finding its way into the Prime Minister’s own inheritance piggy bank.

George Robinson, conservative donor of more than £250,000 has been revealed as part of the same scheme as Carr.

And Philip Green, conservative party donor, former advisor to the government and general rich-bastard has also been accused of dodging millions in corporate tax.  

But when asked whether Philip Green was also ‘morally repugnant’ Cameron was forced to paradoxically state:

“I am not getting into an individual’s tax affairs on air”


PHOTO: Ian Cameron

Right, back to  Count Gottfried Von Bismark… Cameron’s fellow member of the Bullingdon Boys Diners Club.

Born in Uccle, Belgium, Gottfried von Bismarck-Schönhausen was the second son of Ferdinand, Prince of Bismarck and grandson of Otto, Prince of Bismarck, a diplomat at Germany’s embassy to the UK in London until a feud with Third Reich foreign minister Joachim von Ribbentrop. He was the great-great-grandson of German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck.

Bismarck’s great-uncle and namesake was a Nazi official who allegedly became part of the famous plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler. His younger sister, Vanessa Grafin von Bismarck-Schönhausen (born 26 March 1971, Hamburg, Germany) is a public relations agent in the United States. His elder brother Carl-Eduard Graf von Bismarck-Schönhausen (born 1961) was a member (MP) of the German Bundestag. Source Wikipedia

Fuck me! With credentials like those, he could be a member of the British Royal Parasites.

However, despite the flaming la,la always being a bit of an oddity and probably more suited to the aristocratic bohemian lifestyle of the 1920’s and 30’s, Skidmark Von Bismarck’s life began to seriously derail in 1986 when the heiress Olivia Channon, daughter of the late Tory MP Paul Channon – a member of both Edward Heath’s & Slaggy Thatchers Cabinet – and granddaughter of the famous diarist Henry Channon was found dead of a heroin overdose on Von Bismarck’s bed.

Paul Channon – a member of the Guinness family – was also an old Etonian, with very strong connections to the Royal Parasites.

The following is from the Telegraph:

Henry Paul Guinness Channon was born on October 9  19 35, the only son of Sir Henry and the former Lady Honor Guinness, elder daughter of the 2nd Earl of Iveagh.

He would also marry a Guinness, his wife Ingrid having first wed his cousin Jonathan Guinness; Channon was godfather to one of their children. He served on the board of Guinness – in which he initially held a sizeable stake – and the Guinness Trust, which in its heyday controlled 3,461 working-class homes in London.

From Lockers Park, Hemel Hempstead, he went to Eton, then into the Blues for National Service. As a Guards officer he served in Cyprus during the “emergency”.

In town he was a prized escort; his charges included Prince Philip’s nieces Princess Christina of Hesse and Princess Beatrix of Hohenloe Langenburg; owning two villas on Mustique, he became a member of the “Princess Margaret Set”. In 1956 he went up to Christ Church, becoming president of the University Conservative Association. Source

The usual inbreeding going on in that family then. And, the two nieces in question being the daughters of high ranking Nazi’s.

Following Olivia’s death, Von Bismarck was charged with drug possession and fined £80… Where as, your average ordinary Joe would have more than likely got at least 3 – 6  months in the nick.

That honour went to Olivia Channon’s best friend, Rosie Johnston who was jailed for 9 months. Channon had allegedly asked Rosie to buy her a gram of heroin on the night in question.

Rosie says: “The way we were back then just didn’t seem very glamorous to me. The Bullingdon were the fast and furious ones while we were knocking around pubs in the Botley Road.

“We were not all doing heroin. That was the common misconception. There were parties and dances and summer balls. Read More

Olivia Channon’s cousin, Sebastian Guinness was also involved and was subsequently charged with possession, but predictably it was the ‘commoner’ Rosie who who was made the scapegoat, despite Olivia having once shared a house with Von Bismark.

This of course begs the question; since Channon had once shared a house with Von Bismark, and died on his bed, why did she need Rosie to buy the heroin?

The following is from the Telegraph:

Sebastian Guinness, jailed for four months for possessing cocaine and heroin at the party, was a cousin and Rosie Johnston, sentenced to nine months for supplying her with heroin, an old family friend. The public was fascinated by an Oxford “fast set” that included Count Gottfried von Bismarck, great-great-grandson of the statesman, with whom Olivia shared a house.

Ahhh, there is that word again: Cocaine.

Sebastian Guinness – whose grandmother was Diana Mitford, the celebrated aristocrat whose second husband was British fascist Sir Oswald Mosley – was also a member of the Bullingdon Boys Diners Club whose father Jonathan had also attended Eaton and Oxford University.

According to Wikipedia, Jonathan Guinness, heir to the Irish stout brewers fortune:

was a long-standing and early member of the Conservative Monday Club, serving on several of its committees. He was a member of the Club’s Executive Council in 1971, when he became Chairman of their ‘Action Fund’, and elected National Chairman on 5 June 1972, fighting off challenges from Richard Body MP, and Timothy Stroud.

Sebastian’s half brother, Valentine Guinness was also a leading member of the Piers Gaveston society:

Valentine, 45, head of the louche Piers Gaveston society while at Oxford, comes from a famously unorthodox family – his grandmother, Diana Mitford, admired Hitler, and his bankrupt father, Lord Moyne, a former chairman of the Monday Club, maintained a long affair with Sixties flower-child Shoe Taylor, who died last year of breast cancer. Read More

Nevertheless, despite Skidmark Von Bismark escaping justice, Olivia Channon’s death still haunted him – he was said to have “wept like a child” at her funeral – until his old man, Prince Ferdinand, recalled him to Germany where he had him sectioned at a private ‘clinic’.

It was later said that Skiddy left Oxford so quickly that a family servant had to settle the bills that the oddball had left outstanding with various pubs, tailors and restaurants… And no doubt one or two drug dealers.

Thank fuck for family servants is all that I can say. Where the fuck would we all be without them?

Now, according to the Guardian Newspaper, following his release from the mad house:

He dropped out of the Euro-society spotlight for a decade or so, helping East German firms in the transition to privatisation and pursuing a career as an occasional actor (playing himself) in various obscure movies, then getting mixed up in a failed telecom company owned by Kevin Maxwell. Source

Kevin Maxwell is of course, a ‘pillar of society’ and the son of the ‘honest as the day is long’, deceased newspaper tycoon, Robert Maxwell… For those of you too young to have heard of the pension pinching Robert and Kevin Maxwell, I should just mention that I am joking with my description of the Father and Son.

Kevin and Robert Maxwell were both complete cunts… Kevin Maxwell probably still is, as it happens.

And no doubt brother Ian was just as bad.

Which is why the Zionist Jew, Rob Bob Bob Bob Maxwell was in all likelihood pushed over the side of his Yacht, The Lady Ghislaine rather than him taking a running jump.

Surprisingly, for such a fat cunt the former Labour MP for Buckingham under Harold Wilson, didn’t float. And as such, he promptly drowned.

Nevertheless, like all rich Pillock’s of Society, Maxwell the billionaire, Football Club owner and alleged Mossad agent – who had stolen hundreds of millions of pounds from his own companies’ pension funds – was rewarded with a state funeral by his spiritual homeland Israel.

And lets not ignore the fact that the government – meaning the tax payer –  had to help repay the money that the thieving cunt had stolen.

Moreover, John Major the British Prime Minister at the time – then paid tribute to Fish Food Bob by calling him a “great character”… You really couldn’t make this shit up.

Quite clearly then; Major possessed the same amount of integrity as all British Prime Ministers… Then again, what do you expect from a Paedophile protector – as was Harold Wilson and as is the Cunt Cameron – who successfully sued Scallywag Magazine for libel.

The following is from the Daily Mail:

In 1993 Mr Major served libel writs on Scallywag, New Statesman and Society magazines over articles linking him to Ms Latimer, who provided food and drinks for events at 11 Downing Street when he was Chancellor.

At the time, Mr Major argued that the accusations of adultery amounted to a serious attack on his reputation. Source

I can only conclude from reading that then, that Ms Latimer must have been right fucking dog rough to provoke such outrage from the Prime Minister.

After all, it was only the name that the three magazines had got wrong since Mad Major Mad was in fact shagging Eggwina Currie.

Interestingly enough, the Yacht that Seaside Maxwell belly flopped to his death from was named after his youngest daughter Ghislaine who was allegedly responsible for recruiting under-age girls for convicted paedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. Source


PHOTO: Epstein out walking with his great pal Woody Allen and Allen’s wife – who is also his step-daughter

You may recall that I wrote about Princess Andrew’s BFF, Epstein last week, in my article ‘The Grand Old Duke Of York’… The pair of perverted cunts.

You can read that article by clicking HERE

Right, back to Skiddy Von Bismark.

Now, despite him losing a packet on the Maxwell phone company collapse, Skiddy –  being from a typical aristocratic family who made a fortune from the suffering of the poor – could afford to carry on living his perverted, debauched lifestyle free from money worries.

Crisis followed crisis, orgy followed orgy, until the two met head on. The following is from Wikipedia:

In August 2006, Anthony Casey, 41, fell 20 m (60 ft) from Graf von Bismarck’s Chelsea flat and died. Bismarck was not arrested and the police said there were no drugs found in his flat.

Nevertheless, this incident re-awakened the so-called “curse” from the past, and triggered speculation from the tabloid press. Stories included an article from London’s Daily Mail that claims the incident was fuelled by a cocaine-fuelled orgy involving several individuals.

The coroner’s report had found no alcohol in Casey’s body, but did discover a significant amount of cocaine.

The accusation of a ‘gay orgy’ was officially denied by Gottfried, though the coroner, Dr. Paul Knapman, told The Guardian that a great deal of sexual paraphernalia was discovered in the flat, including sex toys, lubricant, and a rubber tarpaulin. 

“In common parlance, in the early hours of the morning, there was a gay orgy going on,” Dr. Knapman told the newspaper. “Nevertheless, this was conducted by consenting males in private.”

Following Casey’s death, Skiddy’s appetite for self-destruction went into overdrive.

Less than a year after Casey had plunged to his death, Bismarck was predictably found dead in his near-empty £5 million pound flat just off of Sloane Square, which was in the process of being sold.

Skiddy’s  arm was reportedly black, which the coroner attributed to be the result of Bismarck injecting cocaine on a hourly basis throughout the preceding day.

The MI5 controlled MSM newspaper, The Telegraph afforded Skiddy the following obituary:

Count Gottfried von Bismarck, who was found dead on Monday aged 44, was a louche German aristocrat with a multi-faceted history as a pleasure-seeking heroin addict, hell-raising alcoholic, flamboyant waster and a reckless and extravagant host of homosexual orgies.

Alas, he would have made the perfect MI5 spy… If he wasn’t already in their employ.

The website Billionaire.Com carried the following report on the former Bullingdon Boy:

As dubious distinctions go, it’s hard to beat; the pathologist who attended the death of Gottfried von Bismarck in 2007 said his body contained the highest levels of cocaine he had ever seen, along with prodigious amounts of morphine. He also had liver damage, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV. Source

Other notable former members of the perverted Piers Gaveston Society include Hugh Grant who was reported as “indulging in vaguely debauched behaviour, sometimes in drag”.  

In fact according to Martin Frost’s website, Grant Attended: Wetherby, the prep school later attended by Princes William and Harry, and then Latymer, a local private school, where he won a scholarship to New College, Oxford, where he continued to flourish academically.

In 1992 Grant played the part of a young English cruise passenger in the film Bitter Moon. The films director was none other than the serial paedophile Roman Polanski.

In 1995 Grant – by now an international star following the success of the film ‘Four weddings and a funeral’  – was arrested after being caught in his car, parked on Hollywood Boulevard whilst being given a blowjob by prostitute Divine Brown.

In 2004, Grant got ‘it’ on with Jemima Khan, ex wife of Pakistani politician Imran Khan and daughter of the late Anglo-French billionaire financier and tycoon Sir James Goldsmith.

Grant and Khan later split up, allegedly because she wanted to marry and he didn’t.

Her father, James Goldsmith was notoriously known for his many romantic relationships and for the various children he fathered with his wives and many girlfriends.

He is in fact, allegedly the biological father of  Princess Diana, following his affair with Frances Shand Kydd.

Shand Kydd was born  Frances Ruth Roche in Park House, on the royal estate at Sandringham, Norfolk, on 20 January 1936. Her father was Edmund Roche, 4th Baron Fermoy, a friend of King George VI and the elder son of the American heiress Frances Work and her first husband, the 3rd Baron Fermoy. Her mother, Ruth Roche, Baroness Fermoy, DCVO, was a confidante and lady-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth (later the Queen Mother). In her own right since birth she held the style of The Honourable as the daughter of a baron. Source-Wikipedia

Coincidently enough, Frances Shand kydd’s step son, the photographer Johnnie Shand Kydd has his work displayed in Sebastian Guinness’s art gallery.

And true to form with these elites, her other step son, Adam Shand Kydd died from a drug overdodse.

James Goldsmith is of course also an old Etonian and a cousin of the Rothschild family to boot who made his money as a corporate raider and asset stripper.

He was known to have had lucrative business interests with  Kerry Packer and Jacob Rothschild – father of Nathan

He was also good friends with the notorious Lord Lucan.

Goldsmith’s son Ben married heiress Kate Emma Rothschild, the daughter of the late Amschel Rothschild and his wife Anita Guinness of the Guinness Brewery family… This gets too easy.

Anita Guinness is the daughter of James Guinness from the banking side of the family. Anita’s sister Sabrina used to date Prince Big Ears, but obviously she was a woman so the appeal quickly fizzled out for Dobbie.

Now, officially Kate’s father Amschel Rothschild hung himself in a Paris hotel room.

However, according to Henry Makow he was in fact murdered by his own family with his death allegedly being covered up by Jacques Chirac – French President at the time – who had been ordered to drop the investigation along with, wait for it, wait for it… Rupert Murdoch:

In the United States, newspapers controlled by Rupert Murdoch, the foreign-born  owner  of  the  world’s largest media empire, either studiously ignored  reports  that  Rothschild had met a violent end, or relegated it to the back pages as a mere  “heart attack.”

“Murdoch sent a  hotline  fax  to  his  600-odd  editors and news managers around the world,  ordering  them  to  report  Amschel’s death  as  a  heart  attack,  if  at all,” said British broadcast reporter Ian Gooding.  Read More

Course, it wouldn’t be the first time that a Rothschild had a hand in a murder in Paris, would it?

Nevertheless, in 2010 Ben Goldsmith’s brother, the MP Zac Goldsmith left his wife after starting an affair with his sister in law’s, sister Alice Rothschild… Nothing like keeping it in the family.

“Mega-rich Tory Zac Goldsmith is having a secret fling with a 22-year-old heiress… the younger sister of his brother’s wife.  Would-be minister Goldsmith, 31, has been enjoying as many as five passionate trysts a week with Alice Rothschild, whose sister Kate, 24, is married to his brother Ben, 26.”  Source

Zac, who is expected to take over from the London Mayor Boris Johnson and was expelled from Oxford University for.. Errr… Smoking Cannabis, finally married Alice in March 2013. The wedding was attended by Alice’s grandfather, the obnoxious old cunt Jacob Rothschild.

Other members of the Piers Gaviscon pervert society worthy of a mention include the MP Rory Stewart, Ian Hislop and Prince Big Ears’s step-son Tom Parker Bowles.

Parker Bowles – step brother to Little Bald Willie and Harry Hewitt – was educated at Summer Fields prep school in Oxford.

He then attended Eton and Worcester College, Oxford, which was where he became a member of the exclusive and notorious Piers Gaveston Society, between 1997 and 2000.

In 1999, he was exposed by a tabloid newspaper for taking that now all too familiar Class-A drug, cocaine at a West End party.

He was also further accused of supplying cocaine to a lady at the Cannes Film Festival.

Possession with intent to Supply a Class-A drug can carry up to a life sentence in prison, don’t cha know.

Did Tom Parker Bowles go to prison? Did he fuck!

Course, Tom Tit wasn’t the only relative of Little Bald Willie and Harry Hewitt to get up to no good.

You see, it would appear that their 1st cousin Alexander Fellowes was also a typical posh knob head.

It is worth mentioning the fact that Fellowes is the Grandson of Frances Shand Kydd and the nephew of former Bullingdon Club member Charlie Spencer.

And while in the BBDC Charlie the Chump tried – unsuccessfully – to relieve the veteran Radio 1 DJ Tony Blackburn of his trousers… What funny habits these slimey rich cunts have.

Course, with Charlie boy being Alexander Fellowes uncle, it quite obviously follows that Princess Diana is Fellowes Aunt… What a lot of “Fellowes” and “follows” that sentence had.

Now this is where it gets sinister. You see, Alexander Fellowes is the son of Diana’s sister Lady Jane Fellowes and Sir Robert Fellowes, former private secretary to the Queen.

Prior to her murder, Diana had told anyone who would listen that her Brother in law, Bobby Fellowes hated her and had wrecked the once close relationship that she had enjoyed with her Sister Jane.

On the night of Saturday the 30th of August 1997, or the opening minutes of Sunday the 31st of August, Robert Fellowes allegedly burst into the Communications room at the British Embassy in Paris, France, ordered everyone out and proceeded to oversee the murder of his Sister in Law, Princess Diana.

Obviously, Fellowes denied this when questioned about it by Defectives from Operation Paget – The pathetic, British investigation into Princess Diana’s death.

Indeed, Bob the Knob puts forward the alibi that he was holidaying on his Norfolk Estate on that particular weekend.

However, in my [once] forth coming, major article about the murder of Princess Diana, I believe that I put forward enough evidence to prove that Fellowes is a lying cunt and was indeed in Paris the night Diana was murdered.

That article about Lady Di’s murder was on my computers stolen by the Essex Gammon and as such represents months of work down the drain.

But I digress.. Again.

The following is an account of Alexander Fellowes arrest following a night out with the Bullingdon Boys Club:

Secret University drinking society The Bullingdon Club, which caused extensive damage in the dining cellar of a 15th century country pub, was led on the spree of violence by Alexander Fellowes, nephew of Diana, Princess of Wales. Fellowes, 21, a fourth year Classicist at Trinity, is the first son of Lady Cynthia Jane Spencer, the older sister of the Princess of Wales and the Hon. Sir Robert Fellowes, former private secretary to the Queen.

The chain of events that led to the carnage in The White Hart in Fyfield, ten miles from Oxford, on 1st December began when a man calling himself Colin McKenzie made a reservation for 14 people in the pub’s dining cellar.

An investigation by The Oxford Student reveals ‘Colin McKenzie’ is a pseudonym for Fellowes, who made the reservation on behalf of The Bullingdon Club, Oxford’s most exclusive and controversial drinking society, which is made up primarily of old Etonians.

When contacted by The Oxford Student on the telephone number given with the reservation, Fellowes admitted his real identity and confessed he had attended the event, but insisted it was not a meeting of the Bullingdon Club.

“It was not the Bullingdon Club, just a group of friends on an evening out that got out of control,” he said. When he was contacted by The Daily Telegraph in December, on the same number, Fellowes admitted to making the reservation under a false name but refused to reveal his true identity.

Landlord of The White Hart Ian Rogers told this newspaper the man he knows as Colin McKenzie, now proven to be the Trinity College aristocrat, twice admitted to him that the trashing of the pub was an event of The Bullingdon Club, once in the vicinity of two police officers and a second time when the man returned to the pub to pay the balance of the damages, which totalled £490. 

Rogers also told this newspaper that on challenging Fellowes on the second occasion, asking: “Were you really The Bullingdon Club?” The man responded: “Yes, even though I told The Daily Telegraph we were not.” He admitted that the violence was premeditated and then added: “I am not currently in the club, I am a prospective member.”

The Oxford Student’s investigation conclusively reveals the man who booked the restaurant as ‘Colin McKenzie’ is in fact Fellowes who is the first cousin of Prince William, second in line to the throne. This newspaper has obtained signed statements from Rogers, an employee at the pub and a customer on the night in question stating that the photograph of Fellowes obtained by The Oxford Student was the man who led the group into the pub and who paid the bill after the rest of the group were ejected by Rogers.

Rogers recounted the events of 1st December: “The group were impeccably dressed in jackets and ties, tweeds and dinner suits and were very polite.” “After filing into the beautiful setting of the underground cellar that had been booked exclusively for their use, the group immediately became boisterous and began to bang their fists on the tables.”

After about five minutes, Rogers went into the beer cellar after hearing two glasses smash. He found one member of the club with “a deep cut on his cheek, he was bleeding a lot onto his shirt”.

The injured man refused all offers of help and two other members intervened to reiterate that he did not want a plaster or any assistance.

In addition to noting this odd behaviour, Rogers commented that despite being extremely polite to him and his staff, the men’s language when addressing each other contained “graphic swear words” and was “very antagonistic”.

When making their reservation, all the men ordered the same starter and main course; smoked salmon followed by steak. The reservations book at The White Hart shows the party specifically mentioned they would not be requiring dessert.

Soon after he and his waitresses had delivered the main courses to the men, Rogers said he heard “an eruption of noise”. After running into the cellar he encountered a shocking scene: “All the food and plates had been thrown everywhere and they were jumping on top of each other on the table like kids in a playground.”

The experience took on a surreal nature as each time Rogers confronted a member “they apologized profusely but offered no explanation”. The Club also continued its violence as only two wine bottles out of 20 remained intact as the rest were smashed on the walls and thrown across the room. 

Rogers shouted at the group and managed to herd them out of the fire exit that leads from the cellar and as they left, one of the group smashed the adjacent window with a wine bottle. However as Fellowes made to leave Rogers “grabbed hold” of him and marched him back to the bar.

Fellowes paid the £596 bill in cash and then offered a further £500 in notes for the damages. Rogers only accepted £100 for damages although Fellowes tipped the waitresses a further £200.

Rogers, who recently renovated the beamed 15th century pub, added: “At no time did I have fear for the safety of myself, they were almost over-polite when I first served them with the wine.”
After the police arrived at the scene, the sergeant on duty ordered the arrest of all 14 men before realising that only four cells were available, a situation described by Rogers as “absolutely ridiculous”. The four men who were arrested on suspicion of causing criminal damage were all interviewed the following morning and released after being given £80 fixed penalty notices. 
Rogers expressed frustration to The Oxford Student that the students were treated so leniently. “I am furious with Thames Valley Police for the inaccuracies and mistakes they have made that enabled the culprits to escape with fixed penalty fines,” he said. “If the police had asked me if I was happy for them to be given fixed penalties, I would have said ‘no’.”

Fellowes was one of the four men on The Bullingdon Club trip to The White Hart who was arrested, kept in cells overnight and given an £80 fine shortly before being released the next morning.

Rogers has since informed a Thames Valley Police Inspector that he would like to make an official complaint about the police handling of the matter and he has been told that the force are aware that this is, “a very serious complaint” and will be contacted by a Superintendent sometime today (Thursday).

He also told The Oxford Student of his frustration that when he contacted the police, they refused to name the members of the club who were arrested and issued with fines: “I could not understand why the police were being so uncooperative.” It is not known whether the University is pursuing any disciplinary action against any of the four who were arrested. 

The Proctors’ Office told this newspaper: “We do not comment on individual students’ cases.” However it is possible that Trinity College will take disciplinary action.

Rogers told this newspaper: “Today [Wednesday] I received a call from the man I know as Colin McKenzie, he informed me that I may receive a call from Trinity as he was ‘in trouble’ with the college.”

When The Oxford Student contacted Fellowes, who told The Daily Telegraph in December: “People may get sent down over this,” he said “I am in enough trouble as it is.”

Alexander Fellowes is an Old Etonian who is President of the Claret Club, an Old Etonian Society which counts Trinity President Hon. Michael Beloff QC amongst its members. 

Fellowes’s father was appointed as the Queen’s Private Secretary in 1992 and drafted her first speech after the death of Diana in 1997. His mother, Lady Cynthia Jane Spencer, is one of the elder sisters of the late Princess of Wales and gave a reading at her funeral in September 1997. Source

Not such a jolly good Fellowes then, after all.

Course, the Piers Gaveston Society continues to flourish.

In fact PGS member Nick Green – a friend of Princess Beatrice – who appeared in the Bullingdon Boys Club official photo which was published in the national newspapers in August 2013, made a name for himself after knocking ten bags of shit out of fellow Bullingdon boy, Etiene Ekpoutip.

The fight was allegedly over a girl named Miranda Gilbert.

Gilbert, an ex girlfriend of Greens who was photographed at a PGS bash wearing just a net body stocking a few years ago started work for none other than Peter Mandelson last year… The coincidences just keep on coming don’t they?

The following is from the Telegraph:

He may seem an unlikely suitor, but Lord Mandelson has won the signature of a glamorous young woman who once inspired a violent battle for her affections.

Mandrake hears that the former Labour business secretary has taken on Miranda Gilbert to work for his secretive new organisation Global Counsel. Source

Nevertheless, despite putting Etiene in hospital, Rich boy Green was predictably let off. The following is from the Daily Mail:

A leading light of the notorious Bullingdon Club at Oxford University has been detained by police after an alleged assault on a fellow student in a row over a girl.

Witnesses said Old Etonian Nick Green, wearing the dining club’s trademark £1,200 tailcoat, was led away in handcuffs following the fracas outside a nightclub.

The alleged victim, Etiene Ekpoutip, was so seriously injured that an ambulance took him to the city’s John Radcliffe hospital.

Police ordered medics to stand back until it was safe for them to enter the street to treat the 22-year-old.

Mr Green, a friend of Princess Beatrice, was not arrested or charged with any offence. Police said the alleged victim did not want to take the matter further.

Mr Green and Mr Ekpoutip were said to have fallen out last Friday over the affections of student Miranda Gilbert, who is in her fourth year of Russian studies at University College.

Mr Green – who declares himself a Facebook fan of his Bullingdon Club predecessors David  Cameron and Boris Johnson – is in his fourth year studying engineering at the same college as Miss Gilbert.

 A university source claimed: ‘On Thursday night, there was a big club night in Oxford. Nick Green was with his Bullingdon friends and went up to his ex-girlfriend and they had a big disagreement. Inside the club, threats were made to the victim.’

Tensions continued outside, with Mr Ekpoutip allegedly being subjected to a verbal and physical assault.

At some point during the evening, the front window of Mr Green’s student house was smashed.

A neighbour reported being woken by ‘drunken shouting’ and said: ‘The police came and I saw a man being handcuffed and put into the back of the police car and then driven away. He was a posh boy, wearing a long elegant-looking jacket.’

A fellow student said: ‘He’s well known for his involvement with the Bullingdon Club. They turn up at bars and clubs around the city and take over the VIP areas, throwing champagne around. It’s pathetic.’

Another student said: ‘He’s not the most well-liked of students. When we’re out in nightclubs, he’ll think nothing of barging his way through the queues to the bar as if he owns the place.’ 

In 2009, Mr Green featured among the ‘200 sexiest singles’ in society magazine Tatler’s annual ‘Little Black Book’, which said of him: ‘Oxford engineering undergrad who wears snakeskin Speedos while on the Zambezi river, we hear. This cupid is a great shot with a bow and arrow.’ Read More

Now, as I have already stated, the Cunt Cameron is very reluctant to talk about his time in the BBDC, as are Bojo and Gideon Bean.

Obviously Bean is reluctant to talk about the past as this would dredge up memories of the humiliation, shame and embarrassment he endured at the hands of Nat Rothschild and his cronies.

Bojo, would be reluctant to talk about his days in the BBDC as inevitably the small, flatfish Darius Guppy gets dredged up. However, this doesn’t stop the lolloping clown  from crying out “Buller, Buller, buller”, every time he runs into one of his former club mates… pathetic cunt.

Cameron however, from what I have read, is a different kettle of fish altogether. Our warped, corrupt, totally unacceptable Prime Minister has much darker reasons for not wanting to go into details of his past.

It is worth mentioning however, that before becoming a member of the BBDC, Cameron was a member of the Gridiron Club.

The Gridiron’s reciprocal club at the University of Cambridge is the Pitt Club; the club also has reciprocal arrangements with the Travellers Club in London. Comparable societies in the United States include the Skull and Bones at Yale and the Porcellian Club at Harvard.

Notable former members of the club include the author John le Carré, Alexander, 7th Marquess of Bath, Lord Michael Pratt (a former Secretary of the Grid), and Prime Minister David Cameron(President of the Grid 1987-1988) Source – Wikipedia

It is from the Gridiron Club that members are usually selected to join the BBDC and the PGS.

However, the reason I mention the Gridiron Club is to make you aware that the Bullingdon Club and PGS are not the only thuggish & perverted elite clubs associated with the posh knob universities.

Never the less, the BBDC and PGS are the most notorious and exclusive. You can find the low-down on a number of other exclusive, elite secret societies by clicking HERE

Now, as I have just stated, to say that the Cunt Cameron was ashamed of his time in the BBDC would be an understatement… At least that is what we minions are supposed to believe..

However, that isn’t strictly true.

Indeed, I would imagine that the smarmy, posh twat was even a little proud of his time as a member.

The following is from the Channel 4 website, ‘Who knows who’:

You might have imagined that the political embarrassment caused when the Bullingdon photographs resurfaced in 2007 would make the club’s ex-members shun their former chums.

Far from it. In 2008 David Cameron was reported to have attended a gathering of ex-Buller boys to raise funds for Boris’s campaign to become London mayor.

Those who attended from the 1987 photograph were Sebastian Grigg, Ewen Fergusson, Ralph Perry-Robinson and Matthew Benson. Also at the party was consultant surgeon Hilali Nordeen, who graduated from Balliol in 1985. 

Back in the 80s, bad behaviour at Oxford wasn’t limited to Buller outings.

Boris was at a birthday party in London for his good friend Charles Spencer (brother to the late Diana, Princess of Wales and now Earl Spencer) where they attempted to debag Tony Blackburn. When they were prevented from embarrassing the hapless DJ, a rubber plant was hurled across the room, only to land in someone’s plate. Source

“So why is Mr Cameron so coy about his time in Buller, Spiv”?

I’m ever so glad you asked me that Voice of Reason.

The reason for the Cunt Cameron’s silence is also the reason that he was fast tracked to leader of the Cuntservatives, despite being the most inexperienced leader of a major Political Party since William Pitt the younger.

You see, Cameron is weak willed. He has no moral fibre, will power or morals and despite his posh £30,000 pound a year education, he isn’t particularly bright either.

He is in fact, the perfect man for the job of Prime Minister – a job that he does partly through greed and partly through having no fucking choice.

You see, I am  now more convinced than ever that the pervert is being blackmailed by those who really call the shots.

Tellingly, when he was elected leader of the Tory Party the following assessments were given of the future Prime Minister:

Jeff Randall, writing in The Daily Telegraph where he is a senior executive, said he would not trust Mr Cameron “with my daughter’s pocket money”. 

Sun business editor Ian King, recalling the same era, described Mr Cameron as a “poisonous, slippery individualSOURCE

I could add more to those assessments, but they will do for now.

Okay. As you will know if you read my article ‘Camerons Closet’, the very well respected Field McConnell maintains, that Dave the Rave’s in-laws, the Astor Family, have film of Cameron taking part in an act of paedophilia which they use to blackmail him with.

The Astor family are of course a very old, Satanic, bloodline family, who some say are the most powerful of all the 13 bloodline families. Read More

Now, if you have already read ‘Camerons Closet’ you can skip this next section and scroll down to the photo of Cameron and myself having a punch up if you like, although personally, I believe it to be worthy of another read… Then again, I wrote the fucking thing, so I would:

Even the MSM were forced to admit that Sam Sheffield was a strange choice for Dave the Rave. The following is taken from the Daily Mail:

Cameron, who had just turned 26, had never been in any doubt what sort of woman he was getting involved with. She was far removed from the mould of his usual girlfriends, but he had seen something special in her.

Last month, The Mail on Sunday revealed how a 15-year-old Cameron narrowly avoided being expelled from Eton after he was forced to admit he had smoked cannabis.

And now, following months of research and interviews with friends and colleagues, we can disclose how Samantha’s steely resolve, plain-speaking advice and intuitive, if untutored, political instincts have been instrumental in helping him climb to the top of the Conservative Party.

The story of a powerful woman urging on a brilliant young politician may have a familiar ring, but that is where the parallel ends. READ MORE

Indeed it is where the parallel ends.

You see, Sam Cam was a bit of a wild child who frequented illegal raves and mixed with the notorious gangster turned Hip Hop Star, Tricky. She even acquired the nickname ‘Snowy’ – ‘Snow’ being a slang name for Heroin & Cocaine. The following is from the Esoteric blog spot:

She did an art foundation at Camberwell College of Arts and then went on to study Fine Art at Bristol Polytechnic (now the University of the West of England. It was here, that she gained something of a wild reputation at Bristol Polytechnic, where her studies in fine art were embellished with playing pool at the Montpelier pub with Tricky, the trip hop star… 

… Trying to shake off an aristocratic upbringing by getting a dolphin tattoo on her ankle, and hanging out with the likes of the musician and actor Adrian Thaws, known as Tricky, who was heavily into drugs.

And then there is this from the Abel Danger Website:

However, in her youth the then Samantha Sheffield had a taste for “the wilder shores” of Bristol, where she was an art student, according to a biography called “Cameron: The Rise of the New Conservative” by journalists James Hanning and Francis Elliott.

This included socializing with Adrian Thaws, who later became famous as the rapper Tricky [of Massive Attack group allegedly transported by Menzies to New York with bleached passports for snuff-film spoliation team on 9/11].

Her nickname was “Snowy.” [allegedly dealing in heroin]. Tricky told the Mail on Sunday newspaper that he and the baronet’s daughter made “unlikely” friends, saying: “I was robbing houses, robbing stores, selling weed [marijuana] by the time I was 15.”

Dubbed “Sam Cam” by the tabloids, the new prime minister’s wife sports a tattoo of a dolphin on her ankle and reportedly attended illegal “rave” parties [allegedly involving pedophile oath-taking ceremonies] in her younger days.”

Hmmm, maybe a bit more than your normal posh wild-child then.

The fact that Sam Cam also got her future husband into the Rave scene could have cost the then rising star in government a few problems. Fortunately for Dave the Rave, which in turn  was unfortunate for us, his future was already assured by that time:

Cameron’s first job in the government machine came to a juddering halt when Lamont was sacked as Chancellor in May 1993. He then moved to be special adviser at the Home Office under Michael Howard. But Samantha and his private life occasionally were at odds with his work. The crackdown on ‘raves’ struck him as illiberal – not least because his girlfriend was attending the sort of dance events the Tories wanted to banRead more

You see, what you have to understand is that Cameron’s future rise up the Political ladder had already been guaranteed by order of the highest authority in the land i.e. The Duck of Edinburgh:

After graduation, Cameron worked for the Conservative Research Department between September 1988 and 1993. A feature on Cameron in The Mail on Sunday on 18 March 2007 reported that on the day he was due to attend a job interview at Conservative Central Office, a phone call was received from Buckingham Palace. The male caller stated, “I understand you are to see David Cameron. I’ve tried everything I can to dissuade him from wasting his time on politics but I have failed. I am ringing to tell you that you are about to meet a truly remarkable young man.” Source Wikipedia

Now, if you receive a phone call like that  prior to interviewing someone, then you just know that you are going to give that job to that person, yes?

And then there is this from the Daily Mail:

As his friend Nicholas Boles says, Cameron worked his way up on the inside floor by floor. He has enjoyed much good fortune. On almost every landing there has been luck or the helping hand of a family friend to assist the next ascent.

Michael Green, seen by some as something of a tyrant, believes Cameron ‘can be ruthless’. He says: ‘I’m sure he’s got what it takes to be Prime Minister.

Nevertheless, that rise wasn’t helped much by his wife to be.

Fair to say in fact, that Sam Cam didn’t have any respect for anyone in politics, in particular Cameron’s boss Norman Lamont. Then again, these rich tossers don’t have any respect for anyone. The following is from the independent:

One of the first stories told about Samantha in the biography of David Cameron, by Francis Elliott and James Hanning, is of the telephone ringing when they were trying to enjoy a quiet weekend in Bristol. Samantha called out from the bed: “If that’s Norman Lamont, tell him to fuck off.”

To be perfectly honest, everything that I have read about Sam Cam indicates that she was a strange match for Dave the Rave. She was certainly nothing like his previous ‘girlfriends’, that’s for sure. The following is what The Daily Mail had to say on the matter:

And then came Samantha Sheffield. Daughter of a baronet and  stepdaughter of Lord Astor, she was initially a friend of Cameron’s sister Clare. He first set eyes on her at a party at his parents’ Berkshire home in 1987 when she was just about to go to Marlborough on an arts scholarship, and according to his affectionate memories was ‘a sulky 16-year-old who thought: “Who’s this crashing bore who is your friend’s older brother?” ’

By 1992, when she was invited to holiday with the Camerons in Tuscany, he realised she was for him, even though with her penchant for roll-your-own cigarettes and hippy interest in pop concerts as well as her youth — she was only 22 to his 27 — she did not fit the obvious profile of a Prime Minister’s wife.

He was so sure she was the right one, he waited till 1996, by when she had become a businesswoman in her own right, to walk her up the aisle.

One of the wedding photos now hanging in the Camerons’ Notting Hill home says it all. The bride is her customary composed and sunny self, while tears stream down the groom’s face.

In regard to that last sentence; “The bride is her customary composed and sunny self, while tears stream down the groom’s face”. Were they tears of happiness or tears of a man blackmailed into marriage?

You see, I say that because according to the following which appears on both the Abel Danger and Mikiverse Politics Blogspot websites, Dave the Rave had no choice in the matter.

You will note that I have taken the liberty of adding extra detail where necessary. The Mikiverse Politics input is in bold:

Samantha Cameron (nee ‘Snowy’ Sheffield)  wife of the allegedly extorted man-in-the-middle Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron.

Evidence: she plays a centuries-old role as ‘Mistress of the Revels’ or ‘agente provocatrice’ for lesbian or paedophile raves where witnesses are hired to entrap and extort future leaders.

Evidence: she provided such services with Tricky’s Massive Attack group to Cameron’s Bullingdon Boys.

Also see:  Massive Attack star in child porn probe – The Daily Mail.

And this from hereticalsex

Thus began Operation Ore. All over the UK, police began breaking down people’s doors at six in the morning. Among those caught in the net were teachers, police officers, a judge, The Who guitarist Pete Townshend, Robert del Naja of Massive Attack, and Ronnie Barker’s son Adam. To date, around 2300 men have been convicted of child pornography related offences. 

Evidence: that her family entrapped David Cameron in a filmed pedophile rave at some time between his introduction to a tradition of pedophile rape and torture (beatings) at Eton College, through his work as a ‘Shipjumper’ with Jardine Fleming in Hong Kong, through his drunken property-smashing orgies at Oxford University’s oath taking Bullingdon Club.

Evidence: that she or her mother ordered David Cameron to orchestrate the Black Wednesday sabotage of the U.K. Treasury [Solicitor] on 16 September 1992 when the pound sterling was withdrawn from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism.

Quite plausible I suppose. Indeed, he was in place to do so. Wikipedia has this to say:

Cameron was working for Lamont at the time of Black Wednesday, when pressure from currency speculators forced the Pound sterling out of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism…

… Later that month Cameron joined a delegation of Special Advisers who visited Germany to build better relations with the Christian Democratic Union; he was reported to be “still smarting” over the Bundesbank’s contribution to the economic crisis.

Lamont fell out with John Major after Black Wednesday and became highly unpopular with the public. Taxes needed to be raised in the 1993 Budget, and Cameron fed the options Lamont was considering through to Conservative Central Office for their political acceptability to be assessed. However, Lamont’s unpopularity did not necessarily affect Cameron.

Abel Danger continues:

Evidence of a seditious conspiracy between the Treasury Solicitor, the Cameron, Sheffield, Astor and Rothschild Families and George Soros – a WWII extortionist at a mere 14 years of age – to make a US$1 billion profit by short selling sterling.

Evidence: her mother, Viscountess Astor, provided ‘Fag Mistress’ services to Lord Boothby with the Kray Twins in the Astor-Club London of the ‘60s.

Once again, quite plausible. Annabel Astor, by her own admittance was a rebel.

Amongst other things, she has admitted to smoking dope with the notorious paedophile and rapist Roman Polanski, an American film director (see my article Celebrity Paedophiles).

And then there is this:

But Ronnie Kray had even more reason to want him dealt with. Shortly before Christmas 1965 the Krays had met the Richardsons at the Astor Club off Mayfair’s Berkeley Square, ostensibly to discuss how their gangs could co-exist without confrontation. The talks broke down almost immediately, but not before Cornell had called Ronnie ‘a big. fat poof’. Source Bernard O’Mahoney

The Astor Club obviously belonging to the Astor family.

Abel Danger continues:

Evidence: her ancestor Nell Gwynn provided Bona Vacantia contract-killing services through the Treasury Solicitor to the court of King Charles II.

Evidence: she arranged for her husband to be employed by Michael Green as a ‘Haberdashers Ass’ from 1994 to 2001.

That too rings true when you read the following snippet taken from the Daily Mail (click on link to read the full story):

Annabel Astor, the mother of Cameron’s fiancée Samantha Sheffield, asked her friend Michael Green, chairman of Carlton Television, whether he would employ Cameron.

‘She’s a very formidable lady,’ says Green. ‘When she says to me, ‘Do something’, I do it!”

Evidence: she ordered her husband to launder Carlton Communications’ pay-per-view revenues for the 9/11 Massive Attack through VideoGuard encryption networks which he allegedly integrated in the period 1990-1993 with the Bona Vacantia accounts of the Treasury Solicitor

Cameron was Director of Corporate Affairs at Carlton Communications for seven years. – Source Wikipedia

Samantha Cameron graduated from City & Guilds’ Camberwell College of Arts; she is the former creative director of Smythson where she allegedly tracked and moved victims of pedophile and lesbian snuff-film raves with dual-use City & Guilds ‘bona vacantia’ products or services such as leather & skin passport covers (Leathersellers), Menzies Aviation weapons cargo and paramilitary-passenger handling systems (Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators and Information Technologists) and Newspaper Distribution (Stationers and Newspapermakers).

 She was allegedly alerted by her City & Guilds lesbian agents that Gareth Williams had enrolled at Central St Martin’s College of Art and Design in London and appeared to have hacked into Matrix 5 AOSIS network which she had helped to set up to launder CO2e money through her family office at D2 Banking Canada Square, Canary Wharf.

Now for those of you who don’t know who Gareth Williams is, he was the MI6 spy found dead in a bag a couple of years ago. The bag was of the type sold by Smythson’s (Stationers and Newspapermakers as mentioned above and who Sam Cam worked for).

Despite Williams obviously having been murdered, the official verdict is that he committed suicide. Also see  http://www.chrisspivey.co.uk/?p=8181

So, its quite obvious that there is a lot more to Mrs Cameron than first meets the eye. Certainly, she is not the type of lady you would expect a Prime Minister to be married to. Then again, when you fully realise what corrupt, twisted sicko’s politicians are, Sam Cam is the ideal match for the Prime Minister.

However, as I have already intimated, neither was Sam Cams mother any better. The following is also taken from the Mikiverse Politics Blogspot:

Annabel Lucy Veronica Astor, Viscountess Astor (nee 1948 Jones) [CEO of OKA Direct, a home furnishings design company; former owner and designer of Annabel Jones jewellery business in London]

Mother of wife of British Prime Minister and Conservative Party leader David Cameron, Samantha Sheffield

She is daughter of Timothy Angus Jones and his wife Patricia David “Pandora” Clifford.

Her mother married secondly in 1961 to Michael Astor, habitué of the Astor Club alleged used by the Kray Twins to take control of the Metropolitan Police and House of Lords through a pedophile protection racket.

Astor’s are considered to be the most powerful of the thirteen families or bloodline groups heading up the World Government plan.

Astor’s allegedly portrayed as one of the 13 stars on the Senior Executive Service flag.

Individuals from the 13 families are mentioned in Dope Inc. [Crown Agents] as involved in some aspect of the drug trade: the Astor’s, Bundy’s, DuPont’s, Freeman’s, Kennedy’s, Li’s, Rockefellers, Rothschild’s, and Russell’s; other families also play key roles in the drug trade such as the Bronfman’s, Cabot’s, Shaw’s, Bacons, Perkins, Morgan, Forbes, Cisneros and Oppenheimer’s.

Now, I have to say, that while I appreciate that those claims may sound unbelievable to those of you who have no understanding of how these elites work, but I can tell you that Field McConnell (Abel Danger) is very, very well respected.

Neither can there be any doubt that the Astor’s/Sheffield’s are both evil families.

You will all no doubt already know that the dangerous, predatory paedophile, Derek Laud was friends with Sam Cam’s family before his long association with Dave the Rave began.

Moreover, it is important that you do not get the wrong impression of Samantha Cameron in so far as she is a long way removed from being a drug addled hippy.

Sam Cam is in fact a very astute business woman whose earnings once far out exceeded Dave the Raves.

She is credited with turning around the fortunes of the Livery CompanySmythsons of Bond Street. Livery Companies are what the Mikiverse Politics Blogspot was referring to earlier in terms of Leathersellers etc. The following is from Sam Cams Wikipedia page:

Cameron’s work as the head of Smythson of Bond Street has won her a British Glamour Magazine Award for Best Accessory Designer. She has been noted as turning the company around and establishing it as a fashionable and popular brand. She also worked as a spokesperson for Shiatzy Chen.

Two days after her husband became Prime Minister, she announced she was stepping down from her full-time role to take on a consultancy role within Smythson for two days a week. She said that choice was hers alone and had been made after she discovered she was pregnant again and after what she described as an “understandably difficult year”, attributed to the death of her first child, Ivan.

And, this from the Telegraph:

It still sells stationery, including old-fashioned writing paper – it holds three Royal Warrants – as well as brightly coloured notebooks, leather key fobs and passport holders. But it is perhaps best known as a retailer of very expensive handbags, in part thanks to Mrs Cameron’s cultivation of celebrity clients.

According to the MSM, Sam Cam flew into New York City On September the 10th  2001 with a view to opening a new branch of Smythsons in Manhattan. However, according to the Abel Danger website, Sammy Cammy had an ulterior motive for being in the USA:

United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Samantha Cameron’s trip on 9/10 to New York to the covert transfer of Keynesian spread-bet PKI keys which allowed the Naudet Brothers to position their camera crews to record impact times of drones hitting the Twin Towers and demolition times of buildings which generated scrap-steel sales for master servicer Wells Fargo. McConnell notes that both David Cameron and Maynard Keynes spent time at Treasury learning how to operate the spread bet scam.

Whether that is true or not, I cannot say. However, it wouldn’t surprise me.

I certainly find it hard to believe that Cameron didn’t know that the twin towers were going to be ‘taken out’ given his Zionist connections.

What I do know is that the Cameron’s didn’t let the opportunity to grab the headline pass them by. The following is from the Telegraph:

David Cameron: wife Samantha was missing in New York on 9/11

Samantha Cameron was in New York on the day of the 9/11 terror attacks and could not be contacted by her family for five hours, the Prime Minister disclosed.

Abel Danger maintain that Sam Cam is a Lesbian or at least has lesbian tendencies. This, as I have also already said, would ring true seeing as her husband is at the very least Bi-sexual.

So, giving mind to the fact that Dave the Rave has a reputation for saying or doing whatever will make him popular (at least that used to be his way) there can be no surprise that the cretin gives his unflinching support to all things homosexual. The following are just a few examples of this fact:



Tory leader, David Cameron has put gay politicians on a list of priority targets whom the Conservative leadership want to see in Parliament.

According to the Independent, the Conservative Party wrote to a number of openly gay figures last week, asking them to apply to join an elite list of “priority” candidates who would have “a much higher change of being selected for a winnable seat, and therefore, of becoming an MP after the next election”.by Marc Shoffman 6 February 2006,

In an extraordinary rant, the former chairman of the Conservative party, Lord Norman Tebbit has said that apart from a “big society gay wedding in Westminster Abbey”, he has no idea where prime minister David Cameron wants to take Britain.  Source

Reaching out to gay rights groups is one of Tory leader David Cameron’s top five priorities, it has been claimed. Source

Tory leader David Cameron told a recent meeting on education that schoolchildren should be taught about gay relationships and equality.  Source

Prime Minister David Cameron’s spokeswoman has said he fully supports William Hague after the foreign minister issued a statement denying he was gay.

I don’t know what you think, but I have to tell you that I am a big believer in the old saying; ‘Guilty by association’. Cameron has certainly raised a few eyebrows with his dogged determination to support all things homosexual.

His Mother even appears to be at a loss as to why her son is alienating himself on this matter. The following is taken from the Telegraph:

David Cameron’s mother says ‘he just won’t be told’ on gay marriage

The Prime Minister’s mother, Mary Cameron, was asked why he was pressing ahead on gay marriage despite the opposition of many Conservative supporters.

Now I am not saying he is wrong or right to be so supportive of these gay issues. What I am saying is that in doing so, it is out of character for him.

You need to ask yourself why?

When you talk about being guilty by association, Cameron has always had a dubious circle of friends. We know that at best, the cunt protects paedophiles.

We also know that the murdering scumbag, child rapist Derek Laud is a particularly good friend – at least he was until he started attracting bad publicity.

However, lesser known friends are just as dubious as Laud. Take this one for instance:

Cameron’s Big Society guru held in airport drug swoop on suspicion of smuggling cocaine

Arrested: Derrick Mitchell was held at Heathrow after being found with 3kg of cocaine in his luggage

A charity worker employed by one of David Cameron’s Big Society gurus has been arrested on suspicion of smuggling cocaine with a street value of £120,000 into Britain.

Former US gang member Derrick ‘Anthony’ Mitchell was held at Heathrow this month after UK Border Agency officers allegedly discovered 3kg of drugs in his luggage. 

Mitchell, 37, is a duty manager at the South London-based Kids Company founded by charity boss Camila Batmanghelidjh. She set it up in 1996 to care for abused, neglected or abandoned children in London’s inner-city communities. She has been described as ‘Britain’s most colourful charity leader’ because of her style, dress sense and selfless approach to charity work. 

The award-winning author and campaigner was invited  to 10 Downing Street last year. 

She also advises former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith and is thought to be one of the inspirations behind Mr Cameron’s pledge to ‘hug a hoodie’.
Ms Batmanghelidjh spoke of her shock at the allegations surrounding Mr Mitchell, whom  she described as a ‘street-level youth mentor’. 
Read More

It is also interesting to note Dave the Raves pledge, mentioned during the course of that article: David Cameron’s Big Society aims to ‘take power away from politicians and give it to people’.

With that in mind, it would appear that the twat just can’t stop himself from lying. The fella is a fucking cretin.

And then there’s this friend:

A close friend of Tory leader David Cameron was arrested and then held at a police station for more than 12 hours for an alleged assault on two teenagers. Read More

And while I’m at it, lets not forget Peter Cruddas.

However, most significantly of all, is the fact that the Cameron’s are part of the ‘Chipping Norton set’.

The following is from the Telegraph:

The ‘Chipping Norton set’ is a close group of powerful politicians and media elite who reside in and around the Oxfordshire town of Chipping Norton. Chipping Norton sits in the Cotswold Hills in West Oxfordshire.

The group which includes Prime Minister David Cameron, former News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks, Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson and daughter of media mogul Rupert Murdoch, Elisabeth, met socially until the phone hacking scandal erupted. 

Now, I don’t give a fuck how forcefully or for how long Cameron continues to insist that he wasn’t involved in the phone hacking scandal. But for as long as he continues to do so, he will forever remain a lying cunt.

For starters, he was/is far too close to, Rebekah Brooks, Andy Coulson and the Murdoch’s not to be.

Moreover, according to the Abel Danger website, Sam Cam has been a long time friend and fellow conspirator of Rebekah Brooks and Elisabeth Murdoch.

You may also recall that I mentioned Dead Eye Brown and his aherm, aherm, wife, Sarah Brown were also friends of Rebekah Brooks – despite the fact that she shit on them by hacking into his phone.

Okay, just so as everybody is clear, the above text taken from my article ‘Camerons Closet’ is suggesting that Cameron is at best bi-sexual, possibly – although unlikely – homosexual.

There is also the inference that Sam Cam has lesbian tendencies and that the Camerons have an arranged marriage, brought about by the blackmailing of Dave the Rave, having captured him on film indulging in child sex… That may sound unbelievable to those of you with the vision of Stevie Wonder, yet it sounds perfectly reasonable to myself and others who have spent years researching these monsters.

“Der, ya mean ya looked on the internet ya cunt”. 

That’s exactly what I mean pet Troll. And, your point is?

I mean, how else would you research anything?

Go to the Library?  What’s the difference between a Library and the internet?

The Library will have books assuring us that we evolved from Apes – if you believe that, then ‘boy you dumb’.

So pet troll, are you trying to say that there are no credible information sites on the internet?

If you are, then once again, boy you dumb.

Nuff said.

Okay, since writing ‘Cameron’s Closet’, an African Newspaper has been totally upfront and publicly declared that Cameron is Gay. You can find the article that I wrote covering the story by clicking HERE

Now, this is where things get really interesting and I would suggest, highly relevant to Field McConnell’s claim that the Cunt Cameron is compliant with his elite puppet masters wishes because of the afore mentioned sex tape of him with a child.

You see, Scottish journalist Martin Frost claims that he has been told that Cameron is guilty of gay rape.

This is what he had to say:

On Friday 2006-June-09 the following tale was relayed to me. Namely it is alleged David Cameron had a homosexual relationship when he was a young man of 15-16 years with another fellow student of similar age.

There is talk of a gang male rape – similar to that alleged to be part of the initiation rites in the ‘Bullingdon Club’ (of which Cameron was an acknowledged participant while at Oxford University).

Currently I have two sources as to the veracity of this purported story – the second interpretation (flowing also from senior police provenance) suggests that Cameron’s student lover committed suicide from the shock of his rape. Source

Now, I am sure that you will agree that is a hell of a libellous allegation if it isn’t true. Yet, seven years later Martin Frost’s website is still going strong.

Certainly, the allegation is not beyond the realms of credibility when you add it to the mix of Field McConnell’s allegations.

And, like Martin Frost, the Abel Danger website is still going strong.

However, the allegations do not end there because another post on Martin Frost’s website alleges that Mr & Mrs Cameron – like Dave the Rave’s great pal Gideon bean (the Cameron’s are Godparents to one of the Beans children and vice versa) – have a penchant for drug fuelled S&M sex:

In Newcastle, on Thursday April 13th 2006 I met with two old colleagues who still dabble in security matters. It was a meeting ‘full of bonhomie’ yet nonetheless stimulating as to suggestions made. David Cameron, the new conservative leader, was one of the topics of conversation. 

Neither of my old friends are much impressed by this water downed impresario of Blair – why have a replica when we still have the real thing was the general sentiment.  Not a fit person to become prime minister was an alternative quote. Why I questioned?

There then followed a plethora of criticism but such appeared to me to be fuelled by a personal dislike of his and his wife’s alleged personal habits – namely a preference as to sexual activity heightened either via illegal drug use and / or mild masochist activity fortified by spanking and caning. 

Now, it is not for me to say that there is a direct correlation between a poor ruler and one who likes a thick head and sore butt – but it does provoke some not surprising mental images. I copy below some examples of the literature that Mr. & Mrs. Cameron along with their smart London set are purported to enjoy. If such is their poison – you may make your own judgement. Source


I also made mention in my article ‘Cameron’s Closet’ of the fact that The Bi-boy had taken a HIV test in the late 1980’s.

At that time, HIV/AIDS were considered a disease more or less exclusive to gay men.

Course, later on the MSM got involved and came up with the usual scare tactics that everyone was at risk no matter what your sexuality.

Those bygone day articles would inevitably carry interviews with 2 or 3 infected women just to re-enforce the point.

However, although not widely publicised, common sense told me that a woman was far more likely to be infected with HIV  by a man, than a man would be by a woman.

But either way and as I have just said; back in the 1980’s HIV was still more or less exclusively a gay males problem.

Therefore, for Dave the Rave to go and get an HIV test, he must have either been banging a shed load of old bangers, or more likely still – given the evidence – he was frequenting the Blue Oyster Club toilets and taking it up the arse… Just saying:

The Conservative leader has told Cosmopolitan magazine that he once attended a sexual health clinic.

In an interview, Cameron said that he visited a genito-urinary medicine clinic at Oxford’s Radcliffe Infirmary while he was studying at Oxford University during the height of the 1980s Aids scare.

The revelation has added further intrigue to Cameron’s time at Brasenose College, Oxford, after he refused to answer questions about whether he took drugs at university.

Cameron talked about the spread of sexually transmitted diseases before being asked if he had ever attended a sexual health clinic. After a long pause, Cameron replied: “Not recently. At university, yes. It was at the Radcliffe Infirmary.”

He did not elaborate further on his visit to the clinic, but a spokesman later said the Tory leader was told he was “clear” after his check-up. 

Of concerns about Aids at the time, he added: “It scared the life out of us all.” Source

Errr… No it didn’t Camberbum… Only gay-boys, junkies and sexual deviants.

Talking of which (Continuity see – essential if one wishes to keep one’s readers interested)… In April 2003, the Cunt Cameron was regularly writing a column for the Guardian and inadvertently treated his readers to an insight into the warped fantasies, collectively running prevalent through the sick minds of those Westminster nonce ponces who love to play dress up… AKA The House of Gaylords:

It’s not often you get the chance to talk dirty with Ann Widdecombe. But for the next month I will be doing little else: the home affairs select committee, on which we both sit, has started its “pre-legislative scrutiny” of the government’s new sexual offences bill. With our mailbags and television screens still full of war, death and looting, talking about sex will be a blessed relief. 

This bill has already made its way through the House of Lords, where peers discussed subjects as diverse as cottaging and flashing, voyeurism and incest. Most elected politicians approach subjects like these with extreme caution. The unelected Lords, on the other hand, get stuck in with undisguised relish.

It was once said that the chamber of the upper house is only truly packed when their Lordships are allowed to discuss either of two subjects: badgers and buggers. As the latter act is described in some detail on page one of the bill, and clause 72 is entitled “intercourse with an animal”, there must have been standing room only. Read More

And that would just about be one of the truest things that old Dave Four-Holidays has ever said… The cunt.

And finally… What do you mean; “thank fuck for that”?

And finally… Hmmm.

The following is from the Evening Standard:

‘It’s toxic’ is how one Old Etonian undergraduate describes today’s Bullingdon Club. ‘Look at all the shit Cameron’s gone through because of it. The really ambitious stay away from it.

In its 1980s and early 1990s heyday, the Bullingdon, an exclusive men-only Oxford drinking club founded more than 200 years ago, was the place where prospective Cabinet ministers gathered to drink and fight and trash quiet country pubs; a place where boys just out of public school could unleash potent, pent-up aristocratic testosterone. And it was all consequence-free, a thick wad of cash at the end of an evening readily offered to cover any damage.

So it’s no surprise that today’s Oxford elite shuns the society, or at the very least keeps membership of it secret. Source


Not according to the Daily Mail article below, they don’t.

In fact, as far as I can see, the club is still frequented by the most obnoxious, cruel, limp wristed, sons of parasites, to ever walk this earth, who – through their lack of appreciation, compassion, empathy and integrity – are unworthy of the privilege afforded to them by a quirk of birth.

And to think we still let them rule our lives!!!

Madness. Total fucking madness.

Private jet, morning suits and champagne for desert grouse shoot – move over Boris, it’s… Bullingdon Club 2013

  • Not tweed and Scottish Moors but a jaunt into South Africa for grouse shooting
  • Alumni include David Cameron, George Osborne and Boris Johnson
  • Each seat on aircraft came with a bottle of Champagne
  • Bullingdon Club founded in 1780 and famous for its ‘destructive binges’


PUBLISHED: 22:01, 30 August 2013 | UPDATED: 23:18, 30 August 2013

In their navy tailcoats and sky blue silk bow ties, and with the desert as a backdrop, they do not look like the typical grouse-shooting party.

But this is the new breed of members of the infamous Bullingdon Club.

And instead of donning tweed and taking to the Scottish moors, they chose to celebrate the Glorious Twelfth earlier this month in the more exotic surroundings of the South African veldt.

On guard: The 2013 Bullingdon Club travelled to South Africa for a spot of hunting

On guard: The 2013 Bullingdon Club travelled to South Africa for a spot of hunting (for a who’s who, see below, number nine could not be identified)

Oxford University’s notorious male-only dining society — whose alumni include David Cameron, George Osborne and Boris Johnson — usually pose for their annual photo on the steps of Christ Church, the Oxford college.

The club is famously discreet about its membership and gatherings. But today the Mail can reveal the latest line-up of ‘Buller men’ and their antics.

Standing arm-in-arm, the class of 2013 show off their haul of game after a day’s sand grouse shooting. The gathered party of current and recent members illustrates how the invitation-only club continues to be open only to the super-rich or those from aristocratic families.

The presence of George Farmer, the son of Tory treasurer Michael Farmer — a close ally of David Cameron who has donated £4million to the Conservatives — shows how closely it is linked to the high echelons of the party. Others in the group, which flew into Johannesburg before taking a private plane to the shoot, include the great-grandson of the founder of Marks & Spencer and a member of one of America’s most powerful dynasties.

On board the small aircraft used to fly the men to the exclusive jaunt, each seat pocket was filled not with an in-flight magazine but with a bottle of champagne. While on the five-day shoot, the men — who are without exception the product of incredible privilege — donned the 200-year-old society’s formal dress.

Conservative Party leaderThe Rt Hon David Cameron MP arriving to make a speech on solving the Labour's debt crisis in Westminster this morning walking with Shadow chancellor George Osborne MP (right)
Haunted: George Osborne with Harry Mount in the first club picture

Haunted: Chancellor George Osborne and Prime Minister David Cameron, left, have been embarrassed by their Bullingdon Club photographs. And Mr Osborne, right, with Harry Mount in the first club picture

The class of '87: Buller men David Cameron (back, second left) and Boris Johnson (front right)

The class of ’87: Buller men David Cameron (back, second left) and Boris Johnson (front right)

The full uniform, which costs around £3,500 is usually worn for the Club’s annual dinner. But the members seemed eager to pose in the South African desert in their specially-tailored navy tailcoats, each with a matching velvet collar, offset with ivory silk lapel revers, brass monogrammed buttons, a mustard waistcoat and bow tie.

After successfully shooting dozens of sand grouse, which are regarded as the kings of African game birds, the group quaffed more champagne before leaving discarded corks in the dirt. Members perhaps felt at ease dressed in their full regalia, being so far from Oxford where the ‘modern Buller’ rarely wears the full attire for fear of attracting attention.

Even as a student, George Osborne was ferociously ambitious

Even as a student, George Osborne was ferociously ambitious

Sand grouse shoots, which typically last two hours, take place around the waterholes where the birds come in to drink during the mornings. The birds have small pigeon-like heads and necks but sturdy compact bodies and incredibly tough skin.

The Bullingdon Club was founded in 1780 and has a notorious reputation for its destructive binges. It is banned from meeting within 15 miles of Oxford since a dinner in 1927 when its member smashed every window in a college quad. Former members ran riot around the town for decades, paying thousands of pounds in cash to buy the silence of dining establishments they damaged during their disorderly evenings.

David Cameron and George Osborne have seemed embarrassed by the emergence of photographs of them dressed in their Buller ‘uniform’. Other former members include Edward VII, Earl Spencer and broadcaster David Dimbleby.

One of the nine men on the grouse-shooting trip is unidentified, but the other 2013 Buller Men are:

1 The Hon Michael Marks

The great-grandson of Michael Marks, the Victorian co-founder of Marks & Spencer, he will one day be the 4th Baron Marks of Broughton.

The 24-year-old Old Etonian read politics, philosophy and economics at Balliol before becoming a visiting scholar at Harvard.

In college, Michael held a curious position which involved looking after Matilda, the 17-year-old college tortoise. When Matilda died, he was ordered to eat a whole lettuce as punishment.

After graduation, he worked for blue-blooded bank Rothschild but this year joined Robertson Robey Associates. His father Simon, 53, the 3rd Baron, also studied at Eton and Balliol. His South African-born mother Marion is a ceramics restorer.

High life: In-flight champers gives an insight into the kind of life of Bullingdon 2013

High life: In-flight champers gives an insight into the kind of life of Bullingdon 2013

2 James Tilney

He studied chemistry at Lincoln College but, after securing an internship with one of the world’s leading hedge funds, he decided to pursue a career in finance.

On graduation, he took a job at global investment bank Jefferies & Co. But last year he was poached by Italian banker Corrado Scian, a former Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase executive, who employed him to take charge of business development at his new investment management company Glider Trading.

3 Cassius Marcellus Cornelius Clay

Born in Massachusetts into the Clay business dynasty, 6ft 5in Cassius was invited to join the Bullingdon Club despite attending Oxford for only  two terms as part of his history of art studies at Yale – where he gained a reputation as an imposing cravat-wearing figure who carried a pocket watch and $5,000 Hermes Birkin bag.

During his second year at Yale he took a leave of absence after Kanye West invited him to become his right-hand man.

Cassius was described in the press as the rapper’s stylist, but said he was uncomfortable with the term, stating: ‘The word risks either oversimplifying fashion’s broader significance to identity and aesthetics, or somehow glorifying dressing up as some glamorous veneer du jour.’

The 22-year-old was a member of the infamous Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity at Yale – the closest American equivalent to Bullingdon.

It has produced five US presidents, including both Bushes, but was banned after video footage of an initiation involving songs about necrophilia and sex acts was posted online.

A direct descendent of slavery abolitionist Cassius Marcellus Clay, after whom the boxer Muhammad Ali was originally named, he will start a postgraduate degree at Cambridge in October.

Photo shoot: A Buller with his gun

Photo shoot: A Buller with his gun

4 Nicholas Green

While reading engineering at University College, the Old Etonian was led away by police in handcuffs – wearing his Bullingdon Club tailcoat – following an alleged serious assault on a fellow student in a row over a girl, but was not arrested or charged.

The 24-year-old, a friend of Princess Beatrice, was featured in Tatler’s list  of 200 ‘sexiest singles’ in 2009. He now works for a mining company in Johannesburg. His stepfather, Patrick Quirk, is thought to be a mining tycoon in Zimbabwe.

Green’s Facebook page at one stage showed apparent support for an anti-Obama group – as well as a seemingly sexist group calling itself ‘The awkwardness when a woman doesn’t choose the iron in a game of Monopoly’.

5 Timothy Aldersley

The 24-year-old shared a student house with Nick Green while he read physics at University College. He appeared in a student production of Alan Bennett’s comedy The Madness of George III and was described as ‘suitably raffish’ in the role of king-hating radical Charles James Fox.

He now works on the mining investment team at RK Capital Management, the hedge fund owned by George Farmer’s father.

6 Charles Clegg

While many students have to make do with college digs, the Exeter College undergraduate was able to buy a flat in the centre of Oxford which he later sold for £420,000.

The the 26-year-old economics and management graduate has followed his investment banker father Christopher into finance and works at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

His mother, Jane Morris, is an interior designer who runs a shop in Knightsbridge.

Since returning from the South Africa shoot, he has changed his Facebook profile picture to one of him brandishing a gun.

7 Alexander ‘Alick’ Dru

A Descendant of the 4th Earl of Carnarvon, the Old Etonian, 21, is in the final year of his history degree but has already started to map out a career in finance – he took an internship with Paris-based HMG Finance last year. His father Auberon, 61, and mother Catherine, 53, own a firewood business. His Facebook page shows him with a double-barrelled shotgun.

Boris fans: Boris Johnson with 2013 Bullingdon Club members Nicholas Green (right of Boris in striped tie) and George Farmer (seated)

Boris fans: Boris Johnson with 2013 Bullingdon Club members Nicholas Green (right of Boris in striped tie) and George Farmer (seated)

8 George Farmer

According to friends, George boasted that he once flew all his Bullingdon Club peers to Bordeaux on a private jet owned by his father, Tory Party co-treasurer and donor Michael Farmer.

He went to St Paul’s – George Osborne’s old school – then read theology at St Peter’s and was social secretary of the Oxford University Conservative Association.

OUCA became embroiled in scandal and was barred by the university after candidates for election to its committee were asked to tell the most racist joke they knew and name their ‘least favourite minority’.

George was not present but his father – a hedge fund founder who is currently 522 on the Sunday Times Rich List with a worth of around £150million – helped bail out OUCA and also funded George’s Bullingdon membership.

George was club president during his final term. The 23-year-old is now an investment banker with Jefferies & Co.

His Facebook page includes a picture of him and Nick Green with Boris Johnson at a Conservative Party fundraiser.

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