On Going Sick Benefit

Christopher Spivey.


Before reading this article, you should first read my articles “Sick Benefit” and “Sick Benefit Addendum” – if you haven’t already done so.

Now, what follows is an article published by ITV on the 28th of April 2015.

The story itself is a long running one and made all of the national newspapers.

You should also know that I have reproduced the article in its entirety except for the accompanying video, although I have included all of the accompanying photos:

Dad cancels his funeral and books wedding instead

Father-of-three Sean McCabe cancelled his own funeral when he beat cancer – and then rebooked the church for his wedding.

Sean McCabe from Tonyrefail in the south Wales Valleys was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma and was given two months to live.

He booked the church for his funeral, selected songs to be played and penned a goodbye letter to his three children.

To Kian, Summer, Asia, the most amazing children. You have given me the best years of my life. Now I want you to know Daddy loves you and you will always be in my thoughts. I don’t want to leave you or mammy, but I haven’t got an option. – SEAN’S LETTER TO HIS CHILDREN

But when Sean’s nightmare ended he decided to book a dream wedding to his long term partner Lisa Williams at St David’s Church.

And local businesses in Rhondda Cynon Taf have donated thousands of pounds worth of goods and services towards making the couple’s day extra special – including a £150 cake, suit, bridesmaid dresses and two photographers.

And the 30-year-old has asked singer Jessie J to sing at their wedding.

He is now due to marry Lisa surrounded by their three children Kian, 11, eight-year-old Summer and Asia, six.

The couple have been together for 12 years and Lisa says, ‘It’s been a real rollercoaster ride, but I’m thrilled to finally being married to the man of my dreams.” Source

And here is the Chimps version only not quite so comprehensive:

When father-of-three Sean McCabe got the devastating news that he had just two months to live he set about organising the funeral – choosing the music and even booking the church. 

But in an extraordinary twist his cancer went into remission and he has now changed his reservation for his wedding to his fiancee Lisa Williams. 

Mr McCabe, 30, of Tonyrefail, south Wales, even wrote a goodbye letter to his children for his partner to read to them once he had died after he was told he had stage four Hodgkin Lymphoma.

‘When the doctors said my chances of survival were slim, all I could think about was Lisa and the kids. I didn’t know how they would cope without me,’ said Mr McCabe, a security guard. 

‘Planning my funeral seemed like a way of easing the strain for them, as it would be one less ordeal for them to deal with.’

The father-of-three was diagnosed with cancer in June 2013, then aged 28, and was started on an intensive chemotherapy course. 

He was given the all-clear in September but just two months later told the cancer had returned in an even more aggressive form. He was expected to live for eight weeks. Continue Reading

And to see what other local, national, and international newspapers shit-rags Sean is in, click HERE

What a fucking guy… You can find his Facebook Cancer Page by clicking HERE

You can also find two of his Go-Fucking-Fund-Me pages HERE & HERE but they aren’t doing too well… That is the very same Go-Fucking-Fund me rip-off website that closed the page Autumn Chandler had set up to help me don’t cha know… Apparently they do not allow funding for criminal matters.

However, selfless Sean has also been doing a lot of fundraising for St Barnabas Hostel, after an ex-RAF turned policeman named Peter Jones kicked the bucket.

What a guy.

Shall we have a photo montage?

Of course we fucking shall:

Help a fucking hero won’t cha!

Course, I still remember when Sean McCabe was Andy Barnard, do you?

You know the cunt i’m talking about?

Good old Andy, the former highly decorated RAF fella turned fraudster?

You do know him… His baby daughter called Poppy-Mai died of cancer?

He raised well over half a million pounds to build a hospice in her name?

Oh for fucks sake! Him and his other wife Sammi are friends with the Jessica Whelan fraudsters?

Ahhh, now you remember the cunt i’m on about… Here is a photo of Andy-Pansy parading his medals.

I wonder what he won those for?

Now, quite obviously Sean has had his nose changed… Or Andy has. That is to say he has in some of his photos but nevertheless, let’s go compare.

And of course, Andy Barmyard is also Shaun Keough – which in theory (although not a given fact) should also make SHAUN Keough, SEAN McCabe.

I will remind you that Andrew Barnard is also very involved with the much complained about scam company, Saivien.

The details of that fact are of course in my two aforementioned articles written about the massive Cancer Con taking place in this country, entitled Sick Benefit and Sick Benefit Addendum.

Indeed it was whilst writing Sick Benefit that Handy-Andy first came to my attention and if you have read them then you will already know that the actor plays many more characters than just Barnard, Keough & McCabe.

David Billington (seen above) and Ash Goldie (seen below) to name but two of them.

Moreover, the photos of Sean McCabe without his hair – supposedly a result of chemotherapy – makes him look very much like the policeman, come aerospace gardener, Peter Gill who is very much caught up in the cancer con, not to mention their doppelgangers, the two James Betts.

I forgot to add the names to the two bottom photos – my bad – although the mush on the left is obviously McCabe. The mush on the right is James Betts the 2nd.

It is however hard to take McCabe seriously when you look at the way the cast manager has him dressed up to look like someone about to take part in an under 14’s hip-hop competition.

Course, you know who Sean Macabes’s mrs is don’t you?

Of course ya do. I mean she may well call herself Lisa Wilson or Lisa McCabe but whichever way you look at her she is me old friend Stephanie Jane Soloniewicz, the bird who had a right fucking pop at me for writing Sick Benefit and then probably wished that she hadn’t when I wrote Sick Benefit Addendum.

I will remind you what she wrote to me and what I said about it in Sick Benefit Addendum:

I also had a visit to my Facebook page by Stephanie Jane Soloniewicz – a bird that I put forward as possibly playing the part of the wife to cancer fraud con man Tom Attwater, based on the fact that they look identical and the fact that Soloniewicz is a friend to Amanda Cooper, who is allegedly a Whelan relation.

Cooper is the fraud who added me and rather insidiously, my daughter on Facebook long before the Jessica Whelan scam commenced.

PHOTO: Steph Foreign Name

Course, the main reason that Stephanie Sandwhitz – or whatever her fucking name is – would have regretted contacting me is because after going through what she wrote to me, I then exposed some of her many, many other identities, starting with that of her sister… These actors nearly always but always have an identical ‘brother‘ or ‘sister‘ for obvious reasons.

And there are many, many more but you will have to revisit Sick Benefit Addendum if you can’t remember the others.

Therefore, with all that in mind I cannot say that I am surprised that she has now turned up as Mrs Wilson-McCabe.

She is a very naughty girl is our Stephanie.

Indeed I would imagine that ‘Steph‘ McCabe is also Sarah Weir who is collecting money for her ‘sister‘ who has Burt Lung-Cancer to go on a dream holiday with her son (see HERE)… There are always but always children involved in charity scams.

In turn – if not as well as – Lisa Wilson-McCabe is also Shaun Keough’s Mrs, Cathy ‘gordon‘ Bennett.

Mind you, Lisa McCabe appears to be played by at least two people. Nevertheless Lisa McCabe/Cathy Bennett are the ones who played the part of David Rathband’s Mrs – who is also called Cathy, cept her’s is spelled with a ‘K’.

Now for those who don’t know, David Rathband was the copper allegedly shot by Raoul Moat, who had supposedly murdered his bird and her new boyfriend prior to that and which – as luck would have it – I already have the information ready to hand on the case being as the old fanny is to be included in the exposé that I am currently writing in regard to all the fake high profile crime cases that have taken place in Britain since the late 1950’s.

Yes, yes, of course I know you don’t believe it… You are not meant to!

Otherwise, if you did the Monsters would have been hung for crimes against humanity a long time ago!

In fact that is the main reason that I am currently working on the mammoth task of bringing together all of the high profile kidnappings, rapes & murders that have occurred in this country over the last 50 years under one roof, so as you can see how every single one of those crimes is linked – directly or indirectly – to every single one of the others.

And indeed, it isn’t until you do know how they all connect that only then can you fully appreciate how gullible you have been in believing that these events all really took place.

Nevertheless, Cathy being Kathy isn’t the only evidence of those in the Cancer Con taking part in the Raoul Moat Muppet-Madness.

However, before I go there I will also point out that Ckathy is also a ringer for Sam Grant, the sister of Maple Syrup, AKA Meghan Markle, the soon-to-be fictitious fiancee of Harry H Hewitt – despite the fact that the evidence points to the pair having never so much as even spoken.

Fuck me some people are gullible.

Nevertheless, back to the David Rathband Connection – Rat Co for short.

Now, I contend that Rathbands daughter Mia is played by a friend of Stephanie Sandwhitz – or whatever her fucking name is – named Chloe Trumpton Plumptits Plumpton.

Moreover, I contend that one of the people who played Rathband’s son, Ashley is also the son of Sean McCabe and the son of one of Raoul Moat’s friends… Raoul Moat allegedly the fella who shot Rathband in the face.

Mind you, I had to laugh when Ash Rathband told the Mirror Shit-Rag in June 2015 that he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps by becoming a Bacon Bugger:

The son of the late policeman David Rathband – who was blinded when shot in the face by killer Raoul Moat – has revealed he is to follow in his dad’s footsteps.

Ash Rathband, 22, says he wants to join the police, five years after his father killed himself.

His traffic officer father was blasted in the face with a shotgun by Moat, who had just shot his ex-girlfriend and murdered her new boyfriend after being released from prison.

“What happened to Dad means I know the risks more than anyone, but it means I also know how important police are in protecting people and helping others,” said Ash.

“I also know how important police are in protecting people and helping others” – ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha… What a fucking joker.

Course, it isn’t hard to see the agenda at play here, is it?

Nevertheless, the old fanny continues:

“I think you need something special inside you to be a police officer. Dad had it and I think I have it too.”

Oh you need something special inside you to become a bacon bugger alright, that much is true… So, Roger that then, and please do carry on:

PC Rathband was left in a coma and, despite 18 hours of surgery on his shattered face, doctor’s could not save his eyesight. Source

Okay, just so as ya know, don’t cha know, here are a couple of recent photos of ‘Ashley’:

Definitely copper material.

Now as I say, Raoul Moat supposedly shot and badly wounded his girlfriend, Samantha Stobart (funny how the name Stobart continually crops up in these hoaxes), and her new boyfriend, Chris Brown – killing him – before moving on to shoot PC Rathband.

However, the part of Samantha Stobart is played by Lisa Wilson-McCabe.

And our old friend Stephanie Sandlewhitz – or whatever her fucking name is.

It is no wonder that Steph tried to get me to shut the fuck up is it?

Yet it is all total bollocks.

I mean lets have a look at her wounds. The following is from the Chimp published 2 weeks after Moat shot her and her new boyfriend Chris Brown:

Samantha Stobbart, who split up with Moat while he was behind bars, had pretended her boyfriend Chris Brown was a policeman in a bid to protect herself.

But, instead, the lie only inflamed the crazed killer’s hatred of the police and led to the shotgun rampage in which karate instructor Mr Brown, 29, paid with his life.

Mother-of-one Miss Stobart, 22, who was blasted in the stomach as a ‘souvenir’ wound, told relatives she was now racked with guilt.

According to The Sun, she said: ‘Oh God, why did I lie? I told him I was seeing a police officer because I was frightened. But that wasn’t true. Now I wish I hadn’t said it.’

Mr Brown was shot dead two weeks ago as he and Miss Stobbart prepared for a night out at a house in Gateshead.

Father-of-three Moat, 37, mercilessly fired a volley of blasts, firing two rounds into Mr Brown’s face at point-blank range and shooting Miss Stobbart twice in the stomach.

Pausing here and I maybe wrong but doesn’t a sawn-off shotgun only fire two cartridges before you have to reload it?

The next day the 17st bodybuilder, who had just been freed from Durham jail, Moat blasted Newcastle constable David Rathbone, 42, in the eyes, blinding him.

The murderer then spent a week on the run before killing himself near the village of Rothsbury, Northumberland, as police closed in on him and fired a Taser at him.

While a fugitive, Moat scrawled a rambling 49-page confession in which he revealed that shotgun cartridges earmarked for his ex had been specially doctored so she would survive – but live with memento scars.

Is it possible to doctor cartridges fired from a sawn off so as they only maim?

Moat also confirmed in his confession that he only killed Mr Brown because he thought he was a police officer.

He wrote: ‘Had he been an ordinary guy and not police, I wouldn’t have shot him.’

Miss Stobbart, who is recovering from wounds to her abdomen but may suffer permanent liver damage, said: ‘This is a living nightmare.Source

Now as I say, that report came two weeks after the shooting which is more than plenty enough time for the national press to establish the facts correctly in terms of the injured and deceased wounds.

Yet two years later – following Rathband’s suicide, the following report was published in the Mirror Shit-Rag:

RAOUL Moat’s ex-girlfriend has revealed she thought about killing herself just like PC David Rathband, but pulled back for her daughter’s sake.

Samantha Stobbart, 24, was left fighting for life after twisted Moat shot her in the gun rampage that left her boyfriend Chris Brown dead and PC Rathband blind.

And looking at the above photo Rathband would certainly appear to be blind, so Roger that – carry on:

And after the policeman’s tragic ­suicide this week, she broke her silence to express her condolences to his ­family, admitting: “Without my ­daughter, I wouldn’t have lasted this long.”

In an exclusive interview with The People, Samantha relived the awful moment in the early hours of Thursday when she was told of the ex-traffic cop’s death.

I wonder who informed her “in the early hours of Thursday” about Rathband’s suicide:

Samantha recalled: “I heard that PC Rathband had died when a policewoman rang me at 12.20am. I was asleep in bed, and my mum woke me up with the phone.

I call that absolute bullshit. I mean, as if the plod would ring her in the early hours of the morning to tell her that!

“But because I was half asleep, I couldn’t take in what she was saying at first. As soon as I did, it hit me like a hammer blow.

“The officer was really concerned and asked me if I was all right, but I wasn’t. It was horrible. I lay awake all night after that.

“I just kept thinking to myself – that’s another life that Raoul’s taken away. Even when he’s dead, he is still hurting people.

“When is it going to end? First Chris, then his accomplices Karl Ness and Qhuram Awan who were jailed for life, then PC Rathband. All their lives have been destroyed.

“I’m the only one left now. Sometimes I think this will only be finished when I die.”

PC Rathband, 44, hanged himself on Wednesday at his home in Blyth, Northumberland, after struggling to come to terms with his blindness.

And there we have yet another reference to Rathband being blind… Roger that:

Just weeks before his suicide, he revealed that what hurt most was no ­longer being able to see the faces of his estranged wife and two children.

Samantha, who has daughter Chanel, five, with Moat, said: “I can’t imagine how horrible it must be to lose your sight.

Totally blind then:

“If I had lost my eyesight and couldn’t see her, I don’t think I’d be here either.”

Yep, totally blind:

The shocking statement is easy to believe. Samantha seems far younger than her 24 years – and far more breakable.

Her handbag has a torch attached to it because she is now terrified of dark. And like her daughter, she won’t sleep without a night light.

This is partly because of crippling ­flashbacks and partly out of fear of attacks from those who blame her for Moat’s actions.

Samantha – who is wearing a blonde wig to disguise herself – gestures with her right hand, leaving her left resting on her lap.

This is where Moat’s shot went through her arm and ripped her stomach apart. Today, all three gunshot wounds are decorated in tattoos – a bright butterfly, an extract from the poem Footsteps and a cross dedicated to Chris.

“Went through her arm? That is a new one.

But the scars on her memory are not so easily covered up. Karate instructor Chris and Samantha had been dating for a month when Moat shot them as they left Sam’s home in Birtley, Gateshead, for a night out.

Samantha says: “It all happened in a few seconds. Like I could have clicked my fingers and Chris was dead.

“I remember lying there and ­thinking, I’m going to die here. It was horrible.”

The next day, Moat blasted PC Rathband twice in the face as he sat in his police car next to the A1. He then spent a week on the run before killing himself in the village of Rothbury, Northumberland, as police closed in and fired a Taser at him.  Source

And there we have confirmation that Rathband was shot twice in the face with a sawn-off shotgun making you wonder how he survived at all and more importantly the report now states that Sam had been shot in the arm… Something that the press forgot to mention two years earlier.

And indeed that newly reported on arm injury is consistent with an EXIT wound from being shot with a sawn-off. However, Sammy does not show the entrance wound which you would have thought would have been visible in the bottom photo above and the shown injury is also at a different resolution to the rest of the photo… How bizarre!

Moreover the stomach injuries are far from consistent although the operation scar up the center of her belly is – albeit it looks very unconvincing. And since Sammy was only shot twice, I call definite bullshit at play.

As for Rathband? Well have a read of the following taken from the spy owned Telegraph:

Pc Rathband was shot twice by Moat, in the face and the shoulder, as he sat in his patrol car on the outskirts of Newcastle in July 2010.

He spent 17 days in hospital and despite several operations to restore his eyesight he was still classed as being “black blind”.

Samantha Stobbart, Moat’s former girlfriend, was also shot by the gunman, who killed her new boyfriend before shooting himself after a manhunt.

But despite becoming an author and setting up his own charity PC Rathband had struggled to come to terms with the shooting.

Last August he was arrested on suspicion of assault just hours after undergoing surgery to have pellets removed from his face


Pc Rathband was first shot through the window of his T5 Volvo while parked alone on the side of a roundabout on the outskirts of Newcastle upon Tyne.

He was unarmed and became aware of the presence of someone outside the vehicle close to the junctions of the A1 and A69 last July.

At the trial into Moat’s accomplices he said: “I saw this figure appear from the edge of the concrete behind the car and he was in a crouched stance.”

The man then approached pointing a gun “no more than 18 inches from the passenger window”.

Pc Rathband was first shot through the window of his T5 Volvo while parked alone on the side of a roundabout on the outskirts of Newcastle upon Tyne.

He was unarmed and became aware of the presence of someone outside the vehicle close to the junctions of the A1 and A69 last July.

At the trial into Moat’s accomplices he said: “I saw this figure appear from the edge of the concrete behind the car and he was in a crouched stance.”

The man then approached pointing a gun “no more than 18 inches from the passenger window”.

Moat’s photograph had been circulated to all officers after he shot his former girlfriend and killed Christopher Brown, 29, her new boyfriend, the previous night.

Pc Rathband told Newcastle Crown Court: “I realised it was Raoul Moat who had approached the car and I can remember saying to myself ‘Oh —-, it’s him’. Pennies started to drop very quickly.”

“Moat fired the gun and the shot was through the window. It felt like a circular saw which was ripping my face down to my throat open.

“As I laid in the side of the car I could then feel this fluid spraying from my face which I knew was blood.”

PC Rathband set up the Blue Lamp Foundation, an organisation offering help to injured members of the emergency services, following the attack and ran the London marathon to raise money to support it.

He had previously described how he struggled to cope with the loss of his sight.

In an interview with the BBC, he said: “I have spoken to quite a few people over the last few months and everybody tells me that you have got 10 years before you realise you can deal with being blind.

“At the moment I can’t even see the next 12 months.” Source

And here is the plod car that Rathband was sat in:

I am amazed that the window didn’t shatter!

However, the following is a Mirror Shit-Rag account of the improbable reason that Rathband survived:

PC Rathband said his life was saved because his skull is thickened thanks to a childhood injury.

The blinded officer released the picture to show the enduring legacy of maniac Moat.

He said: “The doctors cannot understand why I did not die. They said I must have suffered some sort of trauma as a child which has given me a stronger skull.

“I fell over and hit my head when I was 12. I was knocked out. Where my head hit was exactly where I got shot. If it had hit my brain it would have killed me.”

Pc Rathband said some pellets work their way out through his scalp. He added: “Each time it is like getting rid of a bit of Moat from my life.” But most will stay in his head for ever.

The officers was hit at point blank range by 37-year-old Moat as he sat in his patrol car in Newcastle on July 4. The gunman also shot ex-girlfriend Sam Stobbart, 22, and killed her new lover Chris Brown, 29.

Dad-of-two PC Rathband, now raising cash for emergency services charities, said he suffers headaches from a metal plate in his skull and has collapsed a number of times.

For charity information go to bluelamp-foundation.org  Source

BINGO… We now have a ‘Charity’ link.

Nevertheless, the following are allegedly x-rays of Rathband’s head taken after the shooting:

The plod must be mistaken. Rathband must have been shot with a fucking blunder-bus not a sawn off shotgun.

PHOTO: A typical sawn-off shotgun

However, you will note that there is no data on those x-rays to link them to Rathband other than the newspapers word.

Rathband also stated – and note that these are direct quotes:

“I looked into his eyes and saw nothing — no emotion. Then I felt the pain full-on in my face”.

“I knew my right eye socket had just exploded and my eye had gone.” Source

Yet there are no broken bones in his face… Doesn’t make sense does it?

In fact it makes even less sense when you look at the following photos:

All superficial wounds with very unrealistic looking blood. Indeed the following is what supposedly happens to your face when you take a shot gun bullet to the head.

Yet when Rathband’s face has been cleaned up, his injuries made even less sense.

And of course for doing nothing more than being shot, Rathband was elevated to hero status:

The officer became a national hero after the shooting, setting the The Blue Lamp Foundation to help emergency service workers who have been injured while doing their jobs.

He was even honoured at the Daily Mirror’s Pride of Britain Awards in November 2010 for his bravery and charity work. Source

And this from the BBC:

In 2010, he won the emergency services section of the Pride of Britain awards, in recognition of his courage in dealing with his injuries. Source

I wonder if he gets to keep that hero status now that he has topped himself?

Course, by 2012 that ‘charity‘ of Rathband’s had reached well in excess of quarter of a million with very high hopes:

The Blue Lamp Foundation, which has already raised more than £280,000, provides financial support to emergency services staff who are criminally injured while on duty.

The foundation aims to raise £1m by 2013. The charity has created a page on its website for people to leave their condolences for the family of PC Rathband, who was found hanged at his home in Blyth, Northumberland, on Wednesday. Source

So it is a fucking good job that PC Dave had an identical twin brother to take over the running of that ‘charity’.

THE twin brother of PC David Rathband is asking for help to raise the profile of the police officer’s charity so it can support others in need.

Darren Rathband, 44, vowed to work with the Blue Lamp Foundation, set up by PC Rathband after he was shot and blinded by Raoul Moat in July 2010.

Mr Rathband, who flew to the UK from his home in Australia after the death of his brother last week, said he was “broken” and asked for the public’s support to boost the charity.

In a post on Twitter, Mr Rathband said: “Makes me weep reading all your messages, broken but determined to keep David’s foundation growing for others. Please help me.” Source: As above

And living in Australia meant no one would call foul of course… Do you now see why so many of these ‘victims’ have identical twins?

PHOTO: Darren Rathband and some bird with a runny nose.

And in that same article, Darren is calling for his dead brother Dave to be posthumously made a Police Sergeant – which kinda makes you wonder how Dave hadn’t already made that rank at his age.

Moreover, Dave & Darren’s sister, Debbie is a ringer for Dave’s wife, Kathy.

And I must say that I recognized their other sister straight away since she also plays Diane Gray – the mother of Geoff Gray, one of the Deepcut Barracks’ victims.

Deepcut is one of the government sponsored fake events that features in the major article – “Book Ends” – that I am working on at the moment.

And Darren also got the honour of driving the hearse carrying his ‘brothers’ coffin.

Indeed it is nice to see that Darren’s neck stayed at the correct length whilst driving unlike his brothers, whose neck turns to that akin to a Giraffe – even if he is only driving on the golf range.

Nicely pulled off Darren, cast a spell will ya?

Thank you.

Now as always is the case with these hoaxes, the script-writers couldn’t resist taking the old bollox to the extreme… Enter Gazza AKA ex footballer Paul Gascoine, who just so happened to be a mate of Raoul Moats:

Bizarrely Paul Gascoigne, on hearing the news had decided to get in a cab and visit the fugitive.

The former footballer took a fishing rod, lager and some chicken with him and went searching for him in Rothbury,.

Gascoigne said in a radio interview at the time: ‘He is willing to give in now. I just want to give him some therapy and say “come on Moaty, it’s Gazza.”Source

And Rathband had an affair with 7/7 survivor Lisa French who was on the bus that blew up in Russell Square – thus linking the two hoaxes:

Lisa French’s life was saved by her laptop bag, she told the inquest into the deaths of the 52 7/7 victims.

She had followed Hasib Hussain, 18, up the stairs of the bus he would later blow up in Tavistick Square, but Miss French could see his large rucksack and decided not to sit next to him.

The human resources manager, who was in London for a business meeting on July 7, 2005, had her laptop with her and didn’t think they could fit side by side with all their bags.

So Miss French sat four rows in front of him on the top deck – and as a result lost her two front teeth rather than her life.

Hussain detonated his home-made device, killing 13 people. Had she sat next to him, Miss French, 34, would not have lived to tell the tale.

Instead, she ended up being knocked unconscious in the blast but was able to walk away from the wreckage.

Miss French, a BT worker from Newcastle Upon Tyne, said: ‘I made the decision not to go and sit next to him because I was aware we both had very big bags and that he, we, you know, would be taking up a lot of room.’

She cannot recall the blast, but remembers waking up shortly after, ‘crumpled up’ in her seat in a brace position and spitting out part of a tooth.

She looked back and saw through the smoke that the rear of the bus was missing.

‘There were no seats left behind me attached to the bus,’ she said. ‘There was literally no bus left. It just dropped down behind our seats.’ Pictures of the aftermath show Miss French was inches away from the section of floor that collapsed. Source

And in between all of this bullshit, Dave did of course have time to write a book.


Now there is plenty more to tell on this shooting nonsense but you will have to wait for Part 1 of “Book Ends” to be published.

There is also still more to tell you about the Cancer Con, but that will have to wait as this article is in danger of becoming a major article in its self.

Nuff said… Now please feel free to Go-Fucking-Fund-Me