Nil By Mouth


The Daily Mail and equally Daily Mirror… Best I mention the Telegraph too, and thank’s to my friend Paul Mckenna.

I had to have an operation at Southend Hospital about 12 years ago. The Surgeon finally got it right on the 3rd attempt… True story that.

In fact I had an extremely good case for medical negligence, especially on the 2nd bodge job after the surgeon sewed me up good and proper on the outside, while neglecting to do the same on the inside. This resulted in me having internal bleeding. As the wound started to swell I was sent by a Doctor back to hospital where they told me it was fuck all to worry about.

So, me being me, a trusting type of chap, I put up with the pain for a further couple of days… Could hardly fucking move, I couldn’t, don’t cha know.

Anyway, my brother came round to see how I was and to spend a bit of time shooting the breeze and shit. I’ll never forget that night. Meet the Parents was on TV at the time and I laughed at the scene where the Cat uses the toilet… The film is funny as fuck.

Big mistake laughing though, because I burst. That too would have been funny as fuck had it not been like a scene from a Quentin Tarantino film. It was up for debate who’s face went the whitest, mine or my brothers. 

The thing with me though is that I have morals and as such, I couldn’t possibly sue someone who had saved my life in the first place.

I did however say to my brother at the time that I hope to fuck none of my kids ever have to have an Op on the NHS.

That was 12 yrs ago, so I dread to think what the Hospitals are like now.

As it happened, My youngest did have to have a series of three ops, but they were all done at Great Ormond Street hospital, in London and that place is a totally different kettle of fish to your average NHS Hospital. 

You see, unlike Gt Ormond Street, your average NHS hospital inevitably suffers from under funding, the high costs of drugs that don’t work, staff shortages, long working hours, low pay and people treating the A&E department like its  a  walk in doctors surgery… Man up Zombies for fucks sake.

Add that mix together and its a guaranteed recipe for a whole heap of medical negligence cases. And, while I’m sure that the NHS staff do their best, just like with everything else in life, ya pay peanuts, ya get Monkeys.

However, instead of improving working conditions, the government prefer to let the NHS pay out millions in compensation every year not to mention the odd half a million quid here and there to try and silence ‘Whistle-blowers’.

Therefore, you may very well be interested to learn that, between June 2007 and October 2011 (4 yrs 4 Mths) the NHS paid out nearly £92 Million in compensation just to their employees alone for accidents at work (Source).  

Even more disturbing is that the yearly figure for compensation payouts to NHS staff has risen steadily over that period despite staffing reductions.  

Moreover, according to the British Medical Journal, between the years 2000 – 2012 the NHS paid out a staggering £3.1 Billion in compensation for Maternity cases alone. 

But even that is small potatoes in terms of what’s to come. On the 7th of February 2012 The Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail both reported that the NHS is facing a bill of £15.7 billion in order to deal with clinical negligence claims. The Daily Mail went further still by insisting that bill could rise to in excess of £23 Billion.

But like I say, if ya pay peanuts, ya get Monkeys.

Which brings me nicely to the first article, courtesy of me old friends, the Daily Mail:


NHS pays out £2million after surgeon botches operations – and there are still 94 OUTSTANDING claims

  • £2million of compensation has been paid out to Manjit Bhamra’s patients at Rotherham Hospital
  • There are another 94 outstanding claims against him
  • Despite this, he is STILL working as a surgeon


PUBLISHED: 19:04, 28 February 2013 | UPDATED: 12:03, 1 March 2013

Surgeon Manjit Bhamra is still practising, despite the NHS forking out close to £2million for botched operationsSurgeon Manjit Bhamra is still practising, despite the NHS forking out close to £2million for botched operations

The NHS has paid out more than £2m in compensation to victims of a surgeon who is still allowed to work.

Rotherham Hospital has agreed damages settlements for four former patients of orthopaedic surgeon Manjit Bhamra, totalling just over £1m since last summer.

Previously 13 other patients had received a total of £1,058,784.

The latest payments of £1,005,000 include a single payment of £830,000, the highest individual claim so far settled. 

Rotherham Hospital admitted liability in all four of the recently settled claims, while another 22 claims were withdrawn. 

Of the 17 payouts so far, the hospital has accepted liability in 10 and made no admission in the other seven.

Despite the huge amount of public money paid in compensation, an Information Tribunal recently ruled Rotherham Hospital was right not to disclose information relating to its concerns about Mr Bhamra’s work on the grounds that it was the surgeon’s ‘personal information’.

The General Medical Council cleared the surgeon of any wrongdoing in 2011 and he retains a full medical licence and is working at another Yorkshire hospital. The GMC declined to comment on how it reached its decision.

The claims against Mr Bhamra largely involve hip, knee, elbow and shoulder surgery he carried out at Rotherham Hospital where he worked full-time up to 2007 and then part-time until 2009.

A small number of claims involve Mr Bhamra’s work at Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, where he has worked at Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield since 2009, and Goole Hospital where he worked on an ad-hoc basis.

Mid Yorkshire has said it has no concerns about Mr Bhamra’s practice, insisting it undertook robust checks when employing staff.

Lawyers representing former patients of Mr Bhamra have agreed a protocol with the NHS to help process the large number of claims. 

A further 94 claims currently remain to be processed under the protocol.

Rotherham Hospital (pictured) has agreed damages settlements for four former patients of the orthopaedic surgeon

The settled claims so far range from £1,750 up to £830,000, with a total of £2,063,784 paid out.

The money is paid by the NHS Litigation Authority (NHSLA) which co-ordinates negligence claims on behalf of health trusts who each pay into the scheme.

Rotherham Hospital admitted negligence claimed by Wayne Pickering, 60, from Cantley, Doncaster, who had a hip operation in February 2006.

Mr Pickering’s claim alleged the surgeon fractured his pelvis and damaged the sciatic nerve, leaving him with an unstable hip and seriously impaired mobility.

Tim Annett, from Irwin Mitchell solicitors who are representing the majority of claimants, said: ‘While some cases have already settled, a special protocol has been set up with the NHSLA and investigations are on-going to find out exactly what happened during the treatment of our remaining clients and ensure that any potential lessons are learnt to improve patient safety in future.’

Rotherham Hospital declined to comment on the recent settlements or on how much it envisaged being paid out in total.


Course, everyone knows that the NHS is purposely being steered towards failure, so as we are forced to go down the health insurance path. In doing so we will further  line the pockets of those who are already filthy rich. Included amongst that number are of course, the Architects of the NHS’s demise… As I’m sure,you will have no doubt already guessed for yourselves. 

Oh look! there’s Cameron, Hague, Dickhead-Smith, Bean… The usual suspects then… Cunts, the fucking lot of them.

Now, as you will also already know – if you have read my article Camerons Closet – when the PM had his first child who was born, severely disabled, the sponging Millionaire  fuckwit was more than happy to take full advantage of what the NHS had to offer. The following is from the afore mentioned  article of mine:

Back in 2002, the fucking ponce was still happy to entrust Ivan’s round the clock care to the same NHS that he is, ten years down the line, trying to destroy. The following is from the Times Newspaper in regard to Cameron and his son Ivan – Now deceased:

Their constant exposure to hospitals, respite nurses, social services and all the other apparatus of state-funded support wrought in Mr Cameron a deep and genuine respect for a service that his party had tended to treat with suspicion. Addressing the Tories during his first party conference as leader, he chose to confront head-on those who complained that Britain could not afford the NHS.

In a speech that Samantha Cameron helped to craft, he said: “I believe that the creation of the NHS is one of the greatest achievements of the 20th century. When your family relies on the NHS all the time – day after day, night after night – you really know just how precious it is.”

From the first day of his leadership he has been clear that an administration led by him would protect and nurture the NHS.

What a, absolute prick that man is. I think that if nothing else, that snippet from the Times and Cameron’s subsequent actions demonstrate the kind of integrity the cunt possesses.

Mind you, I’m sure the Surgeon that the Cameron’s chose to deliver their last baby took a lot more care with Sam Cam & Flo, than he appears to have taken with other people. The following is from the Telegraph:

Surgeon who delivered David Cameron’s baby Florence facing legal action

An NHS surgeon facing legal action from 60 female patients was allowed to work for two decades even though hospital authorities knew he was responsible for a string of blunders, it can be disclosed.

Surgeon who delivered David Cameron's baby Florence facing legal action

By 2010 the midwives at the Royal Cornwall Hospital had tried to stop Mr Jones working alone  Photo: Apex

By , and Laura Donnelly

9:28PM GMT 02 Mar 2013

Rob Jones was even allowed to deliver Samantha and David Cameron’s fourth child, Florence, by caesarean section in August 2010 despite the fact that the hospital’s own investigations had identified his “significant surgical incompetence”.

The obstetrician and gynaecologist has been blamed for a series of catastrophic errors, including the death of a baby in January 2010, seven months before Mrs Cameron gave birth at the Royal Cornwall Hospital. By then midwives had tried to stop him working alone because of their fears.

In another case the hospital paid out £9million to a baby born brain damaged in 1993, after Mr Jones failed to spot warning signs in the mother’s medical condition. For years, colleagues warned that his patients were being put at risk, but an internal review decided it would be a “mammoth task” to compare his record with that of other surgeons.

On Saturday night Sir Bruce Keogh, medical director of the NHS, said the scandal highlighted the need for hospitals to hold doctors to professional standards, audit their performance, and publish the results. Now, lawyers acting for 60 women are preparing a multi-million-pound action against the hospital trust that employed Mr Jones from 1992 until last year.

The cases include:

Þ A mother whose baby died of severe brain damage two days after birth;

Þ A woman who underwent a botched hysterectomy that left her in agony and enduring four further operations to repair the mistakes;

Þ A grandmother left in pain for a decade after routine surgery went wrong.

Mr Jones, 64, was finally suspended in May 2012 after an investigation found his deficiencies were so broad and had gone on for so long that it would be unrealistic to consider retraining him.

He then retired and removed himself from the medical register — meaning he cannot face disciplinary procedures by the General Medical Council. However there were previously seven official reviews into Mr Jones’s professional competence — the first in 1997, when the hospital realised they faced more claims against him than any other obstetric consultant.

The hospital’s own reports show that on 23 different occasions concerns had been raised about his performance — but the problems were never properly examined. Sir Bruce said: “If a doctor doesn’t know what the hell he is doing, how can anyone help them or the patients they are treating?

“There is no excuse for any doctor or hospital not to examine performance properly.”

The final investigation followed an anonymous letter which was sent to Mr Cameron at Downing Street in June 2011 and passed on to the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust. That culminated in the publication last week of a series of damning reports into Mr Jones and the obstetrics and gynaecology services at the hospital.

Carole Gill, a college English lecturer whose daughter Maggie died in January 2010, is planning legal action after Mr Jones and other staff failed to spot acute pancreatitis during her pregnancy. Maggie died two days after being born with severe brain damage.

Carole Gill with baby Maggie (Apex)

Miss Gill, 35, said: “My illness should have been picked up sooner. If it had been, things might have turned out very differently.”

The mother of a baby born with brain damage in 1993 has now received a £9million compensation payment. The woman, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, said that had the signs of pre-eclampsia been spotted by Mr Jones, her son — in all likelihood — would have been born without any problems.

Mike Bird, a clinical negligence solicitor at the law firm Foot Anstey who represents 45 of the women threatening legal action, said yesterday that serious failings had been identified at the hospital in an official report published last week by Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust. “Many of the women I act for have already contacted me to say how angry and upset they feel about the catalogue of missed opportunities and excuses they have seen in the report,” he said.

Although the concerns about Mr Jones were first officially raised in 1997 when he was made clinical director, and include obstetric cases, the trust’s inquiry only examined gynaecological cases between 2010 and 2012.

It found that 52 patients suffered complications, and an additional 57 women have been recalled for further examination. Lawyers and victims complain the review was far too limited and did not go back far enough.

The first investigation into Mr Jones was in 1997, when it was found he was recording a higher number of legal claims than his colleagues in obstetrics. Another investigation was held a year later. In 2001, a nurse highlighted 15 cases involving Mr Jones but no full investigation was undertaken after it was declared a “mammoth task” to go through records.

In 2007 there was another investigation, then in 2008, a review of treatment of 45 of Mr Jones’s patients found “significant surgical incompetence”. But the hospital’s then medical director was persuaded by Mr Jones not to take any further action. The report describes Mr Jones as “charming and disarming” in his efforts to save his career.

In January 2010, after Miss Gill’s baby died, he was suspended temporarily from practising obstetrics. He was allowed to return to such work in February 2010 although in July 2010, according to the report, there was still a “high level of concern”. A month later he delivered the Camerons’ baby.

The anonymous letter sent to Downing Street and passed on to the hospital was followed by two further reviews. The final report by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists in April 2012 concluded he should not return to work.

Martin Watts, chairman of the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust, said: “On behalf of the trust I wish to unreservedly apologise to these women and their families for the pain, distress and anxiety caused by the practice of former obstetric and gynaecology consultant Mr Rob Jones.”

He said the review “confirms that concerns identified about some of Mr Jones’s practice should have been addressed with more vigour and urgency”.

A statement issued by the Medical Defence Union, on behalf of Mr Jones, said: “Mr Jones was pleased to note that of the 2,400 women whose care was reviewed, in nearly 95 per cent of cases there was no cause for concern. He is of course sorry for any patient who suffered a complication of surgery and to any patient who has had the stress of their care being reviewed.”

The union said Mr Jones had cooperated “fully” with inquiries, and was only made aware of two of the investigations — one by the trust, the other by the Royal College — and added: “He was unaware of concerns apparently expressed about his practice to Trust management at other times. Mr Jones has always been prepared to talk openly and constructively with the Trust about concerns relating to his practice.”


So, what I want to know is what the Health Secretary is doing about this Scandal? After all, this is tax payers money that is being wasted, with the poorest people in society being made to suffer in order for Gideon Bean to balance the books.

I’m lying really. I know exactly what the Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt is doing about it.

What Jeremy Cunt is actually doing is he’s adding to the fucking problem.

Lets start with how much the corrupt cunt earns and go from there. The following article is from the Telegraph:

Healthy income: Millionaire Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt pocketed £366,000 on top of his Government salary last year

 The staggering sum, more than 12 times the salary of the average nurse, took his total earnings to about half a million pounds

Millionaire Tory Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt pocketed £366,000 on top of his Government salary last year, company accounts reveal.

The staggering sum, which is more than 12 times the salary of the average nurse, took his total earnings to about half a million pounds.

Mr Hunt pocketed the cash from his Hotcourses publishing firm as millions of doctors, nurses and other public sector workers saw their wages cut in real terms.

The MP is also charging taxpayers for Mandarin lessons after marrying his Chinese wife, with the bill thought to be around £3,000 so far.

Details of the payout came as Mr Hunt returned to his desk yesterday from a two week break which he took less than a fortnight after landing his new job.

HotcoursesShadow Health minister Jamie Reed said the Cabinet minister had made his priorities clear and needed to “get a grip and do some work instead of hiding on a fantasy island”.

He added: “With all these outside interests it’s little wonder we haven’t seen or heard from him.”

Mr Reed said the NHS is facing the biggest financial challenge in its history, and claimed: “We’ve got a silent, invisible Health Secretary earning large sums as nurses are sacked and services are rationed.”

Hotcourses accounts show Mr Hunt’s 285,095 shares in the firm – which produces education guides – landed him a huge £285,095 dividend.

He was also paid £81,000 for a building the company had owned but which he and a partner took ownership of and rented back.

It took Mr Hunt’s Hotcourses earnings to £1.9million over the previous two years.

Aides say he is no longer involved with running the company.


Do you feel nauseated yet? You should do, not to mention outraged. Did you see it?

The cheeky, no good, robbing parasite charged the British Mugpayers £3000 fucking quid for the Mandarin language lessons he took so as he could talk to the slapper from China that he bought Married… You really couldn’t make this shit up.

Now, I gotta tell ya that what I find to be extremely worrying is the fact that Jel Cunt is often described as being a “rising star” in the Tory Cabinet… Just like the Cunt Cameron was once described as being.

Fair enough, if there was a qualification for ineptitude both of  the useless ponces would graduate with first class honour degrees. But a fucking rising star! Don’t make me laugh.

Fuck me, in June 2010 Hunt the Cunt blamed football hooligans for the Hillsborough Disaster. Have you noticed how, according to the criminal nonces taking part in the Westminster Puppet Show, everything is always the general public’s fault until proven otherwise? And even when it is, its still never Punch Cameron’s or Judy Millibands fault.

You may also be aware that Mr Cunt was also involved up to his neck in the News of the World phone hacking scandal. Cunt-Hunt obviously denied any such thing, despite the pretty conclusive evidence.

Therefore, its no surprise that Sleazy J’Cunts Parliamentary denial of any wrong doing fell on death ears. The  Labour MP Chris Bryant even  stood up and accused Cunty Hunty point blank of lying to the House. Most damming of all, Silly Moo-Cows midget husband Johnny no legs climbed the ladder to his seat, shouted Order, Order sixteen times in the direction of the outraged Cameron and Co and refused to make Chrissy Boy retract the accusation.

And for anyone who doubts that Cameron doesn’t give a fuck about what his ministers get up to, those Zombies should be made aware of the fact that In April 2012, immediately following David Cameron’s statement that he would not associate himself with anyone who carried out “aggressive tax avoidance”, the Daily Telegraph disclosed that Hunt had reduced his tax bill by over £100,000 by receiving dividends from Hotcourses in the form of property which was promptly leased back to the company. The dividend in specie was paid just before a 10% rise in dividend tax and Hunt was not required to pay stamp duty on the property. – source Wikipedia.

However, that isn’t even the worst of it. You see, if you read the above article from the telegraph, you will have noticed that the totally, totally piss taking, son of a whore, Jeremy Isa Cunt was earning £366 grand a year from Hotcourse. With that in mind, pay attention to the following from Wikipedia:

 In September 2010, The Observer reported “raised eyebrows” when Hunt’s former parliamentary assistant, Naomi Gummer, had been given a job within the Department for Culture, Media and Sport on a fixed-term civil service contract after Hunt had proposed departmental cuts of 35–50 per cent. 

The head of the Public and Commercial Services Union questioned Hunt’s motives saying, “Political independence of the civil service is a fundamental part of our democracy and we would be deeply concerned if this was being put at risk by nepotism and privilege.” 

Gummer is the daughter of a Conservative life peerLord Chadlington, who was a director of Hotcourses between 2000 and 2004.

And, it may just be that kind of nepotism that has endeared fellow nepotist, NHS CEO Sir David Nicholson to our healthy, wealthy Health Secretary.

You see, Hunt the Cunt has refused to criticise Nic the Dick who continues to cling shamelessly to his job despite last months damning report into Stafford Hospital, where up to 1,200 patients died needlessly and hundreds more suffered appalling care.

Now, it’s important to remember that Nicholson is the man under whose watch those patients were left lying in their stinking shit and piss for days at a time. Some old people who were just apparently left to fend for themselves were so thirsty, they were forced to drink water from flower vases. Others, who NHS staff either didn’t have the time to look after or they simply couldn’t be arsed with, were sent home despite having life-threatening conditions.

Just typing that makes me want to go and beat the living fucking daylights out of the creepy looking, greasy skinned, pointless waste of sperm.

However, instead of Nicholson facing criminal charges, the Telegraph revealed that the gutless fraudster claimed expenses of over £50,000 a year on top of a basic salary of £200,000 – a clear cut case of the pointless slag taking money under false pretences, if I ever saw one.

The Telegraph goes on to mention that the four eyed fraudster also raked in a further £37,600 by way of  ‘benefits in kind’, whatever the fuck that means. And, at the same time the wet arse klinker was asking the health service to make £20 Billion cuts by 2015… I’m fucking livid pal. Bring the cunt here.

This is what the Telegraph had to say about the vile cunt:

His refusal to budge is, frankly, sickening — an affront to both common decency and the families of all those people who died in the most disgusting and degrading circumstances in places that should have been their sanctuary.

Nicholson sought to head off the furore days before publication of the Francis Report last week by apologising ‘as a human being and as chief executive of the NHS’.

But it defies belief he has not shown real remorse by resigning — or that his political  masters feel they can entrust the restoration of the NHS’s reputation to this man, especially now 14 more hospitals are being investigated for  suspiciously high death rates.

There had, after all, been a growing — yet ignored — clamour over inadequate care and compassion in the health service for years, with a string of concerned charities highlighting cases involving old, disabled and mentally ill patients.

Mind you, this was not even the most deadly recent NHS disaster. That unwanted title belongs to a case of nearly 5,000 haemophiliacs infected with HIV and hepatitis after the importation of contaminated blood products; more than 2,000 have since died, their numbers increasing each month

Yet once again there have been no resignations, no sackings, no proper admissions of responsibility, no adequate apologies to assuage the pain of patients and their families.


But, if all that doesn’t make you want to rip the cunts head off, what I have to say next surely will.

In June 2009  32 year old Sarah Jane Marsh became the youngest ever NHS hospital boss after being named as the  new chief executive at Birmingham Children’s Hospital. She was handed the £155,000 per year job despite having previously been in charge of  the day-to-day operations at the hospital which was criticised by the Healthcare Commission for a lack of beds and poor standards of training and care.

In October 2009 Sir Dave Nic the Dick informed the press that he was  getting married to Marsh who is 20 years younger that the pug ugly arsewipe.

Naturally, It goes without saying that Nic the Dic  secured the gold diggers undeserved position as Top Old-Dog at the hospital.

I’m lost for fucking words… Absolutely speechless. What the fuck has this country been reduced to? Here’s the Daily Mails take on the story:

NHS boss under spotlight over relationship with high-flying colleague

The chief executive of the NHS has come under scrutiny over his relationship with a high-flying colleague who has become Britain’s youngest hospital boss.

By Murray Wardrop

10:35PM BST 11 Oct 2009

David Nicholson, 52, has announced that he is to marry Sarah-Jane Marsh, who is 20 years his junior, and who he first met as a graduate trainee.

In June, Miss Marsh was given the £155,000-a-year job of chief executive at Birmingham Children’s Hospital (BCH). She was elevated to the post despite having been in charge of day-to-day operations when the hospital was criticised by the Healthcare Commission for a lack of beds and poor standards of training and care.

It has been disclosed that Mr Nicholson provided some references for Miss Marsh as she applied for a series of posts during her rise through the NHS ranks.

The couple first met in 2002, when Miss Marsh was selected for a six-month graduate placement in Mr Nicholson’s office, while he was director of health and social care for the Midlands and East of England. The following year, Mr Nicholson gave her a reference when she applied successfully for a job as head of planning and development at Walsall Hospitals NHS Trust. She became director of planning and productivity two years later.

Mr Nicholson also supplied a reference when Miss Marsh landed the post of chief operating officer at BCH in December 2007. The role put her in charge of the day-to-day running of the trust. She became interim chief executive in March this year when the Healthcare Commission issued its damming report.

The Department of Health has denied suggestions that Miss Marsh’s relationship with Mr Nicholson played any part in her appointment as chief executive at BCH. The trust and Mr Nicholson said that he did not provide a reference in her application for the post.

In a statement, Mr Nicholson said: “As a former employer, I agreed to provide a reference for a position at Walsall Hospitals NHS Trust and the Chief Operating Officer position at Birmingham Children’s Hospital. We were not in a relationship then. I did not provide a reference for the chief executive post at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.”

It is unclear when their relationship began, but Mr Nicholson informed Sir Hugh Taylor, the permanent secretary to the Department of Health, of his engagement to Miss Marsh last month.

In his statement Mr Nicholson admitted they had enjoyed a romantic trip early in the year.

“We went on holidays over New Year 2009,” he said. “It was a private holiday, organised and paid for by both of us. We were not on NHS business, nor was any part of the trip paid for by the NHS.”

Patients’ groups raised questions over Miss Marsh’s promotion in the wake of the Healthcare Commission report in March.

Joyce Robins, the co-director of Patient Concern, said: “It’s astonishing when someone who has presided over such a mess in the NHS is then promoted.”

Mr Nicholson became chief executive of the NHS in 2006 after nearly 25 years progressing through the management ranks. He was made a CBE in January 2004 for his services.

The DoH said Mr Nicholson was not obliged to declare his relationship under department or Cabinet office rules.

A spokesman said that because BCH has Foundation Trust status, it is free from Government management and so Mr Nicholson has no influence over staff appointments.LMK ends.

Sir David Nicholson said the NHS is on

I’ll smack that Dick-head right in the mouth if I ever see him and fuck the consequences… The cunts a disease in himself.

Meanwhile, us commoners are left at the mercy of people like Doctor Mohammed Al-Byati when we get sick. That is to say we will be at his mercy in a years time since Dr Byati- Man has just been suspended for a year by a fitness to practise tribunal.

Not that Byati the Iraqi has done fuck all wrong in the time that he’s worked for the NHS… Not that I am aware of anyway and since he’s apparently treated “1000’s” without complaint, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

So, why did Batty Man get suspended?

Good question.

Byati was suspended for patching up Saddam Hussein’s torture victims and getting them fit enough to be tortured some more.

Course, Byati Five-O swears that he was just following orders, of which he says, he had no choice – Something that I can see being sworn by a lot of English people in years to come. 

Unfortunately, “I was just following orders” carries no weight with me what so ever I’m afraid. Any man… And I mean any man who does something abhorrent out of fear for his life, is no man at all in my book. I would rather die.

Never the less, it would appear that Batty Byati has a selective memory since Charles Garside QC, prosecuting on behalf of the General Medical Council, accused him of being from a well known Iraqi family whom had whole heartedly supported Maddas Saddam.

Furthermore, bearing in mind that Dr Mo Byati worked at the Iraqi Intelligence Agency compound – a place where “horrific atrocities were committed” against Shia Muslims and Kurds – we are not far off a scenario, akin to having Josef Mengle being sent to work  in our hospitals following the liberation of Auschwitz.

The following is that article in full 

“Complicit in acts of torture”: Saddam doctor suspended but will be back working in NHS in a year

The panel heard evidence the doctor knew that some prisoners he treated had been tortured, and it was likely that they would be tortured again

An Iraqi doctor who was an “accessory to torture” in Saddam Hussein’s regime has been suspended – but will be back in our hospitals in a year.

Mohammed Al-Byati, 47, has been in the UK since 2000 and has treated thousands in the NHS, but he carried out medical procedures on brutalised detainees at camps in Iraq between 1992 and 1994.

A fitness to practise tribunal ruled today he knew it was likely prisoners would be tortured again, making him “complicit”.

Suspending him from the medical register for the maximum 12 months, panel chairman Professor Michael Whitehouse, said: “It has been noted Dr Al-Byati’s actions were a consequence of compulsory military service in the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein.

“He was a junior doctor whose behaviour was being controlled by a dictatorial regime which used extremely grave violations of rights to control the population.”

But he added: “Even though his involvement was outside his control, such conduct is unacceptable.”

Dr Al-Byati denied the charges and said he had been “terrified” of what would happen to him.

He said he did not know his patients had been tortured and the panel accepted he did not wish for them to be harmed.

Saddam Hussein in IraqDictator: Saddam Hussein in Iraq

But Charles Garside QC, prosecuting on behalf of the General Medical Council, claimed the doctor, a Sunni Muslim, was part of a “well known family” which supported the Saddam regime.

Mr Garside said he knew his place of work at the Iraqi Intelligence Agency compound was a place where “horrific atrocities were committed” against Shia Muslims and Kurds.

He added Dr Al-Byati, who is married with three children, made an application to claim asylum in February 2007, which is when he admitted his work in Iraq.

Dr Al-Byati, who is now entitled to appeal and has held various posts, told the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service in Manchester he was “hurt” by the claims.

But campaigners hit out tonight.

Jabbar Hasan, of the Iraqi Association, which helps torture victims settle in Britain, called the decision to let the doctor return “outrageous”.

He said: “Some of the people we have helped to begin a new life in the UK are proud to work in the NHS.

“They would be dismayed to learn a man found guilty of being complicit in torture is allowed to work alongside them.


We really are fucking doomed, aren’t we?

Therefore, in conclusion, the only hope for the NHS is if we make a stand and take back what is ours. Course, that won’t happen until the Zombie’s are made to see what is happening to this Country.

I’m pretty fucking dam sure that they are going to have to wake up Sooner or later. And when that happens – provided we are still in a position to take back control – I strongly advise that the likes of Sir Nic the Dic, The Right Horrible Jeremy Cunt and the rest of the Westminster Puppet Show cast, are strung up by the neck as a reminder that this must never ever be allowed to happen again.

A good way to wake the fellas up and hopefully get them as angry as what I am, would be to make them aware of the following final article. If that doesn’t work, then perhaps they have already had theirs removed.

Until the next time,

Fuck off,


NHS pays out £1million in compensation to men who have had the wrong TESTICLE removed

  • Fifty-six claims made by men affected by medical blunders in four years
  • NHS pays out £20,000 if wrong testicle has been removed
  • Most common reason for payout is when testicular torsion is misdiagnosed


PUBLISHED: 11:48, 17 February 2013 | UPDATED: 08:18, 18 February 2013

Blunders: The NHS can pay out £20,000 if the wrong testicle has been removed Blunders: The NHS can pay out £20,000 if the wrong testicle has been removed

More than £1million in damages have been paid out by the NHS to men who have had the wrong testicle removed by surgeons. 

In the last four years there have been 56 successful claims made by men who have been affected by medical blunders, according to the National Health Service Litigation Authority.

In most cases the men didn’t need surgery at all and in others surgeons also had to remove the second testicle. 

The NHS normally pays out around £20,000 if the wrong testicle has been removed.

Roger Goss, co-director of Patient Concern, told The Sun: ‘It is amazing that surgeons don’t always take enough care to guarantee that they are removing the correct testicle.

‘Despite the huge total compensation bill, individual payments sound modest for wrecking men’s lives.’

According to the figures £1.3million has been paid out since 2009. 

Men who have been left infertile can be rewarded up to £70,000. 

But the most common reason for payouts is when doctors misdiagnose testicular torsion — where the tubes inside the body get twisted, cutting off the blood supply.

Other claims result from hernia operations where the blood supply to the testicle is accidentally cut off.

Testicular cancer affects one man in 450 before the age of 50 and is the most common cancer in men between the ages of 15 and 45.



The number of cases in the UK has doubled in the past 40 years and around 2,200 new cases are diagnosed each year.

There are various different types of testicular cancer, 90 per cent of which affect men under the age of 55.

Recovering: Chat-show host Jeremy Kyle was diagnosed with the disease just before Christmas and after receiving chemotherapy and having the problem testicle removed, he was given the all clearRecovering: Chat-show host Jeremy Kyle was diagnosed with the disease just before Christmas and after receiving chemotherapy and having the problem testicle removed, he was given the all clear

The survival rate has risen every year since the 1970s and is now around 97 per cent, provided it is treated early.

Snooker player Jimmy White, UKIP leader Nigel Farage and drug-cheat champion cyclist Lance Armstrong have all overcome the disease.

Chat-show host Jeremy Kyle was diagnosed with the disease just before Christmas and after receiving chemotherapy and having the problem testicle removed, he was given the all clear.

Doctors told him he could have died within 18 months had the lump remained unchecked.

A Department of Health spokesman said: ‘Quite simply, never events should never happen.

‘There are simple ways to prevent them occurring, like the Surgical Safety Checklist, and everyone working in the NHS should ensure that the checklist is being followed

‘The NHS treats a million people every 36 hours, and we know that the vast majority of these patients have excellent care.

‘But the NHS needs to do more to really tackle these events. The NHS Commissioning Board is now setting up a taskforce to eradicate these never events from NHS surgery.’

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