On this day in history: Political & Royal whippings abound


The Daily Express, 14/3/1987

There was all manner of perverted goings on 26 years ago today, I can tell you.

Three great stories from 1987. The first involves the perverted ex- Billericay MP Harvey ‘chief whip’ Proctor. Proctor was already caught up in the midst’s of two scandals when his driver knocked over some angry students.

Story two is my favourite and had it been revealed today would easily have made front page. The story is about how the Queen Mum made her guests play horse racing without horses. The perverted old Mare (see what I did there) seemed to take great pleasure in whipping her guests with a napkin… Hmmm.

Story three, is about a  bullish John Prescott, making former Prime Minister James Callaghan his whipping boy after furiously rounding on the old boy and accusing him of wrecking the Labour Party’s chances of winning the next election – I rather think Neil Kinnock had more to do with it Johnny boy.

SPANKING scandal MP Harvey Proctor was in a new storm last night after his car allegedly mowed down and injured protesting students.

Police began an investigation as three people, one with a suspected broken ankle, were taken to hospital following angry scenes on a campus.

The controversial Tory, who was not at the wheel, was due to speak to a private meeting of Conservative undergraduates.

But 400 jeering demonstrators mobbed him and barred his way into the main lecture theatre at Hull University.

Trouble flared as three minders ushered him back to his car and his driver began manoeuvering the vehicle knocking down “about 10 students.”

The latest Incident comes when there is pressure in Mr Proctor’s constituency for him to resign.

Last month he made headlines when art dealer “friend” Terry Woods was found by police in his underpants outside the MP’s Fulham flat.

Mr Woods claimed he “loved” Mr Proctor but denied the relationship was sexual.

Days later, there were new claims against the Tory, this time that a “naked Arab boy” had been beneath his bed on a Tunisian holiday.

Last night 40-year-old Mr Proctor gave his version of yesterday’s campus fracas. He slammed the screaming demonstrators “thuggish behaviour” and said he was “kicked, punched, and spat upon.”

It happened when the heavily surrounded car, owned and driven by the head of security at the university began to reverse with a door open.

“People kicked the car on all sides and tried to break the windscreen with their fists and boots,” he said. “About £l, 000 worth of damage was caused.

“They wouldn’t let the door be closed. They clung on to it. It was at that point probably that the injuries occurred.”


Mr Proctor insisted: “I was not aware anyone was hurt.” And he added: “I wish them a speedy recovery.”

He went to the university to speak on the Government’s achievements. “They may have been demonstrating against a racialist smear attributed to me,” he said.

Students’ Union’s Boyd Farrow claimed it was Intended to be a peaceful protest and that the MP’s driver had acted “like the A Team.”

“The car was in such a confined space, and there were so many bodies packed together, It reversed far too quickly — around 20mph,” said Mr Farrow.

“The car went on to a flowerbed and knocked over seven to 10 students as It swung round.

“The driver just seemed concerned with getting Mr Proctor off the campus arid didn’t appear bothered with all the bodies getting in the way.”

Student Vlnce Hardy said: “I was sickened. I saw about 20 people knocked over.”

University information officer Mrs Beverley Culley blamed infiltrators. “About half the people were outsiders, and it was them who were behaving in a violent manner”, she said.

But Mr Farrow said: “There was only a handful of outsiders. All the injured are students.”

Police, who were called to restore order, said: “Three people were injured, one of whom is suffering from a suspected fractured ankle. The other two were released from hospital following treatment.”

Mr Proctor was prevented from speaking at Hull University two years ago by a similar demonstration.

The Director of Public Prosecutions is expected to decide this week whether to prosecute Mr Proctor, the member for Billericay, Essex, In connection with his alleged involvement in spanking sessions with young male prostitutes. Mr Proctor has consistently denied the allegations.


Guests witness a little horseplay by the Queen Mum

By Chris Hutchins

A FRIEND of my aunt Jane’s took tea with the Queen Mother the other afternoon, and by all accounts, Her Majesty was highly amused by reports that the BBC had rehearsed the day of her passing.

“I hope it’s not all too solemn,” she said over a cup of the Earl Grey. “They ought to come up with some amusing stories—after all I’ve had lots of fun in my time.”

Indeed, she has. Permit me to convey to the editors at the BBC a story about some after-dinner entertainment she obliged her guests to take partake in at Royal Lodge Windsor not so long ago.

Ma’am decided that they should all play indoor point-to-point—without the horses, naturally.

The distinguished guests—one of whom bore a striking resemblance to the Archbishop of Canterbury—were required to circle the room on all fours “jumping” over strategically placed cushions.

One slowcoach was encouraged to go faster by the Queen’s mother “whipping” him with a furled napkin.

On another occasion, when Lord and Lady Carrington were present at Windsor Lodge, HM got guests to dance a Highland reel after dinner having first placed an appropriate record on the gramophone. At the end of the reel, the diners were surprised when their hostess announced that she was going to take the salute.

They were required to line up and march past her, saluting as she stood to attention returning the gesture.

Perhaps it was a mischievous retaliatory gesture of Lord Hailsham’s to sing the Marseillaise at breakfast next morning.