Now there’s a queer thing!

Christopher Spivey


Now there’s a thing.

It seems that Simon Cowell is not allowed to go near his pregnant birds 7 year old son until January 2015.

Hands up who doesn’t find that weird.


All the more so when you consider the fact that the rumours about which side Cowell bats for refuse to die down. This has led the pop entrepreneur to issue several denials via the media that he is Gay.

Personally, methinks that the lady doth protest too much… And make no mistake about it, up until he had a breast reduction Cowell proper needed to wear an upper decker flopper stopper.

Certainly, Cowell is very, very vain. On top of having his impressive man boobs removed, he has had at least one face lift and nearly always wears high heeled shoes.

Furthermore, of the many photo’s that I have looked at of Cowell and the women that he likes to surround himself with and whom he no doubt uses as an attempt to portray himself as straight, he always looks to me as if he feels a bit awkward around the ones that he is supposedly shagging.

And that includes Lauren Silverman who Cowell is reportedly going to propose to.


Certainly Cowell wouldn’t be the first gay blade to get married.

However, in regard to Cowell being banned from seeing Silverman’s son, this agreement appears to be in total contradiction to what the Daily Mirror reported on the 26 of August:

Lauren was set to join Cowell in the South of France, despite reports elsewhere she was told to stay away.

A pal said: “They have nothing to hide so why shouldn’t they be seen together. Andrew and Simon have met up and talked things through and everyone is moving on with their lives.”

There is increasing speculation the couple are set to move in together and bring up their baby, thought to be due in January, as a proper family.

It was previously believed that Lauren, who lives in New York with her son Adam, seven, would bring up the baby in a Los Angeles mansion bought by Simon.

But according to reports yesterday, the pair have agreed to live together as a family, moving between Cowell’s homes in Los Angeles and London.

Asked if he was prepared for the biggest role of his life, Cowell said: “I’m ready. Very happy and very excited.” Source


Well, it is quite fucking obvious that something has gone wrong then isn’t it?

And you can forget jealousy, forget being spiteful, forget revenge… In fact, I personally don’t think that negative emotion plays any part in Andrew Silverman’s outwardly perceivable petulant demands where his son and Cowell are concerned.

Don’t forget, we are not talking about an honest, hard working average Joe type here, whose slag of a wife has fucked off with the local drug dealer.

We are talking about the super rich whose long term relationships are measured in hours not years.

Now, imagine if you, like Cowell were an outwardly respectable, extremely well know businessman worth £370 Million who had done the dirty on a mate by getting his wife pregnant… That would make you a cunt but not a danger to children.

Never the less, it takes two to tango, and hey ho, shit happens; you can’t help who you fall in love with etc, etc… Or so they say.

Anyway, carrying on with the scenario.

So, you have now nicked your mates wife, got her pregnant only to find that your former friend who is also mega rich – now turns round and says to you: “Okay Kincade, you may have mah wife but yee sure as hell baint avin mah boy”… Fuck knows why such a rich fucker would talk like a cross between John Wayne and Cletus from the Simpsons, but that is irrelevant… Even though he is from the East-End of London.

So, in reality – including the time already lapsed – you are looking at nearly a year and a half of not being allowed anywhere near your step son… And despite Cowell never having been married or even having had a long term sexual relationship with a woman (yeah I know about Sinitta and Terri Seymour – Fag Hags); Imagine what that ban is going to do to your new relationship?

It has got to have an adverse effect on Cowell and Lauren… Fuck me, there is little enough chemistry between them as it is.

Unlike the chemistry that existed between Cowell and American Idol host Ryan Seacrest of course… Seacrest is without doubt homosexual.


So, Could it be then be a case of  Silverman banking on Cowell’s and his ex wife’s relationship not lasting until 2015?

Lets just get Back to our scenario for now.

Okay, you have nicked and spunked up your mates wife and now he has banned you from seeing his and your birds 7 year old son.

So how the fuck is that going to work? Or do the miserable pair happy couple not live together?

Unless of course, as well as being a proper old spunk bucket your new bird is also someone whom is that self obsessed with her own life that she can’t be arsed to spend too much time with her seven year old child … Her only child at present, I hasten to add.

I mean, unless that is an accurate description of Cowell’s bird then she must have reached a mega money deal with her ex to agree to the somewhat seemingly vindictive no contact with Cowell part of the arrangement.

And, having already read the article, I can tell you that you would be forgiven for thinking that would seem to be the case – Until you read further of course.

You see, the Chimp states that;  the exes are using mutual friend Sir Philip Green, the billionaire CEO of the Arcadia Group (as an intermediary).

Now, for those of you who don’t know who Philip Green is, I have to tell you that he is a proper ‘wrong un’.

However, I should imagine that he is a brilliant negotiator having amassed a vast fortune through wheeler dealer-ing.

This is what I said about Green in an article that I wrote about the Bullingdon boys diners club:

Philip Green is of course a good friend and supporter of the Cunt Cameron.

The Zionist billionaire, with an eye for the young ladies has been criticised in the past for treating his employees like shit.

Green is in fact, not the kind of fella that you would trust to play a game of Ludo fairly, let alone anything else.

I suppose then, that would be why Cameron put him in charge of leading a review into government spending.

Furthermore, take no notice of the Chimps old fanny about Green being a mutual friend because although he does no doubt know Andrew Silverman, the billionaire and Cowell are as thick as thieves with each other.

And like Green, Cowell is also very well in with the Cunt Cameron – as well as also being very well in with the paedophile former Labour Party Prime Minister, Gordon ‘deadeye’ Brown:

a Sun splash on election morning claimed his endorsement for David Cameron, while Gordon Brown agonised at a perceived transfer in his affections. The assumption is that there must be more to him than meets the eye. – The Guardian in relation to Cowell’s political affiliations. Source

In April 2012, The Guardian also had the following to say about Green and his friendship with Cowell:

Green flies across the Atlantic to negotiate TV deals on behalf of Cowell for no fee, evidently just grateful for the chance to rub up against his world. Source

Yet Silverman has only agreed  to pay $3000 dollars per month in child support – an absolute pittance in terms of his net worth, but which has never the less been accepted by his ex wife.

I find that very strange, considering that the tough old Jew Green was sticking his two-penneth worth in throughout the negotiations.

And surely it can’t be the usual scenario of  Joooo’s sticking together in this instance – despite the fact that both Green and Silverman are Jewish.

I say that because, disregarding the fact that up until he started knobbing his friends wife Cowell had never really been religious, he never the less does have a lot of Jewish blood flowing through his veins.

Indeed, his  father was an Azkhanazi Jew and since taking up with Lauren Silverman – a Jewess – Simple Simon has not only converted to Judaism, he has apparently thrown himself whole heartedly into the faith.

The following is from the Daily Mirror:

Simon Cowell has publicly donated nearly £100,000 in support of the Israeli army.

The X Factor boss pledged the cash to the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces at a US fund-raiser in Beverly Hills.

The lavish gala brought in more than £12million for the organisation, which helps to provide welfare services for IDF soldiers and their bereaved families.

Cowell, 54, is also planning a secret trip to Israel soon as he embraces the Jewish faith of girlfriend Lauren Silverman, 36, who is expecting his baby.

And although he was raised as a Roman Catholic, his father Eric was Jewish – believed to be another factor influencing his decision to visit Israel.

The TV mogul has previously expressed little interest in religion. But his $150,000 gift may cause controversy because of the FIDF’s aid for forces staff embroiled in the long-running conflict with the Palestinian people.

More than 1,000 FIDF supporters from the US and Israel attended the charity’s star-studded annual gala at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles last month.

They were entertained by five-time Grammy winner Lionel Richie and the event was chaired by billionaire TV magnate Haim Saban, who gave £1.4million.

The organisation, founded by Holocaust survivors in 1981, says on its website: “FIDF is committed to providing these soldiers with love, support and care in an effort to ease the burden they carry on behalf of the Jewish community worldwide.” Read More

The IDF! … The Israel Defence Force!!!

Baton down the fucking hatches Dogman, we could find ourselves under siege with the direction that I intend to take this article.

Sorry about that… Its just that the IDF are not my biggest fans, don’t cha know.

Never the less… Fuck em.

So, what on earth made the couple agree to such a piss poor deal and why did hardened negotiator Green cave in so easily?

And don’t try to tell me it was because of guilt… All players involved are fully paid up members of the elite don’t forget.

I mean, bringing this fiasco down to our level:

  1. if your wife fucked off with someone who is hard working and financially secure as well as outwardly being of good character
  2. And given that there are no concerns about your ex wife’s mothering skills,
  3. then you wouldn’t stand a fucking chance of getting custody of your son, let alone be allowed to impose a deal whereby your wife’s new fella wasn’t allowed any contact what so ever with the boy whom for all intents and purposes is his step-son.
  4. And that is regardless of the fact that your ex wife couldn’t keep her fucking legs closed whilst in the company of other men.

So, imagine if you were Cowell, who doesn’t like any cunt getting the better of him?  … Ever!

Putting yourself into his high heeled shoes you would first try to be fair by listening to the proposals. Then, after a time lapse of around 30 seconds you would interrupt with a roll of your eyes and a press on your buzzer. State that you don’t mean to be rude, but… Before tipping it bollocks to the proposals.

And then, rising to your feet whilst asking yourself in a series of low grumble mumbles why the fuck you had even bothered turning up today, you’d march to the door where you would  turn and in a firm, slightly threatening tone of  voice inform your ex mate that you will see him in court.

Unless of course? … And  I need you to work with me here… Unless of course your mate knows something about you… Say, something like… Oh I don’t know. Something like a dirty little secret that makes you a danger to little boys and girls for instance?

You know the type of thing I’m on about?

The type of dirty little secret that were it made public via a court of law your career would be finished, your fortune gone and your luxurious mansion traded for a prison cell.

And obviously, if that were the case, then your ex mate would have  you by the short and curlys good and proper… In fact, were that to be the case then he would have such a tight grip that you would agree to anything so long as that secret remained just that.

I’m sure that you all know what I’m eluding too… But on the off chance that you don’t, then just ask yourself why Cowell would put up 50 grand bail money for his close friend, the convicted, homosexual paedophile Jonathan King:

King was arrested in November 2000 after a man approached Max Clifford, a British publicist, with allegations. He was released on £150,000 bail, £50,000 of it put up by Simon Cowell, BUT was re-arrested after media publicity in January 2001. 

He was tried in September 2001 and received a seven-year sentence for six offences against five boys aged 14–16 committed between 1983 and 1989. He was acquitted in a second case against him when a witness, whom King maintained he had never met, said that he had consented to sex and had been older at the time than he had initially told police. Read More 

… And bear in mind that there are no secrets in Knob Ed Celeb Land.

But as it goes, Silverman is a New York real Estate tycoon and doesn’t therefore really move in celebrity circles and as such would not be privy to as much gossip.

However, had he been in the entertainment business, and Cowell were noncing, you can bet your life that Andrew Silverman would have know about it.

But what if he didn’t and someone had tipped him off after that afore mentioned Mirror article (found at the start of this article) first appeared at the end of August 2013?

Course, if that was the case then you would be entitled to ask why Silverman hasn’t reported Cowell rather than just put measures in place to keep his son safe.

Before you ask away however, you first need to ask yourself the following question:

Did Esther Rantzen, the ‘face’ of anti child abuse campaigning report Savile and the rest of the paedos that she knew about?

No, she didn’t. She was however subsequently photographed joking around with Savile?

And therein lies the answer to that question about Silverman turning a blind eye to paedophilia as long as his son was safe.

Paedophilia is not a minor nuisance that rears its ugly head now and again amongst the very rich and famous… It is fucking rife amongst the hell bound elite monsters – you could say, almost a way of life for many.

Practically all the elites are at it, not just those high flyers in media and entertainment.

So the same rules still apply to the real Estate business as they do to the entertainment business… You keep your fucking mouth shut

However, Alien as that concept is to me, you can still work in those professions, know about the nonces, and just stay away from them as best as possible.

But, you still need to ask yourself what type of person would be close enough emotionally to a homosexual, paedophile to risk putting up fifty thousand pounds of their own money (around 75 grand at today prices) as bail in order to secure the temporary freedom of that friend who had just been charged with one of the most vile crimes possible.

I know the answer.

However, if you don’t, then you also need to ask yourself why the film maker and anti child abuse campaigner, Bill Maloney would very vocally accuse Max Clifford on camera – despite Clifford being surrounded by policemen on his way into court – of being in a paedophile ring with King and Cowell?

Cowell would certainly be a strange name for Bill to drop into his gripe with Clifford were it not true.

Never the less, you only need watch Clifford’s reaction to Bill continually loudly asking the question and demanding an answer from the vile nonce/nonce protector.

Moreover, the fact that Bill was in the cunts face in such a public place, in front of so many people on the worst day possible for Clifford, yet the man who has made a career out of suing people simply let Bill get away with it scot free, is once again testament to Bill telling the truth.

And make no bones about it, Cowell and Clifford were/are very, very close:

Publicist/Satan’s representative on earth Max Clifford feels “disappointed” with long-time client Simon Cowell for co-operating with the author of his “unauthorised” biography.

Simon gave journalist Tom Bower ‘dozens of hours’ of access during his research for Sweet Revenge: The Intimate Life Of Simon Cowell, despite his PR guru’s advice to stay well away.

Max said: “Tom only does what he wants to do, and the more controversial and sensational then the more it’s going to sell. When Simon decided the best thing was to co-operate, he spent dozens of hours talking to Tom Bower. Of course I am disappointed. We’ve had a very close relationship for many many years, I think the world of the guy. But I think we, as a team, have scored a massive own goal by talking to him.”

The big problem I have had with this is a lot of this is coming out from Simon’s own words and this is a man who for 10 years I have protected and always been desperately keen to keep his private life private.”


You really could read an awful lot into that last sentence of Clifford’s if you were that way inclined… Just saying.

Course, your everyday common all garden psycho paedo tends to have certain traits. You know what I’m on about?

Take Savile who obviously associated with other paedophiles – Birds of a feather fuck kids together and all that type of shit.

He worked tirelessly for children’s charities… Just like ‘Hamster up the bum’ Mandelson, and  Princess Andrew do.

Savile also moved in circles that to an outsider seem at odds with the others in the group – for example Savile and Thatcher.

Then there are always the constant rumours about sexuality.

Moreover, all elite paedophiles appear to get given a  token of Bizzy Lizzies affection which means that unfortunately its always awkward for the innocent, honest decent fella when Sweaty Betty wants to make him a Sir or similar.

So much so in fact that when the pathetic old parasite wants to make me a Sir I’ll definitely turn that shit down if for no other reason than the stigma attached.

And don’t forget that Savile fell out with some members of the Royal nonce ponces.

I mean, the idea that a peroxide haired DJ can fall out with Phil the Duck beggars belief… But he did.

And don’t all psycho child rapists have fixation with their mothers?

Savile certainly fucking did as did the Kray Twins.

Course, we do know that Saggy Tits Simon does associates with paedos… But then again, he is in the industry.

On the other hand, you would think that with him being in an industry run and awash with nonces that he would be more careful with the company he chooses to keep.

The well known sayings; you can spot a paedo by the company he keeps and You can always tell a child molester because he will be friends with other child molesters didn’t come into existence without good reason.

If only Cowell the Scowl had the other well known traits of a kiddy fiddler, it would be so much easier to point the finger. But apart from those traits that we know about and him being Jewish of course – fuck you IDF cunts – I don’t know of any other indicators.

“PSSST. Oi Spiv, check Wikipedia… No Charge… Did you see what I did there Arm Yourself Now?”

Good thinking Voice of Reason…

… Ere, listen to this:

Cowell has been involved in charity work for many years. He supports children from The Association Of Children’s Hospices and invites them backstage to the screenings of The X Factor.

When he can, he stops by some of the hospices to visit the children.

 In view of his charitable works, particularly the production of the charity single Everybody Hurts in aid of victims of the 2010 Haiti earthquake, as well as his services to the music industry, there was considerable media speculation as to whether Cowell would receive a knighthood in the Queen’s 2010 Birthday Honours, a proposal allegedly put forward by former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown. 

Cowell stated that he believed his chances of receiving the honour were “zero” following what he described as being a “royal row”; ultimately Cowell did not receive an honour in the list.

Woops! Quickly moving on.

Course, Savile wasn’t born into privilege like our paedophile MP’s. And it has to be said that those toffee nosed nonce cunts have their twisted, warped ideals formed in their tiny minds from almost the time that they are born.

As babies they are raised by Satanic old battle axes who are given the job title; Nanny.

Then, once Nanny has finished bringing the child up to be colder than an Arctic winter, the affection starved child is sent to boarding school to learn all there is to know about Sado/Masochistic sex, drug taking, and how to be buggered relentlessly by older bully boys before becoming the emotionless cold bully boys themselves, now buggering the little boys.

This brutal regime is kept up and in full working order by a draconian, Satanic, paedophile Headmaster, a chaplain of the same order and a school nurse, who will inevitably be made of the same stuff as “Dear, Dear Nanny Ardclit was”.

Course, the perverted little weasel Gideon Bean excelled at the S & M sex and didn’t do so badly in the drug taking stakes either.

However, the limp wristed, pasty faced half wit was far too wimpy to be a bully.

On the other hand, the Cunt Cameron excelled in all subjects.

That would explain of course why The Cunt Cameron is Prime Minister and the pathetic cunt Bean is only Chancellor.

There is probably a lesson to be learned in there children… But don’t look for it too hard.

And then, once having  left ‘posh school’ the highly disciplined, wrecked brain walking dead will usually take a job in the media/entertainment world before being fast tracked up the political ladder.

Indeed, Cameron worked for Carlton TV and Bean had a bash at Journalism – although the cunt was no good at it. He has trouble with reading and writing does Old Bean – as is evidenced by his inability to read that his stable is not a house.

A side effect to the mind fracturing upbringing that these evil cunts are subjected to is that they are mostly all incapable of forming relationships with women… Other than those who look like Nanny Ardclit  – totally unsuitable for the image a world leader needs to portray – or there Mothers, whom they tend to see through rose tinted glasses.

Having said that, Ed Willieband must have dug his posh toff heals in since he appears to have been allowed to marry his Nanny.

Course being a loose cannon is not a wise move as Ed ‘Wallace’ Willieband has now realised.

He knows that he has reached his peak and that it is all downhill from this point forward… Hence that will be why the useless cunt has stopped even pretending to be an MP.

Again, another lesson to be learned in there somewhere children , but as before, don’t look too hard.

Mind you, most of the fucked up fat farts have been rogered that many times up the back alley before the age of puberty that women no longer hold any sexual attraction for the Willie Warped Wankers.

Hence, wives are provided for the emotionally crippled, cranky cunts.

Neither are there ever any shortages of willing women ready to fill the vacancy for these fabricated marriages.

They do in fact act as a kind of minder for their weak willed ‘husbands’, making sure that they stick to their set tasks.

And this is why there never appears to be any chemistry between Politicians and there spouses. The simple reason being that there isn’t any.



Now, I suppose you could in theory make a case for Sinitta filling that wife come minder roll.

Unfortunately, – as with Savile – Cowell wasn’t born with a Silver Spoon in his mouth either, or arse for that matter… They really are evil them Nannies.

“Oi, dumbfuck… Try this link HERE“.

Okay. Once again I note you are getting very rude Voice of reason, but I shall take a butchers all the same.

Fuck me Voice. Get this:

Cowell was born on October 7, 1959 and was raised most of his early life by nannies before being sent off to a boarding school.

Cowell then began work as a modest mail room clerk for EMI Music Publishing where his father worked.

Now, if you read my article on Screaming Lord Sutch you will know all about EMI… Certainly Stiletto Simon’s Jewish father would have slotted in there nicely.

And of course, with Shallow Callow leaving school and getting a job in the media/entertainment business, we have yet another connection.

In Conclusion.

For the reports in the MSM a month or two ago to have now changed so dramatically to the reports now being published in the MSM, something drastic has to have taken place.

The information to indicate that Cowell is a ‘wrong un’ is freely available on the internet, most all of which I have sourced from the MSM.


Never the less, I have been told some very naughty things about Britain’s favourite pop impresario which I haven’t included in this article because without proof those things are just obviously hearsay.

However, there can be no denying that Cowell has enjoyed phenomenal success in one of the most ruthless industries in the world.

Moreover, he has achieved his rise to the top on very limited talent.

Usually, you only get the kind of success, money and power that Cowell has attained  by sacrificing your first child to Satan.

So when you learn that Sinitta and Cowell terminated the birth of their child -Satanic Simon’s first – Which would have be around the time that his career really kicked off, you can’t help but wonder if what I have written is along the lines for the real reason that Silverman doesnt want Simon Cowell anywhere near his son. Source

It is either that or Handy Andy has just got the right fucking hump… Just saying.



Revealed: Simon Cowell ‘must stay away from Lauren Silverman’s son for one year or she’ll be fined $50k as part of divorce settlement’

  • Simon cannot go near Lauren’s son until 2015
  • If Simon sees child three times Lauren will temporarily lose custody
  • Andrew and Lauren are using billionaire Sir Philip Green as a mediator for next five years
  • Son not allowed to call Simon ‘father’
  • Andrew banned from speaking poorly of Simon to child
  • Lauren gets $3,000 a month in child support


PUBLISHED: 19:15, 14 November 2013 | UPDATED: 20:36, 14 November 2013

Simon Cowell’s pregnant girlfriend Lauren Silverman reached a divorce settlement with estranged husband Andrew in August, and now new details of the rather unusual agreement have emerged.

The terms included a clause that states the X Factor mogul cannot go near Lauren’s son Adam, aged seven, until January 2015, according to TMZ. If he does, Lauren will be fined $50,000. A spokesperson for Lauren declined to comment to MailOnline.

TMZ also reported on Thursday the exes are using mutual friend Sir Philip Green, the billionaire CEO of the Arcadia Group, as well as attorney Martin Edelman to settle any future disputes over the next five years.

From friends to foes: On Thursday TMZ reported Andrew Silverman (left) doesn't want his son Adam, aged seven, to be around his old pal - and now ex-wife's soon-to-be baby daddy - Simon Cowell (right) until 2015
From friends to foes: On Thursday TMZ reported Andrew Silverman (left) doesn't want his son Adam, aged seven, to be around his old pal - and now ex-wife's soon-to-be baby daddy - Simon Cowell (right) until 2015

From friends to foes: On Thursday TMZ reported Andrew Silverman (left) doesn’t want his son Adam, aged seven, to be around his old pal – and now ex-wife’s soon-to-be baby daddy – Simon Cowell (right) until 2015


Also, if Lauren allows her son and Simon to interact three times, she will lose all contact with her child until a court decides what to do.

Andrew and Simon used to be friends, and the New York City businessman is allegedly so upset that his pal has romanced and impregnated his wife (she’s six months along) that he added a few other unusual clauses into his divorce.

Lauren has to make sure her son doesn’t call Simon – who UsWeekly claimed this week has a ring and will propose to the Manhattan beauty next year – ‘father.’ Andrew has to make sure the child doesn’t call anyone but Lauren ‘mother.’

Baby (and ring?) in 2014: UsWeekly reported Simon (seen here with his pregnant lady love in September) will pop the question next yearBaby (and ring?) in 2014: UsWeekly reported Simon (seen here with his pregnant lady love in September) will pop the question next year


The man in the middle: Sir Philip Green, seen here in September, will help Andrew and Lauren settle any issues that come up over the next five yearsThe man in the middle: Sir Philip Green, seen here in September, will help Andrew and Lauren settle any issues that come up over the next five years

TMZ also reports, ‘The settlement agreement also provides Andrew cannot trash Simon to Adam and has a legal obligation to make sure no one else around him talks smack.’

As far as child support, Andrew is paying his socialite ex only $3,000 a month. The site speculates that ‘Simon will become the cash cow.’ The British TV personality is reportedly worth $370m.

Finally, Lauren and Andrew altered the the cause of divorce from adultery to ‘broken down irretrievably.’

Simon, who was spotted with Lauren in West Hollywood on Wednesday evening, has never looked happier.

News that Simon had impregnated Lauren broke in late July when the beauty was 10 weeks along.

E! reported Lauren, Andrew and Simon had been longtime friends, having met on a vacation years ago.

In 2012 the trio was photographed looking like very close friends while aboard a yacht.

But in early 2013 a romance reportedly blossomed between the reality icon and the stunning brunette.

‘He was friends with Lauren and her husband but things developed between them,’ E!’s source explains. ‘Lauren and her husband had a messy split and Simon became a shoulder to cry on for her.’

Loving life: Even though he's been involved in a bitter breakup between Lauren and Andrew, Simon (with his gal pal in LA on Wednesday) has never seemed happierLoving life: Even though he’s been involved in a bitter breakup between Lauren and Andrew, Simon (with his gal pal in LA on Wednesday) has never seemed happier

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