No Fear.


Chris Spivey 


I am sick and fucking tired of pussy footing about.

“I hadn’t notice Spiv”.

Trust me voice of reason, I most certainly have been.

In fact, after the week I have had, its a measure of how vital I believe this site to be and others like it, as the reason that I am still sat here typing away… Because believe me, my opinion of our species couldn’t get any fucking lower.

I totally believe that we are all fucked, because the vast majority of people have no ethics, empathy, compassion, honesty, loyalty, interest, attention span or savvy.

They are greedy, needy, cringy, social climbing, egotistical, self obsessed, spineless, knob-heads.

Put another way, the human race is a species of stupid ignorant cunts.

“why carry on then Spiv”

I have asked myself that question more than once this week, I can tell you.

I could certainly have a far easier, extremely more comfortable, financially beneficially, less time consuming, far safer life by not sitting here typing this shit day in day out… And yes, still have people telling me that I’m the bollocks.

But I won’t quit. I can’t quit. I’m no Rat about to leave this fast sinking ship we call home.

I couldnt, because I am none of those things that the majority of people are.

I love my children and grandchildren. As it stands at the moment, they have no future. That to me is unacceptable. The only way that I will be stopped from changing that is death… Bring it on Sweaty.

I loathe bullies and piss takers. I care about the old, the sick and those less equipped to cope with life. I care about those who, like me, are sick and fed up of having the piss taken out of them – those people who know that it neither has too or is supposed to be this way.

Again, the fact that it is is unacceptable.

We may be the minority, but we are tougher than the rest.

And, at the end of the day. It ain’t over till the fat lady sings.

Okay, lets do this.

I don’t need statistics to tell me what is blatantly obvious to me. Namely that the vast majority of paedophiles are homosexual or Bisexual men.

If anyone is ignorant enough to interpret that as me being homophobic; fuck you, keep your stupid fucking opinion to yourself. You are part of the problem.

After all, Statistics can be manipulated to suit whoever commissioned the investigation.

For instance, here is one that suits what I believe:

As Tony Perkins of FRC said in his update yesterday, “While activists like to claim that pedophilia is a completely distinct orientation from homosexuality, evidence shows a disproportionate overlap between the two. About a third of all child sex abuse cases involve men molesting boys–and in one study, 86% of such men identified themselves as homosexual or bisexual. Try as they might, gays and lesbians can’t shrug off the link. This is a homosexual problem.”Source

Course, I could find many statistics to contradict the above. But guess what?

Most are government backed or have a vested interest in having an opposing outcome.

But like I say, I didn’t need a statistic to tell me what I know to be true.

I will tell you something else that I know to be true and don’t need a statistic to tell me.

The vast majority of Politicians, Police Top Brass, Judiciary, Local government leaders and the Royal Family are all closet poofs, men and child abusers… Then there are The Queen, Theresa May, Margaret Hodge and Harriet Harmen to name but a few of the totally corrupt, sick fuck, old slags from the Maggie Thatcher school of Ethics and child love.

These disgusting  products of pox infested sperm are making and enforcing the laws that govern mine and your lives.

I do not accept these peoples authority. Neither should you.

I do not want warped nonce ponce, remnants of what a dog has dropped from its arse dictating the confines within which I have to live my life. Neither should you.

If I want to be dictated to by vile, kiddie raping, murderous scum, I will go visit Ian Brady. At least that sick, evil old cunt isn’t a greedy, robbing dog turd.

I hear of much talk about Police Operations set up to combat child abuse – such as Operation Yewtree – being  in danger of becoming Witch hunts.

Don’t make me fucking laugh.

The only danger these Operations face is becoming a shade too bright from the whitewash.

There does however need to be a witch hunt.

And that needs to start in the House of Lords, moving quickly on to the House of Commons before heading into the judiciary, and Police top brass, and ending up at the Palaces.

Once those evil, child sex loving, monsters have all been drowned we can start a new witch hunt concentrating on the government departments, councils, and Charities.

We have to rid ourselves of these evil, sadistic, self serving, child abusing scumbags that have infiltrated every possible department that has a say in our futures.

The system doesn’t work and never will. The system is designed to benefit the nonce ponce, child abusing social elite, and deliver the contents of the world into their laps… Including the worlds most valuable resource. Us.

They cannot be allowed to continue. The worst have to die, the rest removed from society.

Once they are gone, then we can start teaching our kids right from wrong.

Then and only then will there be hope for the human race.

But think on.  These vile, puss infected government cock suckers will not  go just because we want them to.

They have to be made to go, with as much force as necessary.

This will not be achieved through peaceful means, much as I would like it to be.

A politician and such like will promise any amount of change you like in order to cling to power.

But Leopards do not change their spots.

I hope you are ready… You have nothing to fear, cept fear it’s self

The following was written by the Cunt Cameron in 2007. Cameron is one sick and twisted mother fucker. After that, is an article featuring a sick cunt representatives of those in power.

Lets go to war.



I want to help people live for less

by David Cameron.  Jan 07, 2007 

Listen to any of Gordon Brown’s speeches and you might think that the economic well being of our country is a picture of unparalleled success and prosperity.

The truth is that this rhetoric hides a darker reality. Scratch beneath the surface of the economy and you will find that the cost of living makes it harder and harder for working people to make ends meet.

The cost of living is not some abstract economic barometer that is difficult to identify with, but a reality that hits when you open your wallet. Of course there are items today which are available relatively cheaply, from clothing ranges to some electronic goods. But the problem is that in other essential areas the size and the scope of increases in price mean that many people are feeling the pinch. You get this when you pay your rent, or when you want to buy a rail ticket at short notice or when you get the demand for your next council tax instalment.

There are four key areas which are contributing most to this effect. Taken individually these burdens hit people hard enough; put them together and they really stifle day-to-day living.

First, stealth taxation under Brown means taxes have risen by 81% — £9,000 per family – while pay is up just 47%. Council tax alone has increased by 84%. People have a right to ask — just where has all this money gone?

Second, the prices of utility bills are soaring. Gas bills alone have risen by 71% since 2003 and electricity bills have nearly doubled. These rises in necessities hit the most vulnerable hardest.

In its election manifesto of 2001, Labour promised that no household would risk ill-health because of a cold home by 2010, yet the number of households who cannot pay for their heating has increased by 1m in the past three winters.

Third, housing costs are becoming more and more unaffordable. Since 1997 mortgage payments have risen by 78%, reflecting the trebling in house prices. The number of first-time buyers is falling faster here than in any other leading country.

Fourth, many vital goods and services are also rising in price — some to extortionate levels. Be it in the cost of basic home maintenance such as plumbing, to last week’s rail fare increases, which mean that an open return ticket between London and Manchester now costs £219, it is unsurprising that people are feeling financially squeezed.

This effect is magnified because, for the first time since Labour came into power, these price rises are increasing at a faster rate than our growth in earnings. We have all read about the huge bonuses awarded in the City this year. But those who do not get bonuses are finding that their pay rises do not cover the rising costs. This means that most families are finding that their pay packet buys them less.

Why? For starters, research shows that many companies are giving smaller pay rises because of the demands of higher business tax rates and the need to fill gaps in their pension funds — from which Brown has taken £100 billion with his tax raid.

For vulnerable groups on fixed incomes, such as pensioners, who spend relatively more on council tax and fuel, the rises in the cost in living are resulting in a significant decline in their quality of life.

Of course government cannot solve all the problems of rising costs. Some of the costs come from overseas or from an increase in the prices of raw materials. But instead of adding to the burden, as Brown does, I want to lead a government that helps people to live for less.

We need to spend taxpayers’ money carefully and wisely. We need more homes, so as to ease the burden of buying your first house, and we need innovative new solutions such as Community Land Trusts. We need an integrated public transport system which increases capacity and keeps prices low. And we need to see the proceeds of our economic growth being shared between lower taxes and real increases in spending in areas such as health, education and policing, so people get more take-home pay and value for money in their public services.

However, I, for one, do not want to wait until we are in government to start making a real difference — I want to start changing our country for the better now.

That is why tomorrow the Conservative party is launching a campaign to highlight the impact of the rise in the cost of living and why it is putting forward proposals to lighten the financial load. Our “sort-it” website, found at, will be following up its recent initiative on combating personal debt by launching the “Live life for less” campaign. This will offer all manner of advice on how to lower your living costs on everything from energy bills to food. It will also help people to expose and avoid rip-off merchants.

In this way, instead of just talking about the difficulties posed to people across the country by the increased cost of living, the Conservatives are actually doing something to help alleviate the problem. For, today, that is what the Conservative party is about — more doing rather than just talking; more showing rather than just telling.

In its complacency over the economy, the government has neglected the working people of Britain, who try to provide for themselves and their families but find it is increasingly difficult to do so. They want a party that will fight for them and keep the cost of living down. They want a party that will work with them to get their quality of life up, Today it is the Conservative party which is making sure that their voices are heard.




House of Commons Deputy Speaker Nigel Evans re-arrested on suspicion of indecent assault and sexual touching after two further alleged victims come forward

  • Nigel Evans was arrested in May on five counts of rape and sexual assault
  • Today MP re-arrested for 2 counts of indecent assault and sexual touching
  • Alleged incidents took place between 2003 and 2013 on men in their twenties
  • Evans denies allegations but is set to resign his Commons post if charged



Investigation: Deputy House of Commons Speaker Nigel Evans was today re-arrested after two new alleged victims of sex attacks came forwardInvestigation: Deputy House of Commons Speaker Nigel Evans, pictured arriving at Preston police station today, has been re-arrested

The Commons deputy speaker was re-arrested today after two new alleged victims came forward to accuse him of sex attacks.

Nigel Evans answered bail this morning for five counts of rape and sexual assault, but after meeting detectives this was increased to seven.

Lancashire Police said today the 55-year-old Tory has been re-arrested on suspicion of indecent assault and sexual touching of two further alleged victims.

The MP for Ribble Valley, arrived at Preston police station just before 9am in a silver Jaguar XF driven by his solicitor.

He smiled and said: ‘Thanks for coming’ to members of the press who had gathered outside.

Mr Evans was met inside the station by detectives waiting to question him.

The force said today: ‘A 55-year-old man from Pendleton in Lancashire has today answered his bail following his arrest in May on suspicion of rape and sexual assault and in June on suspicion of three further offences of indecent assault.

‘He has subsequently today been arrested on suspicion of Indecent assault and sexual touching of two further victims.

‘He will be interviewed about these new allegations at a police station in Lancashire during the course of the day.

‘These new offences are alleged to have been committed in London between 2002 and 2009.’

It emerged last night that Mr Evans has admitted he will resign as deputy speaker of the House of Commons if he is charged over alleged sex attacks on young men.

Last night a close friend said: ‘Nigel has said he will definitely resign if the police have decided to charge him.

‘He continues to maintain that he is completely innocent, but will resign as deputy speaker so that he can focus on his defence in open court’.


It is understood that Evans feels he is currently in `limbo-land`, neither in the chair as deputy speaker nor in the chamber as an MP.

He is also concerned that colleagues in Westminster have spent the past few months helping by ‘filling in’ for him in his role as deputy speaker.

Meeting: Nigel Evans answered bail this morning for five counts of rape and sexual assault, but detectives told him this was to be increased to sevenMeeting: Nigel Evans answered bail this morning for five counts of rape and sexual assault, but detectives told him this was to be increased to seven


His resignation would, he feels, make the situation clearer for them and allow him to direct all his attention to his defence.

Friends say he remains ‘deeply angry’ about what he sees as a betrayal by accusers he previously regarded as friends.

The MP, who is openly gay, was originally arrested in May on suspicion of rape and sexual assault upon two men.

Fighting the charges: Evans looks set to resign from his position as House of Commons' deputy speaker if he is charged, friends sayFighting the charges: Evans looks set to resign from his position as House of Commons’ deputy speaker if he is charged, friends say


The following month he was re-arrested shortly after arriving at Preston police station. This time he was told of three further allegations of indecent assaults, again involving men.

These were said to relate to incidents that occurred in Blackpool and London between 2003 and 2011.

Privately, Evans is thought to be convinced that police will take ‘the easy option’ to charge him so they can ‘be seen to be doing their jobs’.

The original allegations of rape and sexual assault relate to incidents said to have taken place in Pendleton, near Clitheroe, between July 2009 and March 2013.

All seven complainants are men who at the time of the alleged offences were in their twenties.

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