‘Nick’: A fuck up of epic proportions.

Christopher Spivey


I feel sure that not for the first time this post could get me into trouble with the Establishment so I hope you have my back?

You have? Good, then I shall begin.

Now, on the 3rd of December the British national press ran a story which revealed the true identity of the man previously known as only “Nick”.

Do you remember him?

“Nick was the fella whose allegations sparked the VIP sex abuse investigation into the likes of the former MP Harvey Proctor.

The following is the Chimp’s version of events:

‘Nick’ unmasked: Man whose ‘fake’ claims of VIP abuse sparked £2.5m police probe is named and pictured for the first time

  • For four years, Press has been barred from disclosing real name of Carl Beech
  • But identity was revealed yesterday after a judge lifted the reporting restriction
  • His allegations sparked the the £2.5million Westminster VIP paedophile probe

The man known as ‘Nick’ whose claims sparked the £2.5million Westminster VIP paedophile probe was finally unmasked yesterday.

For four years, the Press has been barred from disclosing the real name of Carl Beech, 50.

But his identity was revealed yesterday after a judge lifted the reporting restriction after Beech was accused of perverting the course of justice.

He had previously accused former Conservative prime minister Edward Heath, Tory ex-home secretary Leon Brittan and the former head of the armed forces, Field Marshal Lord Bramall, of being part of a VIP child sex ring.

He also claimed some of the men –including ex-Tory MP Harvey Proctor –were involved in the murders of three boys. Since 2014 – when he first went public with his allegations of VIP child sex abuse and murder – he had only been known by the pseudonym ‘Nick’.

His real identity was revealed after he appeared in court yesterday over allegations he invented his claims of child sex abuse and serial murder. Beech, who is accused of 12 counts of perverting the course of justice and one count of fraud, attended a hearing at Newcastle Crown Court via videolink.

Judge Paul Sloan QC, the Recorder of Newcastle, lifted a reporting restriction which prevented media outlets from identifying the defendant.

No pleas have been entered and Beech has been listed to stand trial on May 7.

The proceedings will take place at Newcastle Crown Court and are scheduled to last between six and eight weeks.

At a hearing last month, Beech’s barrister, Raymond Tully, said: ‘We anticipate that the matter will be fully contested.’

The charges of perverting the course of justice include allegations Beech lied about witnessing three child murders and falsely claimed to have been sexually assaulted by a paedophile ring including senior ranking officers within the military, military intelligence, politicians and a TV presenter.

Prosecutors also allege he provided a penknife and two military epaulettes, falsely saying that he had retained them when he was abused as a child, and falsified an email account and provided false information purportedly sent from someone called ‘Fred’, who he had named as present when he claimed he was abused by a paedophile ring.

It is also alleged by the Crown Prosecution Service that he falsely claimed that he had suffered serious injuries as a result of having been sexually and physically abused as a child.

The fraud charge alleges that he falsely claimed £22,000 in criminal injuries compensation by saying ‘he was subjected to abuse by a paedophile ring, knowing this to be untrue and intending thereby to make a gain for himself’.

Scotland Yard’s Operation Midland inquiry into Beech’s allegations of child rape and serial murder involving an establishment child sex ring ran for 16 months and cost £2.5million. It closed without a single arrest in March 2016.

Earlier this year, the CPS said there was ‘sufficient evidence’ to bring 12 charges of perverting the course of justice and one of fraud against him.

Frank Ferguson, the CPS’s head of special crime, said in July: ‘The CPS has considered a file of evidence from Northumbria Police relating to allegations of perverting the course of justice and fraud by a 50-year-old man.

‘The police investigation provided evidence that the man had made a number of false allegations alleging multiple homicides and sexual abuse said to have been carried out in the 1970s and 1980s.

‘Following careful consideration we have concluded there is sufficient evidence to bring a number of criminal charges.’ SOURCE  

Now, you will notice that there is very little information given over about Beech. I mean, apart from his age, there is nothing about where he lives or what he does for a living. Indeed, you would be entailed to conclude that he is nothing more than a weird Geordie fantasist, jumping on the political paedo bandwagon.

But he isn’t.

You see, on the 27th November 2018 a PDF (found HERE) concerning the persecution of a whistle blower named Dr Corascendea Cathar reappeared on the interweb.

Good timing some of the more cynical of you might might rightly say since the PDF was allegedly first published in 2011. Nevertheless, it begins thus:

The following document describes how Dr Corascendea Cathar, a linguist, lost her job and became persecuted for pointing out the apparent misappropriation of a large sum of public money intended for language services to vulnerable people.

Dr Cathar alerted to the abuse of those vulnerable people by social workers assisted by members of the police and she demanded the investigation of the deaths resultant from withdrawal of essential services in the NHS to individuals registered as vitally dependent on those services by the very organisation that withdrew them in full knowledge of the consequences.

The BBC made about Dr Cathar a malicious fabrication in 2012 broadcast in January 2013, indicating her as a murderer of a person who died under chemotherapy 4 years after Dr Cathar last saw that person, in order to discredit her as a witness and to subject her to hate and possibly to violence.

The film unduly showed Dr Cathar’s home with all entrances and windows, possibly inviting an angry mob to attack her in her home and to kill her as a “murderer”.

In autumn of 2017, an individual connected to the Crown, Claudia Joseph, personal biographer to the Duchess of Cambridge, the future Queen, was renewing and disseminating the BBC lies via the Hello! magazine and in Mail Online, even though the story was in the meantime exposed as false and
the BBC protégée, Chris Geiger, was identified as an impostor cashing in on the suffering of real cancer patients.

Geiger was thrown out of all serious venues by 2015, but made it back to the BBC in 2017 as an attempted “baker”. Despite the support, the attempt has not made it beyond round 2.
Also by 2017, those responsible for the social work abuse were already investigated and the majority lost their jobs, but justice for Dr Cathar was nowhere seen and no-one prevented, or defended her against the continued malice and lies now spearheaded by an individual connected to the Crown.

The social work and police scandal was reported on in the local and national press in summer of 2017. The head of Gloucestershire County Council, Peter Bungard, was questioned and named.

It looks like Justice for what was done to Dr Cathar is left to God alone. Dr Cathar e-mail of 5th June 2014 to Laurence Robertson, MP:

“I have turned to you for help (30th May 2014) and you betrayed me in a way that I consider to be most abominable. You produced a long list of lies and distortions about me the full contents of which I was unable to as much as read, while abusing information I provided about my case and you made sure that I did not get compensation from the Health Ombudsman that may, otherwise, have been under consideration.

I believe your relevant actions should be exposed and you, and possible other MPs like you, should be sacked by the people.”

The PDF then goes on to give links proving that the MP Laurence Robertson is a wrong-un… No surprise there then.

But here is the thing. The person who suspended Dr Cathar was old “Nick”.

So, “Nick” conspired against a whistle blower then decided to become one himself. Yet I find it very hard to believe that someone who grew up in care and who claims to have been sexually abused as well as witness children being murdered by top MP’s could hold such an impeccable CV… Such high achievers are simply not products of our care system – especially those who were abhorrently sexually abused.

The PDF then goes on to make more allegations about “Nick” being complicit in the silencing of Dr Cathar and as such – knowing what the Establishment is capable of – it is strange that he became a whistle-blower himself, don’t cha think?

Indeed, it would appear that “Nick” was rewarded for his part in discrediting Dr Cathar… That is most certainly the insinuation in the PDF anyway:

Therefore you have to question what Nick hoped to gain by becoming a whistle blower himself? After all, he can’t have been short of a few bob and he certainly had a high social standing, which has now all been thrown away for nothing… Unless of course, our “Nick” agreed to take the fall in order for the Establishment to discredit the real victims of these elite paedophile rings and clear those prominent members who were already under the public spotlight for noncing… Proctor, Brittan, Heath etc, etc.

Indeed, that would make sense and in doing so suggest that Proctor and Co are in reality guilty as charged… Which I think that we all know to be true. In fact I suggest that you all read my long article; Predators.

Moreover, it is mighty strange that having now revealed “Nick’s” real identity, the press have been less than forthcoming about his lofty position in life… I mean, if I know about his rising star within the NHS, then you can bet your bottom dollar that the hacks in the national press do too.

Course, by the same token it is also strange that the author of the PDF has not updated it further now that Beech has been publicly named… After all, the PDF was updated just 8 days after “Nick” was splashed all over the headlines again:

Man known as ‘Nick’, 50, whose allegations of abuse by ‘Westminster paedophile ring’ led to huge police investigation will stand trial next year for ‘£22,000 compensation fraud’

  • The man who can only be identified as ‘Nick’ will stand trial in Newcastle in 2019 
  • Nick, 50, sparked a huge police inquiry into alleged Westminster paedophile ring
  • He claimed he had been raped and abused for nine years by VIPs in the 1970s
  • He is charged with 12 counts of perverting the course of justice and one of fraud

The man whose accusations sparked a massive police inquiry into an alleged paedophile ring in Westminster will go to trial next year.

The 50-year-old, who can be identified only as ‘Nick’, is accused of lying to police and fraudulently receiving £22,000 in compensation.

Nick, whose identity cannot be reported for legal reasons, claimed in 2014 that he had been raped and abused for nine years by a VIP gang during the 1970s.

He appeared at Newcastle Crown Court accused of 12 counts of perverting the course of justice and one count of fraud. Source

And of course just 6 days after the PDF was updated, Beech was publicly named in the press… Yet the author  never thought to update the PDF further given the huge role that Beech played in discrediting Dr Cathar! It doesn’t make sense does it.

In fact you could say that the whole thing stinks to high heaven.

Oh, and one more thing. I am still nearly £40 short of the £266 monthly site fees which are due in a couple of days time. Worse still, I am still suffering from Chronic Fatigue, feeling very sorry for myself and very, very short of cash so a little Christmas cheer would not go amiss… Just sayin’.