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Andy Gray-Spivey


Jimmy Hill-Spivey: And I think we can now join Andy Gray-Spivey over at the Website Ground for match commentary and a report on today’s big game… Are you there Andy?

Andy Gray-Spivey: Och, ya see you’s pal, Irn Bru and some other words in Scottish.

Jimmy Hill-Spivey: In English please Andy, who loosely resembles Spiv – if you don’t mind.


Andy Gray-Spivey: And you join us right at the closing stages of the game as the Men In Tights launch yet another attack into Hell-On-Earth’s territory. And what a game it’s been Jimmy Hill-Spivey, let me tell you that pal.

No one gave Hell-On-Earth’s minions a cat in hell’s chance of overcoming Nonces United’s highly paid Men In Tights.

Indeed, with big money sponsorship from the British Government, the Noncey Boys should have pissed all over the ill equipped, under supported Minions who depend on public donations to survive.

Yet against all odds Jimmy-Hill-Spivey, the Minions have once again refused to let the Men In Tights piss all over them – they certainly are not into that kinky shit, I can tell you.

And what’s more, not only have they held firm against the Nonces relentless onslaughts; the slightly controversial, hugely under-rated, brutally handsome Chris Spivey has once again been devastating in attack, causing widespread panic amongst the Government’s Golden-Boys and inevitably forcing them to make mistakes, which has resulted in another sloppy own goal.


I also have to say Jimmy Hill-Spivey, that not even the Nonces huge number of supporters – commonly known as the Paedo Trolls – whose volley of verbal attacks can and has destroyed many opposition team’s confidence, sometimes even forcing them to fold, have been allowed to do any damage

On the contrary in fact – with the veteran, Dogman and the Crew dealing with any verbal abuse swiftly and efficiently by electronically castrating the widely loathed, gutless, sewer-dwelling, Nonce United’s, eunuch bitches, before they are even heard.

However, what is very clear is that the Men In Tights, their Government Sponsors – or should that be Government Poncers – and the half-baked human vermin who cream their panties in homage to the Paedophile Players, have all been exposed for their use of foul play, fear tactics and conduct unbecoming of a gentlemen and have without a shadow of doubt been made to look very amateurish, very mediocre and devoid of originality and fresh ideas by this small team of Giants – or at least they are compared to the Men In Tight’s troll army – and their legion of loyal supporters here at the Website Ground.

And as the Noncey Ponces try to mount what must be their last attack of the day, there are some Terrapins in a fix.

They think it’s all over… It is now…

Jimmy Hill-Spivey: Is this the end for Nonce United, Andy Gray-Spivey?

Andy Gray-Spivey: Certainly it is the beginning of the end Jimmy Hill-Spivey. The problem is though, there is simply too much money and shit involved for power crazed, senior paedophiles in Government to just jack off… Therefore, I strongly suspect, nay, I know for a fact that the Men In Tights and those stuck up their jacksies will be forced to face more humiliation before the House of Cards falls.

Jimmy Hill-Spivey: Andy Gray-Spivey, thank you and as always it has been a pleasure speaking to you…

Andy Gray-Spivey: Indeed it was Jim, Cheers for now and be sure to keep your chin up…

So what the fuck am I on about you probably aren’t asking, but tough titty because I am going to tell you anyway.

You see, there is a totally ludicrous story in the Chimp today about Sally Jones and her 11 year old son.

Now for those who don’t know, Jones, a 47 year old, white skinned English woman who was 46 in 2013 (don’t as, I didn’t) preposterously fucked off to join the misogynistic ISIS terrapin group – perhaps she likes 15 year old boys.

Moreover, she took her son with her.

Nevertheless, if the Chimp is to be believed, Jones quickly worked her way up through the wanks and her son, now 11 years old has become an executioner and apparently thinks nothing of making grown men kneel in front of him whilst he shoots them in the back of the head.


I tell you what, he’s got a great big fuck off right foot on him has the lad.

And despite big bad boss, Al Hand Baghdadi’s billions I notice that he is still having his right hand men children filmed in glorious, full colour, Tecnicrap.

Mind you, it’s lucky that ISIS guns are the type that don’t splatter brains everywhere when shooting people in the back of the bonce from close range, because if they did the boy would soon lose that fucking smile off his boat-race:

When they posed for a photograph in hospital with their newborn baby boy, Sally Jones and her partner looked no different from the handful of other proud new parents who appeared in the ‘family album’ page at the back of their local newspaper towards the end of 2004.

Smiling for the camera in the maternity suite of Maritime Medway hospital in Gillingham, Kent, the delighted couple held up their sleepy 6 lb infant. His tiny body, swamped by a blue Baby-gro, fitted snugly into his mother’s hands.

But this apparently happy family portrait marks the beginning of an extraordinary and tragic story, one which has quietly unfurled over the past decade or so.

The newborn baby in the photograph is called Joe. He is the youngest child of 47-year-old ISIS convert Sally Jones who fled to Syria in 2013, the son she took with her on her ill-fated travels. This heart-warming image, published just days after his birth, is a million miles from the shocking images which emerged last week of a now 11-year-old Joe dressed in ISIS fatigues, holding a gun to the head of a kneeling Kurdish prisoner and preparing to execute him.

Now, for the first time, the Mail can tell the story of how this once-innocent child was snatched away from the life he knew in Britain and turned into an ISIS executioner by his wicked mother. Source

Now the last time I read something so childish and pathetic was when I was reading about that other bad mother fucker of Terrapins, Samantha Lewthwaite – played in photos by Adele and Lily Allen.


Course, ‘Our Sal’ didn’t fuck off to Sillier just to become a Terrapin on the ponce, although I am sure that ISIS has a very generous welfare system in place… Along with Glossy Magazines, Garden Centres and Five Star Hotels.

You see, Sal actually fucked off to Syria with a senior member of ISIS intelligence… Who was 21 at the time.

The following was what I wrote about the couple in 2015:

It would now seem that the government scriptwriters have finally cottoned on to the fact that people are questioning why these so called Terrapins always target innocent people and never attack our politicians or the Royal family.

“No problem”, thinks they and quickly conjure up the following fantasy:

 ISIS spies have hacked into the email accounts of a number of cabinet ministers in a sinister plot to assassinate politicians and members of the royal family.

British intelligence agency GCHQ uncovered the assassination plot, which targeting the accounts of some of David Cameron’s most senior ministers, including Home Secretary Theresa May.

The jihadi suspected of masterminding the operation was British computer hacker Junaid Hussain, 21, from Birmingham, who was killed by US forces in August.

“ISIS spies” no less, fuck me they are organised!

Mind you, I would have thought that hacking our MP’s accounts would have resulted in blackmail rather than assassination but there ya go.

Yet some-fucking-how, although Dog knows-fucking-how, these MP’s who had their accounts hacked led to GCHQ, AKA the MIT declaring the hackings to be assasination plots… Moreover, having declared the hackings proof of assassination plots, the MIT were then able to name the chief suspect behind the *aherm, aherm, assassination plots.

Indeed, assassination plots by our security services require the planning of senior, high wanking, Oxford & Cambridge graduates, whereas ISIS can rely on the expertise of a 21 year old, comprehensive school educated, Brummy boy… Roger that. Do carry on:

By hacking the private offices of senior ministers, the terror group would have had access to the scheduled visits of government ministers and the royal family. 

The attack is eerily reminiscent of one of Hussain’s former plots, which saw the hacking of Tony Blair’s electronic diary.

Hussain, who was only 15 when he masterminded the attack on the account belonging to Mr Blair’s special adviser, was jailed for six months in 2012.

A 21 year old, comprehensive school educated, Brummy boy, with form then… Roger that. Do carry on:

The hacker fled to Syria in 2013 while on bail for a violent assault, accompanied by his Muslim convert wife Sally Jones, 46.

Hussain met the former rock singer and perfume saleswoman from Chatham, who calls herself Sakinah Hussain, online.

The strike that killed Hussain came just three days after the British drone strike on ISIS’ de facto capital Raqqa, which killed 21-year-old jihadi Reyaad Khan, from Cardiff. Source

Fucking hell there are some major coincidences included in that load of old cobblers isn’t there?

I mean, not only did our 21 year old, comprehensive school educated, Brummy boy with form become a hard man fugitive from the law; the young upstart then went and married 46 year old wrinkly, “Our sal” from Kent… But then again, Sammy Lou Lew is already married – again – as well as being possibly dead… Or alive… So he couldn’t really marry her could he?

Not that it matters now since Kevin Hussain is apparently brown-bread too.

Nevertheless, to prove that the Monkey-Kuntz were not making up this shit, they added a photo of “Our sal” from Kent.



What do you reckon to Banana Dacre’s Dunces publishing that picture Asim Qureshi?


Yeah, me too.

You see, as I pointed out over a fucking year ago, the above photo of Sal has been cropped down from the photo that you see below.

British Muslim convert Sally Jones, 45, mother-of-two who calls herself Sakinah Hussain and uses the pseudonym Umm Hussain al-Britani holding a large handgun. Sally Jones who allegedly travelled to Syria to join her Islamic extremist husband had earlier been tobsessed by "witchcraft and voodoo". TIM STEWART NEWS LIMITED:

However, their photo is also flipped which when you flip it back gives you the following:


Which in turn came from a Gun Control online forum:


I should just say that in the bottom left hand side photo in the above batch, I have overlaid the photo of Sally onto the forum photo… Matches perfectly.

But it doesn’t end there because that gun control poster is taken from the cover of a book called “Divorcing jack”.

The book was then made into a film starring the Australian actress Rachael Gritthis as you can see in the photo below.

And Rachel Griffiths looks an awful lot like Sally Jones.


So much for real journalist then… And I wouldn’t count on any of our MP’s being assassinated either.

And it is because of that photo of Our Sal dressed as a nun – which isn’t actually Our Sal –  that I decided to take a quick break from the next major article that I am writing which you may be interested to know is an off-shoot of my Diana trilogy and contains a major, major development in regard to Madeleine McCann and much more – and all backed by solid evidence of course.

But all the same, I am pleased to report that the Monkey-Boyz have stopped making Monkey-Kuntz of themselves by apparently having finally ceased using the hoax photo.

Instead, they are using the following photo as proof that Sally Jones is real… Although if she wasn’t the first time then fuck knows why she should be now.

37A7DB4D00000578-3771636-Sally_Jones_with_baby_Joe_Dixon_born_December_19_2004_at_Gilling-a-9_1472854876350 (1)

An SWNS photo… And what have I been telling you for this long time about SWNS photos? They are all dodgy as fuck and this one is no different.

Do the Chimpanzee’s know that they are using another dodgy photo? … Of course they fucking do.

I mean just for starters – following an all to often used pattern in a deliberate attempt to deceive – the photo has been flipped.

How do I know that?

Well simple really, the criminal Monkey-Kuntz used a ‘doctored’ version of it in a bollox story about a… Well about a doctor actually who was allegedly prescribing “sex change hormones” to children as young as 12… All part of the transgender agenda then.


“But that isn’t the same photo” I hear you bleat… But it fucking is.

Now pay attention, I shall do this only once… Well twice actually but you know what I mean.


These really are dangerous times and not because of the likes of Our Sal – because Our Sal does not exist… Just sayin’.