Pass the sick bucket


Dale Martin/ The Telegraph

Dale Martins take on the Royal Baybeee. 

Dale Martin

I promised myself that I would not comment on the ridiculous spectacle of the Royal baby arse kissing mania, as of April 2012, 2000 babies on average are born in the United Kingdom every single day. What is so special about this one, beyond the fact that it will bleed the taxpayer dry of more money than the combined remaining 1,999 could ever manage to. I see nothing else of note regarding its arrival into this world.

But……………. we have the disabled being slaughtered, rising poverty and homelessness and some mindless bloody fool hands a card with £10 in it to the Prince of Wales to buy the newest taxpayer leeching edition to the Royal family a bloody teddy bear.

I am honestly and sincerely gob-smacked at the depth of fawning and arse kissing some in our society are capable of,,,,,,,,, Buy a teddy bear for a child in a terminal hospital ward, now there is a good and decent idea, but buy one for the most pampered and taxpayer funded child in the United Kingdom……….. An act that makes me puke.