Oh Laud! Derek thinks that I am “Certifiable”.


Christopher Spivey.

So, apparently Derek Laud is not going to sue me because he thinks that I am “Certifiable” and that “no one believes the crap” written about him anyway. At least, that is what he supposedly said on his Twitter (see photo below)… Hmmm.

Personally, I would not lower myself to look at the highly dangerous, predatory paedophiles twitter page (I learned this twitter news in a forum). However, given his response after being asked by a D Hewson why he is not suing me, it would certainly appear that he has lowered himself to look at this site.

With that in mind Del boy, I feel that I should say this: You could be right, I may well be certifiable. Never the less, I think you are wrong about ‘no one believing the crap’.

In fact, I ought to let you know that many, many thousands of people do believe “the crap”. Still, you do what you gotta do, and I will do the same.

Now, I also understand that our honest and upstanding government are wasting more tax payers money, having their legal eagles trawl the internet, seeking out those of us in the alternative media who are naming names of political paedophiles.

They are apparently doing so with a view to taking legal action against us.

I further understand that because of this threat, many sites are in fact removing the names … Hmmm.

To my way of thinking, instead of wasting tax payers money trying to silence the whistle-blowers, should that money not be spent investigating those politicians who’s names continually crop up within the realms of the alternative media?

Then again, I suppose there is no need to investigate those names, because those at the very top, including the Prime Minister already know about the activities of those being repeatedly named… Despite playing dumb when confronted by Tom Watson.

Moreover, instead of wasting millions of pounds more of the nations hard earned on what is a blatant whitewash investigation into the BBC. Why the fuck is the investigation not centred around those who are named. If the police chief’s are that clueless, come and ask me and I will provide them with plenty of names to investigate… And my list does not include ‘Rigsby’ and Larry the fucking Lamb.

Maybe the police should try doing what I do, when receiving a tip off… Follow the fucking thing up. That is what I have done, having been told that the Sun was ordered to drop an investigation into Leon Brittan. The following is a copy of an Email that I sent to the Newspaper on Saturday:


My name is Chris Spivey and I am looking into an  allegation made on the internet about Leon Brittan. I have it on good authority that you were investigating the former Home Secretary in 1989 in regard to this allegation. The allegation is that Brittan raped a young boy. The details are along the lines of the following:

The police raided a house after they found a young, half naked boy staggering in the street. When police asked what had happened he told them about Brittan and took them to the house were the sex attack had taken place. When the officer called in to report the incident, they were ordered to take the boy in, and when they got there, there were 2 officers from the security service waiting. The story was then subsequently covered up. A short time later, Brittan was summoned to meet his fellow MP William Hauge, who told Brittan that he was to resign his post and that he was going to be made commissioner for the UK.

As you no  doubt know, Brittan was later  forced to resign this post  in 1999 amid accusations of large scale fraud. A key member of his office staff back then was the current  Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg. I am further reliably informed that the investigating journalist, who is no longer in your employ was told to drop the 1989 rape investigation.

My question to you therefore is; can you confirm or deny that your newspaper was ordered to drop the investigation into the rape accusations (along with other similar accusations) made against Leon Brittan.

I look forward to your response.

Chris Spivey

But the Police won’t follow my lead. Why should they when they know the names of these high powered government nonces as well as already having the evidence to convict?

The sad fact is, the only way that these depraved, odious, vile scumbags are going to be brought to book is by people power… Forget the government… You only have to look at their expense forms to know that they only care about their own well being.

Furthermore , as you will know if you have read ‘Parliamentary Paedophiles’ , those few in parliament who are not sexual deviants themselves are covering for those who are. It seems that protecting their ‘do as they fucking please and fuck the general public’ lifestyle, matters more than the well being of those toddlers being subjected to gang rape throughout the country. Because make no mistake, this is happening on a huge scale.


Therefore, I will promise you this: For as long as the so called Elite, the Corrupt Government, the Cuntstabulary, and the Judiciary continue to try and hoodwink the nation in to thinking that they are doing all they can to stamp out Child Abuse, I will continue to name names.

I will continue to do so, until I can see that those being named are bought to justice.

After all, what are they going to do? Shut me down… They can. But if they think my mouth is big now, wait and see how big it is when I just as quickly start another site… Then what?  Throw me in prison… Big deal, My daughters grown up, I have only myself to worry about so if they think stitching me up and sending me to prison will shut me up, then they are dummer than what they look… Sue me for libel? I have fuck all, the government  have seen to that, while they – the ones who really have the something for nothing mentality – line their pockets. The greedy bastard’s… I suppose they could Have me ‘disappear?… I wouldn’t be the first, but that is what they will have to do to shut me up. And in doing so, that will only go to draw more public attention to the corrupt arseholes. Enough, if enough.

Remember; you have nothing to fear, but fear its self… And I’m not scared.

Until the next time.

Much love


Some of the information contained in the above will also appear in my soon to be published follow up to Parliamentary Paedophiles. And believe me, the parliamentary cesspit gets even more nauseating.