When Nigel met Jane


Jane Long.


Who remembers my friend Jane Long?

You all should do really, but for those who don’t, Jane is the woman who has given me a load of ‘interesting’ information on the pervert Portsmouth MP, Mike Hancock.

Unfortunately with other matters taking up all my time, I haven’t had chance to put the information – including covert tape recording – together into article form just yet… But I will.

Jane is also the woman who recorded herself asking Camilla Parker Horseface what her husband, Big Ears intended to do about paedophilia… Join in would be the obvious answer, although Parker-Horseface didn’t exactly say that.

In fact Parker-Horseface, currently on her 365 days per year holiday is said to be devastated about the death of her brother, Mark Shand who died as a result of smoking.

You see, apparently he was heading out front of his New York hotel for a fag, when he: fell over and bashed his bastard head. Oh dear, its all over, he’s well & truly dead.

Hang on!

I’ve just remembered that I couldn’t give a fuck about them ponces… Perhaps Camilla can get some sympathy off of her friend the child rapist, Derek Laud.



Photo Camillas Dead Brother

Anyway, Jane has been at it again – covert filming that is – and her victims this time were UTwits, Diane James and Nigel Farage, the Rothschild puppet whom a lot of people seem to think is different from the other Rothschilds puppets… He fucking isn’t.

Now, when Jane asked Nitwit Nigel about the police covering up for the Paedo government and Paedo Prick Charles, Nigel was so shocked that he didn’t deny that such a thing was happening.

Neither did he claim to know fuck all about it.

Indeed, he answered “Its all gone a bit wrong hasn’t it”… IT’S ALL GONE A BIT FUCKING WRONG!

Now there is an understatement if I ever fucking heard one.

Jane however, was not going to let him off the hook that easily and quickly followed up by asking why these nonces were being protected.

Nigel’s answer?

“Thats the way of the ruling classes isn’t it”… It certainly is Nigel – you fuking turd.

Indeed, since Nut Nut Nigel obviously knows so much about the subject, it is strange that up until now he has kept so fucking quiet on the matter.

However, Nigel Nice But Nuts quickly regained his composure – as opposed to Jane, who never fucking lost hers – and told her that he didn’t want to get hysterical about it.

Way to go Numpty Nigel.

And having reassured himself that he wasn’t going to get hysterical about “it”, he calmly told Jane that he thinks that the Establishment has gone wrong… What a complete and utter twat.

In turn, Jane being a true warrior and knowing when she has outstayed her welcome, left the red faced Nigel alone and set off to give UTwits Diane James a right fucking mauling.

You can see the outcome of that encounter on video number 3.

So, a round of applause for Jane please.