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An old article from 2010 with nothing much in it that we didn’t already know, don’t cha know.

However, it doesn’t hurt to remind you that the Cunt Cameron is a snotty nosed piss taking rich ponce who is obviously well thought of by his evil and Satanic in laws… Just saying. 


The Cameron Millions: Family fortunes the Tories don’t want you to see

He portrays himself as an average family man in touch with the concerns of recession-hit voters – but the truth is very differentDavid Cameron (Pic:Getty Images)David Cameron (Pic:Getty Images)

David Cameron portrays himself as an average family man in touch with the concerns of recession-hit voters – but the truth is very different.

The multi-millionaire Tory leader, 43, comes from a hugely wealthy background while wife Samantha’s relatives are even richer and more upper-crust.

Swimming in cash and cossetted by privilege, the couple have still used taxpayers’ cash as well as family money to scale the property ladder. Cameron, a distant cousin of the Queen, has also called on influential relatives and connections to get a leg up at key points in his career.

Tory strategists try hard to disguise the true extent of his fortune.

But their party leader, who comes from a long line of bankers, has faced rumours that he is worth £30million and once forgot in an interview how many homes the couple own.

At the moment, experts say he and Samantha, 38, are probably worth closer to £3million but both stand to inherit vast sums of wealth. Here is the extent of their fortune…

Her income

Seasoned Cameron watchers believe wife Samantha’s take-home pay could be almost double that of her husband.

She is invaluable to upmarket stationer Smythson, where she rose from window dresser to all-powerful creative director.

The 38-year-old is credited with the runaway success of its Nancy bag, which sold for up to £950 each.

She also made the fusty Bond Street shop, which sells Christmas cards for £5.50 each, trendy – Meg Mathews and Naomi Campbell are now regular customers.

The Tory leader’s wife is thought to have had a stake in the firm and enjoyed two big windfalls from buy-outs. In December 2006 she scooped a reported £300,000 when Smythson went to City group for £16million.

Three years later she is thought to have earned £50,000 when it was sold for £18million.

Samantha dismissed the payouts as “nothing life-changing”.

His income

David Cameron walked into a Tory job from university after a mystery caller from Buckingham Palace recommended him.

He started on around £12,000 at the Conservative Research Department in 1988, less than his City banker mates were making, but worth almost £25,000 today.

Cameron was disappointed not to receive a hefty pay rise four years later when he was hired by Chancellor Norman Lamont as a special adviser at the Treasury.

But when he moved to the Home Office with Michael Howard he was earning £49,000 a year at the age of just 26.

Mother-in-law Lady Annabel Astor sorted out his only job outside politics, head of corporate affairs at TV firm Carlton.

Cameron started on around £90,000 in 1994 but moaned to friends that he could have got more if he had not admitted he wanted to return to Westminster one day.

He took a cut when elected MP for Witney in 2001, but boosted his £60,000 salary as director of Urbium, owner of the Tiger, Tiger bar chain.

He pocketed £28,000 a year for sitting on the board at a time when his party opposed late-night licences.

He also had a reported £40,000 of shares in Urbium, where his step-father-in-law Viscount Astor sat on the board.

As leader of the opposition he gets a £73,617 allowance and a car on top of basic Commons pay, taking his earnings to £138,383.

Cameron has claimed close to the maximum for second home allowances, filing for £102,874 between 2002 and 2007.

Their property

The Tory leader shelled out £130,000 for his first home, a one-bed flat in London’s trendy Notting Hill in 1992.

Two years later he traded up to a £215,000 house nearby with help from his dad and money which he inherited from a great aunt.

In 2001, after Cameron was elected, he and Samantha bought a second home in his new constituency for £650,000.

The couple took out a £350,000 mortgage on the house in Dean, Oxfordshire, with the interest paid by taxpayers.

Four months later they controversially paid off £75,000 of the mortgage on their London home.

Experts reckon he could have saved taxpayers £22,500 in interest payments between 2002 and 2007 if he had cut the loan on his second home instead, which is now valued at up to £1million.

In 2006 he sold his London house for £1,150,000.

The huge £935,000 profit was used to buy a larger four-bedroom property, their current home, in neighbouring North Kensington.

The Edwardian terrace house is worth up to £2million after extensive renovations. The Camerons dug out the basement and hired trendy architects Michaelis Boyd to give it a “minimalist” and environmentally friendly makeover at a cost of at least £150,000.

Samantha also owned a “time-share in Devon” at one time and still has what her husband once called a “field in Scunthorpe”, where farmland commands up to £7,000 an acre.

Her family

Samantha’s natural father Sir Reginald Sheffield is thought to be worth at least £20million.

Sir Reginald, below left, is chairman of and majority stakeholder in Normandy Estate Holdings, valued at £5.2million. The baronet also owns 3,000 acres of North Lincolnshire farmland that have been in his family since the 16th century.

He lives at a stately home near Scunthorpe, North Lincs, and has another, worth £5million, near York.

Samantha’s stepdad Viscount Astor is even richer. His family trust owns £130million property firm Sableknight.

David has been deer stalking on his 20,000-acre estate on Scottish isle Jura. Samantha’s mum, Lady Astor, right, runs fashionable furniture company Oka and has a stake in it valued at £30million.

His family

Cameron’s father Ian has amassed a fortune put at £10million.

He followed in the footsteps of his own dad Ewen by becoming a partner at City stockbrokers Panmure Gordon.

Ian made £2million, worth more than £4million today, when the firm sold out to a US bank in the 1986 Big Bang deregulation of the City.

He also served as a director of upmarket estate agent John D Wood and received another windfall after the firm floated on the stock market in 1987 and later sold.

In 2007 Ian, who is now retired, and wife Mary sold two paintings by French artist Jean-Baptiste Greuze for £800,000.

As an old City hand, he will know how best to minimise payments to the taxman in inheritance tax and pass on as much of his fortune as possible to Cameron, older brother Alex and sisters Tania and Clare.

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