Ovenden: A danger to children then, a danger to children now.


Chris Spivey with thanks to Bob.


Paidika: the journal of paedophiles,  was a pro-nonce periodical that ran between 1987 and 1995. 

According to Wikipedia:

The original intention of the publisher had been to release issues on a quarterly basis, but it faced many difficulties and its publication was frequently disrupted. Eventually only one or two issues per year appeared, in total twelve issues from 1987 to 1995.

And, who should turn up in  Vol. 3, No. 2 (1994), which was actually the 10th edition?

Well, according to http://exitinterview.biz/rarities/paidfull.htm no other than Graham Ovenden( Red highligting by Spivey):

Number 10, Winter 1994
       (NOTE: Both No.10 and No.11 are marked on the inside front cover as being issued in Winter 1994)
       Contents of Number 10 (Vol.3 No.2, Winter 1994)
              Cover, Publishing Information, Table of Contents (pp.cover-1)
              Joseph Geraci: Interview: Gilbert Herdt (pp.2-17)
              Lawrence A. Stanley Esq: Graham Ovenden (pp.18-29)
                     Guest Editorial: Fall from Grace, by Graham Ovenden
                     Poems and Drawings, by Graham Ovenden
              Will H.L. Ogrinc: A Shrine to Love and Sorrow: Jacques d’Adelswärd
                     Fersen (1880-1923) (pp.30-58)
              Theo Sandfort: The Sexual Experiences of Children, Part II (pp.59-78)
              Book Notes (pp.79-84)
              Donald J. West: Book Review: Childhood and Sexuality: A Radical Christian Approach,
                    by John L. Randall (pp.85-86, plus advertisements pp.87-88)


Would that be the same Graham Ovenden, the artist celebrated by the rich and famous, who was sentenced to a paltry 12 month suspended jail sentence last week for child sex abuse stretching back as far as at least 1970?

Yes it would. Course, I feel sure that Lard McAlpine knew Ovenden was a serial sex pest and great danger to children when he purchased his art… Just saying.