Perpetuating The Myth


Christopher Spivey

I have great trouble believing the Kray Twin myth and the official story of the Moors Murders although I was not surprised by the publication of a recent article in the national press linking both.

After all, if you have learned anything from this site you will know that nothing but nothing told to us by the media is as it seems and in the world of monsters, everything has to connect with everything.

So let us have a closer look at that farticle:

Kray twins’ secret friendship with mum of Moors murder victim revealed

Ronnie and Reggie Kray formed a close bond with Ann Downey, whose daughter Lesley Ann, 10, was abducted, raped, tortured and killed by Ian Brady and Myra Hindley

The mum of a Moors murders victim was befriended by the jailed Kray twins, two of Britain’s most violent gangsters.

Killers Ronnie and Reggie Kray formed a strange secret bond with Ann Downey, the mum of tragic 10-year-old victim Lesley Ann.

The notorious twins, who had shared a jail wing with Moors murderer Ian Brady, became obsessed with the sickening murder of the young girl.

They sent numerous letters to Ann which her son discovered after her death.

Terry West also found letters from sadistic Brady and fellow Moors ­murderer Myra Hindley.

They cruelly taunted her over Lesley Ann’s rape, torture and murder on Boxing Day in 1964. The Krays’ letters were different in tone. Source

Okay, you can read the rest for yourselves but what we have there in fact is a lot of words saying fuck all.

I mean first off we are told twice in the first three paragraphs that the Kray twins formed a special bond with Ann Downey, yet the shit rag provides no proof of this bond whatsoever.

Indeed, the proof of the letters even existing is highly dubious. In fact the only proof is a photo of a typed letter allegedly signed by Ronnie Kray:

And I have to say that this is the first letter by one of the twins that I have ever seen that is not hand written – very suspect since without wishing to blow my own trumpet; I am somewhat of an authority on the life & times of the twins.

Course, the fairly long farticle is as you would expect; vague in detail. I mean, despite having this alleged bundle of correspondence (although how many letters make up the bundle is not stated) between Terry’s mother and the Kray twins, it is not possible to ascertain who wrote to who first.

Certainly, by the 1990’s the twins had been separated for at least 12 years so why on earth would they both be writing to Ann West? And even if they were, you then have to ask yourself what they were hoping to find out that Ian Brady couldn’t tell them in person, since the twins and Brady allegedly shared the same jail wing for a number of years in the early 1970’s.

And you can also forget about the old bollox harping on about how “the twins would not have lowered themselves to talk to Brady“, because the twins were predatory paedophiles themselves who had no qualms about murdering children.

Certainly, in his book “Running With The Krays“, the former gangster, Billy Webb describes how Ronnie & Reggie, raped and murdered a young rent boy and it is well documented about how they were supplying boys and girls from care homes for sex parties attended by the likes of Lord Boothby and Tom Drieberg.

Therefore, you would have thought that the 3 sick-fucks would have been the best of friends.

As for the claim that Hindley & Brady taunted Terry’s mother in letters, I do not believe it for one second. After all, not only is there not one shred of proof offered by way of publication that the letters were sent, but both Brady’s and Hindley’s mail would have been vetted before being posted… So do you really believe that nonsense?

You also have to question why these “letters” have only come to light now after 23 years, to which the answer would be that Terry West has a new book to flog. I mean let’s face it, he had to come up with something new 56 years after the murder of his sister didn’t he?

Mind you, not only did Terry come up with the letters for his new book, but he also came up with a new photo of his sister Lesley:

And I have to say that the girl in the above photo does not look like the previous photos of Lesley Ann:

Different nose not to mention the longer chin!

Mind you, non of the stories of Brady’s victims hold water and although I have already documented the inconsistencies in the fraud elsewhere on this site, it doesn’t hurt to have another recap.

So let’s start with Pauline Reade – Brady & Hindley’s first victim.

Now just like Lesley Ann Downey, for over 50 years Pauline had only been seen in the press in photos that – at best – could only be described as crap (see below)

Indeed, that *aherm, aherm photo is identical to the photo of murder victim, Beryl Evans:

I mean just take a gander at their eyes… Yet as soon as Ian Brady died, the following, much better quality photo of Reade appeared in the press:

Indeed, when you compare those two photos of Pauline with just about the only other one available, you would be justified in concluding that they are photos of three different people:

In fact Pauline looks more like an older Lesley Ann Downey in that last photo than she does compared to herself in the first two:

Now the story goes that Reade – who vaguely knew Hindley – was lured to the moor on the absurd pretence of helping Myra look for a glove that she had lost.

Nevertheless, it seems that Pauline gave up on her planned night out (she was already on her way to a dance, dressed to the nines when Hindley confronted her) to help Myra & Ian go searching miles away, on the dark boggy moor for a GLOVE!

And then, once on the cold moor, Ian – feeling randy – sexually assaulted and murdered Pauline.

Yet as the usual coincidence would have it, Pauline Reade lived next door to David Smith. Smith later went out with Myra’s sister Maureen and was the person responsible for putting a stop to Brady & Hindley’s reign of terror… More on Smith later.

Four months later, on November 23, 1963, Hindley approached John Kilbride in Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancs, and offered him a lift home, although why he would need a lift home is anyone’s guess.

And of course there is a lot of difference between a 16 year old girl and a 12 year old boy, but hey ho.

Brady then told Kilbride that he would give him some sherry, but they would have to make a detour on the Moor first… Something that Kilbride apparently agreed to.

Nevertheless, once on the moor Brady sexually assaulted the youngster and attempted to slit his throat with a six-inch serrated blade before fatally strangling him with a piece of string… Like ya do.

Mind you, quite how Brady managed to get sexually excited on a freezing November night on the moors is also anyone’s guess.

However, the thing is, Kilbride is almost identical in looks to victim number 3, Keith Bennett. Indeed, it doesn’t take much imagination to see how the photo of Keith Bennett has been used to create the photo of Kilbride:

Now according to the official version, Keith Bennett, 12, was on his way to his grandmother’s house on June 16, 1964, when Hindley lured him into her van.

Quite how she lured him is anyones guess but that is by the by.

She then drove to a lay-by on the Moor and Brady took the boy while Hindley kept watch.

Brady reappeared 30 minutes later having sexually assaulted and strangled Keith.

Course, you would have thought that by now, Hindley would have been a bit concerned that her boyfriend fancied little boys more than grown women, yet that fact never apparently crossed her mind.

Neither can either of the pair remember where Bennett is buried, despite Brady taking only 30 minutes to walk away from the lay-by, rape, kill and bury keith, before returning to Myra…. But then again, it was the 3rd time so perhaps they were no longer paying attention.

Mind you, I would have thought that by that time that they arrived at that lay-by, the 12 yr old would have been putting up quite a struggle against the slightly built Brady – who would have been further hampered with the shovel that he must surely have been carrying – not to mention screaming like a fucking banshee with piles… But who knows.

Course, it would make sense that the couple forget where the boys shallow grave is, being after the killing of Bennett, the couple apparently lost interest in murdering on the moor and decided to do the do in Myra’s house – the home that she shared with her grandma!.

It was there – in Myra’s bedroom, located next to her nan’s – that they filmed and recorded the torture, rape and murder of Lesley Ann Downey… Having somehow kidnapped her from a fair, where the TEN year old was enjoying a day out on her own!

Yet despite Lesley’s screams and cries for help, Myra’s nan – asleep in the bedroom next door – never heard a thing. Neither did Nanny Hindley see fuck all when the following morning Brady and Hindley left the house with Downey’s body and drove to Saddleworth Moor where she was buried, naked with her clothes at her feet, in a shallow grave.

Course, the fact that anyone could have seen the couple carrying the body from the house onto the moor for burial did not appear to concern them… But once again, hey ho… Indeed, I kinda suspect that Myra would have been a bit relieved that her fella had now switched preference for victims of the female sex.

Unfortunately for her, that change in preference was short lived since the couples final victim was all but a grown man… And this murder was probably the most suspect of all – not least by the way that he was lured to his death.

You see, on 6 October 1965 Brady & Hindley must have fancied doing a spot of murder so Brady simply popped down to Manchester Central railway station where he met 17-year-old apprentice engineer Edward Evans and invited him to his home… Like ya do.

Indeed, it kinda makes me wonder; if it is that easy, why I only get sex once every two or three years instead of two or three times a month! My bad.

And, whilst Brady was out train spotting, Hindley dispatched Grandma to bed and invited her unsuspecting brother in law, David Smith around to watch the show… Now I say unsuspecting, because Smith apparently had no idea that his sister in law and her fella were going to brutally murder someone in front of him, although you would have thought that they might have run it past him before hand to gauge how he would react.

Still, unconcerned by such trivialities, Brady & Hindley then proceeded to strike Edwards FOURTEEN times over the head with an axe, which must have been very noisy and messy since the blows failed to kill him, before finally strangling him to death.

They then carried his body upstairs to Myra’s bedroom all without waking Grandma. The unsuspecting Smith then made his excuses and left where he then – much to Brady & Hindley’s surprise – went to the police.

Course, I imagine that had he not of done, Brady planned to carry the body out of the house and bury it on the moors – just like he had done with Lesley Ann Downey.

That in turn begs the question as to how the fuck he thought that he would get away with that without being seen since Myra’s nan’s house is at the end of a row of houses (see photo below)

Who knows, perhaps they were going to roll his body over the fence to the road below where Brady kept his van!

Nevertheless, the Elephant in the room is that not one of those five victim stories add up. I mean had it just been one or two of them, then I might have given the old bollox the benefit of the doubt… But all five? Sorry, I just do not buy it.

Furthermore, there is much more proof to suggest that the Moors Murders did not happen, not least the fact that all photos of Hindley and Brady are faked. However, if you want to know what that proof is you will have to read my very long, detailed article “Bookends“.

And in that article I also further connect the Kray Twin myth with the Brady Bunch Bollox… Yet that is what it is all about – connecting one lot of old bollox together with another.

For instance, take the following highly improbable story which appeared in the Chimp last month:

A sick stalker kidnapped and repeatedly raped a woman during a nine-hour ordeal on Saddleworth Moors.

Malcolm Lockwood lay in wait before kidnapping the victim as she walked through woodland in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, and held her against her will for nine hours between May 2 and 3 last year.

Malcolm Lockwood

The 55-year-old drove his victim to isolated moors in the Delph area of Saddleworth where he raped her in a car.

Lockwood took her car keys and phone, repeatedly assaulted her and threatened to throw her in the canal, saying: ‘You do realise you are going to die today’. 

He made the woman touch herself and took a photo and also took photos of him abusing her.

Lockwood also threatened to cut her vagina with a Stanley knife and went to the boot to retrieve one, but it was not there.

He told the woman to get in the car and he began driving along the M62 towards the moor. At one point during the journey, he threatened to throw her off Scammonden Bridge.

When the car stopped at an isolated spot on the moors, he began phoning people and during one of those phone calls she shouted for help. 

The person on the other end of the phone called the police, prompting a cross-county manhunt involving a police helicopter. Source

And of course, no one thinks of Saddleworth Moor without thinking about Brady & Hindley which will explain why the photo of Martin Lockwood is just a photoshopped version of Ian Brady’s mugshot:

Just sayin’.

And whilst I am just sayin’, I should also point out that the monthly site fees are due in two days and I am still over 30 squid short. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to make up that shortfall and if no one else does, this site will be off line shortly afterwards.