“Please Sir, may I have some more?” … “NO FUCK OFF”

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Gordon fucking Bennett!

I could hardly believe what me fucking mince pies were reading after clicking on the link that Sangeeta (one of my readers) sent me.

“Ere? Whatcha gone all cor blimey cockney rebel for Spiv”?

I couldn’t help myself Voice of Reason. You would too if you had just read the crock of horse shit that I have.

Get this.

The Queen is feeling the pinch… You couldn’t make that up… BIZZY FUCKING LIZZY IS FEELING THE FUCKING PINCH!.


Its apparently down to Its last Million Pounds on Its Housing Benefit… And you just know that It hasn’t paid Its bedroom tax yet.


The reason Sweaty Betty reckons that it is low on funds is because of the cost of maintaining  the Royal Residences… But don’t be fooled by the cunt.

Sweaty is trying to make you think that it is the Palaces that are eating into Its Giro – Which incidentally has just increased by a cool £5 million quid! … While the poorest in society are living on dust

That is an inflation busting rise of 22 fucking percent.


I am sick and fed up to the fucking back teeth with the inbred family of fucking frauds… And I’m not even joking.


The occupied royal residences are owned by the state and ‘held in trust’ by the Queen. They are maintained by the Royal Household’s property services and paid for by the Government through an annual grant from the Department of Culture, Media and Sport. These properties belong to us, the British people – not the royals.

The whole estate encompasses about 360 buildings including Windsor Castle, Clarence House, St James Palace and parts of Kensington Palace. Many of these properties are occupied on a ‘grace and favour’ basis by the Queen’s private secretaries and other staff. This means that the Queen is able to offer publicly owned property at knock-down prices to her friends, family and former employees. The exact policy on which royal household staff are expected to pay rent is unknown, but investigations by the Public Accounts Committee suggest it is at the Queen’s discretion. Source

What sweaty, the no good scrounging arsehole means is that It has had to pay a small portion towards the decorating costs of Bald Willies 25 bedroomed council flat in Kensington Palace.

Never fucking mind that we have just paid X amount of millions of pounds to renovate it for him, his ponce wife and the test tube Sprogladite to fucking live in… Not forgetting the fucking granny anex for the multi millionaire Monsters of Middleton of course.

Then there is the building work that it had to pay for to bring Bald Willies 10 bedroom cuntry house up to scratch! You know the one? The one where the cunts sacrifice children instead of playing Cluedo on a night time.

Quite obviously 25 bedrooms isn’t enough for the Clueless Cunt, his plastic Princess and Damion.

Come on people, what the fuck are we doing?

Sweaty Betty is the richest cunt in the world and while Its people are going hungry and living a life of abject misery, that cunt is rubbing salt in our wounds by asking for and getting a rise of £5 fucking Million Pounds. Source 

Fucking Noble and Gracious? Its a cunt from a long line of cunts.

The piss taking mutton dressed as lamb could end world poverty tomorrow.

That isn’t conspiracy. ITS A FUCKING FACT.

But It doesn’t. Instead, It just carry’s on taking and taking and taking and taking and then the greedy cunt takes some more.

Sweaty Betty has to go people.

And I’m not talking about in the future.



Queen Elizabeth’s emergency bank fund low on cash


Queen Elizabeth II tours Royal London Hospital

It’s not just the British public who are struggling to make ends meet, with the Queen’s rainy day bank account down to its last 1 million pounds ($1.6 million).

With Britain still slowly recovering after a double dip recession, the Queen’s official emergency fund reserved for unexpected costs is running dangerously low.

No-one is looking for coins down the back of the royal sofa just yet but it does mean some royal residences are no longer fit for the Queen.

The reason for the low funds appears to be the cost of maintaining the royal residences – many of which are in need of work.

The UK’s National Audit Office has highlighted the royal family believes 39 per cent of its residences are currently below “target condition”.

The royal family received $52 million in state funding last year.

But Australians for a Constitutional Monarchy national convenor David Flint says the royal family should get a bigger grant for their official costs.

“Not that long ago some stone fell off one of the buildings and fell near Princess Anne,” he said.

“You can’t have your public buildings like that. These are part of the general wealth of the United Kingdom which ought to be maintained for heritage purposes.”

Royalty commentator Barry Everinham is less sympathetic to the argument for more money for the royals.

“Why the British taxpayer, who is suffering at the moment, has to put up with the indignity of paying people to have nannies and butlers and footmen and God only knows what … what do they do get it for, for Gods sake – for opening fetes and cutting ribbons?”

“I don’t know, it seems to me that it’s certainly time Australia moved on and got rid of all this nonsense, but far be it for me to tell the Brits what to do.”

However, the royal family has made some efficiency savings, including cutting the amount it spends on travel.

But there is always more that can be done.

Alex Wilson from savingsguide.com.au says the royals could buy in bulk and use coupons.

“If you’ve got a large household it’s all about making your home economy a little bit wiser, which means buying in bulk,” he said.

“Coupons is a great way, petrol savings, if you’re ever going to buy anything online do a quick search for a coupon or discount code, opt for the cheaper brand.

“Just about everything has a lower cost alternative without sacrificing quality.”

The sound of coupons being clipped may not be heard around the halls of Buckingham Palace just yet, though.

Last year a brand consultancy estimated the royal family, as a business, was worth $75 billion.

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