Christopher Spivey

I have been holding off on writing about the smug-fuck Philip Schofield coming out as gay in order to see what else comes to light in view of his “brave move“… Although disappointingly not much has.

However there is nothing brave about the presenter admitting to being gay as far as I can see. In fact to my mind, the cunt ought to hang his head in shame.

I mean he has been married for 27 years and had two daughters so he can’t be that fucking gay. Yet if he is, are we really suppose to believe that he was faithful to his wife throughout that time?

After all, to most straight men, the thought of having sex with another man is repugnant so to a gay mush, surely the thought of having it off with a bird is equally so?

Course, that might not be true in the case of those who are bifocal but Schofield has come out as fully gay – not AC/DC.

Therefore, you also have to question how Philphy knew that he is gay having spent the majority of his life as a straight man?

I mean sure, he might have got bored after 27 years and wondered what it would be like to suck a cock, but that wouldn’t make him gay would it? That would make him bi-curious.

On the other hand, you don’t tug on someones todger as a teenager and then abandon that lifestyle in favour of getting married to a woman and having children… Do you get what I’m saying?

Of course you fucking do.

Unless of course he has been fucking around with men throughout his marriage in which case he should hang his head in shame and not appear on TV all noble like he has done something heroic.

Course, there is also the chance that Mrs Schofield always knew that Philphy was a turd burglar and turned a blind eye in favour of the lavish lifestyle that goes with being married to a popular celebrity.

So this all begs the question as to why now after 27 years of marriage? After all, Philphy’s sexuality is no business of anyone’s but his own… And his wife’s of course.

Mind you, it has been reported in the press that Philphy’s gayness had been an open secret for years on the set of the ITV show ‘This Morning‘. Which as you know is presented by Schofield.

And if that is the case, then why has it taken so long for him to make the fact public… After all, if it was an open secret then Philphy was at risk of being exposed long ago – which really would have caused his wife and children heartache… Unless, as I say they already knew and the Schofield marriage was just a sham.

However, according to the internet rumour mill, the reason for Schofield coming out is because of a wannabee actor – who never will be – named Matthew McGreevy.

You see, McGreevy and Schofield were up until recently allegedly shagging each other.

Worse still, McGreevy first met Schofield as a 10 year old:

That photo was taken from “The Two Faced Theater Company” which is owned by a Simon Schofield and of which Philphy is a Patron.

And whilst I cannot say for sure if Simon is related to Philphy, they certainly look a like:

Now curiously, the Theater Company’s website went offline on January 11th and has not been back online since… Source

Course, the fact that Philphy had known Matthew since at least the age of 10 is alarming, but made all the more so by the fact that Schofield was good friends with Jimmy Savile:

Then in 2014, McGreevy – by now aged 18 – appeared on Schofield’s ITV show; ‘This Morning‘:

A budding actor got a taste for television when he spent the day with the hosts of ITV ’s This Morning.

Matthew McGreevy, 18, is a member of The 2 Faced Theatre Academy in Guide Bridge and was invited to the London studios by the academy’s patron Phillip Schofield who presents the show.

And going on that last paragraph it is obvious that Philphy had taken a shine to McGreevy long before the wannabee actor had turned 18 yrs old – which would make Schofield 51 yrs old at the time… And a sexual predator!

The article continues:

The former St Thomas More pupil also got to chat with Phillip’s co-host Holly Willoughby and watch the programme go out live.

He said: “I couldn’t believe how everything was done so quickly and I learnt a lot from Philip Schofield… Source

Hmmm! He may have learned a lot from Schofield but it certainly wasn’t anything to do with acting since six years on no cunt has heard of Matthew McGreevy… And neither is Schofield an actor and acting is completely different to Presenting.

PHOTO: Schofield and McGreevy on This Morning in 2014, with co-presenter, Holly Willobooby

Moreover – once again, according to the rumour mill – Philfy & Matt were already lovers at the time, leading to Schofield getting his very young toy-boy a job as a “Runner” on This Morning… Which would explain why Philphy’s gayness was an “open secret” on set:

Phillip Schofield‘s sexuality was known by his This Morning colleagues for two years before he came out as gay on Friday, according to a source. 

Presenter Schofield, 57, shocked the nation with his revelation, but his sexuality is thought to have been an ‘open secret’ among his co-workers. 

The TV star, who admitted that he had suicidal thoughts and even sought therapy before coming out, is believed to have seen This Morning as a ‘safe space’, one where he didn’t have to worry about being outed… Source

Yet why would Schofield have to worry about being outed? After all, it is the norm to be gay in showbiz and certainly nothing to be ashamed about.

Although having said that, even the spin-doctors would have trouble portraying a supposedly squeaky clean 51 yr old family man shagging an 18 yr old starstruck boy as something to be applauded… Not that the article so much as mentions Matthew McGreevy.

But then again it wouldn’t would it?

However, it seems that Philphy and McGreevy are no longer an item and it is that break up that has led to Schofield coming out… In other words: Damage Limitation:

COWARDLY Phillip Schofield only came out to the nation on Friday after a secret affair with a This Morning runner was about to be exposed, it has been claimed.

Schofield, 57 is alleged to have been having an affair with a male runner called Matthew Mcgreevy who is said to have been “furious” that Schofe had apparently ‘f*cked him over’ and was reportedly going to go to the press. 

McGreevy is said to have had a ‘close working-relationship’ with Schofe but after they had a ‘bust up’ the studio runner left This Morning to work on rival ITV show Loose Women – fronted by Ruth Langsford. 

Rumours went into over-drive on the set of the hit daytime show after Ruth Langsford lodged an official complaint… Source

PHOTO: Ruth Langsford (center) and Matt McGreevy

Course, that in turn explains why the press have reported an ongoing feud between Schofield and Langsford (who co-presents ‘This Morning’ on a Friday):

TALKS of a strained relationship between Phillip Schofield and Ruth Langsford have been making headlines as viewers learn about behind-the-scenes tension on the This Morning team.

Things flared at the NTAs 2020 when the pair exchanged a VERY awkward hug during an acceptance speech for Best Live Magazine Show.

Back in 2019 The Sun revealed that Ruth Langsford has made an official complaint against Schofield while eight other ITV presenters have spoken to us about what they describe as a “toxic” environment at This Morning.

Ruth’s complaint follows an incident in April 2019 which saw Phillip rudely interrupt her while she was presenting a preview of Loose Women during an episode of This Morning… Source

Now I should point out that McGreevy isn’t mentioned in any of the many press articles about Langsford feud with Schofield, but would such a feud really exist just because Schofield interrupted her on live TV… I think not.

However, I DO THINK that there is much more to this Schofield/McGreevy “love story” than is being made known. Indeed, it is all getting very, very seedy.

Just sayin’.