Not quite the usual Spiv on Sunday

Chris Spivey


Good morning, etc and a happy Weirdy Beardy Man in the Skyday to you and all that kinda shite.

First off let me tell you that I wasn’t going to write this edition of The Spiv on Sunday because frankly the reports are in the main trivial yet time consuming to put out as an article… Something that I really do not have time for at the moment what with the much more important information I have to tell you about, all of which has potentially huge consequences attached.

However after reading two very recent comments, albeit one from an obvious member of the two-bit, thick as pig-shit, short-arsed, downcast, dribble-lipped, ill-equipped, nonce-loving, shit-box-shoving, sewer-dwelling, foul-smelling, cowardy-custard, yellow-as-mustard, unwiped-arseholes, government-bitch-trolls –  most of whom are traceable back to the monkey whose only decent quality photo to be found on the net is that of someone who is a convicted paedophile, I felt that a quick Sunday Spiv might not be a bad idea after all.

You see, the two comments – the other being from someone who was making only their 3rd comment on this site – were critical about the recent lack of new content on here, which were they paying to read what I write would be fair fucking comment… But they are not… Just like most of you aren’t.

Therefore, the criticism was quite fucking typical of the nation as a whole, who expect something for nothing and bleat like little girls when their regular ‘freebies’ appear to dry up.

In fact so eager to prove their point was the second commenter, that he, she or it had even taken the time to check on the site statistics, before smugly pointing out that visitors to the site are down in general… Which again, were they contributing to the site, would be fair comment I suppose since it would imply that the quality of the articles that I write is in decline.

Mind you, having said that, the bitching and attempts to discredit this site (which continues unabated, like a well oiled machine) have obviously had a detrimental effect, resulting in those unable to see past the bullshit invariably losing interest.

However, it is safe to say that this constant bitching and trolling has affected the Alternative View Media right the way across the board and as such, the decline in numbers is to be expected.

Indeed, especially so with just about EVERY one of the ‘big-hitters‘ in the AVM being backed by the government… A fact that I can, and as it stands at this moment in time, still fully intend to prove in the coming months in order to try and bring this fiasco to an end.

Now obviously I am fully aware that by me doing so will lead to even more disillusionment amongst those unable to think for themselves, but to my way of thinking, it is often necessary to completely demolish something in order to make way for something new, built on stronger foundations.

Course, the consequences of proving that there is hardly anyone that you can trust in the AVM psych-0p – because that is what it is – is inevitably going to be detrimental to me just by imparting the information that I hold, but I can say without a shadow of doubt that I am not concerned about myself or the fallout from such an undertaking in any way shape or form… It is just something that now HAS to be done.

I do in truth quite often roll my eyes when people quote information taken from these nefarious sites, whilst having beforehand introduced the segment with the obligatory clause: I know that (fill in name of site) is considered by some to be dodgy but there is a lot of truth mixed in with the disinfo.

Dog give me fucking strength!

I mean to say, by publishing ‘some’ truth is exactly how these sites reel in the punters, yet begs the question: If you know that a site reports disinformation, how the fuck do you know which content isn’t?

Answer: You don’t.

So in reality it is like a journalistic game of Russian Roulette then.

Nevertheless, I have to wonder at the mentality of some of you. After all, logic dictates that if, based on the strength of evidence you have concluded that a site puts out bollox mixed in with the truth, then for these sites to deliberately churn out disinformation means that they HAVE TO BE government/security service puppets.

Indeed, the very fact that the vast majority of the big hitters are either raking in money hand over fist or must be living on fresh air quite nicely thank you very much – and all free from government interference to boot – should tell you all that you need to know about them.

But then again, as freeloading, dicksplash, commenter Number 2 also pointed out to me; “maybe more and shorter articles is the way forward“.

And again, that may well have been fair comment… From someone who is either a perverted, nonce protector or someone who is a half-witted, gobshite believing that they are entitled to a free service, whilst sufficiently self obsessed to believe that they are qualified to offer a handy hint along the lines of: “Look Muppet, I am not happy with the free service, here is what you need to do…”.

However, what is inevitably overlooked (probably on purpose) by these critics is that I consider the length of my articles necessary – despite myself being aware that many readers have the attention span of a goldfish – precisely because of those fuck-up’s waiting to pounce on me, being as shorter articles would undoubtedly afford them a far greater opportunity to do so.

After all, less content equates to less source backed evidence as well as a lot more generalisation reducing not only the articles credibility, but also the abhorrence of the situation.

Therefore, I produce as much detail and evidence needed to make my claims viable and to date I have never had anyone able to convincingly refute anything that I write, hence the comments made by the gaslighting kiddie fiddlers are nothing more than childlike insults aimed at me or my moderators.

Moreover, by including enough irrefutable content to sink a pirate ship, I truly believe that my work stands alone. Indeed, I could churn out inconsequential articles every day of the week but would achieve nothing.

On the other hand, the major articles that I do write are usually about very complex situations and take an awful lot of research and setting out in print so as everybody who takes the time to read them can understand those complexities… Indeed, I find it tedious having to over-simplify matters but I firmly believe it is necessary to do so.

Now, as it happens something came up more or less as soon as I published my last article, which caused me to once again change my mind about what information to reveal next.

Unfortunately for the freebie lovers, what I thought would be a fairly easy and quick article to write (which is based on a current event) whilst highlighting the sick, sick, depth of depravity that these Monsters and their Minions will sink to, has inadvertently led to me uncovering a massive, ongoing conspiracy, defrauding the public of Millions of Pounds which only the lowest of the low, not fit to breathe the planet’s air would take part in.

In fact it is pretty safe to say that this will be the most controversial, emotionally charged article that I have written to date, and which I am only releasing because it is backed by indisputable evidence… Trust me, the fraud really is that repulsive.

However, the delay is not just to do with the huge amount of unforeseen extra information coming to light, since this sick fraud is not really that hard to explain to you although there is a lot of evidence needed which obviously all takes time to document.

Nevertheless, if proof were needed that the MIT were privy to what I am writing about, I will tell you that since beginning the article two weeks ago there have been long periods when I cannot get on the internet at all and when I do, I cannot stay connected for more than 5 minutes at a time… And indeed, the exact same is true where my daughter Stacey’s connection is concerned, despite her using a different internet provider to mine.

Moreover, as ‘coincidence’ would have it, I have had one of those involved in the fraud, who I haven’t as yet mentioned in the three quarter finished new article, try to add me as a friend on Facebook… Very conveniently timed especially with 3 or 4 participants having already added me at least two years ago, where they have sat quietly in the hope of going unnoticed.

Or put another way, they think that they are nicely placed to try and defend the indefensible, using mock outrage… A bit like those who were on my Facebook and – according to their profiles – live in Batley (the tiny place where the actor playing Jo Cox wasn’t really murdered), despite the fact that I can place them all at other government funded frauds.

Not only that, but earlier on in the week Stacey was struck down by a bug that resulted in her having to stay in hospital from which, against doctor’s orders, she discharged herself earlier today, although the hospital has now arranged more scans and an Endoscopy for Tuesday.

Meantime, myself and Stacey’s long term friend, Rosie have had to juggle the care of my grandson, Clayton between us.

And on top of that, having now been found not guilty of being a nonce due to the police having NO evidence to proceed with, I now have the harrassment appeal coming up in 5 weeks, which again involves a lot of work.

Indeed, it is telling that NOT ONE of the leading Alternative View writers mentioned the not guilty result, despite the conclusive evidence of a police stitch up and the not guilty being a big setback for the corrupt plod and those much higher up involved in the crime, although many were happy to comment on the case and nature of the charge before being rightly cleared.

And despite my Barrister congratulating himself on the not guilty verdict, the truth is that the ONLY reason I got the correct verdict 2 months ago is because of the hard work put in by myself and my unofficial legal advisor, which included us often having to forcefully insist that my Solicitor added certain information into the many statements he drafted, in order to make sure that the police stitch up did not succeed. Indeed, had the information and corroborating evidence not been included, then the result would have been very different.

Now, although my legal adviser is getting on in years, he has always enjoyed excellent health until he had a tooth out about 6 or 7 months ago. And from that point forward he never really recovered and was in fact subsequently informed that he has terminal cancer with a life expectancy of Christmas.

This matter has naturally been playing on my mind because I cannot begin to tell you about the many spanner’s that he has come up with to chuck in the works on both of my court cases, which has left me with an awful feeling that his cancer was not just a case of bad luck.

And of course, if it isn’t a case of bad luck then this death sentence – which we are desperately trying to prevent without NHS help – is a direct result of his involvement with me.

On top of that, I am trying to sue the police for their many, many criminal actions perpetrated against me, my family and my associates. Yet once again it would seem that I am on the nation’s Solicitors banned list because despite writing to over two dozen of them, giving the details of the plods bodged criminal actions I cannot even get a response.

And that includes no response from the solicitor who wrote to me way back on the 18th of December 2014 (before the full extent of the police and CPS corruption had come to light) stating that:

“The barrister whom I asked to consider your case has now replied. He has said that, on your account and the documents he has seen so far, you would have a claim for wrongful arrest, false imprisonment and trespass”.

And now that you know that, it isn’t hard to see that I have had to take time away from writing to deal with the above as well as trying to get Christmas sorted on a woeful budget – not to mention the other chores associated with running a home whilst living alone with three dogs to take care of.

Therefore, I will make no apologies for the delay in bringing you your next freebie.

However, since the vast majority of my many, many readers are not taking me seriously enough about the financial dire straits that I am continually in since giving up a relatively lucrative tattoo & piercing business to do this shit – or perhaps you simply don’t care – I will instead inform you that this next major article WILL BE the last that you get to read from me unless you let the moths have an airing.

Now you need to know that I am not just saying that for the sake of it, because I have always been transparent, upfront and honest with you so believe me when I say that I still have nowhere near enough money to pay Orange (not the Orange, Orange Company) the monthly £300 needed to keep this site on line come January the 8th  – a huge amount of money to find every month that no one else in the AVM appears to have to find in order for them to keep going.

The choice is yours.

And in other news, just so as not to disappoint the freeloaders you understand, I will tell you what, that paedophile football news ain’t half escalated quickly hasn’t it:

A former footballer has claimed that abuse at the hands of a paedophile coach made him want to take his own life.

Paul Collins, 47, was considered a rising star at Charlton Athletic but his prospects in the game were wrecked due to the trauma of alleged abuse by Eddie Heath.

Father-of-two Mr Collins claims Heath targeted him when he was a 12-year-old defender at a London youth team run by the coach in the 1980s.

The predatory ex-scout later brought him onto to Millwall and then Charlton.

His revelations’ come as the number of abuse complaints by former players continues to rise in English football’s shocking abuse scandal. Source

Now I was in fact made aware of the child sex abuse going on at football clubs via information given to me by Brian Clare at least two years ago.

Brian is a man who as a child was subjected to horrors most of us couldn’t even begin to imagine.

PHOTO: Brian Clare

However, this alleged tidal wave of accusations being reported on by the MSM far too soon for the allegations to be true, is little more than yet another cover-up in progress.

Indeed you only need to note the lack of big name victims being bandied about – with most of the accusers being those who never made the grade – to realize the whitewash taking place here.

In fact, you can only wonder why these victims are coming out in their droves now yet didn’t come forward when Blackpool FC’s owner, Owen Oyston was on trial… Or when ex Southampton FC Manager, Dave Jones was on trial, particularly as the Club is now one of those at the centre of the new allegations.

Moreover, the very same question could be asked in regard to the nonce, Graham Rix, a former Arsenal Captain and Chelsea Coach, what with Chelsea being another of those clubs involved in the whitewash.

Therefore, until the events that led to former Leeds United player & Wales Manager, Gary Speed hanging himself get brought up, along with the big name paedophiles still involved with the game, as opposed to the grave-dodgers being hung out to dry, I will continue to call foul.

And in beastiality news – another crime the gaslighting sewer dwellers accused me of being involved in, with a helping hand from their paymasters who were that inept that even their abhorrent attempt to fit me up by photoshopping an innocent photo still didn’t make the grade – I see that the sick-fuck Monkey Boyz couldn’t resist publishing a video of some old tart sexually molesting a dog.

Course, despite that fact being blatantly obvious in the video, the Monkey-Kuntz got away with it by claiming that the footage was of a dog demanding “belly rubs” from its owner.

Mind you, I fucked up a bit here.

You see, I should have taken a lot more screenshots because the dog has now changed from being a male in the video with an obvious cock and balls to somewhat bizarrely becoming a female – although that too is obviously in keeping with another sick agenda pushed by the shit rag.

You should also take note of the skull forming the dog’s paw in the zoomed in photo above… A little bit of mischivious fun that the shit-heads like to hide in their photos.

Course, if you think that I am talking a load of cock & bull ask yourself why a story about an Australian dog, who like most dogs will paw at their owner once the petting stops is news at all – let alone in the UK’s 2nd biggest national newspaper.

And if you can by some miracle justify the story, you then need to ask yourself why the story needed [badly] updating?

Sick fucks.

And finally, I will leave you with the story of an ingenious little perverted man of god from Africa who puts our little perverted men of god to shame:

Bishop claims to make men’s penises larger by massaging them with his hands.

In some cases, he will keep hold of their penises and give them a little shake.

Graciously, he also offers to massage women’s breasts in order to enlarge them too.

In August he was filmed whipping teenagers while accusing them of being sexually promiscuous. He is now facing charges over the incident. Source

You certainly couldn’t make that shit up… Although judging by the photo quality, they probably fucking did.

There’s ya freebie, stop the fucking moaning… Mustache… Byyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee