No News Is Bad News


Christopher Spivey

If I was paranoid I would swear blind that the national press were trying to put me and others like me out of business.

I mean there is fuck all in the news – of substance – for us to comment on! In fact if you take a butchers at the Chimps newsfeed you will find that it is dominated by stories of what Meghan Markle & Kate Gold Digger Smiff are wearing to some bollox fancy-do or other… Who the fuck cares!

And the rest of the news is then padded out with stories that would not even make the front pages of the local rag, let alone belong on the pages of the nationals.

For example, today’s Chimp has the following to offer:

Now how in the name of fuck is that national news? Answer: It’s not.

And when the Monkey-Kuntz and their ilk are not bombarding us with shite like that, they are just adding further bollox to stories of old in order to perpetuate the myth.

For instance, I see that Ian Brady is once again in the news:

Two suitcases Moors murderer Ian Brady had locked away on his deathbed may never be opened despite claims the contents could reveal where his victim Keith Bennett was buried, MailOnline can reveal today.

Police have been forced to admit defeat after they tried and failed to get a search warrant to go through the serial killer’s possessions, it has emerged.

Brady had demanded his two locked briefcases be taken from his room at Ashworth Hospital on Merseyside and put into storage in the hours before he died in May 2017. 

Keith’s brother Alan has said there is a ‘desperate’ need to examine Brady’s paperwork because he took the secret of the 12-year-old’s final resting place on Saddleworth Moor with him to the grave. 

But a district judge sitting at Manchester Magistrates’ Court turned down a police application to search them after he died of cancer because the killer and Myra Hindley are dead there is no chance of a prosecution. 

Detectives had argued they only learned about them when Brady passed away – but the court defeat and further legal advice persuaded them not to go to the High Court to overturn the decision, MailOnline has learned. 

A Greater Manchester Police spokesman said: ‘The application [for a search warrant] was heard by a district judge on May 16, 2017. Based on legal advice the force did not proceed to the High Court’.

Officers also asked Robin Makin, Brady’s solicitor of 25 years who also controls his will, to let them inspect the briefcases and paperwork but he also refused and declined to comment when approached by MailOnline today…  Source

Now think about that for a second. I mean why the fuck would Brady keep details of where his victim was buried when he and Hindley had both been back on the Moor to supposedly try and locate the ‘grave’?

In fact it is inconceivable that Brady would have been allowed to keep two locked suitcases while incarcerated in a maximum security mental hospital for the criminally insane.

Indeed, as I pointed out in a recent article that I wrote about the moors murders, the official story on Keith Bennett is that he was supposedly taken onto the moors by Hindley & Brady after somehow – although fuck knows how – having been abducted by the pair.

The couple then parked in a lay-by and Myra kept watch while Brady took Bennett onto the Moor by foot to sexually assault, murder and bury the boy.

To do so took an astonishingly quick THIRTY MINUTES which included walking time there and back. Therefore we can realistically deduce that Brady walked the boy no more than a 10 minute hike from the lay-by where Myra was supposedly keeping watch.

And from that fact we can also deduce that it took Brady a maximum TEN MINUTES to sexually assault, kill the boy, dig a hole, throw the body in and bury him.

Now I spent a good 10 years as a groundworker in my late teens throughout my twenties and I can tell you that a five minute hand dig does not produce much of a grave, yet we are supposed to believe that despite intensive years of searching, Bennett’s body has never been found… Fuck off witcha. It defies logic.

And while I am at it. How the fuck do they know that Keith Bennett and their other two victims allegedly murdered and buried on the moor were sexually assaulted?

I mean, Bennett’s body has never been found and the other two, 16 yr old Pauline Reade and 12 yr old John Kilbride’s bodies would have been too decomposed to tell.

But as I say, that farticle was just another one in a very long line of farticles designed to keep the moors murder fiction alive.

As is the story in today’s Chimp about Shamima Begum.
Shamima, now 19, supposedly fled Bethnal Green for Syria with two friends Kadiza Sultana and Amira Abase in 2015… When she was 15 yrs old.

A remorseless schoolgirl who fled London to join ISIS but wants to return so the NHS can care for her baby should be banned from Britain, critics said today. 

Jihadi bride Shamima Begum was just 15 when she and two classmates Kadiza Sultana and Amira Abase travelled to Syria in February 2015 but speaking from a refugee camp after the caliphate’s collapse she said: ‘I don’t regret coming here – now all I want to do is come home to Britain’.

Security minister Ben Wallace admitted she has the right to return to the UK but would not help her and said: ‘Actions have consequences. I’m not putting at risk British people’s lives to go and look for terrorists or former terrorists in a failed state’.

Begum is the only known survivor of the three friends from Bethnal Green and her two children died of disease and malnutrition before the age of one as the caliphate fell apart around her.

The schoolgirl claims she lived a ‘normal life’ in ISIS’ capital Raqqa and was ‘not fazed’ by the brutal execution of its enemies, recounting how she once found an ‘an enemy of Islam’s’ decapitated head in a bin. 

But with her third baby now due any day and her jihadi husband Yago Riedijk captured, she has decided to quit and now wants to ‘live quietly’ back in the UK and ensure her baby survives with the help of the NHS.    

In an extraordinary interview with The Times’ Anthony Loyd, she said: ‘I don’t regret coming here. But I have to think about my baby as well. After my two kids died I’m scared this baby is going to get sick – that’s why I really want to get back to Britain because I know it will be taken care of. Healthcare-wise at least’.

But critics says her lack of remorse proves she is a radical and potential danger to Britain, who should be barred from returning or arrested and prosecuted at the very least. 

Dr Kim Howells, a former Foreign Office and Counter-Terrorism Minister under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, said today that Begum shouldn’t be let back into the country – but will use her baby to get in. 

He said: ‘She sounds to be completely unrepentant, she sounds cynical, she said she wasn’t fazed by the sight of these heads in a bin as she described it. And now she wants to take advantage of the NHS. You can bet your bottom dollar there will be a lobby to get this girl home on humanitarian grounds’.

Nigel Farage said: ‘This woman shows no remorse for her actions, remains a committed jihadist and is totally unsuitable to come into our country’. .. Source  

 Now, I proved beyond all doubt in my articles: “ISIS Productions Proudly Presents” and “Are We There Yet” that this was a fake story.  Indeed, I strongly suggest that you read them.

However, whilst writing those articles it had become very clear to me that Shamima (often called ‘Shamena’) Begum was also the person who played the 3 runaway girl’s friend, SHARMEENA BEGUM.

Sharmeena had supposedly run away to Syria two months prior to her three friends:

Course, more concrete proof that the story was fake came when I discovered a picture of the three girls supposedly at the airport which the daft monster minions had forgotten to remove the photo info from.

You see, the girls supposedly ran away in February 2015 but the photo of them at the airport had been taken nearly two years earlier:

Now as you can see, the first date that I have underlined is the 8th of May 2013. That is when the photo was first created – nearly two years before the girls actually ran away.

The second date that I have underlined is the 5th of April 2015, which is when I downloaded the photo to use in the article.

The 3rd date that I have underlined is once again the date which the photo was originally taken and the 4th date (the 1st of March 2015) is when the photo was modified to use in the press… So go and figure.

Nevertheless, this latest old bollox is just to perpetuate the myth that ALL Muslims are in danger of being radishalised and to further outrage the public by bringing the abuse of the NHS into the equation.

And of course, the story is also designed to keep the [non-existent] terrorist threat in the forefront of peoples mind, since it would seem that terrorists have longer Christmas holidays than the Queer of England has.

And while I am at it, the photos that accompany that non-newsworthy farticle were fake as fuck:

Course, why they are having to fake photos of the Queer nowadays is anybodies guess… Although I have my own theory on that.

I also noticed that Prick Philip has now surrendered his driving licence and as such will not face prosecution for the [fake] crash that he caused:

Prince Philip will face no further legal action over his Land Rover crash near Sandringham last month, prosecutors have confirmed today.

The Duke of Edinburgh, 97, voluntarily gave up his driving licence after his collision on the A149 that left two women in hospital on January 17. 

But today the Chief Crown Prosecutor for the area has confirmed he will not be pursued by police as a prosecution is ‘not in the public interest’. 

In response, a Buckingham Palace statement said the Duke ‘respects’ the decision.  

CPS bosses say the decision was based on his age and choice to surrender his licence… Source

Now to me, that is on a par with a pensioner committing GBH but not being prosecuted because he is old and promises not to do it again.

But once again, the whole story was fake – as I recently proved HERE & HERE – with an agenda to get older drivers off the road… Just sayin’.