Oi Oi, Call A Copper


That Cunt Spivey


Shall we have a longer than anticipated ‘quick’ site update with a few exposés thrown in for good measure?

Yea, why in Gordon’s name not aye.

Now first off there are a number of very good reasons that no new posts have been published of late, mainly because I now have four, potentially very explosive, major articles all nearing completion and the gathered evidence needed for a fifth to begin.

Course, the monsters are aware of these articles – I really (cough cough) cannot think how though – and they have already started a damage limitation exercise in the form of more than a few propaganda articles published by the Chimp… I hate saying that kind of thing because to me it sounds egotistical, it’s not. It is just a fact.

Moreover, the police harrassment has started again.

You see, I have apparently had two uniformed bods arrive in a marked squad car and knock on my door on either the  late afternoon of the 3rd or 4th of this month and then again late morning on Saturday the 6th.

Fuck knows what they want but I am really not interested in whatever it is because it can only be trumped up bullshit as I have done nothing to warrant a police visit.

However, more sinister is the smashing looking unmarked police 4×4 with the two suited plain clothed coppers sat inside it… Note, this is the filth, not the Men in Tights.

I had in fact been observing it pull up into the other end of the car park for a while, sit there 10-15 minutes without either Batman or Robin making a move to get out before driving off and returning anything from 10 minutes to an hour or so later to repeat the exercise.

This came to ahead just over a week ago when I see them pull up, do their usual eye exercises and drive off. My daughter Stacey and grandson Clayton  happened to be here at the time because we were due to go to the supermarket and I was in fact just getting my shoes on to go when they returned again and parked in front of my car (not parked in my usual place) facing my bonnet, which was where they had been parked the last time.

However, this meant that their motor was parked right by one of the very tight entrances to the car park and as such they needed to be very tight to the kerb so as not to block the entrance and indeed the driver had not even finished his cunting shunting as we walked out across the car park.

Now it was quite clear that me and my daughter were openly talking about them and it must have taken us a few minutes to get going as Clayton had to be strapped into his seat and what have you. Anyway, in that short space of time, they fucked off (very quick for them) the moment that I pulled out from in front of them, allowing Stacey to get a photo.


Now thankfully not everyone thinks that I am a cunt and as such I was able to establish that it is a police motor and not the Security Services.

Anyway, instead of driving off I stopped in the middle of the slip-road where the above photo was taken from because although you have to turn right out of the car park for by far the quickest route to the main road (turning left just takes you at least double the time if you know your way around and triple the time if you don’t, via nothing but a lot of houses to reach the very same [and only] exit onto that main road), I didn’t want them to follow me from that point.

After all, why should I have to put up with the fat-fucks following me? I am not a fucking criminal in the real world, and not even a prolific one in their fucked-up, arse-about-face, perverted fantasy realm.

But nevertheless, the fact that I had stopped on the slip-road appeared to leave the driver at a loss as what to do when he noticed my car not moving, before finally hesitantly opting to turn left at the car park exit.

I then pulled out of the car park and turned right asking Stacey if they had gone as I did so, because there is a sharp bend at the end of that road from which they would not be able to see if I continued right (to the main road and in turn the major supermarkets) or took the road located in between the two car park exits, which would involve me turning left out of the car park, followed by me taking an immediate right and right again – which is the route that I would take if I were going to Southend.

And as I say, there is nothing but houses in the direction that they took so presumably they were not very familiar with the housing estate that I live on.

But anyway, Stacey then told me that they were sat blocking the road just before the sharp bend so I told her to take another photo before driving off at speed so as they had no chance of catching up with me before I got onto the main road.  You see, from that point onwards there are so many directions that I could go that they would have had more chance of winning the lottery than picking the right one.


The point at which they are sat should have been reached long before the point at where I am, even if they were driving no faster than a crawl, since the exit I came out of after finally resuming my journey is further on than the 5th car parked to the left of the photo, way past the lamp-post in between the two telegraph poles – and not the exit that you can see just before the first telegraph pole.

And I haven’t now seen them since, although it is reassuring to know that I am not being harassed, targeted and your tax money is not being wasted trying to stitch up someone who has done fuck all except expose the shysters for the corrupt greedy nonces that they really are.

And of course since they are now definitely, definitely not, “honest we ain’t guv“, constantly monitoring my computer, sitting outside my home in nice motors or having soft topped, wooden tops knocking at my door, that tax money saving can now be directed to more important areas – such as paying for the cheese & pickle sandwiches, Peperamis, bananas and Sunny Delights found in the tupperware lunch-box of that nice, big head copper, Mr Kavanagh:

A failing chief constable claims tens of thousands of pounds in ‘allowances’ for his designer home, daily food bills and private car.

Essex chief constable Stephen Kavanagh is one of the highest paid UK police bosses with a pay package of more than £200,000.

Yet the officer – whose force has been rated ‘inadequate’ at protecting the vulnerable – claimed £32,000 in ‘allowances’ on top of his salary last year.

Part of this was £17,600 for a ‘chief officer allowance’. The only reference to this payment was buried in a footnote in the force’s accounts.

When asked about it, a force spokesman clarified that the ‘chief officer allowance’ was for Mr Kavanagh’s home internet and phone bills, private medical insurance, and contributions to his lunches, coffees and snacks.

This money is provided without him needing to provide receipts or proof of expenditure.

Incredibly, this perk – also handed to members of his senior team – has not stopped Mr Kavanagh making extra ‘subsistence’ claims on his taxpayer-funded expenses. 

These include dinner bills of up to £93 a time, and Tube tickets worth £4.50.

His expenses also include a £6,900 taxpayer-funded ‘housing allowance’ towards his sprawling five-bedroom home in Essex, which is worth nearly £1million and has a kitchen crafted by top designer Nicholas Anthony. Source

And despite Mr Kavanagh quite clearly worrying much more about my day to day lawful, private business than catching criminals – indeed even going to the length of ignoring mandatory procedure in order to try and stitch me up, nay even having committed a serious, series of crimes in his endeavour to get me – I bear him no ill will… Although the over-sensitive, humourless, snob-knob is still as bent as fuck.

Yet he is an impotent man with all that lace and shit on his shiny hat, so he must be very busy doing impotent work and as such he is entitled to fleece the taxpayer, who struggle to afford lunch… Hang on… Exactly what do Chief Constable’s do for their money?

I mean they are not hands on, sitting outside the homes, harassing those who expose their criminality are they? And they certainly are not out catching real criminals – dog forbid… Neither are they stuck in their office doing paperwork and balancing the books.


In fact the more that I think about it, the more I come to the conclusion that they are pointless with fuck all else to do other than make sure that their Masonic, Satanic, Paedophile Cronies remain above the law… On second thoughts, fuck his sandwiches, sausages, bananas and juice.

Quite disgusting really and I was therefore not surprised to learn that the Essex Police are only second to the Metropolitan Police where corruption is concerned.

Course, the equally over-sensitive Met Chief, Boss Hogg Howe has also been singled out of late for major criticism, and which had the criticism not come via the MSM, I would have welcomed the fact.

Sadly, the fact is that is where the criticism has come from and as such – despite being true – there has to be an agenda behind it and I am positive that neither Stevie K or Bernie H will suffer as a result… After all, had the MSM exposé been genuine, then I know beyond all doubt that the allegations that they could report on would make their highly inflated expenses claim appear trivial.

Mind you, even if one or the other was to be made a scapegoat to appease the discontented public – who clearly now openly mistrust and resent all of the country’s blobbies – they would still be alright because if Kavanagh and Howe are not each other or very closely related by blood, then fuck me,they have to be clones.

Not that their looks appear to be particularly close on first glance… Stop groaning for fucks sake and pay attention.


Bear with me.

I mean it could well be just a coincidence that the very same two men in charge of what are officially known as the two most corrupt police forces in the country, which just so happen to border each other, also just so happen to share looks closer to that than most siblings would share.

In fact if it were not [apparently] compulsory for photograph agencies to digitally alter every photo that is taken, Mr Kavanagh and Mr Howe would be identical… Here, let me show you what I mean.

Take the very top two photographs in the above batch. These are professionally taken photos with both men standing in an identical pose, facing slightly to their right but with their faces looking straight at the camera – and both taken by people who make their living taking photographs.


However, Mr Howe cl-ear-ly did the equivalent of putting odd socks on that morning… He put on two odd ears… They do not fucking match.

In fact if you could see his right ear clearly – as you should be able to from his pose, the fella would look like a freak.

Mind you, having said that, even if Bernie the Bolt had a matching pair on, the very fact that you can hardly see fuck all of either man’s right ear means that they are both equally deformed being in possession of a pair of ears which have their right one sitting far too close to their heads and the left one sitting like Dumbo the Elephants… Which cannot possibly be right can it?


Woops! Perhaps it can then although the fact that they both have one wing-nut makes the coincidences off the fucking charts if they are no relation to each other… I wonder is Mr Howe’s sticky out ear also sits further forward on his head too.

In fact, it is even more severe than that since both chaps have wider hair on their left side than they have on their right – although do not ask me how that works as I haven’t got a Scooby-Fucking-Do since it should be absolutely impossible, even if they had Mental-Vicky the transgender barber with a hard-on for a hairstylist.


And I doubt very much that they do have since it will be the taxpayer forking out for their short back and sides… And as such the cost matters not.

However, Kav & Hogg do share a very similar left ear in terms of looks, position and size.


Or at least they would have had someone not added that strange lobe onto Hoggis and reshaped Kav’s using a white liner.

Eyes wise, well someone appears to have put a fag out in between Hogg’s eye and nose and you would have thought that a professional photographer would have got Kav’s eyes much clearer instead of the heavy black shadow. And why they have added [badly] a lump to Hogg’s neck is anyones guess… Then again they also have those neck gonads attached to his chin whereas Kav’s chin has just been shortened and smoothed… In the wrong shade as it happens which clearly stands out like a pig in a policemans uniform.

Nevertheless, those are not the reasons that their left ear sticks out so much.

The real reason for that is they have had chunks added to the side of their heads so as to give Kavanagh a wider face with a square jaw whilst at the same time allowing them to to bring Hogg’s chin in at a greater rate thus giving him a more pointed chin than Kav’s and with added gonads to boot… Here have a butchers at the alterations on the photo below which you can cross reference with the photo below that.


Course the former Essex PCC, Nick Alston should have taken Kavanagh to task over the way his thugs have acted. After all, there was enough of you who wrote to him to complain about the Chief Constable, being as it was his very highly paid job to do so.


Hmmm, it seems that the wholly corrupt Alston didn’t take his job seriously at all then – which could be why he didn’t bother standing for election again.

Indeed, the fact that the country’s PCC’s are not doing their jobs was highlighted on the police website pcsos.co.uk where the article in question from 2013 – originally aired by the BBC – states:

The PCCs’ main role is to listen to public concerns on crime, and hold chief constables and the police force to account. Source

Yet the indisputable fact is that Nick Alston continually ignored the many, many complaint letters & follow ups received by readers of this site in regard to Stephen Kavanagh… Which is hardly surprising when it was Alston who was responsible for Kav getting just about the best package of any other Chief Constable in the country.

The following is how Alston defended his decision:

To run his job openly Mr Alston has published details of the pay package.

Chief Constable Kavanagh will receive a salary 10% above the set rate, a 15% allowance and a housing subsidy making a total package of £192,000.

“I determined that I should seek the best chief officer I could attract,” Mr Alston said.

“The base salary for chief constables is set by national regulations so I had no flexibility other than to consider a salary 10% above or below the set rate at my discretion.”

Mr Kavanagh will receive a basic £148,000, an allowance of £22,000 and a housing subsidy of £7,000

“I have to set a remuneration package that I cannot change over the four years of the contract.

“There is no opportunity for subsequent progression or performance related pay,” Mr Alston said.

Mr Alston added that he was influenced by pay structures in other parts of the country.

“Chief officers all over the country enjoy what many would see as very attractive allowances to cover various costs but chiefly cars and healthcare.

“In recent years Kent and Essex Police Authorities settled on a fixed rate of 15% on top of base salary

“I judged it right to offer the established figure to Mr Kavanagh to ensure he was neither at an advantage or disadvantage  Source

 You would laugh your socks off if it wasn’t so serious wouldn’t you… I mean, if Stevie K is the best then why the fuck is he “failing”.

Mind you, I am surprised that Alston had time for anything before he stood down what with him having been the Essex PCC, the elected Chairman for the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners and Ruskin University’s, Chair for the Eastern Regions Policing Institute.


As an aside, Anglia Ruskin University is cropping up time and time again whilst researching for stories that I have written about.

Course, despite the 2013 criticism of the country’s PCC’s not doing their job, Lincolnshire’s PCC, Alan Hardwick bucked the trend and suspended the County’s Chief Constable, Neil Rhodes.


PHOTO: Neil Rhodes

Which led to all manner of trouble for Hardwick:

Lincolnshire’s chief constable has been reinstated after a court ruled a decision to suspend him was “irrational and perverse”.

Neil Rhodes was suspended by the county’s police and crime commissioner (PCC) Alan Hardwick in February.

It was alleged Mr Rhodes helped a senior Muslim lawyer from West Yorkshire Police pursue a claim of racial discrimination “which he knew to be a contrivance”.

Mr Rhodes will now return to work.

Speaking on Thursday outside the High Court in Manchester where he lodged his judicial review, he said: “I’m very pleased with the decision of the judge today who has declared my suspension irrational, perverse and therefore unlawful. Continue Reading

And that could also be why Alston took no action. I mean I know more than many that doing the right thing can lead to all manner of shite being flung at you.

Course, being as the Rhodes suspension bollox was widely published in the MSM, it could be that the Monsters were just conducting a propaganda exercise, sending out a [fake] message that: ‘the police & PCC’s will not tolerate wrongdoing by any officer regardless of wank, although on this occasion the nice, integrity layden PCC, Alan Hardprick was a bit over zealous’. 

Or then again maybe it was a warning to other PCC’s not to rock the boat, so to speak… Which would in fact be quite ironic since I am now going to prove – beyond all fucking doubt – that the former Essex PCC, Nick Alston is the Lincolnshire Chief Cuntstable, Neil Rhodes… And just so ya know,, I haven’t finished with Kavanagh yet.


Now as I say, that is either indisputable proof or a coincidence with odds far greater than 7 billion to 2.

Mind you, that cropping of the ear, extending of the teeth, lowering of the bottom eyelid and changing the eye colour is enough to drop the comparison percentage between the pair to just 72 %.


Thus adding credence to my claim that a 75% or over score would suggest that the two people compared are one and the same.

Course, the less alterations there are the higher the score obviously.


Yet some of the alterations made by the monster minions are so dire and the ‘falsies’ worn by the actors are that ridiculous that I am fucked if I know why this practice wasn’t picked up on much sooner… Here have a butchers:

DCC_Neil_RhodesSo that would be why Alston really stuck two fingers up at your letters and emails then!

And as a finale to Kavanagh’s, Hero Hogan’s and Neil Rhodes looks, what would the chances be of me taking a photo of Stevie K… Say the one below…


Which I have not altered in anyway whatsoever. And then take a huge chunk out of his face and overlay it onto a photo of Neil Rhodes/Nick Alston – Nick Rhodes for short… Say for instance the photo below…


He’s had one of those granny blue rinse jobs hasn’t he? Nevertheless, don’t worry about that now although I will point out that his hair colour is fuck all to do with me since I haven’t altered this photo in anyway neither, including the angles on either.

So, to get back to the point in question: What would the chances be of me taking a big square of Kavanagh’s mooey and doing nothing to it cept overlaying it on Nick Rhodes mooey (didn’t Nick Rhodes play summat for Duran, Duran?) – what would the chances be of them matching up perfectly?

Little to no fucking chance I should think… But there is only one way to find out.


As for that nice, upstanding Mr K and his equally upstanding pal, Mr H shall we have a bash at doing the same?


And you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Now I have already documented elsewhere, quoting respectable sources as to how rare exact doubles are and how the closer a person is in looks to someone, then the closer the two will be related – which is in stark contradiction to what the likes of the Monkey Boyz – working to an agenda/damage limitation exercise all based on information sourced from their own tiny minds – would have you believe… So I have no intention of documenting it again.

Nevertheless, in view of the enormous damage done to the alternative media by Zen Gardner, who after years of building up a respectable reputation and read by a huge audience decided now was the right time to admit that from the age of 22 he spent the next 27 years with a cult called ‘Children Of God’ – whose initiates practice sex with children from the age of 2 years old upwards (including incest), via means of battering the children senseless if they protest or resist – working his way up the cult ladder to become a leader, I just thought that I better mention the rarity of doppelganger’s for the benefit of my critics who show their inability to think rationally by accusing me of errr… Well of all sorts of total bollox really – most commonly that I am working for MI 5… Or I have lost the plot… Or that I am making shit up… Which is more often than not followed by my accuser claiming that they used to donate to the site but they are now never sending me money again… And shite like that.

A fair few of you too apparently, although I am going by what I am told on the matter as I don’t have time to read those inane comments.

Course it isn’t my fault that these half baked fake-fucks cannot keep up… Perhaps I go too fast, after all this shit is easy for me so I am used to ploughing ahead.

More importantly still: I am right and the fact that a lot of you cannot grasp what I tell you does not mean that I am ‘controlled’ because I will tell you this now –  No cunt ever has or ever will control me.

However, these accusing bods who were once self professed partisans quite clearly continue to read every word I write so I will just say to those who have said they are no longer going to donate to the site because I write crap, that is fine – no problem whatsoever.

Nevertheless, you all know the situation here and trust me I will wrap this site up rather than get myself into debt again… I don’t like this job and the merits certainly do not go anywhere near compensating me for the shite I get.

Oh and one more thing – Those new critics who once donated a fiver in 3 installments: Fuck off and don’t visit the site instead of carrying on reading as normal in parasite mode ya fucking ponses.

I will conclude that polite request by telling you this. I did not know about Zen Gardner. However, the reason for that is in all likelihood due to the fact that I never read his site or any other alternative view sites for that matter, unless in the course of research I am led there via a google search.

Neither am I interested in or reading the findings of the self appointed, unwanted, alternative-view police in their never ending witch-hunt of those within our domain. After all they are just untalented fuck-ups looking to make a name for themselves off of someone’s hard work or more often than not, they are the security services scabby bitches who will expose anyone that they are told to without the least shred of evidence to back their claim.

However, the fact is that without even looking to expose the many wrong-uns amongst us, I have stumbled across evidence which proves that six of the most well known BRITS in this game are controlled by the security services.

Therefore, all those of you feeling betrayed by Don Ferguson/Zen Gardner best get used to it if you are easily fooled or can’t be arsed to check out those whose work you follow because you got a lot more disappointment coming… Just sayin’.

I’m not in a very good mood. Can you tell?

Okay, so now it is easier to understand that my [illegal] arrests of 2014 – of which the cases are unbelievably still ongoing came covertly via the Metropolitan Police… A fact that I didn’t know myself until I clocked the information tucked away in the disclosure bundle… In fact, so secret was that information that Southend Central Police Station informed the press that the referral came from another police force rather than state the truth.

And that would also explain why one of the police officers involved, who purported to work for Essex Police has his bullshit statement written on Metropolitan Police witness statement stationary.

Both of the arrests – as you already probably know – have been illegal and to this day I still don’t know how I was convicted of 2 x harrassment and 2 x Malicious communications for sending a single, very polite friend request on Facebook that was ignored.

But its okay because the appeal is now set for January 2017 – two and a half fucking years after I was arrested in fact… You probably won’t hear about it though because there is a press blackout order in place.

Now I was in fact in court last Wednesday in what should have been a simple task of getting the charge against me of distributing child porn dismissed – a blatant case of malicious prosecution on behalf of the wholly corrupt, “failing” Essex Police Force. And indeed launching a MALICIOUS PROSECUTION is a very serious crime.

I say that because the police case consists of one photo that I published on here on the 20th of May this year. The SINGLE photo in question is a SCREENSHOT of the results produced by a GOOGLE SEARCH for the Nan Goldin photograph: Klara & Edda Belly Dancing.


Photo: A typical screenshot of a Google search for the photo made after I was [once again illegally] summons to court for displaying a similar screenshot on this site to highlight the police harrassment against me on the eve of my court case for possession of the legal image yet deemed by Essex Police as being a Class C indecent image of a child  – despite their Acting DCI Gary Biddle clearly establishing that it wasn’t when he wrote to me about it in July or August 2012… A copy of which the investigating officers managed to track down but are somewhat unsurprisingly leaving out of their evidence bundle.

Once again, I know that they tracked down the letter because that too is documented in the disclosure bundle.

Now although I have never tried I am sure that it is not that easy to access child-pornography, and if it was then Google would be guilty of not only possessing and distributing child porn in a big way, they would also be in receipt of financial gain… So why was there nearly 9,000 results come up in 34 seconds?

Well basically because it is a legal photo falling under the category of Art, which makes up just 1 photo of a set of 25, worth hundreds of thousands of pounds – all of which are owned by Sir Elton John.


Photo: Another Goldin’ photo from the Klara & Edda Belly Dancing Collection

However, to make matters worse, the police description of the photo used in the indictment to prosecute me for the possession of the image is totally wrong, which despite having had this pointed out to them thus leaving them unable to produce a single, similar description to back their claim, whilst blatantly ignoring the official description proves further that this is a malicious prosecution paid for by the taxpayer.

Therefore, with Stephen Kavanagh using taxpayers money, police manpower and police time to pursue this astonishing abuse of office and oath, it is little wonder that the Essex Police Force is “failing” and now holds second place in the table of corrupt police forces – having at least 35 officers either suspended or on restricted duties, the last time I looked.

Moreover, there was an FOI request submitted by someone wanting to know how many complaints the force had in 2015 specifically made against Kavanagh – which tellingly, the request was not answered.

Now that Google search result for the photo produced 9,000 results including the photo hanging in the Saatchi gallery in London..


As well a being given the oppertunity to buy the photo (replica obviously) on Ebay.Co.Uk and Amazon.Co.Uk… But for some reason those three are not in court alongside me for distributing the image.


Moreover, in evidence I produced a copy of the CPS ruling on their CPS.Gov website stating that the image was subject to legal proceedings in 2001 and 2007 – the outcome of which was that the CPS ruled that the photo is not indecent and that no one could be convicted of possessing the image:

Northumbria Crown Prosecution Service has advised Northumbria Police that a photograph seized from an exhibition at the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead, is not an indecent image.

Ms Kerrie Bell, head of CPS Northumbria’s South Unit, said: “A decision was made by the CPS in 2001 in relation to this particular photograph, “Klara and Edda Belly Dancing 1998”, that it was not indecent and therefore there was insufficient evidence for a prosecution.

“Even if the photograph was now considered to be indecent, a defendant would be able to raise a legitimate defence, given that the photograph was distributed for the purposes of display in a contemporary art gallery after having been deemed not to be indecent by the earlier investigation.

“Accordingly, I am of the opinion that the evidence is insufficient to justify proceedings for offences of possession or distribution of an indecent photograph.” Source

Curiously, the prosecution bundle does not contain that page of the ruling.

And as I say, that is disregarding the fact that the police knew that I had the image on this website from as far back as July 2012, the letter of which also states that he (DCI Gary Biddle) was aware that I was using that and other [legal] images (also classed as art), in order to highlight and hopefully help stamp out the abhorrent practice of child abuse.

Course, the investigating head plod – who has now left the force for a job with the security services or so I was told by my barrister –  wouldn’t have needed that letter to know why I used the image since the caption that I attached to it clearly states: “What kind of sick fuck would want to own art like this… Oh yes, Sir Elton John”.  

So since I am being maliciously prosecuted for having a legal image on my computer that I used for no other reason that to highlight the horrors of child abuse, in my bid to help bring an end to the sick-fuck practice, the fact that the malicious prosecution was instigated by Kavanagh, suggests to me that he does not approve of people trying to stop it… Which ties in with what I said earlier in regard to what a Chief Constables job entails.


On top of that, I produced a letter written on Greater Manchester Police headed writing paper, written by a senior officer in reply to a complaint made by a friend of mine over his arrest after he had published the photo on Facebook which he had done – along with plenty more who were not arrested – to highlight the police harrasment that I am constantly forced to endure.

The letter clearly states that the charge was dropped following a 3 month investigation in which the Greater Manchester Police were informed that THE IMAGE IS LEGAL.

However, to add even more credence to this being a malicious prosecution you will note in the part copy below of the FOUR page letter, that page1 details my friend’s arrest for the image whilst the all important information begins and ends on page 2


Now the thing is that the Prosecution Bundle also contains this letter… That is to say pages ONE and FOUR with the all important page TWO not included, thus making it appear that my friend was arrested for an indecent image and the charge still stands.

On top of that, I produced a copy of the appeal ruling for Regina vs Neal.

Mr Neal had been convicted of having child porn photos which were reproduced in 5 books on art that had been bought legitimately – in the same way that Klara and Edda Belly Dancing is included in the book “The Devil’s Playground” – a compilation of Nan Goldin’s ‘art’ work.

The Court of Appeal ruling states:

15.  For those various reason the appeal is allowed and the convictions on counts 1 to 5 are quashed.

16.  This brings us to the question of retrial. Mr Gray (prosecutor) has indicated that in the event of our quashing the convictions the Crown applies for a retrial. He submits that it is appropriate for a jury to consider whether these photographs were indecent, that the prosecution was properly brought and that there is no unfairness to the defendant in there being a retrial. Miss Bramwell (defence) resists that application for a retrial. She submits that it is neither fair nor in the interests of justice to prosecute the appellant for possession of such photographs which are contained in widely available books.

17.  We have no doubt that we should refuse the application for a retrial. In our judgment a retrial is not in the interests of justice. We do not dispute for one moment that the question of indecency of photographs of this kind is one for a properly directed jury. It is, however, very unfair for an individual in the position of the appellant to be prosecuted for possession of photographs which are contained in widely available books. If it is wished to test whether the photographs in the books are indecent, the right way of dealing with the matter is by way of prosecution of the publisher or the retailer, not of an individual purchaser. We have already suggested that the decision to proceed against the appellant may have been influenced by the addition of count 6. It seems to us to be particularly unfair to put the appellant through the trial process again when, for reasons already covered by us, count 6 has long dropped out of the picture.

18.  Accordingly, there will be no order for a retrial.

But the reasons for my case to be dismissed didn’t end there.

You see, I was served notice to attend court via a postal requisition – usually used for road traffic offences and for which MANDATORY PROCEDURE has to be followed.

The following was sent to my solicitor in response to the prosecution making light of the allegation:

8  – Paragraphs 7 and 8 are responses to procedural deficiencies in the serving of my Postal Requisition. Tetteh Turkson, who authored the Response, may not be aware that Essex Police has mandatory procedures for the serving of postal requisitions:


 I have attached the PDF for convenience and you will see that this was updated on 24th May 2016. I have also attached the previous version, which is essentially the same. In contravention of the mandated procedure, I was not arrested, I was not released on unconditional bail, there was no initial reception procedure, I was not (could not be) informed that I was eligible for a postal requisition, no one handed (or could have handed) me a leaflet explaining the procedure, no one endorsed a copy of my Bail Form because there was no bail form, I was not given a post-charge pack nor an HMCS Means Form. I was handed the Postal Requisition while attending Basildon Crown Court on another matter.

I think that counts as total non-compliance with the mandated procedure.

Yet talk about “sure out to getcha” because if my move for dismissal had been granted, the prosecution counsel had made it clear that they would appeal the ruling… For a Google screenshot of one legal photo?

And when the Judge ruled that the case be adjourned until October because he wanted proof that the image is widely available – which I had already given my Barrister – there was a 15 minute adjournment in the proceedings so as the prosecution barrister could “go take instruction” as his orders were to have the charge added to the indictment for having the legal image on my computer.

But just to make it quite, quite clear to those with ulterior motives, that legal photo classed as ‘art’ is the one and only photo of child porn that I am charged with possessing and distributing and which is still on this site today… And that is from 2 computers dating back to June 2011 with the contents of a hard-drive stored on one of them dating back to 2008.

Course, these monsters think that we commoners are thick. You see, if they get the image in front of a jury they are going to decide that it is indecent – I mean what normal person wouldn’t – and thus I will be convicted of possessing and distributing an indecent image of a child, despite the fact that the image is classed as legal.

However, if that happens a whole can of worms will be opened if they are not very careful because like I say, Elton John owns it, Amazon and Ebay sell it, Saatchi hangs it in his gallery and Google distribute it daily in the tens of thousands, and as such, they don’t really want to go down that route.

And in a way, they have fucked themselves up because the distribution charge arose out of Stephen Kavanagh’s ego… He went fucking mad because I belittled him in the article that carried the screenshot.

But the thing is, if the distribution charge is dismissed based on the fact that the image is legal, then Count 1 of the indictment will also have to be slung out… After all, a photo can’t be legal one minute and illegal the next.

And indeed the prosecution have already made it clear to my barrister that if I plead guilty to the 2nd (and final) Indictment – possession of 1 photo of extreme pornography (nothing whatsoever to do with children) – they will drop the charge for possession and distribution of the legal photo.

That way they get a conviction to justify their million pound harrassment, the Judge can slap me on the sex offenders register, which means my relationship with Clayton and to some extent Stacey will suffer greatly – which as you know if you have been reading this site for any length of time was the intention all along.

However, they are proper taking the piss because I was never arrested or even questioned or shown the photo that makes up indictment 2… And with very good reason for them not to do so.

You see at that point they had no reason to because the photo was innocuous and did not represent extreme pornography in any way shape or form  – and still doesn’t as it happens.  And besides, they were hoping to get me on the images that they planted (which they must have fucked up hence they were gone before I was even charged) and Led Zeppelin album covers, which obviously also went tits up for them.

So they did the next best thing when they were left with only the one legal image (uploaded to my computer 3 times, all of which are used in articles on this website to raise awareness of the horrors of child abuse), to make a case from.


They took the innocent image and photoshopped it in an effort to make it appear something different is about to take place than what is really going on… They have taken a minimum of two, and maybe as many as four photos off my computer and merged various parts to try and make the photo portray something else… Which given the law still doesn’t meet the threshold for extreme pornography because extreme pornography has to be just that. In other words, you cannot convict on the presumption that an extreme act will take place, the photograph has to actually show the extreme act happening.

However, once again the rule of law apparently doesn’t apply to Chris Spivey but in their efforts to get me at all costs they cocked up because they assumed that the image was a digital photograph and as such, even if I was to claim in court that the police have fabricated the evidence via photoshop, the prosecution would claim that it wasn’t – or put another way; my word against theirs.

And as my barrister pointed out, if we apply to have the photo ‘independently’ analysed, the analysis will be carried out by someone chosen by the police… Hardly fucking independent then.

Nevertheless, despite a single legal image and a single image supposedly of extreme porn still not being enough to warrant a prosecution as set out in the CPS guidelines… No one gets taken to Crown Court for possession of two images even if they were of the worst kind.

Indeed, I was told by a Social Worker that no one gets taken to court for less than 20 images. After all, what are they going to give me even if I did get convicted? Fuck all, because it isn’t about the sentence, it is all about trying to discredit me and more importantly making it difficult for me to have time with Clayton… And a person has to be sick in the fucking head to try and reach that goal

I mean if anything, the fact that those two pictures (one legal, one fabricated – another provable criminal act carried out by the poluice) are the best that they can come up with from two computers belonging to a single fella, must mean that I am practically a saint.

However, as I say, what the crooked arsewipes did not plan for was the fact that the photo in question was not a photo… It was a screenshot taken from a recording of which I still have the originals and which show nothing at all like they have tried photoshopping it to portray.

Mind you, when I did finally see the photo in May of this year, despite my barrister going to great lengths to stress that I was not to say a single word when the coppers showed it to me, I couldn’t help myself but burst out that the photo they were showing me wasn’t the photo that they resorted to using in their haste to convict me… I mean I deal with photoshop every day and can spot it a mile off even if I hadn’t known what the original looked like.

And that is what I have to deal with day in day out with the criminals masquerading as the good guys and the good guys being portrayed as the bad guys and having to live their daily life anticipating the consequences of every move they make in case they make a move that will allow them to be stitched up by the filth… A wholly appropriate name for the thugs in blue.

And finally, just to really piss me off my dog Jessica collapsed in front of me last week in such a horrible way that I was positive that she had had a heart attack. In fact she was down for at least 5 minutes most of which she spent with her head flat to the ground, not moving at all and in which time she pissed herself which I thought was never going to stop.

Anyway, after a tense day spent up at the animal hospital the upshot is that she has a tumour on her spleen with a maximum two months to live. The vet then asked me if I wanted her put down, yet to see her running about the park every morning you wouldn’t think that there was anything wrong with her at all except for age – and the big square bald patch covering the whole of one side where the vet had shaved her of course.

Now I have had her since she was 8 weeks old and she is now 9 coming up 10 years old so putting her down was the last thing that I wanted to do. But of course, by the same token I didn’t want her to suffer so I asked the vet if she was in pain or likely to be in pain in the very near future.

Thankfully, she isn’t and according to the vet what will happen is the tumour will rupture which will cause her to die of internal bleeding, but according to the vet I will know in plenty of time before any pain starts because when it ruptures she will become very drowsy giving me plenty of time to get her back up the 24 hour hospital so as she can put her down.

Mind you, in one way I am relieved because I can see things getting very dangerous for me with the information that I am about to reveal in the 4 nearly completed articles, so she is one less thing that I have to worry about once she goes.

And of course for Jessie, she will be reunited with her beloved Jasper in a better place where the water don’t taste like shit.

On the other hand, I am going to proper miss her.