No! No More Moor

Christopher Spivey


I just caught it on the news: “Brady has died in Hospital”.

Course, my first thought was “that’s a shame, I quite liked him” followed by “I never even knew that he was ill“.

Mind you, I felt a bit of a cunt later on that day when a mate of mine messaged me on Facebook asking if I had heard about “Brady“.

You see, I replied that ‘indeed I had heard‘, which I followed up with a little story about how my old man had once taken me to see Arsenal v Leeds when I was a kid, a match in which Brady had played for the Gunners.

And only then did I learn that it was Ian Brady who had supposedly died – not Liam.

Course, I could be forgiven for getting my wires crossed – least had that little story been true, I could have been – since as far as I am aware, Ian Brady has been dead for years… That is to say the fella who provided the mug-shot for Brady has been dead for years.

And of course the Monsters have been waiting for the right moment to announce Brady’s death in order to use his demise as a distraction to something that they don’t want you to pay too much attention to.

After all, those profiting from Brady’s continued mortality were in no hurry to let the cash-cow go – and make no mistake, we are talking about an awful lot of money.

Nevertheless, after being on ‘hunger strike‘ for nigh on twenty years and ‘behind bars‘ for a nifty fifty, it was obvious that Brady had to go sooner or later, ensuring one last big cash bonanza.

And if you want my opinion – which you obviously do otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this – I would hazard a guess that the ‘Moors murderer’s deff’ is being used as a distraction to divert attention from the forthcoming general election since the useful idiot, Jellemy Corbyn is proving far more popular with the voters than what the press would have you believe.

But fear not, because if the bought & paid for stooge, Jelly-C does get elected – and I predicted that he would months ago – the monsters will just activate Plan B… And the outcome will still be detrimental to the nation, whether it be Plan A or Plan B in action… just Sayin’.

Now first off I gotta tell ya that the reasons for writing this shortish article about Brady’s demise are:

(A) To get some new content on the site without having to divert my attention away from writing up the Westminster False Flag nonsense for more than an hour or so.

I can also tell you that I have decided to call that report “A Bridge Too Far” and it currently stands at nearly 50,000 words with seemingly the same number of photo.

And the fact that I haven’t had to stop writing it for too long was made possible by my other forthcoming, book length article, “Book-Ends”, since that project already contains more than enough evidence to show that the ‘Moors Murders‘ were orchestrated by the government – meaning that no research was required to write this piece, as I already had all the evidence to hand that I needed on the subject.

(B) To let you know that I am slightly niggled by Brady’s death being announced before “Book-Ends” is released, although I am sure that the MIT know exactly what evidence I will be publishing to show that the Moors-Murder-case was just another in a long line of staged acts… Indeed the story-line does not stand up to any real scrutiny.

(C) To shamelessly plug my forthcoming book length features, “A Bridge Too Far” and “Book-Ends”.

However, I see in today’s edition of the Chimp-Chats-Bollox that there is a ‘new‘ book about ‘Brady‘ to be released which is imaginatively titled: The Untold Story of the Moors Murders.

The book – available for pre-order now from Amazon for a tenner –  is written by Dr Alan Keightley whom, according to the Monkey-Boyz has “visited Brady in prison (although I think that they mean hospital) every month” for the past 25 years.

Moreover, the Chimp-Chumps inform us that Dr Keightley – in regard to Brady“spoke to him on the phone every day and received hundreds of letters from him”.

Indeed, the Monkey Boyz are that proud of their “exclusive” on the forth coming book that they confidently gush like excited schoolgirls about how Dr Keightley has “built up a detailed archive of material he has now turned into a biography of Brady that provides a disturbing and unique insight into the man himself — and the nature of evil“.


Whats more, we can apparently look forward to reading dark details such as the following – all of which was apparently told to the good doctor by Brady himself… Golly Gosh:

One night, Brady asked her (Hindley) if she had a special enemy she would like to eliminate, and she nominated her ex-boyfriend, Ronnie Sinclair.

So would she be prepared to connive in killing him? ‘Include me in!’ she replied. Would she want to be there when he was murdered? ‘Yes!’ she said. ‘But I want to watch him being humiliated before he dies.

Take out his false teeth and force him to do whatever you want. I’d love to see him treated like a woman. That would be compulsive viewing.’

Brady told me that the subtle cruelty of Myra’s requests on this occasion surprised him, and that it wasn’t to be the last time. It was then that he introduced her to Saddleworth Moor, up in the Pennines. He had discovered it on his own, skipping off work one sunny morning and letting his motorbike ‘take me wherever it wished’.

He arrived by chance and was thrilled by its desolation — ‘vast hills and plains, with exposed black and brown earth spots everywhere, under a pallid canopy of brooding silence’.

Now he wanted Myra to see it, too.

They drove out on his motorbike and stopped for her to take in its vastness. ‘Do you think Ronnie would like to spend eternity here?’ Brady asked. Hindley, on the pillion, put her arms around Ian’s waist and replied: ‘We agree on everything these days, Neddie’ — her nickname for him, after Neddie Seagoon, a character in radio’s Goon Show.

As they rode back to Manchester, Brady was singing out loud: ‘Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to work we go!’ Hindley yelled back: ‘Just call me Snow White!’

Brady would meticulously plan the killing of Ronnie Sinclair, following him many times to work out how and where. ‘I felt no hatred towards him,’ he explained. ‘He was simply the target in an exercise; a problem to be solved.’ In fact they would never get round to killing him, and Hindley challenged Brady on this. Was he going soft, she asked.

The dark agenda that had been simmering in Brady’s head for years now broke the surface.

‘So you want excitement?’ he said to her. ‘You want to make things happen, Kiddo [his name for her]? The mysterious adventure is about to begin!’

Cept “Kiddo” wasn’t Brady’s name for Hindley… Carry on:

Years later, Hindley would claim that the first murder came out of the blue, that Brady talked about committing ‘the perfect murder’ and suddenly there they were doing it. In fact, she was totally involved in the meticulous planning and as enthusiastic as he was, he told me.

Now two days ago I finished a book called “Evil Relations” by David Smith. Smith was Hindley’s brother-in-law and the main prosecution witness at the court case. And I have to say that if any book was needed to convince you that the Moors Murders were genuine then this would be the book to do it.

Mind you, it was really written by Carol Ann Lee who has written about most of the major crimes that have taken place in England over the past 50 years and always pushes the official narrative without ever once questioning the facts.

Lee has also written extensively about the Holocaust… In other words she is a useful idiot who pushed the myth for all it’s worth.

Course it is kinda ironic that she did push the Holocaust fable, what with Ian Brady calling Hindley by the pet name,: “Hessy”… Not “Kiddo

However, I am not going to go into too much detail because I have already documented it all in ‘Book Ends’.

Nevertheless, I would imagine that Dr Keightley got that “Ronnie Sinclair” idea from Smith’s book:

And when talking to Doctor No-No about killing, Brady supposedly told him:

‘The first principle,’ Brady explained to me, ‘was that there must be no thread connecting our starting point with our destination, and vice versa.’ They would systematically erase all finger prints, tyre prints or anything else that might implicate them in the killings.

Their house would be cleaned of anything that might arouse police suspicions, and any potentially incriminating material then placed into a left-luggage office at a railway station.

Above all — and this was Brady’s insistence — there should be nothing to connect them to the people they murdered.

This was what had made him wary of killing Sinclair. But a stranger would be okay, and so he told Myra Hindley to ‘pick up anyone you choose — it’s of no consequence to me’.

Which is all kinda hypocritical since Brady killed Edward Evans before midnight in his & Hindley’s front room by repeatedly smashing the young man’s head in with an axe, in front of the then 17 year Smith whilst Hindley’s grandma slept upstairs.

So, no thought there to not having anyone see them arrive back at Wardle Brook Avenue with Evans who was also 17 years old. No thought either to the almighty mess that was allegedly made whilst Brady was doing the deed.

Moreover, Hindley was apparently screaming for Smith to help Brady – who was struggling with the dying teenager. But then again those newly built council houses in the early 1960’s were renown for their ultra thick walls and excellent soundproofing… Weren’t they?


So no thought was given to possibly alerting the neighbours then or the possibility of waking Granny Maybury who was upstairs in bed at the time.

And indeed – according to Smith – Grandma Maybury did indeed wake up, but fucked off back to bed when Hindley called up the stairs that she had just dropped a plate and it had smashed.

However, Granny Smith Maybury apparently didn’t wake up when the couple kidnapped Lesley Ann Downey and took her back to their home in Wardle Brook Avenue where Brady & Hindley stripped her, tortured her, raped and murdered her all in the bedroom next to Nannas.

Course, the fact that the pair did all that meant that at some point they must have carried Lesley’s body out of their home after she was dead in order to put her in Myra’s mini – her car, not her skirt… After which they then no doubt took the scenic route up to the moors to bury her remains.

And as for forward planning, well after killing Evans, they had fuck all to tie him up with so Smith apparently unwound some string that he had wrapped around a walking stick to act as a handle… Nothing like being prepared.

The trio then lugged the trussed up body up the stairs, past Granny’s bedroom and into their bedroom where they left it overnight – presumably the plan was to lug it back down stairs the next day, possibly with the intention of rolling the body down to the car come daylight.

Indeed it doesn’t take a lot to work out the flaws in the official narrative.

PHOTO: Edward Evans – apparently.

And despite Brady telling the good Doctor with the strangely spelled surname that there should never be a connection between a killer and the victim, the irony in him saying that went over the doctors head since there was a huge connection to Brady & Hindley’s first victim, 16 year old Pauline Reade – again a strangely spelled surname.

The following is the official version of Pauline Reade’s kidnap and murder as told by the Doctor & the Chimp  – which is pretty accurate for them as it happens… Although the official version has more holes in it than my Grandad’s string vest:

On Friday, July 12, 1963, Pauline Reade, a 16-year-old trainee baker, wanted to go to a dance at a social club just ten minutes’ walk away from her home in the Gorton district of Manchester.

None of her friends could come — their mothers wouldn’t let them — and so she went on her own.

Like girls do.

Pauline’s mum waved her off, thinking how nice her daughter looked with her hair done up. Pauline had on a new pair of white stiletto-heeled shoes, with an ankle strap, which she had bought that day.

Sitting in a parked black van on a deserted street nearby, Hindley heard those stilettos clicking down the road in her direction and guessed she had her prize.

PHOTO: Myra Hindley’s black van

As Pauline passed, Myra attracted her attention. They knew each other vaguely by sight, and she told the teenager she had lost a glove on Saddleworth Moor — would she come and help her look for it? She promised the girl some records as a reward for her help.

Brilliant reason. You see, because the two women vaguely knew each other by sight, Reade could not possibly have found anything strange about Hindley suddenly jumping out of her white black van and engaging her in conversation as she made her way to the dance on her own.

Therefore, when Hindley asked Reade to make the hour and ten minute round trip up to the pitch black, boggy moors in her best fancy togs and brand new white stiletto heeled shoes in order to look for a lost glove, Pauline couldn’t have possibly seen anything suspect there… And of course the clincher was the Pinky & Perky records that Myra promised her as a reward.

Although the promised records might not have been Pinky & Perky… But whatever they were they no doubt would have set Hindley back more than what the pair of gloves cost.

Pauline was early for the dance and a trip out with Myra would fill in the time. She took the bait and got in. Myra did a three-point turn and headed for the moor.

Meanwhile, Brady was getting ready in his bedroom at home. He put an elasticised band on his right wrist and slipped a knife under it. He put on surgical gloves and covered them with a leather pair. He then kicked his Triumph motorbike into life and rode to Gorton.

He recalled: ‘No one who saw me ride past them that night could have guessed what I was about to do. It was enfolding before their eyes, but how could they know?

‘For me, it was the beginning of an existential exercise beyond good and evil.

‘The streets of Manchester were the backdrop for the scene to which my destiny had been taking me all these years.’

The plan was that if he saw Myra Hindley’s black van still parked at any of several pre-arranged places, then it meant that she had failed to grab a victim.

But there was no van in sight. It was on.

He remembered hesitating for a moment. ‘Was I about to step through the final doorway to madness? Or had I already entered it long ago? I recoiled at the idea.’

Then he laughed away his last-minute doubts. ‘Richard’s himself again!’ he cried, his catchphrase linking him in his mind to the evil king Richard III, and swept off to Saddleworth Moor. Who, he wondered, would be waiting with Myra? A boy or a girl? ‘I was impatient for its fruition.’

Out on Saddleworth Moor, he pulled in at the lay-by he had agreed beforehand with Hindley. She was waiting in the van with Pauline next to her, smoking a cigarette. He thought the girl rather beautiful, delicate and unspoiled by too much make-up.

All three of them, Brady told me, now set off onto the moor, ostensibly to look for the glove. He strode in front, with Hindley and the girl behind him.

‘Myra and I knew exactly where we were heading. We had rehearsed it. It was a place on the moor where we would be out of sight from the road.

‘I dawdled and pretended I was scrutinising the grass closely, to allow the girl and Myra to walk past me.

Tactical… Roger that, carry on:

Pauline’s eyes were also focused on the ground. Myra furtively glanced back in my direction. I immediately moved forward to grasp the girl’s neck in a Japanese stranglehold.

A “Japanese strangle hold” no less! Impressive or what?

‘She collapsed onto the ground and stared up at me. I knelt down and said: “Don’t make a noise and you’ll be all right.” She turned to plead with Myra, “Tell him to stop!”

‘I looked at Myra. Her lips formed a smile, but her eyes had other intentions. Her expression was taunting and pitiless.

‘She knelt on the grass to unbutton the girl’s coat. She then forced her to sit up before easing off her coat, unzipping her dress and unfastening her bra.

‘“Myra! Please don’t! Please don’t!” the girl cried.

‘The girl lay still, passively accepting the violation and her humiliation with half-closed eyes.’

Brady and Hindley carried out sexual acts on the girl. Then Brady stood up and told Pauline to get dressed. She put on her clothes and reached for a bronze medallion she had been wearing.

Hindley snatched it from her and snapped: ‘You won’t be needing that where you’re going!’ Brady was furious with Hindley for giving the girl a warning of what was in store for her, and he slapped her face.

Later, he said, Hindley told him she made the remark because she had a feeling that he was going to let the girl go, and was making sure he didn’t.

Then, as the girl stood there with a look of terror in her eyes, Hindley dropped another bombshell. She announced to Brady: ‘She’s Pauline Reade.’ He knew the name. Reade was a former girlfriend of Myra’s sister’s boyfriend.

Not that Hindley would have known that about Reade & David Smith , since she wasn’t really a ‘proper‘ former girlfriend of his… She was however – as coincidence would have it – Smith’s next door neighbour with whom she had had a kiss and cuddle with but nothing more… And besides, their childhood ‘relationship’ was  long over by the time Smith got it on with Hindley’s sister, Maureen.

Moreover, Smith was only 15 years old when he took up with Maureen and as such would have been all of 13 years old when he and Pauline didn’t really get it on!

It was a tenuous link but one the police could follow. The ‘no connecting thread’ principle had been breached.

He guessed that Myra had used the situation to rid her sister of a rival, but in doing so she had endangered them.

Even though it is highly unlikely that Hindley would have known about Dave & Pauline… I mean if she did then surely she would have also added: “Oh by the way, she’s dave’s next door neighbour“.

‘Myra had punched the girl’s head and face. Blood was streaming from her nose and had soaked the front of her dress. Her eyes were closed now. She gasped for breath. I instantaneously withdrew the sheath knife from my wrist and cut her throat. She was dead within seconds.’

As Hindley scanned the moor with binoculars to make sure no one else was about, Brady dug a hole in the peat and together they buried the body.

They must have been infra-red binoculars!

Back at Brady’s home, they tore off the clothes they’d worn and burned them.

The ashes and the blade of the kitchen knife were thrown into the river after the bike and the van had been meticulously cleaned. Then the couple unwound with a bottle of wine.

Brady asked Hindley if she was sure that no one had seen her pick up Pauline. Myra was sure. But the next day she confessed to him that she had broken their ‘rules’ again: she had kept Pauline Reade’s medallion and also four coins that had fallen from her coat pocket.

‘I didn’t mean to,’ she said.

Brady was furious. ‘Theft in the course of murder guarantees you a date with the hangman!’ he told her.

But they got away with Reade’s murder, despite Brady’s fears that Hindley had messed up.

Three months went by, everything was quiet and the two of them were sitting in front of a fire at home drinking cherry wine, Brady told me. He remembered Hindley turning to him and saying: ‘Neddie, when’s the next one?’

‘Another one?’ he replied. ‘Are you that hungry, Kiddo Hessy?’ 

The good doctor then goes on to say:

Another enduring story is that he and Hindley were inspired by Nazi ideology — that Brady was a Hitler fanatic who collected Third Reich memorabilia from childhood and whose terrible deeds were somehow the outcome of his obsession with the Fuhrer.

But this was not true, either. In fact, as he revealed to me, his political views were Left-wing rather than extreme Right.

Errr… Hello? The following is what Smith had to say on that matter:

The doctor then continues:

The misinterpretation came about because at his trial much was made of his tapes and books on Nazi figures. ‘I also had tapes of Stalin and Churchill,’ he told me, ‘but these were of no interest to the prosecution.

Errr, hello? The following is how Smith says Brady felt about Churchill:

The doctor then continues:

Certainly Brady had books on Nazism. I know because I saw them. But they had been sent to him by people who had assumed he was fascinated by the subject. They went largely unread.

The same went for his supposed obsession with the works of the Marquis de Sade. It is part of the accepted Moors Murders story that the 18th-century French aristocrat’s explicit writings combining sex and violence had a decisive, catastrophic influence on him and may even have precipitated the murders.

Brady dismissed this as ‘nonsense’. Again, this was an accusation and an explanation that had been offered by the prosecution at his trial, but he rejected it.

As for De Sade, Brady had read his works, he admitted, but for the philosophy — life was meaningless and the universe without purpose; therefore, nothing matters — rather than the sexual content, which he described as ‘repetitive and turgid’. He said he was ‘bored rigid’ by it.

Errr hello? The following is what Smith had to say on that matter:

But anyway, at least the doctor looks inspiring:

You can read the Chimps old bollox in full by clicking HERE.

Nevertheless, I won’t be wasting a tenner on the lying twats book, that is for sure… Or any other book on the Moors Murders either for that matter.

I do however have plenty more to say about the case but you will have to wait for Book-Ends to find out what, but let me tell you this much for now: The Brady/Hindley story is as fake as Bin laden being responsible for 911… Just sayin’.

That just leaves me to tell you that Princess Diana Part 2: Night Of the Living Dead will be released as an eBook sometime within the next week. And better still, Gary tells me that it is also going to be release as an actual book… Details to follow shortly via email to all those of you who subscribe.