Oh look, its Charlie boy in yet another photo with a paedophile. I can’t think why.


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Rev Peter Ball meeting Prince Charles in 1992. The bishop, now 80, has described him as ‘a loyal friend’ in the past

It seems the Police have now arrested a retired Church of England Diocese in the course of their child sex abuse investigation… No surprise there then.

After all, the Protestant and Catholic church’s are riddled with paedophiles. I mean lets face it, there has to be something suspect about a fella wanting to play dress-up in a long dress and preach to gullible people too mind controlled to see that religion is nothing other than a control system.

Worse still, the fact that these perverts are preaching to the gullible about a weirdy beardy man in the sky who will strike you down if you don’t do as he says, defies all logic and common sense.

Course, paedophilia seems to run rampant amongst all those who like to play dress up and make believe… Its rife at the BBC and what do they do there? play dress up. In fact, I have a major new article coming out soon about Paedophiles in the acting world. And there are plenty, believe me.

Come to think of it paedophilia also runs rampant amongst most other people who like to preach and control people… Look at Parliament. A more depraved, corrupted, bunch of crooked deviant’s you will never meet.

However, paedophilia also runs rampant throughout the Royal family… Another motley crew who like to dress up, play make believe and preach to people. So is anyone in the least surprised to see Big ears in yet another photograph with a paedophile? A paedophile, who like Jimmy So-vile classes the Prince as a loyal friend. I bet old Big Ears ain’t so loyal now. Will the police be investigating him? Nahhh, course they won’t.

I will tell you this though, if it were me or you who continually turned up in photo’s with nonces, the Old Bill would have pulled us in long ago. Why are you people not outraged? Does the man have to break into your kids bedroom and rape your children before you make the connection?

Get angry people for fucks sake. I put my neck on the block writing this stuff. I sometimes wonder why I bother.

Retired Church of England bishop, 80, arrested by police over historic child sex abuse allegations at scandal-hit Diocese

Police investigating historic child sex allegations in a scandal-hit diocese arrested a retired Church of England bishop today.

Peter Ball, 80, was arrested at his home in Langport, Somerset, on suspicion of eight sex offences against eight boys and young men aged between 12 and their early twenties in the late Eighties and Nineties, sources said.

The offences are alleged to have taken place in East Sussex and elsewhere within the diocese of Chichester.

Rev Ball, former bishop of Lewes and later Gloucester, has connections with Prince Charles whom he has described in the past as a ‘loyal friend’.

He is thought to be the highest member of the clergy to be arrested in connection with a sex abuse investigation.

A second clergyman, an unnamed 67-year-old retired priest, was also detained at his home this morning near Haywards Heath, West Sussex, on suspicion of separate sex offences against two teenage boys in East Sussex between 1981 and 1983, Sussex Police said.

The arrests follow a review and subsequent inquiry over the past six months by a team of Sussex Police detectives.

The investigation followed receipt by police in May this year of two reports from a CofE safeguarding consultant.

They contained reviews of Church files relating to safeguarding matters of young people in the Diocese of Chichester during the 1980s and early 1990s.

Officers described it as a ‘very complex inquiry’ during which many people, who are all now adults, have had to be traced along with witnesses and records.


Police said there were no allegations of recent or current offending, and there was no suggestion that any young people are at risk.

The claims are being treated separately and do not involve the two men allegedly acting together.

Detective Chief Inspector Carwyn Hughes, of Sussex Police, who is leading the investigation, said: ‘The Church of England, including the Diocese of Chichester, are co-operating fully with police.

‘Although the matters referred to are still the subject of police investigation, Sussex Police make it clear that the force will always take seriously any allegations of historic sexual offending, and every possible step will be taken to investigate whenever appropriate.

‘Allegations of historic offences are treated just as seriously as any more recent offences.’

The arrests come after the CofE issued an ‘unreserved apology’ earlier this year for historic cases of child abuse by some of its clergy.

The Rt Rev Paul Butler, Bishop of Southwell and Nottingham and chair of the Churches National Safeguarding Committee, confirmed the arrests and said that the church has been working closely with police throughout the investigation.

Chichester cathedral. The offences that saw two men arrested today are alleged to have taken place in the scandal-hit dioceseChichester cathedral. The offences that saw two men arrested today are alleged to have taken place within the scandal-hit diocese

He added: ‘The Church of England takes any allegations of abuse very seriously and is committed to being a safe place for all. To this end we have robust procedures and policies in place. But we can never be complacent.

‘We would like to urge any victims or those with information to feel free to come forward knowing that they will be listened to in confidence.

‘We have also put support systems in place for all those involved with today’s arrests.’

The Bishop of Chichester, Martin Warner, said the arrests followed an investigation in which the diocese had been working closely with Sussex Police.

He said: ‘We can confirm that the retired bishop has had no ministry in Sussex for many years and no longer lives in this area. The retired priest has had his Permission to Officiate suspended.

‘We have been working closely with Elizabeth Hall, the National Safeguarding adviser for the Church of England, and Kate Wood, the safeguarding consultant appointed by the Church of England to compile a file of evidence that was handed to Sussex Police in May.

‘Our co-operation with Sussex Police in this investigation continues our ongoing commitment to do all that is necessary to bring any alleged criminal matters to the attention of the public authorities, and to ensure that the Diocese of Chichester is a safe place for all in our church communities, whilst being an unsafe place for any who may seek to abuse them.’

A free helpline staffed by the NSPCC has been set up on 0800 389 5344.

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