Paper Thin

Christopher Spivey


Nineteen year old Laura Munday has Anorexia Nervosa… Or at least she used to have according to the Chimp.

Course, the Monkey-Boyz have a bit of an obsession with bodies and weight and where their articles on weight are concerned – be that fat or thin – I have never seen one yet where the person involved wasn’t photoshopped.

Nevertheless, the article informs us that those dark days are long gone for Laura Munday and the teenager now has a bright future – something that not so long ago looked to be pie in the sky after her weight dropped to six stone.

What the fuck is an “ilnness”?

Still, don’t worry about that old fanny because after a 3 month stay in a weight-watchers-cafe Laura is back up to a healthy eight and a half stone.

Photo: Laura’s back… Photo courtesy of SWNS, Spy Agency.

Now I have to say that Laura looks far too much like Erin McQuade – victim of the Glasgow bin lorry bollox – in the above photo for it to be a coincidence.

Not to mention Erin’s ‘friend’, Gemma McConnel.

Who are in reality both the ‘blogger’ Zoella, meaning that Laura should also look like her.

Just sayin’.

Nevertheless, when we look at a full body shot of Laura we can see that eight and a half stone is probably about right for her.

Therefore, six stone is nowhere near a dangerous weight for a girl whose usual weight is around the eight and a half stone mark, which is in fact blatantly obvious when you look at the photos of Laura at the height of her condition.

Not healthy but hardly anorexic. In fact Laura looks worse in the photos of herself with clothes on (below), although I question why she would take selfies like the two above.

Course, when you compare her waist in the photo on the right with the two above in her underwear you have to ask why the photos have been sculpted.

In fact when looking at photos of Anorexics you have to ask if Laura – who looks fuck all in the poorly photos like she does in the well ones – really had anorexia at all.

Course, the fact that Laura is presented as being an inspiration by beating Anorexia and then going on to become a part time model (don’t they all?) and attending an Oxford University where she is studying ‘Social Work’, makes the story more suspect still. source

And with a similar story in today’s Chimp (see HERE) it isn’t hard to work out that there is an agenda in play… Working out exactly what that agenda is, isn’t so easy.

Just sayin’.