You can tell a lot from photos

Chris Spivey.


This whole thing stinks to high heaven.

Twenty fucking minutes for the old Bill to turn up.

No one thought to get the Army out?

All the early descriptions given are wrong. Why would they carry all those weapons. You can only use one. Why does the old lady suddenly disappear out of the video.  More


The Guardian



There is fuck all in the Guardian article below to suggest that this was a terrorist attack or that the fella involved had his head cut off.

Except of course the woman in the articles testomony which contradicts the MSM reports.

So why are the police treating it as a terrorist attack?

The fella wasn’t in army uniform so why was it straight away suggested that he was a soldier?

Okay, the bird in the article says the attacker told her that the victim was a soldier, but how did they know he was if he wasn’t in uniform?

So why are so many MP’s calling it a terrorist attack?

Why has Cameron and Miliband cut their trips short? Why has Bizzy Lizzy been informed?

Why has Cameron been so irresponsible by calling it a terrorist attack and thus inflaming the situation.

Already reports are coming in of attacks on Mosques. Isn’t inciting racial hatred a crime when the government do it?

What is going on?

I will tell you!

Its because these no good cunts are purposely whipping up racial hatred.

They HAVE to go. They are the enemy, not the Muslims.

More to follow later, but I can tell you that I have proof of things that make no sense at all and which are now quickly disappearing off the net.

Even the article below is contradicted by the photo evidence. This is staged and I will prove it to you very soon.

Don’t believe the truth.



Don’t think twice, its alright.

Chris Spivey

Christ our politicians make me fucking sick.

Yesterday, I put an article on this site alleging that the London Mayor, Boris Johnson has gone and done a Cecil Parkinson by having a child with his bit on the side – much to the upset and humiliation of Mrs Johnson and his children I would imagine.

Bo Jo may play the buffoon but when it comes to having extra marital affairs, it would seem that he’s a fucking expert, since this affair wasn’t his first.

So I cannot for the life of me, understand why the idiotic British public are so fond of the pampered, piss taking cunt.

Someone even left a comment on that afore mentioned article stating something along the lines of: They aren’t bothered whom he had kids by since it doesn’t affect his ability to do his job properly.

Fuck me! If he can’t be trusted to stick to his marriage vows, how the fuck can he be trusted with anything else.

The simple answer to that is that he can’t.

In fact, he has proved that time and again.

Johnson, supposedly an extremely clever man has – by his own admission- frequently taken drugs… Not the smartest thing to admit to.

He certainly isn’t clever enough to stop himself getting caught fraudulently dipping into the politicians cash cow, AKA the public funds extorted from the hard working nations wage packets via income tax.

And when his jewel thieving, insurance scamming mates want to have someone’s legs broken, Bo Jo is happy to supply them with the address of the victim.

Neither does he respect other people’s property, despite them having to actually work to pay for their things.

A typical example would be the case of his neighbours BMW which sustained three and a half grand’s worth of damage after Bo Jo’s rotten tree fell on it. Instead of apologetically paying up, like any other decent person would, the piss taking cunt offered the man £375… The buffoon is a fucking gangster by any other name. (Click HERE for more Bo Jo sleaze)

Yet unbelievably -apart from Liverpool – Johnson is well received wherever he goes. More

Work or die trying.



You can always tell when Iain Duncan Smith is lying because his lips are moving.  This was proven last week as it happens, when the dopey cunt was rumbled for rambling on about how well his reforms are doing based on fabricated statistics.

Course, you only need to look at the rate that people are dropping dead or committing suicide to realise that something is very, very, wrong with these welfare reforms.

Yet the smug mugs in government ignore the blood on their hands and use made up statistics to justify their ineptitude. Fuck me! the cunt Cameron even ignores letters from other MP’s telling him that the ATOS Doctors assessing these poor people as fit for work are under orders to pass them fit – even when they clearly are not.

Yet the machine still marches on. Why?

Because everything is going the way it is meant to for those who really dictate policy. Dickhead Smiff is a monumental failure at everything he does. So, unless you deliberately want something to be a disaster, you certainly don’t put someone with a proven track record of failure in charge.

Take no fucking notice of the monotonous, imbecilic, mantra repeatedly trotted out by the slimey snotballs  that the benefit bill has got to be slashed by £10 Billion or its the end of the world as we know it… That is nothing more than propaganda.

The government message is loud and clear. There is no money to be made from those who don’t work. Therefore, you will work as a slave, or you will die trying.

Either way, they really couldn’t give a fuck.

Get these soulless cunts out of office now.   


Boris’s secret lovechild and a victory for the public’s right to know

The Daily Mail


Honest to fucking god, the people running this country are totally devoid of moral decency.

Article to follow on this subject sometime later today, but fuck me, we really have to get rid of these cunts. 


The public does have a right to know about Boris Johnson’s philandering past, the Appeal Court confirmed.

It rejected claims by Helen Macintyre, with whom the married Mayor of London had an affair, that the birth of their daughter Stephanie must remain secret.

Speculation over the paternity of Stephanie, who has a wild mop of flaxen hair and instantly recognisable features, surfaced the summer after her birth in November 2009.  More

Disabled woman judged ‘not worth saving': Charity claims hospital doctors let her die after she developed pneumonia

The Daily Mail


Anyone who has studied history will know that it has been blatantly obvious for the last 5 or 6 years, that this country has been following the blueprint for the rise of the Third Reich to the letter.

 Therefore, condemning the disabled to death is just another step closer to completion… Still. Enough trivialities. Did you see Corrienders last night. So true to real life, you could almost believe they aren’t actors.



What a load of bollocks… All five of em.

The Daily Mail


There is something not quite right about this something not quite right investigation. 

Now, for those of you who need me to explain every single word I write, I am not condoning flashing underage girls. But if the ex Corrie actor Neville buswell is being investigated for flashing 2 underage girls in the 1960’s I think that I am going to commit Hari Kari.

I mean, come on, unless he has five bollocks or something, there is zero chance of a conviction. As it is, the Old Bill are going out on a limb with Barlow’s rape charges in the 1960’s. Having said that, there is a mile of difference between flashing someone and raping someone.

If I was a detective, I’d jack the fucking job in. I mean, fuck me, they seem to spend their time chasing 45 year old misdemeanour’s and a transit load of cleaners in Portugal… Then again, nice work if you can get it I suppose. 

Meanwhile, they ignore the obvious leads like errr Big Ears and his Paedo Pa. Or possible burial sites for a little girl who has been missing for 6 years. 

They are taking the piss and not even trying to hide the fact. Course, come the end of the investigation, they can turn around and say “look, we left no stone unturned. We even investigated flash Gordon from the 60’s”

If a fella in his early 20’s went out today and flashed an underage girl he would only get a fine and put on the nonce register, so fuck knows what they are hoping to gain by investigating Buswell… It certainly isn’t credibility

And whose paying for this old bollocks? Exactly.

I get more deflated by the fucking day, a tell thee.





The Proffesionals

The Daily Mail



No, seriously, stop it. 

Fuck me, I know people haven’t got the sense they were born with and are gullible enough to believe the ‘f’ in gullible is silent, but get a fucking grip. 

Six years after Madeleine McCann disappeared the police have come up with 20 new suspects; 6 British cleaners who took a wrong turn at Dover and 6 shifty looking Portuguese labourers invisible to the naked eye. Six plus six equals twenty. I know that because the MSM says it is.

But wait!

 Our police force are so on the ball that they are now looking at around 30 new suspects after adding a middle aged couple to the twenty or so other dozen suspects from yesterday… Fuck me, I wish I was making this shit up.

Apparently, this new old couple heard Madeleine crying and thought, “Fuck me, there’s a child crying in that apartment lets let ourselves in and comfort her”… WHAT? … It Happens a lot, I’ll have you know.

Many a time when my Stacey was a little-un  I would hear her cry and walk into her bedroom to comfort her only to find that a random old couple had beaten me to it.

And for all those that doubt the police are conducting a thorough investigation, stick this in your pipe and smoke it:

The Old Bill have a theory that whoever kidnapped Maddy may have been watching her from an apartment. So, after two years of painstaking detective work, our doggedly, determined, defective, detectives have managed to narrow this theory down to four apartment blocks – the four blocks that surround the McCanns apartment… Brilliant Sherlock, quite fucking brilliant.

Who said our police force was thick as pig shit? 

Meanwhile, sources have told me that the police also have another suspect in mind. Apparently she is a lanky, black, stocky, Caucasian looking man who stands around 5ft 2inches tall, is slight in build and of Oriental descent. Further more, police defectives have so far been able to narrow the search for this suspect down to 5 billion people.  

Scotland yard which is actually in England (Geography GCSE not being needed to become a policeman) Detectives have also ruled out the possibility of Madeleine being buried in Robert Murats driveway based on the fact that they are not considering it.

The British Police and the British MSM – keeping you safe and informed.  


How rising numbers of men are having laser treatment to cure their hairy ‘hobbit feet’

The Daily Mail


The last article I put on here was about how needy and wimpy fellas have become.

And now I come across the following article.

Nothing more to say really, so I’ll just shake my head slowly.

Beam me up Scotty.


Where have all the real men gone?

The Telegraph


I really hope that this Tony Breeze didn’t kill himself because of his debts. It was certainly an extreme way to go about it if he did. And, by that, I mean I hope that it was an accident.

But what if he did mean to kill himself? Which, to be honest wouldn’t surprise me.

After all, I wouldn’t expect anything less from a nation of people brought up to be selfish, needy, inconsiderate and most importantly, devoid of any back bone.

When things get too much, and lets face it, it doesn’t take much to get the British Wimps feeling sorry for themselves, it is too easy an option to take the selfish, cowardly,  easy way out.

Fuck me, we really are doomed.

Tony’s phone was ringing day and night apparently, with debt collectors ringing for money… Poor fella… Say ahhhh.

So what were his options? He had two really. He could get rid of the harassment by getting rid of himself, or he could grow a pair, educate himself and tell them to fuck off.

Alas, in this nanny state country the first option is the easiest way. Fuck those he leaves behind, including his 5 year old daughter who now has no man to protect and keep her safe.

Five or six years ago I purposely let myself fall into debt to see if it was really as easy as I had read to get out of.

The debt came about because I had a minimum 24 month contract with T-Mobile which after 36 months was up for renewal again. Course, as you will probably know, unless you actually tell a company that you don’t want to renew a contract, the company goes ahead and renews it anyway – A fucking liberty in my book.

A couple of months prior to this renewal with T-Mobile they had pissed me off anyway. So, what I did was start a contract with Talk-Talk, cancelled my direct debit for T-Mobile and let them find out themselves that the contract  that they had kindly renewed without asking me, wasn’t getting paid.

That didn’t stop them trying for 3 months… Three fucking months to take their DD payment from my bank. Course, I had, had one or two letters from them, which I had filed in the kitchen bin.

By now, the £25 per month DD was at £85 since they had kindly added a £10 charge for their inconvenience.

And then the Debt Collectors got involved and they love to ring you up and write you letters threatening to fuck your wife while being force fed your bollocks… All scary stuff… Not.

Course they too had added on their bit to the £85 I allegedly owed T-Mobile. £60 odd quid if memory serves… I wasn’t that interested to be honest.

I simply put the Debt Collecters on notice. It really is as simple as that. After doing so, I received one more letter from the debt collectors… Count it… One. And no more phone calls.

A month after that I received another letter from T-Mobile themselves.  And that was the end of the matter. No payments, no court case, no setting myself on fire.

And all it took was a little bit of backbone and a lot of educating myself.

Since then I have had Rochford District Council going to ruin me because I refuse to pay a £90 bill they say I owe. I have had the same bunch of ‘give its’ threaten me with a 50 grazillion pound fine for not going on the electoral role… Check it out, you won’t find my name there.

And I have had the Census police knocking at my door. Remember them. “You dont fill out the census, its prison for you chummy”.

Their knuckles wore out knocking long before my bum, sat in my chair did. In any event, I couldn’t fill the Census form in. I had used it to put my paint pots on while I decorated.

And then there’s the Water bills, the TV licence the Blah, blah, fucking blah. I paid them 13 years ago. See how these grabbing cunts are? You pay them once, they always want more.

And guess what?

Never once have I so much as thought about leaving my daughter to fend for herself. Then again, I never bought into the crap that everyone else seems to think is ‘the real world’.

If you want to know how to get out of debt, the following link is as good as any. Veronica: of the Chapman family –

I really hope that Tony Breeze did die by accident. Sadly I fear he didn’t. And by doing so, confirms what I know to be true.

Fuck me, we are doomed.

A bit of a do.

Me & My Sun


Pompous politicians, ageing celebrities and Katharine Jenkins, all dressed in their Sunday Best, turned out in their droves, to bid farewell to Margaret Thatcher.

Meanwhile, the mugs who paid for the vile, perverted, old paedophile, Witch’s funeral stayed away.

You see, typically, like everything else the mugs pay but aren’t invited to the gatherings. 

But, before we see who did go to this much ado about nothing affair, lets have a look at Maggie Mad Thatcher in action by clicking HERE  .

As you will see, it is a bit unclear whether or not Slaggy Maggie is trying to intimidate the woman or hypnotise her.

Be sure to watch the eye’s, its always in the eyes.


How low can YOU go?

The Daily Mirror


Fuck me, we really, really are turning into a nation of pathetic doormats.

A mum who fed her son on meals costing £10 a week has won a ‘lucrative’ book deal to publish her recipes.

Give me fucking strength.

I should think it was a lucrative deal. Now the government can justify reducing benefits so as all ‘scroungers’ can live on £10 a week cheap tinned food pimped up to look posh.

I would like to rant, but I am fast losing the will to live.

If I had a tin of beans a day, with an egg and a slice of toast I could live on a fiver a week. Do I get a lucrative book deal now?

Here is another money saving tip. Go to bed as soon as it gets dark. only wash yourself and your clothes when it rains and dont buy any fresh food. You will save a fucking fortune on utility bills.

Then maybe our Nonce Ponce MP’s can get a fifteen grand pay rise instead of a measly Ten.

What a fucking pathetic joke.

You are not put on this earth to scrimp and scrape and have a miserable fucking time. It does not have to be this way… It really, really doesn’t.

Get up off of your doorstep and end this misery.


Sex-claim Rolf goes back on stage and tells his fans: ‘I’m learning to dance in the rain’

The Daily Mail


Is there no end to the British public’s hypocrisy?

Had knobber Harris been an ordinary Joe he would have been abused every time he left home.

Yet here we have fuck-wits giving him a standing ovation and shrieking “we love you Rolf”. I don’t know who “we” is but it certainly isn’t me.

I had been told about Rolf  before he was even questioned last November. Now! Why would that be if he is innocent? 

If there is any justice, Harris will be learning to dance in the Sex Case wing at Wandsworth Prison.


Laughing in the face of fools.

The Daily Mail


Three articles for the price of none. Can’t be fucking bad.

The first is about the £10,000 per annum pay rise that our useless, parasitic, wholly corrupt, sexual deviant politicians are set to pocket. That wage rise represents just under £3000 less than what a man working 40 hrs per week, 52 weeks a year earns on minimum wage.

Not that our piggy politicians have ever worked 40 hours a week in their lives. In fact, did you know that neither the useless cunt who represents me, The Right Horrible James Duddridge or his boss, the equally useless RT Horrible Cunt Cameron, will not even acknowledge receiving my communications?

There ought to be a law against that.

But have no fear that poor man! Working twice as long and twice as hard as those Pillocks of society MP’s of ours, is about to be rewarded. In October, you too are getting a wage rise. Not quite £10000 of course. Still, an extra £250 a year isn’t to be sniffed at is it?

According to the Daily Mail: “A senior MP  feared they would be accused of  having their ‘snouts in the trough’ but argued: ‘Voters may not like it, but if you pay peanuts you get monkeys.” 

So, “voters may not like it” aye?  Which is just another polite way of saying “fuck you”.

And then!… And then!  The cheeky three dimensional skid mark had the absolute bare faced gall to say that “if you pay peanuts you get monkeys”. 

True, I suppose.

But by the same token, if you pay, pampered, thieving, rich nonces, wholly undeserved, vastly inflated wages for doing fuck all, you also get 650 useless cunts taking the right fucking piss.

Honest to fucking god people. The cunts need hanging.

The second article is all about how The Cunt Cameron said he is prepared to run the country without, Nick Clegg following a series of rows.

Never mind the fact that the coke sniffing, knob end couldn’t run a tap, he was deadly serious when he said it… No fucking smile or fuck all.

A cue to enter Naughty Nigel somewhere along the line no doubt… The bent cunt will no doubt also ask Naughty Nigel for help too.

Article three is about the afore mentioned Dick Clegg, and that money he stole on behalf of his foreign wife. If Dick keeps upsetting the Cunt Cameron, Dick could well find this little embarrassing theft refusing to go away, don’t cha even know.



McCann case solved. It were them there cleaners that done it.

The Daily Mail


Could this case get any more like a bad Keystone cops movie?

After 6 years the old bill are now  putting 6 British cleaners and 6 Portuguese manual workers in the frame!

And you know whose fucking paying for this shit don’t you?

Meantime, Portuguese, Italian and Argentinian newspapers are carrying reports today about Stephen Birch’s findings, yet you will not find the merest mention of his name in the British MSM.

Moreover a South African radio station SAFM, have cancelled a forthcoming interview with Stephen.

The radio station cancelled after receiving an E-mail threatening legal action, a copy of which I have seen. Their Email to Stephen begins:

This is the email that we received this morning, warning us about your interview. In light of this development, we were advised not to proceed with the interview until further notice.

If you look at the photo above of Robert Murats driveway you can see how simple a task it would be to excavate the area that Stephen claims Madeleine is buried in. Whoever undertook the task would be doing Murat a favour since all those weeds would be cleared.

I would also remind you that ever since the 1st of July 2012, the British newspaper, the Daily Star has been trying to force the UK’s Home Secretary, Theresa May to release crucial files relating to Madeleine’s disappearance.

For reasons unknown – but not hard to guess at – Theresa May has taken all steps necessary to thwart the Star:

CRUCIAL files relating to Madeleine McCann’s disappearance are being kept secret by the Government to avoid a diplomatic war with Portugal.

They contain discussions between Home Office ­officials and the Met over ­vital information on the case.

But Home Secretary Theresa May and her staff have spent the past nine months preventing the Daily Star Sunday from obtaining the papers.

They said there would be “specific detriment to the UK’s relationship with Portugal” if the four files were released.

Ms May also claimed disclosure of three of the documents would “stifle discussion” ­between ­officials.

But we understand the papers may show a difference of opinion between the Home Office and Met officers, who are reviewing the files on Madeleine’s 2007 disappearance in Praia da Luz. Read more

Yet it was Theresa May who – given the above – inexplicably gave the go ahead for Operation Grange, the Mets on going review of the McCann case.

Put another way, the Met are investigating Madeleine’s disappearance while their own government are withholding evidence… You couldn’t make this shit up.

As I said in an earlier article, the simple task of digging Murats driveway up would put an end to the speculation.

Instead, the Portuguese authorities, Scotland Yard and the McCann’s who – in theory – all have something to gain by digging up the drive are out-rightly opposed to it.

By the same token, Stephen Birch, who – in theory – has everything to lose by digging up the drive is being silenced under threat of legal action.

And, in the meantime, instead of investigating a wholly credible, potential burial site, our diligent police force waste more of the taxpayers money chasing cleaners and labourers.

The world has gone fucking mad.


Maid who claims she saw Michael Jackson shower with Wade Robson when he was EIGHT ‘asked to testify at choreographer’s new lawsuit’

The Daily Mail


I don’t doubt for a minute that Michael Jackson was a paedophile. However, this new lawsuit by Wade Robson is a difficult one to call.

The fella didn’t help himself by saying that Jackson never abused him back in 2005 when the singer was on trial. To now turn round and say Wacko Jacko did abuse him does smack of cashing in on the late stars estate.  


Better by Smiles

Ruth Smiles


When I first received the following article via Email, me old heart skipped a beat. You see, I thought it was from that lil minx at the Mail, Ruth Styles.

Never the less, I’m sure Ruth Smiles is equally as lovely and even if she isn’t, the article is still worthy of a read.

Should anyone else wish to to submit an article to me, I am always happy to publish well written work… Provided that I agree with the content of course… It is my name above the door when alls said and done.


Revealed: Ukip official gave money to the BNP

The Telegraph


It don’t get no better does it?

And they are not even in power yet. 

Get a fucking grip.

A matter of credibility

Correlo da Manha /The Daily Mail.


The first of the following two articles was published today in Portugal’s best selling newspaper and is to do with Scotland Yards announcement that they have drawn up a new list of suspects in connection with the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

You will have to forgive the poor Google translation although you will still be able to get the gist of what the article is saying.

Now the thing is, unlike the second article which is taken from the Daily Mail, you will notice that the Portuguese press have given Businessman turned investigator Stephen Birch his say on the matter.

Those of you who have read my article ‘Digging for Madeleine’ will instantly recognise the name.

For those of you who haven’t read it; why the fuck haven’t you? You can find the article HERE.

I do in fact find it most strange that unlike the press in the country where Madeleine went missing, the press in the country that is  leading the investigation into her disappearance – namely the British press –  refuse to even acknowledge Stephen Birch’s findings.

Yet, 6 years after Madeleine went missing, this improbable police list of new suspects is front page news… Smells like the usual Bullshit to me.

I will remind you that the findings of Stephens 14 month long investigation, at huge personal cost to himself, have been verified by 6 independent experts, all of whom agree that there appears to be something buried in Robert Murat’s rear driveway in the spot identified by Stephen.

It is also blatantly obvious that Stephen is a huge thorn in Kate McCann’s side and as such you have to wonder, just why the fuck she is so opposed to the simple task of excavating the area where Stephen claims her daughter is buried.

I find the fact that she uses the excuse of ‘letting herself be guided by the police” as rather pathetic under the circumstances and makes somewhat of a mockery of  her and her husband’s much trotted out mantra about “leaving no stone unturned in their quest to find Madeleine”.

Surely, it is in everyone’s best interest to put an end to the speculation by digging up the Murat driveway. If nothing else, it will get Stephen off the McCann’s back, vindicate them, and prove that they have nothing to hide.

In the meantime, I’m afraid that until the dig is done, the police investigation continues to lose credibility and the McCann’s continue to look more suspect by the day.



“Infamy, Infamy, They’ve All Got It Infamy” – Carry on Nigel

The Daily Mail


The problem that I have with Nigel Farage, apart from him being an ex City Moneyman – for the Rothschild’s no less (thank you Trevor) – is that he is no different from the 650 cast members of the Westminster puppet show that we already have. 

For instance, he is all cocky, smug and smarmy when he is insulting others such as the President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy – whom he famously accused of having the charisma of a damp rag, amongst other ripe comments.

Yet when the boot is on the other foot, that calm, self assured facade quickly crumbles followed by an hysterical hissy fit – A sure fire trait of a typical bully boy politician.

And, in typical political fashion, he has also proved himself to be untrustworthy and lacking in integrity, having had at least one extramarital fling.

Moreover, he is no different to all the other needy, greedy robbing bastards when it comes to his expenses, having claimed  well over £2million  worth  over the past 12 years.

Neither do his faults stop there since he  appears unwilling or unable to control his UKIP party members, many of whom appear to be at best; fuck-wits.

For instance, in February of this year his former UKIP youth leader, Ollie Neville posed the question: “What is wrong with necrophilia”, before going on to defend Jimmy Savile’s favourite pastime. SOURCE

Then there was UKIP Counsellor candidate, Geoffrey Clarke, who  sparked outrage by calling for discussion on whether unborn babies with Down’s syndrome or spina bifida should be compulsorily aborted SOURCE… Another Colin Steptoe Brewer, me thinks.

And just today, the Daily Mail has revealed that a wealthy new UKIP backer is of the opinion that women who wear trousers are ‘deliberately’ making themselves unattractive to men.

The Backer in question, Greek tycoon Demetri Marchessini, continued in talking bollocks about women by saying not wearing a skirt is  ‘hostile behaviour’.

Mind you, judging by Farage’s desire to be ‘one of the lads’, I don’t doubt that he would agree.

However, quite why a Greek donor would contribute to the UK Independence party is beyond me.

I also see to my dismay, that some of the comments left on the farage article that I put on here earlier today are in favour of giving him a chance.

For some inexplicable reason, reading those comments brought Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity to the forefront of my mind: “Doing the same thing over and over again an expecting different results”.

I sometimes wonder if even those who are wide awake, really get it.

The last thing we need right now is another manufactured political party adding to the mix. All political parties must be outlawed, and slimey cunts like Farage made to crawl back under the rocks from whence they came.


Children as young as five watch in horror as pensioner walks into their Paris kindergarten and shoots himself dead

The Daily Mail


I personally find it extremely hard to believe that people, of their own free will, randomly walk into a school and either blow the children’s head off, their own head off, or both.

Why would they do that? Notoriety?

I mean, if they are trying to make a point why not blow their heads off outside government HQ? It doesn’t make sense at all, to walk into a school and do it.

Why subject little children to the terror, shock and gore?

Course, we know that there is a lot more to the likes of Dunblane and Sandy Hook shootings, than we are being told. I kinda suspect the same of this shooting in Paris.

There is a clue in one of the eyewitness statements: ‘The man was killed with a gun, He fell on the ground, there was lots of blood everywhere. I thought it was a terrorist.’

How many 5 year olds talk like that? 

Just saying.


Act 3, scene 2. Sally goes to court

Christopher Spivey


And still the Bercow vs McAlpine pantomime carrys on in the high court.

Unbelievable as it may seem, people buy into this shit.

I will remind you of some facts:

Sally Bercow is married to John Bercow, the speaker of the house of commons, and long time MP.

There is no way on earth that he doesn’t know about the corruption and paedophilia prevalent amongst his fellow MP’s.

Like McAlpine, Bercow is a Freemason, the relevance of which, I do not have the time or inclination to go into here.

Now for the script:

The Savile scandal breaks threatening to bring down the Government, the Royal Family and the Establishment as a whole. The scandal needs to be contained. Drastic action is needed.

Enter Alistair McAlpine, one time Tory heavyweight in the nonce infested Slaggy Thatcher government. His mission: To put a stop to anyone naming names.

In 2000 McAlpine wrote the following passage:

Spread false defeat to gain public sympathy; or false accusation and then arrange for it to be exposed as such – so the accuser will forever be treated with suspicion.

Rumours were then mysteriously leaked to the public that McAlpine was set to be named on ‘Newsnight’ as one of those powerful figures involved in the Welsh Care Homes child abuse scandal. The leak triggers wide spread speculation on the internet that he is a paedophile

However, unsurprisingly McAlpines name was never mentioned on ‘Newsnight’. More

Farage comes down to earth with a bump… Again.

The Daily Mail


It was great to see Nigel Farage being run out of town following his attempt to make a speech in Scotland. Whether the protesters were specifically hired for the occasion or not matters little to me on this occasion, because they are right.

Even if Farage himself isn’t a racist, there are plenty of  his Party members who are, and plenty with other kind of extreme views abhorrent to right minded people too.

One thing is for sure, Farage is a moneyman having worked in the City for years. Straight away, that should get alarm bells ringing. Especially amongst those who are clued up on the money scam.

The truth is, UKIP is no different to what we have. They are still puppets to the corporate elite, designed to look like a radical alternative.  Even if they swept to power, the end result will still be the same I.E The NWO.

As for Farage being one of the lads? I find it extremely worrying that people would put their faith in someone who see’s nothing wrong with a pint or two at 10.30 in the morning.  If as little as two pints is enough to impair your ability to drive, what hope has someone who thinks nothing about drinking at 10.30 in the morning got of making sensible decisions which could potentially have a profound effect on millions of people. 

Another fucking idiot, masquerading as a good guy.

Don’t believe the truth.


Lost Prophet? Lost fucking cause, more like.

Sky News, with thanks to Ricky.


The Lost Prophets singer Ian Watkins is to go on trial this summer on a conspiracy to rape a baby charge. Watkins is obviously pleading not guilty as you will see from the article below.

However, after watching a you tube video of a Watkins interview, (malware infected link(Wolfie)) and then reading the comments, an eagle eyed friend of mine found himself (malware infected link (Wolfie)), a particularly twisted website where Watkins goes under the name of nastynasty.

Indeed he is.

Does this prove his guilt? 

No, of course not. But it certainly doesn’t help his case.

For anyone worried about clicking on the link, it isn’t child porn, but it is fucked up shit. You have been warned.


Amy Winehouse death: Neighbour in Camden heard ‘screaming and howling’

London 24, with thanks to arcim


Here’s something that wasn’t widely reported at the time.


People who knew Amy Winehouse in Camden, north London, have been speaking after the singer’s death at the age of 27. More

All you gotta do is act naturally

The Daily Mail


Here we have the tales of 2 bomb victims who both lost their legs… Although in fairness one did lose more.

The first article is about British Soldier Rick Clement who lost both of his legs in Afghanistan. Amazingly, and quite refreshing, I have to say, is the fact that the Daily Mail hasn’t included the usual old bollocks such as; “Hero loses his legs fighting for his country” etc, etc… However, I rather suspect that Rick Clement’s wife insisted that the propaganda rag didn’t print such nonsense.

The truth is, Rick’s life is in tatters because he was in a foreign land he had no business being in. He was not fighting for us, our safety or our freedom. He lost his legs because he was part of an invading force doing the bidding of his corporate masters. Therefore, I am afraid he has only himself to blame. If that sounds harsh, I couldn’t give a fuck. 

You see, the fact of the matter is that the sooner these young men in the British army realise that they are not heroes and that they are being used, the sooner there will be peace.

Course, I cannot say if Rick knew for sure what he was doing in Afghanistan or not, but either way I am very quickly losing sympathy for our troops who are horribly maimed or killed. You see, far from making the world a safer place, they are in fact putting me and you and our children in grave danger.

Anyone who does that to me and mine is no hero in my book.

Rick Clements life lays in ruins before its even begun. For this he received just over half a million pounds. I doubt very, very much he feels a hero or that it was worth it.

The second article is about another young man who also lost both his legs in a bomb blast… Allegedly.

Had he lost them in the bomb blast that we are told, then I could have been as sympathetic as anyone. Instead, It does in fact sicken me that so many people are touting him as a brave hero.

The fella in question is of course Boston ‘bomb’ victim Jeff Bauman. Unlike Rick Clement, the Daily Mail is touting Bauman as a hero and a true patriot… Pass me the fucking sick bag.

I have been criticised by some dumb fucks in forums who have come out with crap such as “I would like to see him accuse Jeff to his face of not losing his legs in Boston”. .. Fuck me, I would fucking love too. I didn’t buy it then, and I certainly don’t buy it now.

Course, Bauman, being a lot tougher than our Soldiers did not need the months spent in a rehabilitation hospital that Rick Clement did. Fuck me, Jeff’s only thought in fact, having had both of his legs amputated was to buy an 18 yr old fellow bomb victim a present.

Mind you, Jeff Bauman can afford to be generous. You see, unlike Rick Clement, Jeff Bauman has become a multi millionaire for helping to further the elite’s agenda… The sad part is, those who unwittingly further the agenda, get paid a dam sight less than those who do it knowingly.

Don’t believe the truth.



Mayor defends using women as ‘sex slaves’ in Japan during WWII claiming soldiers needed them for discipline

The Daily Mail

Its good to know that the Japanese hierarchy are as fucked up as ours and the Americans… Well its not good to know, but you know what I mean.

 “The Japanese military’s forced prostitution of Asian women before and during the Second Word War was necessary to ‘maintain discipline’ in the ranks and provide rest for soldiers who risked their lives in battle, an outspoken politician has said”.

Well, forgive me for speaking out of turn, but are the military not suppose to be disciplined in the first fucking place?

Moreover, would treating captive women with respect, compassion and humanity not have shown more discipline and self control than brutally raping them?

Furthermore, are you not just a horrible, warped, little cunt Mayor Toru Hashimoto?  Just like your Western counterparts.


Council driver ‘left dementia patient, 88, in bus overnight for more than 14 hours after forgetting about her’

The Daily Mail



Another unbelievable case of care workers failing in their duty at the expense of the old and vulnerable’s health and wellbeing.

Quite how this dozy bitch, driver managed to miss eighty eight year old Mrs Cook who was seated directly behind her is anyone’s guess.

However, it has to be said that if her observation and awareness of her surroundings is that poor, what the fuck is she doing driving a bus in the first place.

Questions also need to be asked at the care home Mrs Cook lives in, who unforgivably failed to notice her absence. 

This failure in care of duty by the health services is just another breathtaking fuck up in a long line of breath taking fuck ups. 

“these things happen” is not fucking good enough. Imagine how you would feel if Mrs Cook was your mother. 

Fuck me, is it any wonder I love my dogs so much.



To proceed or not to proceed

The Daily Mail



Bill Roache appeared in court yesterday. This appearance was what is known as a ‘directions hearing’  where it is decided whether or not a case proceeds to crown court (trial by jury).

Since the rapes that ‘Barlow’ is charged with took place in the late 1960’s, for this case to proceed to trial, the CPS must think that there is a better than average chance of a conviction… Just saying.

Meanwhile, Saviles old radio producer Ted Beston has had all charges against him dropped… Hands up those of you who are surprised.


What is going on in our schools?

The DailyMail


I put an article on here Sunday, revealing how that paedophile Eastenders actor Rob Turner had been a teacher at my daughters secondary school and how there had also been a nonce teaching assistant at her primary school. 

Those two facts had led me to question whether or not every school in England had a resident paedophile teacher in place.

Alarmingly, its looking as if that could very well be the case. Certainly, I seem to read about one pervert teacher or another on a daily basis.

Moreover, the number of teachers buying child porn on the internet is staggering judging by the large number arrested following Operation Ore.

Its bad enough that we send our kids to school to be brainwashed into believing wrong is right without having the extra worry of their teacher copping a feel of them.

Today’s resident nonce teacher is John Alway.

What I cannot understand is the fact that he appears to arrive at court holding the hands of his wife and daughter. Do they not realise that the vile cunt is there for the attempted rape of a child and 22 other charges of sexual assaults on children under the age of 12… Fuck innocent until proven guilty.

When someone is up on that many charges for the same type of offence i.e sexual assault on children, there is no mistake.

After I had found out about Paul Grocott, the nonce teaching assistant at my Staceys primary school, a thought struck me: Why would a man want to become a teacher to children aged 5-11?

Yes, I can understand a man wanting to become a teacher to older children. But lets face it, anyone with a certain degree of intelligence could teach 5-11 year olds. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist.

In fact, in my opinion primary school teachers are little more than glorified child minders setting their charges tasks to keep them occupied.

Its high time this country was purged of nonces and thieving ponce rich cunts… Lets go to war.


Enter the water cannon: Two years on from the riots that scarred Britain, hundreds of police are training at a secret base with a fearsome new deterrent

The Daily Mail


I spoke about this Water Cannon the other week.

Absolutely fucking disgusting.

Yet, all that the Daily Mails headline is missing is a fanfare.

There are plenty of better and much more needed things to spend £1.3Million on… And that is just the price of one.

And at the end of the day, its the real looters we need to get rid of… You know the thieving, out of control low life scum I mean. They can all be found in the houses of parliament… Useless cunts.



there write dem science menz dem dont ya no lol

The Daily Mail


Thank fuck for the Daily Mail and the MSM as a whole. 

Turns out the Victorians were cleverer than us and we do in fact have 14 IQ points LESS than our 19th Century ancestors.

This steady decline in brainpower is apparently due to what is called ‘reverse natural selection’.

Well, haven’t I got egg on my fucking face. 

You see, I have been harping on for years about how dummed down the population has become, especially noticeable within the last 20 years or so.

Course, muggins here put this down to fluoride in the water, vaccination programs, and GMO’s in food. 

How silly do I feel. If only I had studied for a white coat.


“Fancy a beer Kev?”

The Dailies Mirror & Mail


Actor Michael Le Vell, AKA Kevin Webster, got a pint thrown in his face while out drinking with his mates. He is lucky the culprit didn’t keep the forward momentum going and stick the glass there too. 

What ‘our Kev’ seems oblivious too is the serious and abhorrent crimes he is charged with (19 in all). He also seems to think that his celebrity profile is sufficiently high enough that by vigorously denying the charges he will be believed… Its not & he’s not. 

What the egotistical fuck-wit fails to understand is this is not the first time that he has been up in court for noncing. Neither was he found to be not guilty at that trial, and not everyone is as silly as he looked with beer dripping down his face.

Anyone with any sense would keep a low profile until after the trial… Wanker.

Similarly, A waxwork of the Street’s Ken Barlow AKA Bill Cockroache has now been removed from display at Madame Tussauds after it was attacked.

Quite what the waxworks museum expected by keeping the alleged child rapist’s dummy on show is beyond me.


Space very oddity.

The Daily Mirror


Such clarity, such choreography, such bollocks!

That is my opinion anyway. For a start he doesn’t say “beep” after each sentence.

What say yee? Real or PR?



The Daily Mirror


Some people just don’t appreciate when they are well off and when to keep their mouth shut.

Councillor Colin ‘Steptoe’ Brewer is obviously one of those people. 

It does appear to me that the sinister looking creepy cunt is revelling in his notoriety. 

Having rightly been forced to resign his seat 2 months ago following his abhorrent claim that ‘disabled children should be put down at birth’ , he was inexplicably, not to mention alarmingly, re-elected earlier this month.

This victory appears to have given Fart Brewer a renewed sense of self worth since the sick pervert has now said in connection with his warped view; that farmers deal with deformed lambs by “smashing them against a wall” adding, “If they have a misshapen lamb, they get rid of it. Bang.”

Presumably, the monster thinks doctors should do the same with newborn, disabled babies; “Bang”!

Now, I am a believer of free speech, but this ugly cunt Brewer is in public office and with that comes responsibility. The completely insane arsehole has definitely gone way, way, beyond the confines of acceptability.

Quite why that is, I can’t say for sure. However, I am beginning to suspect that the insidious son of spawn, has been manipulated back into position by design.

One thing I do know however is that in reality, the only cunt that needs his skull shattered against the wall is Colin Brewer.


It doesn’t have to be this way

The Daily Mail


As little as 40 years ago, most households – including the poor – only had one breadwinner. What’s more, families could manage on the one income,which is how it should be.

Men went out to work and women were housewives bringing up the children and looking after the home… A full time fucking job in itself. 

Now before  you women go calling me a male chauvinist pig, I have to tell ya that you would be very, very wrong.

I have no problem with women going out to work if that is what they want to do.

What I’m saying is, women have no choice but to go to work these days – whether they want to or not.

And that I’m afraid, is an indication of just how far the British standard of living has dropped. Then again, thats all part of the master plan.

Course, the fact that two incomes are necessary just to keep the family fed these days, has led to the breakdown in family life and values.

Parents are too tired and have too much to do once they get in from work to allow them to spend any quality time with their kids… And as far as I’m concerned, that ain’t living life the way its meant to be. 

Now, I do know what I am talking about here because I have brought my daughter up on my own since she was 6 months old – she’s now 17, nearly 18 years old.

Moreover, I can hand on heart say that the past 17 years have been the happiest and most rewarding of my life… The skintest too, because I had a few fucking bob before I gave my building business up to raise Stace, I can tell you.

But, if I hadn’t given it all up for her, there is no way in the world that we would have the bond that we do, and I can promise you that bond is worth more than having a big wad of cash in your pocket. 

Hark at me going all fucking soft… But its the truth, never the less.

Therefore, I cannot imagine any woman going out through choice, for 40 hours a week and doing some mundane job for a pittance, while entrusting a nursery to look after their children. 

Why would any mother, or father for that matter want to miss out on seeing their kids grow up?

And, its a fact that they do grow up quick. Too fucking quick.

Fuck me, it only seems like 5 minutes ago that I was pushing Stacey around Rochford in a push chair. More

Revealed: Samantha Cameron is descended from aristocratic slave owner

The Daily Mail


Had I the time and inclination I could very easily write an article about Sam Cam that would leave the reader in no doubt that she is every bit as wicked as the rest of her step fathers Satan worshipping family… Vile, vile woman and a clear case of never judge a book by its cover.



From Hell

Sunday World with thanks to Mark/ The Guardian


Fuck me! Cynthia Owens parents were on a par with Fred and Rose West.



We expose evil ring which victim Cynthia Owens claims abused children in posh Dublin suburb



The Daily Mail


This is a rather strange one.

Nineteen people are shot, two of them children at a Mothers day parade in New Orleans, America yet it barely gets a mention?

I’ll repeat that 

NINETEEN PEOPLE are SHOT, TWO of them CHILDREN at a MOTHERS DAY PARADE IN New Orleans AMERICA yet it barely gets a mention?

Fuck off wit ya.

Must have been a real shooting.

Either that or it hasn’t happened yet.

Or they are awaiting further instructions.


Makes sense to me

Henry Makow with thanks to Arcim / The Telegraph


The following Henry Makow (Red Ox) article proceeding this foreword is a very interesting read for those of you with an open mind.

There are quite a few interesting names thrown into the paedo ring too.

I have in fact, been hearing whispers quite a bit over the past few months about one of those mentioned – you may have noticed the hints.

One of the other’s, I must confess that I hadn’t really thought about, but I can certainly see why his name has been brought up.

And then, there are the usual suspects.

Below the Makow article is a Telegraph article, the contents of which are self explanatory, and very relevant to Henry’s article.  


Welcome to Mecca

The Su… To read the story provider give me some money/ The Daily Mail



Apparently, there is a certain kind of person, prepared to walk into a newsagents and waste their hard earned on a news rag that deals more in fiction than fact. 

Course, if you want to know the details about a paedophile teacher who has appeared in the BBC soap, Eastenders you would have to pay to do so.  More

Man restrained by Islington police dies in hospital

The Islington Gazette



Another clear case of Suicide… Nothing to see here folks, move along, move along.



Friday, May 10, 2013

A man who was forcefully restrained by Islington police officers has died in hospital, it emerged today.

Darren Neville, 28, was handcuffed and leg restraints applied after police were called to an incident in Aberdeen Park, Highbury, in March. More

Its true a tell thee. An expert said so

The Daily Mail


The following article begins: ‘When we think of  our early human ancestors, we typically picture them roaming as hunter-gatherers across wide African grasslands or arid dusty plains’.

Errr we fucking typically don’t. 

At least I don’t. In fact the idea that we descended from Apes is as ridiculous as the idea that there is a weirdy fuckin’ beardy fella in the sky, waiting to heap vengeance on us if we don’t follow his rules.


Now these so called fucking experts are pushing their latest myth that we descended from aquatic apes… No stop laughing, its true. 

No doubt next week they will announce that they have found evidence of water wings use to teach the little monkeys how to swim.

The funniest thing of all, is that sane, otherwise intelligent people will buy into this old bollocks hook line and sinker.


Because an expert said it. You really couldn’t make this shit up.

Beam me the fuck up Scotty.


Job seekers in Denmark who literally put themselves in the shop window

The Daily Mail


It certainly comes to something when the unemployed sit in a shop window hoping to be offered a job.

Isn’t that what prostitutes do in Amsterdam?

The pathetic fact of the matter  is that it really doesn’t have to be this way.

I keep saying it, in the hope that the Zombies will wake up, but fuck me, they must be in a coma.  



Paedophile MP’s are above the law say the Metropolitan Police

The Tap Blog


Having only just woken up after 3 hours Sleep, with the specific intention of going to pick my daughter up from a party I decided to have a quick check on here before I leave, and fuck me!

The first thing that I find is that the following news item penned by Tap over at the Tap Blog has been sent to me.

Now, while the contents of the article helped my fuzzy brain become a little clearer, I apologise in advance for this foreword, which will be brief and written with the groggiest head ever.

As I hope most of you already know. Ben Fellows made an official complaint to Police in regards to Tory MP Ken Clarke touching Ben’s Penis in the belief that he was only 15 yrs old at the time.

It now seems that Clarke wont face any charges and Bens reward for reporting the vile crime is that he has been told to stay off the internet.

Course, if you people now let this gross miscarriage of justice go, then we are well and truly fucked.


Wouldn’t it be nice if we were all fucking idiots.

The Daily Mail


 I tell you what!

All this old bollocks of paying useless, fat, nonce ponce, corrupt, Wankers undeserved, huge wages while decent hard working people slog their guts out for a pittance really has to stop. 

Quite when people are going to wake up to the scam is anyone’s guess, but fuck me, come on people: Up your fucking game.

These useless, part time cunts are [not] earning in a year what some people can’t earn in ten. 

It wouldn’t be so bad if they actually made themselves fucking useful instead of committing multiple fraud like Lord ‘fat fuck’ Hanningfield, the former leader of Essex County Council.

Or cunt’s like Councillor Colin ‘Steptoe‘ Brewfart or whatever the weird looking, trampy cunts name is.

You know the cunt I’m talking about. The shit stain who comes out with obscene statements such as disabled children need to be put down… I’d put that cunt down. Fuck me, I would hit him so many times he would think he was fucking surrounded. 

In fact, if you read my article Parliamentary paedophiles you will come across a link for a long fucking list of paedophile councillors… Yes people. You pay them a lot of fucking money to fuck your kids.

Course, the Daily Mail are bigging up the cunt Cameron on this matter by stating that 636 local council officials are earning more than the Prime Minister.

But Cameron is just as fucking bad though.

That useless cunt is helping himself to public money which he doesn’t do fuck all to earn either. In fact, the cunt is is being publicly paid to chart the country’s downfall.

“Yes but he is the Prime Minister”.

Fuck me! if you needed a fucking brain to be a Prime Minister there would be a different fucking line up to the last 9 or 10 cunts who have occupied Downing Street, that is for fucking sure.

And, the Mail also forgot to add on the hundreds of thousands of pounds that the cunt Cameron steals to pay essentials like his 2nd mortgage and to keep him and his odious fucking wife in the lap of undeserved luxury.

Yet the fucking funniest thing of all, is that these ‘clued up, right minded’ people, having their taxes stolen to fund these good for fuck all (except smashing the fucking granny out of the piss taking cunts of course) useless ponces, hear or see my name mentioned and say “Spivey! The man’s a fucking idiot”… Now you really, really couldn’t make that shit up…

Lets go to war.



Lets call a nonce, a nonce.

The Daily Mail


Just lately, we have been hearing a lot of talk from so called experts about lowering the age of consent.

So, lets call a Nonce a Nonce.

Because, lets face it. Anyone who wants the age of consent lowered has to be a nonce. 

And here’s why.

There simply is no need to lower the age of consent.

Therefore, the one and only reason anyone can be in favour of lowering the age of consent is because those people in favour of doing so must be dirty, perverted, warped sick fucks who want to specifically fuck children.

And here’s why.

There is already an unwritten policy in place in this country where anyone aged 19 or under (sometimes even a year or two older at a push, depending on circumstances) is immune from prosecution when having a sexual relationship with a girl who is 15 yrs old and in most cases even 14 yrs old.

I do not know if the same immunity applies for a 19 yr old girl and 15 yr old boy because, those kind of relationships rarely, rarely happen. 

Having said that, I lost my virginity at 15 yrs old to an 18 yr old, but only because I was desperate to lose my virginity and the 18 yr old was well known for shagging anyone due mainly to her being up for mostly anything – not just sex – as well as looking like the back end of a bus.

There certainly wasn’t a relationship between us, in fact I only ever remember speaking briefly to her on a couple of more occasions once we had done the do.

The deed happened over Hockley woods, in pitch dark, with us both wearing clothes and if I’m honest I don’t think she enjoyed it much. Then again, I didn’t have a step ladder handy to allow myself a good mount.

I can however remember her name as clear as crystal… Unfortunately, I can also remember what she looked like too. However, I will always be grateful to her.

And, at no time ever did I think, or my friends think, or her friends think, that she was a paedophile and/or that I had been taken advantage of… You just don’t think like that at that age.

In fact, if anyone took advantage it was me taking advantage of her. You see, as a general rule, no self respecting 19 yr old girl will go out with a 15 yr old school boy.  but that is by the by.

So, getting back to it… What do you mean ‘you fucking wish I would’? … Wankers!

So getting back to it… Hmmmm…  this immunity from prosecution, applies to 19 or 20 yr old boys  having sex with girls aged 14 or 15.

A typical case is my daughters friend who is 15 yrs old and has just had a baby by an 18 (very nearly 19) yr old. This means that she was having sex with him when she was 14 yrs old and he was 17, or even 18 yrs old.

They are living at her Nans as man and wife with the full knowledge of the social services, community midwife and their many hundreds if not 1000’s of friends on Facebook and Twitter, etc, etc.

Their relationship is far from unique and no one appears to allege that he is a paedophile or even bat an eyelid. When you see their photo they look well suited I suppose and to be honest I’m more disgusted that they have a baby, when they are only kids themselves.

At the moment they are loved up – or think they are – but we all know that the chances of them being together in 5 yrs time is slim to none.

In other words, they are of a similar age and share the same interests and way of thinking. Its a transition period if you like. 

Therefore, the age of consent does not need to be lowered for the country’s teenagers benefit, because teenage boys don’t get in trouble for having sex with under age girls who are over 14 anyway. 

When a fella gets to 21 and over, they tend to date girls a year or two younger than themselves or girls of their own age.

There are many reasons for this, but mainly because their mates would taunt them mercilessly for going out with a schoolgirl. Tease them non stop that they are a paedophile, plus nine times out of ten they are scared shit-less of the schoolgirls old man and as a general rule, they just don’t want to go out with a ‘kid’ so it just doesn’t happen.

That isnt to say it never happens but once you are over 21 you cannot blame the folly of youth. Therefore, the few fellas in their twenty’s who do date under age girls are inevitably, specifically targeting little girls and the age of consent means nothing to them what ever that age barrier may be.

As such, they will always target little girls and deserve a severe punishment for doing so. 

Therefore, you won’t find many 20 somethings bothered about the lowering of the age of consent. With that being the case, lowering the consent age wouldn’t be for their benefit either.

So, the only people who could possibly be in favour of lowering the age limit is older people wanting to have sex with children.

And basically, no matter how you dress it up, that is what the Barrister Barbara Hewson is advocating.

Course, there is always the danger that once you lower the age of consent to 13 or even 14 years old, in a few years time you could well have a situation where boys of 16 or 17 are having sex with girls aged 11 or 12 but falling into that immunity from prosecution grey area.

So what then?

Lower the age of consent to 10 or 11 years old?

Barbara Hewson! You are either  a vile disgusting, sexual deviant. Or totally fucking crackers… Fuck off you disgusting whore.  



Digging for Madeleine.

Christopher Spivey


Robert Murat, originally a suspect in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, yesterday (5/5/13) made an appeal in the Daily Express for Scotland Yard to stage a filmed reconstruction of all the events surrounding the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Source

The fact that Robert has made this appeal comes as somewhat of a strange coincidence to me.

You see, after I published an article on Madeleine McCann last week, I received an email from a fella named Stephen Birch. This led to an extremely long phone call and a positive flurry of emails sent back and forth between the two of us.

Course, those of you who have followed the Madeleine McCann disappearance closely will already know who Stephen Birch is.

Never the less, for those of you who don’t, Stephen is a South African property developer who made world headlines after launching his own investigation into Madeleine’s disappearance.

Why would that make world headlines Spiv?”

Good question.

Stephen made world headlines because he believes that he has found the location where Madeleine is buried. More

Eddy Shah accused of raping girl of 14: Tycoon ‘had sex sessions with child and prostitute’

The Daily Mail


And then there are vile cunts like Eddie Shah.




  • Shah, 69, accused of repeatedly raping girl in hotel suites in early 1990s
  • Old Bailey hears girl was ‘made to strip before he had unprotected sex’
  • Escort girl Susan Davies, 53, would ‘join in sessions with Shah and girl’
  • She also pimped girl out to lover Anthony Pallant, 53, court heard today
  • Shah, Pallant and Davies all deny all the charges


PUBLISHED: 13:16, 7 May 2013 | UPDATED: 10:20, 8 May 2013


Former newspaper owner Eddy Shah repeatedly raped a 14-year-old girl during sex sessions with a prostitute, a court heard yesterday.

Shah, founder of the now defunct Today newspaper, raped the teenager on six occasions in the early 1990s, it was alleged. More


The Daily Mail


There is much going on today leaving me very little time to add content to the site let alone comment. 

However, I had to post this story, because I have been following Terri’s progress from the moment that the horrific accident first took place.

Burns, as I am sure you know are a terrible, terrible type of scar and extremely painful too.

Terri, is a true fighter, surviving against all odds. 

However, it is her Dad Paul who I want to talk about.

Paul  has devotedly brought Terri up single handedly after his wife – Terri’s mother – shamelessly and unforgivably fucked off following the fire, for which she was responsible.

Never once has Paul veered or shied away from his duty as a Father. Terri has every right to be as proud of him as he is of her.

We live in a fucked up crazy world, where our Monarch hands out medals to every undeserving nonce going, and selfish, shallow people hero worship equally selfish, shallow egotistical half witted, two dimensional, fruitcakes.

If our Queen was in the slightest bit noble or gracious the likes of Paul Calvesbert would have been on the receiving end of a medal a long time ago.

The man stands head and shoulders above most. A real life, true hero.